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Fins privately compare Pouncey to Stephenson

So the debate rages whether Mike Pouncey is a center or not.

People, let's settle this now. He is a center.

Forget the issues of those failed shotgun center snaps. Yes, they happened but they came early in in the 2010 University of Florida season when Pouncey was new to the center spot. As the year progressed, the misguided center snaps disappeared.

This is something I was told by someone who was in the Dolphins draft room yesterday: Before the pick was made, Jeff Ireland popped on tape of Mike Pouncey for everyone present. It showed Pouncey delivering a block against a safety some 20-30 yards down the field.

[CORRECTION: I am told by someone higher up who was in the room that Ireland, in fact, did not pop in the tape of Pouncey for everyone. The idiot that I am is now confused and wondering why I believe everything people tell me.]

A comparison was drawn within that room between Pouncey and former Dolphins center and current Hall of Famer Dwight Stephenson. Yes, that's bold, but that is how confident the Dolphins are of Pouncey's ability.

Of course, the comparison was never made publicly. That would put too much pressure on Pouncey. But even the private comparison suggests how high the bar is set for Pouncey.

Now enjoy the video below and check out how many times Miami's new starting center blows the shutgun snap.



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Are you sure that was not Maurkice in that video? heehee

they wiil be good players for the Miami Dolphins. thank u!

Don't want to be critical.

I watched pouncey on youtube all day.

seems about 60-70 percent of the time he looks around not blocking.

check it out.

Oh really!! But you know what? Stephenson was picked 48, and Pouncey 15, big reach. I would've taken Mallet. So how many centers are we going to draft or signed before we solve the position. Satele, Grove, Berger, Incognito, Pouncey. What a waste of a pick at 15.


your list of "who compares to Stephenson" was pretty good. and yes for any youngins wondering the same thing as DM its not just a bunch of Phin homers talking here. Stephenson was that good, easily one of the top 5 all time centers, and arguably THE best.

for my two cents there, I think though many Steeler fans would default to Webster as you suggest, I think you'd find a fair sized minority of them actually going with Dermontti Dawson over Webster. I'm on the fence there as I was too young for most of Webster's prime to judge him fairly but I think Dawson is at least good enough to make that list and it's a joke he isn't in Canton already.

in any case, no matter where Mike Pouncey ends up falling in Dolphin history, its a little funny footnote that these two franchises clearly have a lock on the greatest centers of the modern game and that they should end up splitting the Pouncey twins.

kris, alot of that is coaching. If it's drilled into your head to dump it off, make the safe play, and FG's and punting are OK, then thats what he'll do. That attitude starts at the top and permeates the offense. Thats why many of us want to see Henne without Dan Henning and with some more freedom. Henne has shown flashes, i.e that 1st game vs. the Jets. Even when they lost to Buff last year, he played great. Too bad Henning took him out when he was red hot to run a wildcat play when they're tryig to win the game. He's not without his flaws, but alot of that stuff comes with experience. If he's stagnant this year, I'll be the 1st guy n line to draft a QB next year

Cuban and Dbmfins.....i'm trying to forget those things....lol

Joe Schmnoe had the best point of this blog. We are drafting all these linemen early now with nobody to block. If we draft a Qb next year (this year is over), it will take 3 years for him to develop. By that time, this line will be too old or too expensive to keep. Bass Ackwards!

Draft teh Qb, put him in the cupboard for a while, draft the line over the next 2 years while he plays part time/develops, voila. This isn't rocket science!!!

If we draft a Qb next year, we will be ready to compete for real by 2014-2015. Long will be in his 8th year, Carey will be gone, Incognito too. Good news is our guards will be in their prime - one of whom we aren't sure can play yet.


wrong. we def have a shot at luck next year. this team is awful. a top 3 pick is possible if they even play at all. i dont think they will, so everyone would have a shot at luck next draft cause it would be a lottery

Teaching Henne to play QB will be more difficult than teaching Hellen Keller how to read.

mark ill be glad carey and incognito are gone

like i said, henne will never start another game for this franchise

Garbabe Plate....I agrr with some of what you are saying (coaching).....and we know our guys love to play it SAFE as evidenced by the pouncey pick and Later by Irelands own mouth......

But both Henning an Sporano stated the Henne had the Green Light at times last year and never took advantage of it......

He was even told to "throw it up" to Marshall.....

and Henne threw picks regardless of what he was told....

