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Tony Sparano: Defense cannot rest

This blog invests much time discussing the Dolphins' need on offense.

Coach Tony Sparano has to concern himself with the Dolphins issues on defense as well as special teams.

If you've lost sight of the fact the Miami defense needs attention, click the link and see why it's important the Dolphins don't just forget the other side of the ball. Yeah, the other side of the ball, the one that was the team strength in 2010 but still isn't quite championship caliber.

I outline the things the Dolphins need to happen for the defensive unit to become championship caliber.

I believe Sparano and the Dolphins learned a lesson last year. They spent the entire offseason trying to improve the defense and pretty much let the offense become a stepchild of sorts. Oh, the stepchild got a nice Christmas gift. Brandon Marshall was signed at the high expense of two second-round picks and a multi-million-dollar contract.

But pretty much every other resource -- save for one of seven draft picks -- was used on defense. The coaching staff was adjusted but mostly on defense.

Sparano is living the other half of that coin this offseason, with offensive coaches leaving or being encouraged to leave in droves.

He does not, however, wish to simply forget the defense.

Here's an idea: The Dolphins should address both the defense and special teams in fell swoops. In other words, if the team can use some athletes on special teams (a need) perhaps a linebacker or cornerback in the draft would be a way to go.

Among the names on Miami's radar are Arizona's Ricky Elmore and Brooks Reed. Pittsburgh's Jabaal Sheard is also on the radar.

Sheard comes with at least one red flag. Let's just say he's capable of throwing defenders around because obviously Pittsburgh police believed him capable of throwing citizens around. Sheard is from Hollywood Hills. Sheard was not convicted for his arrest because he pleaded down to disorderly conduct charges and paid restitution for damages.


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Does not matter, I guess I'll keep on being brown. In any case, somebody said up there, nobody can copy my style. I'll give it another try later on.

There we have it, 0x80 (our resident Mark Zuckerberg) put the kabosh on solving our identity crises.

Again, I revert back to my original position, which is if a poster responds to you in a way you don't like, just don't respond. If you see yourself impersonated, tell Mando (it's not snitching).

kris, don't worry bud, I will ALWAYS know it's you when you post. First off, you have a very unique style of writing (not in paragraphs but sentences with lots of "..." at the end.

Also, if I ever suspect it's NOT you I'll ask you (or the impersonator) about traveling around 495. The real you will know exactly what I'm talking about, an impersonator would sidestep the issue or not know what I'm talking about. So, we're good.

0x80, one thing the blue name does though, is when you click on it, you can see ALL the other posts of that person. Since Armando posted today, I don't see his other posts on the his name you "impersonated" (I know it was just a test). That's how I can tell you're not the real Armando (or maybe he's not the real one and you are). But at least that's how we can tell they are 2 different people (or the same joker using 2 separate email addresses). So it's not fail safe, but I guess it's another step to identify the poster in question.

And now I'm posting to myself since I guess I'm the only one on here (last 4 posts at least).

That is certainly true DC, but in the grand scheme of things, its still kind of an issue. Is it worth blogging if you have to check every blue name to see if their current post is in the list from the previous post, and you'd have to go back and click the previous post to verify. Kind of a headache.

I'm hoping the Miami Herald isn't going to sue me now for scaring all the bloggers away!

...Just one more thing. I signed up for the typepad. But my posts do not appear. Any answers?

Gotta run, but if anyone can answer my above question it would be much appreciated.

Darryl, next time you are around I will talk you through it if you want, but it isn't worth it anyway. I'm out for now too but will check back later.

Thank you mr. Salguero appreciate you keeping it professional

Edds if healthy could be a big contributor... Also like to see how Odrick is rehabbing/ progressing

@DD 1:41

I have thought/said that our D ranking last year was a bit misleading, IMO the same thing that afflicted the 09 D were on display with the 2010 version. The D while more efficient at rushing the passer thru DC M.Nolan`s sheme still couldn`t defend the intermidiate holes in zone D and when faced with speedier athlete`s at T.E. or R.B. had no answer.I thought Ray Rice single handedly beat us last year vs. Balt. It`s why last years draft made little sense to me, we take a DE while needing a DT who may or may not have osteosperosis (bone disorder) and a DE/OLB with absolutly no coverage skills to speak of.

