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Week of player visits kicks off with ... Foster, Moore

In the first of many interviews the Dolphins will be conducting with college talent this week, the personnel and coaching staff over in Perfectville (yeah, I'm a nostalgic 1972-thinking kinda guy) is hosting Washington linebacker Mason Foster today and Tuesday.

Foster flew in this afternoon. He's not alone.

Miami is hosting Tennessee wide receiver Denarius Moore for a visit this week as well, according to this report by Fox Sports. Moore is, in a word, fast. He ran a 4.43 as his fastest time at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Moore is No. 6 in the video below.

Foster was second in the entire country in tackles with 163 and that led the PAC-10. He also led the PAC-10 in tackles in 2008. Um, the guy had more tackles last year than anyone taken in the first round of the draft the past five years -- including Patrick Willis and Rolando McClain. 

I'm not saying Foster will be better than Willis or McClain but I am stating a fact. This also is a fact: If the Dolphins' interest extends to draft day and wanting to add Foster to the team, they'll have to find a way to add at least a second-round pick because he's not going to last past the second round, according to folks I talk to.

Some folks are comparing Foster to former Oregon State linebacker Nick Barnett, now with Green Bay. Hmmm. That is a compliment.

Foster is not a secret. He led all tacklers in the Senior Bowl with eight. He ran a 4.67 time in the 40 at his Pro Day so that is borderline outstanding for an inside linebacker.

Foster, No. 40 in the video below, is scheduled to visit with six teams, according to an NFL source.

Foster's visit continues to speak to a possibility I mentioned in my column on Sunday: That Miami, needing tons of help on offense, might use a high draft pick on defense.

I expect that might surprise you. I'm surprised in that I would expect any defensive pick that high to be used on an pass-rushing LB or CB rather than an ILB.

But, hey, maybe the Dolphins see a need to upgrade from Channing Crowder right away.


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This is where it would be nice to have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds......

Excellent information. But they better pick offense, offense, offense!

i lihe moore ive seen him play he looks super fast when he is playing



Dolphins will trade the 15th pick to the Seahawks for their 25th (1st rd) and 57th (2nd round)picks if, and it may not be that big of an if, Seattle, wants Ryan Mallett.

Moore is projected as a 2nd WR. Don't we have enough of them?

Maybe it's because he had a lousy QB. Wait, we got one of them too.

While 4.43 is not elite speed, it will get a receiver out in front of a whole bunch of players. I don't think Miami is looking at this guy to become the nest "Deion Sanders", certainly not in the 3rd or 4th round any way. I believe what Miami is looking for is a guy with decent hands and good enough rout running to stretch it out and give a defensive backfield a guy to account for. I'm not sure this would be the guy for us but he is worth a look. Tennessee puts out a decent product, and the level of talent they see week in and out is very good. Good enough that some consider the SEC to be the best conference in NCAA Football. A tough argument to win should you believe that statement misguided. In the end, this guy has seen good CB’s and safeties across from them in games. But all he is at this point… is another guy getting his tires kicked. We'll see what happens...!

This just in.. The trifecta.. Fist pumper Soprano, Ireland aka "is yo mama a ho" Ireland and Hollywood Ross will trade the 1st pick for 3 late 6th round picks...

It's all over until we purge the trifecta and bring in an owner that understand what winning means, a GM who can pick talent and a HC who can build on all that and make us the Champions we once were and crave to be again...


i'm not understanding the Foster clips, were you trying to show how to play ILB poorly or what, this guy is a bum.. Show me a linebacker with field vision, one who attacks the ball, one who makes the tackle BEFORE the back gets 5 yds downfield, one who intercepts the pass not one who makes the tackle after the 9 yd reception. The Dolphins need to upgrade from Channing Crowder, not bring in his twin brother

After looking at the clip of Moore, the guy gets little separation in college, he will get ZERO separation in the NFL, if this guy goes before the 5th or 6th round his mother will get drunk and celebrate all night. He is strictly a possession receiver and we already have a couple of those on the roster in Bess and Marshall, I dont see the need to add another. Please do more research before you bring these clips to us, have you even watched them?

By the way, can we stop refering to the FO as the trifecta or the bifecta, I think The Three Stooges is more fitting

For a guy with "speed", he sure gets caught from behind a lot and doesn't get much seperation. Where are the tapes against the corner from LSU?

