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Which is right side of NFL labor dispute? Our side

The NFL labor dispute is, to put it delicately, crap.

The sides are vying for your support of their cause now and I would advise you to do to them what both have done to you -- turn your back on them. Dismiss them both. Be disgusted by both. Disagree with both. In a tug-of-war over money, collapse the middle of the rope and make them both pay!

I know, most media have come down on the side of the players, while fewer have agreed with owners. I cannot find a tent in either camp.

Owners are crying the economic collapse that befell the country just over two years ago made the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, signed in 2006, obsolete. They argue they are in financial pain. Yet, they don't want a fully transparent review of their financials by their employees to prove what they're saying is completely true.

I suspect this is because the owners are crying poverty while still turning a profit. They're still flying their private jetliners, still collecting enormous sums from TV revenue, still enjoying overwhelming popularity at the turnstiles, still watching their franchises rise in value, and most notably, still making gobs money.

I present to you the last Super Bowl in Dallas. The same NFL which is asking players for a substantial give-back and rollback of shared revenues made a record amount of money from its latest championship game. It was a financial monster compared to other Super Bowls, a league source is telling me. That, and that alone, is the reason the Super Bowl will likely return to Dallas within a decade or so.

Money. Lots of it.

So how is a league that pays its commissioner $12 million annually hurting for money, again? How is a $9 billion business that is perpetually in the black strapped for cash?

The players, meanwhile, have tried to bind themselves to a bogus class-warfare argument that is specious at best, and an outright lie at worst. Their argument is that they are fine with the last agreement and all they want is the continued good of the game. Their argument is that it is the greedy owners who are asking for give-backs, thus it's the owners ruining things for the fans. They reject the notion that this fight pits millionaires versus billionaires because many of them don't make a million dollars. Their argument is they're just faithful employees trying to do good work at a fair wage.

And that is ridiculous.

First, the economy did tank in late 2008 and throughout 2009. It's not very much better now. The price of doing business is up. Business all around the country are cutting back. That affects workers. Some got laid off. Some got furloughed. Some got fired because their jobs disappeared. Business in America is hurting to some degree or another.

So what makes NFL players believe they should be immune from those truths affecting practically everyone else?

I also have a hard time buying the players' classic class-warfare approach when, indeed, they are paid more now, enjoy more power now, collect more benefits now, and have more opportunities outside the sport now than they've ever had in their history. I have a hard time buying these guys are just like you and me. These guys are at a level the average American cannot even begin to comprehend.

The union filed a lawsuit against the league on Friday. Among the faces of that suit were Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let's see, last I saw Brady, he was vacationing in Rio De Janiero with his super model wife. Yeah, he's hurting. Last I saw Manning, he was a cartoon figure on a Reebok commercial that his multi-million-dollar endorsement contract allows him to do, thereby augmenting his multi-million-dollar NFL contract.

And what about the schlubs at the bottom of the salary totem pole, you ask? The NFL minimum salary in 2010 was $310,000.

Despite collecting more than that, New York Jets offensive lineman Matt Slauson felt compelled to move himself, his wife and his baby in with his mom recently because he was worried he wouldn't be able to make ends meet during a strike or lockout.

It was sobering that this grown man is so concerned about his family's immediate future. But I really wonder what he did with the $390,000 he made last year. Or the estimated $410,200 he collected in 2009 as a rookie -- signing bonus included, of course.

Think about this for a second: How long do you think you can live on $800,200? Suppose Slauson spent half of that the past two years. If he were to pay himself $200,000 per year -- a comfortable living by any standard -- he could wait out an NFL lockout or strike for two years.

Oh, and when this labor crap is over and everyone is earning again, Slauson still has $1 million left on the final two years of his contract.

Other players? They're not hurting, folks.

Go on twitter and search out 100 or so NFL players on the social media site. Their timelines show they're flying to the NBA All-Star weekend, they're traveling abroad, they're buying cars, they're going back and forth between their in-season and off-season homes.

