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Must never forget the RBs on Miami's radar

Enough about quarterbacks. We don't need no stinkin' quarterback!

(I jest.)

Yes, the Dolphins continue to be eyebrow deep in Ryan Mallet's visit, but they are also trying to address issues with their running back situation. Remember that Ronnie Brown, Patrick Cobbs and Ricky Williams are unsigned for 2011.

So the club today is also visiting with Kansas State's Daniel Thomas. He will be in town through Friday. Next week the club will be hosting a meet with Eastern Washington's Taiwan Jones, who is highly intriguing to me.

Thomas, a middle round candidate, looks the part of a Miami running back. He is 6-foot and 230 pounds. He isn't necessarily fast, having been timed in the 4.5 range. But he's something of a riddle on this one because he didn't run at the Indianapolis Combine and didn't the Senior Bowl due to a hamstring injury.

Thomas gained 1,585 yards on 298 carries in 2010.

He is by all accounts a great kid. Quiet. Son of a preacher. Team leader. That was very important to the Dolphins last year.

Jones, who is 5-11 and 195 pounds, is interesting based on his sheer speed and freakish hops. He had his pro day on Thursday and was timed in the 4.29 to 4.35 range, depending on which account you read and which scout is leaking the information. He also had a reported 41-inch vertical leap. There were 27 teams at his event.

Jones is not necessarily a full-time back. Teams think of him as a Chris Johnson type. If he produces like Chris Johnson, he'll be a stud. But I digress.

Jones comes with red flags. He has durability issues. He is coming off a broken foot that prevented him from participating in the Indianapolis Combine running drills. In fact, he was in a boot until a month ago. He had surgery on a sports hernia in 2009 that prevented him from participating in Spring practice last year. He also had a hand and shoulder injuries in 2009.

Oh, and he had a broken leg early in 2008.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a disaster.

I didn't say he's a first overall pick.

I said he intrigues. He rushed for 1,742 last season and scored 14 TDs. He shared the Big Sky Conference Offensive Player of the Year award.

As you know the Dolphins need speed on offense. They need a home run hitter. Jones has scored on a 93-yard kickoff return and an 87-yard run from scrimmage.

I like him. A lot.



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Another thing, with DuBoll being the new OC, whether we take Mallet or not may depend most on his opinion of Mallet. If DuBoll is siding with the critics in his opinion of Mallet. There's even greater chance Mallet will not be a Miami Dolphin come draft day.

Armando, can you guys find out what DuBoll's opinion of Mallet is before draft day?


You just defined irony and incompentence together. If Mallet is there and they take a linemen, Ireland will never get another GM gig again. Tony we already know will be coaching the oline at NO or Dallas in 2012. Saw a video interview of TS recently, should have saved the link. I cringed, he's dumber than Mr. Magoo.

Regarding Daboll, I wouldn't read anything into that. I have not seen one word of print regarding any teams OC and their draft prospects. They are left in the shadows...its the 'one voice' principal.

Not saying they don't have input, I'm saying the are not visible to the press at this time, at least I haven't seen it from any team.


Armando or someone on the Herald's staff need dig into what DuBoll's opinion on Mallet is. He may say nothing at all, but still tell us about his body language and facial expression is when asked the question.

We can hide a lot of things but its even more difficult to hide body language and expressions. The more you try to hide them the more they will tell on you. They can even tell when you're trying to hide them! LOL.........


You can tell, I can tell, but can Armando tell?

0X80 Ref 12:35..

That is precisely what I feel Miami will do. As much as I believe Miami should take Mallet, I don't believe they will. I feel they are seeing matter in the framework of 12 months. I do think they will go get one of those kids who will be drummed out of the NFL never to be heard from again at QB in later rounds (You pick the name) Kaep, Stanzi, Locker, Dalton, Ponder (who may just be a real QB)... they will get one of those clowns to satisfy the QB people while pissing up a O-line rope or the 5th 1st rounder on a RB in 12 years...

And that is exactly what I would do in the same boat. I am not as critical of these guys yet as you. I tend to feel Parcells "Prototypical" player drafting Focked us worse then anything else... But should this group screw up this draft?.... I'm done with’um and will be very vocal about it.


If Armando pays for the trip and 1st class accomdations. You and I can come down and give a crash course lesson. LOL...........

All of a sudden the #10 pick is going to be very interesting.

Also, with Mallet gaining steam, he is only hurting our trade down chances, teams that do want him may very well have to trade down lower than 15. Mallet may cause use to miss a trade down partner.


