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Dolphins to honor Jim Mandich on draft day

The flags at Sun Life Stadium flew at half staff today.


The sign of respect and mourning was for Jim Mandich, the former tight end on the 1972 perfect team who passed on Tuesday night. Jim, 62, passed after a 14-month battle with cancer. The local radio show host and color analyst on Dolphins game broadcasts the past couple of decades was an icon in South Florida.

His signature, "Alllllrrriiightttt, Miami!" is a part of team lore now.

Jim was undoubtedly the team voice. And that voice is silent now. He cannot be replaced.

The Dolphins will do all they can to commemorate Jim's life on Thursday, Friday and Saturday even as they celebrate the addition of new players at their draft parties at the stadium and other venues. It's fiting. Jim lived hard and died young. And the Dolphins will, in part, be celebrating that zest for life.

The club will straddle the line between celebration and mourning at that draft party. I trust it will be just fine because Jim always approved of having a good time.  

Tomorrow night, I am expecting general manager Jeff Ireland to pause before he begins talking about the team's newest player acquisition -- the first round draft selection -- and talk first about Jim. It is just another deserving sign of respect that will neither suffice nor be the last thing the Dolphins do to remember Jim.

Much respect, Jim. Rest in peace. Hope I see you again someday.



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Rob in OC,

Fair enough...I did ask. I have to think a lot of people would say Pouncey or Ingram. YOu already know who I would pick, so I'll let it go...

Cheers guy!!....see you for draft day...love it!


Here's the wr sleeper in this draft:

Stephen Burton, WR, West Texas A&M
Height: 6-1. Weight: 224.
Projected 40 Time: N/A.
Combine 40 Time: 4.50.
Pro Day 40 Time: 4.38.
Vertical: 35. Broad: 10-4. Hand: 9 1/8.
Projected Round (2011): 4-6.
3/13/11: Stephen Burton had one of the most impressive Pro Day performances thus far in this draft season. Burton ran a 4.38 at 6-1, 224. His 10-yard split was an incredible 1.46. He's a mid-round sleeper.

Some random thoughts...

I like OT Ty Smith but believe he will be gone. I feel 15th would be great value for him if by chance he was there.

Pouncey has some merit but for sure not at 15. I believe he will be the lesser of the two bros in the pros...big limb as his bother Maurkice already is a Pro Bowl guy, LOL. I could totally see the Pitt Steelers trying to make it a family affair and add Mike Pouncey to play with his brother if the price is not too steep.

I am going on record that DT Nick Fairley will have better numbers than DT Marcel Dareous.

The QBs I would be happy with Mallet and Kaepernick in that order. Henne needs the full court press and if Mallet gets the shot I think he could earn playing time sooner rather than later as so many suggest. Henne is somewhat serviceable but that is not an endearing term for a starter. I would continue the pressure by picking up a FA QB as well. I would try Vince Young due to upside and price should be kinda low.

If Mallet doesn't have some of the warts he does he would NEVER even be available for us to pick.

3 to 1 TD to Int ratio in the SEC!! He may even steal some FGs from Carpenter.

I like Bruce Carter as a LBer. With our OFF rankings it's hard not to let the DEF evolve with injured players coming back, some players getting better in the sysytem and FA types.



A RT at #15 exceeds the value at that position. Ty Smith's being pursued as a LT not a RT. #15 is far too high to draft a RT according to position value chart.

You can take a 2nd-3rd LT and move him over to RT and still be just fine on your right side. Usually RT's are guys who had some issues playing RT.

If youre drafting a RT at #15 youve far exceeded the value of the position. #15 is LT not RT territory. LOL..........

If we needed a LT Ty Smith would be perfect. But I dont see Jake Long going anywhere too soon.

If you dont know value of your positions as a gm. You'll almost always under or over draft the position. The draft is far more than just picking players.

There are rule and guidelines associated with using it.

#15 Jake Locker QB Washington
3rd Taiwan Jones RB ECU
4th Charles Clay HB Tulsa
5th Ricky Elmore OLB Arizona
6th Zane Taylor C Utah
7th Lee Smith TE Marshall
7th LeStar Jean WR FAU
7th Dom DiCecco SS Pittsburg

Even Jeff Ireland would look at some of the mocks here then burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

Most dont look at 7 rd mocks to see who potentially takes what player and where. This really determines "WHO" you will select. Neither do most even consider positional value which is predicated on your system and basic nfl positional value.

For example, depending on the system a certain type of rb has less value in one system than in another system. But we go on name recognition, youtube highlights, and combine performance.

For Example This Mock:

1. Ryan Mallet #29(Bears)
2. Daniel Thomas #62(Bears)
3. Taiwan Jones #79
4a Virgil Green #111
4b Mario Harvey #127(Bears) ILB
5. Steven Burton #146 WR
6. Ricardo Lockett #179 WR
7a Noel Devine #217 All Purpose
7b Greg McElroy #219 QB

I could could be way off the mark with Mallet. But everyone else on my mock are the type of guys this fo would go after to fit there system and what the primary goals could be this season.

