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Dolphins open 2011 regular season vs. Pats, close vs. Jets

The Dolphins will open the 2011 NFL season at home against the New England Patriots.

Talk about an instant opportunity to know how good the team is on a big stage. The Patriots won the AFC East last season and had the NFL's best regular-season record at 14-2. The Dolphins finished third in the AFC East and were swept by the Patriots. They also lost seven of eight home games in 2010.

So the 2011 season-opener is a chance for Miami to not only prove how good it is, but immediately erase the taste of last season's home record and third-place finish. It has me pumped. If you are similarly pumped, this is where you get your seasons tickets now.

The Dolphins play three big stage games in 2011. Obviously, the season opener on Monday night is a big deal. The Dolphins will return to primetime on Oct. 17 as they travel to New York to play the Jets. That game follows a bye so the Dolphins should be rested and prepared for their division rivals.

The other big stage game I am talking about is the Thursday, Nov. 24 game at Dallas. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be eating press box turkey! (Yes, it is all about me.)

You should note that the two consecutive season-opening games at home are not played at the scorching hot 1 o'clock hour. That might be great for the fans because they will get some relief from sitting out in the scorching midday sun, but it does not once again maximize Miami's weather advantage early in the season.

“We open with two games at home and it’s not only imperative that we play well right from the start, we are going to have to show continual improvement throughout the year since we end the season with three straight divisional games," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said in a statement.

The Dolphins do have to deal with two potentially cold weather games late in the season when they travel to Buffalo (Dec. 18) and New England (Dec. 24) on back-to-back weeks.

You should also note that Miami will be on the road for five out of six games from Sept. 25 to Nov. 6. Yes, there is a bye week on Oct. 9 in the middle of that. But the stretch that includes games at San Diego, at the Giants and at Kansas City -- all playoff contenders -- promises to be difficult.

The Dolphins finish the regular season where they began -- at home. And they finish in similar fashion -- against an AFC East rival. The regular-season finale is versus the New York Jets. The Jets went to the AFC title game for the second consecutive season in 2010-11.

Here is the schedule:

Date                Opponent

Sept 12    New England  7 p.m.

Sept. 18    Houston        4:15 p.m.

Sept. 25    at Cleveland   1 p.m.

Oct. 2      at San Diego   4:15

Oct. 9         BYE

Oct. 17       at New York Jets  8:30 p.m.

Oct. 23       Broncos    1 p.m.

Oct. 30    at New York Giants    1 p.m.

Nov. 6      at Kansas City   1 p.m.

Nov. 13     Washington     1 p.m.

Nov. 20      Buffalo          1 p.m.

Nov. 24      at Dallas (Thanksgiving)    4:15 p.m.

Dec. 4       Oakland       1 p.m.

Dec. 11      Philadelphia    1 p.m.

Dec. 18     at Buffalo       1 p.m.

Dec. 24     at New England   1 p.m.

Jan.  1      New York Jets  1 p.m.

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in the words of the great Greek Philosopher Testacles (test a cleez) "don't let your wife eat the wedding cake."

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When making love if you're sweating. You're taking way too long! LOL...........

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and making way too much noise.

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DyingBreed (@ 12:12 AM)

You've got it wrong my friend...

Women are the 'Loneliest' when they're 19.

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We married guys are just fools who hung around for the conversation after the sexuals were done. There's a very high price to pay for that you know! LOL.........

i have to agree with fin4L. my wife is my best friend and that's it. if you marry someone based on that criteria you won't be sorry you got married. your wife should be your best friend. if she is you will love being married. we have a blast together. we've adopted two boys and we are foster parents and we love doing things together. to me, i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Stupid Sexy Dying Breed....LOL @ 12:26..That is funny man.

We were talking about undrafted rookie free agents today. Well to my suprise. The Phins worked out Montana saftey Jimmy Wilson today. Wilson has prototype size, and speed for the saftey position. In fact his pro day numbers are right in line with the top saftey prospects in this draft.

This is not an endorsement of Wilson. I would be real suprised if a team took a chance on him. Not because of his skill set(he would have been drafted in 2008) Wilson up until last season was serving a 25 month prison term for murder. He has since been cleared, and last year was re-instated by the NCAA. This is a true character issue. I am shocked at all of the attention he has been getting from NFL teams.(He has worked out for the Colts, and Seahawks already) Wilson, is one of those guys whos best chance of making a roster is via free-agency. With his checkered past, I can't say it is undeserving.

A very good friend of mine does very well in the world of finance. He recently divorced and his alimony is 6000 a month for a wife that never worked a day in her life. Fine looking woman, was boinking her karate instructor while still married. Now, no way she will every remarry because she has a check for 6k coming in every month. There is no justice. Some people just luck out in life. Another girl I know was a waitress her whole life, nothing special either, married a guy that was stinking rich, lives on the California coast in Del Mar, choice location, and her biggest worry is whether to take a ceramics class or a painting class during the day. It's just bizarre how so many people have to slave so hard their entire lives, and others just luck into easy street.

(and about 4 commas...LOL)

Yazzi @12:36

Good post and very true from my experience.


