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Instant gratification on Ireland press conference

Jeff Ireland must have mentioned the fact the Dolphins have only two running backs on the roster at least four times this afternoon during his annual pre-draft presser.

I think that's where they're going, but that's for another time and another post.

Ireland made the point that running backs that are successful long-term in the NFL are not necessarily late-rounders like many so-called experts have been saying. "They're going to be first and second rounders," he said.

Having said that, Ireland said he doesn't feel like he must take a RB. "I don't want to reach for a player to fill a roster spot," he said.

The Dolphins general manager was asked about quarterbacks available to the Dolphins, particularly Ryan Mallett. "I have spent a lot of time with him," Ireland admitted. "We've been very thorough about him much like we are with every player we're considering drafting. Sometimes when there's information out there you want to dispel rumors and get as much information as you can with any player out there. That's why we went through the process. He's a nice young man. Very talented kid. He's got a bright future."

Ireland was not about to shut down any possibility today. He actually said he might be willing to trade up in the same breath he admitted he's "restricted" with eight draft picks but only two in the first three rounds.

Ireland admitted the fact free agency has not happened is a factor for teams, including the Dolphins. He said it will not affect the manner in which teams set  and prepare their boards. But it will have an impact on the strategy the teams use on draft day because everyone will be trying to fill needs that perhaps in previous years they had already addressed in free agency.


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Some of the socalled fans here make me feel the entire franchise is cursed by your behavior towards one another alone.

You're f*uckin pathetic! You have discords with others for very little apparent reason. You act like a bucnh of little sissy biatches sometimes. LOL.....

This box of kotex's are for you! LOL.........

OK Guys gotta go, You all have a "Phintatic" Nite.................


I agree, When it comes to injuries you just never know what will happen. However, I don't believe it to be a normal situation when a team loses as many players as they did before the season ever started last year. To a coach who just lost his security blanket [Parcells], it was a severe blow.

But, Excuses are cheap... I feel you have every reason to believe what you do about the season. I don’t think you are "Out of your mind" or anything like that. I do feel last year really took a piece out of you. I’ve posted with you here on the Herald and elsewhere for what? 3 years +...? You are as solid a fan as I know and you love your team [I hope!] But I feel you had very high hopes last year, TOO high of hopes… and they got smashed and now you need the team to prove itself. That is as fair as fair comes Cuban.....

I just think your WRONG about where our team really is, that all... LOL!

Hey.... if anything else, at least you and I have a stake in this thing, right?

I have all the respect in the world, My Friend. You are CONSISTENT, and that means a lot.

Some posters here I wonder if your fluting eachother's pipes. Please say it aint so! LOL.............


If you cant see where this pathetic team is headed. Then you must have a very sever case of dyslexia! LOL.............

two years and we will be compete for the east championship again.


It will be interesting to see what direction the Dolphins take after the draft should FA happen. I have spent some time looking through who and what is available and Miami could fill a bunch of gaps if they can get this CBA thing lined out. I did not like seeing the new group of players filing a lawsuit with the other 2.... not good.

We dont get a qb and in 2yrs we'll be competiting for 1st overall draft slot.

A decade slides by very quickly. We're going into yr 4 with this regime and all they've invested in is an average at best qb. You dont build towards championships with Henne calbre qb's.

Its well over a decade since the post Marino era. The regimes before this one thought all we needed was a plug and play piece of s*hit too. We all see how well that's worked out havent we.

Competent regimes dont go 7-9 in year 3 of supposed rebuilding. You guys can wear the blinders all you want but Im not.

The Tampa Buccaneers are now clearly the best pro football team in the state of Florida.

Even the Buccaneers have won a SB over the past 10yrs. They've rebuilt and still look poised to compete for a SB much sooner than us.

F*ucking pathetic you guys cant see this.

Probably the best thing to happen to Tampa post SB era was to have Bill Parcells turn them down! LOL.............

This regime is pathetic. Year 3 of rebuilding and still dont know what the f*uck we have at qb. Sounds similar to the regimes that used to run the New Orleons Aints and Detroit Pussycats.

We'll be investing in brown sacks over our heads at games "very soon".

