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Must never forget the RBs on Miami's radar

Enough about quarterbacks. We don't need no stinkin' quarterback!

(I jest.)

Yes, the Dolphins continue to be eyebrow deep in Ryan Mallet's visit, but they are also trying to address issues with their running back situation. Remember that Ronnie Brown, Patrick Cobbs and Ricky Williams are unsigned for 2011.

So the club today is also visiting with Kansas State's Daniel Thomas. He will be in town through Friday. Next week the club will be hosting a meet with Eastern Washington's Taiwan Jones, who is highly intriguing to me.

Thomas, a middle round candidate, looks the part of a Miami running back. He is 6-foot and 230 pounds. He isn't necessarily fast, having been timed in the 4.5 range. But he's something of a riddle on this one because he didn't run at the Indianapolis Combine and didn't the Senior Bowl due to a hamstring injury.

Thomas gained 1,585 yards on 298 carries in 2010.

He is by all accounts a great kid. Quiet. Son of a preacher. Team leader. That was very important to the Dolphins last year.

Jones, who is 5-11 and 195 pounds, is interesting based on his sheer speed and freakish hops. He had his pro day on Thursday and was timed in the 4.29 to 4.35 range, depending on which account you read and which scout is leaking the information. He also had a reported 41-inch vertical leap. There were 27 teams at his event.

Jones is not necessarily a full-time back. Teams think of him as a Chris Johnson type. If he produces like Chris Johnson, he'll be a stud. But I digress.

Jones comes with red flags. He has durability issues. He is coming off a broken foot that prevented him from participating in the Indianapolis Combine running drills. In fact, he was in a boot until a month ago. He had surgery on a sports hernia in 2009 that prevented him from participating in Spring practice last year. He also had a hand and shoulder injuries in 2009.

Oh, and he had a broken leg early in 2008.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a disaster.

I didn't say he's a first overall pick.

I said he intrigues. He rushed for 1,742 last season and scored 14 TDs. He shared the Big Sky Conference Offensive Player of the Year award.

As you know the Dolphins need speed on offense. They need a home run hitter. Jones has scored on a 93-yard kickoff return and an 87-yard run from scrimmage.

I like him. A lot.



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Elway and Shanahan both need QB's of the future. I'll concede they are both far better evaluaters of QB's than I. If they both pass on Mallet, that would be a big enough red flag for me to pass on him is well. If he isn't good enough for Shanahan at 10, he wouldn't be good enough for him at 15 either.

Gabbert may be the qb that has the most potential to fall out of the top 10. Im not saying it will happen, just there's enough potential that it can. Because in college he seemed to be more of a "check it down" qb.

The talk is Shanahan will take Julio Jones, but if he is high enough on a QB, I'd say he'd take the QB first. He's seen how many touchdowns the great Marshall had with the not so great Henne. The QB makes the recievers better, not so much the other way around.

I'm not so sure Duper and Clayton would have been nearly as good on any other team, or I should say with any other QB.


Every evaluator knows Mallet has the best tools of any of the qb's in this draft to be successful. So that wouldnt be a knock against him.

The rap comes down to "in thier opinion" do they believe he has the Ryan Leaf/Jeff George mental makeup. Remember, opinions arent fact.b Just because these guys skip over him it doesnt make it "fact" this kid's mental makeup flops him out of the league.

It could also be a mistake "these guys" regret within the next 5yrs or so too. If thier "OPININON" of Mallet was wrong.


I'll put it this way: Duper and Clayton may not have been nearly effective without a great downfield passer like Dan Marino. Hell, if both went to Denver and Elway both would have been just as great.

Had they been here in 2010 with Henne, neither would have been nearly as effective because Henne was a indecisive and inaconsistent downfield passer. After 15yds, Henne's passing confidence and accuracy waned.

Dying Breed,

I think you might have overstated your case on their being no franchise backs in this draft.

I think Terrel Davis was 6th round pick. I think LaGarette Blount will eventually prove this as well.

I know it's hard to tell at this point. I also realize that not many of these guys look like franchise backs. I'm just saying, you never know.

Also DB, I'm not getting into any rifts you have with any other posters. But I would like to say, I'm taking your side on the accusations made about you waffling.

