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TMZ: Chad Henne acts like a boob in the Bahamas

Chad Henne picked a bad time to act like a boob. Of course, that assumes any time is a good time to act like a boob.

The TMZ photo of Henne on vacation in the Bahamas is below. The website said the shot and several others were snapped at a bar in Nassau.

Chad henne boob The Dolphins are aware of the photos and no one is really, seriously, thrilled that Henne was captured in this, cough, interesting pose. Yes, boys will be boys, but it doesn't say a whole lot for meeting the old Bill Parcells Ten Commandments for a QB...

... specifically the one that talks about not making a fool of yourself off the field.

I asked coach Tony Sparano about the photo this morning.

"My problem is I don't have the ability to talk to him so I really can't comment on this right now," Sparano said.

I asked, "I assume that's not what you want to see from your quarterback?"

"Good assumption," Sparano answered.

Sparano is indeed in a tough spot. He obviously isn't happy Henne is seen in this pose. Fact is, Sparano spent part of his early-morning press breakfast with writers talking about how he's sure Henne is working hard to improve his game.

The coach also cannot speak with Henne about the weekend outing. So it stinks for everyone involved. And then there's this:

This picture, believe it or not, is the most evidence any of us have that Henne has a personality. And yet, the evidence seems a little embarrassing for a guy who is trying to show himself as the leader of the Dolphins, the guy who wants to call workouts and have everyone follow.

The measure of whether Henne made a mistake in putting himself in this position is simple. It's not your opinion that counts. It's not my opinion that counts. Henne's opinion and Sparano's are the ones that count. Sparano isn't happy.

Henne? The question I would ask is if you could erase that photo from ever existing, would you? I bet his answer would be, "Yes." I don't think he'd say he's proud of the photo.

Here's a question: Would Peyton Manning be seen doing this? Drew Brees? Phillip Rivers?


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Also. Any of you calling for Hennes head shouldn't care for one second about this photo. Remember, he isn't the quarterback of this team anymore anyway?

While I'm piling on Armando, nice article about Carson Palmer. Not really. Do you even watch football? Have you seen Palmer play the past few years? Are you aware in 2 of the last 3 full seasons he's played, he's thrown 20+ INT's? Are you aware its not 2005? Do you know the only thing Palmer has led the league in recently is pick 6's?

Must be he's had inferior talent around him. Except he's been surrounded by Pro Bowlers for years. Chad Johnson, TO, TJ Housh, Benson, Rudi Johnson. Must be a horrible defense. Nope, turns out Cincy's def has been no worse than average, ranking right in the middle of the league year after year in yards allowed.

You wanna replace Henne? Fine, go ahead. Just dont tell me a guy who's 6 years older and does the same thing is an upgrade. Its not 2005, those days for Palmer are long gone.


Are u guys at the Miami Herald kidding ??
This picutre is nothing. Henne has a basketball in his shirt. Oh my God what will they thing of next ? A game of checkers ??
Pretty tame compared to Joe Willy Namath. Remember him ? MAndo, on second thought, maybe you should go back on vacation. lol,,,

quick armando write another "in depth" (?) article so we can all stop blogging on this waste of space

Well, lots of guys on here have been saying Henne is a bust....

the reason armando brought up TMZ photo is b/c it's a part of fix news .

@UTdolfan 11:25: ha, cue the rim shot. He'll be here all night folks, Dont forget to tip your bartenders and servers.

I asked coach Tony Sparano about the photo this morning.

"My problem is I don't have the ability to talk to him so I really can't comment on this right now," Sparano said.

TRANSLATION: Ah, ummmmmm, well you know Armando, you see Ah, these things, the point you have to um, consider, is............

Armando, have you ever heard of the Fist Pump? See I, ah don't have space, or TIME, I mean time too, no room, I think it's room yeah, you see I don't have room to ah..............

Armando, have you ever seen what I look like on the ah, sidelines out there?

Henne wouldn't do Armando's radio show and he doesn't follow him on twitter, awwwwwwwww!

But one time Carson Palmer shook his hand.

He NEEDS to show some personality, because last year he looked stiff and robotic. He would benefit if he relaxed a bit while playing, you can't perform if you are too stiff, and scared, afraid to make a mistake.

