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Dolphins on the road this week to study ... everybody!

The Dolphins are on the road.

General Manager Jeff Ireland, head coach Tony Sparano and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll are among a contingent of Dolphins representatives who traveled from Auburn's campus Sunday -- where they met and worked out quarterback Cam Newton -- to Alabama's campus Monday -- where they worked out and met with running back Mark Ingram -- to Arkansas Tuesday -- where they worked out and met with quarterback Ryan Mallet and, according to NFL.com, tight end D.J. Williams.

The Miami contingent, or significant parts of it, will be on campus at Virginia Tech today to check out the talent there. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor and tight end Andre Smith are of interest to the Dolphins. As happened at Fayetteville, Ark. on Tuesday, the quarterback will be scheduled to throw to the tight end.

Both Williams and Smith are considered outstanding blockers. Neither will ever be mistaken for Tony Gonzalez. These are H-back types. Sparano said he wants a run-first offense. These guys would certainly add to that.

And the conclusion you should draw from all of this is that the Dolphins are merely doing their due diligence. They are turning over every rook. (Yes, that was supposed to be a pun.)

There's been much speculation that the Dolphins will pick Ingram with the No. 15 overall selection. I will say for the hundreth time since I was told as much by a source: Miami wants to trade down in the coming draft. The Fins believe the value of a pick later in the draft with the addition of a late secod-round pick would be higher (depending on who is actually available at No. 15 on draft day) compared to simply picking at their scheduled spot.

Having said that, the team is considering highly talented players that come with some major flags.

Ingram? Doesn't have prototype size and his speed is a source of interest, depending on whom you're talking to. He isn't necessarily explosive, although the Dolphins aren't overly concerned about that aspect because he's quite dependable. Don't forget these are the negatives. There a ton of positives that make him perhaps the No. 1 back in the draft, according to one scout I trust.

Mallet? Great arm. Good accuracy. He has most of the tangible skills that should make him a fine QB. So why isn't he a certain Top 10 pick? Why isn't he even a certified first round pick?

The problem with him, I'm told, is not whispers of narcotics use or even a drunken disorderly arrest last year. The question with Mallet, one very good NFL source tells me, is the kid is said to have absolutely zero leadership skills. None.

That might not be a big deal if Mallet were, say, a guard or tight end. But a quarterback? Leadership is arguably 50 percent of the job.

Understand this: The Dolphins have a quarterback today, on the roster, who can make practically every throw. He works exceedingly hard. He is smart enough to know what to do. But everyone wonders if he has it. Everyone wonders why he seems so robotic. Everyone wants to see life and leadership from him.

So why is it that the Dolphins would pay a premium draft pick for a kid whose leadership skills are being questioned at this early stage in his career?

To double down on similar problems?

This is where the meetings the Fins are having with Mallet must bring them a comfort level that they can mold Mallet or bring something out of him he apparently hasn't shown in abundance already. It's a hard sell. Yes, someone will believe they can bring it out of him. But at the expense of a first-round pick?

Taylor? He's a leader. He's athletic. He's a worker. But he's not gifted with the kind of accuracy, arm, and size that other QBs in the draft apparently have. He's not a first-round pick. He's probably not a second-round pick.

And after Miami's painful and failed experience with Pat White, the Dolphins are certain not to repeat the mistake again in that they're not going to project undersized, run-first QBs higher than they did in the past.

Oh, did I forget to mention Cam Newton? Yeah, I guess I did. That's because I don't seem him being available when the Dolphins pick at No. 15.


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Bilal Powell steal of the draft if he's available 5th rd cuz of that hammy injury

I think Mallet in the 1st is a big mistake too many issues. But a 2nd rd pick would make a lot of people happy becuz his arm and size are set for being a great pro. My biggest issue is that in college in games where DBs were covering guys real good or there was a pass rush he played terrible for whole halfs throwing ints at crucial times and just overthrowing guys instead of hitting the open check down. no poise yet in the pocket and he's slow. I'd rather pick Dalton and Ponder over him in the 2nd


Leadership ability??????? It could go either way if he matures greatly... IMO He sounds like an idiot

I've gone through a few of the youtube interviews on Mallet. Judging solely by those, I don't see where the knock against his leadership or character comes from. He may not be Peyton type mature but I can't say I see him as immature either. The combine questions I didn't see, but easy enough to get tweaked being a young man and the press drag up dirt on you. Who cares if he partied some, its a matter of how he will handle himself as a pro. Don't think its fair to say just because someone partied in college means they won't be responsible for their job after college.

