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Week of player visits kicks off with ... Foster, Moore

In the first of many interviews the Dolphins will be conducting with college talent this week, the personnel and coaching staff over in Perfectville (yeah, I'm a nostalgic 1972-thinking kinda guy) is hosting Washington linebacker Mason Foster today and Tuesday.

Foster flew in this afternoon. He's not alone.

Miami is hosting Tennessee wide receiver Denarius Moore for a visit this week as well, according to this report by Fox Sports. Moore is, in a word, fast. He ran a 4.43 as his fastest time at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Moore is No. 6 in the video below.

Foster was second in the entire country in tackles with 163 and that led the PAC-10. He also led the PAC-10 in tackles in 2008. Um, the guy had more tackles last year than anyone taken in the first round of the draft the past five years -- including Patrick Willis and Rolando McClain. 

I'm not saying Foster will be better than Willis or McClain but I am stating a fact. This also is a fact: If the Dolphins' interest extends to draft day and wanting to add Foster to the team, they'll have to find a way to add at least a second-round pick because he's not going to last past the second round, according to folks I talk to.

Some folks are comparing Foster to former Oregon State linebacker Nick Barnett, now with Green Bay. Hmmm. That is a compliment.

Foster is not a secret. He led all tacklers in the Senior Bowl with eight. He ran a 4.67 time in the 40 at his Pro Day so that is borderline outstanding for an inside linebacker.

Foster, No. 40 in the video below, is scheduled to visit with six teams, according to an NFL source.

Foster's visit continues to speak to a possibility I mentioned in my column on Sunday: That Miami, needing tons of help on offense, might use a high draft pick on defense.

I expect that might surprise you. I'm surprised in that I would expect any defensive pick that high to be used on an pass-rushing LB or CB rather than an ILB.

But, hey, maybe the Dolphins see a need to upgrade from Channing Crowder right away.


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I wonder if a better work out routine may get Mallet a little more strength to push guys around like Ben R. Or at least be more sturdy with the ball would be in order?

Its all a "what if" and there are draw backs. But after what I have read (in that piece I gave a link to) and some other stuff, what I gathered about Mallet is the guys who play for him love the dude. Their input is the guy wants nothing but to win and will do what he has to... They say he is a leader... not coaches or guru's... the guys who he played with on ALL the teams he played on.
Downside is you leave the chance for a 2nd round pick or a RB in the first 2 off the table. I'm okay with that because if all else fails... its not like FA is short on serious talent at RB... Brown and Williams will likely be still around for a good deal of time. There are some serious names out there in FA....


Lies, Damn Lies was a good piece.


Rob in OC..

You know? Its possible that one reason a few guys can see the same way about this is because everyone knows and understands it comes with risk. But I also feel we have been under the Draft pressure and heard so many scenarios that we have determined that ALL of these guys come with risk... every player is a gamble.

Hope... A guy with the abilities of Mallet, even though he has some rough spots... Gives people hope. It gives fans a reason to start caring and it gives players a reason to work hard... I have no way of knowing for certain... But I would LOVE to know what sort of feelings Chad Henne gives the players around him. And I mean that nicely. Is he a leader? Does he inspire? Its important man... it is really important.


Very well said @ 2:16 about the trade offs.

Because of our lack of a 2nd and the 15th pick it puts us in a very awkward situation for taking a QB like Mallet.

If the right trade back is not executed we may never have a shot. Heck, I think one of the QB hungry teams could take him before our pick. It seems teams will sometimes throw caution to the wind when talent is on display.

I don't think we are trading up (no firepower and wrong play imho). Mallet has to fall to 15 and then I am sure there will be heavy debate on choosing at that spot or trade offers back.

Since I know going in that ANY pick can fail or be a bust, I would just assume point to the wall and swing for the home run on a very talented QB with warts that seem fixable given his skillset.


LOL Derek,

We said virtually teh same thing at the same time.


Well guy's... I still have AR-10's to get together and a few 1911's to dehorn before the shop opens up... Early morning is the only time I can get my Gunsmith deeds done without a customer wanting some new toy, a Concealed-Carry student wanting to qualify for a license or someone with a busted gun in my face... so time to "get at it...

God bless the 2nd amendment!!!!

Good Night Miami fans… and good night Mr. Shula… wherever you are….

I feel the need, the need for speed...

Whimsical Mock to propel OFF to new heights!

