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Must never forget the RBs on Miami's radar

Enough about quarterbacks. We don't need no stinkin' quarterback!

(I jest.)

Yes, the Dolphins continue to be eyebrow deep in Ryan Mallet's visit, but they are also trying to address issues with their running back situation. Remember that Ronnie Brown, Patrick Cobbs and Ricky Williams are unsigned for 2011.

So the club today is also visiting with Kansas State's Daniel Thomas. He will be in town through Friday. Next week the club will be hosting a meet with Eastern Washington's Taiwan Jones, who is highly intriguing to me.

Thomas, a middle round candidate, looks the part of a Miami running back. He is 6-foot and 230 pounds. He isn't necessarily fast, having been timed in the 4.5 range. But he's something of a riddle on this one because he didn't run at the Indianapolis Combine and didn't the Senior Bowl due to a hamstring injury.

Thomas gained 1,585 yards on 298 carries in 2010.

He is by all accounts a great kid. Quiet. Son of a preacher. Team leader. That was very important to the Dolphins last year.

Jones, who is 5-11 and 195 pounds, is interesting based on his sheer speed and freakish hops. He had his pro day on Thursday and was timed in the 4.29 to 4.35 range, depending on which account you read and which scout is leaking the information. He also had a reported 41-inch vertical leap. There were 27 teams at his event.

Jones is not necessarily a full-time back. Teams think of him as a Chris Johnson type. If he produces like Chris Johnson, he'll be a stud. But I digress.

Jones comes with red flags. He has durability issues. He is coming off a broken foot that prevented him from participating in the Indianapolis Combine running drills. In fact, he was in a boot until a month ago. He had surgery on a sports hernia in 2009 that prevented him from participating in Spring practice last year. He also had a hand and shoulder injuries in 2009.

Oh, and he had a broken leg early in 2008.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a disaster.

I didn't say he's a first overall pick.

I said he intrigues. He rushed for 1,742 last season and scored 14 TDs. He shared the Big Sky Conference Offensive Player of the Year award.

As you know the Dolphins need speed on offense. They need a home run hitter. Jones has scored on a 93-yard kickoff return and an 87-yard run from scrimmage.

I like him. A lot.



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I go walk my dog for 3 miles and you guys rewrite the bible in between, sheesh!

..You guys make great points about the kickoffs. No doubt there will be more touchbacks. But. The kickoff team no longer gets a head start. They have to lineup even with the ball. This will make covering kicks much more difficult, and you may see teams running balls out where in the past they would down them. It will be a new strategy for sure. I personally hate the rule. The kickoff return is a huge part of the game. I just hope that teams don't find"hybrid" kickers whos job it is to kick it through the endzone everytime.

Don't overload Darryl D with your mocks, I won't!!!

DarrylD we could've had Hester, we had Welker! We have missed so many opportunities at so many positions!!!

0x80...That would be awesome! You can understand if I didn't re-post all scenarios. I'm a first grade level computer guy. I can't even cut and paste! Seriously, this is my first computer, and I wreck it more then it does me good!lol

Since I win nothing anyway here is my mock !!

Miami Trades there 15th pick for pick 18, S.D. takes JJ Watt

1) Mike Pouncey.....18
2) Demarco Murray...61 (S.D.)4.37/40
3) Edmond Gates.....79..4.31/40
4) Colin McCarthey.111..4.58
5) Derrik Locke....146..4.37
6) Shuylar Oordt...179..4.63
7) Cedric Thornton.217..5.25
7) Tyrod Taylor....218..4.47
7) Ricardo Lockette235..4.30

I like this draft because it accomplishes all our needs without risking to much, if it sucks please explain why ?

fin4life...Is this the mock you want me to log?

I really like Derrick Locke. He was great in the Senior Bowl. What is the kids name from Syracuse. He is another undersized guy that is built like a tank. Colin McCarthey would add some depth at a position that needs it. I definitley think we add an ILB somewhere in the draft. And Pouncey is who I think will be our first pick as well.


I will explain my picks:

1) Pouncey, he will play next to Long and mann the left side for 5 plus

2) Murray, is cat like quick and will be a good compliment to Ronnie when we re-sign him

3) Gates, was tough because I liked Jernigan better ? but if you study them Edmon is the real deal at 6` 195 pds and running a 4.31

4) McCarthy, I think he`s a sleeper, at worst your next ST ACE !