How many of you have spent the past couple of months doing that?

These guys don't live in the real world but they want you to believe they're like you to gain your support and sympathy. The financial gap between them and you is as wide, in most cases, as the athletic gap between them and you. (And I know that's wide because I doubt any of you can run a 4.4 time in the 40-yard dash and bench press 225 pounds 20 times.)

I say all that to say this: This labor dispute will get resolved. It is ultimately about money and the only reason it is happening now is because this is the dead time for money in the league. Players aren't getting paid their base salaries now and owners aren't collecting game-day revunues.

To put this labor dispute in real-world terms, it would be like 9-to-5 workers striking and a factory owner locking the doors of the plant at around midnight and calling that a shutdown.

Me? I'll start worrying about this thing around 8:59 a.m., or about the time work is actually supposed to begin. That's when folks are actually going to start being invested in the situation because their money will then be at stake.

All the barking you hear about NFL lockout and union decertification has, frankly, no bite. It is a negotiation tactic between the parties. And when they turn to you for support, shouting that the game is at risk, it is basic, straight-up fear-mongering.

Me? I have a hard time being upset that the millionaires are upset about income in their post-career years. You know what? Live off the money you earned and hopefully saved during those God-gifted years you had in the league. Or, here's a real radical idea, do like the rest of us and get a job. A real job. One that pays less than $100,000 a year like the rest of us. Use that college education that your athletic skills got you for free.

Me? I also have a hard time feeling compassion for the owners. Are you kidding me? These guys were sooooo invested in these negotiations, a majority of them never attended a mediation session for whatever reason. These guys all own franchises worth between $700 million and $1.5 billion. Sell if you don't think the business is lucrative enough. Get out!

Me? I think I'll concern myself with things that actually matter right now. The Middle East is on fire. Significant portions of the Far East are under water and under threat of nuclear plant meltdowns. Politicans over here are crooks and liars. In South Florida, a little girl was found murdered in the back of pick up truck. Those are real problems, folks, not this NFL labor strife.

I'm more concerned with what's happening on FOX and CNN than on ESPN and NFL Network. I'll concern myself with my faith and my family. My football? It will not go away despite all the rhetoric and legal wrangling you'll be hearing in the coming weeks.

Football will be back in the Fall as surely as the seasons will change. That's when it'll be time to root for someone again. Now, during this ludicrous labor dispute? I refuse to back either side.


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CAPITISLUM IS KING.. And the OWNERS who INVESTED in a team should NOT be held in a chokehold by the primadonna Union and Players.

These Primadonna players are rich and they are RICH ONLY because of OWNERS WHO through management decided to allow said player to PLAY on a team. They get paid BIG $$$$ and ALL we fans hear and read about is how they want more and more and more of the OWNERS $$$.

Hum... Excuse me but just WTF did ANY players do to put $$$ into that team? Just because a player is good or great, etc does NOT mean that said player contributed directly to the bottom line.

REMEMBER... This is a TEAM sport and the TEAM wins when it plays as a team and not alone as is the case with "some" players who are me, me and only me.

he Owner Built the stadium. The OWNER employees thousands of workers who serve the fans in the OWNERS stadium. The workers clean, cook, mop, sweep, serve and protect the seat fillers. Players DO NOT pay one stinking cent for that the owner does.

GREEDY players and the Unions are exactly what's wrong with this sport as well as others.

Geez people... This is a sport and they get paid millions for one hour of playtime and a few practices a week. Millions for all that??

What about the office worker who works his/her ass off 6 days a week? Doesn't THAT worker who works with millions and perhaps billions of dollars of a company's assets worth a contract value of $ million and 35 guaranteed also?

I'm sick of ALL players who want to suck the blood out of a company and in this case the Team's owners.

Think of it this way. How would YOU feel if YOU owned a company and your workers wanted to take YOUR profits from YOU and YOUR company?

