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TMZ: Chad Henne acts like a boob in the Bahamas

Chad Henne picked a bad time to act like a boob. Of course, that assumes any time is a good time to act like a boob.

The TMZ photo of Henne on vacation in the Bahamas is below. The website said the shot and several others were snapped at a bar in Nassau.

Chad henne boob The Dolphins are aware of the photos and no one is really, seriously, thrilled that Henne was captured in this, cough, interesting pose. Yes, boys will be boys, but it doesn't say a whole lot for meeting the old Bill Parcells Ten Commandments for a QB...

... specifically the one that talks about not making a fool of yourself off the field.

I asked coach Tony Sparano about the photo this morning.

"My problem is I don't have the ability to talk to him so I really can't comment on this right now," Sparano said.

I asked, "I assume that's not what you want to see from your quarterback?"

"Good assumption," Sparano answered.

Sparano is indeed in a tough spot. He obviously isn't happy Henne is seen in this pose. Fact is, Sparano spent part of his early-morning press breakfast with writers talking about how he's sure Henne is working hard to improve his game.

The coach also cannot speak with Henne about the weekend outing. So it stinks for everyone involved. And then there's this:

This picture, believe it or not, is the most evidence any of us have that Henne has a personality. And yet, the evidence seems a little embarrassing for a guy who is trying to show himself as the leader of the Dolphins, the guy who wants to call workouts and have everyone follow.

The measure of whether Henne made a mistake in putting himself in this position is simple. It's not your opinion that counts. It's not my opinion that counts. Henne's opinion and Sparano's are the ones that count. Sparano isn't happy.

Henne? The question I would ask is if you could erase that photo from ever existing, would you? I bet his answer would be, "Yes." I don't think he'd say he's proud of the photo.

Here's a question: Would Peyton Manning be seen doing this? Drew Brees? Phillip Rivers?


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This stupid photo should be the least of anyone's concerns. Come on, now.

who cares. He's 24 in bahamas on vacation. Sparano should have more things to worry about. I care more about his TD/ INT ratio than acting drunk on vacation in bahamas

wow a 20 something had fun in the Bahamas, big deal.

Armando - get a grip. Who cares. Just because TMZ publishes a pictures does not make it newsworthy.

Another example of giving attention to the things that matter least... He is clearly NOT and NFL QB. So who cares what he does in the Bahamas. If he stays at home in a closet its still not going to make him better. Cmon man lets get to the important stuf like replacing the guy with someone who can win games!!!!

Just when I thought I had seen the most insignificant blogg of the offseason, bam !! Ya hit me with another one partner. So in Parcells famous 10 commandments it says that you can`t blow of steam and go on vacation before the draft, rookie mini camps and mandatory OTA`s, funny I don`t remember reading that part. I actually like the fact that Henne is trying to unwind he seemed wrapped a little to tight for me last year, there is something to be said for getting away clearing your head and coming back fresh to start over !

Pretty bad that you're using TMZ as a source for anything Armando. These guys are the SCUM of the earth. To make money of other people hardship's...pretty sad!!They'd pimp their own mothers out to make a buck.

I'm not sure what we're supposed to be coming down on here for here. Was he arrested? Found in possession of drugs? No!.....he was enjoying himself on vacation. I don't see anything wrong with that. How does this reflect badly on the organization?

Seems to me Armando has an axe to grind on all things Chad Henne related.

Chad Henne has done nothing or said anything that could be contrued as hurting the Dolphins organization and you have to dig up this cr*p Armando. Pretty disappointing! No wonder Sparano wouldn't give any credence to your questions.

Are we making a mountain out of a molehill? This story is just too silly!

Seriously, Armando?

A 20-something having a good time in the Bahamas. WHOA! Stop the presses!

Sorry every photo of an athlete isn't of them praying fervently in church or attending a Sarah Palin rally, Armando.

"Embarrassing" my ass. I'm actually happy to learn that Henne apparently isn;'t ALWAYS as damn robotic as he seems on the field so often.

Peyton Manning did do something like this while at Tennessee. He was also embarrassed and then grew up. Maybe Henne is just behind in maturity.

Quick Stop the presses

Shocking, A Guy on vacation in the Bahamas having fun.

Really? Damn I hate this CBA work stoppage.