Draft a Long Snapper.




Guys, WE are not going to bring in a new owner, and also not a new coach and general manager, we are not going to do anything, the only think we can do is stay home, period. Bill



I'll be rooting for Butler.
See ya after the game!

Sean Smith came in 8th for coverage CB rating. All the smith haters need to chill out, dudes a stud. He dropped some picks.. i think we can all agree that's better than the WR catching them http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2011/03/24/hey-cb-shut-em-down/

They need to go with a playmaker like ingram before newengland does..

TpricelsRight...Good post. Vontae played a lot more snaps then Smith. But statistcally. Smith was a better cover corner. It is hard for some to give him his due because all of the drops. But he was a rock when it came to passes defensed, and targets.

We have a stable of corner backs with the addition Allen. Nolan Carrol played like a rookie(ups and downs) I have stated before that nickel corner is a position that needs upgrading. I have also said that I think in certain situations. It wouldn't be a bad idea to stick Vontae inside. This only works if we can find a guy that is trustworty to be left outside. This is a new strategy that better teams started using last year(putting their best cover corner inside on the slot reciever) It is unconventional thinking. But it worked great for the Packers. Go back and look(if you can) And throughout the playoffs, where was Woodson in nickel? inside covering the slot reciever.

I have to say I can't believe that Mel Kiper Jr. said the same thing I did about using our 1st round pick. He stated that we should draft Pouncey for center and that will help our line become great run blockers. Unless we trade the pick, I will continue to say we should pick pouncey for center. Long-Incognito-Pouncey-Jerry-Carey. RB and TE later and any upgrade period. I believe we can obtain some undrafted help this year as well. Look deep Sporano! GO DOLPHINS!!!

..To my point above. I wouldn't be suprised if we used a pick to add depth to the MOE. Edds is almost like another pick, but wasn't he a MIKE? And even if we do move him it still leaves us thin at linebacker.

Part of the problem with our nickel coverage, was the inability of our MOE backers to support, or cover. Dobbins wasn't the answer. Does anyone think Crowder can keep his mouth shut long enough to return to his form of 2008?
This leaves us with really thin at a position that needs upgrading if this unit wants to get better.

The defense made some huge strides in year 1 of the "Nolan Project" The defense should get better in year 2. More familiarity with the system. But to really compete against the better teams in our conference. The inside linebacker play needs to be a little better.

ED...Couldn't agree with you more.

I kind of overused the word better@9:47 I will watch that. Kinda sounds redundant.



this issue about all the deffensive backs dropped sure interceptions remainds me when Randy Moss played for the Raiders, the hole team thought that in Randy's hands was the Raider's future. That was too much pressure and then too much dropped passes. Same thing here, the offensive was so unproductive, even with no so bad perssonel, then the catch from de deffense was more important because of the "game change" factor, and not just that, the deffensive back should score if that's possible, so when the ball came to the Nolan Carroll's hands hes eyes goes down to the field serching for blockers/tacklers before he really have the ball.

That 15th pick better be a potential Pro Bowler if we are not trading down. And Moore is a joke compared to Hankerson. The purpose of adding a New WR is to move double teams away from #19. To Ireland, just because you run a 4.4 doesn't make u the Answer. We need Excellent route running unless Henne will just throw another pick.

mason foster grades out as a 2nd round talent like akeem ayers grades out as a first round talent. maybe the people doing the grading need to go over their grades.
mason foster was "miked" for an episode of "sound fx" on nfl network. during a play this is what they heard, "i'm running, i got him, i got him, i got him, oomph, nope, i don't got him."

The problem with getting speedy WR's, TE's or RB's that can catch is that it will further highlight a glaring issue with the Fins...

Henne is inaccurate, has laoses, bad ball placement and is especially bad on deep throws.

We had a super speedster in Ted Ginn Jr. He was a lousy overall receiver (especially where he was picked) but he had straightline spped to burn.

Go paterns were one of his specialties as he always felt safer after he had run behind the defense. This meant he could continue to run instead of going fetal as soon as he made a grab.

Henne and Ginn only hooked up a couple of times total! One nice one to stab the Jets in the eye. Should of been a regular occurence but Henne was a serious huck it up and "spin the wheel" as to how close it would be.