Inn the end.. This is AMERICA and if you do not like or enjoy where you are employed and if you do not like what you get paid... Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out because there are many in line to happily take your spot and like it.

In the end... lock em out and strike. Break the Union and let's get players to play for freaking games a year and let em play and get paid a base salary of $49,000 a year just like the average worker in America gets paid... Except they get paid that for actually working ALL year not for freaking 16 games.

Boo, ho to the poor overworked union players.

Healthcare may be something the owners may have to provide. I only say this because Im not sure and insurance company will underwrite a healthcare policy for someone in such a high risk profession. If there are any that will, Im sure the premiums would be astronomical during thier playing careers.

Still looking at fairly from an owners point of view, the costs post playing days should be a 60/40 split. With players paying the 40.

These players just have to learn to be far more responsible with thier money. Most have been given handouts all of thier athletic lives and no one has allowed them to be accountable for thier own actions.

Someone very close to them should have taken responsibility to set them down and rammed them upside thier stupid heads that this isnt reality. Instead everyone only had thier hands out. Still, ignorance of the "law" isnt a defense. Ask any judge he'll tell you. LOL........

I can hear the purple tape tangent and taut. Screaming wind feather heat and Jackie Gleason vomiting.

Oh, cat of Venus. Oh, seafood platter.

The moon white flashlight against your pale. Night collides on a lake of oil drops. The beer mackerel speaks Norwegian to an apecake.

Bryan Norcross in a silk robe.

Great timing - I wonder if the NFLPA and owners know what's going on in Japan. One man's opinion - both groups are seriously out of touch. On the same day that CNN is providing all day coverage of the deaths in Japan the NFL Network is providing all day coverage of the decertification of the NFLPA - a $9.0B industry. Please -a little perspective and absolutley no sympathy!!!!

lafinsfan has it right. The players' gross salaries are made public. Why aren't the Owners' books made public as well? Is there THAT MUCH to hide?

Good article Armando.....thanks. I'm wondering if all this BS will take away from the draft experience for a lot of us. It will be interesting to see what happens.




Owners were willing to meet the players halfway. Money the owners are making shouldnt be a very significant issue anyway.

The players who put in 110% to thier craft will make huge amounts of money anyway. The market itself will demand that it be so.

IMO, basically the players union is saying guys who are not taking thier craft nearly as seriously and are not putting in the 110% at fine tuning thier craft that the upper echelons do. Deserve to make more money too.

Come on guys, we all know that if you're a s*hitty employee you dont deserve a pay raise. But everyone deserves the 3% cost of living rise based on the estimated value a dollar looses every year.

If the players want what the owners get then they should do what the owners do. Buy a freaking team. Oh, Im sorry, that means using your money wisely and taking business risks. Something the average player is totally unwilling to do! LOL..........







The owners were willing to make 5yrs of records available to the players union. Then they requested 10yrs.

Hmm........... Had the owners made 10yrs of financial statements available would the nflpa asked for 20? The owners may have something here. Maybe the goal of the nflpa was to go to court all along.

Why not when you have a very player friendly fed judge like David Doty presiding over proceedings? Doty-Doty-Doe! LOL..........

Good article. I don't have any sympathy for either side.

The people to sympathize with are the people who are actually out of a job while the lockout is in effect. As well as those whose businesses are going to be effected.

The hockey strike in canada had a pretty massive effect on some of the smaller businesses. Think about all the lost business in bars if there isn't any football on sundays.

Hey, i completely agree with you for a change.

