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Week of player visits kicks off with ... Foster, Moore

In the first of many interviews the Dolphins will be conducting with college talent this week, the personnel and coaching staff over in Perfectville (yeah, I'm a nostalgic 1972-thinking kinda guy) is hosting Washington linebacker Mason Foster today and Tuesday.

Foster flew in this afternoon. He's not alone.

Miami is hosting Tennessee wide receiver Denarius Moore for a visit this week as well, according to this report by Fox Sports. Moore is, in a word, fast. He ran a 4.43 as his fastest time at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Moore is No. 6 in the video below.

Foster was second in the entire country in tackles with 163 and that led the PAC-10. He also led the PAC-10 in tackles in 2008. Um, the guy had more tackles last year than anyone taken in the first round of the draft the past five years -- including Patrick Willis and Rolando McClain. 

I'm not saying Foster will be better than Willis or McClain but I am stating a fact. This also is a fact: If the Dolphins' interest extends to draft day and wanting to add Foster to the team, they'll have to find a way to add at least a second-round pick because he's not going to last past the second round, according to folks I talk to.

Some folks are comparing Foster to former Oregon State linebacker Nick Barnett, now with Green Bay. Hmmm. That is a compliment.

Foster is not a secret. He led all tacklers in the Senior Bowl with eight. He ran a 4.67 time in the 40 at his Pro Day so that is borderline outstanding for an inside linebacker.

Foster, No. 40 in the video below, is scheduled to visit with six teams, according to an NFL source.

Foster's visit continues to speak to a possibility I mentioned in my column on Sunday: That Miami, needing tons of help on offense, might use a high draft pick on defense.

I expect that might surprise you. I'm surprised in that I would expect any defensive pick that high to be used on an pass-rushing LB or CB rather than an ILB.

But, hey, maybe the Dolphins see a need to upgrade from Channing Crowder right away.


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I feel the entire direction Miami takes always has, and will continue to hinge on whether they are able to trade down and pick up a 2nd round pick. And them trading down has a ton to do with being able and if someone falls to 15 they did not expect to see there. I have seen enough 2 way, 3 way, 5 way 4 team trading scenario's to keep me in migraines for a year, so I'll stay away from those scenario's. Should Miami NOT trade down... and be forced to use the 15th selection. I cannot see them wandering too far off the farm. I'm not talking about or proposing that is what I want. What I want to see is perhaps a 20% chance of happening and I no longer have the will to argue the matter.
If they pick at 15... I can't see them passing Ingram or Pouncey. If they can trade down, I see them still going after Pouncey, or perhaps Hankerson or some other WR/OL/RB who will still be around in the late 1st. Then in the 2nd its anyone’s guess.
I think one thing no one has really taken into consideration is that very rarely do these drafts go as projected. There are "Runs" on players, guys drop and rise, Teams trade up and down. Who the hell knows who may still be there at #15... its speculative at the very best.

I wouldnt be shocked to see Ireland take Ryan Mallet at #15 either.

I have a strange feeling if stuck at #15 Ireland will make Ryan Mallet our #1 pick and Mel Kiper's big hair will fall to the ground.

DE Cam Jordan is starting to get the love he deserved all along by Mayock.

I think he is a very versatile athlete that will know what to do to be a good Pro for many years. Well rounded, scheme diverse, can put on more weight, pedigree. Array of moves, understands pass rush concepts. His toolbag has all the needed tools to build a fine Pro career.

Aldon Smith is a killer pass rush guy. I think he is much more one dimensional than Cam Jordan but he brings the all important heat. I wouldn't mind either at 15.

I still say the biggest weight pulling down on the teams overall performance is QB. Warner was killing Henne on TV. Marino said give him more time so there are still mixed opinions... two great Pros see it opposite.



Ireland's going to take Ryan Mallet. Wait and see! LOL........


Jimmy Smith is great I wouldn't pick him before Prince or Peterson... The thing about having a dominant backfield is that in today's offense more teams have more then 1 goto receiver sometimes 3 guys that could essentially all be #1 receivers. I think every team needs atleast 2 great DB preferably 4. As far as pass rushing goes ILB needs more production. Misi is still young and he did pretty well for a rookie I look for improvement from him this year and as well from Alama-Francis who I think should probably start opposite Wake and move Misi inside. I don't believe Tony Sporano does a good job getting the right personnel on the field at the right time. Really was hoping for an upgrade in that department but Ross screwed the pooch. I'd feel 20 times better going into the season with Fisher or Cowher at the helm

Lets draft a DE or two every year and keep bumping off the previous years DE's. Keep doing that until one makes the pro bowl his first year or hell freezes over.

