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Week of player visits kicks off with ... Foster, Moore

In the first of many interviews the Dolphins will be conducting with college talent this week, the personnel and coaching staff over in Perfectville (yeah, I'm a nostalgic 1972-thinking kinda guy) is hosting Washington linebacker Mason Foster today and Tuesday.

Foster flew in this afternoon. He's not alone.

Miami is hosting Tennessee wide receiver Denarius Moore for a visit this week as well, according to this report by Fox Sports. Moore is, in a word, fast. He ran a 4.43 as his fastest time at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Moore is No. 6 in the video below.

Foster was second in the entire country in tackles with 163 and that led the PAC-10. He also led the PAC-10 in tackles in 2008. Um, the guy had more tackles last year than anyone taken in the first round of the draft the past five years -- including Patrick Willis and Rolando McClain. 

I'm not saying Foster will be better than Willis or McClain but I am stating a fact. This also is a fact: If the Dolphins' interest extends to draft day and wanting to add Foster to the team, they'll have to find a way to add at least a second-round pick because he's not going to last past the second round, according to folks I talk to.

Some folks are comparing Foster to former Oregon State linebacker Nick Barnett, now with Green Bay. Hmmm. That is a compliment.

Foster is not a secret. He led all tacklers in the Senior Bowl with eight. He ran a 4.67 time in the 40 at his Pro Day so that is borderline outstanding for an inside linebacker.

Foster, No. 40 in the video below, is scheduled to visit with six teams, according to an NFL source.

Foster's visit continues to speak to a possibility I mentioned in my column on Sunday: That Miami, needing tons of help on offense, might use a high draft pick on defense.

I expect that might surprise you. I'm surprised in that I would expect any defensive pick that high to be used on an pass-rushing LB or CB rather than an ILB.

But, hey, maybe the Dolphins see a need to upgrade from Channing Crowder right away.


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you know what. i take that back. when i look at the situation with carey i have to say that we can't take it for granted that he is going to give us a full season anymore. smith is the one guy of all the o-line available i would be willing to pencil in that early. we could keep carey for depth or if it is warranted try and get some trade value for him. we need to solidify the o-line and he would be a solid pick.

I agree dm1dolphan. So Ingram, Smith, or Smith at 15, if we can't tradedown?

By the way I don`t know why everytime I post the following I get negative feedback but when FA starts and it will, I would sign Micheal Bush who we can get on the cheap and pair him with Lashoure, people forget his stock dropped in the draft because of a bad break in his leg coming out of college, then Oak. drafts Mcfadden and turn him into a goal line specialist ?

He will be fresh and the perfect change of pace for a slasher like Lashoure. I have been debating for weeks now about going OL at 15 but Pouncey and Carimi while filling holes could be a reach there although I would`nt be terribly upset with grabbing one of them as well, Carimi can be the long term solution at RT and Pouncey would be ideal next to Long for 6 plus seasons.

FIN4 LIFE.......



Some good points ar 2:02pm. I'd be fine with Michael Bush as our secondary runner.

...A good many, including draft experts. Agree that taking a center at 15 is to high. Not good value. Perhaps they are right. In this particular draft I'm not so sure. The way this draft sets up for our needs. Who cares if the position doesn't meet the value chart, or how teams drafted this position in the past.

If we draft Pouncey, and he turns out to be a stud for the next 10 years. Then it was good value. If we can draft a left tackle at number 1. We can certainly take a center at 15. The only way to really judge the value of the pick is by the player performance. We need interior lineman. If this fits our need, and this is the strategy. Throw all the value meters out the window. And take the player.


The talk is that Pouncey would struggle at centre right off the bat, so if teams are expecing him to thrive at that position right away that would be a mistake. Probably better suited to play guard at this point and I have some doubts he's evet going to be as good as his brother.

Craig M...You may be right. If he was drafted to play LG. I would have a problem with that. Center is the position on the line that needs solidifing. If Incognito is going to be that guy great. My post above @ 2:21 was written with the thought Pouncey would be drafted to play center. Like any sport, or game. Be strong in the center, or up the middle. And chances are you will have success.

In Peter King's column today, he says there is some debate who the first RB drafted should be. There's a lot of talk that Leshoure might go first. I've been saying this for awhile. Apparently there is some concern about the long term health of Ingram's knee and three teams with a need at running back say that either back could go first.