I'm with you on this one Mando...I feel the same way as you described. I'm not worried about no 2011 season and do you know why...because if anyone thinks for one minute that the owners will let a 9 Bill dollar business not move forward later this year you are crazy...there will be a 2011 season, it's way way too lucrative to not have a season..way too much money to loose. I'm a business owner, and there is no way I would lock my doors and tell my employees that themselves and their families will not be getting paid...that is Un-American in my book...and it just goes to show how spoiled these NFL owners and players are these days. This isn't 1987 where each player is making $25,000 per year..like Mando said about today's base NFL salaries..if they cannot live on these numbers then they really need to see a counselor, an investment banker, and life coach, because I find it hard to believe they are crying poor when most of these players and owners have multiple houses, cars, jewelry, ect... Something in the NFL air stinks...and it smells like cash money greed...

I have spoken with your urologist.

The biggest issue I have with the whole thing is reading from the NFLPA Rep saying that every sunday the players sacrifice and put everything on the line. These people have no idea what its like to put anything on the line. I am a police officer and have been in some bad situations. I have had my pension, and other benefits cut recently but I still come to work because not everything is about the money it is about serving the public and protecting citizens from people who want to do them harm. What about the soldiers that are fighting for our country that everyone seems to forget, or our teachers who help educate our children.

For those of you that are currently serving our country thank you and we support you. As for the NFL players you all should get off your high horse of thinking that you know about sacrifice come ride with me one night and I will show you what life is like for people less fortunate. Maybe this will make you think twice about the negotiations. There was only 1 player that I can remember that knows of sacrifice and his name his Pat Tillman! The rest of you are just posers. Life is not football.

Hey Justin Credible...

I as a life long fan PUT MY MONEY ON THE LINE..
As a FAN I PAY to watch football and each time all you people say "pay the player what he wants" COSTS US FANS MONEY???

GET IT???? If you don't then by all means take some on line courses on how business works and WHO pays in the end for a product and in this case the product is football.

WE pay more and more for cable TV, Tickets, food in the stadium, parking at the stadium,and the list goes on and on.

Your analogy as to putting MY body on the line first is foolish.

So you are saying that these kids.. YES they are KIDS getting paid millions... playing a sport face more harm then a Firefighter who goes into battle or an American Soldier who puts it on the line or Police Officer, the list is never ending but PLEASE..

If they don't want to play and are saying that it hurts playing QUIT!!!!

Again.. each time I read on here from fans to PAY HIM or go get him or give him a BIG contract means BIG $$$ which is passed down to US FANS.

I dont control YOUR house just like you dont control mine so why should the players control an Owners house?

Get it?

How many guys here know what this fight is all about?

It's all about raising the salary cap per team guys. The more money the owners have to make available for the salary cap. The less profits can be stored away into thier pockets.

The owners are basically saying operating costs are up. So greater expenses are put out not directly concerning the players. Im not neccessarily sure if the owners intentions are to lower it, but it does seem thier more into policing how it is raised.

So if the players win. Dont be too upset with higher ticket, concession, and product merchandising costs that will indelibly be passed down to the fans by your city teams near you.

You didnt really think that the owners would absorb these cost themselves did you? How naive! That $9 billion industry will soon become a 10 billion dollar industry when the players win. LOL.........

Dyingbreed, is that a verifiable fact or are you taking the Owner's word on this just as they're asking the players to on the question of the need for a billion dollar "give back?" Plus we're all ignoring the question of 18 games and increased numbers of career-impacting/ending injuries. Weren't there enough with 16 games?

"lafinsfan wrote it up well, Armando thinks it's reasonable for the players to take a billion$ pay reduction on a 'trust us we need it' basis."

But that's not really the whole truth. Because the owners also offered up a lot of concessions. It wasn't as bold as you make it sound to be. These players would be set no matter what happened to them if injured or other health issues after football. Our legends of the past got barely nothing back then.