I hope we come out of this draft with one of these 3 guys. Mallet, Keapernick or Ponder. The problem is if we don't trade back and don't take them with the 15th pick they'll be long gone before we pick again

CraigM, what's up buddy? So, the other day we had a conversation, and you asked me to identify any other RB prospects (other than Ingram, which everyone on here knows I abhor like cancer as our first draft pick). I have done my homework, and while all these prospects are not rated as high as Ingram (given), I think they might be better suited to help the team with today's league. Here's my list (I'm including their 40 times too):

Shane Vereen (Cal) - 4.47
Noel Devine (WVU) - 4.26
Da'Rell Scott (MD) - 4.35
Baron Batch (TTech)- 4.50
Josh Nesbitt (GT) - 4.59

As you can see, all these guys would leave Ingram in a cloud of dust. Many (esp. Batch) have INCREDIBLE hands out of the backfield. Also, Nesbitt was a QB at GTech, so has that Brad Smith appeal (he's no Pat White at 6'1", 212).

Downside to most of these guys, they are smaller (LaSean McCoy-type) backs, so could they be workhorses like Ingram, probably not. Then again, do we consider Chris Johnson a workhorse (I do)? So, who knows. A couple of these guys remind me of a Dexter McCluster, and we all know how electric he looked this past year (yeah, yeah, until he got hurt).

Lastly, NONE of these guys are projected to go until rounds 3 and on (maybe one guy in rd. 2). So, we'd have time to get one of these dudes.

Anyway, that's my list. That's the "type" of back I'd rather see (since we have a bruiser in Hilliard). I wouldn't MIND Ingram, in ROUND TWO or later, but I doubt he stays on the board that long. Oh well, sianara (if I was Coach). But the writing might already be on the wall, we might be locked in to get this kid. Let's all remember though, it's NOT MY CHOICE!!!

beerphin, come on guy, I went to your posted link and watched the locker room interview with Mallett. OK, so he has a drawling accent - typical of the deep south. True, he tends to answer questions off-the-cuff, but he doesn't have a speach impediment.

Furthermore, his answers were quick, without hesitattion. No, "hmmm, ummm-", nor (looking up in the air in indecision) huh?"

I hope when it boils down to deciding upon a pick, the persons responsible don't place any emphasises on accent.

Let the records and acolades do the talking...

Ps, while on your link, I watched several Mallott highlights and see the guy rolling left and right, and stepping up in the pocket, and hitting recivers, RB, TE, while on the run, and... so on and so forth.

what about ryan williams? why wouldn't they take a good hard look at him. he's explosive, great vision, speedy, strong, and reliable. cmon mando!

Beerphin, I agree with the Bilal Powell pick. I can't understand how he is projected to go in the 5th.

Craig, Your philosophy about Mallets teammates just voughing for him because of some clannish post-draft-syndrome is a real stretch of the imagination.

Could it be the teammates say these things about Mallett because that is the genuine truth?


I think it would be a disappointment if we are unable to trade back. In an ideal scenario, we trade back in the 1st and regain our second and my wish list for our first 3 picks would look like this:

1st - Colin Kaepernick QB
2nd - Ryan Williams RB
3rd - DJ Williams TE

Then look at maybe an Orlando Franklin or someone similar at G in the 4th, and then take BPA for the rest of the picks whether that be double down at C/G, RB, or finding a flyer at WR (Stephen Burton - West Texas A&M 6-1 224 lbs 4.38 40 or Denarius Moore - Tennessee 6-0 194 lbs 4.37 40 both projected between 4th - 6th)

draft mock w trade back #15 for 2 2nds and a 4th & trade Crowder for a 5th rd and 6th rd pick