DB @ 12:43 and 12:46,

If that were to happen I would be a VERY Happy Fin Fan! I would also start chewing my nails as that scrappy Arkansas cannon arm dude better freakin produce and make a brother look good. LOL.

If it ended up being Ingram after all the bashing I did, I would cheer for the guy to make me look bad. Fins above my own pride and I would take my 20 lashings on the blog if he would just be a peach of a pick.


amukamara in run support looks like the "big whiffer."


Peterson is projected to end up playing fs because of his size. The singer Prince had 0 new hit songs out in 2010 and the football player prince had 0 interceptions.

The great thing about picking 15 there's usually one top ten player still available becuz some team does something unexpected or picks by greatest needs. It's not unimaginable to see all four QBs taken in the top 12 picks...
1st Panthers huge need
3rd Bills franchise need
4th Bengals Palmers 4 real def need
5th Cards top need
8th Titans Vince Young probably gone Need
10th Redskins McNabb flopped Need
12th Vikings Don't need another journey need

dm1, Amukamara was also a big whiffer when it came to picks too. He had a big ZERO, ZILCH! NADA!

Seems he couldnt lay an egg if came in the carton! LOL..........

I am normally a mobile QB guy all the way.

My initial sabre rattling came for VY with Colin Kaepernick as a backup for double threat trouble all day long.

The more I studied Mallet, the more I saw the big league throws, again and again. His stats plenty gaudy. The velocity and ease with which he throws frozen ropes amazing.

I believe we already have a better WR crew than most think if we have solid ball placement to help assist in the catches. Hitting guys in stride not behind him, feathering a fade, hitting the out when the guy turns and yet putting it where only the OFF guy can get it. Keeping long throws in bounds (Henne threw so many deep balls out of bounds uncatchable).

I will shut up now, sound like a giddy draftnik...with a manly voice of course. LOL


i think if we were to take a db anywhere in the draft we would more than likely take ras i dowling. he fits the mold better than any of the other guys. we rely heavily on run support from the corner position. amukamara is a good cover guy but sucks in run support. jimmy smith gets dragged all over the field when he is tackling. dowling, however, lowers the hammer on people.

The two major knocks Im hearing on Mallett ability wise are:

1. Inaccurate with short to medium range passes
2. Zero mobility.

This tells me that if we give him enough protection he wont check it down. The guy also happens to throw the best deep ball of any qb in this draft.

Sounds like a vertical game to me. Isnt that what we've been looking for? LOL................

Peterson = immediate upgrade If he fell in our laps at 15 they'd be stupid to pass.
Robert Quinn is one of the best defensive players in this draft he is a straight up athlete, him and Wake on the outside would be deadly

"him and wake on the outside would be deadly"
deadly, i like deadly. let's go out and get us some deadly.


Sadly, reaches or not, this could be true.

It's tough to say whether teams will reach so they can get their guy or choose the safer NON QB pick and perhaps loose out by trying to fish him out later and failing?

This will make FA a HUGE deal after the draft...

Glad Ross is $$LOADED$$ and loves exciting offense! Maybe if we don't get a QB in the draft the bifecta goes hard charge in the FA period for a QB?



The scouting reports say Mallet throws the best deep ball by far better than anyother qb in this draft.

Does that sound like a vertical game to you? It sure does to me! LOL...............


Peterson weigh 220lbs at the combine. Scouts are now projecting he could possibly be too big to play corner and may eventually be moved to safety.


armando pointed out that mason foster had more tackles than rolando mcclain. and, lewis tillman had more rushing yards than walter payton. look where that got him.