Mando im not against reporting news so keep writing whatever stories you have, beyond that Using balloons or something for pretending you have boobs isnt exactly being accused of rape everyone does silly things and the draft hasnt even happened yet and its not exactly like hes out skipping OTA's doing this its still the offseason lockout or no lockout he didnt break any laws and hell who here knows he was drunk or not who here knows he wasnt down in the bahamas with teamates and after taking care of business or talking football they didnt go out for a bit of fun, A GOOD LEADER SHOULD SHOW EMOTION AND SENSE OF HUMOR not be robotic so lets look at this in a good way

Am I missing something here? So the guy can't dance very well.... How is that boobish?

I am by no means an advocate of Henne. Moreover, I want Mallet in the draft. But I could care less that Henne is having fun in the Bahamas. Even if he is our starting QB next year.

This is part of the reason he failed last year; unrealistic expectations and micromanaging. Let Henne be Henne, he isnt hurting anyone to include the Miami Dolphins organization and himself by having GOOD fun in the Bahamas.


I am confused. Is there more than just this picture? Are you sure they weren't doing the Macarena or however you spell that stupid dance, and maybe Chad can't dance and got stuck staying in that pose?

As far as where are the pictures of the other QB's? there are pictures of Eli and Peyton dancing terribly at a night club the summer after Eli was drafted. It was some family gathering, and the poses were kind of funny depending on which you looked at.

There must be more than just this photo to make a big deal on this???

Congratulations, Armando.

This wins the coveted title of "Most Pointless Blog Entry Ever."

Next Blog please........................

He's on freakin vacation. I'm glad the Robot can crack a smile, good for him. With all the crap he gets from all sides he deserves to have a good time. This just goes to show you we need a deal done, just so we don't have to be "worried" about stuff like this.

Sparono is "the boob" for careing about this. The HC should say AND FEEL as if this is no big deal because it isnt a big deal. Im a Soldier of 21 years, and thats a hell of a lot more serious than football AND yes we have fun too. If the Dolphins wanna win RELAX, STOP PUTTING SO MUCH PREASURE ON HENNE. The coaches have him scared to make a misstake and now he cant play the game. Anyone remember Henne's 1st game vs. the jets. HE WAS A STUD because he didnt have preasure on him. COACH, MEDIA LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE AND HE WILL PERFORM WELL.

Embarrassing. Totally embarrassing.

Mando,I hear it was Lil Aloco that snapped this picture, Could you check this out???, And also If it was how did Lil Aloco get out of the state Hospital for the nervous????

at least he's not banging 17 year olds

Bah, who cares! I've done worse... am I an NFL QB, no. But let our boys be boys. He's not hurting anyone. Just having a laugh. Quit making stories out of nothing.

NEWSFLASH!!! Brandon Marshall just took a poop that looks like Fidel Castro. Coach is disappointed in his star WRs political poo.

LOL At Belgian........

Looks like it's unanimous Armando. Must have been a slow news day. You should have skipped this one and given something that really mattered.

I actually think his teammates might get a kick out of this and it might give thme something to rib him about. Might even bring the team closer together....who knows?

OH MY GOD!! Henne was having fun somewhere in the Bahamas!!

The nerve of that guy...

So, maybe Henne isn't the robot everyone seemed to criticize him as last year.

Mando, you should've of stayed napping. Man goes on vacation, has some fun using self deprecating humor, and it's now a scandal of some sorts?

Yawn... Wake me up when the new CBA is done.

Which one? Sporano or Spoestra?


Instead of asking SpOrano what he thinks about this, you should be worrying about what your boss thinks of YOU passing off this TMZ garbage in the Herald-of all places!

This is absolutely Lame Armando. Post your bosses E-mail address or cell phone number. I want to ask him what he thinks of you stooping to the scumbag levels of a TMZ dumpster diver.

You represent all of us bloggers here Armando, please quit embarrassing us!

I see nothing wrong with it. He's a young guy and SHOULD be having fun. I say thumbs up Chad. Have a good time, enjoy yourself, and most important, keep practicing.

The Herald (like a lot of papers) is a skeleton of what it once was so I tend to doubt there's much oversight when absolutely pointless nonsense like this appears in lieu of actual reporting.

Salguero has never come across as the brightest guy in the world (which is not the same as calling someone dumb, by the way), but this is still embarrassing and EASILY the most inane thing I've ever seen him post under the guise of "reporting."

Odin, Do you think this to be a Lil Aloco Photo????,Maybe he was down in the Islands to get a recipe for Conch chowder and came accross Fat neck and pulled out the ole camera and started snapping, then thinking "Hey I could sell this to some Rag and make a few bucks and buy a months worth of Gorrilla Glue"..., I bet that's how this went down......

