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Dolphins open 2011 regular season vs. Pats, close vs. Jets

The Dolphins will open the 2011 NFL season at home against the New England Patriots.

Talk about an instant opportunity to know how good the team is on a big stage. The Patriots won the AFC East last season and had the NFL's best regular-season record at 14-2. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and were swept by the Patriots. They also lost seven of eight home games in 2010.

So the 2011 season-opener is a chance for Miami to not only prove how good it is, but immediately erase the taste of last season's home record and third-place finish. It has me pumped. If you are similarly pumped, this is where you get your seasons tickets now.

The Dolphins play three big stage games in 2011. Obviously, the season opener on Monday night is a big deal. The Dolphins will return to primetime on Oct. 17 as they travel to New York to play the Jets. That game follows a bye so the Dolphins should be rested and prepared for their division rivals.

The other big stage game I am talking about is the Thursday, Nov. 24 game at Dallas. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be eating press box turkey! (Yes, it is all about me.)

You should note that the two consecutive season-opening games at home are not played at the scorching hot 1 o'clock hour. That might be great for the fans because they will get some relief from sitting out in the scorching midday sun, but it does not once again maximize Miami's weather advantage early in the season.

“We open with two games at home and it’s not only imperative that we play well right from the start, we are going to have to show continual improvement throughout the year since we end the season with three straight divisional games," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said in a statement.

The Dolphins do have to deal with two potentially cold weather games late in the season when they travel to Buffalo (Dec. 18) and New England (Dec. 24) on back-to-back weeks.

You should also note that Miami will be on the road for five out of six games from Sept. 25 to Nov. 6. Yes, there is a bye week on Oct. 9 in the middle of that. But the stretch that includes games at San Diego, at the Giants and at Kansas City -- all playoff contenders -- promises to be difficult.

The Dolphins finish the regular season where they began -- at home. And they finish in similar fashion -- against an AFC East rival. The regular-season finale is versus the New York Jets. The Jets went to the AFC title game for the second consecutive season in 2010-11.

Here is the schedule:

Date                Opponent

Sept 12    New England  7 p.m.

Sept. 18    Houston        4:15 p.m.

Sept. 25    at Cleveland   1 p.m.

Oct. 2      at San Diego   4:15

Oct. 9         BYE

Oct. 17       at New York Jets  8:30 p.m.

Oct. 23       Broncos    1 p.m.

Oct. 30    at New York Giants    1 p.m.

Nov. 6      at Kansas City   1 p.m.

Nov. 13     Washington     1 p.m.

Nov. 20      Buffalo          1 p.m.

Nov. 24      at Dallas (Thanksgiving)    4:15 p.m.

Dec. 4       Oakland       1 p.m.

Dec. 11      Philadelphia    1 p.m.

Dec. 18     at Buffalo       1 p.m.

Dec. 24     at New England   1 p.m.

Jan.  1      New York Jets  1 p.m.

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..This is a great opportunity for the Phins to shock the league. Early season division games are no gimmie for either side. This is a reason to get fired up!

..I would rather get the Pats early. Especially since they could be very young at a lot of positions(they do have a bunch of picks in rounds 1,2,3)I know not all of these picks will be starters. They may even trade a few to get a premium player. But my point is. Now that the team knows who we need to prepare for. The Pats with 5 months to prepare for, is a lot better then the Pats with a week...

Suck it Chowder Heads..

Oh yeah......First Bit(hes!

Armando...If you are around. Is it possible that you make a note in an up coming post about Sundays Mock Draft? I hope everyone who posts can participate.

The NFL Network just released our 2011 schedule we get the NFC East and AFC West this coming Season, the other 2 opponents are Fins at Browns, Texans at Fins. Our road games with those two divisions breaks down as follows.

On the road: Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, G-Men, our 3 div. games and the Browns

At home: Raiders, Broncos, Redskins, Eagles, our 3 div. games and Texans

Publicado por: fin4life | April 19, 2011 at 06:55 PM

Man I`m going to hate watching that Philly game knowing how easily Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson could have been wearing aqua and orange.

