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Must never forget the RBs on Miami's radar

Enough about quarterbacks. We don't need no stinkin' quarterback!

(I jest.)

Yes, the Dolphins continue to be eyebrow deep in Ryan Mallet's visit, but they are also trying to address issues with their running back situation. Remember that Ronnie Brown, Patrick Cobbs and Ricky Williams are unsigned for 2011.

So the club today is also visiting with Kansas State's Daniel Thomas. He will be in town through Friday. Next week the club will be hosting a meet with Eastern Washington's Taiwan Jones, who is highly intriguing to me.

Thomas, a middle round candidate, looks the part of a Miami running back. He is 6-foot and 230 pounds. He isn't necessarily fast, having been timed in the 4.5 range. But he's something of a riddle on this one because he didn't run at the Indianapolis Combine and didn't the Senior Bowl due to a hamstring injury.

Thomas gained 1,585 yards on 298 carries in 2010.

He is by all accounts a great kid. Quiet. Son of a preacher. Team leader. That was very important to the Dolphins last year.

Jones, who is 5-11 and 195 pounds, is interesting based on his sheer speed and freakish hops. He had his pro day on Thursday and was timed in the 4.29 to 4.35 range, depending on which account you read and which scout is leaking the information. He also had a reported 41-inch vertical leap. There were 27 teams at his event.

Jones is not necessarily a full-time back. Teams think of him as a Chris Johnson type. If he produces like Chris Johnson, he'll be a stud. But I digress.

Jones comes with red flags. He has durability issues. He is coming off a broken foot that prevented him from participating in the Indianapolis Combine running drills. In fact, he was in a boot until a month ago. He had surgery on a sports hernia in 2009 that prevented him from participating in Spring practice last year. He also had a hand and shoulder injuries in 2009.

Oh, and he had a broken leg early in 2008.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a disaster.

I didn't say he's a first overall pick.

I said he intrigues. He rushed for 1,742 last season and scored 14 TDs. He shared the Big Sky Conference Offensive Player of the Year award.

As you know the Dolphins need speed on offense. They need a home run hitter. Jones has scored on a 93-yard kickoff return and an 87-yard run from scrimmage.

I like him. A lot.



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Cant wait until we all put up our 7 rd Dolphin mock draft! LOL..................

I know mine will be a hated 7rd mock by some posters because I have zero defensive players being selected. I may also enter a trade down scenario but I know it will include at least 1 defensive player in the earlier rounds.

My drafting at #15 mock is filled with both offensive speed and power. Most are big fast players.

There's only one slow player on my mock and Im sure everyone knows who he is! LOL.............

Even my olinemen had faster 40 times! LOL..........

Bear Bryant's turning over in his grave. Thier putting up a Nick Saban statue at Alabama! LOL........

Im out. I had a very nice time stopping by! LOL................

Hey is the mocks we submit suppose to be as if WE are the GM or as we think Ireland and Co will draft?


The pop-up ad situation with the Herald website is just becoming intolerable.

I'm switching permanently to the Sun-Sentinel. More Dolphins news there, anyway.

Best wishes to the posters here. Some of you are very entertaining---just wish the Herald itself was better!

Odin, mando compared Belicheat to Crazy Horse! I'm tired and cranky from doing my taxes!!! I'll scalp the little weenie! Goodnight guys, just finished reading your stuff, good thoughts!


i took you off that list of bad owners ........ you r one great owner .

Interesting thought from the PhinPhanatic site:

The Dolphins have done much due diligence on QBs in the draft. For example, they have talked with Ryan Mallett three times. They have also talked to nearly every other QBs and their parents, grandparents, and dogs. I think this is all a fake. I do not believe the Dolphins will take a QB with the 15th pick. They have too many needs to take a QB without a second round pick. I believe all the interviews with QBs are designed to influence other teams — like maybe the Seattle Seahawks. But, do you know the Dolphins draft fake that hasn’t happened? A more important fake?

