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Dolphins not breaking ties with Marshall (right now)

The Miami Dolphins are still at this hour trying to find out as much about the domestic violence incident involving Brandon Marshall and his wife as they can.

So everything from here on comes with the caveat that new details could change the way the team feels and reacts.

Having said that, the Dolphins are not of the mind to get rid of Brandon Marshall.

It has been well reported by profootballtalk.com and Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post that the Dolphins can cut the cord on Marshall if they want by simply not paying him a $3 million option bonus they owe him. That bonus was set to be paid April 2, but assuming it was not because the NFL was under a lockout and had suspended all insurance and contract payments by then, the Dolphins have the ability to make a choice on Marshall when the lockout ends.

The choice is simple: Pay the bonus, keep Marshall at least two more seasons, pay him guaranteed monies slated for 2011 and 2012, and deal with whatever drama Marshall has either on or off the field.

The other choice is to disconnect from Marshall because he has had a long history of problems, particularly of the domestic violence variety, and a leopard simply cannot change its spots. This option means the Dolphins will have had Marshall for only one season while giving up two second-round picks to Denver for that in return.

I am reporting the Dolphins currently, today, at this hour, have zero intention to get rid of Brandon Marshall. They aren't walking away from the investment that easily.

That doesn't mean they don't think he's not troubled. As one club official told me, "He has issues with women, that is pretty obvious." And the club knows Marshall isn't going to give up women regardless of the direction his marriage goes.

So the potential for future drama is there.

The Dolphins are wary of this current episode. They are sending Marshall messages of support through intermediaries. They want him to know they have his back. They want him and others to understand Marshall was the alleged victim here.

But the Dolphins are also eager to learn more about what, if anything, caused the stabbing incident in which Michi Nogami-Marshall plunged a kitchen knife into Marshall's abdomen, confessed to the crime, and stated she was acting in self-defense.

For now, however, Marshall is a Dolphin and will remain so. That's the plan. It is written in sand.


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What a mess!!....we and Ireland should be focussing on the draft right now and we have to deal with this. Crazy world!!!

We are not dumping B Marshall, that would be insane. We already are inept on offense, getting rid of our best player would hardly be a step in the right direction. Duh.

..The Dolphins knew what they were getting when we traded for Marshall. That is the risk you take when aquiring players with questionable pasts.

All of this will be a non-issue if there is ever a season, and Marshall produces the way we thought he could. Hopefully he recovers 100 percent, and can get his life together. A much bigger issue then Marshall the football player.

I agree, but we don't know what happened, yes, he's got a history....but she could have instigated this one. Her photo doesn't show any cuts or bruises. We don't have enough info yet to blame him or her fully. We do know she did stab him....which is why she was arrested. Let's see what develops, I'm sure the press will be all over this incident! How badly was he hurt and how long before he heals????

this guy was bad news in denver and I knew as soon as they brought him here this would happen. I even said of the dolphins can get one their 2nd round pick for him this they should have traded him.

Well, guess the Fins can deal with one troubled player, since they like to draft high character guys Marshall should be that "one guy".

Fortunately, from a football perspective, Marshall's troubles are off the field - he's a good teammate by all accounts.

Let's just hope his wife doesn't kill him someday, or he lands in jail for domestic abuse.

I don't see the two of them living in the same house for some time after this incident, and certainly not after some serious marriage counseling. So he should be staying healthy and / or out of jail for awhile.

marshall should cut ties with this fake hair knife fanatic freak!

Dolphins have to decide if Brandon Marshall is becoming his old self
again and if so what they can do to keep him in line. He is such a talent
it would be a shame to see the phins give up on him. Please Jeff don't
have him ending up on the Patriots or Jets that would suck big time.

Anybody know what/where this woman came from? Nogami sounds Japanese and her eyes have an oriental look to them.

I don't believe anyone's actually thinking The Dolphins might even consider cutting ties with Marshall.

Come on Armando. This really isn't something to try and stir the pot with. This isn't like Ricky and the micro managing comments or Palmer/Henne?

DUH! This is real life violence. This WAS Marshall's life. Husband and wife stuff, marriage, etc, etc. This ain't about a game or dropping a freaking ball.