...Another tid bit from today. Much talked about running back Tawain Jones met with the Phins today. We talked last night about Jones possibly going to a team in the 3rd round. I cannot see us using our 3rd on him. If we were to aquire an additional 3rd maybe. I don't know if he makes it past the mid point of the round.

I posted that a few teams had interset in him. I learned today that the Niners could be a good bet. Jones is from the Bay area. The G-Men have also thrown their name in the hat as well. A ton of interest in a guy that before last week was thought to be a 5th rounder at best.

wow now they can at least start the season both at home and on Monday night and against the pats. They lost all their national games last year, they lost to the pats twice and the lost at home 7 times.
Win the first game and we're already doing much better than last year

With the exception of two conference games that vary depending on where you finish in the standings, you can look up the Dolphins opponents for the next 50 years if you want. It's set in stone.

The "schedule announcement" only reveals the dates of the games. The opponents and locations are already known, just as they are for the 2012 season and every season beyond that.

No idea why some fans seem to think otherwise.


You posted last night that he added an extra 20 pds. to his frame while posting a sub 4.3/40, I`d imagine that removed question marks for teams wondering how the extra bulk would affect his overall speed.


Great point we played since the 08 season in order the NFC West, South and North last season. With the East this tear it means we get the West again in 2012.

Here is a little happy thought about Miami's schedule; First of all, Miami has proven to be a "Road Warrior" team. So the road games are not near as scary as they were years ago. Miami will play 7 games against teams on their Schedule who are picking BEFORE them in the draft. Alluding to the idea that Miami had a better season last year then those teams did...

Buffalo X2

This is a schedule that Miami should do well with. The 4 hardest games (X2-v-NE & X2-v-NY) will determine the division, but because all 4 teams in the division have to play each other, it generally evens that out fairly. This is a schedule Miami could go to a wildcard based on difficulty and the road strength Miami has shown. The key, as always, will be to stay healthy.

For those wondering about whether the Pats will look to set the tone on draft day trades with there picks here`s a nice read for you !

No collective bargaining agreement means players can't be traded at this month's NFL draft, but teams still can deal their picks.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick mentioned earlier this week that there is "a lot of interest" in his team's draft picks, and Tennessee Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt told the Tennessean that he believes the league's annual college coming-out party could feature plenty of trades.

"For some reason, I think there's probably going to be a little bit more (trading), but I can't really tell you why," Reinfeldt said Tuesday. "I just have a gut (feeling) that people are kind of anxious to do something and say, 'What the heck? Let's make a few trades.' "

Reinfeldt said he has had some conversations about swapping picks, but he expects more serious talks when the draft begins April 28. The Titans hold the eighth overall pick by virtue of their 6-10 finish in 2010.

"I think more of it happens on draft day," he said. "I don't think that much is going to happen before unless it is really high. Even if you watch the mock drafts, there's a lot of different ways people think the draft is going to take off. So I think people will have to get a feel for how it is going to go, what positions are going to get a run, before they jump in and start doing what they think they need to do to help their team.

"But (the trade conversations) start to really take place probably the last week before the draft, when people really get their draft boards really firm in their minds or finalized in their minds


You want the Pats first? Division rival? The most dialed in team in the league going against a team with a whole new coaching staff on limited practice? Henne executing DaBall for his very first time? Hmmm, I'd have rather faced them after we had a chance to tune up, we need it far more than they do. I don't even think Belichek needs a new game plan, he's now probably already just working on game 2.

WTF.....we have no sunday night games?! lets hope the seadon finale is for the AFC East crown do the whole world can see the phins clinch the division against the jets on primetime....with the flex schedule and all!!! im seeing 11 and 5.....anyone agree?

NFL Net`s mock draft Central has Charles Davis saying Miami takes M.Pouncey, Pat Kirwin actually has us taking Prince Amukamara, Steve Wyche also has us taking Pouncey and Brian Baldinger has the consensus Ingram pick for us, for whatever it`s worth thought it interesting that NFL Net no longer has the Ingram pick accross the board with Miami.

fin4life, I actually had someone get mad at me once years ago on another site when I posted the Dolphins opponents (and game sites) five years into the future.

