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Draft Day 2011: The latest from rumor central

This is the latest from the draft/rumor/smokescreen mill at this hour:

1. QB Andy Dalton is a redhot property and despite the possibility he could go to the Dolphins, there is talk he'll actually be gone by the time Miami picks at No. 15. Incredible. I see this as a reach.

2. Still have found no one other than Jason LaCanfora (previous post) who believes Dolphins will pick Colin Kaepernick with their first pick at No. 15. Maybe if they trade out of the round, but at No. 15? Hard to believe.

3. I'm hearing talk that Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph is on Miami's board and a possibility at No. 15, but more likely as a player they like later in the first round as a fallback. Two people have actually told me this. These folks are NFL types, not media. Anyway, the thinking is Rudolph is a stretch the field type player even though he is not a WR. He would be a help to a QB needing a security blanket. The Patriots last year turned their rookie tight ends into very effective weapons.

4. I have confirmed that the Miami draft totem pole has changed in ways more deep-seeded than simply moving out Bill Parcells. Yes, Jeff Ireland is the general manager and makes the final call on Miami's pick. That's a switch from the last three years when Parcells had final say. But I have confirmed the Dolphins did indeed make a little-known but significant change to Tony Sparano's contract that allows him to have the most say in the draft room of any year he's been with the team. The fact is Sparano has the power now to speak up and put the brakes on a pick if he's of that mind. I assume he can also advocate for a pick. That to me is significant because, obviously, Sparano is a bigtime offensive line advocate and Mike Pouncey is a very likely Dolphins target. Does that increase the chances Pouncey gets picked? I don't know. But it is something to keep in mind.

[NOTES: Come back and refresh regularly as I'll be gathering whatever is out there and reporting it back to you here. Also, there is a live draft blog at 8 p.m. And I will be updating my twitter timeline in real time so follow me.]


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I find it hard to believe Sparano was rewarded with more power coming off 2 bad seasons.

Mando, you love Mike Pouncey!

Man, do you really believe this is the best pick??? How does this make this team relevant?

1 st pouncey
2 nd noel devine
lance kendricks or virgil green
anything after this is gravy

draft freaking quality for once

Will Bess how much you want for that #15? You want balls thrown your way....?

Good work Mando! I dont really know enough about Rudolph to yeah or neah either way at #15.

But if you bring Rudolph in at #15 it better mean Fasano's out on his a^ss. If not its a mega-reach.

Its tough being a very loyal Dolphin fan and watch some of the puke some poster up chuck in here. Geesh!

I've thought that Gabbert, Dalton and Stanzi are the top rated QB's all along.

Shyt in one hand and want in the other, Mallet's right there with these three. Newton or Kap? Not by a long shot!

Think it through you guys. Any other year and this group wouldn't rate as 1st rounders(except maybe Mallet). Is this REALLY how you want to use your 1 pick out of the first 76 selections?

You miss on this one and it could be all Spitlers and Jerry's the rest of the way.

I will find a way to screw it up!


Mortensen just reporter Dalton and Locker now have 1st rd grades on them with a few qb seeking teams.

Also reportes "A TEAM" has a 1st rd grade on Locker but they dont think they'll be drafting a qb 1st rd.

To me "A TEAM" possibly sounds like it could be the Miami Dolphins.

I want Jake Locker!Forget Marijuana Mallet, Ginger boy Dalton, and Pu**y arm Ponder. Locker will spice up our offense and move the sticks with his legs and make plays on the move. He isn't scared to throw the ball up and that's what we need if Marshall doesnt get stabbed, shot, molested, whatever. Who's with me with the Locker Pick????????


Way to stick with the coverage. Good job so far!

All I've heard today is knee jerk, panic mode MAJOR REACH talk today.

I know it's the long aawited draft day, but man, people need to calm down.

Dalton at 15? Kap? Now Rudolph! C'Mon MAN!

I know of 5 defensive players that will probably be available and I'd take anyone them before the above mentioned REACHES!!!!


One thing I know beyond any doubt: Nobody here has a freakin' clue how ANY of these players will ultimately pan out.

Convince (delude) yourselves otherwise, but deep down you know damn well it's the truth.

That said, enjoy the draft. Nice to have something other than the labor issues to discuss!

Keep your jobs for the next 15 years......

"Rudolph missed the final seven games of 2010 after undergoing hamstring surgery, but he has the potential to develop into a weapon in the passing game at the next level. He is fast and has the hip fluidity to separate in and out of his breaks in man coverage. He has tremendous hands and shows a knack for coming down with the ball in traffic. He lacks the strength and bulk to be an effective run blocker, but he works hard to sustain and keeps solid position. Rudolph is a very good receiving tight end and could be a steal in the second round".Rudolph missed the final seven games of 2010 after undergoing hamstring surgery, but he has the potential to develop into a weapon in the passing game at the next level. He is fast and has the hip fluidity to separate in and out of his breaks in man coverage. He has tremendous hands and shows a knack for coming down with the ball in traffic. He lacks the strength and bulk to be an effective run blocker, but he works hard to sustain and keeps solid position. Rudolph is a very good receiving tight end and could be a steal in the second round.
I'm not sold he's the pick...at 15 he better be something special. I'm a irish fan and he played great...He'll be an upgrade over what we have now but #15 in the first round - no way.

at least Ireland will be able to keep his job.....Coach Tony....well....thats another matter......