Chicks in the first year of college are most vulnerable.

When the grant money ran out and mommy and dady are struggling. You'll be surprised what 19yr old girls would do just for a "happy meal".

When around that age my friends and I laid plenty of 19yr old college girls that were hungry, ran out of money, and had no jobs. True Story! LOL......

i think i remember reading something on that on the palm beach post. their headline was "dolphins work out jimmy "the finger" wilson" i didn't know what it meant so i ignored it.

dm1, fin4

Glad to hear it. It is encouraging, because I must say I am not the least bit envious of probably 95% of my friends marriages. I almost married a couple of times and looking back I have no doubt it would have been a mistake. Of course, at some point I'll have to bite the bullet and marry before my incredible charm and good looks fade.

to add to what yazzi is saying, i've had it with both and i much more enjoy it with a woman who knows what the hell she is doing.

Vey seriously dm1 @12:36 has it in a nutshell, nice post man I agree.

Ox80 (@ 12:38 AM)

We call that Capitalism.
(...no one ever said it was fair....it just IS.)

For what is worth...some of those stories annoy me once in a while too.


Ok I'll admit, women may be "horniest" in their mid 30's. But their "hungriest" at 19 in college with no job or money!

There's a lot of sexual activity going on either way!LOL............


I got married the 1st time because I had an incredible sexual relationship with my 1st wife and mistook that for love, alot of us today (our generation) make that mistake. In this go around I met someone I built an all around relationship with, I guess I had to learn from go around number 1 but today it`s all pretty good.


Looking for a woman knowing what she's doing you're headed for trouble. See it wont be much longer before there's a wedding band on your finger too! LOL..........


Exactly! At one point or another we all "fall in lust". Most times we dont snap out of it until its already too late. LOL.........

holy crap, i'm turning into a pumpkin! gotta go. have a good night everybody.

Guys, the bottom line reality is that when it comes to sex, women want it just as much as guys do. They just have the burden American society puts on them to not appear too easy, at least in the states, even when they want to they hold back a bit or play hard to get.

I've spent a lot of time in South America, quite a different culture. There is no concept of it being 'too soon', 'playing hard to get', or not appearing 'too easy'. They don't even relate to that. Its like if your starving and someone puts a plate of yummy food down in front of you, why in the world would you wait to eat?

Being married, now I get more of a thrill out of teasing other women than actually trying to have sexuals with them. Its just payback when younger when some of them did the same to me! LOL........

dm1...Part of the story with Wilson was he was wrestling a man who held a gun. He pulled the trigger during the altercation. That is probably why they refered to him as the finger. There are a ton of stories about the altercation. The latest by Chris Mortensen today. You can read it if you want, and draw your own conclusions about what happened.

I wish we could get some input from Lex, or Dan Carpenter about what kind of teamate Wilson is. He may have been the best player on the 2007 team. That squad produced 6 nfl players

Guys been fun as always, big shot out to my buds but gotta catch some zzzzz`s, got to work tomorow, reality checks suck !!

For most women sex is but a small part of intimacy.

For most men sex is only and all about conquest! LOL..........

Man I'll be glad when the draft is over. I am so sick and tired of the dumbass conversations we've all been having here inbetween.

...Should have read 6 players that eventually made NFL rosters. 6 players from 1 FCS team in one year is unheard of.

Unless Armando gets some better blog topics Im done with this dumbass blog until after the draft.

I just watched that Henne video at the SS. Not once does he lead the reciever. Always just chucks it at them when they are standing still. Henne is a chucker. He looks great one play and unnerving the next 3 plays. The ultimate tease QB.

Henne hits so few receivers in stride, he basically sets the receivers up to be hammered by the defense.

Fins don't play their second 1pm home game until mid-November. Ross is an idiot for allowing us to lose our home field advantage like this!





good post and observation at 1:04am by 0x80. i've watched henne in camp and games for 3 years. he hasnt developed in many areas but his inability to look a receiver open or throwing late has always bothered me. but most of all was his inability to hit a receiver in stride so we can get some YAC. sparano was always clueless to qb play. a retired vet qb(like a kosar) should have been brought in to mentor henne. penne,a game mgr, was the wrong guy;styles are polar opposites. i know parcells came to realize henne was a mistake.

Monday night the Michigan boy will lite up the world and make a statement. over 300 yards 2 td's minimum and a easy victory!! oh, and I am NOT talking about BRADY!

go Phins!!!

1 - 3 at the bye. we collapse from there.

Posted by: 4th in the division | April 19, 2011 at 08:01 PM


I see Miami going 9-7 this year (best case scenario). I don't think that will be enough to win the division or get a playoff spot. They will fall short once again.

as a phins fan in the dallas area, I'll be going to my first phins game this thanksgiving!

I HAVE A GREAT THOUGHT...... please please please if you go to a dolphins game this year dont act like youre at a chess match.....thats why we have no home luck or swag its the fans fault been to 4 home games last 2 years and our fans suck.....its like we are at the kentucky derby or something sittin round sippin mint julips.....get out of your seat and make some noise.......if someone isnt going along with you get even louder.....be the 12th man and we win some home games

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