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Dolphins on the road this week to study ... everybody!

The Dolphins are on the road.

General Manager Jeff Ireland, head coach Tony Sparano and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll are among a contingent of Dolphins representatives who traveled from Auburn's campus Sunday -- where they met and worked out quarterback Cam Newton -- to Alabama's campus Monday -- where they worked out and met with running back Mark Ingram -- to Arkansas Tuesday -- where they worked out and met with quarterback Ryan Mallet and, according to NFL.com, tight end D.J. Williams.

The Miami contingent, or significant parts of it, will be on campus at Virginia Tech today to check out the talent there. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor and tight end Andre Smith are of interest to the Dolphins. As happened at Fayetteville, Ark. on Tuesday, the quarterback will be scheduled to throw to the tight end.

Both Williams and Smith are considered outstanding blockers. Neither will ever be mistaken for Tony Gonzalez. These are H-back types. Sparano said he wants a run-first offense. These guys would certainly add to that.

And the conclusion you should draw from all of this is that the Dolphins are merely doing their due diligence. They are turning over every rook. (Yes, that was supposed to be a pun.)

There's been much speculation that the Dolphins will pick Ingram with the No. 15 overall selection. I will say for the hundreth time since I was told as much by a source: Miami wants to trade down in the coming draft. The Fins believe the value of a pick later in the draft with the addition of a late secod-round pick would be higher (depending on who is actually available at No. 15 on draft day) compared to simply picking at their scheduled spot.

Having said that, the team is considering highly talented players that come with some major flags.

Ingram? Doesn't have prototype size and his speed is a source of interest, depending on whom you're talking to. He isn't necessarily explosive, although the Dolphins aren't overly concerned about that aspect because he's quite dependable. Don't forget these are the negatives. There a ton of positives that make him perhaps the No. 1 back in the draft, according to one scout I trust.

Mallet? Great arm. Good accuracy. He has most of the tangible skills that should make him a fine QB. So why isn't he a certain Top 10 pick? Why isn't he even a certified first round pick?

The problem with him, I'm told, is not whispers of narcotics use or even a drunken disorderly arrest last year. The question with Mallet, one very good NFL source tells me, is the kid is said to have absolutely zero leadership skills. None.

That might not be a big deal if Mallet were, say, a guard or tight end. But a quarterback? Leadership is arguably 50 percent of the job.

Understand this: The Dolphins have a quarterback today, on the roster, who can make practically every throw. He works exceedingly hard. He is smart enough to know what to do. But everyone wonders if he has it. Everyone wonders why he seems so robotic. Everyone wants to see life and leadership from him.

So why is it that the Dolphins would pay a premium draft pick for a kid whose leadership skills are being questioned at this early stage in his career?

To double down on similar problems?

This is where the meetings the Fins are having with Mallet must bring them a comfort level that they can mold Mallet or bring something out of him he apparently hasn't shown in abundance already. It's a hard sell. Yes, someone will believe they can bring it out of him. But at the expense of a first-round pick?

Taylor? He's a leader. He's athletic. He's a worker. But he's not gifted with the kind of accuracy, arm, and size that other QBs in the draft apparently have. He's not a first-round pick. He's probably not a second-round pick.

And after Miami's painful and failed experience with Pat White, the Dolphins are certain not to repeat the mistake again in that they're not going to project undersized, run-first QBs higher than they did in the past.

Oh, did I forget to mention Cam Newton? Yeah, I guess I did. That's because I don't seem him being available when the Dolphins pick at No. 15.


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One of your best posts in a very long time. You've got some really information in this post. Thanks for doing some great digging and sharing.

Did you happen to see the comments that appeared on PFT yesterday, I forget by whom. The guy was no impressed by Newton at all and his comments were very scathing. Basically said Newton 'has a huge ego', 'zero leadership' and 'poor work ethic'. If you haven't seen it yet you should go back and read it. Now obviously this is only one man's opinion but he said it was an awful lot of conviction. With all that being said, do you still feel this is a guy the Dolphins should be looking at? Would you bet your reputation on that?