Why haven’t the Dolphins brought in two of the top tackles in the draft? Look, most mocks have Tyron Smith (USC) going to the Dallas Cowboys with the 9th pick. Later in the first round, the New York Giants (19th pick), Indianapolis Colts (22nd pick), Philadelphia Eagles (23rd pick), and the Chicago Bears (29th pick) are all in need of top tier tackles. And, there are only five tackle prospects that are projected to go in the first round. So, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland, why have you not brought in Anthony Castonzo (Boston College) and Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin) for interviews and workouts? Would that not have been the better draft fake? Especially, when the Dolphins really could use a second round draft pick?

Look, you bring in these two guys multiple times each — like three times each. It allows you to do your due diligence in case you are stuck with the 15th pick and decide to take the best available player that somewhat fits a need — offensive line. It also forces the Giants, Colts, Eagles, and/or Bears to wonder whether they will get the guy they really want. Or, it forces the Bears and maybe even the Eagles to wonder if they may be the odd man (men) out when it comes to picking up a top tier tackle they need. Do you not think that may help the telephone ring on Day 1 of the NFL Draft?

I really wonder what Sparano and Ireland are thinking?

"Marino looked good since the first day of training camp"- Don Shula.




Ireland put himself in this position. He can't simply get what he wants and needs now on his own (a trade down) without trickery. The Pats have so many picks they are in total control of their destiny, while Ireland has to get on his knees and beg someone to give him a decent offer for our 15.




i agree aloco. big mistakes the last few years on draft day. pat white and pat turner were huge mistakes at the time;both taken 2 rounds early! last year we drafted 2 guys with broken legs while passing on dez and earl thomas! john jerry(RG who isnt position flexible) was taken 2 rounds early and fizzled quickly. ireland seems to be overmatched and often out-thinks himself by overlooking real talent for "sleepers".


Please don't make things up. I didn't even know who Odrick was, took me 6 months to remember his name.

I'm no longer going to promote you to manager. I need honest people working for me.








I never once promoted White or Odrick. I will spend the day finding a new manager for you. I hope you like him. You may be able to help him with English.


dm1dolphin posted the players Miami has visited or had visit the @ 1:18PM on page 13 of this blog. The olineman they are primarily after is there. However, though there are 3 on that list, the highest projected one is being seen to go no higher than 5th rd.

Derek Newton OT 6'5 314lbs Arkansas St. He's pretty fast for a big guy. He ran a 4.99 40yd dash. With that kind of speed the guy can play inside(pulling guard) or outside(right tackle).

He's the highest projected olineman on thier list it would seem. the other two are projected 6th-7th rd.

u guys are writing off jerry and odrick too early, none of us are medics (that i'm aware of) so we don't know if odrick really has got an underlying condition, he's on our team whatever, lets see what he does this season

jerry was a 3rd round rookie, i agree he needs to up his game, but don't write the guy off as a bust

0x80 they're not doing the obvious draft fake they're doing a double bluff draft fake, watch them interview/workout those guys in next 7-10 days!

Rob, Darryl's mock is who we think the Dolphins will pick. The only trouble with that is, most of the more knowledgeable on this board would if it were up to them, make better choices.

In other words, to think like Ireland/Sparano, you would have to mimic some disorder such as brain damage.

I tried to do this the other day by beating my head against the wall several times. But outside of a headache, I was still thinking too clearly to choose say, a Pat White or Odrick.

I'm now thinking maybe some recreational drugs such as LSD might be the way to go.

More later.


Also from the list dm1 dolphin posted it gives a snapshot of Ireland's draft board. Some are beginning to think Mallet's a "smoke screen". But I dont.

I think Mallet's the only player they've had 3 visits with. Leading me to believe if forced to pick at #15 it will be Mallet.

In a tradeback giving an extra 2nd rd'er, it looks like Aldon Smith could be targeted in the 1st rd and one of the qb's 2nd rd. If a qb 2nd rd, Im thinking Dalton will be the only one still available mid to late 2nd rd.


Darryl's mock isnt relegated to picking who we think Ireland will pick. Its about seeing who will have the most guys on thier mock that Ireland actually drafted or became a dolphin draft day.

There's no way anyone of us can actually get into the heads of this current fo. Previous draft day total curve balls has fully proven this. LOL..............