5) Locke, aside from our 3rd. down back he`s my PR on being drafted.

6) Oordt, he`s a better athlete than anybody playing TE for us today.

7) Cedric Thornton, he could be one of the diamonds in the ruff.

7) Tyrod Taylor, JJ always said you couldn`t have enough athlete`s

7) Ricardo Lockette, relay champ, ran sub 4.3





I think every person that enters your mock should deal it down as they see fit, no restrictions !!

fin4life | April 14, 2011 at 11:20 PM

I tell you that I have a mock that I wish I could put up against the ones everybody is harping on!!!!

fin4life | April 14, 2011 at 11:23



I won`t judge Mallett on whether he won or lost certain big games while having to carry the load for his team week in amd week out in College. That assesment isn`t fair because if memeory serves one of the big reasons outside of winning a National title that brought P.Manning back to Tenn. his Sr. year was to beat there hated rivals the UF Gators. This would prove to be his achilles heal as he never, not once !! beat them as a starter in College much less take his top 5 squad to a National title game.

If your reasoning for not liking Mallett is based on his ability to win certain games in College, I`ll remind you of P.Manning`s futility and then pose the question of how bad a mistake the Colts made in drafting him over R.Leaf then ? because on the flip side R.Leaf took his very inferior Wash St. Cyclones all the way to the National Title game vs. Mich. that year and mounted a 2nd. half come back in that game that had Wolverines fans on pins and kneedles.

I judge Mallett instead on his intangibles both physical and mental, can he throw it with the best of them ? I think yes and I will go on record as saying he will !! more than once mind you. Then I remember Jamarcus Russell who by the way in his Pro Day thru a pass 60 plus yards from his knees, Russell on more than one occasion showed off his arm in Oak. The problem was the Raiders didn`t draft this monumental underachiever to complete a few bombs during the reg. season.

I wonder most about Mallett`s mental make up because if your going to talk about talent alone then I will tell you that Jeff George not only had a better arm than Dan Marino but you can say it was better than Elway`s and Farve`s as well but he was such a head case, arguing with coaches teamates not being able to accept critisism that his legacy will be that of the greatest journeyman Q.B. in NFL history. This is my problem with Mallett, unfortunatly for us everytime we get around to thinking Q.B. in round 1 it seems to be a bad group to do it with because in fairness to Mallett I don`t think much of Gabbert or Cam either !!!

fin4life | April 14, 2011 at 09:59 AM


Sleep well guys! I'm out! Mock or no mock! Good Night!

Kid looks good, of course Level of COMP isnt the best, but that is no testament to his NFL chances. Injuries dont bother me, nothing sounded serious ie ligamne damage in knees etc. If available in late rnds I say bite. Special teams candidate at minimum

0x80.... Glad to see you in blue! Once again, "Your a wise man, 0x80"....


Long night, just sitting down after a 17-hour day. Read your Mock, like it, can't find too many places that draw undue criticism. Only place I feel you may (or perhaps not) be off base is on Mallet.

As I said the last post, the whole QB subject has been argued by the blogsters ad nauseam. What still amazes me is the whole "Character" issue that is surrounding Mallet. There is just no substantiation made by those making the claims. For God sake they’re going to crucify Mallet on National radio, TV and written media based on "Hearsay". While saying a one year wonder who cheated on exams, stole a computer and has unanswered issues of NCAA student/athlete compensation violations surrounding either him or his family… PLUS, ran from school to school until someone said what he wanted to hear is “Good to go” in their minds as the #1 overall pick!
So, what we are saying is, it is okay for these “Heads” to crucify Mallet, a soon to be College Grad who was a 2 time team captain without divulging what or who this (Character flaw) info originates? All the while unabashedly promoting Newton, a known cheater and thief, as the #1 pick! Does that not sit wrong with you? Or anyone for that matter? Can you at least see my point?
I do not think Miami can afford to pick Mallet. I admittedly want them to. But I know this club needs improvement right away and I feel he should be given a year as any QB to get his legs. I say a Guy like Palmer, Kolb or perhaps 1 other guy from Tennessee who does not rate my time typing his name are examples of Vets who could possibly be short term band-aids. But sooner (not too much later) if Miami does not face they need a franchise QB we may as well all go be Pathers fans. The teams will compete at about the smae level.