If Irleand feels that Leshoure is going to be the better pro and have the better career and can't trade back, then do the prudent thing and pick Leshoure.

The off-season NFL player arrest carousel is in full motion.
Which Dolphins player will get arrested first?
Lock in your vote today!


I subscribe to that philosophy as well and I agree we need to upgrade the position. I had hoped that Ryan Khalil would be that guy but I don't believe that's going to work....I believe the Panthers francised him. Any thoughts on this kid from Baylor? Forget his name now. I don't believe he's a centre but rather a guard. The scouts rave about him but also think he's 26. Might be hard to give up a secone round pick for him at that age.

Craig...Danny Watkins. I don't know a thing about him except his age is a concern. He may be older then GM. Ireland?

LOL....yeah he's a Canadian kid, DD. Pretty new ot the sport. A real bulldog! Scouts marvel at his athleticism. Could be a good one!!

I'm trying to think who Leshoure reminds me of. I don't see a lot of downside to this kid. Good size, speed and he's tough!! I think he's going to be a good pro. Ricky Williams maybe? I don't think he's quite as quick as Ricky in his prime. Thoughts guys?....

Craig M..There are plenty of guys that I have little or no information about. The only stuff I know about Leshoure is what some here have said, and in a few draft blogs. But I have not seen him play a down.

Same for a lot of guys in this draft. Some of the obscure mid-round recievers, or running backs. I can look at 40 times, and what other bloggers, or draft sites may say. but unless I have seen the player on Tv,some you tube video(which is usually just a highlight reel) or in a game live. It is hard to make a judgement.


After taking a longer look at Ryan Mallet. his greatest absolute strength is the "deep ball." You can teach this and isnt the vertical game thay many Dolphin fans have long clamored for since the Marino's era end?

Based on this, my dark horse projection who Ireland will possibly make the #15 pick is Ryan Mallet.

I know that Ryan is projected as a 2nd rd'er. But he's had nothing short of great workouts for every team he's worked out for. Somebody's going to grab him him 1st rd.

Somebody's going to dismissed the founded and unfounded rumors surrounding this kid and take him in round 1. I nearly guarrantee at least 2-3 teams have fallen in love with his great workouts well enough to pull the trigger 1st rd.

Like I said, the gift of throwing the deep ball cant be taught. I wouldnt be surprised if Ryan Mallet could start, maybe not day 1, but I do think he may be able to start at some point in year one.

Dan Marino wasnt a day 1 starter either. But he sure was a year 1 starter when called upon to contribute.

If the vertical passing game is truly what this fo believes we need. Then I think Mallet will get serious consideration and will be our 1st pick of 2011.

If not, continue to get used to Chad Henne under or overthrowing deep recievers here in Miami.

If we chose Mallet, I would also like to see DJ Williams chosen too. Mallet is already ussed to throwing to Williams as a seam threat TE at Arkansas. I would love having both.

If Mallet is as good as some think, I'd think one of the many QB needy teams picking before us would see that and grab him. Most of the hype against him seams pretty frivolous to me.

If they feel his feet are good enough, and that he'd dedicate himself to be a student of the game, I don't think it will be much of a surprise for him to go early. I could see Mallet and Newton being the first two QB's taken.


The Redskins and Shanahan pick at #10. That's where I see the greatest threat of Mallet going super early. If he slides past Shanahan, we may have a chance.

Had not all of these frivolous accusations began surrounding Mallet he may have been rated the 1st qb to come off the board in 2011 based on his great workouts with every team he has performed for.

The guy just has a gift for throwing the deep ball with nearly Marino-esque accuracy. He has an absolute canon for an arm too.

Regardless of the frivolous accusations Im now believing some team WILL draft him 1st rd. He's just to flawless in workouts and is too talented not to.

Guys, we could choose an Pro-Bowl roster, the problem will continue to exist in that our coaching staff is UNDERWHELMING!!! Espn.com put out their Power Rankings for Top 10 Coaches. The guy we SHOULD'VE gotten years ago was ranked 2nd (Mike Tomlin). The guy the Falcons got (WITH THEIR FRANCHISE QB) was 9th (Mike Smith) and since the '08 season (when we both were in the Playoffs) they've continued to soar while we've, well, you know....