I did take a look at that snap shot. I guess I as well found it curious they did not take a look at either of those oliners. It's a guessing game really, either they are hiding their hand or they really have no interest in taking a tackle that high. They've invested so much in the line (and got so much wrong) you'd think they'd look first to qb,rb,te early in this draft

Gauging by the potential draftees Ireland has either visited or had come to Miami. He definitely seems extremely about his promise to fully address the team's need for speed.


I was also left scratching my head last year on the Odrick pick, I believe that once Arz. took Dan Williams off the board they take Odrick with they`re flawed thinking that they would turn Starks into the new Jay Ratliff ? While were on the subject I understood the Koa Misi pick but will forever be baffled by the AJ Edds pick (a situational part time player) and not drafting Aaron Hernandez, I will never forget how unbelievably jaw dropped that one left me.

If you back track to the 09 draft we passed on USC tackling machine Ray Maulaluga for Pat White ? How about taking Patrick Turner and passing on that Wallace kid up in Pitt. probably one of the better deep threats today. I didn`t have the 411 on Wallace but I gotta figure the Trifecta did ?

If you really wanna get P.O.`d about the Odrick pick then in 08 passing on Calais Campbell, one they never live down for me in order to take Phillip Merling is a real doozy because had they taken Campbell and paired him with Langford we never have any need whatsoever for Mr. Odrick !! It stands to reason we could have been looking to draft Jahvid Best or Dez and hey if you weren`t high on them, you could have made a case for trading completely out of round 1 in one off the deepest drafts in History, seems I remember last years draft working out very well for N.E. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What Im getting from the snapshot is they may think with the return of Nate Garner, potential switching Incognito to center, and Jerry with now a full season under his belt. Most of the answers to thier oline puzzle may already be on the team.

Now add Derek Newton 6'5 314 and runs a 4.99 40yd dash. Meaning he's big and fast enough to play inside or out, possibly Carey's replacement at RT. The refurbishing job of the oline may not be the big shopping spree us fans think that it should be.


What had me scratching my head most last season about Odrick wasnt that he was selected 1st rd last year. It was that predraft many fans were mocking him as the NT replacement for big Soliai.

I was totally against drafting a NT 1st rd like a lot of fans were suggesting. so naturally when we 1st drafted Odrick I thought "omg, the idiots drafted a NT 1st rd"! Then after day 1 of drafting was over Ireland said Odrick was drafted to play DE with Starks moving to NT.

After hearing this I was a little more relieved.

Dying, what's the diff? I mean, the rooks that become Dolphins are who Ireland thinks are best for the team, right?

BTW, the 6'5 314lb OT Derek Newton ran a much faster 40yd dash(4.99) than Ryan Mallet(5.6). LOL....................


The thing is if you chose a guy on your mock Ireland dint choose in the round but was available for him to choose and your guy was much better than his. You have bragging rights over even Ireland. Plus the right to bash hell out of his much sorrier pick! LOL............

DB @10:11

I hear you on that scenario and tend to agree that if we don`t go the route of OL early that could very well be the answer. I remember in 09 on Thrus. night vs. Car. with Garner subing for Smiley at LG how Ricky ran wild against a good Car. front 7.

I will tell you however that in a trade down Carimi and Pouncey bring great value, think about this, we draft Pouncey to play LG and let Jerry fight it out with Garner at RG adding some quality depth to the OL in the process. If we draft Carimi then he`s my RT from day one and Carey is the one fighting it out at RG, which is the position he played at the U by the way and if he can`t cut it then I pull the plug on him and his 4.5 Mil creating much needed cap space, while not loosing anything really in the process and once and for all settling the OL.


Yep, agree. I've said all along with Garner coming back and Jerry likely to show some improvement in his second year, moving Incog to center, the oline isn't the major train wreck some have made it out to be. Needs work, it is still workable though.


You're last post just knocked every ounce of enthusiasm out of me! Thanks. My two comments to what you said are that yeah, passing on Hernandez I didn't get, but I was totally ok with the Dez thing. People don't realize, they were targeting Brandon or Dez, not both. They weren't impressed with Dez on the interview (aside from all the hype about his mom), and went with the tougher Marshall. Plus I truly did suspect Dez would be injury prone and he has been. Even though Dez is an awesome weapon when he is healthy, and not stealing jewelry, I think they did the right thing.