Garbage Plate...Great analaysis..Henne was very good in jet game 1. Also I think the turning point for this whole franchise came in the 4th quarter of the second Buff. Game.

Henne had played poorly for the whole game. He started to heat up at the end of the third. And was playing like a real professional in the 4th quarter. He led the team inside of the buffalo 30. Instead of feeding the wolf(sorry) We decided to milk the wildcat. This to me was a very telling move. You could see it deflate the team. Henne had us moving, and the ball was taken away from him.

Loss of yards, and a third and long with no chance. The point is. This could have done wonders for Hennes confidence, and the trust of his teammates. Henne needed amoment where he could prove he was a leader, a come from behind win. Especially as poorly as he played. That is the difference. Good quarterbacks will have moments, quarters, where they do not have "it". The good ones are able and confident enough to make plays when the game is on the line. They can put behind the failures and put the team on their shoulders. Henne had this opportunity taken away. I think if We score a td there. The season plays out differently, and maybe we aren't having this conversation.

kris, considering Henne actually has better numbers than Sanchez, yet they are perceived much differently, could it be not only surrounding talent, but coaching.

You have 2 puppies. They make mistakes, they all do, pee on the floor, scratch some furniture. They need to be trained properly. One pup gets unconditional love, it's owner knows there will be growing pains, accepts them knowing in the long run, it'll be worth it. He gets to play in the yard, run around, gets positive reinforcement.

The other gets hit on the nose with a rolled up newspaper every time he makes a mistake, threatened he'll be replaced with a new dog, and made to go sit in a cage. He's fearful of doing anything wrong and consequently is timid.

I give you Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne

exactly right about that Buff game, Darryl. That one moment and play call changed alot for the worse

Ok, so Pouncey is going to be the center. And Incog is going back to LG. Incog can't pull so, does this mean Pouncey is going to pull from center like he did at UF?

3-4 NFL nose tackles are going to love that.

Alright .....Any projections for this evening? If the second round is as crazy as round 1. We could be in for a ride...

You know no one was in the room but they compared Sparano to Coach Shula!!!!!

Daryl, not so much a projection, more what I'm hoping for:

3. Jordan Todman, RB, UConn

4. DJ Williams, TE, Ark or Virgil Green, TE, Nevada


Have anyone here standing up for Mr.Roboto Henne seen him play???,He's terrible.....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 29, 2011 at 04:58 PM

I don't remember but, wasn´t you who named Chad Henne "Henne the hero", if not I apologize for that but I remember you supported him in 2009, when he puts nice throwing passes. Is his fault that he regresed in 2010, no question about that, but I feel that the reason the dolphins went 7-9 was (in order of importance):
1.- Our SPECIAL TEAMS who takes at last 2 games from US.
2.- The bad play calling
3.- The conservative aproach playing at home (it supose to be the oposite)
4.- To be sticked with persons that sucks the blood from us, from Henning to Bonamego, no to mention all the Cowbows rejects.
5.- the offensive line.
For the 5 points above I blame GM Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano. (but in another hand coach Tony Sparano prepare very well the games IMO)
6.- Even Marshall, the almost unexistent air attack looks beter whitout him. But for shure he will produced more with a better throw passes
7.- Chad Henne, he doesn't fool any defenses, he looks stright to the primary target almost all the time, (the QB I played with, was more poised at 19-20 years old).

So IMO Henne still deserves some support and in my list is the 7th reason for the 7-9 season.

Saludos coordiales.

OMG Armegedon, Watch out for Lightning.....

Adrian, No that was Lil Aloco, My nick name for him was Chad (Fat-nick)Henne.......

Soory, Chad(Neck -fat) Henne......

Raiders make the trade w/ NE for Kaepernick

Where is Armando??????
Garbage Plate...Those would be nice additions. We need a tight end. The free agent class is thin.

How many rounds tonight?

menace never talk good about henne.

he never talk any good about aNY DOLPHINS EVER

troll in every sense of the word

Not enough.................IMHO...LOL

how come when we solve something on the oline its not really solved; it only opens up a new set of problems. a pulling guard will play center and a guy who cant pull will play guard??????? geez.

Pouncy Is non other then LIL Aloco, Lmao over a new Name..., You go Lil Buddy......

Greg Z, I think the FO is pulling something if you know what I mean.......

how can you post now

your loved patriots are on clock.

I agree Garbage plate...Both Henne and Sanchez were brought up differently....and that is a good analogy btw....let me add to it....

puppy 1 not only gets the benifit of your training but also gets to watch another dog show him the rules of the house.

