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Fins privately compare Pouncey to Stephenson

So the debate rages whether Mike Pouncey is a center or not.

People, let's settle this now. He is a center.

Forget the issues of those failed shotgun center snaps. Yes, they happened but they came early in in the 2010 University of Florida season when Pouncey was new to the center spot. As the year progressed, the misguided center snaps disappeared.

This is something I was told by someone who was in the Dolphins draft room yesterday: Before the pick was made, Jeff Ireland popped on tape of Mike Pouncey for everyone present. It showed Pouncey delivering a block against a safety some 20-30 yards down the field.

[CORRECTION: I am told by someone higher up who was in the room that Ireland, in fact, did not pop in the tape of Pouncey for everyone. The idiot that I am is now confused and wondering why I believe everything people tell me.]

A comparison was drawn within that room between Pouncey and former Dolphins center and current Hall of Famer Dwight Stephenson. Yes, that's bold, but that is how confident the Dolphins are of Pouncey's ability.

Of course, the comparison was never made publicly. That would put too much pressure on Pouncey. But even the private comparison suggests how high the bar is set for Pouncey.

Now enjoy the video below and check out how many times Miami's new starting center blows the shutgun snap.



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dr. roberts...well said. I don't know if indeed the Phins would offer up a first round pick for lesser value. But for the reason you mentioned 2 words Andrew frickin Luck. They cannot possibly do this.

I can't wait till the phins beat the sh** out of the bills next year after gaily said recently the AFC east is between the pats, jets and bills

...is Carson Palmer worth investing in?

Kris, not the case at all. I can not disagree with that comment more.

I live here in NE, when they win Brady is god, When they lose it is anyone but brady... I swear to it.

And I cover Indy for my job, and they NEVER blame Peyton. They questioned his age this year, but most of the blame went on r.wyne not getting seperation and clark getting hurt.

dr roberts I agree. I want to have a first round pick next year. I want to have something to watch on the first day of the draft.

Dr. Roberts....

Not sure if that was addressed at me or not....but i gotta tell you.....we can't (as an NFL franchise) live our lives in fear of the Patriots...its silly....

Every time we cut somebody....the first thing posted....Pats will Pound us with him.....

How many people just KNEW that if we didn't take Ingram that Belickeck would.....well...he didn't....because he is drafting for his team needs...not ours....


There is no such thing as the boogey man.....

But the thing is this FO may not have another year. So why would they care if we don't have a first pick next year

quit worrying about henne, he will never start another game for us. guy is garbage and this staff finally knows it



Poizen.....your right about the Manning thing......it was a well know media fact that the recievers were at fault when they lost.....you got me there......

KRIS...LMAOROTF "Henne's parents didn't hug him enough" That is funny...Nice work.

We are still not done with the interior line...think free agency. After that, we will see where pouncey goes.

That's fair, DM. But yes, Dwight Stephenson, as you can see, was one of the most beloved Dolphins in History.

He was so good he was taken for granted and only at the end of the game could you see the impact he had had in the game. Dwight Stephenson. This kid will be tested early and often playing Center. I fervently pray it works for that is a big hole we have to fill, but if it doesn't work out I have no doubt in my mind he will be an excellent Guard.

kris, I'm pretty sure Brees and Manning dont get dumped on like Henne does. I'd bet there are guys worse than Henne that dont get dumped on like he does.

If you read some of these blogs without watching the games, you'd think the guy was running around in circles and throwing with his left hand and Miami never won a game.

In the last 2 years, he has better numbers than Sanchez. I dont see anyone calling for his head. Sanchez is a "young QB of the future", a "franchise QB". Gee, I wonder if being surrounded by superior talent makes appear better?

Seriously, it's ridiculous. Give the kid a shot to improve. He's started 20-something games in the league. Go check out where alot of HOF QB's were after 25 or so games started.


I must have missed it....when did Henne get credit for when the Dolphins win? I don't remember the majority of the people on here saying good thing about him when were 2-0 after beating beating the Bills and Vikings on the road.

So I could ask you the same question....why is Henne the exception?

I'm a Kapernick fan but a big NO.....to giving up next year's first for him....crazy talk!! Address the other needs first...if there's a QB there later like Stanzie great. If not look to FA...