Thanks again for this post....excellent!

...Dj Williams would be a welcome addition, and would make sense in round 3 if available. Imo I would like to see the Dolphins use more 2 tight end sets. And use Williams, or a similar talent as an H back. We hardly ran any 2 tight end sets last year, and the offense suffered for it. Not only is it a running formation, but it allows the offense a lot of options in the passing game. Especially play action.

I think that Williams is the bigger story here. Not Mallet. The Phins would really be reaching if they selected Mallet at 15. He obviously isn't my favorite of the qb. prospects. Even with his strong arm(Henne has a strong arm) He just did not impress me in the few games that I watched him play. Anything that wasn't from shotgun was a struggle against better defenses. His recievers didn't help him(especially in the Sugar Bowl)

If you are a Mallet guy, that is fine. I just happen to be in the camp that is non-believer. Just my opinion, nothing personal. I don't see Mallet as more than a strong armed immobile chucklehead. Sort of the mold of a Jeff George.

...I also think that all of the Ingram Hpye as our possible first pick could be a huge smokescreen to attract a possible trade. To me the Patriots and their run scheme make much more sense. Then Ingram as a Dolphin. The Pats have a ton of picks, and as I said earlier could be the key to us getting into the second round.

Now it seems unlikely that the Patriots would do much in the way of helping us aquire more players. But if they are totaly sold on Ingram, and they believe that he will not make it passed us at 15. Why not? They have so many picks in the first three rounds that if they used all of them. Their young roster would be flooded with even more prospects. This could be a good thing(as obviously they do fairly well finding, and developing talent) Or a bad thing. How many of these potential draft picks will realistically make a difference? How young do you want your team? Draft picks are the great ticket. But at some point, can you have too many? I say yes.

The suspense is killing me...

Can't wait until April 28th.

this definitely takes that sour taste that the last piece left lingering right out... If they get a trade back into the 2nd rd is Ryan Williams a guy they are scouting seriously? I think he is the most explosive back in the draft

Trent Dilfer beleives that TE is the 2nd most important position as of now in the way the best teams are set up for offence....I know Dilfer was a mediocre QB but I rate his views...FASANO isnt even in the top 12 or so TE's....Can one of Roberto Wallace or Marlon Moore be developed as a Tightend????....is that crazy?....I just see Witten, Keller Gronk etc and they make a big impact...we need GONZALEZ type TE's...not H back types who can block...when is Sparano going to understand the type of offence that ROSS wants...?????

Disappointing write up about Mallet....you definitely require GREAT leadership to be a GREAT QB.....thats exactly what Henne is lacking...

I have been in the Mallet camp for a while, but if that report is true then..maybe we look elsewhere...


Fastest RB in draft?

Trade back 28-32 2nd 40-45
1st Ryan Williams/ Mikel LeShoure RB
2nd Rodney Hudson/ Stefan Wisniewski C
3rd DJ Williams/ Jordan Cameron TE
4th Ricky Elmore/ /Chris Carter OLB
5th Tyrod Taylor/ Ricky Stanzi QB
6th Stevan Ridley/ John Clay RB
7th LeStar Jean/ DeAndre Brown WR

Worst Off Season ever.....NO interest in NFL till Look out is over with...

Hard to pick Mallet then, Armando. Football is a Team sport and a selfish player just won't fit. That's probably what happened to Ryan Leaf.

You guys know we need a back. We have an average qb with a lot of upside. We also need lineman. QB that is needed is an experienced backup and project with an arm and a brain.

I don't care if the kid is a bit of a headcase, because he isn't starting this year anyway. The rest should come with maturity and Mallet has the sweetest throws out of all of the guys. No effort 30 yard down and outs.

Trade back? With who. Get really good talent.

To All the Tuna haters out there.

He is still with the Fins !, I have learned that he was put on double secret probation by Mr Ross and send to Vegas to conduct secret practices with our boys ....Here is the proof.