Tell Sparano to re-sign Ronnie and draft a quick back to pare with him and stop messing around(I know they need to wait right this minute.) Draft some O-Line a speed WR for kick, punts, etc... With this the Fins should be a playoff team.

Kris... Unless the courts rule in favor of the players, and buisness is returned to normal. The odds of getting a trade down into the second round, while keeping our first rounder.are like a junkie sharing his dope with a stranger. NOT HAPPENING!

What player that may be available at fifteen has enough juice that a team will say hey we have to have him? And while we are at it. Lets throw in our only second rounder because those guys down in Miami are swell.

Sure things will playout a little different then I imagine. And of course there is are always ways to do this I am not qualified to figure. But in a 1 team deal, a straight up trade. No way.


come on guys its obvious - henne just forgot to remove the new nfl regulation qb airbag incorporated pads he was trying designed to reduce impact of serious blog abuse on his o so soft inner self, even though he was in the bahamas the abuse he gets on this blog alone could have set of the airbag!

i was glad to see henne having some fun. he should clown around alittle during the season to. it might relax him and his teammates. the robot needs to clown around to loosen up an uptight atmosphere in fins camp. stay loose and focused. no one can perform in last years pressure cooker(sparano/ireland).

Hey, Armando, you're not a football player; now, did you like that photo? C'mon now, don't be shy..


I'm fine with everything you said....I want Ireland to pick @ 15 and show that he can draft a super star skill postion (I prefer Mallett)or a find a game changing Defensive player at 15...

But this trading back stuff and Wal-mart drafting is for the birds....if we had Ozzie Newsome doing the drafting...then maybe....but with theses guys....to this point...NO.....

No bust coming in Canton???

No big deal, Henne has one in the Bahamas...

I ignore all articles the Bleacher Report produces... I may want to start considering the same for Armando Articles... this is a shame.

See, this is the kind of sensationalist reporting that might work in the real World. But, in Internet, where opinion moves freely, whoever writes these kind of stories, is going to get blasted out of this Space.

Young 24 year old Q.B. on vacation. (excuses ). Never seen Marino, Montana, Manning or Pennington doing that. Next thing you know he'll be dancing in Brazil with Tom Brady trying on makeup. He should be working overtime on his skills! Proof positive players are overpaid in this league and it does'nt take brains to play football. Also Fat Tony says he he did'nt have the ability to talk to him. I guess the players and coaches don't have cell phones in the NFL. Maybe the ABILITY TO TALK TO HENNE HAS BEEN THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG. MAYBE HE CAN EVEN BE ACCUSED OF RAPE LIKE HIS LOOK ALIKE BIG BEN. WHAT A FREAKIN' EMBARRASSMENT!!!

Ironically the baloons under his shirt represent truly what he is A BUST!

So QB's shouldn't go on vacation or have a good time? What a waste of an article. Sparano? Who cares what he thinks? Was Henne caught doing anything illegal or improper? No. he has more important things to worry about. Like not getting fired by mid season next year because he is a subpar Coach. What a JOKE!

BTW..I'm sure Brees, Manning & Rivers go on vacations too. Brady did & his video is allot worse than Henne's picture. You media minions need to stop posting nonsense & try to pass it off as news!

Now, as to TS and the "improvement" he noticed in Henne last year, let me tell you, friend, nobody here believes what you said and all you are doing by stating this nonsense is increasing the lack of confidence most FinFans have in you. Better to keep your mouth shut.

Schmmoe, always takes up for Henne.

No wonder Dolphins personel always goes the other way when they see Armando coming.

Seriously you guys think about it. If you were SpOrano and you had all the things that he has going on right now. What would YOU really be thinking when Armando asks you about something this frivilous?

Lets see, Armando praises Palmer one day and mounts an ill advised attack on Henne the next...........Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

The way Armando rolls, this means Henne will have a career year and leads the Phins to the playoffs.

And Armando, he won't even be able to get a high five let alone a meaningful interview.

Seriously Armando! Tony's barely hanging onto his job. His players are locked out. He's just as perplexed as the rest of us sitting at 15 with no 2nd rounder. All he really wants to do is get his O-line fixed and get the offense installed.

Don't kid yourself Armando, what do you think Tony was REALLY thinking when you brought this up?

If you want a hint, I got one for ya?

C'mon, he is on vacation. Everyone has to let loose sometime.