The more I hear give Henne more time the more I know we have to have competition that is good enough to unseat him asap.

Stafford(At least he can blame injury)

They have all been thrown to the wolves Rookie early and come out fine and have excelled since rookie seasons.

The Henne supporters keep saying that he is a two year guy, this will be his 4rth!!! Why don't they count the luxury he had to sit and learn for a year which is suppose to turbo boost your development?

I am sick of hearing how the coaching has stymied him so or that they need to take the handcuffs off the guy. Good QBs are suppose to make plays that constantly win games...despite all the circumstances. You can't tell me Sam Bradford's woeful Rams were more talented than the Fins when he got there.

Henne is on the team and this CBA crap is helping him limp to another potential starter sitch. Ireland and Co better drum up some serious challengers or they are sunk.


Plus if they don't take a run at a QB now then that means next year (2012) they draft and sit a guy for a year to learn and 2013 is the first relevant year?

That would mean a FA QB is the only way to steer us into playoff waters. With the right one... who knows? Maybe.


This team has too many areas of need. The coaching staff is lame and really the drafting has not been very good. How many first rate starters did we get from 3 drafts? My money is on Ireland coming out of this draft with nothing. The team and FO will impode this year. Ross will be doing some serious XMAS shopping come December.

Craig M,

Off the other thread you had said something to the effect that Ingram naysayers are disputing that Ingram at 15 is bad value.

I think you are looking at it from a different value perspective. The one most people gravitate towards is:

Where is a player ranked by a compilation of media outlets, mags, shows, experts, Pros, blogs, Kipers' etc After comparing that number to where they get drafted you have the players "Value". I.E. Ingram is often ranked 1st in RB lists, mentioned by most talking heads as their #1. Midway through round one for a top running back seems like fair "Value". If you get him in the 3rd he is a steal or a "Great Value". Picked Top 10 and he becomes a reach or "Bad Value".

Using this logic you are correct... 15 is in the clear vicinity of "Fair Value".

What I believe most NON Ingram fans like myself, DC, fin4life and several others are trying to say as Bad Value" is that we believe, in this particular draft, that Ingram at 15 is a "Bad Value" compared to what other RBs are available later. In our eyes he doesn't have some huge distance in talent over Williams or LeShoure. Plus there are some later round guys that intrigue with skillsets or body types that fit better for what the Fins need.

Speed for one. Ingram lacks it and the Fins desperately need more as a team. Taiwan Jones is the guy that has most speed bang for the buck to me. Return ability and can catch the ball naturally without effort. Kendall Hunter, Dion Lewis, or Noel Devine all have more speed and bring different skillsets that Miami is lacking now. Kory Sheets, this guy will have to come on strong this year or he will get axed as well.

Body size, mostly a more heavy duty guy like LeShoure or one of my favs Alex Green of Hawaii. You don't have to use a 15th pick for them.

That's just my take. I don't want to put words in the other bloggers mouths, they can comment if they see this post.


maybe you're right. maybe henne isn't the answer. i've supported henne because i felt the problems with our offense weren't his fault and his fault alone. i looked at it from the point of view that our offensive line had no cohesiveness and, therefore, our passing game and running game never got on track.
however, despite the way i feel about that i feel the same way about the quarterback position as i do about the running back and wr position. we can't take it for granted that kory sheets will contribute in the running game even though he seems to be recovering from his injury. therefore, we need to pick up running backs in this draft to replace ricky, ronnie and possibly sheets.
we can't take it for granted that moore and wallace are ever going to be any better than their undrafted free agent status. they had their moments last year but, if we have a chance to upgrade at the postion, we can't pass up the opportunity.
then we come to henne and the quarterback position. now, i've waffled on this thing back and forth forever. i've sat there and watched the games and screamed "he's a bum" like most and then i looked at it from a different point of view. but, that doesn't mean that i don't agree with taking a quarterback in this draft. we can't be sure henne will be the guy we need him to be and we can't be sure we won't need someone sooner rather than later. so, it is imperative that we take a quarterback in this draft. i believe you always need to be looking for ways to improve your team. that's the philosophy i believe the steelers, packers and pats are run by and that is whey they are consistent contenders.

and don't forget my man crush johnny white. lol. got to have him in the 7th.