Ireland.....swing for the fences.....or in other words.....go for a TD....if you miss.....well at least you tried.....many will respect that...i know I will....

Locker! Locker! Locker! This kid is a stud. He's extremely competitive and doesn't play scared. Yes he throws interceptions but Brett Favre threw alot of INT's too and he turned out alright. You have to take chances and throw the rock up and that's what this kid does.

Everybody want Locker say YEA!!!


I'm just waiting to see if Ireland lives up to drafting players with speed who are explosive.

I bet he stays with the same old plan.

I hope all the QB's in this draft go 1-2-3 prospectively.

At least this way we'll be sure to get a REAL playmaker that will actually PLAY this year.

AJ, Julio, you might have to wait to 15 because of this sudden influx of hall of fame QB's, but we're coming for you guys!

Hang in there-ROTFLMAO!!!!

I wouldn't rob banks with none of you knee jerkers! Well........except for Dying Breed, he sounds like the right kind of CRAZY!!!!

If you draft Mallett.....you can go 7-9 next season...maybe even 6-10......your jobs will be safe because you can tell ross about the "young gun" comming off the bench.....

Draft an OL and go 7-9....well.....its been real.....

Trade down to later in the first and then trade that pick to a team like the Titans that wants to get back in the 1st rd to draft Dalton or the Bengals who want to draft Ponder. Then draft Mallett with the pick in the 2nd rd acquired from said team and pick up an additional 3rd and 4th rounder as well.

If Julio Jones drops is be some miracle available then we better not pass up on him. That would be a gift from the football Gods. He's tough as nails and has the speed we need.
Let's go Dolphins.

Here’s a crazy one: NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora believes the Titans are seriously considering TCU QB Andy Dalton with the 8th overall pick. According to LaCanfora, Dalton is generating a lot of “late buzz,” and the Titans “consider him to be an elite prospect who carries less of the varied risk of other QBs in this draft.” The cerebral and accurate Dalton would be a welcome addition after dealing with Vince Young for the past 5 years. Still, we think the Titans would either trade down in the 1st-round, or trade back up into the late 1st, if they’re interested in Dalton.

What on earth could Sparano know about drafting players!?

Beat writer Joe Reedy believes the Bengals are targeting a QB in the 2nd-round. They’ve shown serious interest in Florida State’s Christian Ponder and TCU’s Andy Dalton, although there’s no guarantee those guys will still be around when Cincinnati picks at #35. We’re still not convinced they’ll pass on Gabbert in the 1st-round.

Amazing what you can get added to your contract when you almost get your manhood sliced off by the owner.

Let's stay with the 15th pick.

We haven't had success with a second rounder since A LONG TIME. The only solid second rounder has been MISI and he's still questionable.

Locker is going to light up defenses. Let's get this franchise QB now and build around him.

Rudolph is NOT a field stretcher at TE. He is Anthony Fasano Part 2. And any team who drafts Andy Dalton in the top half of Round 1 is VERY ignorant. He's a 3rd rounder.

The Dolphins are one of the toughest teams to peg in the 1st-round. RB is their biggest need, but those close to the team don’t believe they’ll bite on Alabama’s Mark Ingram. Florida G/C Mike Pouncey is an option, but he’d be a bit of a reach at #15. Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick may be emerging as the favorite to land in South Beach. Both NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly have the Fins going with the ultra-athletic QB.

Sparano with more power & influence =
more bad news for the Fins!

Peter Principle run rampant!

Kaepernick looks like he weighs 180 pounds. He's as scrawny as a damn toothpick. How he weighs 225 pounds is beyond me. I think he must've been wearing lead shoes and had a 20 pound dumbbell in his hand when he was weighed.


Rob bank with me? Waddaya think the "DB" in Cooper stands for! Guess it has been a while since Ive held a normal job, LOL..........

Sparano may be a rah rah guy as a coach but can he really judge talent in the draft?? He may be Wanny all over again when it comes to that.


My last name used to be "Cooper". LOL..........

I wouldn't rob banks with none of you knee jerkers! Well........except for Dying Breed, he sounds like the right kind of CRAZY!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | April 28, 2011 at 04:36 PM

Odin.....DB changes his mind more than my wife changes her clothes.......

I don't doubt DB has the master mind to pull it off...but if you guys get CAUGHT......your a s s is sold up the river within 30 minutes.....lol

DB get probation and post bail the same day......lol

Too many teams seeking QB's and very limited talent at the position.

I would make signing V Young the priority at QB and focus other areas in the draft even trying to trade a DE to Tenn for him in the draft.

D Williams is significantly better than ANY RB in this draft as well.

I'd be stoked to see a OT at #15 if Ireland is unable to trade back. 1st pick on OT or a great LB if A Smith were to drop. Then SPEED at WR,RB, and a freak TE hopefully.