If you're concerned with what Fox and CNN are telling you then I have great news! It's not real news, it's "entertainment news". So half of the things they are telling you are embellished, pure opinion, or plain out false. If you are watching these stations and following their agenda you are an ignorant mess.

nvfinsfan...in a multi- billion dollar business there is a LOT to hide... The owners don't want certain things out there for the average person to see...this is because the average person would throw up if they saw the amount of waste and frivolous spending that goes on in a billion dollar business...they don't want that as public knowledge. If you make a billion dollars a year you will spend differently than people that make less than 100K per year obviously...but the sheer shock of the average Joe seeing for example players and owners spending X-amount of dollars on toys, vacations, $30,000 dollar per month rents on vacation homes, ect..joe's will see that as wasteful...there is no way to see eye to eye with that if you aren't out there living like them. They are the super-greedy, super rich, and super they don't give a crap what we think type people. The players and owners just need to stop this BS and move forward before they loose more respect and money from tue NFL fans who pay for all of their stuff...


If players are overly concerned about career ending injuries. I suggest they take full advantage of 4yrs of higher education and just use sports beit football or anything else as springboards into real careers. Just like other "smart" Americans do.

Most all of these athletes have it twisted. They use college as a springboard into sports. I have zero sympathy for those who do this. Its the leading cause of financial indigency when thier playing careers are done.

Plain flatout stupidity is the greatest issue with guys in professional sports. But we never hear about this being ardently addressed.

Hmm.......... If players unions primarily focaused on this and the players really began getting the message and acting on this. There would never be a reason they would need a union in the first place, would there!

But of course unions would never ardently do this because it would be like slitting thier own financial throats. LOL..........

Once you learn to adeqautely look out for your own affairs it eliminates the middle man(NFLPA). LOL............


You are genious! You get it. Fox, NBCSN, and all of those type shows are "entertainment news" channels. They only confuse the idiots! LOL.................

In America, the "middle-man's" job has always been to keep us ignorant. Once you discover the truth he's out of a job! LOL...............

However the middle man can be a neccessary evil. They do create jobs! LOL.............

Good comments both pro and con. The vast sums of money that's invovled in the NFL is a far cry from the 50's and 60s. The players back then had to work regular jobs during the off season to make ends meet. One player...I forget who...actually took the bus on Sunday to the game. Once upon a time, players played because they loved the game.

Really great article, Armando. The stuff awards are made of...? Copy-and-paste this for an opinion article in the Herald.

Yep. That's how great this was.

I have posted on here many times that I am in the Mallett camp....

Many others have posted many times...that Mallett has had this "melt down" because of the rumors and accusations of off field activities to include allegations of drug abuse....

Would one of you naysayers on Mallett please post the link of this alleged "melt down".....i don't see it any where on the net...however there is this video of him at the combine being asked repeatedly about the rumors....


when I watched it a lot of words came to mind.....ryan leaf wasn't one of them.....

Thats what I got....now you naysayers post the "melt down" link...or STFU and deal in reality.....

Greedy players! Drew Brees is a liar. He states the players haven't asked for more money. Why does the salary cap increase then? Why is Peyton Manning negotiating a new contract then? You play football really well but us fans know you can't play words well. I side with the owners on this one. The players would like the status quo and continue on the great deal they got in 2006. Well a good business man knows the economy is in the tank and despite claims by Obama, this economy isn't recovering. The players would wait until the NFL looses money before they act. If the NFL starts loosing money then ticket prices will climb at astonishing rates, stadium personnel would get laid off and so forth. Who is going to pay for those tickets to come and watch the players play? The laid off workers? The furloughed workers? The civil service workers that just had their collective bargaining rights stripped from them in Wisconsin? How about the average family who might be a few days late on their mortgage and is now paying $200 dollars more a month just to fill the car to commute to work! Who really buys the tickets? Who is really paying for the NFL Sunday ticket on DTV at nearly $400 dollars a year? There aren't enough millionaires' to fill 80 thousand seats at 16 different stadiums every Sunday in the fall. So most of all the money comes from the HARD WORKING CLASS of people who the NFLPA turned its back on to go and decertify! Why? To prevent a lock out! To continue to work so the players can make their money! So the owners can raise ticket prices, negotiate higher priced TV contracts and all that cost is passed of to us. Us, the people getting laid off, paying more for gas and groceries, having our benefits cut by our employer, taking pay cuts so not to loose our jobs. And all this so we can purchase the higher priced tickets, pay more for parking and concessions at the stadium, have my Sunday NFL ticket broke down into 8 payments of 60 more bucks a month! It all sucks for the average fan!