1. Ryan Mallet QB "The deep ball is back baby, it's bak!"

3. Jerrel Jernigan WR "Tough as nails WR that adds much lacking speed demension as well as stellar make you miss ability. Starred as a go to weapon at Troy vs World"

4. D.J. Williams "poor mans Keller, fast, athletic but a tad short"

5. Taiwan Jones RB "Lightning incarnate and soft hands for returning and pass plays as a RB. Screens, Wheel Routes and Trick plays just got flat out deadly."

6. Tired BPA "Probably DEF as no draft is all OFF" =)

7. RB Johnny White "Bruiser try hard back with decent size"

G'nite ALL!!!

One of "The Best" nights I have had on the blog I can remember.


All, Take a look at the link below.

2010 QB stats
QB Stats: Brady(#1) had 492 att & 324 completions Henne(#26) 490 att & 301 completions. 3900 yds for brady, 3300 for Henne, now TD's to INTs is a huge difference 36TD to 4 ( brady) 15 to 19 for Henne. Yds/hgame Henne 220, Brady 244. my point is Henen didnt have Welker, tate, hernandez, branch, & most importantly a running gam eto open those guys up. Instead he had RB's that couldnt make the 1st guy miss, WR's that dropped a lot of balls, & TE's that couldnt separate the fruit roll up from the plastic. AGAIN! give the guy some talent, speed, & protection around him then evaluate him. Year 1 he has Ginn, hartline, Bess, they hadnt even come into their own yet, year 2 he got Marshall. WHeres the run game? where is the decent TE? none there. Freeman has winslow & a bruising Blount to open those rookie WR's up . Chadd didnt have that.Mark my words if they dont surround him with talent & let him go, someone ie belicheat will & make him great. Charlie casserly talekd of ingram & justified Miami picking him by saying its a production position he produced in GS, College & will do it in teh NFL. Well QB is the same , in 3 yrs at UM Henne's most INTs in a season? 9 that was 07. & he started as a a true freshman

you make an interesting point about mallet's availability in your 2:15 post. it's very difficult to pinpoint where this guy is going because, likehim ornot, he is a weapon. you never know if a team like washington or, even minnesota, will pull the trigger on him. so, in my opinion, he COULD go top ten or he could slide right out of the first round. it really depends on how much the nfl scouts, gm's, etc. are going to discount his off-field issues. some, if suspect, will let it go while others are going to consider it something major enough to move him down their boards or, possibly, completely off their boards. it will be interesting to see if any of the other quarterbacks such as mallet and locker end up going in the top ten, despite their perceived shortcomings. it would completely "jumble up" the top ten and drop some guys down to us that may be able to help. stranger things have happened in the past. bowers, although i would be just as concerned, is said to be dropping because of a concern about the possibility of an arthritic knee condition. it could end up being degenerative, which kills his draft stock and his career. poor guy. so, if that happens, teams now need to reshuffle their order and remove him from their list. that throws another wrench into the works.

8:57 a.m. and i am still half asleep. you can tell by my post.

Does anyone here feel that this Foster kid is a need with a high round pick? I mean, of all the tackles on that video, maybe one or two were behind the line of scrimmage. He looks eerily similar to crowder. He reacts more than he attacks. Get speed and playmakers for offense. If there is a defensive gem that slips then get him. Other than that go offense.

jr @ 8:48,
i definitely agree with your comments on foster. i liken the guy to akeem ayers. everyone seems so high on him also but if you watch enough video of him he gives up on too many plays and he really doesn't pursue very well. besides that, his reps in the bench press were the same as defensive backs so he isn't exactly strong for a linebacker.
i'm definitely aboard with you on foster. he doesn't remind me of crowder, though. he reminds me more of one of the other gems we drafted in the past at the linebacker position. jackie shipp.

when i first read your post i was thinking, "which one of the prospects was a foster kid?".

Yes, replace the Crowder as soon as humanly possible. Crowder cant tackle but he can talk which isnt a skill for Ilb.

Wiley, you got his name wrong.
It's Clam Chowder!
Get it right man!

clam Chowder is good only if you know HOW TO COOK IT .MOST PLACES SELL RUBBER FOR CLAMS ....

c'mon guys! calling him "clam chowder" is an insult to clam chowder!

i prefer to think of him more as "the bearded clam."

because he stinks!

and he's a p...nah, i can't say it.