I guess they wanted to think this stuff is just made up year by year rather than set in stone and felt I ruined the suspense, lol!


Armando wrote a piece a few days’ ago in the sports page about how many pick's Belechick had as it relates to Miami, you know? Typical Armando "We're Doomed stuff" (it was a good piece)... Fact is NE has used its overflow through the last few years to either slide up or trade into the next years draft in order to keep that number of picks high.

I wonder if in a crazy year like this, if NE may use a few extra picks they would usually "send up" to the next year because of the fears concerning FE and UFA's? The fact set in stone will hold true no matter what and no matter how slick you are... The league say's you get 52 players and a practice squad of 8 (I think its 8)???? If you over draft you either have to cut them and lose the picks...OR.... Keep them and cut the Veterans. It will be interesting to see how the changes effect NE and Belechick, if it does at all.

Talk to you guys tonight!

fin4life..Yeah, Jones is definitley climbing up the board. I have said that I do not think we would use our third round choice on him if he was available. In the last 10 minutes I have really been re-thinking this, especially as I prepare my mock for Sunday.

I don't think that Jones is an every down guy at this point. We do have other options when free agency is avaialble. What I struggle with is this. It would be a lot easier to really get behind us drafting Jones if we were set at running back. What I mean is we do not have a feature guy. If we had Ronnie signed, or had already been able to aquire a free agent. I think I would be on board more.

Then I get to thinking. What guy in the third round fits this profile? I'm not sure there is a guy. So if we decided to pick a back with this selection. Why not Jones? I'm scrambling here. I would love to see Jones is a Phin uniform. But like My argument against Mallet. I don't know if he is a good fit here right now.

We could draft him with the idea we will have to sign a free agent. This comes with no guarantees. If we failed to do so. Our running backs would be Jones, Lex, and Sheets. Personaly I would be okay with this. I'm not sure for the team that this would be the best scenario. The team is much more important then the fan in me.


That is funny, I guess some people actually think it`s done flipping a coin or something (actually was under Pete Roselle) but that was over 30 years ago.

Draft Mallett!!!


I have a firearms question for you if you're game?

Miami Dolphins 2033 Schedule (really):

Home: Buff, NY Jets, NE, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Houston, Indianapolis

Away: Buff, NY Jets, NE, Atlanta, Carolina, Tennessee, Jacksonville

Two AFC opponents to be determined by finish in division prior year.

(oh, and there probably won't be an NFL franchise in either Buffalo or Jacksonville by then...just saying this stuff is set in stone)

Its really hard to get excited or predict a record when there has not been, and very well could not be, NFL free agency. If there was free agency and Miami signed Brad Smith, D'angelo Williams, a pulling guard and traded for Kyle Orton or Carson Palmer per say, id be pumped. But as of right now its Chad Henne and the 7-9 Dolphins. Sigh

am i the only one that see the jets on this schedule 3x

F4F-Dobson... Ref 7:44

I think many like to feel the season schedules are based on the teams’ performance the previous year. Something I have heard the "Heads" propitiate. You often hear terms like "Strength of schedule" and have the heads pointing to how well the team played the year before to get that schedule assigned to them. Either they don't know any better or they are in on propitiating the myth. Perhaps in order to keep it more interesting? Who knows? After what I have seen the heads involved with and hearing the irresponsible attacks by them against young men this year... I would believe anything I heard that was said about them and their involvements in misdirection and the dissemination of unfounded information.


You know it really depends I guess on how high up the F.O`s chart some of these players are rated because after reading your final posts with Rob last night, I got to thinking why not a player like this in the 3rd. Think for a moment about the multi-ways you can use a player like T.Jones or Derrek Locke (rated lower in 5th. round mocks) on your team.

I could see them being very effective and explosive additions to ST as KR and PR. I know the new rules will negate alot of Kick offs (Devin Hester must be P.O.`d) but what about replacing a slow Bess as PR and don`t forget he`s muffed a bunch of them back there as well.

