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Which is right side of NFL labor dispute? Our side

The NFL labor dispute is, to put it delicately, crap.

The sides are vying for your support of their cause now and I would advise you to do to them what both have done to you -- turn your back on them. Dismiss them both. Be disgusted by both. Disagree with both. In a tug-of-war over money, collapse the middle of the rope and make them both pay!

I know, most media have come down on the side of the players, while fewer have agreed with owners. I cannot find a tent in either camp.

Owners are crying the economic collapse that befell the country just over two years ago made the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, signed in 2006, obsolete. They argue they are in financial pain. Yet, they don't want a fully transparent review of their financials by their employees to prove what they're saying is completely true.

I suspect this is because the owners are crying poverty while still turning a profit. They're still flying their private jetliners, still collecting enormous sums from TV revenue, still enjoying overwhelming popularity at the turnstiles, still watching their franchises rise in value, and most notably, still making gobs money.

I present to you the last Super Bowl in Dallas. The same NFL which is asking players for a substantial give-back and rollback of shared revenues made a record amount of money from its latest championship game. It was a financial monster compared to other Super Bowls, a league source is telling me. That, and that alone, is the reason the Super Bowl will likely return to Dallas within a decade or so.

Money. Lots of it.

So how is a league that pays its commissioner $12 million annually hurting for money, again? How is a $9 billion business that is perpetually in the black strapped for cash?

The players, meanwhile, have tried to bind themselves to a bogus class-warfare argument that is specious at best, and an outright lie at worst. Their argument is that they are fine with the last agreement and all they want is the continued good of the game. Their argument is that it is the greedy owners who are asking for give-backs, thus it's the owners ruining things for the fans. They reject the notion that this fight pits millionaires versus billionaires because many of them don't make a million dollars. Their argument is they're just faithful employees trying to do good work at a fair wage.

And that is ridiculous.

First, the economy did tank in late 2008 and throughout 2009. It's not very much better now. The price of doing business is up. Business all around the country are cutting back. That affects workers. Some got laid off. Some got furloughed. Some got fired because their jobs disappeared. Business in America is hurting to some degree or another.

So what makes NFL players believe they should be immune from those truths affecting practically everyone else?

I also have a hard time buying the players' classic class-warfare approach when, indeed, they are paid more now, enjoy more power now, collect more benefits now, and have more opportunities outside the sport now than they've ever had in their history. I have a hard time buying these guys are just like you and me. These guys are at a level the average American cannot even begin to comprehend.

The union filed a lawsuit against the league on Friday. Among the faces of that suit were Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let's see, last I saw Brady, he was vacationing in Rio De Janiero with his super model wife. Yeah, he's hurting. Last I saw Manning, he was a cartoon figure on a Reebok commercial that his multi-million-dollar endorsement contract allows him to do, thereby augmenting his multi-million-dollar NFL contract.

And what about the schlubs at the bottom of the salary totem pole, you ask? The NFL minimum salary in 2010 was $310,000.

Despite collecting more than that, New York Jets offensive lineman Matt Slauson felt compelled to move himself, his wife and his baby in with his mom recently because he was worried he wouldn't be able to make ends meet during a strike or lockout.

It was sobering that this grown man is so concerned about his family's immediate future. But I really wonder what he did with the $390,000 he made last year. Or the estimated $410,200 he collected in 2009 as a rookie -- signing bonus included, of course.

Think about this for a second: How long do you think you can live on $800,200? Suppose Slauson spent half of that the past two years. If he were to pay himself $200,000 per year -- a comfortable living by any standard -- he could wait out an NFL lockout or strike for two years.

Oh, and when this labor crap is over and everyone is earning again, Slauson still has $1 million left on the final two years of his contract.

Other players? They're not hurting, folks.

Go on twitter and search out 100 or so NFL players on the social media site. Their timelines show they're flying to the NBA All-Star weekend, they're traveling abroad, they're buying cars, they're going back and forth between their in-season and off-season homes.

How many of you have spent the past couple of months doing that?

These guys don't live in the real world but they want you to believe they're like you to gain your support and sympathy. The financial gap between them and you is as wide, in most cases, as the athletic gap between them and you. (And I know that's wide because I doubt any of you can run a 4.4 time in the 40-yard dash and bench press 225 pounds 20 times.)

I say all that to say this: This labor dispute will get resolved. It is ultimately about money and the only reason it is happening now is because this is the dead time for money in the league. Players aren't getting paid their base salaries now and owners aren't collecting game-day revunues.