For those still harping on about Mallett at 15, take a look at Peter King's column yesterday on cnnsi.com. In it he gets some thoughts from Mel Kiper on all of the QBs in the draft. Interesting thoughts and he has some very definite thoughts on Gabbert. Worth a read....

seattle's gm in john schneider? nice to see he was able to get work after the dukes of hazzard.

i just finished reading the peter king piece and i think people are finally coming to their senses when it comes to these guys. there is no "clear cut" top quarterback in this draft and all of them can be considered "shaky" because of different issues they may have. it's a tough call and i wouldn't want to be the gm who makes the BIG mistake.

Peter King and Mel Kiper.
Peter Kiper!
How does that rhyme go?

How many columns can a Peter Kiper write if a Peter Kiper could write columns.







A new mock draft that the bleacher report just put out is by far the most interesting I`ve read so far, while I don`t agree with alot of the moves, there are some that we`ve bounced around on here the last couple of weeks, here`s the link.



The conversation that we had last night exploring taking Ryan Mallet was a far cry from "Harping"... Those involved in the conversation pointed out the drawbacks and risk involved. As far as what Mel Kiper and the rest of the "Guru's" have to say, they are paid to "Harp" themselves, leaving them to change their thinking as the draft season progresses.
The point DM1DOLPHAN made at 10:30 AM is very valid. However, that same "Risk" DM1Dolphan speaks about in choosing a player is the exact same risk involved in not choosing him. Mallet, as stated by all, has rough spots. Even if taken Mallet should sit for at least a year.But most feel Chad Henne will start for Miami this year unless a free agent can beat him out anyway. I personally hope that Henne proves everyone wrong and Kicks butt. But there is no harm in a guy like Mallet developing in case that does not happen. I can say this, if anyone is going to allow Mel Kiper's thoughts to influence their thoughts, then they cannot go with Chad Henne because Kiper is 100% of the opinion Henne will not pan out. SO? What do ya do...? Nothing...? Bad idea. Wait and see...? Okay, but if FA does not pan... What do ya do...? I believe all anyone is saying is Ryan Mallet on the sideline with a clipboard in development is far better then Henne, Brandstater and the chump FA of choice. (Unless it is Palmer, Young or Kolb) 2 of who are long shots at best and one of which has a mental instability issue... SO? What do ya do...?

I believe everyone who had that conversation enjoyed having it because they did not have to argue the matter... They all knew and understood the risks and were willing to discuss them and Mallet instead of dismiss it out of whatever thinking process allows people to do such a thing.


I would HATE to be Ireland if he passes on Mallet and the guy turns out to be what MANY say he can be.That would be just one more QB we allowed to go elsewhere out of unreasonable fear. Because of a very solid defense, and enough talent on offense to compete against most teams, Miami will win at LEAST 8 games this year... 9 or 10 is a possibility if they stay healthy throughout the year. That has us picking even lower then #15. No way in hell they will be in the running next year for Andrew Luck and at the end of the day... All QB’s ARE A RISK. And every argument we are having about QB’s here today... we will have then also. Except by then, the fans will be all the more disgusted and sick and tired of a team unwilling to take a shot at a talented QB.

I'm just glad to have had an opportunity to have discussed the idea last night without having to argue and explain every thought to those who cannot under any circumstances allow thinking that run contrary to their own. It was a pleasent experience.

Very interesting fin4life. Trade back, pick-up a 2nd-rounder, and STILL get Ingram.

I guess it's a done deal, I don't see a dang mock with us getting anyone else. Guess the FO hasn't been listening to me. Oh well, why watch the draft if we know who we're getting?

However, just to qualify, if we're destined to get Ingram anyway, moving back to pickup the 2nd would be the best option (though I don't like giving NE their guy in order to pickup our 2nd).


How you doing man? I made a commment yesterday about your guy Amakamura. ZERO picks last year in his Senior season. I will agree with you that he is a good shutdown corner. I made the point that we have this guy on the roster already...his name is Sean Smith. I know you never said this is THE GUY you want but you did say you would take him if he was still there at 15. I would disagre with you on that one. Too many other needs.


The 'harping' comment had nothing to do with what was discussed last night. To be honest, I only glossed what you guys talked about and with all due respect I didn't see anything that was new. Same old same old...