Dying Breed,

Well, ya got me. Mallet at #15 was my 20%er... But I'll be dead assed honest with you DB... I am taking him on a 100% Gut Feeling. I have been on all sides of the entire argument now... when I say “all sides” I mean all over the friggin place. I feel like Miami is going to start and play Henne unless they get a FA who can unseat him. (Honestly, I am okay with that also so long as the guy is one of 3 people)…. Truthfully and with all sincerity… I think what I want the most is for Henne to come out and make a fool of all of us. I really mean that. I really hope the guy gets a new wind with Daboll and tears it up. His stats were not that awful as a 2 2/3rd year starter. I am looking at Mallet as a 1 or possibly 2 year bench warmer who eventually comes out and kicks ass... but who may surprise everyone and start early. But am so tired of arguing the point and so unsure of what Ireland will do... I just want it all to end and get on with the show.

Locker had a great pro day. 39 of 41 passes. Sharp and accurate hitting guys in stride. Has been clocked throwing the ball 95 mph. on his pro day he threw the ball with great velocity as well. He seems to me the best answer at QB after Cam Newton but neither will be available at 15 IMO. Mallet's demeanor and maturity are the biggest knocks in my book. Also that he fails to look up under pressure and without protection throws very inaccurate. not mobile... Mallet in the 1st is too risky for my taste but I do love his size.


The vert game has definitely been absent from our repatoire too long!

Spent mad $$$ on Brandon Marshall that can normally jump up and body out most CBs. It takes the bawls to throw up that catchable pass though... that's just not Henne's game.

To you point also I will trhow in with you on the lack of mobility. He is easily the drugstore Indian that Marino was.

To his credit he has really nice fake hand offs and a similar gunslinger mentality. It would worry me more but the guy threw 3 TDs to every one pick so I can live with that ratio.

He has warts for sure but they all seem to have some form of them...even Gabbert and Newton.


i think when mallet plays is probably going to be a function of how he handles himself in the spotlight and with his teammates. if he shows the coaching staff he has the maturity to handle the pressure of being in the spotlight they will probably start him sooner than later. however, if he shows he's going to need some time to adjust they will most likely sit him for at least a year.

Scouts are now saying Peterson maybe fine in a bump and run style coverages. But because of his huge size they say if he's drafted by a team that have thier corners play off on wr's they fear he can get blown past by most nfl calibre wr's.


Thing is, you cant teach a qb to throw a great deep ball. He either has it or he doesnt. However, its a lot easier for a guy to become more accurate on short and intermediate throws.

We do need a qb like Mallet that has a natural gift for throwing the long ball. Henne has proven its very difficult to teach.

Speaking to your post at 12:57...

I believe that is what I was getting at in my earlier post when I said, "These drafts never seem to follow the script"... Teams start "Runs" on positions like DE's and OT's... Teams trade up for a player or down for a pick and the next thing you know you have a player that NOONE thought would be there at 15 sitting pretty. I feel that is why the entire thing about picking in the Middle of the first round is 97% speculation and 3% hoping and praying.

DB... One thing Mallet can do while moving laterally is throw. He can roll out. But it gets dicey when he is being chased or running for his life. Ya have to hope a better O-line system then he has played behind in NCAA and better QB coaching can at LEAST improve those issues. I think that player have thing in College that never change... but they can be made more palatable through coaching.

Hate to say it but Im now beginning to align with those saying take Mallet at #15. The idea that he throws a great deep ball is beginning to sound too appealing to back away! LOL............

Prince Amukamara and Patrick Peterson are beast I don't care what position you play them at they are both immediate upgrades on defense in my humble opinion they both can be shut down corners. 220 is not that big of a deal at all when you run a 4.31` and bench 225 15 times... DB READ THIS YOUR OPINION is just that an opinion. Believing what every draft scout or expert says is also your discretion not mine.


If we drafted Mallett we can always continue working on bettering the oline. Its a lot more difficult to grab a gifted qb, so you grab him whether your oline is up to snuff or not and finish the line later if need be. LOL........


They all have great pro days, no pass rush or coverage to deal with. The reality is Locker had the worst pro day compared to his playing days. Worth a look at the chart in Peter Kings column page 2


I'd like to see Carson Palmer and DeAngelo Williams as FA pickups personally. I still think getting young blood is necessary as well but I'm a fan of those two guys especially

Besides Newton (due to sheer crazy physical traits) I feel Mallet has the most giant upside in this draft.

If we acknowledge that every player is like buying a lotto ticket for Pro Bowlers. When you scratch each one off you are hoping for the next Ray Lewis, Brady, Manning, or Jerry Rice.