So for the last time I’m OFF the QB conversation until they do something stupid or smart.
Its only 2 weeks and I get to read all the answers by those who know it all (just ask them) until then!

Please don't draft any of these "Praise Jesus" types unless they ALSO come equipped with a snarl and outrageous talent. More Reggie White and less Tim Tebow, in other words.

Sometimes I think this dumbass, religious 'fundamentalism' even has a bias in the NFL since so many coaches and GM's (possibly including the ones in Miami) are part of it and may look favorably on players who share those views, but that's a lousy way to build character let alone construct a champion.

You think those early 70's Miami teams were running off to Bible Study after practice? Suuuure. Well, maybe Norm Evans and Tim Foley but that's about it.

Think Marino and Clayton were gathering the team in heartfelt testament to Jesus?

Sorry, no dice.

Just draft SOB's that can play winning football, Dolphins. I don't care if they're gay, anarchist Buddhists as long as they get us back to the Lombardi Trophy.

However, what I am NOT coming off is the stupidity surrounding anyone wanting a RB in the 1st round!

I would like to remind those surfing the "We need a RB" and would take one in the first round argument that since 1998 Miami has blown a grand total of 3 first round picks and conditional pick (a 3rd rounder) which became a 1st rounder on running backs and garnered exactly 2 Playoff visits. Getting pounded both times by the same team.

1998… John Avery.... #29 overall

2002… Ricky Williams... traded for in exchange for a first-round draft choice in 2002 (25th overall) and a conditional third-round pick in 2003 ... That pick became a first-round selection (18th overall) when he reached the 1,500-yard rushing mark in 2002 ... In the trade, the teams also swapped positions in the fourth-round of the 2002 Draft

2005… Ronnie Brown... #2 overall. just 3 years after we shot 2 + 2 into our arm with Ricky we shot another dose of RB into our veins with Ronnie at the 2nd overall.

Now you want to hear the REAL JOKE? We have 2 running back, one of whom is not even 30 years old, who has cost Miami multiple picks (including a 1st and 3rd) sitting as FA on our roster right now.... and we actually are discussing drafting ANOTHER GUY (Ingram) with our 15th selection in the first round!!!

Are you laughing yet? What? The joke doesn’t seem so damned funny?

Doesn't to me either. It's why I vomit when I read "Take Mark Ingram at #15"... because it will not change a God Blessed thing (all we are doing is swapping RB’s).... it didn't with the other 3 and it won't with him.

Now I get to hear how the OTHER guys were just the wrong backs..... Christ!

That was not meant for you, fin4life... just a generalized statement.


Bob Griese, Larry Little, Paul Warfield, Larry Seiple, Jim Kiick, Tim Foley, Bob Matheson, Doug Swift, Manny Fernadez, Howard Twilly and Bill Stanfill are/were all men of faith. 5 of them have writen books on the subject...

I'm not telling anyone what to believe or how to live, but I am old enough to know that people with a "Standard" or "Moral Compass" in their life are far lass likely to be intangled with the sideways crap that has infested our Nation and communities then those who run buck wild without direction or care for it..

Sure, you can find the exception to every rule and there are plenty of those who "Claim" to be what they are not. Makes no difference. You both understand and live out what is acceptable and right and wrong. Or you wallow with those with the anarchist ideas that there IS NO right or wrong and just life. It's your choice, but careful pointing fingers, they’re likely to be pointed right back and you may not appreciate what you hear.

I hope you understand I’m merely speaking my mind, just as you did, and not attacking you.

But when you point you finger at those of Faith, you pointing it at Billions of people. And they are not ALL wrong, odds are odds my friend.

I have zero problem with anyone who has those beliefs as long as they use it in good ways and adhere to the Christian ideals of "love thy neighbor" and couintless other Brotherly edicts rather than the EXTREMELY mean-spirited manisfestation of Christianity that ALSO has significant voice in this country that preaches one is "saved" so long as they are not any of 10,000 things they deem sinful.

Also, I kinda dig science over the Earth being 6000 years old and filled with tales of evil serpents, living inside a fish, and 900-year-old men building boats that housed every animal on the planet.

While fully understanding that not every Christian---or even close to that---actually believes that stuff as literal truth.

We're not arguing, friend. I just need my freedom as an unrepentant atheist who has NO desire for the religious stuff anywhere from Saudi Arabia to rural Texas.

