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Ireland's assignment is simple really -- make a difference

Jeff Ireland will conduct his 2011 pre-draft presser (as ordered by NFL rules) today and I will be certain to look beneath his footwear to check for a net. I'm pretty certain I will not find one, but for journalism's sake one has to confirm things.

I want to confirm Ireland is indeed operating in this draft without the Bill Parcells net under him.

This draft, you see, Ireland's on his own. It's his baby and his alone. To him goes the glory if things work out. To him goes the ignominy if things don't.

This draft will be different for the Dolphins in that there can be no rewrite of history when or if things go wrong. The Pat White draft pick, for example, was pretty much an orphan for quite some time until the last three months when I got Ireland and Parcells to took responsibility for the mistake on the record -- Ireland on my radio show, Parcells in a column I wrote last week.Jeff ireland one

No big deal, but I think that kind of set the record straight.

Parcells is still proud of the Jake Long pick and doesn't deem it a mistake but he understands, he also told me, if some folks think Matt Ryan would have been the better selection. The Big Tuna has also told me that in the spring of 2008 he sent Dan Henning, Tony Sparano and Ireland to Ann Arbor (to see Chad Henne), to Delaware (to see Joe Flacco) and to Boston (to see Ryan) and everyone came back saying Henne was every bit as good as the other two. 

So again, responsibility goes where responsibility goes -- on the entire organization.

Now the responsibility belongs to Ireland. As it should be. No more shadows behind curtains. No more masters jostling puppet strings. We're not in Oz anymore.

Jeff Ireland is the man and he will get from fans whatever his picks bring him -- credit or contempt.

But, I wonder, what is your confidence level he's ready? Are you anxious whether he can avoid mistakes that would not be made if Parcells were here? Are you excited he might make more bold moves now that Parcells is gone?

My view?

There can be no doubt Ireland has an approach that is his own. I hope he does, anyway, because he is an individual rather than a clone of his mentor. He's younger than Parcells which suggests he might be bolder but also comes with the caution that he might not be wiser. Jeff and bill

I do not predict he will depart from precepts Parcells taught him. He'll pick prototype guys or try to, anyway. He'll want big guys. He'll especially want fast guys in this draft. He'll try to stay away from troublemakers.

I hope he is desperate. I hope he comes to this draft ready to go for the end zone rather than settle for field goals. I've had enough of field goals. I saw too many field goals the past couple of seasons. I want picks that will prove themselves to be touchdowns!

Think about it: The Dolphins have been good at drafting the past three years. Assuming Jared Odrick does get healthy and back on the field and becomes productive, the last three years brought outstanding to solid picks, with Long being outstanding and Vontae Davis representing solid.

The second round has brought satisifaction (Sean Smith) and disappointment (White) and a still hung jury in the court of public opinion (Chad Henne). Later rounds have had both good and bad picks.

So the work is worthy of a C-plus, in my opinion. 

That's because there has been no awe inspiring pick. There has been no take-your-breath-away, give-that-personnel man-a-prize selection. Not one Dolphins pick the past three years has been a game-changer. Not one Dolphins pick the past three years has brought a player other teams must game-plan around or for. Long isn't that because, by definition, left tackles can only change the course of a game by screwing up. They do not change the course of games when they merely do their jobs.

Davis has not been a game-changer. Smith hasn't although had he caught his six potential interceptions a year ago that he dropped, he might have reached that plateau. Odrick hasn't gotten a chance. Henne hasn't been a game-changer in any consistent or confidence-building manner. Anyone else?


Ireland needs to find a game changer this draft. He needs to do something his mentor could not. Oh, Parcells helped bring solid talent to the Dolphins when they were lacking even that. But conference titles and Super Bowls are won with difference-makers, game-changers stacked atop solid talent.

Ireland, on his own this draft, has work to do.

NOTES: I will be updating the blog several times Thursday so check back throughout the day. I will also provide real-time updates from Ireland's presser on twitter. So please follow me to get those updates.


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Please dont draft Ryan Mallet, intially I was on board until I seen the Jon Gruden goes to camp on ESPN, this kid was god awful in his responses and his mannerisms were even worse. (i.e. sloching in the chair)How can we expect this young man to lead a team of veterans?

Forget about drafting a QB this year, we all seen how bad Chad "Checkdown" Henne was last year but the guy did make some decent throws and we invested time in him. Bring in a veteran QB to push him and get him some help in the draft OL, RB, TE, and LB. This is a breakdown of what we need from each of the position

OL = Best pulling guard

RB= Elusive guy with break away speed

TE= Seam threat TE

LB= A project LB who can pressure the QB but prob needs work on mechanics.