Anyways, mark my words, Marshall ain't going anywhere-PERIOD(NO-LOL).

There's only two facts you have to know.

1. Marshall is THE MOST POTENT offensive weapon the Dolphins have had since probably Marino.

2. This ENTIRE organization is in win now mode, HELLO!

Top ten defense, no offense = Get well SOON Brandon!

Armando(and any other like minded individuals), you're so far off base with this "Marshall might be gone" stuff that you're embarrassing yourselves!

PS: I hope she didn't do any tendon damage to them hands!

"Oriental?" Dude, you must be nearing AARP territory, lol!



Odin, as a retired cop, 10 yrs as a Homicide Lt., I've seen my share of wounds, if she didn't get any vital organ or pierce the intestines, he'll be fine and recover fairly quickly. The article confuses since it says he's in ICU and might get out today. That usually doesn't go hand in hand.

Ted, FU, I am in AARP territory, of Vietnam experience and call Asians, well, Asians! But get off cocoajoe's back for using oriental, it may not be politically correct, but it is not incorrect. Sheesh, don't nitpick! LOL!


Don't look into their eyes MAN!

Whatever you do - DO NOT look into their EYES!!!!

Well I wonder if this puts the WR need in the front of our draft?

Only the FINS!!! Were cursed. Let's move the team to L.A. Fire Sparano and just give the FFFF up.The team is run by IDIOTS and we're not going to win because Benedict Arnold ( Fat Tuna ) Fffff'ed us on purpose!!!

Ted, what's that you say? Wait, let me guess...you're a prime example of the PC crowd, right?

I almost feel sorry for wimps like you, so afraid you might offend someone....you must lead a miserable existence.

LOL Odin...the eyes of a axe murderer.


Lay off the booze!!....there's no baboons here and Marshall's wife isn't in any way attractive!!

On top of that I NEVER said trade up for Jones and I never mentioned Taiwan Jones. Try ad follow along at home...

We partied big time for Good Friday!

I didn't eat any meat either. Not because of any religious convictions. I started drinking early and kept slamming them until 4:30 this morning. WHOOP! WHOOP!.

I started with some Jack. A friend came over with some Labatts. I drank it, but I'm not a big fan.

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They had a BLAST!!!! Kids are GREAT man, they're the FUTURE! Give all of yours some good memories this weekend.

After the Labatt's "detour" Us adults(mostly me-lol) polished off the jack and then the Jim. We all finished out the night with some wicked Long Island Iced Tea. Started out with a pretty good 60 proof Bacardi Long Island Tea. Then cranked it up with "The Good Stuff". I'm not a big Long Islander, but after mixing in "The Good Stuff", they were OFF THE HOOK-Whoop Whoop!

I woke up with my feet on the bed and my head on the floor.

Everybody stayed over! Getting ready to color up some Easter Eggs!(and restock the liquor cabinet of course-LOL!)

Happy Holiday EVERYBODY!!!!

Be Safe!!!!

It really isn't that hard to keep the law out of your life, especially when you are a multi-millionaire. Why can't this guy get his stuff together? This is just ridiculous.

Odin, I Love Long Island Iced Teas! If the right stuff you added was Bacardi 151 I'm in! BTW, you ALWAYS look into their eyes!!!! Never back down!!!


Thanks for your medical assessment. Not being funny, I was actually wondering about the exact same thing you posted. Thanks.


I don't think anything changes with our draft at all. Just my opinion obviously, but I really don't think this affects it one way or another. Marshall just has to heal up and then GROW UP. Maybe he'll realize life can be shorter than one might think. Make the time you got left COUNT!


Pay no attention to the "over-sensitive" types. Just stomp on their toes and be-atch slap em every once in while and they'll be just fine!


I disagree with some of your earlier posts about Marshall. Not all of it, just the stuff about him possibly leaving. Not arguing or anything, just giving my simplton opinion.

What's up with DB? You think it might be an imposter? I'm never seen him quite like this. Did he really say Michi was hot????

I'll be back, gotta handle some Easter Eggs for the Kiddies!!!!