Maybe some fan will start a website devoted to the fan where all of us can go and post how displeased we are with both sides. Maybe the players and owners will then go their and read what the average fan would post and how we're not buying the "we tried everything" spiel we are lead to believe. The NFLPA is all about ITSELF and MONEY. PERIOD.


Many may have said it similiar...but none on here have said it better imo....

Great Post!!

Thanks Kris.

Also I'm in for Mallett. I think he has what it takes to be not good but Great.

Dead on Armando, dead on!!

Posted by: dbmfins | March 12, 2011 at 01:43 PM

DITTOS....At least there is now two of us on here that understand how things work and WHO ends up paying for it in the end...

I watch football to be entertained. I don't sit back counting owners and players pennies. As far as I am concerned, no matter how long it takes them to sort this out, I will continue to watch football.

They have every right to sort there finances out. The only people that have a right to be upset are the support people. The people whose jobs and livelihood are affected. Everyone else needs to GET A LIFE and stop living vicariously through football teams.

Well, I'd like to see how many players organize a "pick-up" game if there is no NFL season this year. Then, we'd know who plays football for "the love of the game!"

sports in the end is nothing more than entertainment. its kind of silly paying someone millions to play a game that really has absolutely no meaning or relevance to anything. 75 years from now is it going to matter who won the SB in 2011? Will it even matter in 2011? Its no different than actors on sitcoms in the end.

who really really cares about the owners and players problems. there are too many better things to do with ones time than plop on a couch watching huge men grunt, fall down, and and fight over an odd shaped ball.


bail.....silly or not....there are hundreds of thousands of fans just like you who pay theses salaries....

If you care so little....why are you on a FOOTBALL BLOG....during the OFF SEASON...check that.....NO SEASON...

I would think that only the most die hard fans would post during this time of year......

I understand that it doesn't matter to you.....

but for some its ALL that matters.....

and the 9 BILLION dollar pot tells me that THEY aren't alone....

Bail gets the toilet bowl award for being an idiot...bail..please leave if you don't care

I agree 100% mando...I think both sides are greedy and if there is any football missed because of this I will stop being a fan of this league. I have loved the Miami Dolphins since I was kid growing up in NC where I still live and haven't been able to love the panthers the way I love the dolphins even though they are only 10 minutes away. This could have been the last year of enjoying reading your articles and blog because there may be no team to support all because of GREED. Did they not learn anything from baseball and hockey strikes? Greed is a fan killer.

I'm thinking that there's gonna be a run at the local supermarkets near this year's draft on over-ripe fruits and vegetables!

You are right, Armando. I am embarrassed to say that when I heard the NFL's rep speak last night I thought "wow, it looks like the owners really tried to solve this thing. Those greedy players!!!"
Then read the players response and was thinking "wow, those owners tried to pull a fast one. They didn't give up anything the players really wanted. Those damn owners!!"
Then I read your suggestion and it feels more right then either of those other two explanations. Am I just a sucker for a good argument? Now I hate everybody... 'cept you Armando. Keep up the good work.

its time to show all of sports who actully is Boss, Stop buying their merchadise, stop going to games and stop paying to watch and I think we as fans can change all their attitudes and stop all this bickering over our money. I'LL BE THE FIRST WHO'S WITH ME???

Good stuff Armando, ** Long winded post warning! Please DON'T read if you hate that.**

You uncorked one there bud good job. I can't believe you doubt I can run a 4.4 40 and bench press 225lbs 20 X... Child please!