You say 'Ryan Mallett on the sideline with a clipboard in development is way better than Henne'. REALLY? And you know that how? How is it that you KNOW better than all the experts EXACTLY what Mallett is going to be? You'll have to tell me what school you went to or who you worked for to develop this rare gift. Mel Kiper says this is the most unpredictable QB class he has seen in 30 years and has questions on EVERY QB, including Gabbert. He doesn't even have him top 10. I'll take Mel Kiper opinion over yours any day of the week and I don't even like Mel Kiper. If he tells me this group is unpredictable, then that tells me this isn't the year to take a QB early. He's not the only guy saying this. Many guys don't have Newton top ten and many guys don't have Mallett going in the first round. Pretty tired of the Dolphins FO and their fans thinking they are smarter than the consensus. It's why we're in this mess to start with. Time to start listening to others....if it walks and talks like a duck, chances are it is in fact a duck.

And just to clarify one of your earleir comments, I sure as Hell wouldn't want to be Ireland if Mallett is a folp and he took him at 15. Sure ticket out of town. What matters is not what Mallett does, what matters is that Ireland gets the picks right.

What's up Craig. What, you disagreeing with me, how can that be? LOL, just kidding man, I'm used to us seeing things differently. Not too sure I'd call Sean Smith a "shutdown" corner, however, I'm not as down on the kid as others. Prince isn't my top pick (out of the group I posted the other day he would probably be one of my last choices), but again I'm just going with a gut feeling that he'll be a heck of an NFL player (while my gut's telling me Ingram will be average).

It's really neither here nor there, as I see all signs pointing to your dream pick, Mark Ingram. While I'm not a fan of the kid, I'm also not the type to hate on him and nitpick every mistake just to prove myself right. So if that's the guy we're getting I really hope he can upgrade the offense (to at least this century, if not this decade). 3 yards and a cloud of dust will be good enough for 3rd in the AFC East, so we'll need something in order to beat Brady (and the Jets defense is always Top 5 stopping the run).

But how do you like that bleacher report (from fin4life's post)? Now that's something I can at least appreciate (getting Ingram but ALSO trading back and picking up a 2nd-rd).


Yeah I wasn't trying to say that Prince was your pick but you did mention if he was there you coouldn't pass him up. IMO, that would be a colossal mistake. It's not that I don't like the kid....I actually think he's going to be a good pro. But we have good corners on this team already and guys like Allen and Carroll will provide good depth. This offence has to get better....no question.

I haven't seen the report yet but I can't imagine if Ingram is still there that a team like New Oraleans or GB won't snap him up. Just makes too much sense. I'll check it out when I get a chance.

And just to be clear....Ingram isn't my dream pick. Ideally I would rather we'd be picking Williams or Leshoure in the second but we don't have a second, so we're stuck. I would take the OLB Smith or the OT Smith if we had a second round pick but we don't....so there you go.

i understand what you are saying in your last post about this year's qb class and ryan mallet. the interview process the teams have with these guys probably went a long way to clear up some things. for instance, i've watched mallet in interviews and people may not like him but the one thing he seems to be is genuine. i don't think he comes across as phony or trying to be something he's not. that's a concern i have with newton. to me, he looks like the guy who is more interested in the "personality" aspect rather than the "character" aspect of an interview. i think he will try anything to make himself look good. however, that is besides the point. the point i am trying to make is this: if mallet is genuine in the interviews he has with teams i don't think they can mistake him for anything than what he is. how he comes across in that process will go a long way to, either solidifying his positon with a team or knocking himself down some rounds or completely off their boards. with him i think you know what you are getting.

The part I don't get from the bleacher report is why would the Pats do that trade? They are going to get one of the players they want at 17, so why trade up and possibly help us. Doesn't make any sense to me. I don't see it happening. I could see a team like the Saints, Seahawks or Bears trading up with us to get our 15th pick. Makes the most sense to me.


I`ve been one of the ones most dead set against Ingram from day 1, if you read carefully you`ll notice that they clearly state the preference being Lashoure, conventional wisdom on behalf of the so called experts has us taking Ingram but that mock clearly says Lashoure is the better pick and by interesting I mean did you read how they shape up the 1st. 15 picks. I happen to think that they might be on to something at least I believe so for whatever that`s worth.


I'm down on Mallett and have been since day one. Prehaps that's not fair.

Mallett was asked by King to comment on some of the allegations against him but refused to talk to him and didn't return his calls. To me your leader stands up and is accountable. I don't see that in this guy and that would concern me if I was looking to draft him.

i must agree with that. it doesn't make sense to me for a team to just move up two positions unless they felt the #16 was going to take their guy. i don't feel that is the case here. also, i think watt is a stretch at #15 and they could probably get him at #17 anyway. personally, i don't think they are interested in him and i don't think they are going to move up. i can see them moving down a few spots.