But I respect your right to believe. ASbsolutely. Hope you respect mine to reject it all.

By the way, I'm pushing 50 in case you think this is the "young punk who will someday see the light" variety, lol.

Been there, done that, and reject it. Completely.

But as I said, I respect your own views.

And we'll both be praising SOMETHING when the Dolphins finally win it all again someday!

I think MAllet is the fins biggest smoke screen. I have a good feeling that they have no intention of drafting him. I still think they trade back because they have too many needs. I also would rather have Kaepernick, Locker, or Ponder than Mallet. Yes Mallet has a monster arm but that doesnt equate to a elite qb



USE 25 FOR RYAN MALLET, QB (shades of Dan Marino)

USE the new 2nd round pick for CANNON or O.FRANKLIN (an OT .... and move Carey to OG) We need protection for Mallet.

3rd round .... and this is tricky

trade our 3rd round pick for Carson Palmer, QB

and trade Henne for a 3rd round pick ....

Use the 3rd round pick for best available RB .... maybe LaShur, R.Williams, Hunter ????

4th round .... D.J.WILLIAMS, TE from ARK .... he was Mallets favorite target

5th and 6th ... trade them both for HAINSEWORTH, DT ....

7th ..... BPA BPA BPA regardless of position

Hey Mike in case you havent noticed you cant trade for players or trade players away because there is no CBA!

Broken bones aren't necessarily signs of an injury prone player. Hamstrings, torn Achilles bad knees and shoulders are the types of injuries that one would believe make a person injury prone. Once that tendon is stretched or the cartilage is torn, it doesn't work as well.

So not taking a guy because of broken bones rejects the true nature of injury proneness.

We need backs. Guys that can get into the backfield by making the front line miss. That will tighten up the interior and give our receivers more opportunities to get free and maybe Henne the chance to get them the ball. Last year nothing. Old and slow X 2. (well faster than me)

As your competition pointed out this morning, Miami is the only team dumb enough to draft 3 running backs in the 1st round, and now you want them to draft a 4th.

all of the injuries tawain jones has had and, yet, he has only missed 3 games in two years.

after watching the last two evening's worth of "path to the draft" i'm almost to the point where i would rather see miami drop out of the first round altogether. when i look at what is going on in the top ten my favorite at #15, aldon smith, may not even be available. that puts us in a tremendously bad situation if we stay there. if we trade down we can pick up a tackle to supplant carey but most of these guys played left tackle in college. anyway, i'm leaning more towards multiple trades back that will net us a 2nd and multiple 3rd's and 4th's. this, in my opinion, puts us in a far better position to fill much of our needs on the offensive side of the ball. we could logically end up with 3 running backs, a wide receiver and may even end up with someone like dj williams if ireland could pull that off. i'm just talking here but after seeing what andy reid has been doing in the draft, especially the last two years, i'm convinced it is possible to get to that point. once things get going teams start to move all over the place. if ireland is aggressive enough he could get it done.

While others highlighted Mando's religious perceptions, I choose to read something else into this blog...the fact that Mark Ingram isn't the only back that can do what he does in this draft. We could focus on another position in the first few rounds and STILL get a back that can be all as good as Ingram. We could even get TWO backs later in the draft and meet BOTH our needs (a move-the-chains type back and a speed, home run back).

I hope Ireland is planning his strategy wisely. We all agree that making a mistake this year will be a big mistake (joke, so to the English major that's going to dissect me using the same word twice in one sentence, it was intended).

Draft a QB,draft a qb,draft a qb,draft a qb,draft a qb,draft a qb, period.


Do you like Demarco Murray in the third round? Is he the kind of back you would be happy with and some other postion taken in the first?

Craig, I do like Murray. What's he, like 6', something like 220, that's right in line with our preference on backs. I think he could be an every down back. I thought there was a knock on him I read, but maybe that was someone else. I know one of the top (say 10 or so) projected backs had fumble problems, and while that can be corrected, I like sure-handed backs better. But Murray was very good in college, broke records, scored TDs, has speed.

Do you know if he's good out of the backfield? I will say that Ingram having that catching ability is a huge plus. Honestly Craig, if we could trade back, and Ingram would still be there, I probably wouldn't mind taking him in the 2nd (or whatever our 2nd-round pick is), as long as got a speed back at some point (either through the draft or FA). My main gripe about Ingram is that I don't see him at a good choice with the #15 pick.