He had a vacation last year for 16 games!!!!


I read in another local papper that apparently scooped Mando that Sparano says that the Dolpnins will remain a run 1st. team, he went on to say that we need to re-establish our run 1st. dominance. This should have been the topic by the way.

1) 1st. of all our #4 ranking in 09 was a bit misleading if memory serves most if not all of our long run plays were out of the WC formation, until late in the season when the Jets snuffed it out by blitzing into all run lanes.

2) Sparano apparently has decided he will sink or swim by this philosophy, while admirable I don`t like his chances for success not when our possession recievers make it that much easier on Def. Coordinators to move the Safties up because do to our inability to stretch the field or for that matter team unity under his leadership, not when things get dicey and Marsh turns on him leading the mutiney.

3) Mando in his long winded post about nothing at least promised to give us updates on what transpired today at the press confrence with TS he apparently thought it more important to ask about Chade Henne`s vacation thinking it was a coup of sorts, hey wasn`t Brady making a fool of himself in Rio just a month ago, wonder if Bellichek gave him a fine or something ?

i hate chad henne... if anything this makes me like him more

yeah but Brady can play!!!


The point isn`t whether Brady can play or not it`s if his actions embarrassed the Patriots oganization as it`s being alleged that Henne did in his Bahamas trip, emabarrassing us.

OMG !...Armando, you have nothing else to talk about ?..

get a grip man.

fins4life, you are such a cryer, why don't you just cut your own nuts off, you little girl? First, there's already a blog up by Mando having Sparano saying the Fins are a run first team. Second, since when is that a scoop? If that surprised you, you only prove you know nothing about the Dolphins. Third, if you think in your warped little mind that other papers are getting scoops, why don't you get yourself to that paper's site instead of infecting this one?

New blog post up! Chad Henne is an embarrassment to me as a Dolphins fan.

Taking up for Henne? LOL Yea, me wanting a new starting QB is CLEARLY evidence of that. LOL Where do people come up with this junk?

fin4life @12:14 is spot on. He wasn't being arrested, accused of raping some chick etc. He was having fun. It's obvious, according to armeggeddon, QB's should not be allowed. Or maybe it's just Henne.

I'm happy he's not doing the robot. That would have really started people thinking.

This is a pathetic story to be concerned over. If Sanchez bedding a teenager went away, this will too Armando. Then we can get Henne to spend some time in church with his playbook to make you happy.

Henne wouldn't do Armando's radio show and he doesn't follow him on twitter, awwwwwwwww!

But one time Carson Palmer shook his hand.

Posted by: odinseye | March 22, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Lol Odinseye...too bad we can't a TMZ pic of Mandy's reaction after getting ripped on his own blog (again).

I get your point, they're both embarrassing My point is Henne embarrasses the Fins every time he's on the field and he definately is no Tom Brady.

Joe, Check the old blogs. You took up for 92% of last season..

Wow, Chad Henne was on vacation having fun... seriously trying to use this against Henne is completely hypocritical and down right wrong.

Perhaps the Herald's parent company has a stake in TMZ.

Fins, I'm glad to see you are living in the NOW. Try to stay current kiddo.

I am clearly living in the now. I was merely responding to the fact that you claim you don't take up for Henne and that's not true.

Give me a break. "Here's a question: Would Peyton Manning be seen doing this? Drew Brees? Phillip Rivers?"

Drew Brees,,,,no, not that kind of guy. Phillip Rivers,,too busy being a cry baby on the field. Future hall of fame lock Peyton Manning,,,,YES,,,YES,YES! All of the time he acts goofy like this except he gets paid for it. He acts goofy on Saturday Night Live. He acts goofy in commercials. He acted goofy at the Macys day parade one year. He enjoys goofing off and having fun and no one gives him a hard time about it. But I'm not surprised you have called out Henne, that's what this blog has turned into. The calling out of everything and anything that is the Miami Dolphins.

and have some respect "kiddo"


If Tony wants to remain a run first kind of coach, that's fine, it's his career!

No, seriously though. If Tony wants to be a run oriented that's fine, but he better get the passing game straightened out and quick. You can't be good at one, if you're no good at the other.

In essence, it's apples and oranges(I think-LOL). The best thing he can do for our rushing attack, is the best thing he can do for our passing attack.

