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Dolphins on the road this week to study ... everybody!

The Dolphins are on the road.

General Manager Jeff Ireland, head coach Tony Sparano and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll are among a contingent of Dolphins representatives who traveled from Auburn's campus Sunday -- where they met and worked out quarterback Cam Newton -- to Alabama's campus Monday -- where they worked out and met with running back Mark Ingram -- to Arkansas Tuesday -- where they worked out and met with quarterback Ryan Mallet and, according to NFL.com, tight end D.J. Williams.

The Miami contingent, or significant parts of it, will be on campus at Virginia Tech today to check out the talent there. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor and tight end Andre Smith are of interest to the Dolphins. As happened at Fayetteville, Ark. on Tuesday, the quarterback will be scheduled to throw to the tight end.

Both Williams and Smith are considered outstanding blockers. Neither will ever be mistaken for Tony Gonzalez. These are H-back types. Sparano said he wants a run-first offense. These guys would certainly add to that.

And the conclusion you should draw from all of this is that the Dolphins are merely doing their due diligence. They are turning over every rook. (Yes, that was supposed to be a pun.)

There's been much speculation that the Dolphins will pick Ingram with the No. 15 overall selection. I will say for the hundreth time since I was told as much by a source: Miami wants to trade down in the coming draft. The Fins believe the value of a pick later in the draft with the addition of a late secod-round pick would be higher (depending on who is actually available at No. 15 on draft day) compared to simply picking at their scheduled spot.

Having said that, the team is considering highly talented players that come with some major flags.

Ingram? Doesn't have prototype size and his speed is a source of interest, depending on whom you're talking to. He isn't necessarily explosive, although the Dolphins aren't overly concerned about that aspect because he's quite dependable. Don't forget these are the negatives. There a ton of positives that make him perhaps the No. 1 back in the draft, according to one scout I trust.

Mallet? Great arm. Good accuracy. He has most of the tangible skills that should make him a fine QB. So why isn't he a certain Top 10 pick? Why isn't he even a certified first round pick?

The problem with him, I'm told, is not whispers of narcotics use or even a drunken disorderly arrest last year. The question with Mallet, one very good NFL source tells me, is the kid is said to have absolutely zero leadership skills. None.

That might not be a big deal if Mallet were, say, a guard or tight end. But a quarterback? Leadership is arguably 50 percent of the job.

Understand this: The Dolphins have a quarterback today, on the roster, who can make practically every throw. He works exceedingly hard. He is smart enough to know what to do. But everyone wonders if he has it. Everyone wonders why he seems so robotic. Everyone wants to see life and leadership from him.

So why is it that the Dolphins would pay a premium draft pick for a kid whose leadership skills are being questioned at this early stage in his career?

To double down on similar problems?

This is where the meetings the Fins are having with Mallet must bring them a comfort level that they can mold Mallet or bring something out of him he apparently hasn't shown in abundance already. It's a hard sell. Yes, someone will believe they can bring it out of him. But at the expense of a first-round pick?

Taylor? He's a leader. He's athletic. He's a worker. But he's not gifted with the kind of accuracy, arm, and size that other QBs in the draft apparently have. He's not a first-round pick. He's probably not a second-round pick.

And after Miami's painful and failed experience with Pat White, the Dolphins are certain not to repeat the mistake again in that they're not going to project undersized, run-first QBs higher than they did in the past.

Oh, did I forget to mention Cam Newton? Yeah, I guess I did. That's because I don't seem him being available when the Dolphins pick at No. 15.


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DJ Williams 2nd
Jordan Cameron 3rd
Rob Housler 4th

Jordan Cameron is going to be very impressive IMO the best Athlete/ Seam TE in the position.
Dj Williams cuz he can do it all but I wouldn't pick him unless he fell to the 3rd then it'd be a tough choice between the two.
Rob Housler becuz he is virtually a really tall tall WR that can block and lineup anywhere. 4.50 speed at 6'6

All three guys would be immediate offense


I'm not really sure what to think on Rudolph and Stocker both have 2nd rd grades and they are the obvious choice if available in the 3rd but I don't think they would compliment what Fasano does for us already as much as those other guys would. 2 TE set seemed to really work for us in 2008 and Fasano isn't and all around guy as much as that perfect H-back type. He needs a complimentary player... IDK i'm just speculating on upgrading TE position while still using Fasano.

cocoajoe @ 6:04,

Many around the league believe Mallett may be a very good QB. He is described as the only, "pure passer" in this years class. That hardly means we "love" the guy. Leave that to his mother, family, and his woman.

