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The second round: Heartache for the Dolphins

Once again this draft day, the Dolphins go into the selection process hoping to work the phones to get back a second round pick to overcome a trade or other transaction that led the team to give up the pick.

The second round has been interesting for the Dolphins the past decade. It has been the team's most active round. It has been the quarterback round for Miami, as four quarterbacks were brought to the team as a result of second round investments. The second round, in short, has been a heartache round for Miami.

There are studies that say only 50 percent of the players selected in the second round actually become four-year starters for the team. I would tell you the study of Miami's second-round performance the past decade has not lived up to those modest standards.

But let the proof speak for itself. What follows is what the Dolphins have done in the second round the past decade.

2001  Chris Chambers was selected 52nd overall selection. Solid pick as Chambers was a starter through the early part of the 2007 season. No, he wasn't a star as he was always seemingly an afterthought and never bold enough to demand being anything else. He was in the Pro Bowl in 2005, but also led the conference in drops that very year. He was traded to San Diego in 2007 for a second round pick.

2002: No pick. Traded to Philadelphia in 2001 for a trade up in the third round that netted Morlon Greenwood, who was by most accounts neither a bust nor a good player.

2003: Eddie Moore. All I need to tell you about this trade is that the Dolphins were starved for receiver talent then and went with a linebacker coach Dave Wannstedt said would improve the special teams. In the second round! The other thing I should tell you about this pick is that Moore never contributed on special teams or defense. His claim to infamy was getting knocked out by a patron in a local club.

2004: No pick. The selection was traded away the previous year to New England for a third round selection. The Dolphins used that selection on Wade Smith, a college tight end that they turned into a left tackle. Smith played a handful of years with the Dolphins before being ignored once his rookie contract expired in 2006. Ironically, he played for several more years as a starter with Kansas City and the Jets.

2005: The Dolphins had two second round picks this year. They gave up the first to Philadelphia in the A.J. Feeley trade which was, simply, an unmitigated disaster. The second pick they got in trade with Kansas City when they sent Patrick Surtain to the Chiefs, knowing they probably could not afford to pay him his asking price for a new contract. The Dolphins used the pick from the Surtain trade to pick Matt Roth, who had all of one good season as a starter with the Dolphins -- that in 2008. But in 2009, Roth had this curious episode with a groin injury which led him to lie to coach Tony Sparano which led him to fall out of favor which led the Dolphins to simply waive him and get nothing in return for him.

2006: No pick. The selection went to Minnesota in exchange for Daunte Culpepper. Terrible.

2007: Ah, two selections this time around and both turned into an embarrassment. The Dolphins got an extra pick from the Patriots because they signed Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. So far not terrible. The team used that pick on Samson Satele, who started every game his rookie season. So far not terrible. Here's the terrible part: Welker became Tom Brady's favorite target in New England and a multiple time Pro Bowl player. Satele fell out of favor with the incoming Parcells-Ireland-Sparano administration because he wasn't big enough or strong enough at the point of attack. He was traded away for a chance to move up in the fourth round a mere 18 spots. Are you kidding me? What a another waste.

2008: The Dolphins had plenty of ammunition in the second round with two picks. The first pick of the round (32nd overall) was mathematically a first round selection. The team used the pick on Phillip Merling who is so far a reserve with unmet potential. The next pick in the round for Miami was 57th overall and that translated into Chad Henne, a starting quarterback everyone hopes could become a game-changer but so far has been only an inconsistent game-manager.

2009: You want the good news or the bad news? The good news is Miami found a starter in Sean Smith with the 61st overall selection. Yes, Smith struggled to get on the field last season after earning a starting spot as a rookie, but he is a contributor. He needs to learn to catch the football. The bad news is the team used the 44th overall selection on Pat White. White was a gimmick addition to the offense in 2009, didn't complete a pass and was cut in training camp last season, the classic definition of a bust.