I don't know about you guys, But I feel a lot better knowing the tuna is still here.

oops, see if this works


I have been thinking the fins front office is always very good about sending out smoke screens when it comes to the draft. When talking about getting a WR to spread the field I think the fins believe they already have that player in either Marlon Moore or Julius Pruitt. Moore had 4.49 on his pro day and pruitt had a 4.40. These guys dont have blazing speeds but they do have enough to get the job done. I say Pruitt is your man plus he has been on the practice squad fine tuning his skills.

One player I really like in the late rounds of the draft is Auburn RB Mario Fannin. He ran a 4.38 in the 40 according to a website on the net and would be a great compliment to a hard nosed pounding back. He also has great hands and is very shifty (think Leon Washington or Darren Sproles)

poor poor poor aloco no apologies for a fool. Kris will never I say NEVER issue you an apoplogy. You are a perpetual name faker and name changer.

THANK GOD!!!! Cam will not be available!!! The fins would probably be dumb enough to pick him. That guy is going to demand a major rookie contract. Whoever picks him there will be a holdout and then when he finally plays it will be a disaster. He does not have the work ehthic it takes for the NFL.

I think it would be a mistake to trade back in this draft- just pick the best player available on the board period.....this regime has not proven that they know how to use additional draft picks wisely anyways (unlike the Pats and Eagles)!......

bigalfy@3.03 good stuff and dd

wouldn't take mallet at 15 if no trade down but if fo rate him i'd take him late first or 2nd but more henne hoping-

henne won't be a leader until pennington is gone, (not in camp, not on sideline) we're down in a game and he does the biz, if (if )that happens with no cp on the sidelines or around in training camp the the team will believe right now they don't believe 100% just like us.

like us some of them want to believe (and maybe just maybe some of them don't)

if henne feels they're with him he will up his game

go finslaves! feed me!


Poor wolf the henne homer

I have a feeling that Henne is going to come into the season with something to prove and the light will finally kick on. He has the potential to be a very good qb in this league (not elite but good). The key is as fin fans we must support whoever the players are (I know it can be hard). Mark my words Henne will have a superb season this year. Him and J.Long are taking leadership of the team and assembling workouts I think its a good start


Accurate and a leader.

Funny thing about your source Mando. Cause I read a article yesterday where Jake Long gave Mallet a very nice review and said good things about his leadership. I think I will take Long's opinion over your source. The games I watched of Mallet I saw no lack of leadership from him.

The_Man_beside_The_Man what kind of name is that???? Are you gay or something??/ A man beside a man. bwahahahahhahahah

wolf the ross, sparano, ireland, henne homer
(henne coz he ain't had a long enough run with a half functioning offense and coz we aint got an alternative imo)

wolf the probable moron, definite dreamer

we didn't go forwards but we haven't gone backwards in overall team potential for the next 4-5 years

sure there's a lot of holes (running game esp) and next season is the big one, if we don't make p-offs or v close then u haters can lap it up and i will have been wrong wrong wrong

p=offs next season and i'm happy and may get a bed on a regular ward

Oscar Mucoso what you got against Mallet

while a free agent pick-up or two in combination with the draft can solidify the offense this season, miami MUST have their priorities in order before they go shopping. PRIORITY 1 -QB- unlike the RB position, age and experience IS a positive, getting a carson palmer not only solves this need and buys time for henne, it also benefits miami's weak 2011 draft. PRIORITY 2 -RB- like it or not trade ricky and a high 2012 draft pick to aquire our 2011 #2pick(or whatever it takes without trading down). ronnie is well past his injury and if he can drop 25 pounds he might have his best season yet, ronnie and polite are the hammers, but RB's should not be a free agent pick-up because age(wear and tear)is NOT a plus here. this is where we MUST use miami's #1 pick(do NOT trade DOWN)

budtki how do we trade Ricky? U dumbf

Just excited that the team is doing as much diligence as possible on Mallett. No doubt he has the physical skills. And I'm not sure I buy that no leadership bit. He showed plenty - if anything - I think he pressed TOO hard at times which led to critical errors against Alabama and Ohio State.