At this point, and I honestly believe this, the best way to improve our rushing attack is to get that bona fide speed/deep threat that can actually CATCH the ball.

The second best thing he can do to improve the run game is to get that bona fide seam stretching/pass catching TE.

The third best thing he needs to improve the ground game is a MASSIVE upgrade at right tackle. Get us that bookend to play opposite Jake Long.

With these slower possession types that we have an overabundance of, and a dink and dunk passing game, I doubt even a talent like Walter Payton would have much success.

In this day and age there's a fine line between being a rushing team and a passing team. Without one, you ain't going to have the other.

Dooh! Sorry about this long rambling post. I should have just said: Fine, if he wants to have any success running the ball, he better fix the passing attack! Damn!!!!

Anyway, I'm with you 100%. If we can't vertical this season, we won't have much offensive success, whether we run first OR pass first!

Awesome point , Manning is getting paid to "act' goofy. Henne is doing it for free and is an embarrasment on and off the field. The one thing is so hard to believe is that TMZ thought Henne was a big enough celebrity to even mention him!

What about Jake Long and Crowder dressing like women and posing for photos?? Henne was just joking around for crying out loud. Let it go!!!

I love it. Henne needs to loosen up a bit on the field the way this photo suggests he can. He'll be a better QB when he quits worrying about what everyone thinks and just goes out and there and has some fun.

You have no clue about life huh armando?
What a stupid blog
If sparano is concerned then he is an idiot as well

I am clearly living in the now. I was merely responding to the fact that you claim you don't take up for Henne and that's not true.

Posted by: FINS ARMEGEDDON | March 22, 2011 at 12:34 PM

Snore...drool...fart....to infinity

"I was merely responding to the fact that you claim you don't take up for Henne and that's not true."

Like I said, live in the now. You're basing everything you're saying off of last season.

If you're basing it off me thinking Henne did nothing wrong in the Bahamas well that's just hilarity at it's best. Saying Henne did nothing wrong is the Bahamas isn't taking up for him. It's just siding with common sense & not lunacy.

Sorry you disagree.

Peyton Manning? Drew Brees? Philip Rivers? Maybe not.
Tom Brady, fellow Michigan alum and winner of multiple Super Bowls, plays for another hard-nosed coach who doesn't like controversy? Well, uh, maybe..., oh, never mind.
Armando, dude, this is terrible work. Get a grip.

he actually isnt a robot and has a lil personality

Who cares! Did he get drunk and have sex with an underage girl, did he molest anyone, did he kill anyone? No. He is a kid having fun. What a bunch of morons, worrying about him having fun. I see nothing wrong with what he did. Leave him alone.

Have to agree with the majority of posters. I see nothing wrong with this. Considering the alternative ways of having fun, this seems pretty tame.

The worst blog in your history Armando.. You're the only boob by even commenting on it.. What a joke this blog is today.. Sad that you actually get paid to write this garbage.. I'm sure Sparano just loves being asked about stupid crap like this - what about a real football question - or is it a bad assumption that you even know enough about the game to ask one?

I love the masses coming to Henne's defense on this....thank goodness common sense still prevails among most Dolfans.

Mando....really? Honestly? Seriously man, really pathetic.....cut the man some slack. Geez!!!!

Here's to hoping we have a 2011 season, that Miami does well, and Henne can improve and become a pretty good QB. And can go on vacation with his wife and let loose.

Jesus Mando...really? LOL!

Here's a question: Would Peyton Manning be seen doing this? Drew Brees? Phillip Rivers?

No, but you can see Big Ben being a idiot and you can see Brady dancing like a moron. How bout that?

He is on vacation having some fun...big freakin deal...Lets face it, its not raping a woman in a club restroom, or shooting or stabbing someone in a strip club, matter of fact its not even dog fighting...Step up your game Armando you are usually better than these...Stop hating on Henne already its ridiculous....your like that kid in school that can't wait to tell the teacher something that the kid he does not like did.

You need to go back to being impartial and report on football and not on a man on vacation trying to have a good time. just because a paparazzi couldn't get a better picture or a better target!

That's the photo? Give me a break...Most of us (and the NFL) have done far, far, worse...I wouldn't even be embarrassed if I was him...

Armando you should check if TMZ is hiring lately you've been good at making something out of nothing

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