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Dolphins release preseason schedule for 2011

The Dolphins will do exactly what the headline above says they will do.

The team will announce that it is playing four preseason games in 2011, with one of those games being against Tampa Bay.

Last season, the Dolphins added Atlanta at home and at Dallas on the preseason schedule.

That's all I got for now.

What can I tell you? It's a lockout. News is scarce.

Update: OK, here it is. Drumroll please ...

The Dolphins preseason schedule according to the NFL begins Aug. 13 at the Atlanta Falcons. Carolina travels to Miami on Aug. 20 for the second preseason game. Miami travels to Tampa Bay on Aug. 27 for the important third game of the preseason. The preseason finale will feature the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 1.

Times of the games will be determined later. This, by the way, is from the official NFL schedule.

The Dolphins have released a schedule in which the dates are still up in the air. For example, the team is saying the Atlanta game will be played sometime between Agu. 12-15. The Carolina game will be played sometime between Aug. 19-22. The Tampa Bay game will be sometime between Aug. 26-29 and the Cowboys preseason-finale would be sometime between Sept. 1-2.

Know what? I'm going with the NFL schedule until further notice.

The only redundancy in the preseason and regular season schedule is the Cowboys, which Miami is scheduled to play in the regular season at Dallas.

The Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars -- for years a staple of each other's preseason schedule -- will not renew their in-state festivities this preseason for reasons that are not clear. Carolina takes the place of the Jaguars, obviously.

Miami will not be featured on any nationally televised preseason games.

This obviously assumes none of the games are cancelled due to an ongoing lockout. If all or part of the preseason gets washed out, we'll just simply have to find something else to do. Yes, that is the state of the NFL today.



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Some observations:

1) We have two dogs - a cockapoo and a dachshund. While both get an immense level of affection, attention and love, I must confess that my cockapoo is the apple of my eye. I hope it's not a sin to favor one dog over another.

2) Pardoxically, one of the problems with the National Football League these days is that the playing fields are TOO well designed. When was the last time you saw a game played in mud? Was there anything more dramatic than A.J. Duhe returning a Richard Todd pass for a TD in the mud of the Orange Bowl during the 1982 AFC Championship game?

3) Did you ever notice that East Indian and Pakistani women have beautifully shaped eyes? Very round and full. Kind of like Betty Rubble (as opposed to Wilma Flintstone).

4) Did the Toronto Raptors make the playoffs this year? One second, I'll check.

Yikes! They have the 3rd worst record in the league! It's not like I care, because it's only basketball, but I was all set to jump on the bandwagon.

5) Audrey Hepburn had the most beautiful mouth. And she didn't need collagen.

Trey 12:41

DITTO !!!!

Well then , Trey, what do you think the Dolphins FO might do to acquire a good, stopgap QB?(I am assuming that Henne will not cut it).

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 13, 2011 at 12:33 PM


At the RIGHT price (and that's a huge caveat) I wouldn't be opposed to Palmer as that guy, while still searching for an answer in the draft. I think he would be a decided upgrade desapite his own flaws and question marks. In his defense, I think Cincinnati is as dysfuntional and unwinnable a situation as exists in pro sports.

Not much else out there excites me at all. Let's face it, this just isn;t a great time to be searching for a new QB...especially with a labor situation that soon will make it "Henne by default" if not settled quickly.

I wiil go and prepare my lunch now.

I haven't seen ANYONE here suggest Miami give up a #1 for Kolb. For sure, not me.

They were no fucki-g dumb trades, Trey@12:41. They were well paid for them. Right!

Nathaniel, love the post!

I miss muddy, unkempt fields as well. The NFL strives for 'perfection' in everything from uniform dress codes to manicured fields with state-of-the-art surfaces but a little bit of mess and chaos was always compelling to watch.

It's become a bit too sterile and Orwellian compared to the game in the past.


Funny you would bring up Joe Thomas in the early days because if memory serves he was replaced by a more than game Bobby Beatherd who buit the Killer B`s and assembled some good teams for Shula. It was Joe Robbie in order to save a couple of bucks that let him walk, while letting Shula be one of the 1st. to pull double duty as Coach/G.M. You can trace the disasters in personel moves all the way back to this point, while wasting one of the best Q.B.`s in history with below averege teams.


But, Trey, YOU at 12;12PM today stated that Philly won't part with Kolb unless for a 1st round pick. Let us eat our lunch in peace, please?!

Beathard did indeed replace Thomas but his first few years didn't produce much in the way of new talent (with the caveat that he was drafting at or near the bottom in each round). Beathard left after the 1977 season...which incidentally was probably his best draft in Miami.