2010: Two picks again. The Dolphins traded their original pick to Denver in the deal that brough Brandon Marshall to Miami. The Dolphins are also invested in giving away this year's second-rounder for Marshall. Marshall for whatever reasons had his worst season of the past four seasons with the Dolphins. Marshall is also now a off-field question mark as he was recently stabbed by his wife in what is his ninth brush with a domestic violence since 2004. The Dolphins picked up a second round to actually use in the draft by trading down in the first round and picking up a second-rounder from San Diego in the exchange. They then used that pick on SOLB Koa Misi, who was solid and a starter as a rookie.

There you have it. A decade of second round picks. The total number of picks is eleven, including the picks Miami got in trade and gave away in trade.

The haul from all of that?

Five players that are still on the roster with four of them being starters, and none that are Pro Bowl players. Oh, Miami's second round ledger also includes four outright busts in the second round.

So why are we so eager to get a second-rounder back again?

[NOTES: I will update this blog with several posts before the draft even begins today, so do not go anywhere. Tonight there will be a live blog when the draft begins. And for the moments you must break away from here, follow me on twitter.]


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Im becoming more convinced Ryan Mallet will go late 2nd or very early 3rd rd.

They really should consider it if available if groomed properly DeMarcus Van Dyke could be great steal... You can't teach speed. 4.27 40 time. Allen Bailey has slimmed down and looks great. At his size 6'3 275 now ran a 4.71 he could jump in and play strongside backer. In a year or so he might be back to his original linebacker form... Coming out of high school he was one of the top linebackers in the nation.






Most teams draft by a certain value system they go by. They dont draft on maybe. Bailey has a very serious knock on him.

"WORK ETHIC" Translation: "LAZY"

Its a terrible knock to have and expect to get drafted early.

I hope we get at least 2 walnuts, 1 filbert and a few late round pistachios. That will make a nice bag of nuts.


Value system and value pick are not the exact same two beasts.

Randy Shannon played him out of position and made him put weight on. He went from linebacker to DT for Shannon... I don't see the lack of effort. If anything it shows he will make sacrifices for the good of the team. benchpresses 420 and power cleans 375. Straight Beast...

I would never gamble a 1st rd pick on the kid that's for sure... Jake Locker will be the third QB taken followed by Ponder and maybe Dalton before Mallet

2007 was also the year of the John Beck fiasco - you only mentioned Satele - Beck was a bigger bust.

$1 and .25cents are two entirely different values. $1 will always have more value than .25cents. For example:

Pass Rusher = $1
Return guy = .25cents

Every position is assigned a different value like money(positional value). Not to be confused with value pick.

I highly doubt Bailey is "lazy" ur going a lil overboard without any real evidence. Who is this inside source giving you intimate details about this guy's character? He has won the Strength training athlete of the year award twice... just don't see what your saying as credible at all

Bailey will get drafted, just a matter of when and where. But dont expect it to be too early.





Not personally saying Bailey is lazy. Just saying when they tag a player as having "work ethic" concerns it generally translates as a little "lazy".

It's just the experts opinion based on what they think they saw on film. Its up to the player when drafted to prove them wrong. It has happened. But when a player gets that tag it costs them lots of money by getting drafted later.


Bailey isn't going 1st rd. It's more of a positional reason becuz teams are unsure of where he'd play. If I thought Brooks Reed or Justin Houston weren't sure top 40 picks then I'd pick them before Bailey anyways, based on immediate impact. I just think Bailey and Carter are going to be really good players becuz of their athleticism. Their size and strength makes them NFL ready. Bailey is raw and Carter is coming off injury... Still I see them as coveted defensive prospects I'd like to see in dolphins uniforms. Nolan could turn Bailey into the top linebacker in the draft if they are able to get him back to 260. Just my opinion be it biased becuz I'm UM alum.


Thats why they call it "EXPERT OPINION". Still its no different from what we do here. They get proven wrong a lot too. LOL..........



ALoco could be just as much of an expert...


Just as you stated earlier, Bailey looks like a strongside olb to me.


he's slimmed down too to 275 from 285... dude is ripped

Expert opinion only means they get paid for thier opinions. Thats the difference between them and us. LOL...............