I really thought that after the 09 game against both Indy and N.O. that we would make it a priority in 2010 to find an ILB along with either a FS OR SS to defend that soft spot 10 to 15 yds. downfield and no Edds isn`t the answer either he translates to a situational player in a dime or nickle package. How many teams that play a 3/4 have you seen platooning there MLB position ?

I don`t think moving V.Davis inside to man the slot is necessary, it leaves the other teams #1 target to be covered by a lesser player and I believe that if W.Allen is completely healed he can make a home there for a couple of seasons, while we wait and see if Carroll can emerge.

0x80, I'm usually not worried about it. I could care less who I'm talking too. Usually I'm talking football, so if some impersonator wants me to think they're the person I think I'm speaking to, and we're discussing the Dolphins, then that's their business (it's not like I'm giving away state secrets or anything). There have been a few times when the impersonator got offensive, and when I later confronted the person I thought I was speaking to, they alerted me it was an impersonator (and I felt like an idiot calling the person an idiot when it really wasn't them). But no biggie. Like I said, it's a headache, but in the grand scheme of things not too annoying that it would prevent me from posting here.

DD, could be you're not signed in (on top of the post box it should say something like, "you are currently signed in as DC Dolfan. Sign Out." Make sure it says that. Then I'd check your email address in TypePad and see if that (or your user name or email address) is preventing you from signing in for any reason, maybe you signed in before and forgot about it and they won't let you sign in twice using the same email. Not sure but worth checking if you're having problems. I'd get with 0x80, he's the computer geek here (0x80, no offense, I mean that as a compliment. I sure wish I was a computer geek these days).

fin4life... I think that moving your best cover guy into the slot isn't a bad idea. The Packers were doing it with Woodson because they had that rookie who could adequetly cover on the outside. It worked aces. The jets did it with Revis against the Pats as well, And as the NFL is a copycat league I'm guessing more teams will do this.

The thought is giving our defense the advantage, and making the offense adapt to us. This whole idea is dependant on finding another cover guy that can hold his own on the outside. Look at every competant offensive team. They spread the field. Deep passes are fine. But the corners get help from saftey, and the sideline. Nickel coverage is a much more difficult task, because you have to cover witdh,and length. Your help is usually a linebacker, and you are matched up against the top route runner on the team. IMO this is forward thinking, going against what is conventional.

I hope this whole people stealing snames crap stops. Need to get to more football talk.

I like our corners, but I can not help but be cautiously optomistic... It does not feel like Madison/Surtain or Vincent/Brown at all.

Bryant: What is in the white square thingy?
Friend: Don't know, can't read.
Bryant: Don't know, can't read.

Lets party.

HOME, I love your post earlier. Right on about Sean Smith being a POSER BOY! LMAO!!!

2 losing seasons with the most overrated POSER BOY CB in the history of the Miami Dolphins

One junk bread basket interception in garbage time

Over a dozen dropped interceptions that hit Poser Boy CB in both hands due to erratic throwing by opposing QBs


What might the outcome be if POSER BOY actually caught the football instead of being exposed as a shucking & jiving mouthy bust of a CB?


Sparono and company have covered all their tracks when explaining the overeall wants and needs of this team. Everything from offense/defense, to coaching personel to a partial roof over Sunlife Stadium.

However, when you look at the limitations placed upon us, you'll see that it is going to be a very difficult, if not impossible one-year-task, to plug up every pot-hole on this franchise's road to recovery.

There is one concievable way, but history doesn't indicate such rosy predictions:

First, all our injuried from last year need to heal and play the entire season, not just break apart before the season begins.

Second, we need to draft starters with the first 2 (or 3) picks; and settle for 5 acorns if that is the case.

Third, we need to pick up some beasts in FA when the CBA is resolved.

Heck, I'll even go so far as say put that partial roof on the stadium. Maybe if we had something to cheer about, the crowd noise would certainly be in our favor. Like in the heyday at the orange bowl.

That was a good post by Home I agree. Very harsh, not sure if we should trade him, especially if he can be taught how to catch.

Just PLEASE dont let Brandon Marshall try and teach him. Both those two clowns can't catch a cold. :)

A dropped interception is still a good play folks. Its a play defended, burns another down. Sure its better if he catches them, but the fact that he was in the right position at the right time as well isn't something to be complaining about.

Poizen...Imagine what would happen if we were to aquire Asimngowa(spelling) Now this is purely hypothetic. I don't think for a second we will make a corner the highest paid player on the team. But for the sake of my point(about moving VD into nickel on said situations) I'm going to use him.