And perhaps the Dolphin organization. After his workout yesterday, he is scheduled to come to Miami on Apr. 14th and 15th to show-off (two weeks before the draft. (See Espn.com/staff writer James Walker).

And to answer your earlier question, "the question is, can he play in the NFL?"

Well, nobody really knows that about any player with no NFL experience. You knew the answer to your own question before you typed it. Or at least hope you did...


A dentist examined Odrick? That's scarier than a witch-doctor considering the stakes.

GulfDolphin, I agree with Armando on Mallet, no leadership skills...we already have a QB who can't nut up, why would we want another one? This QB class isn't that great anyway, neither is the RB class, although I personally really like Ingram. Just one fan's opinion....

GulfDolphin, please don't get me started on Odrick! When Armando said he'd be back in 2 weeks after his injury, I was the only one to say it'd be at least 8 weeks if at all....I was hoping for the best though. I hope he is fine, but don't be surprised if he is injured again. Once you put steel in there, it tends to fracture above or below the steel....we'll see if he can last a season or 2.

Great repartee between CraigM and Pete....Pete Im back on the Mallet train...youve convinced me..the defining issue for me is INNER CONFIDANCE...does the player really beleive in themselves, are they not dominated by NERVES, above all can they pull the trigger without hesitation....it looks like Mallet has shown that he can...
Now will he be a great media performer or a great motivator of men..??....that is unknown...but it looks like he has the inner confidance to be CLUTCH when its needed...

In light of keeping with a philosophy of picking HIGH until we hit...my pick at 15 is MALLET....risk and reward.

If we trade down, Mallet is gone already, then any number of permutations or combinations could apply....but I would look at a TE before a WR....we have been very poor at TE for years.



why did you leave out lance kendricks? just want to know.





I have a deep feeling that all of the Dolphins miseries for the past 30 years will end soom. Like in April?


I am not knockin' your opinion. Nor Armando's.

I do know that once a person is locked onto a specfic issue, human nature tends to slant one's arguement in favor of that ideal.

Armando drools over Newton. Has he even mentioned drafting any other QB? 1st round or even 7th?

No. He accepts the fact that Newton will be gone by the 15th, so he offers some FA trade senerio from time to time. The point is, he sees Newton as a leader, maybe the only QB in this class with leadership skills.

Yet, I don't hold too much stock in the whole, "leadership" gossip. I look at the stats and records and determine leadership from that perspective.

Gossip aside, a leader wins. Period!

U guys are funny with this leadership issue.Ryan Mallet played in the big#10 and won 2out of3 games as a freshman filling in for a starter.Tranfers to the sec and starts in a pro-style offense for 2 seasons and was the number#1 Qb in the conference in that time.All of a sudden he does not know how to be a leader,are u serious.Who are these so called experts.Use your eyes and common sense,this kid can play and he lead his team to some tough&gutsy games this year.

The dentist that examined Odrick spent five years in dental school? I wonder why that didn't work out for him? The year he studied bones apparently didn't work out so well either.

Maybe he should just suck it up and go work in a salvage yard, sorting through scrap metal.