Who's your least favorite expert aside from Kiper??


just because a guy get drafted say 3rd rd doesnt mean he cant become a pro bowler or all pro even. That could be the case in a guy like Allen Bailey.

Wow, I thought Ireland and Parcells were stupid... then I read the first post from Wang Chung... Ugh

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just hope Jeff Ireland is wearing his Big Boy pants in the war room. (picturing Jeff Ireland in Lederhosen and funny hat with feather in cap)Hmmm....I bet he could score a TV commercial as the Ricola guy

Anywhoo will our new OC have any input on who we draft ?

Soiled :)


Where have you been buddy? Aloco said you had returned to your homeland in Somalia. LOL.........

A trade down question to all.Which would you like best.

Trade with San Diego,15 to 18 picking up 89.1050 point out and 1045 points in.

Trade with New Orleans,15 and 143 to 24 and 56.1084.5 points out and 1080 points in

Trade with Chicago,15 to 29, 62 and 93. 1050 points out and 1052 in.

Trade with Denver,15 and 79 for 36,46 and 67. 1245 out and 1235 in.

I'm of a mind that there are good players available in the 7th rds it's just a matter of finding the guy that has desire to beat out players who already have earned roster spots and coaches already have experience. It doesn't happen often but look at Bess for the perfect example. I actually would like to trim some fat and get later rd draft picks for if it weren't for the lockout issues...Crowder could easily get another 5th and 6th rd pick. maybe even a 4th

anyone else final on their dolphins mock?

Dear Mr. Salguero

In the spirit of the draft today I am dressed in a suit and tie and wearing a Mel Kiper knockoff wig.

Also tonight is the last episode of The Office with Steve Carell as Micheal Scott.....the end of one of the greatest TV charactors of all time....that makes me sad

Soiled :)

I see many of the mocks now saying Pouncey for us at 15. Sure, they are just mocks by people with no real inside information, however wasn't it reported that Pouncey's visit here didn't go so well? If they do pick him, then it was a good ruse.

Personally I just can't see them taking a G with their first pick no matter where it is in the first round. Our offense is not even in slow motion, its freeze frame. I don't see Pouncey as the difference maker that will turn Lex Hilliard into AP.

Think you've heard it all? Pat Kirwan of nfl.com projects Blaine Gabbert to fall all the way to 15 and Miami grabs him.

Best point of the whole article "So why are we so eager to get a second-rounder back again?" I think the same thing. I would've rather picked a player with teh chance to be elite like Earl Thomas than pick Odrick and Misi.

Same sceanrio this year. Pick the player that can be elite. However, if the team can trade back and get a 2nd rounder and end up with Mallett/Dalton/Ponder and one of the top 3 RBs - that owuld be a nice haul too.

Let's see what happens.

Carimi might be the best fit at LG. Long and Carimi would be interesting to see if we were to take a OL. Could prolbably land him at 20

So it is just the 1st rd only tonight?

Mark in Toronto...Good point!

Dying Breed...DB Smith from Colorado would be a sweet pick. I have been throwing his name around as well. Looking at the teams we play, and the offenses they run. Recognizing our weakneses to stop these teams. We need better play from the nickel spot. Drafting Smith would allow us to move either S. Smith inside, or my suggestion Vontae Davis(In nickel packages) I'm not sure VD is even our best cover corner at this point.



Story on PFT this morning regarding Smith failing three drug tests while at Colorado, and admitting to at least one club that one of the three was for misusing codeine. Some thinking he may drop a bit.



my sincere hope is that ireland/sparano learned something in their last 3 years from parcells. they dont have unlimited time and support from fans who have waited forever. we need a determined mindset but also need to put the players in a position to succeed. we had a stagnant offense which was painfully obvious to everyone except the coach. were we the only NFL team without a 2 minute offense??????????? but most of all; why didnt we play to win??? we played "small ball" and guys quit at the end of the season the last 2 years. thats on the coach.