This is the way we need to go!


I have a feeling you're right on the money. They would like to trade and everyone know's it so if a trade happens it may not be for optimum value.

I see Pouncy being a real option. although RB would be nice

sometimes one has to wonder about moves like welker, pat white, camarillo... so here's to this year's bad move(in advance).
avoid it by:
1) starting rashad jones
2) retaining brown(-25lbs), releasing ricky
3) securing the QB position through free agency
4) selecting a RB with our top pick
5) NO trade down! but instead aquire 2nd rounder through a trade of someother means
6) secure O-line through freeagency, select a widereciever with our aquired 2nd round pick

Mallet may have the best arm in the class but to be a QB in this league, you need to have more than that. See where it lead some other QB with a great arm. (Jeff George, Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus FatRussell)

Maybe Im crazy but would anybody else be willing to trade our 15th pick for two second rounders , one of them being high?
We just need to much help
Dont be surprised if this FO being on a small leash (possibly one yr leash) trades next years second rounder along with lets say a 4th this yr to get another 2nd rounder , just saying.
if we end up with 3 2nd rounders , the possibilities open up for us.
2a. Kyle Rudolph
2c.Titus Young
3.Taiwan Jones
5.Noel Devine
That would be a way to shake up the offense immediately , although Kapernick is more developmental.

Players in this Draft that if they fell to #15 I would erase my board and grab them. Cam Newton(forget it), Mark Ingram(possibly he'll be there), Kyle Rudolph(also possible).

DMan I don't know what you were watching but Mallet was one of the more prepared and confident qbs on Grudens show at the chalk board. He had confidence and knowledge about what he was drawing up unlike Cam Newton who fumbled through every word in the most simple play that has ever been on that board. Gruden even acknowledged Mallets grasp of the pro offense on Mike and Mike.

And what didn't you like about his mannerisms and responses? Slouching? Are you kidding, Gruden was laying in the chair! That's the point of that show. It's supposed to be a relaxed room where Gruden asks questions while laying back in his chair and laughing. Not an interrogation room where the players have to sit a certain way. And what didn't you like about his responses? Was it all of the respect he was showing Gruden by saying "yes sir" and "no sir"?

It leads me to believe, not just your post but other things that have come up about the kids mannerisms that there is a bit of unfair judgments formed on his accent or speech. He talks like a rapper and I think it's bothering a lot of people because he doesn't sound like Ned Flanders. It seems that is what we want out of our white qbs. Because I've heard a dozen black qbs who all sound exactly like Mallett but no one questions their speech or mannerisms.

Can't wait until the draft is over. I'm so sick (at this time every year) of hearing people rip these young kids apart for everything they do. The way they walk,talk, etc. The way their families are and what they like to listen too. Just every day normal things for you and I but for a kid just out of college these things are scrutinized as if it has any effect on their athletic ability. Then knowing that 90% of these critiques are coming from fat out of shape losers who troll the internet for a hobby is even more infuriating.

Obviously Mallett isn't a #15 pick and if we stick there he SHOULD NOT be taken. But that has to do with his lack of mobility and that is it. It should have nothing to do with how he talks, what he looks like, or any of the rumors about his supposed lack of leadership. Interestingly enough not one of his former teammates or coaches has ever had anything but great things to say about Mallett. I hope he proves his nay sayers wrong but not if he ends up in the afc.

I wonder if they'll consider trading some of next years picks for additional picks this year?

The only rational being that the current FO and Coach need to win now or else they won't be here next year anyway.

I hope they don't but I wonder if they are thinking it?

best come ups



True, he behaved with Gruden there. Mr. Juice, if you believe Gruden is just there to make them relax you have another thing coming. Jon is evaluating them thoroughly from their knowledge to their character. Towards the end of the interview see how Gruden drilled Mallet with a stare.

Juice, the point I'm trying to make is when you draft a "franchise" QB you want him to present him self a certain way. Do you honestly think this kid can help this team anytime now? Obviously not! Will veterans rally behind this kid now? No! He may be a fine QB but the Dolphins needs to invest in other priorities right now OL, RB, TE. So I guess you think Ryan Mallet will be the savior of the Dolphins? Well sorry to say bud, but no way I'll pass. There a reason why he's dropping to possibly a second rounder the kids rubs peple the wrong way. But I guess all you see is the TD's he's thrown right?

