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Dolphins open 2011 regular season vs. Pats, close vs. Jets

The Dolphins will open the 2011 NFL season at home against the New England Patriots.

Talk about an instant opportunity to know how good the team is on a big stage. The Patriots won the AFC East last season and had the NFL's best regular-season record at 14-2. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and were swept by the Patriots. They also lost seven of eight home games in 2010.

So the 2011 season-opener is a chance for Miami to not only prove how good it is, but immediately erase the taste of last season's home record and third-place finish. It has me pumped. If you are similarly pumped, this is where you get your seasons tickets now.

The Dolphins play three big stage games in 2011. Obviously, the season opener on Monday night is a big deal. The Dolphins will return to primetime on Oct. 17 as they travel to New York to play the Jets. That game follows a bye so the Dolphins should be rested and prepared for their division rivals.

The other big stage game I am talking about is the Thursday, Nov. 24 game at Dallas. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be eating press box turkey! (Yes, it is all about me.)

You should note that the two consecutive season-opening games at home are not played at the scorching hot 1 o'clock hour. That might be great for the fans because they will get some relief from sitting out in the scorching midday sun, but it does not once again maximize Miami's weather advantage early in the season.

“We open with two games at home and it’s not only imperative that we play well right from the start, we are going to have to show continual improvement throughout the year since we end the season with three straight divisional games," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said in a statement.

The Dolphins do have to deal with two potentially cold weather games late in the season when they travel to Buffalo (Dec. 18) and New England (Dec. 24) on back-to-back weeks.

You should also note that Miami will be on the road for five out of six games from Sept. 25 to Nov. 6. Yes, there is a bye week on Oct. 9 in the middle of that. But the stretch that includes games at San Diego, at the Giants and at Kansas City -- all playoff contenders -- promises to be difficult.

The Dolphins finish the regular season where they began -- at home. And they finish in similar fashion -- against an AFC East rival. The regular-season finale is versus the New York Jets. The Jets went to the AFC title game for the second consecutive season in 2010-11.

Here is the schedule:

Date                Opponent

Sept 12    New England  7 p.m.

Sept. 18    Houston        4:15 p.m.

Sept. 25    at Cleveland   1 p.m.

Oct. 2      at San Diego   4:15

Oct. 9         BYE

Oct. 17       at New York Jets  8:30 p.m.

Oct. 23       Broncos    1 p.m.

Oct. 30    at New York Giants    1 p.m.

Nov. 6      at Kansas City   1 p.m.

Nov. 13     Washington     1 p.m.

Nov. 20      Buffalo          1 p.m.

Nov. 24      at Dallas (Thanksgiving)    4:15 p.m.

Dec. 4       Oakland       1 p.m.

Dec. 11      Philadelphia    1 p.m.

Dec. 18     at Buffalo       1 p.m.

Dec. 24     at New England   1 p.m.

Jan.  1      New York Jets  1 p.m.

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Some of us which signed up to participate in your mock draft have a few questions? Mine are:

Is this going to be purely the dolphin's 8 picks this year, without trade ups/downs? Or is it whom we believe will be selected in the 1st round throughout the entire league? I am assuming it is just for the fins draft board.

Further, since it is very unlikely anyone will predict our 8 picks precisely, is the winner simply the person with the most correct picks, regardless if you are off a round?

If this is the case, the winner likely will only have 3 players out of 8 on their mock. Which is a good quess, since most of those mocking on your blog will be lucky to get even one player right.

Since this is for public record, I am going to copy and paste to your blog. You can post your answer there, to eliminate a redundant quizzing.


odinseye said
"Daboll! He can't be any worse than Henning. Can he?"

Actually his offense was one of the only offenses that was worst than henning last year :-)
I hope he's better this year

I'm liking this schedule! Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Miami go 9-7 or even 10-6.