...What do you think the odds are that we trade down into the second round? I say not good. It is going to take some luck, and some trades to fall our way for this to happen. There is just no player that is available at fifteen worth giving away your only second round pick for. If a team that only has one second right now somehow aquires another one. Then maybe we make a deal. The teams behind us do not have to trade up to get a player that fill their needs. It is much more likely we grab an additional 3rd or 4th...

My original mock draft, trading all picks this year for picks next year, was, well...mocked. Naturally no GM would have the guts to do that. This draft really doesn't exite me though. I'm willing to bet come January we are going to wish we had the extra picks instead of what we will get in this draft.

Jake Long and Vontae were both no brainers, the rest of this FO's picks have not been that great. I'd rather get the new regime off to a great start with a boat load of picks, give them tons of flexibility.

...Really. That sucks. So much digging on these players. And Coedine???Why would anyone take Coedine when there are better narcotics? That would concern me....Well I guess we can scratch him off the board. It was a longshot. Just exploring all options. Especially in a trade. Philly has spent a ton of time with him. If they thought we had any interest. It could have sparked a trade scenario.

QB Sleepers UFA/ late 7th rd picks
Adam Froman Louisville
Josh Portis California, PA
Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M
Mike Hartline Kentucky


I agree. It's been reported teams ahead of us are looking to trade down. We so few teams likely to trade up, the odds are the teams ahead of us will get those partners. Initially I thought no way we'd have an opportunity to trade down which is why I've primarily focused on picking at 15. We know anything can happen though, so likely the chances are 50/50 - not automatic yet not impossible. All this will finally be settled soon enough. If Ireland can work a 2nd from the 15 (without giving away picks!), then we have to give him a gold star for that at least.

The Dolphins will pick Ryan Mallet at 15. Write it down.

It is always better for the Possums to ascertain the danger has passed before waking up.

Looks like Miami will be able to trade back, which i think is the best move. To me, the quality of player available at #15 doesnt look too much different than the guys who will go in the 20's where NO or Chi pick. At least for the Dolphins' needs.

I guess I'd be OK with Pouncey at 15, but I'd rather have a shot at Carimi or Costanzo in the 20's and a 2nd rounder. This would give them alot more flexibilty. They could then use their picks in rounds 2-4 on RB, QB, TE.

Conceivably it could be something like
1. O-line (best available, Pouncey could slip anyway)
2. QB (Kaepernick)
3. RB (Jordan Todman, T. Jones)
4. TE (DJ Williams)

I'd be satisfied with that.

0X80 - I'll wait to give Ireland those gold stars until I see who he picks with those picks first.

As you know having those picks is one thing.
How he uses thme is another all together lol


True enough. Im retrospect, I'm still not convinced last years trade down worked in our favor. Misi has to get even better and Odrick still has to show he can play.

Good News: Misi played like a 2nd rd'er in 2010

Bad News: Misi played like a wnd rd'er in 2010

Overall: Misi played like a 2nd rd'er in 2010

Upside: Misi didnt play like a 3rd rd'er in 2010

If we are able to trade down to pick up a 2nd round pick and still be able to grab Ingram or even Pouncey I'd be very happy.

Dolphins will pick a defensive stud and some will be there at 15. Good value. Pouncey is not rated at 15, and the Fish wont take a guard in the first rd...period. Get real people.

Aldon Smith or a OT. I'd be happy with either. What I will pissed about; Ingram, Mallet any running back that high.

Focus offensive lineman then speed WR, RB, TE.

If Ireland can pick up a quality OT or G early then move to team speed, RB, WR then he had a great draft.

The biggest thing is land D Williams, V Young and a G in FA. If Ireland can do this then he had a great off season.

trade down to 23rd spot pick up a 2nd rnd

23rd pk mike pouncey og
2nd rnd Ryan Mallet qb
3rd rnd Taiwan Jones rb
4th rnd surprise pk Tyrod Taylor qb
5th rnd jordan todman rb

thats my top 5 picks theyll take two qb's to make sure they get it right insurance policy...

Trade Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams for that #2 pick back!!!

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