You all are a bunch of idiots! Henne has never shown a shred of leadership or fire or the will to win, the was a collosal disappointment at Michigan with all the talent they had, losing to Ohio State every time he played them. How he ever became a second round pick is beyond me.
One big point in the argument is that the SEC is in a much higher class of competition then the the Big Ten. Not even close in comparison.
I'm not an expert or draftnik like the people with all the answers on TV that never go out and work out the player and only have a few encounters in which they are the media and running with questions about the juiciest story, but, I do take a lot of stock in the opinions of former teammates and coaches, all of which gave Mallett high marks for his leadership ability. How would you react at a podium with a bunch of people you don't asking the same question a hundred different ways about something you didn't do and then not believing the answer you are giving, because they are the expert on you and you're not. Then after the interview you are beligerent and don't know how to handle yourself in a tough situation. I certainly would get iritated with stupid people not believing me.
I was a big believer in Henne going into last year, hoping he could take my team to the playoffs and beyond, but he majorly regressed in my opinion in his second year. I have lost hope in him and hope he is replaced as soon as possible. At this point in his career he could be inaccurate at times and still have some issues reading defenses and I would have hope for him. Henne, he shows no fire to win, no leadership, seems afraid to get hit - the constant max protection calls, and a complete lack of gonads to take a chance and make a play; those are problems he shouldn't have at this point in his career.

From this past year, I remember a story where, when Chad Pennington had his shoulder dislocated in that game, he approached several of the linemen(Long and Carey and others) and demanded, "Push it in, push it in!". Not me, everybody said.

Just posing a hypothetical to those wanting to trade down and take oline, seems like Pouncey is the consensus favorite here.

Would you still advocate a trade down if you knew Pouncey would be gone? Assuming we did trade down, its not likely a 20 will trade for our 15, more like a 27 or beyond. Its all a guessing game I realize, but Pouncey's stock seems to be rising. I've seen some latest mocks seeing him gone in the early 20's now. Costonzo even before 15.

So then what? What is the backup plan if Pouncey is gone? Does the trade down then become a mistake?

Just saying there is a gamble element to trading down if there are not at least a few players you are targeting. At 15, you are far more likely to get a quality player that will be a long term starter. At 15 destiny is in your own hands, trading down is rolling the dice.

I beg to differ on Mallett's supposed leadership or lack thereof. Well, not me, but his head coach and teammates.

He was voted team captain in 2009 and 2010.



..."Mallett is the only player in Arkansas history to be voted a team captain as a sophomore. He earned that honor before he ever played a down in cardinal and white. His teammates did not vote him captain because they disliked him or thought he was a poor leader. Ask any Razorback fan, ask any player or any coach, 'who was the unquestioned leader of the team the past two seasons?

Comment from teammates:

-Ray Dominguez offensive lineman-
"It's a really sad deal," Razorback offensive lineman Ray Dominguez said. "He's had his past moments, but I can honestly say that when that guy puts on his football pads, he's probably one of the best leaders I've ever had. We've been down two touchdowns, three touchdowns, and 15 is the main guy on the sideline walking up and down, making us believe, telling the offensive line 'give me a couple more seconds, I'm going to get us in the end zone.' Next thing you know, he does it. It's really unfortunate what he's going through.

"All of them ask me about Ryan. He's going into the draft with a bunch of momentum, top 10 guy. They really want to ask about his character, but I tell them all if you're asking for a leader and a quarterback, Ryan Mallett's your guy."

-D.J. Williams Tight End-

“Teams would be stupid to pass on him,” said tight end D.J. Williams. “He’s the best quarterback in the draft, hands down.”

Comment from head coach:

“I brought them in and talked to them all[NFL scouts and coaches at pro day],” Petrino said. “I told them, ‘Here’s Ryan Mallett, one of the hardest working players I’ve ever coached. He’s more dedicated and spends more time in the meeting rooms, studying film on his own and completely understanding our playbook and understanding what the other side of the ball is going to do.’

“I addressed the rumor out there that this guy points fingers and isn’t a great leader.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ryan is one of the greatest encouragers and leaders I’ve ever been around.


Do some research bro? Or at least name the supposed "source" of the comment.

I like Kendricks after Rob Housler and Green

That's what I'm talking about A.P.Pinon

TE in order
Kyle Rudolph
Luke Stocker
Jordan Cameron
DJ Williams
Rob Housler
Virgil Green
Lance Kendricks
Julius Thomas
Andre Smith
Lee Smith
Schuylar Oordt

i really need to be convinced where redolph is concerned. he never really impressed me. personally, i would rather dj williams. as a matter of fact i like kendricks more than rudolph. i guess i just don't see what everyone else does.