Asimngowa would be our number one cover corner. No doubt. So he would stay outside. It would make little sense to put Vontae on the outside with help, when we could put S.Smith out there. Smith IMO is just as good a cover guy as Vontae. If he could have caught the ball we would be talking about him in a totaly different light. You move Vontae inside to use his size, and quickness to cover the slot.

This makes the offense have to really alter its attack. In the games against good offensive teams. It was the center of the field where we were exposed. I think of Sapp chasing recievers acroos the middle on third downs. Not able to keep up, and the oppsosition converting. I know that the linebackers, epecially Dobbins struggled in pass support, and maybe Edds helps with this void.

Now, take away Namdi. move Smith over to VD's spot. Use Allen, or hopefully an improved Caroll on the oposite side. Smith has plenty of size to go head up with the bigger recievers. He shouldn't get muscled around. Control the center of the field, and dictate how the offense attacks on the outside. The deep ball is maybe a play that is available once or twice a game. Look at the total completions in the air of over 40 yards, as opposed to completions of 10-15. It isn't even close. You have to be able to defend the short to intermeidiate on 80-90 percent of all pass plays. Make the other team try and beat you over the top. It is a much lower percentage play.

If you simply saw that stat sheet saying the corner successfully deflected a dozen passes, thats good. Even better if he catches them, but when your actions successfully defend a play, its a good thing anyway you slice it.

Thanks Armando for restoring order. I do know the names in blue can also be faked, but it will take a little more work than usual

Are you kidding? A dropped interception against Cleveland was the difference between a win and a loss.

Please know the facts of football before posting a ridiculous statement.

Somebody earlier said Smith should spend some time on the juggs machine. I read a while back, Davis catches every ball he gets his hands on in practice. He's had enough games under his belt not to be bothered by game day jitters. So, I wonder what the problem is?


DD, I would love to Have Namdi, I doubt we would even make a play with this management.

I was on my way to posting that it was at least good that Sean was in the right poition on those plays to poiibly make an int or stop a catch...

HOWEVER, I didn't. And the reason is, He did drop 4 possible game winning int's. 2 in one game. I mean, these balls were going to him and only him.

So my only comment to that would be if Sean Smith could have won 4 games by catching the ball...

How can the same people who blame Henne for every problem support Smith when he could have changed the season on 4 plays?

Sorry I could not resist... no one needs to respond to that one. :) I think we can teach Sean to catch.

I stand by my statement. It is unfortunate when an interception gets dropped, but to blame that dismal Cleveland game on that one play is very short sighted. Why the heck were we even behind at home to a bottome dwelling team? Countless mistakes, not the very last mistake.

I agree that those dropped interceptions were hard to swallow. But we are talking about players who are very young and very talented. I don't believe you would get many of the better football talent evaluators to say they don’t see both Vontae and Sean as two players who have extremely bright futures. That is never to say if a great talent at corner can be brought in that it should be ignored. On the contrary, Miami should ALWAYS be looking at upgrading talent. I cannot see making a CB the highest paid player in the team however. Not when the talent level we already have is still developing and is already better then average. I see us as fans very unwilling to allow the development time that it sometimes takes for the switch to flip on in some of our young talent. We were all ready to see Miami take NT Dan Williams from Tennessee at the #12 draft spot last year. And with good reason. Soliai seemed to have all the tools and ability but struggled with his weight and the time he spent in physical conditioning. Had we taken Dan, we would have made an error. Dan showed he was game... but needs to develop just the same as Soliai. This is year #4 for many of our better players... we will either see them "Click"... or it may be time to start culling the herd.

there are to many naive people here. the one's who believe henne will progress or be reborn, if you will. guess what. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! it's time to wake up.


Sean Smith also cost us the Baltimore Game by dropping a Pic 6. On the final drive of that game, Fasano also dropped a pass. I'm not sure how all this always seems to reflect poorly on Henne. Henne does throw some head scratchers, but there are a lot of other players that need to step up.

This off season the Dolphins needs are on both sides of the ball. Everybody likes to look at quarterback and say this is what this team needs to compete with the Patriots and Jets but that is not the case. Without any great quarterbacks in my eyes in the draft and difficulties acquiring quarterbacks from other teams due to the lockout south Florida might have to settle for Chad Henne again. That is not to say that quarterback is not a problem because scoring was clearly a problem many times last season. The bottom line is this off season the Dolphins fans do not have to just look at skill position player upgrades but the team as a whole.

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