I have to say it's a total disdain for both side's tactics for me as well. Everything from the constant breaking of the vow of silence the mediators laid out to both sides, to always having to wait intil things get to the 12th hour to REALLY try hard to meet up on issues.

It's kind of sickening and I don't think it behooves either side to play the obvious "curry favor" card through the media. As human beings, in this information age we live in, it's like they can't help themselves, sad. The name calling, sad.

The rhetoric is strong from both sides. Both sides do have a case of sorts. It seems like whatever upringing and life experience the fans have had is what powers their feelings more than anything. Perception is reality is one of my favorite sayings.

Rather than rattle my sabre on one side of the fence or another I will make this one post and be done. I will wait for the draft blog threads to come back, which is the heart of real football and not taking sides with owners or players.

Craig M brought up a good point, will this all affect the way we view the draft process? For me it already has. Sure I will tune in to see who the Fins get that they can't sign until their rookie year is probably a wash.

That said, I will do ALL in my power to show the the NFL Owners and Players that they should never forget why they have the most popular sport in America. The NFL has madly rabid fans...period! Like quitting smoking or giving up coffee, I want to show them this type of crap should NEVER be taken lightly.

1.) I will NOT wear ANY NFL apparel...period. No free advertising for them. Tapout ballcaps here I come!

2.) I will cancel my DirecTv Sunday Ticket Premium package with HD, Shortcuts, Redzone and every bell and whistle. May be the clearest message I am able to send.

3.) I won't click on the NFL.com or Espn.com at all during until they get this "figger it out".

4.) I won't attend ANY games in 2011. I live in SoCal so this means any Charger games. I am talking about even if a friend gives me a free ticket and they are playing a team I like.

5.) Absolutely NO NFLN viewing. It will just be all old Superbowl reruns anyways. You guys turned your sport off, why should I watch?

As hard as it is, with my one vote, I have to show the NFL, that even the stupidly rabid fans who watch freakin combine coverage with players running cones and broad jumping (and having to stick the landing is dumb?? Marshall is right!) have a brain. We have to show that we have willpower too, that we aren't just mindless drones that will sign up to be fed whatever they want us to believe. We can be jacka$$ stubburn too!

When we have apathy and "tune in" anyways, they will know they still "got us". If it ends up being like an NFL fan nuclear bomb went off and the NFL was dead to us it has to unnerve them at least some.

I hope a ton of people want to carry the same torch and message to the Owners/Players/Lawyers/Media and announce loud and clear where their "cheddar" comes from...all of us fans.

Thanks for the read and stomaching the lengthy post. I do apologize for such a long message but felt I couldn't chop this one up.

To my Fins Brothers in Arms and NFL fans everywhere I hope we bring both the Owners and the Players down a few giant pegs.


Lets go to the facts as we know them in the 11th hour it was the owners conceeding and giving into alot of demands by providing the players with a very fair offer as I see it.

1) The players wanted a rookie wage scale in order to better compensate League Veterans. The ownwers complied with a proposal of increasing the league minimum for Vets over the next 4 seasons by 60% taking it from 875,000.00 to in or around 1.4 mil per season. When Mando talks about a player making under 400,000 per he means players with 4 years or less in the league including Practice Squad, the league minimum for a player with 4 years or more, FA eligable is 875k.

2) HEALTH CARE, The players wanted a health care plan that would include retired NFL players, the owners once again conceeded to the tune of 82 million to get it started.

3) The players reject an 18 game format, the owners take it off the table and agree not to revisit the idea for 2 seasons, while also agreeing that no such change can take place without player approval.

4) The players wanted an increase in pension plans for retired players, the league agrees to an increase of 60% over the next 4 seasons. ( that 60% increase seems to be a re-accuring them, sounds like the league plans on continued growth over the next 4 years)

The only thing the owners didn`t conceed to was opening up there financial`s over the last decade, some see this as shady owners hidding the real bottom line, others say it has something to do with the excemptions and breaks they get on County, State and fed taxes, aside from public funding to build there Stadiums. I think it could very well be a combo of both.