To put this labor dispute in real-world terms, it would be like 9-to-5 workers striking and a factory owner locking the doors of the plant at around midnight and calling that a shutdown.

Me? I'll start worrying about this thing around 8:59 a.m., or about the time work is actually supposed to begin. That's when folks are actually going to start being invested in the situation because their money will then be at stake.

All the barking you hear about NFL lockout and union decertification has, frankly, no bite. It is a negotiation tactic between the parties. And when they turn to you for support, shouting that the game is at risk, it is basic, straight-up fear-mongering.

Me? I have a hard time being upset that the millionaires are upset about income in their post-career years. You know what? Live off the money you earned and hopefully saved during those God-gifted years you had in the league. Or, here's a real radical idea, do like the rest of us and get a job. A real job. One that pays less than $100,000 a year like the rest of us. Use that college education that your athletic skills got you for free.

Me? I also have a hard time feeling compassion for the owners. Are you kidding me? These guys were sooooo invested in these negotiations, a majority of them never attended a mediation session for whatever reason. These guys all own franchises worth between $700 million and $1.5 billion. Sell if you don't think the business is lucrative enough. Get out!

Me? I think I'll concern myself with things that actually matter right now. The Middle East is on fire. Significant portions of the Far East are under water and under threat of nuclear plant meltdowns. Politicans over here are crooks and liars. In South Florida, a little girl was found murdered in the back of pick up truck. Those are real problems, folks, not this NFL labor strife.

I'm more concerned with what's happening on FOX and CNN than on ESPN and NFL Network. I'll concern myself with my faith and my family. My football? It will not go away despite all the rhetoric and legal wrangling you'll be hearing in the coming weeks.

Football will be back in the Fall as surely as the seasons will change. That's when it'll be time to root for someone again. Now, during this ludicrous labor dispute? I refuse to back either side.


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Hey Armando and the rest of Dolphin Nation. I want to help put this in prospective so we all can go on strike against the NFL. I am a disabled American Veteran and I was not in any union. I was medically discharged and receive less than a thousand dollars a month to live on from the Veterans Administration. I am not complaining, but merely mentioning this to put this in prospective. I didn't have to join the U.S. Army, but I chose to do so. If the players do not like what the owners are paying them, than they have the choice of working elsewhere. I'm not taking the owners side even though it sounds like it. Whenever players get paid more...the ticket prices go up. When does it all end. We, the fanatics, pay for most of the owners and players salaries by participating in with favorite teams. Let US go on strike against the players and owners and see how they like it. Think about how many little people that will be hurt by the greed of the few. Damnit - its time for us to jump into action! Fans UNITE! I started by writing all of you, so now it's your turn to write to someone. Let our fustrations be heard! Go Dolphins!

Blocked 3 efforts over the last 45 minutes. Dastardly deeds...

Coming in the the back door, to speak my peice.


If only some of you would have HALF as much passion and moral outrage over the things that really matter in this world like injustice, poverty, education, human rights and a host of others.

But, no, you save the rhetorical flourishes and righteous indignation for a freaking CHILDREN'S game run by pompous billionaires and played by spoiled brats, none of whom will ever care a whit about you.


Hey, I heard there's a RUGBY match tomorrow...close enough...LOL! Mando, you are right, see you until draft, maybe

I agree with your article. It was good. However, the people that entertain me aren't the owners. It is the players. And they die young and they die hard. So I kind of lean on their side. That being said, it isn't the Tom Bradys' that I side with. It is the lineman or back that makes the minimum and gets smacked so hard he doesn't remember his name anymore.

And dieing of a brain injury is ugly.

I'm on the side of the owners.
How would like to shell out a billion for a team, and then have to share your profits with the players?

Pay the players fair market value, give them good benefits, and get this thing done.

I've been out of work for 2 years now with no end in sight. We've started selling our personal items just to put food on the table. It makes me sick to see these selfish bastards on BOTH sides crying over such ridiculousness.

I'm gonna try it once more...

I knew Armando had the nerve to write strickly from his heart. Talk about putting your neck in a rope, Dude noosed the entire NFL at the squander of his own career.

Yep, I bet before this blog has run it's course (and Mando has given you, me, and the entire fanbase this opportunity), the owners AND players will give him the icy stare and cold shoulder.

Crap, some of you have already done so yourselves, and this POST was meant for us. For US to speak out!