2nd Rodney Hudson C
2nd Andy Dalton QB
3rd Jordan Cameron TE
4th Ricky Elmore OLB
4th Casey Matthews ILB
5th Bilal Powell RB
5th Stevan Ridley RB
6th Tyrod Taylor QB
6th Stephen Burton WR
7th Andrew Jackson OG
7th Dom DeCicco SS

dc dolfan nice post with nice reasoning

i said earlier i'd take ingram at 15 with a few caveats so we differ, but i'm not really strong on it i just don't think it would be a wasted pick at 15 (hopefully we'll trade down for a 2nd as well then things would be very different anyway)

i think we need 2 rookie rb's this year anyway, yeah we need other stuff 2 but this is supposed to be the mainstay of our offense according to ts

we definitely need a speedster with good hands as a second option call me crazy , and some will,

i'd try and keep ronnie, get ingram, and i wouldn't pull out whats left of my hair if they take another as early as the 4th, maybe one of your guys will still be there

hilliard is still an unknown for some reason we just don't know if he can cut it

ok drafts are a risk too but i wouldn't want to bank on hilliard

key word highlights youtube doesn't show you any negatives


That's not what I said. What I said was, do you really expect any of ex-teammates to come out and criticize him right before the draft. It would make them look awfully small and wouldn't do anything for the teams drafting a guy like. Regardless of any of this stuff, as I said, it still doesn't answer the question if this guy can play in the NFL when it matters most.

DC, thanks for your list off backs. I'll admit I'm not overly familiar with any of these guys. But I have to be honest, I don't see a sure-fire everydown back in the group. The only two I know about are Vereen and Devine and I like them both, but I would worry about their size and if they are going to hold up in the NFL. I'll be honest, I don't think a 'Dexter McCluster type' is what we need. I think we need some guys who can hammer out the tough yards when they are needed most, with the game on the line. I don't see it with these guys, and think they are more a chance of pace type of backs. Nothing wrong with them and I wouldn't be sad to see anyone of them on the team but I think we need more. I don't think we could count on any one of these guys to carry the load game in and game out. I realize we see the value of a running back differently and that's fine. To me, I think we need to walk away with Ingram, Williams or Leshoure. I'll be disappointed if we don't get one of these guys.

I think Mallet around 40-50 makes sense but I've watched a lot of SEC football living in Memphis now and I can tell you from watching razorback games and talking to fans/ alumni I wouldn't take a shot at him in the 1st.

Burton and Moore are definitely guys that have late rd value and potential. Both could make the roster... Moore in the 5th and Burton in the 6th.

Stevan Ridley and John Clay I think would be great complimentary backs to the speed RB. Ryan Williams 2nd & Stevan Ridley 5th would be my ideal pickups for the phins. Or Taiwan Jones in the 3rd rd and Clay in the 7th are combos I'd love to see

the knock on malletts leadership skill comes from aa blogger in the initial stage of operation pump up gabbert tear down mallett by super agent tom condon everybody in the drive by media knows this including the moron writting this article. in the early days of the campaighn a bloger in his zeal to one up everybody else claiming that mallett was a coke head, claimed that manning questioned his leadership abillity pointing out that mallett had never been voted a captain. problem was he had been voted a captin twice. all you had to do was watch a freakin coin toss. also the public intox that was 2008 not last year. and interesting blaine gabbert was involved in a similar instance


dont you think its odd that we havent heard anything about that

Alex, Ryan Williams is a given, I didn't even include him since I think he'll be the 2nd back taken (and we won't be able to scoop him). But yes, in the 2nd rd or after, Ryan Williams would be a no-brainer.

Wolf, keep in mind the top RB last year was an undrafted guy (and there were only 2 #1's in the Top 5). But, Ingram IS top of class. I wouldn't be happy if we took him 1st round, but at least we'd be getting the best guy at his position. So, I guess that's something. You say tomato, I say tomatoe, so, I guess we have to wait and see what transpires to know if Ingram was the right choice or not. I'm not guaranteeing my opinion, just standing fast behind my gut. Nice discussion though, I can debate with adults (that's not everyone on this site).

i'm an adult ..... wolf

I think the concensus of opinion of all regular bloggers here was stated by, I believe kris, a few days ago. "We don't care who it is as long as he helps our Team".

this is dumb take ingram the best available player at 15 its obvious

i like Mallet and also like Stanzi later on. definitly trade down though. Maybe New England or Seattle might bite. i like the 2 kids from Maryland also, WR T. Smith and the RB Scott.

Ok Craig, I see your point about ex-teammates and regular aquaintances not knocking a fellow when a future is on the line, but realistically, what these guys are saying about Mallett likely comes from the heart.

Saying absolutely nothing is another option, and hardly damning. That is why I prefer to believe Long, etc. are speaking from their heart - not from some sororiety type alliance.