7-9 or even 8-8 in 2011 will be totally unacceptable. It would mean 3 consecutive years of spinning in the mud with these clowns.

7-9 or 8-8 will also be the ouster of Henne too.

I saw a "out of the box" mock on NFL channel a few days ago that had Miami trading up to #10 for Mallet... Based on the theory by some that the whole Mallet Character deal is a rouse to keep him insulated for those picking farther down the boards interested in him. I personally believe Minnisota is licking their chops and all the Mallet talk in Miami is a waste of time... he'll be long gone.

I don't know folks, I know great players come from every draft, some expected, some expected. Just the more I think about this draft, the less I like anybody really. I'm going back to the one and only mock I ever posted:

1. Trade for a pick next year
3. Trade for a pick next year
4. Trade for a pick next year
5. Trade for a pick next year
6. Trade for a pick next year
7. Trade for a pick next year

Let's let the new FO hit the ground running with a full head of steam.

*some expected, some unexpected (previous post)


Critics can say what they want about Mallet. But when it gets down to the heat of the moment on draft day, like you guys, I believe there's high probability someone pulls the Mallet trigger far earlier than previously anticipated.

Also, during the heat of the moment of decision making draft day. The charade surrounding "Mr Checkdown" Gabbert will get fully exposed. The shocker could be Gabbert falling into the 2nd rd qb stock come draft day.

I've never seen a qb who was primarily a checkdown master in college draft stock rise as suddenly or as high as Gabberts. It feels just like the housing and mortgage bubble that rose and burst in 2009. LOL.............

I don't know why you guys were running Mando over the coals cause he said the kid's Dad was a preacher! Maybe he should have said that it'd make it less likely that the front office would ask the kid if his mom was a prostitute! Geez!


Saw a post you made a few days back that I wish I could have spoken to you about then and there. You told another guy that "Miami was in a delicate spot" coming off 2 7-9 season. You also alluded to the fact that most teams that are performing at the level Miami is, either start a push up the standings and on to better days and years.... OR... completely fall apart and must be rebuilt from the Rubber to the shine.... I agree 100% and could never have said it any better then you did that day.

I have gone on record (what ever record this blog has...HAH!!!) saying I feel Miami is a 10-6 team when healthy and playing within themselves. I feel they are a 11-5 team with some luck, a few nice turnovers and a Bad ref call going our way for once.

I stand by my statement, Healthy I see a 10-6 as long as QB is managing their efforts and NOT screwing the "check down" pooch!

Should they go 8-8 or 7-9…? Cancel Christmas for Jeff and Tony!

0x80- Wishful thinking. You'll never see a draft where a team trades every one of its picks to the next year's draft. LOL...........


Armando implied preachers make better fathers than other professions. Most of us here believe that is pure nonsense.


That post youre alluded too is when I stated nfl history suggest a team doesnt usually stay middle of the pack 3 consecutive years.

Either they take off or they fall down. They either get better the 3rd year or they get worse than mid-pack status. We've been 7-9 2 straight seasons. If we dont move forward this season, we're most likely to move backwards.

Nfl history suggests teams dont consistently teetor totter around 7-9 to 8-8 very long. Its forward or backwards after a few seasons there.


I'm fully in wish mode right now.

It's a funny world. The buzz word this days is 'think outside the box'. Everyone employer wants someone that thinks outside the box. But the moment you think outside the box, like suggesting trade all your picks for next years picks, everybody thinks you are crazy.

Its impossible to be conventional and think outside the box at the same time.


You can be assured I'd never say such a thing... I made my thoughts on that matter clear back on page 4 or 5 with a guy who really rips Armando. I invite you to read it and you'll see my position on the matter.

I do not however tell other what to believe or do concerning their spirituality, particularly on an anonymous blog with every aspect of life, believes, religious systems and socioeconomic class represented. It’s a great way to get some of the “anti's” riled up… and riled up damned good.

Not the forum for that...

Football and QB's…. That is what is more important then God right now!!! (Just kidding of course)


Youre kind of late to the dance arent you? That issue was settled with Armando Thursday nite. He made a personal appearance here and all is now well.

This FO tries so hard to outsmart everyone that in the end they only outsmart themselves.

Buffalo picks at 3. Buffalo may very well take Newton or Mallet. Buffalo may very well have a better QB than us two weeks from now. That will make us the team with the worst QB in the division, worst running game in the division, worst FO in the division. Or, um, are we that already?

Maybe we have moved forward from 1 and 15, but are we moving forward faster than the rest of the division, or slower? No need to answer that question.


You have to be very careful about thinking outside of the box at work. Sometimes its a ploy by insecure management to find which employees are greatest threat to take his job.