To all you pansies that would rather scold and soil the merits of this deed - rather than take advantage of Mando's point - get back to your rock collection (choosing your favorite pet), and leave the dirty work to us more inclined.

A month ago, this subject was littered with pro/con sympathies, and I sided with the FANS.

I still do, because if it weren't for us, the NFL wouldn't even exist... we are the bedrock. The bread and butter.

Gotta get back to the boat, chop up some stinkin' chum for a living.

I much have desire of they play foot ball 2011. The other times this is what they do. Is for to know this someone?

I THINK ITS TIME FOR REPLACEMENT PLAYERS!really. these players don't want to play then let someone else do it. hey we could find some real good gems in the process when the big babies come crawling back and angry that the owners are playing replacement players!

Guaranteed they won't repeat the 1987 p.r. disaster of having replacement players/games.

Coaches hated it, the public hated it, and the games were a complete sham.

Zero chance you'll see that again.

I got in? Finally? Entering through the saloon's creaking gates?

Took me over two hours to speak my peice.

If you were standing in my company, or nearby, and the topic were this post... we'd either be knuckle bound, or clinking beers in agreeance.

I'd clink with you Mr. Armando.

This is one of the most brazon writes I have ever read, including my own published work.



Armando... great writing. I agree with you completely.

There is so much trouble in the world to waste time on greedy fools.

it doesn't even matter, all the meetings were about was a bunch of greedy rich people wanting more money. let them switch places with the average person for a little while and let's see how they can handle that!

Neck in a rope?? Squander career? Seriously now. Posts, OpEds, journalists and moderaters have far more profound critique on a daily basis across the nation. Noose nada, this was a pointed, no frills assessment on a rather light weight subjet, nothing compared to the bite from other journalists exposing the various corrupt political and financial institutions daily, really risking their career. Football writers are basically mosquitos in the eyes of the owners and players. I guess maybe if your world is fish bait this seems like something more earth shattering.

Either this topic brings people that never say anything out of the woodwork.


The Oliver Stone theory is the NFL and the NFLPA have planted phony bloggers everywhere to sway public opinion.


The Many Me posters with 20 screen names be creepin'.

Anywho, I will still stick to my guns at 3:22! It's ALL GOOD as now it is:

Us Fans


The Owners/Players

Spend your $$ and Time wisely as this could take a while.


Whats up Rob in Oc?

Coal miners put their LIFE on the line daily. They work a 10 hour day, six days a week. They work bent over, humped up, in dust and dirt. They work in cold and wet. They expose themselves to real, life threatening danger. When they say good bye in the morning, it may be a real, final goodbye. They are subject to the whims of the market...layoffs occur...injuries happen...black lung is just around the corner. In a good year, they might make $70K. And what they do actually matters in our world...coal keeps the lights on.

Now I'm supposed to understand why billionaires and millionaires, involved in a game that is neither essential or necessary to society, can't figure out how to split %8.3 Billion a year in revenue. I'm supposed to sympathize with people who drive cars that cost more than these coal miners homes cost. (And they may own 2-3 of them.) I am sick and tired of the pampered, well to do whining about their situation.

I have to go now, and watch my uncle die a slow death from black lung. His widow will not have a secure life. No guarantees for all this. No severance pay. Worked hard for thirty-two years. Put four kids through college. Paid his taxes. Coached little league. Did right by everyone. Just a good guy. What does he get for his hard work...just a miserable death. And the love and gratitude of his family and friends.

Sorry, but I just can't work up any sympathy for the poor owners, or pampered players...quit whining and do your job. You make enough money. You live the good life. Don't you know that??

Regardless of where you stand, each side has their right to take the stance they want and accept the consequences. There is no right or wrong here, its simply a power struggle over money. If players want to hold out they can play that card and risk the consequences. If the owners don't want to meet the demands of their workforce (the players), well, they too can play that card and risk the consequences.

Personally, the intricate details of 'their' business and disagreement I find quite boring. It's a lovers quarrel. Most likely they will work it out. If game 1 starts on schedule, all of this will be forgotten, and I'll be tuning in. If there really is a shortened season or no season, they will run the risk of losing many fans, and quite possibly permanently detrimenting the popularity of the sport.

Simple as that.

MR NY G...














yes the players make good money while they play,there are couple of points people miss in all of this 1 the average career for an NFL player is what 2 or 3 yrs. Say it is 5 and you make 1.5 million what toll has your body taken. How many of these fat ass owners do you see kicking the bucket at 49 yrs old! 2nd That 1.5 million has to take them a long way. And let us not even talk about the zillions of dollars they made the college system for no money. 3rd the players are the product! Don't believe it put in replacement players and see what type of audience they get. The one thing I would like to see in all of this is for them to give back something to the players of past decades who did not get the big payday but help make the NFL what it is. Then I will have respect for both sides.