Foster and Locker would be awesome

If Prince Amukamara falls to 15 do we pull the trigger again? Or Robert Quinn?

yeah, foster and locker would be awesome; on the redskins.

from what I read Minnesota will take Locker at 12 if he's available. Redskins do need a QB bad though...

ILB? Edds not enough with Crowder and Dobbins?

i don't know how you feel about it but i would much rather quinn than amukamara. i doubt either will be available at 15 but quinn would be the guy i would pick of the two. the one guy who may end up dropping is bowers with his arthritic knee.

I like Martez Wilson, Kelvin Sheppard, Greg Jones, Casey Matthews, and Mike Mohammed

I just read a mock on NFL with Prince as our pick... I saw another with Anthony Castonzo

i saw one with brandon harris. that guy must be snorting bath salts or something.

In all honesty Sean Smith played good not great if he'd have caught half of those dropped picks I'd say there is something to be optimistic about but his immaturity and aloof nature kinda scares me... I think he could be a player that without as much pressure at first could be more effective. I'm confusing myself here but what I mean is he seems more suited to play FS than CB

yeah, but is amukamara the answer?

yes! dude is royalty

Honestly IMO Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara are going to be elite CB in the NFL


True stuff... good post.

With no 2nd round pick and the picks we have of course we most likely can't fill a ton of holes.

I always harken back to that old wisdom... Let's say you have sand, pebbles, and big rocks along with a bucket. The bucket represents your life. The sand are very minor details of your life you want to get done. The pebbles are bigger things you want to get done but nt huge. The big rocks are the glaring, moral imperative things you need to do.

If you put the sand or pebbles in first, your bucket will fill up and your big rocks can't go in, at least not all. If you put the big rocks (big, important things) in your lifes "to do" bucket you can fit them all in. Then you can put the pebbles (medium to do's) around the bigger rocks and the sand (minutia details) can fill in between both the other rocks and pebbles.

I view the Fins biggest rock as having better QB play no matter what...moral imperative. Complete with back-up plan if Henne doesn't deliver. I feel the bucks stops with talented QBs in todays NFL and you won't win repeatedly without one.

Running games are harder to pull off with holding calls and pass happy rules, typically running teams have drives (Wildcat anyone?) which tend to stall out, Running games won't catch you up if you fall behind so you are handicapped if you have to make up ground on the scoreboard.

RBs are found more often than QBs later in drafts.

Sorry for the confushist ramblings.



Johnny White will make some team happy they drafted him!



wassup man? How u been?

You still cranking out mocks? I always enjoy them even if I don't make comments.

At least you have the heuvos to post em!


I say we draft a field goal kicker each round.

if prince fell to us and aldon smith was still available at #15 and the fins were going to go defense with that pick i think they would go smith. the reason i would see this happening is because if believe ireland and the coaching staff will put more emphasis on the pass rushing aspect of the defense than the defensive backs. i look at it from the point of view that, if you have a better pass rush, it takes pressure of your db's to have to cover wr's because the qb will need to get rid of the ball quicker. therefore, to me anyway, if they improve the pass rush with someone who is that "freakish" guy that can give offensive linemen nightmares it makes the whole defense improve against the passing game. i don't think a db would have the same impact.

Draft Orville Redenbacher, he'll give the team lots of pop!


I would take Quinn to help Cam Wake out and I absolutely go coocoo for coco puffs over heating up the opposing QB!! My favorite thing in the game...seeing the other teams QB get buried!

Prince would be a great pickup as well but sadly both Quinn and Amuk will be gone.

You touched on the dropper of the group in Bowers. I am not sold on that guy. Injury risk, looked sluggish at his workout...may clear up over time.

It would be a call I wouldn't make. I would have to go in another direction although at some point Bowers will be huge value. Maybe other teams would see a potential top 10 guy fall and trade with us like Ireland wants if Bowers is there?


yeah, but then they'll be dropping the ball because of the butter on their fingers.

DB @ 12:36

Thats a funny one! Thanks for the chuckle.


Best corner in the draft is Jimmy Smith. If it wasnt for sever character concerns he would easily be a top 10 pick.

Ireland will shock everyone on draft day by making Jimmy Smith the #15 pick!

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