It just feels like Newton and Mallet are in the Super Multi State Lotto ticket class vs just the regular "In State Lotto".

As much as I am in this mindset of choosing Mallet and swinging for the fences, I could live with Kaepernick and a stab at a stud earlier like OT Ty Smith, Aldon Smith or Pouncey.

Like Derek I have an odd "gut" feeling that Mallet could challenge earlier than most any QB in the entire draft. Seems his game, Pro style OFF and SEC work would lend itself to that task.



You could be right. The scout opinions are mixed on Peterson depending on who's doing the talking. However, either way Peterson will be long gone when we pick anyhow.

DB @ 1:19,

You are dead on my friend!

Couldn't have said it better.

You do realize I am not 0x80 right? LOL

It's awesome to share common ground with you for a change bud.

Thanks and keep up the homework...only days left till D-Day!


LOL@Rob-OC 1:30pm.

Rob Im going to go dig up some Mallet highlights and see what he looks like in game.

Wow, for the first time DB is advocating not trading down!

My opinion all along is we have 10 birds to kill with only 6 stones to throw. No way to kill all those birds with any trade down scenario. I'd rather use the highest picks we have and kill some birds, so next draft we have only 7 birds to kill with 7 stones to throw.

Oh No! Rob and DB teaming up? I'm doomed!


Your statement...
"Its a lot more difficult to grab a gifted qb, so you grab him whether your o-line is up to snuff or not and finish the line later if need be."

Your pouring my flavor of kool-aid....!

My thing with Mallet has always been you take the kid and shove a clip board in his hand and play Henne or whomever wins out a Camp Competition. Like I said before, I don't want Henne to fail, but I REALLY don't want Miami scratching their junk in a year worrying about the same e QB issues and picking around 15 or 19 again way out of the Andrew Luck talk.

Say what ever you want... Your dreaming if you think Miami does not at LEAST go 8-8 on the season, 9-7 being more likely 10-6 if the talent stays healthy.. That places them picking around 16 to 21 next year... it will be a damned Ground hog day for us all... Too much luck in 2011... Therefore... No Luck in 2012.

The hold up will be if Tony is willing to bet his coaching career on taking the kid... If Mallet came out in a few Pre-season efforts and Wow3ed the crowed with a few big bombs... Its happy days in Miami whether Mallet starts or not... Cause there is hope... This being my argument and way over used at this point.


Fasten your safety belt and put down your welders shield...

He is throwing "frickin lazers"!


Nah, the guy can throw it 80 yards I am sure.

The thing he offers is the touch on the ball (deep tosses especially) like you mentioned.
It appears to me he has the arm to get off the hot read pass asap if teams try to be blitz happy vs the guy!

On target slants to beat the blitz would be back in the playbook!

Plus let's not even mention a decent fade that ghosted out when Henne started throwing them. At least half of Henne's are out of bounds??


Too bad we won't be able to trade up for Mallet. This character concern bs is just that bs. No GM really cares. Half the guys on their team are already worse. I say Newton and Mallet are the first two QB's taken.

0x80 @ 1:35! ROFL!!!

This was not the night of blogging I had anticpated but I will reveal in the jokes and ideas with my Fins comrades.

Groovy like a 10 cent movie.


should read "revel"

If you have a qb gifted at throwing deep, he will begin beating blitzes. That would put an end to the constant blitzing on passing downs.

The last gifted deep passer in Miami: Dan Marino! LOL.........


DB, Derek and a couple others were just debating the merits of a Mallet pick scenario where his tools were as solid as advertised and he really did want to leave a serious resume as a great NFL QB.

He has the admitted warts... slow afoot, off the field rumors, pressure/bad decision stuff

What a Man Cannon Arm and arsenal of throws he makes easily! He has the guts to throw deep when need be and 62 TDs to 19 Ints in the last two years in an SEC Pro Style Off.

Lot to like about him as well.



Sorry bud, but we need a qb that can also engineer 4-5 play 80yd td drives more than Ingram and always having 12 play 80yd td drives.

The longer it takes to score, the better the invite for disaster to happen. LOL............

...and now back to reality. In Irelands desperation to trade down, he won't get a second, he will give in for a 3rd, but our 1st will be too late to get Pouncey. We'll get a mid round RB and TE in this draft and a bunch of guys to fill out the practice squad.