Well done! Your best post EVER!

You need to send it to PFT and every player and owner - have them read the comments.





Now that I have vented in my previous post I was wondering what everyone thought the fins would do in the draft?

I have 2 likely scenarios.

1st we trade our 1st rd and 6th rd pick to the chargers for both of their 2nd rd picks and a 3rd rd pick.

So with the picks I predict

2nd-FSU QB Christian Ponder
2nd- VTech RB Ryan Williams
3rd- ARK TE DJ. Williams
3rd- UM OG Orlando Franklin
4th- Mich State ILB Greg Jones
5th- Stanford DT Sione Fua
7th- Utah C Zane Taylor

Whenever a CBA is signed I believe the rest of the holes can be filled but this is a good start. This happens only if a trade occurs.

Mock Draft if cant trade down

1st rd- ALA RB Mark Ingram
3rd- Georgia OG Clint Boling
4th- FAU TE Rob Housler
5th- Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi
6th- Marshall ILB Mario Harvey
7th- BPA

Ingram makes the most since if you cant trade down unless you draft a RT but then you have the issue of what to do with V. Carey? I suppose it all depends on who falls. Tell me which one you like the best.

Me? I think I'll concern myself with things that actually matter right now. The Middle East is on fire. Significant portions of the Far East are under water and under threat of nuclear plant meltdowns. Politicans over here are crooks and liars. In South Florida, a little girl was found murdered in the back of pick up truck. Those are real problems, folks, not this NFL labor strife.

AMEN Mando. I don't always agree with you, but AMEN here! I listened to Demaurice Smith do his interview yesterday and wanted to puke. Football is just not that important Mr. Smith. Go ahead, take of a year, see if I care. I'll do just fine.



I brought up that very point up in another blog where the blogger said that there are players that are living from paycheck to pay check. I posted that my wife and I bring in just under a 100,000 a year and we are able to make ends meet in what is the second or third state with the highest coast of living. If these players are struggling with the pay that they are getting then they are living beyond their means and need to live a more humble life style.

Here is food for thought.

A player sighns and ungaranted contract for 3 million over three years.

Uncle sam takes 35%
States (not Florida) take 20 to 30%
Citys sometimes take up to 7 to 10%
Then the agents take 15 to 25%

Their is ways to lower the percentages, but most of these guys lose 50% to 60% before they see a dime. So if you are making 1 million 500,000 to 600,000 is gone.

If they take half that leaves you 500,000. Most would think crap I could live on that. But then you factor in that most players gave 3 to 4 years of their health and traning away free to some college. Who made millions off their talents with very little regard to what happens if they get hurt.

The lucky 1/2% get their shot then 90% will play 3 years for 300,000 to 500,000 before the above deductions.

Then they get to train year around, paying other profesionals big money to keep them in super human shape. Most of us could not take one hit at the NFL level.

These guys are living all of our dreams, but most of these guys will take home $500,000 or less after their AVG. 3.5 NFL carer. Not much of a dream considering I own a landscape company and will blow that figure out of the water next year.

Now the owners on the other hand will not take the physical beating, they will bleed every city they are located in and still walk away with guranted millions. That is the beauty of the NFL all the owners split. And thanks to the cap the labor side of the equation cant go past a guranteed point.

The fans are getting screwed, but the players deserve the money they are getting. Who needs owners?? The citys and states build and pay for most of the facilities so why do we need owners.

Here is a solution. Confiscate our stadiums and allow the players to play for the citys that really own them. Green Bay makes enough money for the city that owns and operates their own team. And they are half way to Siberia. And have a city of about 1/3 the population of most of the other teams.

Come on Man!



Guys keep in mind that the players have been playing since they were kids,went to college and decided to take a carreer as a NFL player who's carreer span ranges from 6 years to 10 depending on what position they playso they need to make the most because let's face it, In the real world these Idiots would be lucky to get a job at subway making subs............

Thank you Armando. This was a great article - and, in my opinion, 100% on point. It's nice to see a media member be so well-rounded.