If we could only fire Ireland,Sparano and the owner along with Parcells if he was still here. What a bunch of complete idiots they have running this organization. Bonehead move after bonehead move.


You betcha!

The 151 was already in the Half Gallon Bottle. Kinda wierd though. The bottle said it's 60 proof but it also contained the 151.

Just to be "safe", we bumped it up a notch or two, or three..........LOL!

Ted, what's that you say? Wait, let me guess...you're a prime example of the PC crowd, right?

Nope, you're completely wrong.

It's just that I don't think I've heard the term "Oriental" in 20 years and found it humorous, that's all.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised you got your panties in a bunch, though. That's how people roll on a format like this.

Best wishes, Gramps.

All because of the lockout & he's at home too much. Sounds like my wife & I when we have too much togetherness. Well, except there's no stabbing or shouting. But plenty of eye rolling & dirty looks....

What does Parcells have to do with this, Frank. Do you seriously believe he signed off on that trade? Then, who did, you might ask? Guess.

I just watched that "Waltons" episode when the entire family is attacked and eaten by a pack of wild dogs. Horrifying!

Can we trade Ross, Ireland and Soprano for a 2nd round?

Odin, the oversensitive types tend to avoid me. I guess they 'sense' I'm a barbarian by nature. Or maybe i might go Viking, take their women and burn their villiage.

Big Slap, S#it happens, look at Tiger Woods, it happens whether you live in a trailer park or in a multi-million dollar home! I'm not judging either one of them, not yet, no facts, other than she stabbed him....no evidence, her picture shows no bruises. So, we don't know anything and it's pointless to condemn him at this point. Plus this has nothing to do with football. If I were his age, with his money, I would not be married or living with anyone, I'd bring a new one home every night.....just my opinion!

Is the mock contest still on, Armando?

I'm with Frank. This organization (if you wanna call it that) is a joke. "Reach" should be Ireland’s middle name. Pat White (high 2nd), Patrick Turner (3rd), etc…. And those great O Line signings (Smiley, Grove). I’m disappointed he is still around, especially the way the coaching situation was handled. Tony should be gone as well, given the way the team gave up at the end of last season, losing to the Browns, Bills, and Lions, and rolling over in the last game against NE. I’m still a fan, but I’m not hopeful at all over the next few years until we get rid of the Tuna casserole leftovers. BTW, ESPN is reporting that Marshall will be suspended as a result of this, as apparently he was still on some sort of probation. He was given only a 1-game suspension previously when it should have been 3. But it is RIDICULOUS to talk of the Dolphins giving up on him at this point.

Ms. Marshall, actually the striking Ms. Michi Marshall, did not plant her porterhouse knife into her husband's flank. No, no, instead, she sunk her blade deep into the bowels of Jeff Ireland, and his many flawed calculations.

She merely added an exclamation mark to Mr. Ireland's poorly executed, too cute by half lack of prowess as GM and personnel director. Ever since his arrival, he has routinely passed on franchise quarterbacks, instead expending a slew of second round picks on third-rate signal callers. Moreover, he deems himself to be clairvoyant and thus overlook an avalanche of negative, medical analysis as to a bevy of league rejects such as Smiley, Grove, et al. Ireland, in his head, is the all-knowing guru and the rest of the league personnel types, in his view, are just chumps in his eyes for not seeing his same, grand vision.

Yes, the other teams may lack his grand vision but they, unlike Ireland, simply produce winners on the field.

Brandon Marshall arrived at the Dolphins as damaged goods with Denver eager to unload him for Miami's multiple (and valuable) draft picks. He is worth even less today and, without a franchise quarterback on the Dolphins' roster since the 1990's, Marshall's value will continue to decline as a wasting asset and, once again, the Dolphins' will have squandered opportunities and picks all in a singular effort for Ireland to hold onto his power, and his job.

Be it going behind the present Coach's back, with Ireland unsuccessfully attempting to recruit a new, West Coast hotshot and then subsequently lying about his endeavor or else, as well, acquiring injured veterans and even oft-injured draft choices - all with a preexisting, extensive injury history; this is not the deportment of a winning franchise. As a consequence, Jeff Ireland is both an inferior GM as to his title, and a duplicitous weasel as an individual to Tony, and his coaching staff.