Sept 12 New England – W - we play lights out knowing we gotta go up there in December.
Sept. 18 Houston – L – will we ever beat these guys?
Sept. 25 at Cleveland – W – Daboll sells his soul to get the W.
Oct. 2 at San Diego – L – long road trip / Bolts are just a better team.
Oct. 9 BYE

Comments please.

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Wildly premature to forcast 9-7 10-6 2011 until seeing what the offseason brings. Many here expecting step backwards instead of forwards.

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Good assesment but you know something we actually have a winning record going to S.D. over the years and if they don`t do something to shore up that D we can score on them, remember there secondary takes another hit loosing Eric Weddle this off-season.


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Did you read my post about being "Sporting" on the last page?

I don't care for the "Techno Hunter" out in the field with laser range finders and greed dot self-doping night scopes...


Hathcock used a modle 70 Winchester in 30-06 in Vietnam.(he would not use the .308 dictated by the UN) The 50. Cal sniper system did not reach the military until the Model 82A1 "Barrett" 50cal rifle was introduced to the Army Sniper Corp in 1989.

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Derek4 @9:51,

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Darryl came up with the idea to do a mock here. Armando told us he would participate.

Armando originally thought we were just mocking the entire 1st round. Dying Breed e-mailed him and told him it's just a Dolphin mock.

I don't know what Armando's going to do. The rest of us are following Darryl's lead.

Darryl said do it however you want to do. For himself, he said he's just keeping it limited to the picks we have now.

He also said, if you want to, include a trade down scenario. But please just submit one mock as he's going to copy and paste all of them later.

I think the idea is to mock it like YOU were the GM. NOT what you think Ireland will do. However, if you want to do it like you think Ireland would, then by all means, have at it.

The closest thing to any kind of a rule Darryl laid out was just TRY AND MAKE IT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE. Meaning you probably shouldn't use a 7th rounder on Cam Newton-LOL.

Have Fun!

What was the name of the fat chick on "Facts of Life?"

If you guys wanna keep going on assault rifles how about:

steyr AUG with grenade launcher



ect.... how my doing Derek4 ?

Oct. 17 at New York Jets – L - Lard butt proves he’s no joke.
Oct. 23 Broncos – W – in worse disarray than the Dolphins.
Oct. 30 at New York Giants – L – tough team.
Nov. 6 at Kansas City – L – Bill Parcells counsels son-in-law how to beat Dolphins (Sparano’s weaknesses).
Nov. 13 Washington – W – Shanahan still trying to solve Snyder's riddle.

Comments please.


Does Weatherby make a .308?


The SS P226 in 9mm is on my top 3 "Home Defense" & a very good “concealed carry” weapon. I sell no less then 7 per month, Many to Cops who like the .40cal a little better then the 9mm or .45. The 226 does not have the recoil that pulls you off aim point and the muzzle flash will not blind your second shot. For the ordinary guy or woman who wants a weapon to protect themselves and their families, the only gun I would place above it is a Glock 17. And weight is the only reason for my consideration there.


I've got a comment for you. I don't like your entusiasm at all!

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weatherby indeed makes a 308 I forget the name right now but they put it out just resently so Derek4 probably knows.

Nov. 20 Buffalo – W – must win – Dolphins find a way to do it.
Nov. 24 at Dallas (Thanksgiving) – W – Leon Lett where are you?
Dec. 4 Oakland – W – Dolphins are the better team here (barely).
Dec. 11 Philadelphia – L – we don’t do well against these guys.

Comments please (or insults - whatever your religion).


Weight hasn`t been much of a consideration with the weapon, my job sometimes has me traveling and I worry about my wife and children, so I take my wife out to the range in Tamiami and leave it in my clost were if faced with an intruder she has every chance in hell, by the way your comment on the recoil is 100% what you aim at with that puppy you hit.

Hey, Armando, your Blog has been taken over by some kind of Riflemens Association.

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When are we going to hear that the mediators have reached a deal between the NFLPA and the Owners?

Other than the obvious benefit of having a deal in place, Would it be worth having a deal done now and a short FA period between now and draft day?