If the owners and players were really concern about the fans they would set a scheduled like the best player gets 2 million a year, next best get a little less, and down to the lowest rated player, no bonus unless you make the play offs, finds if you don't perform. Then the ticket price should be a lot lower for the working families.Kind of what most of the workers of America face every day for about 50 years before they hope to retire. Players can refuse to play for this deal, of course they can get a real job. Bill

I liked your article.
But nobody is reresenting the fans.
Fans pay a lot of money for tickets. If owners were paying less to players and cutting a little of their revenue maybe they could sell tickets for less, or NFL articles (tshirts...) for less.
It is hard for middle class or lower to buy so expensive tickets, lets say father and one or two sons.
Why fans are not making noise about it?


Yea those players arent living like me,hell i wish i wus gettin 300,000 a year

It's amazing a league whose financial success is largely a result of being America's most blatantly socialistic economic enterprise starts to fray at the edges and get contentious as soon as the owners and players get more capitalistic about it.

If you want to take it a step further, it's actually the OWNERS trying to preserve the Socialism of NFL economics (despite the laughable hypocrisy of many of their own political beliefs) and the PLAYERS trying to induce more of a free-market Capitalism.

Even though I'd bet plenty of folks never even thought about it that way, including those directly involved.

This isn't the labor dispute in Wisconsin. NFL economics/dynamics are an entirely different animal.

carlito from golfito @ 8:11,

Wasssup man!

Long time no see on the blog. What you been up to?

World of crap for NFL football until they unravel this pissing contest eh?

They will sort it out. Too much dough on the table not to.

I like where ex Player Kendall was stating the NFLPA would be willing to do blind figures for the teams. Meaning they would get data but all data would have no names attached.

Maybe that could be a good jump off point to get this mediated, litigated... whichever way problems could be alieviated!


Aloco @ 9:01,

Never happen.

I never initiate shots directed at screen names.

I talk football and occasionally say wassup like to carlito above.

I pretty much dislike the side chatter. Some random stuff people say is funny but this is a football blog so I try to stay on point most of the time.

If you thought I took a shot can you please point out the post?

Come on man...we have both been coming here too long. You know my M.O. homie don't play that. You possibly missread something or fake post maybe?


How would the players feel if 60% of the pay went to the owner or 60% of the side money they made went to the owners. You put up the money for your company pay taxes on the money you company makes them 60% of your money go to your workers.The union and players claim they care then why are players like Bart Star getting about $300.00 a month? Where's there money Union? It sounds like there really care Payton Manning,Drew Brees

Lockout the whole year and make the greedy players go a year with out pay they need to know that they need to learn to save there money they make thousands and millions they sould nnever be broke if so that's there fault they say the owners are greedy but they get 60% of what the owners make. Players stop wasting your money on your 3 houses,10 cars, $100,000.00 in bling save your money and buy you a team.They always say they Love the game those player who really Love the game are retire so stop lying.

bk @ 9:06, 9:16,

Of the two choices you presented I prefer the second post with no trade back.

I can't see a player that will be there at 15 that the Bolts would give up two 2nds and 3rd for. I consider the 2-4 area to be the sweet spot of this draft.

Many of the guys that will go 1st round this year would be a 2nd or 3rd rounders in other years. Round 5 on is ususally quite a crap shoot but players do get snapped up on occasion (i.e. Zach T, Brady, Coulston, lots of others).

Anything, it could happen but that is more pipe dreamish imho.

Your draft mock with no trade back:

1st rd- ALA RB Mark Ingram
3rd- Georgia OG Clint Boling
4th- FAU TE Rob Housler
5th- Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi
6th- Marshall ILB Mario Harvey
7th- BPA

My mock draft:

1st rd - DT Phil Taylor Baylor
3rd- QB Mallett, Kaepernick, WR Jerrel Jernigan
4th- RB Taiwan Jones, RB Alex Green
5th- RB Noel Devine, RB Johnny White
6th- TE Julius Thomas, TE Schuylar Oordt
7th- S Shiloh Keo Idaho, G Chris Stewart

Where I give multiple picks the first choice starts to the left and works towards the right.

Not a fan of Mark Ingram as you can see my mock has RBs later and much more explosive in my humble opinion.

I would pursue VY in FA after the cba/draft gets done.

I'm not mocking your mock, we just differ on them is all...no big deal. My mock would add a great deal of speed. DT Phil Taylor has been climbing and he has serious movement skills for a guy that size. Phil Taylor offers the Fins Solai Insurance for injury/ and he can penetrate as a big man. Phil Taylor can flat out play.


It's more than a little funny that those who lean to the conservative side of politics tend to favor the owners in this dispute.