Yes beerphin, I understand the concept of "highlight". Then I ilook at Mallett's stats, and fill in all the blanks from there.

Couldn't help but laugh at a certain person who obviously 'fell in love' with Ryan Mallet.

He's projected 2nd round in a very weak QB draft. Meaning 3rd or 4th round in a good QB draft. Is that who you want to bet the next 3-4 years on?

Reality is, we're not going anywhere in 2011. Reality is, a rook QB isn't going to make any diff in 2011. Common sense says don't go all in QB this year. If you can't trade back, get best available and get Kaep or whoever drops.

I really have a feeling that NOT both Jones and Green will be gone by 15. I like Green but with Ireland/Sparano? Probably be someone we never heard of with a broken leg.

...I do not see how this owner will green light drafting a first round quarterback this year. The reason I say this is that Sparano, and The Lucky Charms guy are both fighting for their jobs. Say this regime is sold on one of these first rounders. How does that help this team THIS YEAR?

I know that drafting a quarterback is about the bigger picture. This said. Say we do draft a quarterback. The Phins go 7-9, 8-8 and the Bifecta gets the sack. This means whoever is brought in is married to whoever our selection is.

Who wants to come into a situation where you have to make it work with a player that you may have no conviction in? But because that player is a round 1 talent, it forces your hand.

Look at the situation in Denver. They drafted Tebow, who is not an NFL quarterback. They had trouble with candidates, and had to go with plan c. Because smart coaches did not want to put their eggs in the Tebow Easter basket. Enter John Fox. I don't know if this is grandstanding. But he has stated that Tebow has a better chance of selling bibles, or circumsizing muppets. Than being the starter. Does he truley believe this? Can you afford to draft a first round guy and not play him? The Tebow draft will hang over the heads of that franchise and new regime until two things happen. How is that fair for a new coach, or staff?

While there is no doubt lots of bluffing goes on, I don't think Ireland is bluffing when he says he wants to trade down. His only motivation to bluff would be to make some team think he doesn't want to pick at 15, making them a little more hesitant to 'pay up' to leap frog over him.

Some of you talk about trade downs like its automatic, others realize it might be tricky and we might have to settle for a 3rd. Me... I just don't see Ireland accepting a third for a trade down unless perhaps it was no more than 3 or 4 spots back. Otherwise it would just be irresponsible in my view. I see the trade down scenario a possibility, but leaning to unlikely to happen. If they do trade down, they sure as heck better have more than one player they are targeting, because that one player could be gone. It's a risk, which is another reason why I think accepting anything less than a second is just bad business.

We've had the R&R show for some years now, its had its moments, but has been average overall. This would be a good draft to set up your running game for years to come, double down with the likes of Ingram in the 1st, and Hunter in the 3rd. Or if they do get a trade down, Williams and Hunter.

I know how much some of you want oline, but I just see the oline in far better shape than most realize (Garner returning, plus not unreasonable to believe Jerry will be better his second year), and the running game in far worse shape than most people realize with only Lex on board. Using a statement like the best back last year was undrafted really has little weight. It's no different than saying well Brady was taken in the sixth so there is no reason to draft a QB high. Let's see how last years undrafted star pans out over then next five years, and lets count how many undrafted RB's were perennial pro bowlers. A running team that has shedded 4 of its 5 backs (not considering Sheets since he appears to be a returner) in one offseason in in serious need of a fresh running attack. Sure, we could pick oline first, I see the value of getting Pouncey to play guard, but while the oline may need a tune up, the running game needs a whole new engine with spark plugs.


well said

but we should keep ronnie both to mentor the rookies and coz he had glimmers of what he can still do last season when the blocking was there (e.g. ravens game)

0x80, what about a pulling guard? Can Garner do it? I don't know, he's been bounced around so much...not sure if they know.

bluffing or bluffing ..... ireland fighting for his future as gm in the nfl ...we will be fine if we trAde down or STAY STILL .



wolf, by all accounts, it really appears this FO is done with Ronnie. Thats the strong impression Armando gets from insiders. Anything can happen, but this FO knows Ronnie better than anybody, and if they didn't offer him even a low ball contract, sounds to me like they are moving on. Maybe if they are not happy with what they get in the draft they will consider R or R back for a season.