On Offense you not only have them in the backfield on 3rd and long but you can split them wide or drop them in the slot given there speed. You have to remember that Daboll did alot of this with Joshua Cribbs in Cleveland, he is more on board with these picks than I think we know. Hey we could all be dead wrong and we take a guy like Kyle Rudolph in a trade down to settle T.E. while adding a pick and would that be so bad ?


For lack of a better term.... Shoot!

0x80...I know that the Pats are the bully on our block. Nobody will be giving us a chance. It is an opportunity to make a statement. Wierd things happen in week 1.

I understand that there are a ton of question marks about our team. And maybe I'm just fired up today. Defenses usually have the upper hand early in the season. Defense I believe will be the strength of this team. Our identity if you will. It may be a prime spot for an upset.

1 - 3 at the bye. we collapse from there.

Belicheat will have the Pats dialed in as usual. Regardless of which week you have the Pats, Belicheat is set.

I think the gives us somewhat of an edge. Maybe not an overall edge, because of Brady, the skill position players and their well established system. Still, I have confidence in our Cam Wake led no. 6 defense giving Brady trouble all day.

The edge I see is that Belicheat will no longer have Hennings game plan figured out pre kickoff. Henning ran the same old, same old for the past 100 years and Belicheat knows it all to well.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Daboll will throw a monkey wrench into the rivalry. Granted, Daboll worked under Belicheat, but he hasn't been gameplanning against him for the past 1000 years like he has Henning.

So yeah, I like the idea of facing Brady and the Pats right off the bat. If we beat these guys with Henning and Lee's wildcat, just imagine what Daboll will do to them.

(Funny, I didn't feel like a HOMER when I STARTED typing this).

Oh well.............

Daboll! Daboll! Daboll! Daboll!

By playing the Pats first, Belichek has yet another opportunity to completely demoralize Sparano before he can even get an ounce of much needed confidence. It may just set the tone for Sparanos season, or should I say half season.

my man greg little was on path to the draft tonight. the guy is a beast.


That`s just to funny, you should send Mando an advanced copy of that 2033 schedule, so he can get a jump on whoever is running the Sentinel, if there even is one that year.


I hear you @7:42 just thought it was interesting given all the uncertainty that a usually tight lipped Belichik would openly talk about interest in movement with his picks this particular year.

x80 I disagree. I actually think having pats the first game gives us a chance to beat them. All they have to concentrate on the whole summer is beating the pats.


It's not being a Homer man... There is no reason to be overly high on this team until we see what they can do... and at the same time, there is no reason whatsoever to be overly low on them. Miami was very much in all but a handful of games last year. This whole... we suck and the world is coming to an end is a bit dramatic and for lack of words... not true.

People has WAY to high of expectations last year and when they were crushed made a conscience decision to NOT allow that to happen this year so they are playing MR "Bi-Polar" and overcompensating to the other extreme... its sad and really makes being a fan suck if your one who thinks that way. (I would move to some other form of entertainment rather then subject myself to that thinking) Mainly because no matter what... teams still have to play the games and they NEVER happen the way you think they will...

BTW... What is your Fire Arms question....?

BTW dabol did beat belicheat last year. was it a statue of liberty play that they used to beat them?


SHOOT? LOL-Good one.

Since moving to the Great White North, I've become an avid hunter and fisherman.

Now that I have complete custody of my two youngest sons, I have been getting them involved as well.

We do EVERYTHING all legal and by the book. Proper licenses, hunter safety courses, the whole nine yards.

One of their cousins, my nephew, wants to come up and hunt with us this deer season.

I know he has been convicted of a felony. Can he legally carry a firearm with his conviction? Is there a certain number of years that have to pass first?

I have no clue about these parts of the rules and I'm trying to avoid possibly alienating or embarrassing the kid.

Hey odin,

I know Sparano is praying and hopes your right about Daboll pulling a Luke Skywalker on the Dark Master because if not he`s going to be hearing, NOLAN !! NOLAN !! from his living room by mid-season.