If not these same players. I guarantee it will be the same types.

trade back 24 NO
#24 Jake Locker QB Washington
#56 Allen Bailey DE/OLB The U
3rd Taiwan Jones RB ECU
4th Da'Norris Searcy SS UNC
4th Charles Clay HB Tulsa
5th DeMarcus Van Dyke DB The U
6th Zane Taylor C Utah
6th Andrew Jackson OG Fresno St
7th Lee Smith TE Marshall
7th Mike Mohammed ILB California
7th LeStar Jean WR FAU


Haha, that's my point, if you were in a position to draft Ty Smith you could play him at RT even though he has LT ability. Now he becomes your RT playing version of back-up insurance in case Long went down. The game experience would do him well and our line would be much more athletic instantly.

The talent has to be on the roster in order to plug it in if your starting LT (Long in our case) goes down.

I have a pretty good idea for valuation of positions vs round but thanks for the posts bud.


Tyron Smith is young and has played both positions. I see him more as a dominating run blocking RG IMO He could be really special but I'm sure he and his agent want top ten tackle money...

I think he'll end up a cowboy...

that mock at 12:14 w/ tradeback is what I'm sticking with just hoping we can add another 4th and 6th with the tradeback...


Youre a smart guy, you know its overboard to draft a RT at #15. Plus, if a team badly needing a premium LT gets wind youre taking him to move him to RT. They'll trade up a spot ahead of you and take him anyway.

I would if Im that gm. Dont care what the price is either. LOL........

didn't we draft Vernon Carey at #15?

I will be glad when the draft's over. At the end of the day Ireland will select players by posional value, systemic value, and availability.

Ireland will not be selecting players by, youtube highlights, combine workouts, and name recognition. Nor based on what we think the team needs are.

I think w a tradeback the 2nd rd offers two guys who could become All-pro OLBs Bruce Carter and Allen Bailey. These two guys are straight up beasts... they'd compliment Wake better than Misi and we could try him inside with Edds. Making Crowder available to trade for future draft picks. He should be able to get a 4th and 5th rd pick


Vernon Carey was drafted as LT 1st rd right where LT's are supposed to get draft. Carey wasnt quite fitting the bill and I mean it litterally. So "Bill" Parcells first act was to take Jake Long(LT) 1st overall. Carey wasnt quite cutting it at LT, now he's RT.

that's right... forgot thanks

Bailey slimmed down to 275 and he was recruited as one of the nations top linebackers coming out of high school. He played DL out of necessity for the canes but I believe he's already a perfect fit at 3-4 LOLB.
Carter should be back by the start of the season and he has a little more upside athletically. Which says a whole lot. Easily a top 15 pick if he wasn't injured... Carter might not be suited best on the left side in a 3-4 either so Wake would have to move. We all know that doesn't matter to Wake. He is just as effective from either side.

Brooks Reed and Justin Houston in the 2nd deserve attention as well...

If no great pass rusher falls we will "try and trade out of #15.

There will be no Pouncey(positional value isnt there and he's not a cant miss). Ingram isnt "dynamic" enough. All of the qb available at #15 are too much of a reach.

There are only 2 players to choose from if stuck picking at #15.

1. Aldon Smith--- The posional value(pass rusher" and skills are there.

2. Jimmy Smith CB The positional value is there even if the need isnt. Smith is unquestionably the 2nd best corner in the entire draft and a superior athlete. Only character concern have dropped him so far.

If forced to pick at #15 dont be shocked to see either of these two players as our 1st rd pick at #15.

But I almost guarantee if we pick at #15 our choice will be Aldon Smith.

Mockers trying to match #15 with our need. Ireland will choose #15(if forced to pick) on greatest value. He or Jimmy Smith are greatest value at #15.

I think Aldon Smith is a very valid option... He'd play ROLB would have to move Wake to strongside and Misi inside...
All top 3 CBs Peterson, Amukamara, and Smith IMO will be all-pro

That's why I love the tradedown scenario with the Bears. It offers so much flexibilty on the value = need chart.

Also like Cam Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan


Exactly why I say if forced to pick at #15 its going to be Smith or Smith. LOL.......

At #15 the value doesnt match our need. So we have to go after value even if its not the most pressing need. LOL........

Dontay Moch fastest OLB
Martez Wilson fastest ILB
both could be great
some sleepers but most likely if will become backups if they aren't 1st or 2nd rd picks...

Ricky Elmore 5th rd OLB
Kelvin Sheppard 5th rd ILB


If force to pick at #15:

1. Aldon Smith

3. Mallet(If there) Edmund Gates

4. Virgil Green

5. Mario Harvey 257lbs ran 4.43 40yd dash.

maybe its just me, but this is a very dull draft. outside the top ten there are very few players to get excited about.


If forced to pick at #15 we'll never even sniff Martez Wilson. On the value chart a pass rush olb is far greater than a ilb. Thats why it would be Aldon Smith over Martez Wilson.