Guys, that says our lackluster Coach and FO are NOT doing their jobs. Other teams are drafting right, coaching right, playing right, winning. We're drafting 50-50 at best, coaching HORRENDOUSLY, playing inconsistently and losing more than winning. The Owner had it right, saw the writing on the wall, should've gotten rid of Sparano/Ireland when he had the chance. We'll see what happens after this season, but if we lose, I blame the coaching staff more than the players.


Right now I really dont care about the coaching staff. If we get the right players we can attract the right guy to coach them later. But if we have neither the right players nor coaching staff. That's the perfect recipe for disaster.


All of us fans arent as dumb as this fo may think we are. Most us of will have a pretty good idea where we're headed based on the selections actually made by this fo in 2011.

DB, agreed, I actually started typing Shanahans name but just left it out because you've got Holgrem in the path along with Tennessee, Cincy and Minnesota.

The other thing is, I just don't see Ireland being able to resist a trade down, even one down to the 3rd round.

DB, did I mention, Rex Ryan (who the Jets got a thumbs-on to hire from Parcells) was ranked like 7th. That's 3 coaches we coulda, shoulda, woulda have gotten all in the Top 10. Our Coach probably ranks in the bottom 5. And he still has the nerve to say we're going to be a run-first offense in 2011. What a joke!


I would s*hit my pants if we traded back, picked up at least an extra 3rd rd'er, and Mallet were still there for the taking.

It would be an absolute draft coup for us! LOL.............


Those are all coulda shouda wouldas right now. There was no way to predict the future on these things. Also much of Rex Ryan's success can be attributed to the agressiveness of Jet gm Mike Tannebaum.

Parcells while he was still here in the begging and his top protoge at the time, Ireland. Would have never been nearly as agressive as Tannenbaum.

Meaning Rex Ryan wouldnt have nearly the swuccess he now enjoys as a direct result of the agressiveness of Jet gm Mike Tannenbaum. Parcells has such an ultra-conservative approach hardly any could have had the success as with thier current teams.


So, DC,

Whjere these coaches are now and trying to predict they would have had the same success under the ultra-conservative approach of Bill Parcells. Maybe stretching it an "ultra" wee bit! LOL..........

Rex Ryan has had a helluva lot more to work with in NY than he would have had in Miami! LOL.............

Jets gm Mike Tannenbaum has been aggressively trying to seek players. While Ireland has been aggressively trying to seek "acorns". LOL...........

Even had Parcells hired Tannebaum as his GM. I highly doubt Parcells would have given him the latitude to make the deals he's made in NY underneath him. LOL.............

Parcells is the kind of guy you bring in if youre an owner when your franchise is in complete disarray. Parcells will make the kind of "sound decisions" that will get you back to being competitive.

But to actually be a dominant team, you have to move on and bring in someone else. Parcells seems to be more of a foundation building guy than a complete championship maker.

Parcells has yet to be the complete mastermind of building a championship team anywhere he's been. He didnt fully construct those SB teams for the Giants. Even LT was there before his arrival and LT his most associated with BP.

He made the Jets competitve, took the Pats to a SB loss but eventually Belichick finished the job. BP could never get the team he built in Dallas out of the 1st rd of the playoffs. But he did make them very competitive once again.

If your team is in complete disarray and you need a sound decision maker that will make you competive, then BP is your guy. But dont begin counting your championships because he will severely disappoint. LOL........

Agreed on that DB (as far as the conservative approach to talent). However, I think our offense would NOT be in the rut it's in with sexy Rexy. He would NOT have handcuffed Henne, and we'd know TODAY if he was the "guy" or not for us. Henne would have been allowed to throw for the stars, and Carpenter would have been a nobody in this league (instead of the NFL's most worked kicker). Defense would have been on point in '09 too. I don't see Rex playing cautious (like against Pitt). We would have scored TDs instead of FGs. And Detroit too. Whole different story with professionals leading this team, believe that!

So yes DC,

If Sparano and Ireland has the exact mindset of BP, we will almost undoubtedly have to soon move on. If not, we'll only be just competive for years to come.