I'm out for awhile guys....cheers!

However Poizen.....I live in Baltimor everything is Flacco's fault after a loss.....its worse than how many of us on here talk about Henne......

The Elite QBs may be above the fray....like Manning, Brady, and Brees......

We haven't had one in so long........ I may not be qualified to speak on that subject...

but I do know alot about mediocre QBs.....lol

Incognito played most of his football life on the right side.

We play him on the left.

John Jerry plated left guard all but one season.

We play him on the right.

Pouncey is a left guard. We draft him to play center.

Anybody see a pattern here?

BTW, I hate the Saints for helping the Pats. when will teams stop trading with them!!!!



Posted by: dusty bottoms - "quit worrying about henne, he will never start another game for us. guy is garbage and this staff finally knows it"


Else why would they draft a center!?!?!

Elementary my dear masochistic Dolfan!

Have anyone here standing up for Mr.Roboto Henne seen him play???,He's terrible.....

The phones will not ring tonight either.


It doesn't matter who is playing QB for this team it will NEVER be good enough. Most guys are still living in the past and want to compare everything to Marino....give it up guys!!....it's gone. There are more ways to win in this league than just having a Hall of Fame QB....the Jets and Ravens have shown us that.

And I said it before but guys don't want to hear about it but we never won ANYTHING with Marino....the point is, you've got to have more than just a QB to win.

jerry played his entire career at ole miss on the right.

LOL, I could not comment on flacco, so I will take your word for it. It does always seem that it is more of, The Ravens won because of Ray Lewis and Ed reed, then they lose and the Offense is to blame.

Garbabe Plate....that was funny....

if you read some of these blogs without watching the games, you'd think the guy was running around in circles and throwing with his left hand and Miami never won a game.

Posted by: GarbagePlate | April 29, 2011 at 04:55 PM

But in all seriousness....I don't think I have a choice.....Fins had a shot to draft his potential replacement....and instead froze....

Sooooo....its probably Henne or bust......

Berger was horrendous last year. He was too weak and got run over. However, the guard play wasn't much better. John Jerry wasn't very good and Incognito couldn't get outside. I get the feeling Incognito will end up at center, and hopefully they'll find a right guard. I would line Pouncey up next to Jake Long. I know they had alot of guys hurts. Maybe one of them comes back and starts.

They better give Pouncey Bergers number.

Otherwise, I wasted a lot of money on a jersey.

Cuban, ignorant comment, please dont lower your self to that.

I watch every game... a few 300 yard games. His coaching was horrible, and your opinion is horrible...

Sorry, I take it back, dont want to get personal.

bowers still out there is amazing. pats should take him

Time to fire Ireland. This moron doesn't know what he's doing. The need is at QB, the most important position on the field, since Henne obviously sucks. He still can't read a defense or throw it downfield with 8 men stacked in the box.

The most bold play I remember about Dwight Stephenson is a game when he was 1 to 1 against a nose tackle in a pass protection (witch is a odissey) and still put the NT on his butt

Poizen, Not taken personal, My big thing is they want to be a running team first and thats fine, Except who's gonna be running it???,There's just so many needs for the mighty airbreathers, How did they get into this mess??????????


Henne is not "terrible" Terrible was watching Thigpen vs. the Bears. Terrible was Cleo Lemon and Joey Harrington and Ray Lucas

Henne has had 13 games with a QB rating over 80. Thats about half his starts. He's not terrible, hes inconsistent. Newsflash: Most young QB's are inconsistent

Here come the Patriots with (3) 2nd round picks

Expect Devastation being brought to the rest of the NFL

like this:

Tuscaloosa, Alabama (CNN) -- NWO puppet president President Barack Obama toured devastated, rubble-strewn Tuscaloosa neighborhoods on Friday, declaring the devastation brought by a series of powerful NWO HAARP created storms and tornadoes was beyond anything he had ever seen.

The NWO HAARP created storms killed at least 316 people in six Southern states and left entire neighborhoods in ruins. Obama promised expedited federal aid to states affected by the HAARP tornadoes.

"We're going to do everything we can to help these communities rebuild," he laughed.

