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Dolphins release preseason schedule for 2011

The Dolphins will do exactly what the headline above says they will do.

The team will announce that it is playing four preseason games in 2011, with one of those games being against Tampa Bay.

Last season, the Dolphins added Atlanta at home and at Dallas on the preseason schedule.

That's all I got for now.

What can I tell you? It's a lockout. News is scarce.

Update: OK, here it is. Drumroll please ...

The Dolphins preseason schedule according to the NFL begins Aug. 13 at the Atlanta Falcons. Carolina travels to Miami on Aug. 20 for the second preseason game. Miami travels to Tampa Bay on Aug. 27 for the important third game of the preseason. The preseason finale will feature the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 1.

Times of the games will be determined later. This, by the way, is from the official NFL schedule.

The Dolphins have released a schedule in which the dates are still up in the air. For example, the team is saying the Atlanta game will be played sometime between Agu. 12-15. The Carolina game will be played sometime between Aug. 19-22. The Tampa Bay game will be sometime between Aug. 26-29 and the Cowboys preseason-finale would be sometime between Sept. 1-2.

Know what? I'm going with the NFL schedule until further notice.

The only redundancy in the preseason and regular season schedule is the Cowboys, which Miami is scheduled to play in the regular season at Dallas.

The Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars -- for years a staple of each other's preseason schedule -- will not renew their in-state festivities this preseason for reasons that are not clear. Carolina takes the place of the Jaguars, obviously.

Miami will not be featured on any nationally televised preseason games.

This obviously assumes none of the games are cancelled due to an ongoing lockout. If all or part of the preseason gets washed out, we'll just simply have to find something else to do. Yes, that is the state of the NFL today.