I think it's excellent you "update" your position as more information becomes available.

Not only that, whether anyone agrees with you or not, you post a freaking ton of information about the guys you're considering. That's what this blogging thing is all about.

I'm not trying to suck up or take sides. I'm just saying, all the fighting aside, I think you make this blog better by posting all your various observatrions.

Keep pounding that keyboard Dude, oh yeah, I almost forgot! LOL!!!!

Henne has all of the tools to be a very successful too. But the biggest question about Henne right now is, "does he have the mental makeup in regards to confidence, to be successful"?

He did not adequately answer this question with his play in 2010.

Having seen Shanahan "managing" the "talent" for the Redskins last season, plus his inability to find a top-flight QB after Elway retired, I am not so sure he's necessarily a guy with the best judgment of players. I'd also point out that Shanahan typically has used a run-heavy West Coast offense, and Mallett might well not seem like the best fit for that system.

We don't know anything about Elway's eye for a player, so the fact he passes on Mallett, if he does, wouldn't say much either way.

I've read the criticism, seen his interviews. He may not have the maturity of a young Brees or Peyton, but I just don't see where the mental make-up questions are coming from. It seems like nothing more than media hype to me. Not saying he has nothing to learn, or doesn't need to learn to handle pressure better, just not buying into the hype thats coming out of the media.

Did you see that Gruden interview with Mallet? He doesn't seem the type that is going to scream at his coach like George did or call in sick to practice and then be found out on the golf course later that afternoon with his buddies as Leaf did.

I think a guy like Shanahan is perfectally capable of seeing Mallet for what he is. If he doesn't like him at 10, I'd stay away at 15. And if he likes him at 10, well we don't get to pick him at 15. Catch 22!

Denver is picking at #2, they won't pick a QB there unless Elway really believes the guy is very special. I wonder if he'd take Cam Newton though if Carolina doesn't.



But I would say it could be argued Terrel Davis had the perfect skill set for the blocking schemes of those Bronco teams. A perfect marriage isnt always about getting the best two persons together. It could possibly be about getting the right two people together.

I dont think it was so much Davis was a franchise rb. I think the oline blocking scheme and the great passing threat of Elway made them a perfect offensive "Trinity" in thier heydey.

Henne is the big mystery that is really screwing up the draft. Going into his 4th season they still don't know if he can be the guy. If they draft a QB at 15, I think they are saying they know they are done with Henne.

The flip side is, I just don't see how Henne can possibly play as bad as he did in the second half of last season. Sometimes there is a very fine line between very good and not good enough.


That's why at the end of the day it's all called "expert opinion" not "fact". We're all "true experts" after the "fact". LOL.....


Don't know, listening to all of us spout our opinions I'd say we consider ourselves experts 'before the fact'! After the fact we are busted!


I would just like to see Henne become a more decisive downfield passer. I think this is the primary reason why in spurts he plays evry well, then in spurts he looks like a total bust, and in spurts looks plain Jane.

This absolutely cant continue as we go further with him.


If we all had crystal balls, it would end all disagreement and debate entirely. Becuse we would all be on the exact same accords because we would all know definitively what's going to happen. LOL..........

Im out until later guys, have a matter I need to attend to.

this guy looks good. Forget about drafting a RB high. I also wouldn't mind bringing ricky or ronnie back. There are plenty of FAs. We need a QB and o-line help.

DB @ 5:54

Agreed. I've expressed my share of frustration with Henne, but since he was a second round pick, victim of a knuckle-head coaching staff, it makes sense to give him the first half of the season to finally settle the questions about him.

For that reason, and cba delaying things, I just feel there are too many extenuating circumstances to draft a QB #1 this year unless they are REALLY high on him. Without help at RB, TE, Oline, I don't see how we are going to score many points this season. Using our top pick for a player that won't even start this year in my mind only ensures us we won't be competitive enough in 2011.


Gotta say this and get out of here. RB and seam TE are the easiest of our problems to fix, so is a good olineman. The question marks surrounding Henne is what's complicating this off season.

If werent for that, everything else is just a drop in the bucket to set right.

A plethera of productive rb's are available both in and outside of the draft. We could make Pouncey our #1 pick. There are at least 3 seam threat TE's availble in the draft to compliment Fasano.