True, Juice, but if it wasn't for the character concerns I would have gone along in drafting him much sooner than he deserved, a la Joe Flacco and the Ravens.

Ok Here's My Mock:

1. Fantasy Island
3. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
5. Freaks And Geeks
6. The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show
7a The Simpsons(Not related to OJ)
7b X-Files
7c Pee Wee's Playhouse

There you have it guys, we're on our way to the Super Potty!

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 21, 2011 at 01:18 AM

And you had the nerve to ask me if I was drunk last night-LOL?

To bad he learned from Parcels, the has been.

Good column, Armando. Agrre on almost all accounts. I'd only slightly disagree with the assessment of V. Davis. I think he's a little better than just "solid". To me he looks like one of the best young defenders in the league. I think we're on the verge of him being just a notch below the really elite guys like Bailey or Asomugha.

My 2 cents on the draft: Trading back is a no brainer. There is a severe drop off in talent beyond the top 9 or 10. (Plus this is a fool's gold year for QB's). The talent level at end of the 2nd round isnt much different that at #15. Pick up that extra 2nd round pick and do the following:

1. after trade back, best available O-lineman, whether it be Pouncey, Carimi (Wisc), or Costanzo (BC)

2. Depending on where the pick is, maybe Dalton or Mallett fall in your lap. If so thats good 2nd round value, pull the trigger. If not, best available WR; Torrey Smith (Maryland), Hankerson, Titus Young (Boise). Smith is also an excellent kick returner.

3. Jordan Todman, RB, UConn: Mark Ingram is no better than the 3rd best RB coming out. Both Williams (VaTech) and Todman are better. I'm telling you this kid could be a star

4. DJ Williams, TE, Ark: Perfect fit. Although from what i read, the kid from Nevada is a heck of a TE also.

Once you get past round 4, if even more of a crap shoot, so just grab the best available: Preferably one more O-lineman and someone with some speed who can play special teams

I tried posting earlier but there were obviously problems this morning...

Good post today Armando. Straight forward but fair. The part I have a problem is this idea that you 'have to game-changers to win'. Outside of Brady, who are the game-changers on the Pats? Moss is gone now (he wasn't great last year to begin with), their running game is average, their defence, while good and young, doesn't have game-changers on it and their WRs, even with a beat up Welker are pretty ordinary. And yet there they were last year at 14-2.

Is Big Ben a game-changer? I'm not sure that he is. He's a solid QB who for the most part doesn't make mistakes and executes. He's what I'd love to see Henne grow into.

So who are the potential game-changers on our team right now? I would look to Dansby, Wake, Marshall and even Davis. I also think Jake Long should be included on that list too because if he's doing his job the QB should have all day to throw and that's one of the things that Brady enjoys.

More importantly than game-changers, I want to see us continue to hit on our picks. I think we got some good players from the last three drafts and I want to see that continue again this year.


Talent throughtout the lineup and could game preparation will beat 'game-changers' nine times out of ten. Game changers are great but identifying them is the challenge. We were lead to believe that Brandon Graham and Ryan Williams would be game-changers last year....still waiting. Aaron Maybin and Vernon Gholston.....hasn't panned out. Easy to ask for....hard to identify.


I'm not calling you out, just interested to understand what makes you think Jordan Todman will be a star. I don't know enough about the kid but how come he's not ranked higher. You're not the first person I've heard say this by the way.

home,what's going on over in korea? lol

I agree Miami needs to add some difference-makers atop the solid core they have. As far as pick 15, I am almost sure that it won't be a QB. If they select a QB and then don't make the playoffs, more than likely this regime is gone. That means the pick of a QB ends up being a wasted pick because the new coach is going to want to have his guy under center just like what is transpiring in Carolina as they contemplate taking a QB this year. Clausen ends up being a wasted pick. That 2nd rd pick could have been used on basically any other position that is not as affected by regime change. If Miami goes RB, OG, or OLB those positions would transition well for a new coach, with the only caveat being a change to a 4-3. Denver is also in the same position. Tebow ends up a wasted pick and they are a team that could of used the picks they traded away. Bottom line, the 15th pick is Pouncey, or B. Reed, or M. Ingram, or Watt/Cameron.

Last comment for a while guys:

I went back and looked at Mark Ingram again yesterday. Kids got an awful lot of talent. I still think he's under consideration at 15 and I think Pouncey is the other guy we are hot on.