it's time to say thanks and good bye to ricky and chad p, ricky might still produce a bit elsewhere but his days are numbered, ronnie's never quite blown the doors off but his tyres are still pretty fresh

all comes down to the paeperwork with ronnie though

i've just got it in for cp as not needing to screw with who's the man on offense


i don't see ronnie screwing up the rookie running backs and the way the rest of the team relate to them the same way cp does with henne,

cp def mentored henne but not sure it was all good , then he never really handed over the reins , then ts handed them back to cp

bye cp

0x80....It is shameful that the last 2 years that Sparano has not given Lex More carries. Especially when the seasons were unsalvageable. It isn't an argument about weather or not you think Lex can play. But as a staff wouldn't you want to find out instead of just assuming? It was just all around dumb.

Even if Sparano doesn't think Lex is capable. Give him the rock behind that line, watch him flail, and say I told you so. The best case scenario. We find a back. The worst case scenario. Lex spits the bit, and we all know what we have. Instead there is more back and forth that Lex is a Doughnut will never be more than a special teamer. Or guys like me that think if given a chance will have his bust in the Hall of Fame next to the likes of great Dolphins of the past. (ok I don't really think Lex is going to the HOF, but it is on record here that I think he deserves a chance)

You cannot tell me that Lex could not have come in an averaged more or at least the same as what Ronnie, and Bong Pipe gave us the last 4 weeks of the year. Their averages were pathetic. Like the late John Lennon would have written...All we are sayin' Is give Lex a chance.

Look guys,
I enjoy being on here and I think many of you have great posts and great points. I love football!!! That being said this ALOco crap needs to end. He is not funny. His pretend Ricky Ricardo imitation is an insult to latin americans. His pretend illiteratcy is an insult to people who need help and want help is an insult!His acting like a retard is an insult to handicapped people!!! His need to quote recipes is an insult to real people who work hard in the food industry each day! I don't know ho to speak to but someone needs to stop this guy!!!He is an arrogant ass that waste people's time between valid post of 0x80, D.B. and others. Aloco has accomplished one thhe makes me PUKE.

WTF are you, ALoco, talking about? Never mentioned anything you're referring to.

LoCO, seriously get out you PIG!!!!!!!!

don't amuse him he's an idiot!!!

if we can't talk football I will call the paper tomorrow!!!!!





cocoa, can't really say about Garner. It think though 4/5 of an oline needs less attention than 1/5 of a running attack, possibly 0/5 of a running attack. Just as you can find a back in FA, can find a guard even if for one season.

DD, yeah I figured mentioning Lex would set your alarm off. I have two thoughts on your comment...one, they struggled so often they just couldn't afford to take the ball away from their top two RB's. Second, they drafted Lex,they also waived him. That obviously says something about their opinion of him. They did bring him back to the practice squad, and it apppears that Ronnies injury was the only reason Lex ever got carries, and then I believe zero last year. I gotta think they know something we don't know. If he wasn't from Montana, maybe you'd be less high on him.

ok i hear u and your opinion

but there has always been plenty of opinion in favour of having a vet on the field or the bench or in camp to assist rookies, experience of the realities of the nfl in action in the flesh on the field is a valuable commodity

playing hard and smart we expect, but dealing with setbacks mentally, it can be helpful to have an old head around

not to mention i still think ronnie can run

cp and henne is not the same deal as ronnine and 2 rookie rb's


Trade Back to 31 for their 2nd rd and their 4th (Steelers want to trade up for Mike Pouncey badly) & trade Crowder for a 5th & 6th
1st Ryan Williams RB
2nd Rodney Hudson C/ Andy Dalton QB
3rd Jordan Cameron TE
4th Ricky Elmore OLB
4th Casey Matthews ILB
5th Stevan Ridley RB
5th Byron Maxwell DB
6th Tyrod Taylor QB/ Brandon Fusco C
6th Andrew Jackson OG
7th Mark Legree FS
7th Dom DeMicco SS
UFA Nic Grigsby RB, LeStar Jean WR, D'Aundre Reed DE, Jerrod Johnson QB




if you're going to go defense in the fourth i'd rather joe lefeged.

also need to get johnny white with one of those 7th rd picks. he IS the sleeper of the draft. JOHNNY WHITE "THE WARRIOR".

good point but how old is ronnie ?

i'm not qualified to qualify the doctor

and i can't be bothered to think of a joke involving vets and wolves!