Puppy 2 pays ONLY has his instincts to follow.....

Puppy 1 was a 3 year starter at a Major College

Puppy 2 was thought to be a one year wonder that only beniffitted from his starr coach All-American talent.....

Puppy 1 wilts when the pressure is on rarely getting a fourth quarter comback win......

Puppy 2 makes the most of his oppertunities when they are presented and makes the throws when they count.....

Puppy one is obviously Henne.....

Puppy 2 is Sanchez......

My heart will always want Henne (when comparing these two)....

But my head says Sanchez is a winner.....and He had a hand in both getting to and competing in BOTH /BACK-to-BACK AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES.....

Can you picture bellichick saying nobodys calling?

Is this phone wprking?

So sure Pouncey will play center? Let me get this straight, Miami extended the contract of Richie Incognito so he could return to play the same position he failed to be productive at for most of last season? I don't think so. They will have to put the more athletic of the two at a guard position. That is obviously Pouncey. It just makes sense. Richie is a bull type, strong and mean, not exactly swift on his feet. He is more suited to play center. He won't have to move laterally as much and he will have to block stronger, slower defenders such as DTs and 3-4 ends. Pouncey is much more suited to pull and pick-up the more agile linebackers. The line will look like this if no more are added. LT Long, LG Pouncey, C Incognito, RG Garner/Jerry, LT Carey/Garner. I would love to see the Phins land a guy like Carl Nicks thru FA to finish the restructuring of the line. I would also like to see them use a mid-round pick on a Tackle with a high ceiling to replace Murtha as the 3rd Tackle and to eventually replace Carey.

D. Stephenson to me he was the best center that ever played the game, this guy was capable to handle any NT by himself, and he did so.

Redskins are gonna snag mallet

If not will be denver

And if they don't the raiders will... Dam I wish we'd have got him

Dwight Stephenson was the man. Bear Bryant coached him at Alabama. He said Dwight rarely spoke, but if he did..everyone listened. If you can get the 85 Bears game to watch, Dwight held the FRidge down on the ground with one hand almost every play he humiliated him. Took him mentally out of the game. Meanwhile he kept Marino's Jersey clean and made Pro Bowl all yrs save one. His team mate from Alabama, marty lyons, blindsided him after the whistle blew in a jets Dolphins game. Not even Duke university could get his foot/ankle to work correctly again. I wish Dwight could coach the Oline for the Fins. They would all be gentle giants who would play instead of talk. He benched over 500lbs multiple times in college when folks thought 300 was the bomb.

damm lions!!!

People have got to quit slobbering all over Bellicheks member. Seriously, they have all these picks every year, and pick average at best players high. Outside of Mayo, who was the last GREAT player taking by the Pats? If they are so smart, why do they pick DB's high every year, along with LB's, only to do the same thing the following year because they bombed. Aaron Hernandez was a 4th round pick, Woodhead was cut by the Jets. Seen Pioli left, they haven't done jack in the draft besides trade back and get more picks for next years draft. And, for as good as they are, they haven't won a ring in 6+ years. Bill is the best coach in the league, no doubt. But personell wise? Seriously, what am I missing here?

Pouncey ?? In his dreams !!!!

>Pouncey is a guard NOT a center. The Dolphins will soon find that out.

Gosh Stevie, You sound like you know what you're talking about! Such authority and conviction.

You must have experienced, professional NFL personnel experience. Pleas apply to the Dolphins and save the team!!!


The video of Pouncey from Sports Science was very entertaining, and has absolved any lingering doubts about the shot-gun snap from this center...

I am proud that you hit the 1st pick on your mock. Lets me know that your inside track is privledged.

So you think we will draft RB in the third round?

If not, I would like to see us draft a TE

Williams from Arkansa...

All the FIN FANS SAYING "SUCK FOR LUCK 2012" are pathetic!!!!!!! A clear sign of the moronic IQ that some FIN FANS have!!

So instead of wasting a first rd pick on a QB project or a "can't miss" RB..... The Phins selected a C/G who will probably come in and start day one. Regardless who the QB is or who the starting RB is, if you don't have a line that can protect/open holes for them, it really doesn't matter.

Was not an exciting draft for the phins, but they filled some gaping holes. Which is good. Lets hope FA actually happens and maybe they can get DeAngelo and a QB in here... That would make this offseason a great success along with the draft...

I saw that video too. He's no QB but a great pick. Rather have him than gamble on a mediocre QB

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