Preview of my mock, includes a couple of trades. I haven't decided yet if Ingram is our pick in a tradeback and if we trade into the second or have to give up something to move back into the second. Right now I have us trading back in the first and picking up a THIRD and then moving up with one of those thirds to get a second. I haven't quite figured out the last part yet but I have confidence that Jeff Ireland will fight hard to pull this off.

Jeff Ireland on PFT Live right now....

If people are thinking O-Line in the 1st round, I think it makes better sense to get one of the tackles.

With Carey being the best we got outside of Long, it's definitely a NEED.

We have Cognito and a possible in John Jerry. Who I hope skips the trips to the juice man and McDonalds this off season. Garner could get back on track too. Provided the later two can be disciplined and get in good shape on their own, we look better at guard than tackle.

Anyway, to make my point, I also think there's better options at guard than Tackle in Free Agency.

If you go O-line in the first, go Tackle. Besides, with the way Tony likes to Fist Pump and Roster Churn, we could always move a tackle inside if need be!

San Diego is the key in a trade up for us in the first round. If they want to ensure they get the guy they want, they may want to jump ahead of the Pats at 17. I've heard they really like J J Watt. I highly doubt we can get a second for moving back three spots but I would think a third would be reasonable.

trade-back + 6th rd
1st Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
2nd Andy Dalton QB TCU
3rd Taiwan Jones RB ECU
4th Charles Clay FB Tulsa
5th Lee Ziemba OG Auburn
6th Zane Taylor C Utah
6th DeMarcus Van Dyke DB The U
7th Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College
7th Dom DiCecco SS Pittsburg

I had high hopes for mallet.

I wish he would quit with all the no brainer stuff.

I was hoping some other team would trade up with us to get him.

Come on Ryan, get it together and help us get our 2nd rounder back.


?I like the moc but I'd rather we got Demarcom Murray at RB, hopefully in the third. Not sure if he's still going to be there or not but I'd be comfortable if we landed him. I, like you, like Dalton.

I just finished seeing the Jordan Todman replays and garbage is right. Man, that's some kind of runner! It has been a veryvery long time since I've seen somebody run with his feet so close to the ground, a la OJ. Maybe Ingram AND Todman?

Henne will be the Dolphins starting QB this year no matter who we get in the draft. Mallett has a lot of upside but he has a lot of down side also. The Dolphins have a run first attitude and will need the best NFL QB available in the draft as a backup to Henne. I think they should trade down in the draft and get Christian Ponder from FSU in the first round. If they can’t trade down in the first then select Ponder at #15. I know he has shoulder problems and he does not have the strongest arm in the draft but his arm is adequate. After Ponder they should get his Center Rodney Hudson or Stefen Wisniewski in the second round. The only other player I think is a must have is TE D. J. Williams from Ark., even if they have to pick him in the 3rd round. A pulling left guard and a speedy RB can be had in one of the next few rounds. We could compete for R&R after the draft or get another FA. A RT and an ILB or OLB can also be found in the draft after round 3 or in FA. Ponder and D.J. Williams really impressed me as must have players. By drafting the Center in the 2nd round allows the Dolphins to draft an OL or BPA in rounds 5-7c.
I believe the Dolphins should resign at least Ronnie Brown b/c I have heard many DBs say they didn’t like for Ronnie to hit them and he is hard to bring down. Ronnie has always been a good pass catcher out of the backfield and never had, in any year, less than a 7.0 Yd/catch average and he will have a good run/attempt again if the OL is better. The Dolphins should determine if they should draft a fast RB or settle for Kory Sheets and draft a fast WR/Returner or settle for Marlon Moore? I think they should draft both a fastRB and a fast WR/Returner in 2011 draft.

Hey Craig, great post at 12:08. As usual, a voice of reason. Especially about Long. If he shuts down an opposing pass rusher, and essentially eliminates him from the game, thats an enormous impact.

Todman: I live in the northeast now, Big East country. (great for hoops, bad for football), but anyway, I still watch a decent ampunt of Big East football, specifically UConn games. (My fiancee is from Conn originally).
Todman has that natural running ability/fluidity. He's one of those guys who always seems to get that extra yard or 2 after he is hit. Always leaning forward. He's got great hands, he literally never fumbles. Excellent rec and route runner. He never really gets hit solidly, he kind of pokes and prods and slides downfield. Some attributes similar to Thurman Thomas, albeit with different styles.

Most importantly, really productive. