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Dolphins release preseason schedule for 2011

The Dolphins will do exactly what the headline above says they will do.

The team will announce that it is playing four preseason games in 2011, with one of those games being against Tampa Bay.

Last season, the Dolphins added Atlanta at home and at Dallas on the preseason schedule.

That's all I got for now.

What can I tell you? It's a lockout. News is scarce.

Update: OK, here it is. Drumroll please ...

The Dolphins preseason schedule according to the NFL begins Aug. 13 at the Atlanta Falcons. Carolina travels to Miami on Aug. 20 for the second preseason game. Miami travels to Tampa Bay on Aug. 27 for the important third game of the preseason. The preseason finale will feature the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 1.

Times of the games will be determined later. This, by the way, is from the official NFL schedule.

The Dolphins have released a schedule in which the dates are still up in the air. For example, the team is saying the Atlanta game will be played sometime between Agu. 12-15. The Carolina game will be played sometime between Aug. 19-22. The Tampa Bay game will be sometime between Aug. 26-29 and the Cowboys preseason-finale would be sometime between Sept. 1-2.

Know what? I'm going with the NFL schedule until further notice.

The only redundancy in the preseason and regular season schedule is the Cowboys, which Miami is scheduled to play in the regular season at Dallas.

The Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars -- for years a staple of each other's preseason schedule -- will not renew their in-state festivities this preseason for reasons that are not clear. Carolina takes the place of the Jaguars, obviously.

Miami will not be featured on any nationally televised preseason games.

This obviously assumes none of the games are cancelled due to an ongoing lockout. If all or part of the preseason gets washed out, we'll just simply have to find something else to do. Yes, that is the state of the NFL today.



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Oh, wait........

No it's not!


I was just waiting for someone to post FIRST!

I don't want Armando thinking I'm too eager or anything.

With most of the news coming from the NFL lately dealing with the lockout this is welcomed. Any news coming from the NFL now dealing with actual football I will settle for. The preseason should be interesting to see when that gets started up but in my opinion it will be right around the same time as normal without missing any games. Hopefully more positive NFL news is in the near future.


Your one of the best posting info. on here and your knowledge is unquestioned friend. The logic is sound I`ve heard the rumors as well, he could go anywhere from Tenn. at 8 to Min. at 12 and you can never forget Wash. at 10 given Shanahan hever saw a big arm he didn`t like.

The trade down is something that is not out of question if and only if the original partner is S.D. because it`s 3 spots to 18 and if Kerrigan and Pouncey are still on the board I can see a team at the bottom of rd.1 getting the itch.

By the way, I`ll tell you partner I`d love to sit round table with you, Rob,0x80,Derek4, Darryl, DB, DC, redsky and Aloco to drive everybody just a little batty and have at it with a few bottles round table football speak.

On Nfl.com Parcells is saying the Fins should have taken Matt Ryan instead of Long in 08. Also said they messed up taking Pat White, he wasn't the Protypical Q.B. I still say he came here to FFFFFF the Fins. Remember he was with the Jets and Pats.


Nthing suprises me anymore with Parcells, especially after publically saying he endorsed Rex to Jets G.M. Tannenbaum before 09 when he was our V.P. I wonder though what he means by those comments your talking about ? Wasn`t he supposed to be in charge of those drafts ? I`m gonna go check that out, thanks for the heads up.

Why don't you do ANOTHER story on Carson Palmer and how he will end up in Miami. Armando, you do realize that every legit sports news site laughed at your notion on the Phins getting Palmer. But hey why not do another one or two, and keep acting like you know anything about the NFL let alone the Dolphins.

Jesus !!!! Mando the article FINSARMAGEDDON is talking about names the Herald as a source and you give us the time on Pre-Season games ? I truely wonder if your not a Parcells apologist, I meen no disrespect but your constantly harping on the Parcells doctrine instead of wondering aloud about him as Fins V.P. helping the hated Jets in there Coach search of 09, now one has to go to NFL.Com to get the skinny on an article that names the Herald as a source ! what gives that a/s whip F`d us ! will copy the story for all:

No longer with the Miami Dolphins, Bill Parcells has time to think about the decisions he helped make during his three years with the team. A possible regret? Skipping quarterback Matt Ryan in favor of offensive tackle Jake Long with the first overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.

"Maybe, we should have (drafted Ryan instead)," Parcells, the Dolphins' former executive vice president of football operations, told The Miami Herald on Tuesday.

For his part, Long has become a three-time Pro Bowl selection and taken a leadership role. He and Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne have organized team weightlifting and workout sessions during the ongoing NFL lockout, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Ryan, who went No. 3 to the Atlanta Falcons in the 2008 draft, is 33-13 as a starter -- the most games won by any of the quarterbacks drafted in the last five years -- but he owns a 0-2 record in the playoffs.

Parcells also told the Herald that the decision to take quarterback Pat White in the second round of the 2009 draft "violated our principles."

"He just wasn't a prototypical quarterback pick," Parcells said. "He was a great college player, and we let that color our judgment."

Parcells attributed to decision to draft White to a "fever in the personnel department" and the quarterback's success with the Wildcat package and the spread offense.

White, a dual-threat star at the University of West Virginia, played in 13 games with the Dolphins, but he was 0-of-5 passing and ran for just 81 yards on 21 carries. Miami released White before the 2010 season,and he then pursued a professional baseball career, but he told the Kansas City Royals in March that he was retiring.

Jason....That post on the last page was well thought out. Nice work. Some folks get soured to long posts. But one like that is worthy of the read. Thank you.

Kyle Ruldolph is an interesting prospect. I doubt we would take him at fifteen. But if we were to trade down itno the later part of the first round. He may be a player that comes into play. He is an NFL ready route runner, catches the ball with his hands away from his body. This is huge for a tight end, as they usually have to roam in traffic, or catch balls over the top of linebackers dropped in coverage.

A tight end IMO is a more important piece to the offensive puzzle then a deep threat reciever. The problem is that the depth at the position is nowhere near the depth at reciever.The tight end spot is crucial to a young quarterback. I do not believe our tight ends caught more than 40 passes between the 2. This is simply not good enough.

Drum roll was the best part.

Dear fins4life and finsarmageddon, that Parcells article you are referring to on other sites ... Um, I wrote it! For the Herald!

Look across this very page (the Dolphins page on the Herald site) and there's my column.

Thanks for checking it out.

the pat white pick came from the trade of JT to the redskins. So maybe parcells took a chance because the pick was a freebee


Can you get us and interview with Parcells?

Many apologies Mando,

I saw it and read it and found it interesting how quick he was to throw the Personnel Dept. under the bus. I got into a debate not long ago about Parcells tenure in Miami and someone posted back at me that, he wanted all of the credit if it worked and complete deniability if it didn`t. I thought that was maybe a bit of an exageration but now I kind of see it that way as well.


A 2nd rd pick is never a freebie. We f*ucked up big time with the Pat White pick. There's no cand coating it at all!

Armando...Would you like to be part of the mock draft challenge? We are trying to figure out a day where bloggers can post their final mock draft, then compare them to the actual team picks. It may make for a fun exercise. Are you in?


That`s one way to look at it but yet another is we could have drafted USC Tackling machine Ray Maulaluga (MLB) with that pick as well.


I've been saying for a while now that Kyle Rudolph would be great for this offence. I agree with you, to take him at 15 would be a stretch but I would have no problem with us taking him later in the first or early second, assuming we get a second. Your point is well made.

One other thing I would like to point out guys, I checked out about 8-10 mock drafts yesterday that I wasn't familiar with previously and everyone one BAR one has us taking Ingram. I think if we are stuck at 15, we should resign ourselves to this pick. I can't see why we as fans would be disappointed with this pick, as it addresses our biggest need in the draft and gives us the consensus best back in the draft. He may not end up being the number one back in the draft but the consensus clearly shows that he is, and for the most part no other back is shown to be a first round pick. Make of that what you want.

I read your parcells piece mando. interesting how others have latched on to it because parcells apparently isn't talking to them. how'd you get him to talk to you? Jedi mind trick, perhaps?

Darryl, how does that mock draft thing work?

I have to submit an entire mock?

So I would post one here and the rest of you guys would post yours, too?

That makes for some pretty loooooooong posts in the comments section.

But if that's what you're thinking. Let's go!


Count me in if we're doing a mock? Do we do it ahead of time or as the draft is in progress? I'm fine either way. Just let me know when you want it in by.

Craig M... I think the problem people have with Ingram is that he doesn't have the dynamic breakaway speed that a lot of people like to see. There is a ton of depth at the running back position. The problem is that most of the backs aren't projected to be workhorses. A guy like Kendal Hunter, or Demarco Murray could fill a role. But they both look like specialists, then everydown guys.

Williams, and Lashoure could fill this roll. But I'm not sure we would take either at 15. Maybe? This puzzle would have been much easier to solve if we could have signed free agents before the draft. My thought is if we skip Ingram, Either Brown, or Bong Pipe will be resigned. If we take Ingram, I think it will be bye-bye R&R.

I say this because Ingram(love him or hate him) is the type of back that will eat up carries. The other guys that may be available later in the draft do not immedietly do this for us. I think it would be hard to argue the teams logic if Ingram is our pick. It will certainly give us a look into the future of what kind of offense we will be running if he is indeed the choice.


I also think if we really KNEW that D'Angelo Williams would sign with us then it would make a difference in our draft strategy. I think you could wait to draft one of the guys you talked about, like Hunter or Murray. But alas we don't this for a fact and it would be dangerous to take this approach and then have to rely on Hunter and whoever else.

Armando....Yeah that's the idea. I know it may take up space. But the idea is You get to be the GM. No trades, just the way it looks now. We can compare and contrast. And unmercifully rip on everyone for how crazy their mocks are..Just playin' I will take down everyones picks and re-post them. We all just have to settle on a day, and time...Everyone is invited(I know this is your blog,but IMO the more the merrier. If this is okay)

My suggestion is to do this a few days before the draft. Then after the draft when everything has calmed down. We can go back and look. Just my thought. Again, I'm not trying to take your blog hostage, just throwing out an idea for some contributions.

the patriots are trying to sucker the dolphins into drafting locker by bringing him in for a visit.

I have absolutely no fcking idea who the Dolphins will pick. I can tell you(and you can write it down) that they will pick a QB, DL, OL, and RB, more or less in that order.

Works for me, Darryl. I'm thinking Sunday before the draft. Four days before draft night April 28.

I guess I'll post my mock and then everyone else will post their mocks in the comments section?

Armando..Sounds good. Now you don't have to worry about a post on that day(barring huge news). See, we are always lookin out for you! (lol)


Count me in too. I've already done a bunch of homework on this but I'll need to sharpen things up a bit before that Sunday and the draft roll around.

Just one thought guys....isn't that Easter Sunday? Does it matter?

One thing I'd like to see this year is for more people to take preseason (if there is one) more seriously. No, not the score or W/L at the end of preseason. And no, it doesn't count but you can get a pretty good idea of how the season is going to go.

I don't like to lose, not even at spitting contests. You guys go ahead.

Darryl, that mock is assuming no trade back correct?

I'm trying to figure out some way to simulate brain damage so I can think like Ireland.

Unfortunately the draft might be the only football related activity we can enjoy for awhile! Nice read on Parcells in today's Herald Mando! You went easy on him, but if you hadn't it would've been interview over! Good job!

You can criticize Armando all you want. You can call him out when need be. You can be an Armando "suck up" if you so choose.

I'm no Armando "groupie" by any means, but I'll give him credit when and where credit is do.

Kudos to you Armando! You're a major part of the reason I choose to blog here.

Armando live blogs with us. He does a pretty good job, even when there's not much news. Other than making me feel slightly neglected while "launching" Armando and the Amigo, I don't have too much to complain about.

Now, being "one of the guys" and participating with us in Darryl's Mock Draft? That's the shyt! Completely awesome Dude.

You keep this stuff Armando and I might even take back some of the things I said about you during Yours, mine and Carlito's "disagreement"-LOL!

I might even forgive you for hanging up on me while we were talking live on the air about LaGarette Blount. Huh? Yeah! You remember THAT one Armando-LMAO!

Seriously though Armando, YOU THE MAN!!!!


I had to step out for awhile. I saw your reply. Thanks for the kind words. In all honesty though, you're not such a bad poster yourself!

I'm not just being cheesy and throwing around words either. I don't do that.