Look at the way he started that Alabama game and the fire he showed - tell me this kid doesn't have IT? I don't buy it.

Jake Long comments on Ryan Mallet from when they were Michigan

“Ryan Mallett has really stepped up. He's gotten better all through camp and spring ball and it's kind of like he's a red-shirt freshman. He was here all spring and learned the offense then. He was here all summer, and then during camp, and he just fine tuned what he needed to with the offense. I think that gives him confidence. It gives everyone around him confidence. He didn't hesitate and he took charge. I can guarantee you, he's not intimidated by anything. I think that's one of the things I like about him. He's got a lot of confidence. He's got a great arm, and yet he's got to go into this week and play within himself and within the context of the game plan, because it's really about winning. And with him it's not about Ryan Mallett. It's about doing the things that will help this team win.”

Hey Mando, take a trip over to the Sun Sentinel and read Simon Clancy's breakdown on Ryan Mallet. The guy hit 4 or 5 sources including Jake Long who say this guy is a leader and has "it".

More dirt following Cam Newton:


How is Jake Long a reliable source on Ryan Mallett? He hasn't been around the kid in three years. If Jake Long is able to immerse himself in the NFL game, go to three Pro Bowls in a row and still be an authority on Ryan Mallett, then he's even more of a Superman than I give him credit for. I don't put very much stock into Long's words on Mallett.

bk, why in the world would you think henne would suddenly show leadership now when he never has before, not even after being benched last year?

the only reason mark ingram is considered a first round pick is because he played on a national championship team at alabama. compare him to dion lewis. lewis is slightly smaller, about 20 lbs. lighter but lewis had more yards rushing the last two seasons and the same exact amount of touchdowns in each of the last two seasons; 13 and 17, respectively. so, why does everyone rate ingram as a first rd pick while most have lewis going no earlier than the 3rd and some have him going in the 4th or 5th? i'm not saying that lewis is a first rd pick or an everydown back but when you look at the performance of the two backs the only thing that is different is the championship. ingram will not be an everydown back in this league. why wast a first rd selection on someone isn't? besides that there is the fact that miami uses multiple backs.
i agree with beerphin on ryan williams but let's get some others like maybe a bilal powell and either lewis or even locke. use each one in different scenarios and not give the defense a break.

Ok Craig, given your anology, from what branch of the NFL do YOU participate in that makes YOU such an authority on the Mallett subject?

You make it sound like you have a better inside track on the NCAA and NFL than anybody else.

I'd say J. Long - an authority the likes you can't even begin to comphrehend - has more clout in his opinon than you will ever have.

I know people that I haven't seen in 20 years, much less 3, and still recognize their true character!

Tryrod Taylor? Please tell me this is a joke. I understand the concept of a smoke screen. But how does a 6-7 round, too short to see over the line, inaccurate QB constitute a smoke screen?


You don't need to make this personal. I'm not saying I know more than Jake Long, so cut the BS!! Jake Long hasn't been a teammate of Mallett's in over three years. An awful lot can change in three years. I'm not questioning Mallett's physical tools, I'm questioning what he has between his ears. If it's OK with you, if I have your permission, that would be my opinion. That OK with you smart guy?

Uh Craig, Jake Long spent at least one year on the same Michigan team as Mallett.

As Gulf says, that alone give him more clout to speak on the subject than you.

And from what I saw from the kid teh last 2 years at Arkansas - one thing he doesn't lack is confidence in making all the throws. HE brings it.

Tired of all the BS about Mallett and company at 15. This team is going to be in the EXACT same situation playing 'spin the bottle' to get a QB three years from now. Commit to get a guy, get him help, get him some weapons and coach him up. Chad Henne has all the physical skills in the world to be a very good NFL quarterback. Figure out what he needs to get better and stop pi**ing around!