With Jeff Ireland as GM, the Dolphins will win exactly the same number of Super Bowls as Ireland did with his mentor, Carl Peterson, while both were at Kansas City. And that number was zero.

As a Dolphins' fan, we can understand Ms. Michi Marshall's resentment at Ireland for, after all, Jeff Ireland has deliberately urinated in our team soup, and he now demands that we drink it merely for his personal glory.

WOOOD, it is risk(38 mill) vs benefit(he won't transgress for the next several years). Yes?

We are the Pest in the eyes of the American Sports.

Now they're showing the episode where 'Grandpa Walton' takes a dump on the living room floor while the family is eating dinner.

What a disgusting show this was!

Repeating to the American public: We football Fans in South Florida have NOTHING to do with the Owner and FO of the Miami Dolphins and, personally, I would like for them to move out of Miami.

This is an organization that is going nowhere. They have become the Lions of the AFC-EAST. No leadership. No direction. No talent.

Oh, I DO like when you scratch behind my ears. Me-wow!

Now feed me, you worthless and stupid ape.

if they dump BMarsh they're even stupider than I already think they are.

Shambolic, once great Org. Joke Franchise.

Man, I haven't seen one wide receiver available that could start for us right away. Titus maybe could but he is small.

Dumping Marshall would be insane. Marshall is our best player. His private life is his business. No reason he should be penalized because somebody else stabbed him.


It IS a big risk but one the Dolphins MUST take. BMarsh is the ONLY player we have that is potentially a big play threat. I say potentially because he didn't do it for us last year like he has done for Denver for several years. He was solid last year but didn't make the big plays we got him for. How much of that was his fault and how much was the OFFENSIVE (and I stress that because he was) coordinator's fault we can't be sure. I'm glad Henning is gone but don't have a great deal of confidence in the new OC, who managed to lead the 30th best offense last year. Yet another of Ireland's spectacular decisions. Also, ESPN is reporting that Marshall is facing a suspension as he was on probation already for violation of the personal conduct policy.

BM is not the only WR that exists in the World, WOOD.

Oscar Canosa is an idiot. You are not speaking for me when you want the Dolphins to move out of Miami. I just want them to win. This owner is spending more aggressively to bring in talent than any Miami Dolphins owner has done. He was willing to lay out $10M to try to upgrade our coach. He has paid a fortune to bring in great players like Dansby and Marshall and is willing to do more. The Dolphins have been a poor team since Marino left. We are very solid in 90% of the positions. A few more key positions - fast WR, RB, some interior OL, inside LB, return man - and we can compete with anybody. We may or may not have the right coaching staff but that will be clear soon enough. Bottom line is that Miami is building, has successfully restocked most positions and is on the path to become the team we all want. Fools like Oscar Canosa who focus on trivial BS rather than on the big picture of the team should just stick with being the Jets Fan he really is.

I'm going to luxuriate in a jasmine and peach-scented bubblebath this evening and then put on my silk kimono and enjoy a Judy Garland film.

Who is this, kris?

Funny how everyone thinks Henne is no good, but his recievers are, according to the stats. Question is who h.ll throws them the ball?


Name one WR we can realistically get who is even close to the same level, even once an agreement is in place. There are no elite WR's in Free Agency and we have nothing to trade.



Players like Mark Ingram come along every 25 years. Mikel Leshoure looks great.

I am preparing a Philly steak sandwich with onions, ALoco.



Hey, listen WOOD, if Ross wants to chance it, first, it's his money, second, I can do nothing about it.

He is a cross-breed ALoco, just like us.

Barring injury, Kyle Rudolph is a potential HOF. The rest of the TE's in this Draft, suck.

bm can't be much of a reciever if he is suspended or injured. the guy can't go a year without issues detrimental to his team.


If Kyle Rudolph were a vertical threat he would be top 15 pick for sure. He does not have speed required to be legit verticle threat.

Therefore highly doubtful to become a hof'er.

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