Once he finds the greatest threat that one could find themself unemployed by a certain means or other. They're not always looking for great minds, theyre searching for great threats to thier own job insecurities. LOL...........


Management may tell you to the contrary. But they love dumb robotic employees. If you show great ability to think on your own then you're a great threat to the "Borg" collective.

"You will be insenminated, it is futile to resist"! LOL..........


It's true. In my earlier days in the computer field I was working the graveyard shift operating the big mainframe computers, basically running a bunch of programs that couldn't be run during the day for various reasons. Well, I thought out of the box and figured out how to program the computer to do run all those programs automatically in the right sequence, while I cracked the books and studied since I was working my way through college at the time. Well, one day a jealous coworking ratted me out to the boss, and the boss ratted me out of the job. Best thing that ever happened to me. I then went looking for another job and when I explained why I was fired on the job interview, they loved it and gave me a better job for better pay.


Buffalo is a prime example of if you dont move forward you move backwards rule. Teams like Buffalo sem to hardly ever get further than middle of the pack at best. Then all of a sudden a few years later they're drafting top 10 or top 5 once again.

We gottta move up to around 10-6 this year or we may just finish the season, if it is a full season, 6-10 or worse.

0x80- Nice story, good for you man!

That friggin it!!!

Dying Breed broke out the ST Next Generation "Borg" threat...

"Resistance is FUTILE!!!"

I'm going to bed, resisting it IS futile...

BTW, DB, you and I exchanged UFO jabs some time back, Do you remember...?

I'm a huge Sci-Fi guy and live for space exploration and all that NASA has done. Own a hell of a telescope just to stare at the stars and other places out there I'll never visit.

Resisting them to me is... Futile....

Good night guy's... Pray the Mock Fairy is in Tony and Jeff’s ears tonight, Sprinkling "Draft day dust" in their noses so they make all the right picks.... either that or the fairy will get popped for possession by Miami PD...!

See ya on the morrow.....

Final thought of the evening...

I was looking forward to draft day for some time, but suddenly now it has the feeling of a dentist appointment.

Checking out...peace.

Derek- That was hilarious! Good night my friend. LOL........

Im out too. Peace out all!

Disgusting, urine-stained vagrants.

I've heard and even used the Ryan Leaf comparison when talking about Mallett. That's what I see in this kid. But I think the analogy of Culpepper, after the knee injury, that Armando has discussed is even more fitting. Culpepper just could not get out of the way of defenders and was rendered completely useless in the NFL. I think guys who think he'll just be like Manning and Brady and figure things out are kidding themselves. This kid is SLOW! Some experts have even said he's the least mobile QB they have ever seen. You can't teach a guy how to avoid the rush. You can either move or you can't. 61 sacks behind a good OL is inexcusable. Do you really think theat he'll be better behind our line, with guys like Bellichik and Ryan scheming against him four times a year?

One other point....everyone wants to say that Marino made it work in the NFL and he wasn't very mobile. I got news for you guys....Marino was a shadow of his former self his last two or three years in the league. It actually became painful to watch at times. People want to say he had no running game etc...I was happy when Marino finally hung them up. I couldn't watch any more.


some positive buzz for mallet by greg cosell ON PFT ...........



Craig M-

So are you saying that Miami shouldn't draft him at all or just at the 15 spot? I think his mobility is really my only concern-though when I watched the OSU-Arkansas game live it didn't seam as if he was any slower than Stanzi (which game I also watched live). He did seam to be able to slide and call protections at the line. Though it my opinion he seamed to take some time getting out from under center quickly and his feet got wrapped up with his lineman's on a couple occassions.


"You will be insenminated, it is futile to resist"! LOL..........

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 16, 2011 at 01:22 AM

Doesn't inseminated mean to inject semen into? Just wondering



ireland was taken to school at last years draft by bellichek(who always does his homework). bellichek spent alot of time himself with urban meyer at gator practice and was told who urban "liked". bellichek then proceeded to draft 3-4 of their players including hernandez,spikes and others. i truly hope ireland is working double shifts;we cant afford any more frivolous picks like pat white,pat turner,even john jerry was taken 2 rounds early!

jermaine cunningham of gators dl,olb also taken by pats in 2010 draft. eight of the pats picks can become starters. we lost ground.

Greg, Ireland does his homework too. He just does it in crayons and you can't understand it when he gets done.

I am not sure we can really criticize Ireland's drafts yet seeing how this is his first one without the Tuna on board. So jury is still out on ol Jeffy boy. I'm ot an apologist of his either but just wanted to be fair. I mean we do have some talent on the team-just not sure who is responsible for bringing them in.