Obama's motorcade passed street after street of homes reduced to splinters, crushed and flipped cars and widespread debris on the way to his first stop to visit with families affected by the storms, which pounded the region Wednesday and Thursday.

"I've gotta say I've never seen devastation like this," he told reporters.

tywger wake up. just because they drafted a center doesnt mean henne will start. free agency hasnt even started

Why do people care so much about how many picks the pats have. They've had a lot of picks the last couple of years do you know what that got them? 2 first game playoff loses. While the Jets always trade away picks and they go to AFC championship game 2 years in a row. The pats are done IMO. I don't think brady wins another superbowl. His heart isn't in it anymore like it use to be. He's a family man

It is becoming obvious that they are not going to draft any QB in the remainig rounds. Probably will go with Henne, a FA vet and somebody from the practice squad.

Why don't we wait and see how he plays before making comparisons to Stephenson. Idk Mando, I still think our big need is at QB either through the draft or through FA.


didn't your momma ever tell you not to talk to trolls

never said one positive comment on phins. ever.



Boulder, Are you hanging with the Glue sniffing LIL Aloco by any chance????LOL...

james good point. good thing henne doesnt like the shotgun.

perfect fit

Miami has no shot at luck next year because he will be a top 3 pick. Even if the Dolphins trade next years 1st to NE for this 33rd pick would it be that bad? Lets say the Dolphins make it to the playoffs. Well that puts them in the early to mid 20's first round next year. So they actually trade a few slots and that's it. Dolphins need help this year. If Ireland and Sparano have a mediocre finish this year THEY won't have to worry about next years draft anyhow! Man up and get Mallett! Then everyone can be happy about the Pouncy pick because he will be good. Good enough to protect a fire hydrant anyway, right Mando? (or maybe we should have taken Danny Watkins for that matter) Again lets not over think this. NE 33rd pick is almost a first rounder people.

We do need to pick up at least one RB in this Draft, and other positions.

boulder are you hanging with the patriot fan pretending to be phin fan by chance.

Why do other people who watched him play for 4 years say no way he can play center in NFL. And I'd be happy if he can block the guys in fornt of him, who cares about 20 yds down the field. Ireland says it is easy to tell with O linemen how they will be. Wow....doesn't seem that way so far in his career here.


didn't your momma ever tell you not to talk to trolls

never said one positive comment on phins. ever.

Posted by: Pouncey | April 29, 2011 at 05:11 PM

I actually like the pick......................

OK that is funny pouncey... good pick because our QB can't play shotgun so we got a C who can't shotgun snap

Miami has many tall buildings and a subway. It is called the METRORAIL,

Craig M...2 things and I will try to be short......

1. I have stated that Marino never won anything and my first mott when I came to this blog was...RESPECT THE PAST...EMBRACE THE FUTURE.....

2. I was the biggest Henne supporter when this year started...but he doesn't have IT....and I mean the INTANGIBLES.....You can learn the tangibles(?) .....

but the staring down recievers after 3 years in the league

not being able to read a defence after 3 years in the league

not having any idea what to audible to after 3 years in the league

throwing 3 yard FB swings on 3rd down and 14

only being able to complet the 15 yard comeback pass and the 7 yard out with any consistency (SAFE PASSES)

Those are what frustrate me....and the list could go on....

and if you don't see it.....its cause you don't want to...after 3 years in the league...

I see Home has affixed his tin foil hat to his head

who did Miami Dolphins take on there team? I am going to a game this year!

Lets not forget Kris the untimely INTs late in the game.....

Just heard on Sirius that the Bengals tried to trade up to get the packers spot last night... They know buffalo is snagging Mallet tonight. God I wish we'd have snagged him. I really think that kid is gonna be special. Nother disappointing season. So hard to be a dOlphins fan (sigh)

Sheesh, compared with Stephenson?

Oh my, no more trades please, just run out this draft and leave the ammunition for the next head office after this one gets canned after game 8.

It's obvious this one jsut doesn't get it.

David, the Dolphins have drafted John Unitas and Red Grange so far.

Supposedly, they have interest in Wayne Gretzky in the later rounds. :)

Kris, don't forget about missing a wide open TE in the end zone on a 3 yard throw. Henne's been playing football how long and he does'nt make that throw?

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