Wilson's projected 2nd rd talent, we wouldnt have one.

its true though, outside of a few star players, making judgements based on youtube and mocks is purely amatuer. its fun to play gm, everyone thinks they'd be a good gm in the same way every ugly girl thinks she's cute. we are kidding ourselves.

If we can get a tradeback and who its with. That will greatly change the landscape on what will be available to us.


Yes a good professional gm picks based on systemic value, position value, need, and availability. Every player and every need doesnt fit in well with this.

Take Rodney Hudson for example. He may be the best og in this draft. His downside is he maybe the lightest at 299lbs.

Now in a system like Denver had under Shanahan the guy could easily be a multiple pro bowler. But in a power blocking scheme he may not cut the mustard.

we are likely to see many disappointed fans after the draft. then with time, they will convince themselves they like the picks.

Rodney Hudson will be high on Shanahan's board and rated much higher than say on our board. Our blocking scheme isnt a perfect marriage for him. Its trying to fit a squre peg into a round hole.

Its tough enough trying to have a guy that matches your system work out.


Every fan likes the picks when they see them work out! LOL..........

Enough for me Im out. Happy draft day everyone.

Its a lot simpler to choose the type of player and value we maybe after using a Mock if forced to pick at #15. Until he has a definite tradedown partner. Im sure not even Ireland himself has any great idea who the first Miami Dolphin chosen from the 2011 draft will be. LOL.............

But Im sure based on choosing from a #15 pick mock. He has a general what players he will possibly choose within 3 players choices in each round.

I would NEVER invest a 1st rounder (15) on any RT...ever....Pouncy is AVERAGE at best and there will be many just as good later in the draft...FA is a better option I beleive...and Ingram will NEVER make it...he has no special weapon and is undersized for this league...he also has weight problems and lacks zip...he will be a battering ram for a while then he will be finished.....move along...nothing to see here....they are the 2 I would HATE to see drafted by us....
Of the QB's ive already stated I like Mallet ( although i am starting to doubt his IQ if he continues with his gangsta rap impersonation of a 15 year old mall rat....)..I think mallet if he could mature could be very good...but Gabbert has the brain and has skill...id traid up if I was 100% sold...why not?....if at the end of the whole shooting match ALL you have achieved is you have your FRANCHISE QB...then the draft has been SUPERB....

I could could be way off the mark with Mallet???

If not these same players. I guarantee it will be the same types.

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 28, 2011 at 12:11 AM

Say it ain't so...You aren't going soft on Mallet are you DB? Trust your old eyes and research... Keep da faith bud, stay strong.

I gotta hit the rack.


Hey it's on like Donkey Kong tomorrow!

Lets hope Ireland is a ball of fire and full of revelation wth every pick.

I have some friends coming over so I won't be on until after the draft most likely.

Still would like Mallet but, Ty Smith, Aldon Smith or trade back opens all sorts of options.

Thanks for the Fins rap!

Ciao for now.

Very well said Armando, God Bless Jim Mandich and the Mandich family!


Im not off of Mallet band wagon. Learned lots from Parcell predraft special. Gave me clearer picture of mindset of nfl gm's on draft day.

From this I learned great chance Jimmy Smith or Aldon Smith have better chance of being our 1st rd pick at #15 than Pouncey or Ingram. Based on systemic value, positional value, need, and availability.

According to what Parcells taught on this special there isnt a qb with a snowball's chance in hell of being the Dolphins 1st rd pick outside of Gabbert or Newton falling.

Mr. Mandich left us with the 1972 perfect season untarnished!

RIP Jim M. - From New England

two things that were said about mallet that got me. one, parcells said he was too worried about his durability. i know many don't have faith in this guy, me included, but i take it as though he knows a heck of a lot more than i do about the process. two, the guys on total access were discussing him yesterday and they said his height was actually a disadvantage. they said he is TOO TALL. i never thought about being too tall as being an issue at the qb position but, once again, i have to respect their evaluation based on the fact that these guys live this stuff. i don't. so, i would be kind of worried with a mallet pick.

craig @ 11:26,
i've adjusted my mock based on justin houston failing the drug test at the combine. he tested positive for marijuana. so, i put mikel leshoure in their because, based on my trade down scenario, we would be picking at the end of the firs and he would be a good value there. from there on i put in players that miami had actually brought in to work out. rackley, green, newton, darbut, fannin, lockette, stanzi and powell. the only guys they didn't work out were little, bartholomew and dion lewis. so, i just put them on my christmas wish list.
now, to answer your question about rackley, he is a big strong o-lineman out of lehigh that is a good value in the third rd, where he is projected to go. there is some video of him on youtube you can watch if you'd like. he's very durable, starting 40 consecutive games. he played in the east-west shrine. he was one of the guys they kept mentioning. he performed really well at that game. he could be the left guard we are looking for.

i know there is a big difference between college and the pro's and there's an even bigger difference when you come from lehigh but against the competition at his level rackley is dominant. on pass plays he knocks guys down to the ground. on run plays he moves very well when he pulls. the guy is strong. there is a video of him pressing 405#'s,

sorry, the video i mentioned must be a different will rackley benching 405#'s unless he suddenly turned white.

rip jim

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