..This is the beauty of a new season. You can be optomistic. Now this optomism may be false. But it isn't much fun to think otherwise. I will allow the season to play out before I go into we suck the sky is falling mode. But until then screw the Pats, and the jets, and every other team that doesn't wear a Dolphin uniform.


Ver interested to see what your answer to odin will be, I for one thought that along with the loss of some of your 1st ammendment rights, ability to ever vote again ect.. was loss of right to bear arms.


Thanks for the reminder. Only two offensive coordinators beat the Pats in the regular season. Daboll was one of them.


I'll stand by my post. I really do believe Daboll will be the wild card in the season opener.

I guess I was hedging a little. Just anticipating some blogger making fun of my FANaticism!

Honestly, I think Daboll ALONE would have taken this SAME team to at least 9, maybe even 10 wins last season.

Daboll! Daboll! Daboll! Daboll!

Hows this for some PR spin:

Daboll! He can't be any worse than Henning. Can he?


States have varying laws applying to what you are describing. Most States, if you have only one conviction, and that conviction IS NOT for a violent or sex crime, OR did not involve a firearm, the State will reinstate a persons rights after a prescribed period of time without further incident or conviction. In some cases, you need to apply for your rights to be reinstated. Usually a 6-month process so get started ASAP.

Keep in mind; Archery is a form of hunting unaffected by firearm laws. Many ex-cons get involved in archery and have very fulfilling outdoor experiences particularly with the awesome equipment and technology with the new compound bows available. It truly is a "Pure" form of hunting and offers great sport.

Now… just for a moment lets be real about real life. Should you nephew come with you on a hunt, and you are unsure of where you stand (OR know where you stand) make certain that if there is 4 people hunting including your nephew, that there are only 3 weapons. Do you understand me? Only the angels know who pulls the trigger my friend... Can you understand what I am telling you? They do not check backgrounds for hunting licenses.

Felons, without reinstated rights are subject to a 5-year minimum mandatory prison sentence if caught in POSSESION of a firearm. In 25 years I have only heard of 3 instances where park rangers ran a name or investigated a hunter and in EVERY case... he did not have a valid permit and hunting license. Having those will usually get you a "Be safe and have a nice day" from our great rangers in the US. They are not FBI… they are there for safety and to make certain no poaching is going on

Is that enough to go on...?

I nominate Darryl for post of the night. You said it Bud!

It's a new season! We're still undefeated!


Nolan! Nola......ah.........Daboll! Daboll!

I guess Tony has to prepare them real quick this year. It's good to play NE in our first game for if we beat them it will be huge for our play-off aspirations and if we lose we know we will never catch them. Good early definition.


That was certainly enough to get started on. Thanks for your time.

PS: I have bow hunted the past three seasons. I LOVE it, talk about going primal! It makes me feel like an Indian Warrior-lol!


off-subject at 8:36, good read !!

Fin4life...We will have to see how our draft strategy plays out. Will we draft for need? Will we draft the best players on our board, no matter the position? How do we go about filling our roster with free agency so far off in the distance. Realisticaly,how many of the draft picks are going to make a big impact? Some times teams get lucky, and they get production up and down the board. Most of the time, teams get a few guys that make a difference, and the rest of the picks play a limited role.

It may be to much to expect that we will get more than 2 starters from this draft. Add Odrick to this mix, and Edds for depth. And the rookie class could be very good. I am thinking that a position like running back will be better served in free agency(as far as an everydown guy) I'm sure that we will pick a back at some point in this draft, perhaps a couple. But if we don't pick Ingram in round 1. What back in the 3rd round can be that every down guy? There are some very good choices that fill the situational role, but starters?

So if I'm right, and we can apply 2 starters from the first two picks(this is without a trade which is very possible, but not in the cards as of now) What would be the 2 positions we should fill?


Offensive Lineman and a sub 4.4 speed receiver. Whichever order presents itself.

I got a question for you or anyone else.

Lets say the FO is intent on resigning Williams or getting Deangelo Williams in FA. Teaming them up with Lex(of course). Then we can concentrate our efforts on a 3rd down back.