I like Pouncey in round 1, I really do if we can trade down to the bottom of round 1 with a team like Seattle then I like Gabe Carimi but you know that because I`ve been leaning in that direction for some time. If I could pry a 2nd rounder from Seattle an he`s still on the board then one of my absolute favorites in this draft that I think can start and be a high quality NFL player is Quan Sturdivant.

I noticed somebody mention him a couple of days ago and chuckled because I thought I was in a minority eye balling this kid. He played ILB and OLB when Quinn was suspended and still recorded 86 tackles. If you download him he will absolutely jump off the screen at you, very aggressive ball hawk. I still haven`t seen anywere why he isn`t rated higher, which does have me wondering what I`ve missed but I like him.

In round 3 if he`s there you can`t pass on Jordan Cameron, no way but I hear the argument for Taiwan Jones none the less given his multifaceted skill set. In round 4 Colin Mcarthey, 5 deffinitely Derrik Locke and so on but again you know this you`ve seen were my head is at with my mock.

I think if it played out we have 2 starters and maybe 3 if were lucky while adding bodies for ST`s and depth. By the way I`ve been saying it for sometime I hate the idea of signing Deangelo Williams whose finnished 1 !! in 5 seasons as an NFL player and will command a bunddle in FA. I stick with my FA R.B. Micheal Bush whose shown plenty backing up McFadden, is completely healed from College injury and most importantly will come cheap while able to be the 20 to 25 carry plugger your talking about.

Dec. 18 at Buffalo – L – Henne throws his annual three picks.
Dec. 24 at New England – L – payback.
Jan. 1 New York Jets – W – payback.


9-12 NE... we play lights out and win the big one for the Gip.

Houston... Until Miami beats them... ONCE... I can't give us the game. I hope we break the "Oilers Jinx"....

Cleveland... Daboll wins and shoots the entire stadium the Moon through the press box window.

San Diego... Norv Turner finally loses control of His team... they go 6-10 with a loss to Miami in Qualcomm Stadium. KC wins AFC West division in a rout.

The Jest game is always a 50/50. Miami has either split or swept them since "fat boy foot fetish" took over. So for me... That one is a toss up.

Miami has had the Broncos # for years. This is a win.

Giants at the Giants, Got to go with the home team. However, Miami played GOOD teams tough on the road last year. I don't think it is a slam-dunk, But odds go to the house here.

Kansas City, This is exactly the sort of team Miami beat on the road last year. Miami wins this one in a nail biter.

Washington goes down convincingly.

There ya go.....


To my knowledge, only winchester makes the .308, a very superb choice in round. A 7mm calibre necked down just a tad.

fin4life, I don't like to do mock drafts or even read them. But I can tellyou something; I fervently pray that the Fins choose Ryan Mallet at #15, and if need be, higher than that.

least we skip the nfc east this year with no football. so 2012 our schedule will change for the better

whats what these people still saying pick mallet. he'll be gone in the top ten. buffalo washington or vikes will grab him. we have no trade up ability.

fin @ 10:20,
i did a little "tongue in cheek" mock yesterday where i mentioned that we took quan sturdivant in the third and fans were e-mailing the team to fire ireland and sparano after selecting justin houston in the first and danny watkins in the 2nd. in the 4th i took bilal powell. actually, if we weren't in such dire straits on the offensive side i probably wouldn't mind these 4 guys but i don't think we can afford defense 2 out of the first 4.


Can totally repect that line of thinking it`s just that I`m not sold on Mallett what I see on tape with him isn`t lights out impressive for me. I could be 100% wrong though it`s just my opinion amd you know what they say about a/sholes and opinions.


Oh, thinks for clarifying the mock draft thing. And yes, I will make it as realistic as possible.

I don't have Cam on my board, because I know he is probably gone by pick 5, no later than 12.