In any case I can`t think of any Company in America were the owners would hand over there financial`s for the work force to scrutinize with an independant auditor to determine what the owner should be paying !!! The remark by Demaurice Smith about the owners and players being partners is outlandish !! when the players pony up 1 billion or more of there dollars and buy a team is when they can make that kind of statement, they are highly paid entertainers employed by the owners.

This is why you've allways been the best. Great Work!

I for one am waiting with anticipation for the players anti-trust lawsuit to be filed so that it can become a matter of public record. It`s at this point the only way we can know for sure what`s at the core of there demands.

I played college football for a scholarship that was worth less than $15k a year at the time, while be being exposed to the same hazards. No one marched, striked, held sit-ins, walk-outs, negotiations, or any of the stuff for us and we did ok. These punks are making over $300k a year for 16 games. This foolishness, let Peyton Mannings lawn guy or nanny pull this crap ixnay, the yard will be cut, and the clothes will be folded, oh yeah, their kids are immune to this crap becuase their in private school No teachers union. I own my own company and I thank God for the open shop system, because it allows competition the American way. I'm with the owners. This kind of thuggery has to be publicly denounced. I'm sure that these union thugs aren't opening their books to their employees or their pastors/priest. Owners, please dig in your hills. Deuces

kris and cowkila (what the hell kind of a name is that anyway?) take rob oc's advice and maybe spend your time fondling some memorabilia or perhaps starting up some yogurt cultures.

@ Rob,

I echo your statements brother I am disgusted to say the least it will be a while before I can bring myself to wear any apparrel. I wonder if this to a certain degree initially won`t have a backlash of MLB proportions !! I really do hope we as fans can collectively put them in there place like that.


Thanks bud,

Choosing how to spend our consumer dollars and expressing opinions is really all we can do as the people that truly sign the paychecks yet have the smallest voice.


Will labor and management ever learn they need each other? As far as i am concerned they are like 2 fat cats on the farm no longer interested in catching the mice, stop feeding them and see what happens. Let them go and watch HOCKEY!!!!

I must say Armando this is one of your finer pieces, great job.

To all the people who keep mentioning the owners won’t open their books… you’re an idiot. Please go ask your boss (if you even have a job) to open up the books. Tell him you will strike if he doesn’t open them. Then tell everyone on the blog how it worked out. Private business doesn’t need to open their books. Publicly traded companies or government entities do. How come I don’t hear anyone demanding the Federal Reserve open their books? That’s right… you’re ignorant of what goes on there.

Insurance… you wanna talk about insurance. Let’s talk about our military troops insurance. They risk life and injury a “little” more than the NFL Players do. In 20 years, a military man will not make what a NFL player makes in a single year. How come I don’t see anyone sticking up for the vets? That’s right… you only think what the media tells you think.

Remember OJ? Ray Lewis? Dante Stallworth? Michael Vick? Millionaires & murders; well OJ isn’t a millionaire anymore. If you were accused of what they were accused of would your fate be the same?

There is no need to stick up for the players. With that said, there is no need to stick up for the owners. Stand up for yourself. They will both wage a marketing (propaganda) campaign to gain your support. Don’t fall for it.

I had to laugh and in truth, IF I were an owner, I would have done the same thing but,...

It was comical when on NFLN's coverage of Quinn the 25 year attorney for the NFLPA went on his "Posh lied to us" rant, at the end the reporters said "Any questions?" and he said "Sure" and then they cut away.

Hey it's the owners network and they choose what airs. It just struck me as funny.



You made great points about the radio and internet. Many people think negatively about talk radio but they don’t stop to think how an early 1900’s technology can rival a modern technology in profit and market share.

Rob in OC @ 3:22

You’re onto something bud!! Great points!!


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