You're dead to me buddy!! Lost a lot of respect for you a few weeks ago with all your name-calling. Continue posting to everyone else, 'cause I for one have ZERO interest in what you have to say. Yeah, we all get you're in love with Mallett!....and when it doesn't pan out you'll come up with excuses for why it didn't happen.



priority #3 -offensive line- incognito tells us that age and experience is a plus here, again, it would be nice to have a first round pick to fill every needy posistion but this is the best way to hoard picks for positions that don't benefit from age. use freeagency here! this is the only way to maximize our #2 pick and galvanize the reciever set like so many teams have been doing. the new air assault offenses of today add explosive recievers like desean, nicks, dez bryant to an already great reciever set! this is where miami MUST use their #2 pick to keep up with rest of the league! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!! is michael floyd from NOTRE DAME coming out early? -- go FINNS that's the way miami should use their first two selections. two BIG aquistions at the skill positions, maximizing big play ability resulting in points and excitement! miami is actually a mirror of it's prioritic self. miami's lack of exciting big plays, and big points are the exact reflection of the way they draft. if you don't draft an adrian peterson, or a dez bryant one is not going to magically appear. time to go with the new trend!

This just in...Vince Young is better than Cam Newton and available for way less the cost.


Not sure why I'm even responding to your post but Ingram's surgery was very minor, the kind guys get all the time. I think he missed 2-3 weeks. There are ZERO concerns about this guy's health.

Now if we want to talk about questions, let's talk about Mallett's character, his leadership ability and his tendency to have a meltdown when the pressure's on. I don't believe from a pyhsical standpoint that Ryan Mallett is any better than Chad Henne. It's the mental part of the game Henne needs the work on and that's also Mallett's weakness too. That's not me talking, that all the experts.

I dont get this leadership thing about qb's. If a guy is doing all the things he's supposed to do on the field(making plays) the rest of the team will follow no matter who he is. If not, there will also be dissension no matter who he is.

F^ck leadership, give me a guy who just makes plays. If he does that, he can be the neighborhood trash guy for all I care.

Making plays breeds confidence. Confidence breeds leadership. Youre not going to be a very good leader no matter who you are if you arent making plays. The so-called experts have got it wrong. LOL...........


That's what we're talking about when it comes to leadership. I can who can pick the team up when it needs it. I can who can make the plays. I guy who guys believe in. That's leadership.

NOT sure why i'm even responding to your post but ............

you have a point on meltdown when the pressure is on but i was just saying he's a better pick than ingram ,i may be wrong ,still we should try to get our second pick back by trading down .

qb's had leadership quality from year one;;;;;;;;

arron rogers
tom brady
matt rayn
brees................. all have leadership quality ............

any one says you don't need that he better go work as car salesman .

Trading down is the more sound option, to many ?'s on what's available early and the financial commitment would be to great. Just my thoughts...

People only follow and listen to those having success. Success breeds leadership. Failure breeds dissent.

Agreed on the tradedown option ALoco....but you're wrong on the Mallett over Ingram comment. We have a QB.....we don't have any running backs. Pretty simple really....

Miami would move on to the next era by cutting ricky and ronnie then drafting ingram and using cobbs as the back up. The phins need a big shake up or they will continue their decline and dip in the standings.




Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench for three years behind Brett Favre in Green Bay. Drew Brees struggled in his first 2-3 years in San Diego and was benching halfway through the season for Doug Flutie. The team finished 4-12 that season. I hardly think both these guys had the necessary leadership from day one.

i don't understand how a guy who has lead his team to such success in college and has performed as well as he has at the quarterback position doesn't have leadership skills. if mallet wasn't a leader i doubt he would have had the success he has had at the collegiate level; especially in the SEC. i've watched every interview i can find of mallet and he looks to have a good head on his shoulders, especially when it comes to understanding the game. now people are throwing out this "leadership issue."


Couldn't the same be said of Henne then too? 4 years as starter at Michigan and yet one of the knocks on Henne is his leadership. Thoughts?.....

to continue with what craig is saying i think it is a foregone conclusion that any team that drafts mallet should be looking to sit him behind a starter for at least the first season so he can learn as much as possible. taking him, newton and some of these other qb's and putting them in the spotlight too early probably would not be a smart thing to do.

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