Wow, I'm absent for a few weeks and this is what happens....is this really news worthy? OMG a 20 something guy having fun and being a goof on a Carribean island...in the off season....with no CBA in place. Is there more to the story....was there a crime committed resulting in his arrest? I would hardly call getting a buzz on, dancing badly, and stuffing a balloon up ones shirt grossly inappropriate behavior. There are plenty of guys and team leaders in the NFL who are known for being jokers and goofs...big freakin' deal...now I know why I have been absent for a month....this isn't worth my time.

The headline for this blog entry should be: "Armando Sinking to New Lows In His Anti-Henne Campaign".

Let me get this straight, Henne, a 25 year old guy, who regardless of how you feel about his on field play, has never mistepped once, never shown any sign of being a bad apple, malcontent or trouble maker, is photographed on vacation having a good time. And this is news? Exactly what was he doing wrong? If you look at all the pics on TMZ, everyone seems to be laughing and having a good time.

no big deal..................... ARAMNDO IS REALLY ON A ROLL .

Oh, and here in MA, there are a few pictures of Brady on stage rockin with Alter bridge a couple years ago. He had a beer in his hand and at one point he di the (doin the butt thing behind The guitar player Trimonte.

Isn't that as bad? On top of that so did Johnny Damon... :)

The NFL is having a greed fest going on over 9 Billion Dollars.

The NFL has Rapists, Dog Killers and straight up Murderers being worshipped by young impressionable children.

But WAIT! Stop the presses! Chad Henne is goofing off in the Bahamas!

Armando, I SHOULDN"T have to be schooling you on this. For future reference, if it has ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with TMZ, SKIP IT!!!!

WTF Armando?

What are you thinking????


Aloco, Was it you???????????


finally... a lil bit of character/emotion. the kid is having fun. if he was just at a bahamian bar, sitting down, reading a book and drinking water then I would be concerned. lighten-up. either you want him to be a robot or you dont!

Armando has severely under estimated the people of this blog. I'd say as far as playing QB, its probably 75/25 anti Henne. I guarantee Armando thought all the anti Henne people would pile on and make a mountain out of a mole hill. WRONG!

Nice try, Armando. Most of the people on here who contribute regularly are smarter than that. Most of us can see thru this thinly veiled attack on Henne

Really? This is a big deal to anybody? The guy is 24, just got married so one would think he is there with his wife, just playing around having a good time. He's not exposing himself, he's not gropping women as they walk buy, he's not getting in a fist fight either. Players do this every year in trainning camp when they do the talent show for they're team mates. Plus its better than, gee = dunno, being accused of rape at a college bar in Georgia? Killing dogs with your home boys? Getting high out of your mind in Australia? You can rip Henne all you want for how he plays on the field, but off it? This seem pretty high schoolish and PG to me.

OK, So I will say this...

Why is everyone on Armando?

Guess what? Sparano knows about the pic.

And Sparano's response is very parentish? The same crap as last year, that is not encouraging...

Now I do not Agree with Sparano's or Mando's agreement that this picture is bad.

But the news here for me is the coach is still controlling and parentish... Not coaching...

The real story is how Henne acted like a boob playing quarterback for much of the 2010 season. Those are the pictures that should emmbarass the orginization, not these.

I usually like your insightful blogs. But this is the the most stupid, phoney, senseless and counterproductive post ever!
If Henny were only allowed to take the fun he displays on that picture onto the football field, he might actually become a better and even exciting quarterback. And you have the nerve to not only criticise him but also agitate his coach!
Come on man!



Mando, Sorry but no "Pulitzer" for you!!!!!!

I think a strike by the sports writer association would be a good idea after this hack job piece....obviously nothing to write about here

Sparano has bigger concerns, like not making himself look like a boob most sunday afternoons during the season.


I think I will stick with the Palm Beach Post. There is no throw Henne under the bus bandwagon on their site. This is hardly newa worthy and you clearly have something against a QB who has strulggled and has admited he needs to play better. Maybe you should go show him how it's done considering you are so perfect.


Lil Aloco, Will henne be traded to the "Ape city Monkeys"????, What are your thoughts??




Aloco @ 11:10....thats good news....and thats kinda how I see it...bonus players....now everyone can quit crying about getting a 2-1 in the 2nd rd.....lets pick a true difference maker at 15.....

Who cares about that picture? It's balloons up a shirt in the offseason during a lock out. Get over it!

LOL At Lil Aloco....BTW, Make sure you empty the water every 2 hours, otherwise the dishes wont be clean.......

MANDO, he's still a kid having fun. Mostly he's making fun of the photographer. It's not right to assume he can't be a quarterback because he was being funny at a bar in the Bahamas.

Let 'em live,... right now he's not even a football player.

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