That`s right it was you !! I loved it when you posted it been feeling him as well. I just can`t figure when you see that he was lights out at ILB and then subbing for the suspended Quinn played solid OLB how he isn`t rated a top 30 even in this draft, do you know what that`s about ?

Why in God's name are they waiting to play a 1:00pm game in Miami until October 23rd. They are throwing away one of the great advantages that they had. Dumb!!!

I am a fan and I want the games in the heat and humidity!!!!

When there's a will there's a way, simon.

can't figure it out either. i watch a lot of carolina ball when i can because i liked a lot of their players; quinn, sturdivant, little, white, and bruce carter. butch davis does a great job with the guys he has on defense and sturdivant is one of those mean "ass kicking" ilb's that i love to watch play. i love to watch the tennessee highlights because i remember watching that game. he owned them. anyway, if ireland was looking to replace crowder he's the guy who can do it.

I stand by my 3 and 13 record,and most likely be 1 and 3 come the Bye-week I see the fist pumper doing anlysis on "ESPN The Ocho" after dodge ball games.........


I agree that he`s the playmaker were looking for inside, as a matter of fact could end up being like the deal they have in N.Y. were Bart Scott gets the money and the press but the real stud is David Harris. I think Butch while not the best all around coach is one of the best recruiters and talent evaluators in the Nation, bar-none !!!

Why in God's name are they waiting to play a 1:00pm game in Miami until October 23rd. They are throwing away one of the great advantages that they had. Dumb!!!

I am a fan and I want the games in the heat and humidity!!!!

Posted by: Jobyzap | April 19, 2011 at 10:46 PM

Blame the Clueless owner......

consider he has 12 guys heading for the draft this year, some of which are some of the top rated prospects and they didn't even play a senior season. that's pretty dam good.

F4L - Odin...

To respond to your question concerning Weatherby in .308 cal... You can purchase it in Bolt action in either the "Mark V" Rifle or the newer "Vanguard" line. Vanguard is more of a true shooter/outdoorsmen rifle where the "Mark V" is just about a piece of art. The Mark V still holds some of the accuracy records that it attained 30+ years ago. If you guy a Mark V with a lower grade walnut stock. (Instead of the English Burled Walnut they are known for) you don't feel so bad tromping it through the woods and around camp. The .308 round is a fantastic caliber and hart to beat in North American hunting considering how many projectiles and weights you can find in that cal.

Hope that helps....

LOL At the mighty air breathers playing the Pats on Labor day....., Hate to say it but look for this game to be over early in the 3rd quarter....

Blaine Gabbert with his amazing recognition skills will go first. Then the ultratalented Cam Newton. And then we will choose Ryan Mallet. Yessir.

LAST YEAR AT HOME ........1-7....... NO PLAYOFFS



Thanks for the Owner to take away our Home Field in Sept,,,,Thanks to the NFL for Sending us away for Both Major Holidays and on the Road Back to Back in December....Let the Season Implode and start all over again.....Never so down as a Fan in all the years following this Team....

Lil Aloco must be on his third tube of glue....LMAOROTF over that post.



I know it ! He did the same at UM remember that in 2004 six Canes go in round 1 in the top 21 ! Those were his recruits, I think if he stays we beat Ohio St. in 02 Fiesta Bowl, cause the team looked flat more than anything that night, ohh wait a minute ! we did win that was no pass interference on Glenn Thorpe in OT.

I tell you we win because I followed the team to New Orleans for the 2001 Sugar Bowl vs. UF and they stayed at a Hotel called Le Meridian right in front of Bourban St. so all us fans would go and wait for the players to come out and we rolled like this giant wave of Orange and Green down Bourban St. Until a fight broke out with UF players one night and Butch pulled the plug on the party, sequetered the team till game day while UF players at the Convention Center kept there party going. It payed off though when we pounded them game day !!!!!!



Excuse me dm1 it was the 2000 Sugar Bowl but played in 01, we won the 01 NC but it was played in 02 already, I sometimes get mixed up with that.

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