So you see how uncomplicated our offseason would be without the swirling questions about Henne? He is the the "monkey wrench" in our offseason.

I would keep Cobbs and Hilliard. Dump the other 2. Draft another rb and work on upgrading the line. Tired of hearing about QB. Draft one of the better QB's and let Pennington coach him for a year. We all want another Marino and how many super bowls did we win with him????? It's a team sport and each player has to do his part. Not, just one guy, all of them have to do their part!! We all can like different players and want them on our team and some will live up to expectations and most will suck. The '72' Phins was a team that each player DID their part, No Prima Donna's. JUST Men who did the job they were hired to do and did it as a TEAM

DC Dolfan: I'm just not sold on our "fine" coaches!!! I too believe that Sparano & Ireland are on their way out!!! Sorry if my brashness comes off as A-holeish but I think that Henning's poor play calling has hurt this team & Henne!!! I'm pretty sure that house cleaning will need to be done IF we even have football this year!!! I hate to be negative but Goodell sucks & so Far so does this Fin's coaches & GM do too!!! 7-9 2 years in a row just is not gonna cut it!!! Just got to call it like ya see it!!!

I suspect Sparano has a year to come up with the goods, but I am reasonably sure that Ireland has a long future with the Dolphins. He's not responsible for bad coaching, the Dolphins have drafted pretty well over the last three years, with a couple of exceptions, and are clearly a stronger and younger team than they were, and Ross seems to regard Ireland as part of his crew.

Unless the idiots are planning on trading Henne, WE DO NOT NEED A QB!!! Henne's perfomance was hancuffed by Henning & I hear rumors that the dipsticks are possibly trading Henne to the highest bidder!!! WE NEED A RB!!!

Posted by: KillerFin | April 15, 2011 at 02:39 PM

See, this is what too many knowedgeable (not that he's one of them) fans think.

Q&A: Name the other QB(s) on Miami's roster under contract?

Guess we'll see what we see!!! Ross does not seem to be quite the owner Robbie was but maybe time will tell??? It probably is nice to see the stars come to the stadium but what does he do for the lower class fans??? So far nothing!!! Don't forget that Peterson & Ross are business buddies, So Ireland COULD be on the outs IF this team can't produce!!! Beating our own division SHOULD be the most important but shat seen=ms to be 2nd priority!!!

Bonfire, Beer and Babes at Taquamenom Bay off of Lake Superior!

It's party time at the mouth of the Taquamenom River!

Smelt dipping time.

One way or the other, I'm going to end up smelling like fish!!!!


Looks like I'm going to spell it out.

O-line while less than stellar only needs a pulling guard and possibly a center if Incog can't do it.

RBs aren't as bad as you think. No Qb threat means 8 in a box almost all the time and NO RB is going to excel in a situation like that.

WRs...some teams would like to be as well off as we are. Yes, it would be nice to have Green or Jones but oh well

TEs..they blew it last yr. Sloppy seconds this yr

QB, ah yes. Without a quality QB, the D will continue to stack the box....that means no RB will hurt them. Esp without a good TE. The D will dare the QB (just like last yr) to beat them. What that means is, backs will get stopped short of goaline everytime.

Get it?

Our run game suffered from the scheme as well.

We almost never did any simple handoffs up the gillet or off tackle. EVERYTHING was slow developing traps and/or pulling guards EVERY SINGLE TIME. It made our slow running backs look even slower. It actually took away from their strengths, which was down hill power running. Henning was even able to screw the pooch on this deal as well. EVERYTHING he could POSSIBLY do wrong, he DID! In spades!

Screw the individual players strengths, just stick to the scheme boys! It worked 30 years ago, it's bound to work again sooner or later. YeeHaaW!!!!

At least this year we'll have some quick hitting straight ahead power runs. These types of runs will play to our O-lines strength a LITTLE better.

I'm pumped just over the fact that we will no longer be AUTOMATICALLY HANDICAPPED by an antiquated, TRULY OFFENSIVE scheme and game plan!

Thanks again Dan, for "retiring", Ahem! You've single handely helped our offense this year, more than all of our drafts picks put together ever could!