Do they even realize how the NFL is run economically??

For those asleep the past 40 years, NFL economics are thoroughly Socialist. It's a "share the wealth" system where the smallest market (Green Bay) is on equal financial footing with the largest.

If the league didn't employ socialist economics there wouldn't BE any Green Bay team in 2011.

So (believe it or not) if you're taking the owners side in this dispute you are SQUARELY on the side of socialist economics.

Who cares ,just play the damn game you bunch of greedy jerks both sides .


I like your trade back scenario with the Chargers and for the most part I like you mock. I'm not completely sold on Ponder and would prefer Kaepernick. He has more upside but I agree is not as NFL ready at this point. He's probably a couple of years away. Big fan of Ryan Williams and I think he would be ideal for this offence. I would take Williams with the first of the two second round picks and hope that Kaepernich is there when we pick again. Not sure where those picks are in the second round. I like Greg Jones too but I'm not sure they will go ILB again after taking Edds last year. We'll see but I think they want to see what they have in him first.

Comparing the NFL to the rest of the business world in these economic times is not valid. Revenues are on a constant upward trend in recent years for the NFL, and that is why the players do not think it's fair ro have to give up a portion of their share. I would agree. You're the laziest writer out there. You simply scribble whatever thoughts pop up in your head. Try thinking it over first. The avg. NFL career is aloso 3.2 yrs., and the majority of players make closer to the minimum. You read about the big ones. But for every $50M contract, there are 10 at the league minimum. 3.2 yrs. x $310,000 - agent fees and taxes. It's understandable that they will not just bend over and take it.

Excellent acticle Armando. While I'm not on either side I believe the owners will "win" in the end. The owners are educated businessmen who can handle money and wait it out. The players not so much.

Why not just have both sides present their best case to a neutral arbitor and let them make the decision what is fair? End this thing in a week.


I wonder if the NFL would be as popular as it is now if it were run like a traditional business? As a business owner, I can tell you that the owner has way more risks than the employees. Albeit not physical risks, but that's what other governing bodies (like OSHA) are for. There should be a certain percentage of sales that the owners keep as profit. THE PROBLEM HERE FOLKS is not that one side or the other is getting a bigger slice of the pie, THE PROBLEM IS that the average middle class family is lucky if they can afford to take their family of four to one game IN THEIR LIFETIME! Who the hell can afford around $750.00 to watch one game? I remember when baseball went on strike and cancelled the World Series. It was during their reign as champion of sports ... they still have not recovered! The more I think of this the more angry I get ... to hell with you all!

Wow spot on. Thats why I hate everyone taking sides. It is all BS. The owners are greedy because it was them that decided they NEEDED 20 million dollar luxury boxes, normal fans will never see, yet ticket prices, concessions, and memorabilla, (try taking an 8 yr old to the game an tell him cant have a souvenoir) keep going up so the mega rich can entertain their buddies and then cry poor. Like Mando said, the last 2 super bowls are the 2 most watched programs in history or dam close to it. SB commercials going for 3 mil for a 30 second spot? yet the NFL is losing money? I suggest instead of givebacks you hire better financial advisors.

The playsrs make me mad because they act entitled, they act like it is their money and they are entitled to it. Like the owners answer to them. If that is what they believe get ready for a LONG LONG time w/o football. Way to D Smith, you can be known as the man that helped kill the golden goose, but ya got ya'self famous.

Want to send a message? Let them come back to completely empty stadiums and tv ratings lower than the CWB. Then they will take fans seriously

Beast of an article Mando! Dead on the money correct. The worst part of it all is that after its all said and done and football is back, everyone will forget about the BS they put us through. Hmm, just like most of our politicians..

A since when does an employee who has no "skin in the Game" and still collects 60% of the income get to dictate how much they are paid and how much they will be paid and under what circumstances. Pro football players are pampered, entitled and spoiled brats who do not appreciate the privilege of playing a game for a living. Let's see hose they do with real jobs like the rest of us slobs.

Armando, as a retired cop I gotta say this...all across this nation states want to balance their books on public servants backs

Armando, as a retired cop I gotta say this...all across this nation states want to balance their books on public servants backs

Why pay for incomplete posts!!! Dammit!! It posted fully on the other blog. For those of you that give a crap!

Bring in the scabs, the overlooked players, at least they have heart and are not money hungry!

>When did this become a POLITICAL debate......

When you live in Oregon, apparently. Land of the whiners.

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