Im thinking Rex would have been under the exact same restrictions as Sparano. Not saying Sparano is better than Rex or as good. Just saying not matter who it was they would have been placed under similar restritions as the HC.

Tannenbaum gives Rex the complete freedom to coach the team as he wishes. Do you think Rex would have been allowed to make all of the presser he's made in Jetland in Miami under Parcells and Ireland. I think not.

Therefore to start with Rex would not have been allowed to be Rex here in Miami under BP and Ireland. He also would have inherited Henning as his OC. LOL............

Rex and BP would have been a horrible marriage. He never would have been allowed to become the Rex he is today. The perfect situation at that time was NYJ, where he's given the complete freedom to be Rex.

He has two afc championship appearances to confirm this. LOL............

Not sure about that DB. I think Parcells gave Sparano the freedom to Coach as he saw fit. I think Sparano just Coached the way he "thought" Parcells would have wanted. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see Ryan being told how to coach and accepting it. Now, on the pressers, yeah, I can see him being told to shut his fat face, but on coaching, I think he'd have been free to do whatever (especially if the team was winning).

Now Henning, that's another story. Would Miami have hired Henning in the 1st place (good question)? Next question is would he have made it to 2009? You're right though, Henning would have DEFINITELY but the conserva- into conservative, so that would have slowed down any Coach.

Sorry, don't agree with anything you guys are saying. How does Mallett fit anything close to what Sparano and company like to do offensively. How often do they open up the passing game etc? It's not what they do. They're from the Bill Parcells school of football. You take what the defense gives you and you don't make mistakes. I think you guys re dreaming if Mallett is our first round pick. But let's wait and see. Guys I'm only going to have to listen to a lot of the stuff from you guys for another 3 weeks....thank God!!

Sparano's attitude is that the long ball passing game is ow percentage stuff. It leads to turnovers and that can kill team's hopes. He'd rather play a ball control game and a keep away game. He'd rather keep the other QB off the field, than give the other team extra chances. Now you guys can criticize this approach all you want but it's highly doubtful he's going to 'throw caution to the wind' and all of a sudden adapt a totally different approach, just because Ryan Mallett is available in the draft.

Agreed Craig (on your analysis of Sparano). And that's exactly why he'll NEVER be Coaching in a Conference Championship game.


If we took Mallet and Sparano still had that same approach. You can almost be guaranteed he'll be run out of Miami. Still we would have our great qb in house for the next "not so conservative" HC. LOL...............


Any coach worth anything will adapt to the talent they have. It's too difficult to build the exact team you envision, you have to build the best you can with the players that are available to you and adapt your approach accordingly. Shula was not a big passing coach with Griese. Once he saw what he had in Marino, he said let it fly.

ahhh long coma session

u guys been ripping it over the last few days

mr mallet seems mighty popular all of a sudden

or is that just deep ball dreamin?

got a question

how long would u give cowher, gruden, fisher or whoever to get to a championship game coming off a 1-15 season and a sh*Tload of crap drafts?

i agree we've gone nowhere in terms of results the last 2 years and we haven't got a franchise qb (nor imo do we know if he's a complete failure)

our running game regressed bigtime last season
(oline and rb's and poss passing game to blame)
but not many called that one preseaon

however whilst not a great team we are young with some very good players developing from season to season

we have a solid core

i am a long way from being sold on sparano (who is one of the least inspiring media coaches out there) and ireland but i am also
a believer that people should be given enough time both to progress their plans and learn from their mistakes, sparano is a first time head coach there are plenty of experienced head coaches who would be shown more time/faith and plenty who came good after worse in their second posts having not had long enough in their first

its ironic that both henne and sparano's futures are going to be tied and depend on how well they've learned from their pasts and that they are locked out from each other

i for one think that from ireland down there is more potential to build a successful franchise and i'm happy with daboll's appointment

they're not going to get everything they need in the draft - u guys keep on proving that! so they're gonna have to show fo and coaching skills to get results

ok let the abuse fly, i'm ready to suck it up!

I'm not surprised, Miami's Defense is not set & still needs help. I expect a Db & FS to be added in FA & the draft as well.

A 30 year old Benny Sapp & a 32 year old Will Allen, who hasn't played a down in almost 2 years, is FAR from a comforting thought for me. And no, Nolan Carrol is not the answer IMHO.

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