That's pretty funny. DB's ok in my book. I think he might have meant integrated instead of inseminated. Though he may know more about the Borg's practices than I do...could be they inseminate you.

We don't need no prototype at RB. Let's say, a Barry Sanders, Emmit Smith, maybe a Chris Johnson, might do.


Sounds like you never watched Star Trek "The Next Generation".

The Borg never says "you will be integrated". LOL.............


Thier are no franchise calibre rb's in this draft. But there are a slew of value type rb's.

Because of our great need for a great downfield passer and this being a Mallett great strength. I would rather choose Mallet at 15 and he flops than Ingram and he has little success because we still cant force defenses from placing 8 in the run box.

Even if Mallet flopped, I wouldnt be mad at the fo because we at least had the pick right to match our greatest need. Still as in the Long vs Matt Ryan case, we'll probably play it "safe" and again choose the olineman over the qb. 2011 could be Pouncey vs Mallet.

Because of his Vanilla Ice "hip-hop" street-like flavor. If Mallet has any type of nfl success the kid's going to be a marketing boom.

I think its very reasonable to assume with any nfl success this kid's jersey sales will at or near the top of the league. He has the slightly "bad boy" image most of the edgy set public absolutely love.

Wouldnt it be ironic if Nick Fairly fell to #15, Ireland takes him, then tell us he didnt draft Mallet because of character concerns> Wouldnt that be just a son o' beech!

4 Players most likely to become our 1st rd pick, but in no particular order:

1. Mallet
2. Pouncey
3. Ingram
4. Aldon Smith
5. D'Quan Bowers(Possibility he falls this far)

ALoco, I know, Iknow. They'll have our dentist take a look at Bowers and he'll give the green light to pick Bowers. LOL...........................


The reason our fo has our dentist take a look at these injured guys is because they prefer beautiful smile over the bad news. LOL........

AS long as our draft picks has a beautiful set of teeth the entire fo is left smiling on draft day. Ross had better hide his money! LOL.........



overall, i think ireland did a fairly good job between drafting players and bringing in undrafted free agents. when you look at the players we had on this team in training camp and what we had left when the season started you could say it was probably one of the toughest years this team has had to make decisions on who to cut. one player in particular was micah johnson. he had a fantastic preseason and, i thought, outshined some of the other backers we had on the roster. he made some nice tackles and some were behind the line. i guess it goes to show how tough it is to make a team as an undrafted rookie.

Ask Yourselves, "What Would Shula Do"? He selected Marino amidst alledged drug usuage rumors didnt he?

Marino was immobile too. Watching video of Mallet he seems to slide better than Henne in the pocket. Once the pressure comes Henne seems to have "sack me" written all over his forehead.

nate dodsworth,
sorry to take so long to reply back. you can see stoking manny catching the gator in the espn 72 dolphins special. all the other players agree that manny shoulda been the mvp in that super bowl. i think he had something like 13 unassisted tackles that day all at or behind the line against the the nfc leading rushing attack. he was double teamed and at times collapsed their whole o line. no d limeman since has had a better super bowl except maybe reggie white when he massacred bledsoe and the patties.

i think we should take ingram and let rickie and ronnie go. there will still be a decent qb in the third round. now if someone gets real greedy for that 15 pick in the first round and then we can get a good vet o line man and a high second round pick, then we can still get a quality qb in the second and a rb in the third. but remember in all likelihood there will be a settlement on this lockout crap in time to get a good qb through a trade like orton or kolb. if we can get aggressive and trade for kolb or orton and still get ingram at 15, then we will be vastly improved.

dm1 @1:28

I can't give this FO the same vote of confidence. They took over a 1-15 team whose biggest flaw was not grooming a QB to replace Marino, and then floundering for over a decade with incompetent QB's and stop gap QB's. Going into now their 4th season, they still haven't fixed the teams biggest problem.

They blew it by not taking Ryan. They blew it again by not starting Henne from day 1 like most teams do these days. Had they done that, they would know for sure by now whether or not Henne is the QB for the future. Now they 3 years later they still don't know. That very issue is putting a huge burden on this years draft. The mere answer to whether Henne is the guy or not would make this draft decisively more productive for them, instead they are left with a guessing game while being short a 2nd round pick to boot.

I'd say up until this point, while they have gotten some good players, they've simply outsmarted themselves more than they've outsmarted their foes (missing on QB's, paying up for injury prone lineman, going into the 2010 not realizing they had no vialbe 2nd string QB,ect)

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