Say our pick in the 3rd round rolls around and Kendall Hunter and Taiwan Jones are still available.

Which one do we go with?


In all honesty, I can take one of my better rifles and hit a 6 inch circle at 600+ yards over and over again. I have a 300win Mag I took a Mountain Ram with in Utah at just under 1000 meters. ANYONE can blast Bambi with a decent scoped rifle with 45 minutes of breathing and posture training.
In my opinion, Archery and Fowl hunting with a shotgun are about the only "Fair" forms of hunting left. I hunted with a guy last year that used a scope with built in green laser and ranging laser. The scope did all the "Doping" for itself... all he had to do was hold the green dot on the animal through a 14X recital with night vision capability... I had a very sick feeling from that... I feel that "Sport" is lost somewhere in a weapon like that... In my silly opinion… A weapon like that is for use by the Military by a man trying to kill something before it kills him. Not a Rifle for a hunter to take meat he can buy in any Butcher shop. I have certain lines that I feel should be honored… but that’s me….

I know Mama Maria likes to shop and Aloco has to get in the hours, but DAMN!

This place just isn't the same without him.


Upon reading Armando's "Crazyhorse Belichik" article, havent clue why we even have to play that opening game. LOL...............

Odin...This is a tough one. I cannot comment on Kendal Hunter, because I have only read stuff about him, and have seen him play once on the picture box.

I know much more about Jones,and have been talking him up for awhile. Just because i have seen what Jones can do, I would vote for him. Hunter played in a premier conference, is much more known, and may be a better player now. The thing with Jones. He adds much more dynamic as a back, and return guy. 2 positions that we need. Trying to be unbiased, I would take TJ. I don't know enough about Hunter to say otherwise.

As much as everyone's here complaining, beat the Pats opening Monday night there will be premature SB planning! LOL.........

Darryl Ref 8:47...

I spent a little time the other day looking at clips of video from some of the players we have that ended up on the IR list before the season hardly began. One of the guys I watched some stuff from was Edds.
I have to say man, should what I saw of him in those clips translate into the NFL with any great degree, he could become a formidable player. I hope he has used some of his time working on his upper body. He was already a built dude, but if he comes out "NFL Built" he may just have a leg up.
They did not say much about it (of course) but I believe Miami had big plans for Edds and losing him really screwed them up.

Derek and Odin, I have a 1906, 30-06 and I can out shoot you at 1000 yds....it was my dad's! Now it's mine...best caliber rifle I've fired!!!

This is mnost violent blog I've ever witnessed! LOL........

Test, I'm drawing a blank screen, sorry!


I like Pouncey in round 1, I really do if we can trade down to the bottom of round 1 with a team like Seattle then I like Gabe Carimi but you know that because I`ve been leaning in that direction for some time. If I could pry a 2nd rounder from Seattle an he`s still on the board then one of my absolute favorites in this draft that I think can start and be a high quality NFL player is Quan Sturdivant.

I noticed somebody mention him a couple of days ago and chuckled because I thought I was in a minority eye balling this kid. He played ILB and OLB when Quinn was suspended and still recorded 86 tackles. If you download him he will absolutely jump off the screen at you, very aggressive ball hawk. I still haven`t seen anywere why he isn`t rated higher, which does have me wondering what I`ve missed but I like him.

In round 3 if he`s there you can`t pass on Jordan Cameron, no way but I hear the argument for Taiwan Jones none the less given his multifaceted skill set. In round 4 Colin Mcarthey, 5 deffinitely Derrik Locke and so on but again you know this you`ve seen were my head is at with my mock.

I think if it played out we have 2 starters and maybe 3 if were lucky while adding bodies for ST`s and depth. By the way I`ve been saying it for sometime I hate the idea of signing Deangelo Williams whose finnished 1 !! in 5 seasons as an NFL player and will command a bunddle in FA. I stick with my FA R.B. Micheal Bush whose shown plenty backing up McFadden, is completely healed from College injury and most importantly will come cheap while able to be the 20 to 25 carry plugger your talking about.

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