Thank God the automatic handicap "retired again", that alone AUTOMATICALLY makes our offense better this year!

cocoajoe...While I agree we need better quarterback play.I don't think we will find it in the draft this year. I think we are really reaching if we go this route. Unless the CBA is resolved before the draft. We should forget about wasting a first round pick on a QB, when we can fix the interior line.

None of these quarterbacks is ready to play. I have made this point over and over. But if there are no workouts, no rookie camps, no OTA's. This could mean a loss of a huge amount of reps. Brian Billick on the radio today said that for a rookie. They take close to 1500 reps during the offseason programs. Take that away, and that player has a zero chance to learn the system, and in effect is a year behind. Once the season starts. The ONLY reps go to the starter, and a few for the backup.

So if we want to waste a pick on guy that just gets to hold a clipboard, and has to learn the offense by watching Chad Henne.I would have issue with this.

My thought is we can fix the line, get some speed at running back, and find a tight end that can get up the field. We can easily beat 8 man fronts. Speed can be the great equalizer to beat this formation. Teams new we couldn't run it, or throw it more then 20 yards in the air. Safties didn't have to worry about getting beat over the top, and could cheat in run support. Linebackers knew our tight end was limited, and our line struggled to block at the second level. This made it easier for them to roam, and be aggressive. I know that this isn't breaking news.

We have 2 real weapons right now on offense. Marshall, and Bess. IMO these are as good a pair of recievers as you will find in our division. Reciever is lowest on my list of priorities. I know I have called for speed. But at 2 positions where we are deficient. Hartline is a very good route runner, and if the young guys that couldn't get on the field learn to run better routes. Our speed problem is solved.

I still dont think the fins go qb till later. I also think they trade back with the chargers for both for their 2nd rounders. my mock

2nd- Penn ST C Steve Wisniewski
2nd- Vtech RB Ryan Williams
3rd- Wis OG John MOffitt
4th- Arkansas TE DJ Williams
5th- NC State QB TJ Yates
6th- Aub RB Mario Fanin
7th- Rest BPA







JUSTIN CREDIBLE...You make a great point. Folks need to look at the teams behind us. Why would they need to trade to find a player that suits their needs? The teams that may want to pick only a few spots behind us. So that eliminates any hope of a second round pick. There are 3 teams that have 2 second rounders.You would have to be on planet Palin to think that any teams behind us are going to trade down to 15 and give away their only second round pick. There just aren't any players with that sort of value at spot fifteen.

The best chance of a trade down scenario involves us getting an extra third or fourth rounder. Or a trade that involves multiple teams that in a round robin way we are a part of. That could get us into the first, but it will take a perfect storm.






If Ireland thinks Mallet is good he needs to pull the trigger. Just because if he isnt able to be of significant help this season doenst mean he cant be in the near future.

If not, take the guy take the guy he likes at #15 if not able to trade back. Even if you are able to trade back it doesnt guarantee the guy you like most will still be there.

If he trades back and the player he coveted most isnt there. Then IMO he should take bpa regardless of need and just call it a day.

t least if Ireland takes bpa if the coveted player isnt available after a trade back scenario. We give our self greater chance of better impact and bust player.

A tidbit for the Mallet fans out there:

from Adam_Schefters Twitter:

Phil Simms is on with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan, saying Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett are the two best QBs in this draft. Simms loves Mallett. "If he's not a top 10 player (in this draft), then I quit."


I've been saying since day one a trade down is no gimme this year. Not impossible, but I've been putting the odds no better than 50/50. Sure, anything can happen. But they need to be prepared to pick at 15. Thats the main reason I've mainly discussed picking at 15 and haven't gotten involved too much with the trade down scenarios this draft. They are too highly speculative and with each pick the landscape changes.

If you are accepting a trade down, you better have more than one player you are targeting to justify it, otherwise it could backfire. I say unless its a trade down of 5 or less spots, keep destiny in you own hands and take the guy you like most at 15.



Henne is the big mystery that is really screwing up the draft...

Posted by: 0x80 | April 15, 2011 at 05:50 PM



Both yours and DB's remarks about this matter resonate clearly. It really is frustrating that we were unable to enter such a critical year (we are slap between 2 7-9 seasons and will either falter or progress) without having to consider a QB at any level higher then a developmental reason.