IF Irleland can Go OT early followed by speed in the draft then land D Williams, V Young and a G in FA then he had a great offseason. That's all I ask.

Henne; surround him with talent and protection and see what he can do this year. V Young is an excellent option should Henne not click.

with the 15th pick of the draft....the Miami Dolphins select.....Joe Acorn......a nut from .................from Coastal Carolina........

Oh Brother


Youre a very kind sir. But it aint never took me 30 minutes to tell on nobody. Im still sending mother canteen money every month! LOL...........

It will be interesting to see the reactions to what happens tonight.

With all of the varying opinions there are going to be a lot of upset people no matter who gets selected.

LOL...DB....thats funny.....

Gotta run....i'll see who's on at the draft.......


Also I wouldnt get probation. I'll end of with the DA's summer beach home for an entire month.

Negotiations my dear boy, negotiations! LOL.......

Kyle Rudoplh Scouting Report. 2nd Projection but doesn't seem worth it to me judging solely by this report:

Conference: Independents
HT: 6-6
WT: 259
40 Time: 4.75
Biography: "Three-year starter who posted 28/320/3 in six games as a junior. Suffered a season-ending hamstring injury last October, which required surgery to repair. Had 33/364/3 as a sophomore and 29/340/2 as a freshman."

Positives: "Strong, well-rounded tight end prospect with a complete game. Displays terrific focus and concentration as a receiver, possesses soft and strong hands, and consistently makes the tough grab in a crowd. Goes over the middle and takes a pounding yet holds onto the ball. Nicely makes the reception in stride, adjusting to the errant throw and looking the ball in. Finds the open spot in the defense, comes back to the ball, and extends his hands, offering the quarterback a nice target. Strong blocker and easily controls opposing defensive lineman once engaged the point of attack. Attacks blocking assignments. Effective in motion and gets out on the second level and handles linebackers."

Negatives: Displays minimal quickness and speed in his game with no burst. Not a downfield threat. Poor route runner and displays limited sharpness into breaks.

Analysis: "Rudolph has been a consistent tight end for Notre Dame the past three seasons yet is being slightly overrated in some circles. He has starting potential in the NFL but will never develop into a tight end that makes plays down the field. Instead, he?ll be a consistent professional who is effective as an intermediate range target and blocker."


Mother is 92 with alzheimers. She thinks its lockdown unit at the local nursing home. LOL.........

My final comment before the draft...
1. Trade down to get 2nd rounder.
2. If a trade down isn't possible, draft best impact player available, regardless of position. (no hate). Its just the nature of this draft.
3. Rest of the rounds draft play-makers, play-makers and play-makers.

Sparano may be a rah rah guy as a coach but can he really judge talent in the draft??

Posted by: Steve | April 28, 2011 at 04:48 PM

Better than any of us.

But that's not saying much!

"I find it hard to believe Sparano was rewarded with more power coming off 2 bad seasons."

Id rather get fired knowing i was pulling the strings then get fired over someone else mistakes.


That sounds like Fasano's gameday scouting report! LOL.............

Like I said, Rudolph IS NOT a field stretcher at Tight End so why in the hell would we want him??!! We need a Tight End with SPEED!!!

Plus, don't think it was a "lets give him more power just cause" kind of thing. power vacuum happened when parcells left. His power was split up

If Sparano is a draft expert, so are the local bar patrons drooling in thier "draft" mugs too! LOL...............

We need a lot of speed injected into our offense. We don't need any more bumbling cornfed tree sloths at the skill positions.

Mark in Toronto...How have you been?

I thought Omar had Pouncey penciled in as his choice. That Kaepernick was on his wish list, not so much what he thought the Phins would actualy do.

Looking at all of the teams that are in the top 10 that are looking to trade out of their spots is a good thing for us. The more movement from other teams. The more likely we find a trade partner to grab more picks.

"I want Jake Locker!"

They guy had a hard time completing 50% of his passes against weak competition. IN fact, he got worse in his accuracy his senior year. Most, if not all qb's wont improve that much on their accuracy. Do you want to spend #15 on a qb who cant hit his target?

Lets face it... a punter is the biggest need on this team.


Is that you Wanny??


Lets forget about injecting speed into our offense. Lets go straight for the meth baby! LOL.........

Adding even just one oliner will cause Sparano to play musical chairs with the oline until November until he settles on the right combination. By then we are 3-8.

Let the fistpumper make the picks. Then we'll add a whole bunch of slow cornfed goons who don't know how to tie their shoes.

WOW I truly hate all these possible picks for the Dolphins. A TE at 15? I truly hope not, and Pouncey is a reach and will keep fans from showing up at games that is not a sexy pick to get people to pack the stands. QB I now truly am scared to death of this reality all the GOOD ONES worth taking will be gone by 15 mark my words. ANDY DALTON???? I may just stop watching football altogether if that's our QB yeeesh.

At this point I can only hold out hope they get INGRAM only choice I can actually stomach from all the names I have seen linked to us.

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