Craig, I really like the Maryland kid (Da'Relle Scott). I think he'd go somewhere after the 3rd rd probably, but he has great speed, ok size (not too too small) and has good instincts. I think he should be on the radar too (the Jones kid is intriguing, but we don't need any more injured rookies, and I see him being a distinct possibility to do just that).

Fake 0x80 in blue @ 02:04 AM

Armando please remove it.

Folks if you see any post from me that seems out of character, might not be me.

Also, I don't use blue. As I have proven previously, anyone can duplicate anyone's signon name that is already in blue, so it doesn't solve anything at all, which is why I don't bother with it.



My opinion is try and trade back there is no one of value to us if we stay at the 15 pick that could be game changers. if we get in to the 20s then if mallet is still there (which i think he will)get him or pouncey and get mallet or dalton in the 2nd round draft a speed back in the 3rd or 4th round and when the cba is made go after dewilliams and palmer (offer cinci next years 3rd round pick)we could even swapped henne and the pick for palmer. get a good tight end and another wr that could compete with hartline for the number 2 things things dont happen unless the gm and coach are aggressive anything short of a playoff appearance next year is a failure and all this talk with getting ingraham with the first pick is not good he is not even that good.we also need some help on the oline and this talk abount moving carey in thats not good gards ahve to be swift enought to be able to pull thats not his strength leave the ends long carey incognito at center (his natural position and get andrew garner back and pouncey if we ahve to keep henne we ahve to scheme better and put the qb in a position to win and not lose, backs gotta break tackles and the line have to protect , recievers have to catch balls and the coach have to actually out coach who they are playing and the Gm have to manage and not be a yes man

just my opinions fins superbowl bound 2011 if the season is actually played!!!

Give Jones a chance! Chances are he will stay healthy!

Randall "Thrill" Hill


I like Murray a lot and I like Scott as well. I don't want Jones. The guy has talent but he's had too many injuries. I think we need to steer clear of that. If you guys can give me a GOOD value pick in the first I'd be fine with a guy like Murray in the third. I like Pouncey and I think he upgrades our line but is he really a good pick at 15? I don't know about that one.

As a sneak preview to my mock, I think you'll see me having the Dolphins tradedown and still be able to pick Ingram in the first. I only see three teams possibly being interested in Ingram in the first....ourselves, New Orleans and Green Bay. I don't believe New England will take him, as they have other needs and they got burned on Maroney in the first a few years ago.

the Dolphin should trade DOWN with a team that will give them there 1 round pick next year and there 1 and 2 rounbd pick this year. If they trade UP they should get a 3d round pick also. They should get Cam Newtown and Engram and thwen next year Luck the qarterback.

Ricky Williams says if the Dolphins come to him with a fair offer it will be 'hard to turn down'. Interesting. I still think this guycould have some value in a tandem with a young back.

Can't wait for that mock draft! It will be truly exciting to see who everyone selects!

(actually, it will be about as exciting as watching paint dry but what the hell)


Great ideas! Maybe Miami can also acquire Aaron Rodgers for a 7th-rounder and a package of Oreos. What are you smoking, dude??

Darryl, I have a suggestion on mock. Do a Dolphin draft only. Rounds 1-4. Allow 1 trade back.

My reasons are, most fans are only concerned about the Dolphins. Most fans know more about players who are likely to go in the 1st few rounds. Trade back is a real possibilty but mutiple trades would get messy.

Oh, no...PLEASE post mock drafts featuring EVERY SINGLE TEAM AND PICK through seven rounds, including all trades.

Nothing says excitement like a mile-long list of names that will be almost entirely wrong after the first 7 or 8 picks.

I am "drafted" out.

Cocoajoe...We are only doin' the Phins. The other teams can drive off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead and make a trade if you want. Some bloggers wanted to add this. I just ask that you turn in one mock. Anything else is fine.

Herc....Just Phins 1,3,4,5,6,7,7,7..Those are our picks. Don't worry about anyone else.

Just Dolphins, and only those picks. That's more like it.

Seriously, some of these guys would go into Dork Overload mode otherwise!

I read an article today that said former Razorback John Daly gave former Razorback Ryan Mallett some advice. Must have gone something like this, "Ryan, whatever you do, don't be like me".