I actually don't even care about the drug allegations against Mallett. I care more about a guy not wanting to face those allegations head on. If he's done nothing wrong why wouldn't he want to stand up and clear his name.

The article talks about his one year in Michigan, where he was seen as a loner and 'wasn't well-liked'. This is contrary to some of the stuff Jake Long and others had to say about him. My take...where there's smoke there's fire....no thanks.

it could be a game at this point. i read recently that a gm said they won't touch him because of the off-field issues and the gm said it was something a lot more serious than the marijuana and drinking. but, when they asked the gm what it was the gm would not say. i think that team is more than interested in this guy and they are trying to scare others. i also think mallet knows that quarterbacks chosen by the teams with the worst records get the crap kicked out of them. personally, i think mallet would rather go to a better team than the perennial cellar dwellers in the top ten. that's just my opinion, though. what do i know. my last name isn't kiper.


If I'm wrong I'll admit it. I don't see this guy as a guy that will lead us to the promised land and if he was seen in that light there would be a lot more hype on him being a top ten pick. There isn't and you have to ask yourself why....

Some observations:

1) Why is it that comic actors don't get proper recognition at the Academy Awards? Bill Murray surely deserved a Best Supporting Actor Oscar (at LEAST a nomination) for his role in "Caddyshack."

2) Prejudice is a funny thing. Jim Thorpe encountered prejudice his entire life as a Native American. Yet, in its infancy, the NFL made him its President (albeit a largely ceremonial role). That would be roughly the equivalent of making Jackie Robinson the President of the National League in 1947.


3) I just shot a quick e-mail to my wife telling her how much I love her. I hereby challenge all married men on this blog to do the same thing today. If you're not married, you can send a similar devotional to Tony Sparano.

4) "NFL Films" has chosen an odd person to narrate some of its more recent documentaries - actor Peter Coyote. Coyote's squeaky, awkward phrasing is a far cry from the melifluous baritone of the late great John Facenda.

5) Frank Sinatra was superb in "Guys and Dolls." It's amazing that such a notorious hothead was so adept at playing, meek pushovers on film.

6) The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, and will not win one this year. It seems like eons since they last held Lord Stanley's mug. Yet, that's only 6 years prior to the Dolphins' last Super Bowl victory.

7) While not an African-American, I absolutely insist that my girlfriend/wife have a nice tushy. Without a nice bottom, a woman really isn't complete.

i can see dan marino meeting with mallet and his agent, coaching him up on the draft process: "believe me, you don't want to go with a team that sucks. the money might be better if you are drafted higher but you don't want to have your career cut short because you're playing behind an offensive line that can't block for $hit. do yourself a favor. keep your mouth shut and let them wonder. you'll go later in the first round and you'll be a better player for it. you'll be rewarded in the long run with the money and you'll have a better chance of winning super bowls."


I totally get your point of not wanting to trade with N.E. after all under Bellichek that hasn`t exactly panned out for us, personally still realing from the trade that sent Welker and got us very little (C.Henne 08) compensation but I could definitly see us as a player with S.D. who also covet Watt, they both will look to jockey for position at picking him.

N.E. has never been able to replace Seymour and S.D. needs a DE for there 3/4 scheme, I believe every one of there DL is well on the wrong side of 30 and it hurt them last year.They looked like the Chargers of the 80`s scoring at will only to have there D and ST give it up in bunches

If Mallett is as good as a lot of you guys think he's going to be, then it should be very easy to dind someone to trade up and pick him at 15. We'll have nothing to worry about then....


i don't want you or anyone else to get me wrong where mallet is concerned. he has first round talent. there is no doubt about that. he's got a gun for an arm and he is very accurate on long throws. you also can't argue with his completion % and his td/int ratio.
what i was getting at with my comments on the interview process is that i think you get what you get when you talk to him. he doesn't seem like the type of guy who "pulls punches." i think he will tell you to your face, "this is who i am. if you don't like me, don't pick me." so, when all the interviews are over i think the teams will have pretty much made up their minds about this guy and whether or not they want him on their team and, because of his "attitude" some teams will like him and some won't. so, if you draft him you know what you're getting. i don't think you'll turn around one day and be surprised by his actions.

one more thing. mallet has told everyone concerned that he has discussed privately the issues he has. so, if these issues are as bad as suspected we will see him drop like a rock in the draft. if someone picks him in the first, you can pretty much say there was more made of those issues than there needed to be.

dm1, CraigM,

Mallett will slide but he won`t get past the 1st. 12 picks of rd.2, if Cincy(pick 36) doesn`t grab Gabbert or Cam they won`t pass on Mallett mark it, his personal problems real or exagerated are a perfect fit on that team. Then you have in succession Arz. (37) Wash (42) Minn. (44) and don`t forget Buffalo at pick 35, I think Gailey gives it alot of thought there as well.