Tampa Bay has to feel like the luckiest franchise in America, looking down the state at us and knowing Bill Parcells "turned them down." They gotta still be laughing! LOL.......

Dying Breed...

Right now... I don't know what to think of you dude. I don't know what you are dealing with, if you are drinking or what... But what you have said to me and the way you have acted on this blog tonight is below you. You calling myself and other names is no way to act man. Its how children act when they don’t get their way.

Right now... I am having a hard time not feeling sorry for you and seeing you as a lonely, angry, desperate person who just railed against people with whom you have no quarrel and they none with you...

I am shocked at what I have seen concerning you tonight. It takes a ton of courage to admit when you've been a jerk and said things to people you regret.... I suppose we will see just how "Tough" you really are when you sober up OR come down off your high Horse... whichever comes first or both.

Until you are ready to speak to me like you have some dignity and treat me like you wish to be treated... Please refrain from doing so at all. I hope you can be man enough to understand what you have done and fix it when you are stabile enough to do so.


Guess stating facts makes you a jerk. Then call me jerk. At least I dont come off on this blog like Im fluting someone elses pipe.

Continue to say nothing to me. I couldnt feel more blessed.


Reading some of the comment of some of you socalled fans. I fully understand why the team's been mired in mediocrity for far so long. Mediocre fans match mediocre team.

You cry for a better team then when someone states real facts you excuse them for lunacy. Yet you present unresearch opinions snatched straight from your stinky a*sses.

I work and research hard to try and come up with best possible solutions to have a winning team. Then you guys come in with unresearched, over opionated bs and then try and kick me in the teeth because I actually try and do "real" work to find solutions.


If thats what pisses some of you off about me. Then all who feel that way can go to hell and kiss my a*ss. I dont have to ever be your friend. LOL..........

The flavor of the week with a lot of you guys is the newest guy to run the fastest 40. Even Ireland isnt this dumb or we would be 0-16 by now! LOL..........

The greatest thing to happen to the post SB Tampa Bay Buccaneers was to have Bill Parcells say no! LOL.................

We're still nearly the same dizzying mess we were before Parcells arrival. No matter how much some guys here want to flute on each others pipe! LOL................


I wish you could see yourself from a different vantage point. Your embarrassing yourself man... go to bed. No one is "kicking your teeth, and you are not the "One and only" opinion here... Its just entertainment, DB... do you understand? We are just fans, talking about our team. All the "Research” in the world by you will not effect what this team does in the slightest...

I don't know what happened to you today DB. We all have shytty days and it may be that you just drank too much. But what you have said is sad. Do you want to destroy your reputation here? You are a respected poster on this blog. You are someone that I really enjoy reading info from. But in just one night of unreason and anger you are making a fool of yourself and treating people who will be patient to a point with extreme disrepect. Neither myself or any one has done anything to you to deserve what you have said... please... Log off and get some rest pal... Think about what you are doing. God bless you and take care.

Good Night.


I dont drink. I pay the bills in my household so I bed down when I choose to. Not when you tell me. Everything I stated here is fact.

I flute no one's pipe here and care less if no one here ever invites me to the family or company picnic! LOL.....

Bill Parcells saying no to Tampa Bay still looks like the best thing evr to happen to them. He said yes to us and now look at the mess! LOL..............

Wonder if that's Jeffspeak for "We're gonna draft two running backs this year." ???

We will start prob 0-5 and ireland gets fired and sparano resigns or gets fired

if the OL sucks it is all on Tony, he is supposed to be the OL guru. I really dont want them wasting any picks on OL when they clearly cannot do anything with them.

I am officially on the Ryan Mallett bandwagon for all the abuse this kid has taken for "unsubstantiated" rumors.

I would love to see him as the next top 5 QB in the league in a few years so all the jerks who have thrown muc at him, for no solid or apparent reason, can be made to look like the "wiggers" they are.

Stockpile 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks. Trade down if the guy you want isn't there. Alot of teams need 1st round talent more than we do. Dolphins need more depth and do better taking two players at one position to make sure they fill that hole. Having to take Pouncey would be a disaster. I think there will be teams looking to trade up to get the OT they want, that position always moves up in value and need on draft day. Why wouldn't the steelers trade up to get Pouncey, they need the lineman.

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