He keeps getting better every year and he is smart
Kyle Rudolph is a sure thing at TE If we were to trade back into the 2nd he'd be a guy they should definitely consider. He'll prolly be picked round 25-40 no doubt

6'6 259 ran a 4.64 team leader and a great route runner and blocker... total package but is like Gronkowski where people question durability becuz of surgeries he played last year though unlike Gronkowski. I think if the Phins are serious about TE position and they trade back then this is the guy to pick

I don't think that TE. Housler is a guy that fits the specs of what the Dolphins are looking for. Think about it. They could have taken Dorin Dickerson last year. But passed. In a much deeper tight end class, Dickerson did not get taken until round seven.

My point. Dickerson on paper was a better athelete then Housler. The size and skill set are similar. Both are undersized, and struggle blocking. No way if we plan on running 2 tight end sets does Housler fit into our plans. No way.

..I apologize. Housler is a bit taller then Dickerson. The weight is similar. My bad. My point is that both are similar. Dickerson. I guy I really liked turned out to be a non-factor last year. You can have all the atheletic ability in the world. If the system your in calls for some blocking ablitiy. You won't see the field. This is the concern I have for Housler.

i don't know. i look at the michigan state game and this is what i see. first play; wimpy attempt at block. 2nd play; pass thrown high but he should have caught it. he was lucky it wasn't a lateral. 4th play; another drop. 6th play; long pass down the sideline over his shoulder hit him right in the hands at about the five and he dropped it. should have been a td. he made one nice grab in the game. the remainder were pedestrian type pass and catch type plays. his blocking in the game was less than impressive. it's only one game, but it troubles me.

sorry, i was talking about rudolph.

i thought the same thing about dickerson myself. i was hoping we would take him last year and i thought he was going to tear it up but i, too, was a bit disappointed by his year.

dm1dolphan... Yeah Dickerson was a guy I was pounding the keys over a bunch last year. Mt thought was he could be a total mismatch for linebackers, even safties. The problem, and I think that Housler falls into this category. Is that the Phins don't use the tight end in this fashion. Will they? I would like to see it. But if the player doesn't fit the scheme. No sense going that route.

I see why people like Housler. It is his speed, and length. Besides the blogosphere. I haven't heard to much buzz over him. I could be wrong, and reading the wrong sites(If someone has a write up that says other wise, I would like it)

"the fins don't use a tight end in this fashion." yeah, and it pisses me off. they need to bring their offense into the current century.

to continue with my last post where i commented on your comment "the fins don't use a tight end in this fashion", does it bother you that they don't use more weapons on offense. the biggest thing that i can't stand about the offense is they don't involve enough people and their playcalling is too generic. i just wish they would mix it up a bit more to keep the defense guessing what was coming next. it's frustrating. hope daboll's system is better.

Rob Housler is 6'5 248 ran a 4.46 and benched 225 22 times he also has an 80in. wingspan and 36in vertical

Did mallet LEAD Arkansas to a bcs game this year? How did they do before he got there? By the way, he threw 60 touchdowns and 7000 yards in 2 years IN THE SEC. Did anyone ask Petrino if he is a good leader? This popularity contest is going to make many NFL teams and "journalists" look foolish in the next couple of years.

I think in three years Mallet would turn out to be the best QB in this draft, his skills are startling,and yes I know the guy can't run for s@#$.

With the draft approaching the Dolphin's choices are still wide open in my opinion. I do not see them going quarterback at 15 because Newton and Gabbert will not be there and there is no other quarterback in this draft worth 15 or higher. With that being said trading back would be a good idea to fill the multiple holes on this team's roster. The best bet for the Dolphins is stay away from quarterbacks in the draft unless they truly fall in love on one of their visits because Henne looks better in my opinion then any of these rookies that will be brought in. Henne on paper should be better than all of these quarterbacks and it is just a matter of him being able to flip the switch and go to the next level.

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