How many men of the church have been accused, convicted or secretly shuffeled around due to sexual molestations of children? And how many of them don't we even know about?

Posted by: 0x80 | April 14, 2011 at 09:07 PM

Get real 0x80 - I've never heard of a Preacher accused of molesting kids. Priests yes, they can't marry! Preacher's no.

Fortunately this country is predominantly Protestant so there are far more Preachers and Ministers in the U.S. than Priests.

I mean - from a child molestation standpoint. Not knocking Catholics.

I've heard of Taiwan but didn't know he was that fast. Seems to have all the moves as well. But because of all the injuries I wouldn't send more than a 7th round on him. You just can't depend on him actually being on the field.

As an EWU alum I saw Jones play the past few seasons. He is a bit fragile, but would be perfect as a change of pace guy. As long as he isn't expected to carry 25 times a game this kid will make plays. He hits the hole very quickly (unlike Ronnie) and his speed is totally deceptive. He just is always running away from people. He also runs with good balance, and power considering his size. Jones would be a steal if we can get him in the third, although after his pro day I'm guessing he goes in the second.

mjz, reading what he said was men of the church. i just googled preachers accused of child molestations and got many results. dennis rader that serial killer was the president of the local Christ Lutheran Church. plus numerous incidents of priests. so it's true whether you can handle beliving it or not.

easy Armando on the Big 12 stats for last year. top rank team in the Conf. (Texas A&M) allowed over 133yd/game, not exactly stellar stuff.

I wouldn't go hanging your accolades on this guy because of the conference he rushed in.

see stats here:

still like Mark Ingram. we don't pick him, we're gong to pay for it. GUARANTEED

You've NEVER heard of a preacher molesting kids?? Oh, please. I'm sure most of 'em are swell guys but they're also human and have just as many cretins, deviants, and mentally unbalanced nutjobs as any other segment of society.

I'll respect anyone's beliefs as long as they don't force them on me (which, unfortuantely, is pretty much a CONSTANT in this society) but personally have no use whatsoever for what is essentially a death cult based on fairy tales.

And you want a deficit-reduction plan? How about we start TAXING these churches (and the tremendous amount of property they own) that are virtual cash cows?

Calling them "non-profits" is like calling Exxon/Mobil a ladies tea social.

Looking the highlight clip only.... soft cuts, runs high, the tackles he broke are from lesser than he would receive in decent conference(much less NFL), good speed, good feet, protects the ball well. Saw one instant of cutting at speed, but most of his jukes were lateral, and not pointed upfield. My thoughts: He's an occasional big play back that will be stuffed 8-10 plays, preferring to cut outside than charge up the middle. Average.

What was the name of the fat chick on "Facts of Life?"

Some observations:

1) My favorite presidents, in no particular order, are: Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George W. Bush.

2) My least favorite presidents, in no particular order, are: Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush.

3) My least favorite ex-president is Jimmy Carter.

4) My favorite Dolphins of all-time, in no particular order, are: Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, Paul Warfield, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Mercury Morris, Mark Clayton.

5) My least favorite Dolphins of all-time, in no particular order, are: Sammie Smith, Uwe Von Schamann, J.B. Brown.

Parenthetically, I remember when it was announced that J.B. Brown had become Miami's highest paid defensive back. I was aghast. Everytime, and I mean everytime, a Dolphin defender gave up a big play, it was invariably J.B. Brown.

6) My ideal woman:

a) Face and personality of Audrey Hepburn
b) Sophistication of Veronica Hamel
c) Body of Sophia Loren
d) Sense of humor of Julie Newmar (cat woman)
e) Politics of Margaret Thatcher

7) My favorite TV shows:

a) All In The Family
b) The Sopranos
c) Family Guy

Including w the shoe dodger in your fav prez list destroys all credibility. Manny Fernandez is the greatest all time Dolphin. Standing waist deep in a swamp one time, he caught a gator bare-handed while holding a lit cigarette in his mouth. Top that killer, as Jerry Lee Lewis once told Chuck Berry.


Your tale of Manny Fernandez scares me. What he did was so dangerous. We already knew by the 1970s that cigarette smoking can kill you.

By the way,

I heard that the reason that Jake Scott was named MVP over Fernandez in Super Bowl VII was because the judge, Dick Schaap, had had one too many "pops" that day.

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