I feel that Henne's failure to solidify himself as the "Heir Apparent" when given the keys to the whole friggin mansion without a shot being fired is what leads so many to have such harsh opinions about Henne. I really do like the guy and want him to succeed, but DAMMIT! he screwed the pooch and this whole draft in doing so.

As long as we don't shoot another 1st round pick into a RB (making a total of 3 1sts and a 3rd into RB's since 1998) into our arm in 2 weeks and at LEAST address the most vital of issues, I feel Miami will be left on solid ground. Along with Dying Breed, I have admitted my desire to see Mallet drafted. Yet I do not feel Miami will ever get a shot at him. I say he goes to Minn. or Wash early and that this regime is looking to win NOW so adding a vet will draw them away from the commitment to Mallet. We'll just have to wait and see...

BTW... 0x80... saw you "I'm not in blue" post. I made a fast post addressing you and saying hello when I saw the change, nothing more You are correct that the blue can be duplicated, but, you cannot use the same name as another on the same service they use, such as Twitter, Facebook, Type pad (Breed) etc. It can be copied on a different service, but... By clicking on the name, and knowing what service a guy uses, it is easier to verify his ID. This may have changed (it does so often)... But it does offer a small level of security where none really exists beyond that.

I apologize for not recognizing you.

Derek, no apology necessary. It's true what you say about the accounts, but most aren't going to take the time (or know how) to verify that. And its kind of a hassle anyway, if we have to resort to doing that all the time it just isn't worth blogging at that point.




Fair enough my friend, I can usually recognize you. But agree that it should never be an issue to begin with.


Yes, Armando (Who does not like Ryan Mallet and made it clear on his Radio broadcast) did write his piece... I will remind you, however, Aloco, that nearly 100% of the time you are in dead disagreement or a form a protest against Armando. Why would that change (if it has?) when concerning Ryan Mallet and Armando’s opinions of him?

I know you are a Henne believer, Aloco. I like the guy too. I hope he proves us all wrong. But this team cannot afford to trust a "Hope so" when they have an opportunity to at least provide an alternative to the team should Henne show up in camp or whatever they may have this year, no different then when he walked off the field in NE last year after one of the worst performances at QB I have ever seen in Miami.

Just saying man... Not arguing or calling out the fight bell.

You cannot trust a media system who calls out Mallets character with not a shred of proof or a name to associate it with. Doing this while they promote Cam Newton, a “One Year Wonder” who was caught cheating on exams and was caught stealing another students notebook computer. Plus, there are still unanswered questions about his financial dealings along with his father at Auburn.

I’m not promoting anyone… But I will not stand quietly while a kid who got caught “Hammered’ like half the rest of the campus get screwed by “Hearsay” and a cheater & thief gets glorified to the #1 pick!… I don’t have the make-up for such criminal behavior.


In his "Is Mallet Worth The Risk Article" Armando's greatest red flag is Mallet's mobility. He presented a Mallet career stat being sacked something like 60 times vs 60 tds. With that he stated Mallet's just as likely to throw a td as getting sacked.

However, when you grade Henne by the exact same criteria, Henne's twice as likely to get a sack as throw a td. Henn was sacked like 37 times in 2010 vs only 15 tds.

If Henne's twice as likely to get sacked as to throwing a td and Mallet's even money. I'll take Mallet over Henne all day.

If A guy throws 61tds vs 60 sacks, he gives you a better chance of winning than a guy with 37 sacks vs only 15td's.

If Mallet was sacked 5 times and still threw 5 td's you probably still win the game.

On the other hand, if Henne is sacked 4 times and throws only 2 td's there's a pretty good chance you loose that game.





Even if Mallet's as god awful slow as his critics "over exaggerate" him to be. A smart OC can design protection schemes to mask that shortcoming to a degree.

There are a number a things a smart OC can do. He can overload to onside or another, use the shotgun a little, and institue roll out schemes on some passing downs. A smart OC will keep mixing up all of these things to compensate for lack of mobility and keep pass rushers off balance if Mallet is as good as advertised as a passer.