Definitely had more success with the Redskins but he seemed to be "growing into the role" with the Dolphins after a shaky first few years.

That's the funny thing with these personnell guys. Some have a great run and then are duds (Thomas)...some start slowly and turn into great ones (Beathard).

With Ireland, I don't think anyone nhas the capability of saying. He could just as easily wind up on the outs in Miami a year from now and go on to great success elsewhere as any other scenario. Jerry Jopnes, for onwe, would probably EAGERLY re-hire the guy. Just saying...

But, Trey, YOU at 12;12PM today stated that Philly won't part with Kolb unless for a 1st round pick. Let us eat our lunch in peace, please?!

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 13, 2011 at 01:00 PM


Um, yes...and when did I ever say Miami should trade for him??

Palmer is the only one I raised as a possibility AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

Not sure what you're reading Oscar, but apparently it's not what I'm posting.

You have to also consider back in Joe Thomas' heydey the draft was up to 17rds long. That leaves a lot of leway for just pure dumb luck too! LOL...................


Thanks for the refresher I thought Beathard left in 80 not 77 but that explains the trade sending Theisman to Wash for me. I also miss those mud bowls as a boy. I was actually at the 82 AFC. Champ, my family had season tickets so we had our seats for that one. I remember Woody Bennett taking a bow in the end zone after his score to Duhe`s pick 6 sealing the deal and bringing the house down to chants of SUPER BOWL !!!

I however also remember that in those days it was customary for fans to rush the field after those types of wins and distinctly remember Miami Police sicking there German Shepards on everybody and wondering even then as a boy how that must have looked to a National audience.

OB...Section O.....Row 44....Seats..14,15,16.. our sideof the field towards the open end.

Can`t believe I actually remember the exact location of the seats, those were the days from 74 till the move in 87 to JRS when they tried to give us inferior seats and my old man offended refused.

Back then there were rookies cut that developed into awful fine players for other teams. There was just so many players drafted it was even more difficult to develop and accurately gage the potential of each and every one of them.

It was one of the reasons we ended up with hof Larry Little from the Chargers. Even during those times he originally signed with San Diego as an undrafted fa. It was just pure dumb luck we ended up with a hof all pro guard giving so little in trade for Little.

Little had only started 4 games for the Chargers and we got him in exchange for db Mack Lamb. Mack who? LOL..............


I didn`t know that one that really is something !!!

I guess at the time We traded Mack who for Larry who? But Larry who would go on to Mr hof. Just dumb luck, not utter brilliance. LOL.........


The Dolphins were heavily considering trading Kuechenberg before he became a starter. But then oline coach Monte Clark threatened to quit if they did. Kuechenberger then became a starter and never looked back. LOL..........

You mean the Kuechenberg who paved the way for Zonk during our SB win over Minn. I was really to small to remember that one but in every Video I`ve seen it`s clear that it`s Kooch whipping everything out in front of Zonk that day.

@ of the greatest championship pieces added to the early 70's Dolphins were more no brainer than genious. Those two were the acquisitions of Nick Buonticonti and Paul Warfield.

Those were the two pieces on both sides of the ball which really put them over the top. LOL........

I however also remember that in those days it was customary for fans to rush the field after those types of wins and distinctly remember Miami Police sicking there German Shepards on everybody and wondering even then as a boy how that must have looked to a National audience.

Posted by: fin4life | April 13, 2011 at 01:15 PM


I would have been one of those rushing the field if not for the heavy police presence (and the snarling dogs) that day!

What the hell were they worried about? Messing up a field that already looked as if Patton's army had run tanks through it??

(Section 32 back in those days...upper SW corner of the OB...man, we had a crazy bunch up there!)

Bouniconti mind you who div. foe, the then Boston Pats trade us, we however 30 years later return the favor with W.Welker.

Bob Kuechenberg so dominated and frustrated Alan Page in Super Bowl VIII that Page took a swing at Kuechenberg, was penalized 15 yards, and ejected from the game.


Yup thats the Kuech! The guy Shula was in favor of keeping to make Kuech trade expendable, I cant even remember his name now. He would be the answer to a good Dolphins history trivia question if posed.

Yeah, Kuech was nearly out of Miami. Its was oline coach Monte Clark threatning to quits as Shula's assistant that adverted this crucial mistake. Just blind luck, a couple no brainer decisions, and solid drafting that built one of the greatest nfl teams of all time. LOL.............

Page is now a judge. Of course, he's a Democrat, because Democrats believe in a "living" constitution. Perhaps Page felt that this "living" constitution was elastic enough to permit one player to take a swing at another player with impunity.