In order to grab Mallett we will need to trade down no further than the end of rd.1 but who at the bottom 10 picks of the draft will look to deal ? I don`t see it, unless S.D. is feeling generous and decides that they`ll part with there pick in rd.2 in order to move up 3 slots in the 1st. for Watt, then we would be looking to grab him at 15 and let the chips fall were they may and I don`t think Ireland and TS are those kinds of gamblers, even though given an option at a serviceable Ingram compared to a possible Franchise Q.B. then I`d have to say I`m with you everyday oft he week and twice on Sunday !


I guess the thing that bothers me more than anything is all the guys on here who say with conviction that Mallett is going to be a star. They don't know that and it's just speculation on their parts. They're frustrated because it's been a long time since we've had a star quarterback, so they'll keep saying it about guys until eventually they get one right. The concern is, if we keep drafting new guys to be the 'heir' apparent every two or three years where will the franchise be at that point. IMO, in the basement with the Raiders and Browns and Bills who take this very same approach all the time. I'll admit, I don't know if Mallett will be a success or not and neither do these othes guys, and in a year with so much uncertainty, with no second round pick, you fill other holes and try to help the offence in other ways. We still don't know what we have in Henne and he deserves one more crack at it.




like i said, i don't want anyone to get me wrong. if we are stuck at #15 the only player i would want miami to pick, if available, is aldon smith. i've campaigned for torrey smith later in the first but i'm not as sure about him as i am about aldon smith at #15. so, mallet at #15 wouldn't be my favorite thing to do, either.
i like mallet and i think it may be interesting to see him in a fins uniform but, at the same time, picking him or any qb in the first round scares me because i would hate to waste a pick if it doesn't work out. of course, i don't have access to the info the gm's do so i would probably feel more comfortable with the decision if i did. i know i'm waffling but it's got to be a tough decision to pull the trigger on him or any qb in the first.


I'm not convinced that Mallett goes by the first 12 picks of the second round. I'm not even convinced he's the third best QB in the draft. I think Newton and Gabbert will go top, likely with one going to Carolina and one going to Buffalo. From there, I don't think a QB goes until Seattle at 25. It could be Locker. It could be Mallett or it could be someone like Ponder or Dalton. Realy depends on who they like. Then you get into the second round. Very likely Cinci goes QB at 4 and maybe Arizona at 5. Does SF take one at seven and what about Tennessee? I think Washington has a second round pick and if Dalton is still there maybe he's their guy. So yes, maybe you're right that Mallett is going with the first 12 picks of the second round. I'm assuming then you wants us to have a pick after 15, so that we can take him?




Do like OT Smith from USC? Would you take him at 15 if he is still there and some of the other guys you like are gone. I think if this kid adds a little bit more weight he'd be a gret bookend tackle for Long.

i like all of the smiths; tyron, aldon and torrey.

sorry, didn't answer your question. i like tyron smith a lot. i'm just not big on taking a tackle or any o-line that early. i'm not saying it wouldn't work out because i'm not a gm but the only guy i'm sticking with at 15 is aldon smith. otherwise, i'm hoping we trade down and get the 2nd.

dm1, CraigM,

Don`t misunderstand me, I`ve been reading alot of the back and forth last night and if we go Q.B. higher than expected then we should double down are bets by ensuring a play making specialist in rd.1. Since I`m only truely sold on J.Jones or AJ Green at the top end then I have absolutely no problem with trading down, my only concern is if we go Q.B. in rd.1 what are we truely left with in the 3rd., Jernigan will be gone by then and by the way I think he`s a sleeper for sure, love him in a trade down or is it Edmond Gates and is he up to the challenge of the next levels pounding ? In a perfect world I guess I`d love to grab Leshoure in a trade down and Jernigan in rd.2, BA T.E. in rd.3 and you can round me off with ST players from there down, maybe add a C.Mattews or C.Mcarthey late.


I like the scenario you paint above. Assuming we hit on a couple of the players after the third round as well, that would be a very good draft!

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