0x80, as much as I know we need a QB etc, etc...O-line has been a failure. It should be a easy fix compared to QB but this regime can't seem to get it done.

Hope you're right but I feel they're evaluation process just sucks. Blocking and tackling is the very basis of football. It doesn't get any more basic than that.

cocoa, this regimes record of drafting of linemen has been scary, you almost have to pray they don't draft a lineman. Take a look:

Jake Lone - home run
Donald Thomas - gone
Shawn Murphy - gone
Lionel Dotson - ?don't know
John Nalbone (TE actually but plays close enough) - gone
Andrew Gardner - gone
Merling - nuff said
Langford - ok, won't knock him
Odrick - still giving him the benefit of the doubt, but drafting a DE with implants in his leg #1?
Jerry - still giving him the benefit of the doubt.

0x80...If I weren't from Montana. I wouldn't know who Lex is. You are right on the money about that. I am a homer. What can I say?

But, being from Montana. I have definitley seen Lex play more than probably anyone, including the team. I know it was fcs. But the guy can play. You can only play who is in front of you. And if you completeley dominate, and do things on the field that nobody had done(Lexs records all fell this year to another Griz prospect)This tells me that the guy can play.

Also to your point of him being released, and signed to the practice squad. Not unusual for a 6th round pick to go this route. Look at guys like Arian Foster. Practice squad player, just needed a chance. Or Ryan Grant(who Lex is very similar to) Cut twice, picked off the Giants practice squad. I'm sure not too many of these teams fan bases had much faith in either of these 2 guys. Probably said similar things. Rightfully so. I'm not saying that Lex will be the caliber of these two guys. What I'm saying is he can play. If it isn't here, it will be somewhere else. Plenty of rumors up here about teams that are interested in his skills. I just hope he keeps his talents in South Beach.

Lefeged is most definitely great but the need at Safety isn't as great as getting better at linebacker. I think in a 3-4 there cannot be a weak linebacker in the link. It's highly unlikely we'd even get a 4th back but I'd like to think Crowder still has that much trade value... Casey Matthews could be as effective as his brother kinda like ZT a late bloomer. That being said I don't think he is a necessary pickup as much as OLB. Misi actually seems smaller than 6'3 to me and might be better off playing ILB him and Edds can compete for the spot next to Dansby. I think Alama-Francis and Ricky Elmore would fit perfect on the opposite side of Wake. At safety right now we have Clemons, Jones, Amaya FS and then Bell and Culver at SS. Lefeged might be an eventual replacement at SS for Bell but I don't see him being immediate impact becuz of the players we already have. I just love the idea of getting a Matthews brother and one of the two linebackers from the swamp Elmore should be still available at around 100-119 Brooks Reed I think will goto the Jets at 30 no later than early 2nd rd though... I'm hoping Edds returns from injury but banking on that is ballsy. We need better play from Crowder and Misi's positions. Misi played good but he may be better suited to play ROLB behind Wake. We'd have great depth and competition at LB then and our 3-4 would bring better pressure with rested LB

0x80, LOL...it's like they need a consultant to Sparano who's supposed to be a O-line guru.

The funny thing is, I knew Parcells was BS from jump. Don't ask me how but I knew it. Sparano? I was behind him up until this year. Figured he would be OK w/o Parcells and his 80s football.

But I was wrong. Parcells selected Ireland and Sparano because of their same minded thinking. Bottom line is, it's going to be the same old same old until they're gone.


You could be right, and sometimes a player fits in better and performs better on one team than another. One positive, he is the last RB standing. Maybe they see him helping out as FB? I remember I thought the same thing about Turner, why didn't they get him on the field more his rookie season, well he busted flat out and rarely even got on the field with the Jets. Not saying that will be the same story with Lex, just saying sometimes the coaches are right. Some players talents in college just don't transfer as well to the NFL. Check out the Pat White highlite clip on youtube, he looks awesome, in the zone, the total "IT" factor. He showed not one spec of that in the NFL, perhaps not the fairest comparison, but you get my point.


I think the Packers might go after Casey Matthews with their 3rd though If that's the case Joe Lefeged would be great in the 4th

You know what ALoco? Think you're close....maybe have some legaleze like: If you fail to disclose yadda, yadda...we have the right to void contract.

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