While we don't agree 100% of the time, I do believe we think a lot alike. I respect that and look forward to reading your posts and opinions.

Sitting around the round table? Sounds like a great idea. I'll BUY............the FIRST round anyways-LOL!


I didn't mean to sound rude about the length of Jason's post. Sharing information is what blogging should be about. Even if it's an EXTREMELY LARGE amount of information-LOL.


My apologies if my response came off wrong. It was just another ill fated attempt on my part at interjecting a little humor.


To bad parcells has nothing to do but fixate on the past that is in the past I guess older people like tp spend a lot of their time there. I is what it is and now is now time to move on. Time flys and we nee to be the pilot!

Odin...No worries. I wasn't refearing to anyone in general. I thought what you said was pretty funny actually. It's just sometimes folks get grief for long posts.

beerphin...I would say no trade down scenarios. Just go with what we have. This whole idea is to give everyone a chance to check out different ideas, and compare them. I think we should make it simple. Easter Sunday is the perfect day....No offense to those who celebrate this day. But we could use some devine intervention.

cocoajoe...That last part was meant for you. Sorry I got sidetracked. Sippin on a Taddy Porter. Got beer on my mind.....

Hey StarTracker...did you get that out of a fortune cookie?


I'll work on getting my mock up Saturday night or earlu Sunday morning (I'll wait for Armando to get his mock up first). I'll have all my homework done beforehand.

I have some family commitments on Easter Sunday but that won't preclude me from sticking my head in at some point.

Craig M...Looking forward to your mock. I'm sure it will be well thought out.

So Darryl, what's the format? Just Dolphins 1st couple of rounds?

cocoajoe...Rounds 1-7. I think we have 3 7th rounders.Woo-hoo!!

Wasnt Brady a 7th rounder?????

Sorry it was the 6th round......

Bet your last dollar that they pick a RB in the 1st..........


I`m in should be fun but do me a favor please lay the ground work down one by one, like say

1) no trades

2) ect...

That way everybody gets the rules.


I know we're doing the mock with no trade down scenarios. Me and Fin4life were talking earlier about a trade down with San Diego and recouping a 2nd. I couldn't resist

I know a lot of people aren't thinking along these lines. But, this is about my umpteenth zillionth mock since the Combine:

1. Martez Wilson ILB - Illinois.

2-A. Stefen Wisniewski C Penn St.

2-B. Kendall Hunter RB - Oklahoma State.

3. Edmund Gates WR - Abilene Christian.

4. Jordan Cameron TE - USC.

5. Ricky Stanzi QB - Iowa.

6. Joeseph Barksdale OT - LSU 6-5 325

7-A. Denarius Moore WR - Tenn. 6-0 194 4.43

7-B. Da'Rel Scott RB - Maryland 5-11 211 4.40

7-C. DeMarcus Van Dyke CB - Miami 6-1 176 4.25

We do have 3 in the 7th because of the compensatory pick, don't we?

But Odin, No pick in #2.......


How many options of elimination are you going to give if the player is of the board, should be limmited to 3 per round making it even more interesting, to bad we can`t set up a pool of some kind.

Not bad odin, read my post at 7:30 though I want to know how many of these we get if our player is already of the board or is it just straight up.

No odin hasn`t gone crazy putting up 2 picks in rd.2 that`s a scenario we were bouncing around were if S.D. trades up with us 3 spots sending us from 15 to 18 then were looking to move down again for any late round takers on a Kerrigan or Pouncy still on the board and really we should be able to throw draft predictions in there as well, I also want to set mine up with trades.

But Odin, No pick in #2.......

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 12, 2011 at 07:29 PM

Hey! Can you keep your reality out of my fantasy-SHEESH!

Just kidding Cuban, that one got by me, my bad.

I knew it felt too good to be true.

(thinking: Stoopid! Stoopid! Stoopid!..........).

When it comes to being dumb, Jeff Ireland ain't got nothing on ME!

Actually Cuban, Fin4life and I were talking about a double trade back in the first round.

I know it's highly unlikely, but I have seen it happen quite a few times this decade.

If you were talking about New Eng. Doing something like that I'd buy it, But with Ireland we'll be lucky if he doesnt pick a Kicker or punter......

Overall, I like your mock draft, odin.

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