I said the other day, for some time I was looking forward to this draft, but now its feeling like an upcoming dentist appointment. I haven't yet gotten a comfort zone with Ireland pulling the trigger.


Don`t forget that while at Dallas Sparano and company already took an aging Tackle and moved him to Guard with much success, Leonard Davis.


Funny you compare it to a dentist appointment, LMAO!!


Looking at the players they've had come in or went and looked at. Olinemen arent a high rd priority.

Also looking attention to thier draftboard snapshot. In a trade back scenario it's most likely Aldon Smith will be thier primry bullseye target.

So if we can trade back and gain a 2nd rd pick, look for Aldon Smith to be our 1st rd pick and a qb 2nd rd. That's how its looking to me.

Remember, after meeting with the Dolphins the highest rated olineman that would be available to them, Maurice Pouncey, said he didnt get the feeling he would be a Miami Dolphin. That's pretty studt evidence the Dolphins may not be targeting an olineman high on thier draft board.


I have no problem with Aldon Smith either like you posted last night he`s much stronger than Ayers. The D and Cam Wake get the much needed help up front, what`s upsetting is I can post up for you about 3 to 4 players off the top of my head these jokers have passed on that fill the need. I am becoming frustrated with the mistakes then hearing them say "well we learn from it and move on" when they pull the plug on the player and give us a do-over. At this rate maybe they finally solve the OL and Pass Rush by 2020

Also seems they arent doing a very intensive rb search amongst potential draftees. Looks to me like thier targeting Mario Fannin late and Taiwan Jones. But after the sub 4.3 40 Jones is unlikely to be there.

However there's still the likeihood of resigning Williams or Brown and or adding one of the fa rb's. Plus grabbing Fannin.

Fannin is intriguing , he's 5'10 231lbs and ran a 4.37 40yd dash. Almost unheard of for a man his size and if available 6th rd as projected looks to good to pass up at that slot.


Looks like we can be targeting Cameron Jordan or Virgil Green 3rd rd. Both are big stretch the field TE's.

4th rd on my mock, I have Steven Burton. I dont know if the fo has met with him but he's 6'1 224lbs and ran a 4.38 with 10inch hands. Pretty big hands for a guy his size, most these wr prospects have hand around the 9inch area.

This guy is both extremely big and extremely fast perfect for the blueprint of this fo. He's projected 4-5th rd, I hope this fo gets him.

Oh yeah, wr Steven Burton is out of West Texas A&M if anyone wants to google him.

"Stephen" Burton.

NEW BLOGG UP !!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Dolphins need to stock up on draft picks and get as many as they can this year. That way they will be able to move around on day 2 to get the players they really want. I don't think Miami wants to put up the big money for a 1st round pick again anyway. I would trade down in the first round, then trade out of the first round to a team in the top of the second round that needs alot of help. With that they should be able to pick up a 2nd, a 5th, and a 6th round pick. Get some depth. Put the odds on your side, the more picks you have the better chance you will get some goods players.

No you don't dying. You guys are making draft picks from your homes and offices with no fear because there is no pressure on you to make those picks. You are picking alone while Ireland has 50 people in his ear all giving different opinions. You are looking at a list of players on a board that is already worked out by draft gurus while ireland is setting up his own draft board. Ireland has met with families,teachers,pets,hair stylists, etc all of who have given their opinion of a player they know. there are so many factors that change how you are evaluating a draft board compared to the actual professionals who do this for a living. They have real pressure from the owner down to the fans to make certain picks and there is so much going on behind the scenes that it is ridiculous for you to even think you can have bragging rights if your pick works out better than a GMs pick.

Dying...hell that's easy

ill give Taiwan Jones a try even though of the injuries if he cant cut it out as a RB let him do Special Teams

Jones??? Why are we even having this conversation? Was the old folks home closed for other prospects? Thde kid is a walking disaster.

Son of a preacher. I dated the daughter of a preacher and let me tell ya, don't associate the siblings behavior based on her or his old man. She was one of the wildest women I ever met.ANYTHING GOES.

Salguero my man you probably wont see this but the late round RB who is the stud in this draft is the Cuse's Delonte Carter! Sign me up in the 3 or 4th round! I dont even see him on some of the top 10 rb ratings? I like leshoure too but someone will over draft him.

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