Very interesting Buoniconti/Welker analogy! LOL..........


We had a wild one in our section as well, the electricity in that stadium was un-matched, JRS has always lacked that in my opinion. I had one guy in my sec. that use to crack me up, you know one of the harmless but funny ones, this guy everytime we played the Jets and Gastineau would go into that rediculous sack dance would stand on his seat and moon the field, he got arrested for it in front of me, classic OB memories, by the way if you were there for the Bears in 85 you just felt an energy in the air you could cutt with a knife. You just knew we were going to beat them that day !!!

I recall Kuechenberg talking about playing for the semi-pro "Chicago Owls" before coming to the Dolphins. The one time I met him, he found it pretty humorous anyone would remember that.

Definitely some diamonds in the rough back then, with Little being another one you guys mentioned. San Diego basically just gave him away.

Not that Miami hasn't done the same in reverse. Anyone remember Joel Williams? He was a local Miami kid who had a free-agent tryout with the Dolphins in 78. Shula cut him despite a very good camp and he went on to an outstanding, 11-year career with both the Falcons and Eagles. I know there's plenty of others, but Williams is one I always remember for some reason.


It was also after that very dominating SB victory that Vike's lb Wally Hilgenberg would say after the game:

"It's an honro to finish 2nd to those guys. They just seem to come wave after wave all afternoon."

It just doesnt get any better than that coming from a thoroughly defeated opponent! LOL.............

Bob Kuechenberg so dominated and frustrated Alan Page in Super Bowl VIII that Page took a swing at Kuechenberg, was penalized 15 yards, and ejected from the game.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | April 13, 2011 at 01:38 PM


AND Kooch did that with a fractured right arm in a cast. Remarkable.

By the way guys, true story ! I was in traffic court a few years back and ended up in Judge Edward Newman`s court room, he apparently goes by Edward now. I couldn`t help myself as I was leaving and told him I loved watching him play and he thanked me !!

by the way if you were there for the Bears in 85 you just felt an energy in the air you could cutt with a knife. You just knew we were going to beat them that day !!!

Posted by: fin4life | April 13, 2011 at 01:44 PM


Incredible night. Youtube has a funny clip regarding the noise level that night---worth searching out.

Two others: The infamous Chargers playoff in 81. Never heard it that noisy during the HALF...and when they came out for the 3rd quarter it was bedlam.

Also, do you recall a Monday Nighter versus the Eagles when Jaworski couldn't get the snap off something like seven or eight consecutive tries? Finally did...which Miami promptly intercepted (Lyle Blackwood?). Great times.

SBVII against the Redskins, was the absolute greatest game Ive ever seen a NT play. Even up to today Ive never witnessed a NT having even close to as dominant a game as Manny Fernandez's SBVII performance.

That day Fernandez almost singlehandidly thwarted the entire Redskin offense. LOL............

Gotta run, fellas, but thisn has been a lot of fun.

When Oscar returns, maybe you can tell him I was NOT advocating a trade for Kolb, lol.

Take it easy!

The Redskins had absolute zero answer for Fernandez in SBVII! LOL.............

I'll let it go, Trey. I will have a siesta now. But, definitely, I will come back.


Before you go that Eagles Monday nighter when Jaws finally does get the play off, Glenn Blackwood came on a blitz and he fumbled sealing the game, they were looking to at least tie and were in FG range at the time.

The 81 game vs. S.D. is the only time I haven`t been upset after a loss because it was just such a monumental affar that you accepted it, although I would hve strung Uve Von S from a tree that night.



I'm POSITIVE the Eagles were backed up towards the west endzone when that happened. It's very clear in my memory. Not entirely sure who had the interception but I think it was one of the Blackwood brothers. The blitz/fumble may have happened at another point in that game but for sure Jaws was backed up, had to delay the snap repeatedly and then threw the int.

Much of the rest of the 1980's are a blur to me, however!

And, yes, I also would have GLADLY helped you hang Uwe after that game!!

(ok, now I REALLY gotta run!)


I`ll take your word for it but I could have sworn thy were driving and Glenn.B forced a fumble, you know however it could have been a diff. instance in the same game. If memory serves the refs took a time out from Philly and hit them with multiple delays that night only causing more noise and bedlum.

DB/Trey/Nathaniel D.

Thanks for the absolutely awesome ride down memory lane, that was cool !!!!

Exactly what is a cockapoo?

Plain and simple, Parcells f*cked us badly, something that may take years to fully get worked out of the team's system. And of course his buddy Rex over at the P E S T S, Pests, Pests, Pests! is laughing all the way to the bank.

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