Malletts coach at Arkansas is and was Bobby Petrino. Wasnt Petrino considered a qb guru while in the nfl? I know he had a short HC stint with the Falcons or was supposed to go there but didnt.

DB @ 1:45.

So true, Dan the Man could throw darts a long ways with touch!

Our fan base could use a break from the Football Gods like Mallet getting drafted and stepping up to his potential.

I feel BM could have well over 100 catches with that type of QB play! Bess and Hartline would be better as well.

Also it would force teams out of the box vs the run!!! Whomever we have rushing at that time would be more productive.


I really can't believe anyone is going to take Mallets character stuff too seriously. He may not be mature like Peyton was, but he seems alright from the interviews I've seen.

Its a question of whether GM's believe his feet can consistently get him out of trouble, I really can't evaluate that, and then whether they think he will be a student of the game. If they think that he will be the 2nd QB taken, if they don't think he is a student type, he will drop maybe to 15.

the thing about going OT is that Sparano is not going to move Carey. He's a veteran now and I doubt he'd even be susceptible to the move in the first place. Not to mention that he's getting paid starting tackle money. I think if they seriously want to upgrade the line then they need to upgrade the C position. Pouncey, Hudson, or Wisniewski at C or maybe even Gabe Carimi at LG. Immediate impact starters for us. Might make the most sense with a trade back.
Get the Lineman and skill position they want either RB or WR. Ryan Williams, Randall Cobb, Torrey Smith, Kyle Rudolph...

Richie I believe will end up taking on center duties but I'm afraid he is actually a better RG than anything else and to not use him in his best position is questionable.

Im out guys, Im really tired. Gnite All!


In Petrino you have a former semi recent NFL coach so he at least knows what will be asked of a QB.

In some of the interviews I have seen of Mallet I was suprised to hear how much info, scheme concepts, and reading DEF stuff Petrino threw at Mallet.

I think it can only help him.

The one thing that Mallet seems to possess in spades is confidence and I really like that. I think that can be infectious with some success.

Henne is so emotionless it comes off sometimes as lacking confidence to me. Seeing Henne check the ball down when we are 80 yards away and no time outs with 1 minute left doesn't build confidence from his teamates either.

Mallet seems like the type to say "Hell with it, lets go get us a long completion or at least a P.I. Mr Marshall!"


Dying Breed...

There was (and it is still there if you look) a very long write up in the Sun Sent. done by a guy that was the piece that changed my mind. It is likely the best work (With Film, Lots of Film) that I have read/watched on Mallet. The guy talks about the allegations, he talks about Mallets time in Michigan and how and why he left... With honest assessment from his coaches, players who played with him and people who have known him his whole life. Its about a 3/4 hour read and film watch... It came out about a week ago on SS so you'll have to search a bit but if you find it you'll be amazed at what you read.

I looked it up.... Here is the link... Sorry Armando... It a favor not a business decision. I will not make a habit of this…


Take a read of this piece about Mallet and tell me some other time what you took from it… It changed my entire perspective…

DB and others.... Here is that link again... I believe I cut it off... Like I said, read it and see if you still feel the same about the guy...



Two very valid points...

He has a nice shuffle within the pocket but will implode of asked to run from DEF to make plays.

He has a mean fake hand off which should buy him a half second and he can roll out and keep distance and make a throw.

He will never be able to outrun Freeney or Harrison off the edge. Like Marino his wits, strong arm and quick release will have to defeat the rush when his legs won't.

The type of plays called will have to have HOT options vs the exotic blitzes.

Bottomline is he will get blasted sometimes like all QBs do. He is lanky like Rothlesberger. At least he is a big guy to handle that part somewhat compared to say Ponder or Pat White.


For whatever reason... it keeps cutting it off at this spot... I'm no Comp genuis so.... Here is the final piece of the damned link again... Christ what a pain...


DB and 0x80,

I am REALLY still pinching myself...

I can't get over us all talking some positives about the same prospect we all feel has some serious upside if he were to dawn the aqua and orange.

Although we have clashed in the past over this guy or that draft ideology it is awesome to be on the same page with you guys about a prospect.

Even if it may be us wearing some aqua colored glasses as looking past too many of Mallets down sides.

Sparano and Co gambled on troubled BM and Incognito. If they have a specialty it seems to be working with troubled players to some degree.


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