As a few of us have stated earlier, the real damn shame of this thing is we still don't know what we got in Henne, going into his 4ts season now. It really puts Ireland in a bind as to which way to go in this draft.

Had we not brought in a 'stop gap' QB (Pennington), and just started Henne from scratch like the rest of the league is now doing (Ryan, Flacco, Sanchez), we would now know for sure what we do or don't have in him. I'm not so sure even Aaron Rodgers really needed several years on the bench. I say you got the talent or you don't. Look at Marinos draft class, lots of those QB's started out from the get go. So did many afterwards, Brees, Mannings, ect.

I'm against any more FA veteran aging wounded stop gap QB's. They not only slow down the progress of the guy on the bench, they slow down the appraisal of what the have or have not.


When I think back on it, Ireland may not even have the intention of taking a qb early at all. I say this because there are reports of Ireland/Sparano meeting with Mallet and other qb's. But here's what's missing from the picture:

"Not once have I heard it reported that Brian DuBoll was in the snapshoot too." This may be something "HUGE" or it may be "NOTHING" at all. But if you were extremely serious about drafting that qb early, seems the OC would have been in the "snapshoot" too.

Late rounders you groom on the bench, 1st or 2nd rounders you just have to bring in to start.

Obviously if you have a top QB already and are bringing in someone ahead of time to replace him when he is in decline, that is a different story. But you don't currently have anyone worth starting, you don't bring in a stop gap to train the rookie, that is old school.

Throw the rookie into the fire and let him begin, the bad ones will sink, the good ones will swim.


I say its too late in the game to suddenly make such an overt appearance of being seriously interested in someone. This Mallet story smells of ruse all the way. And I don't think he makes it to 15 anyway.

Im a firm believer in if you're seriously looking to take a qb 1st-2nd rd, the OC should be a big part of the evaluation process.

OC's know thier offensive system and may have a better grasp for what type of qb best fits his system. A qb must be a good fit for the offensive system a OC runs too.

An offensive system that caters to the strengths of one type of qb may greatly expose major weaknesses of a different type qb.


Beauty of the matter is that Henne is going to get his opportunity one way or another. Miami has an investment in him and he will have a chance to keep his job. AS you said, it is frustrating because had the external input to Henne not been so questionable, we would be able to write him off without fear or second guessing.

I suppose that is why I have relegated my entire belief on this matter to this... I feel Henne with start unless something changes that. That being said, should this staff go into next season with Henne and only some “no win” guy like Thigpen and Brandstater... they deserve the pink slip that will be forthcoming.

Henne could have played himself into the Franchise role by only playing above the level of those around him... since he failed to do that (failed to do his job). He only has himself to blame and us to apologize too. I still hope he proves us all wrong. I’m NOT holding my breath!


Would it be ironic if again we passed over a franchise qb for a pro bowl olineman?

If we arent able to trade down and dont take Mallet. Our guy will most likely be Pouncey. If Pouncey goes on to be a pro bowler and Mallet becomes a franchise calibre qb.

Then we have the Jake Long vs Matt Ryan drama all over again. It will be critiqued again we chose "safe" over "promise". LOL...........

Derek @12:30

See it the same way. With the cba mess, no rookie QB is going to start. Got to figure Henne will get half a season to show something. If he hasn't shown it, we have surely lost too many games for any rookie to come in and then take us to the playoffs.

This FA gambled and lost. Now they are stuck with extenuating circumstances. I really question whether its wise to take a QB in this draft. Give Henne his shot, and if not, go full throttle for a top QB in the next draft. In the mean time, draft this year to build the rest of the team.

DB... in reference to 12:28

I also would hope Daboll has a legitimate say in who he wants to coach at QB. I feel it only fair to him. He will be the guy that wears the blame, except Tony and Jeff will be unable to sidestep it next time (if there is one).

My generalized thought is this. If Mallet has sold them, they should take him and forget "Value" ... Go shopping in FA and get 10 2nd round guys and pretend you drafted them if you must, or better yet... Just look out on the field at our Elite receiver and say... "There is our 2nd rounder"... and live with it.

If they want Mallet and trade back thinking they'll get him they have blown it already. I still don't believe he gets past Minn. or Washington (you pick which)... There is too much talent there.

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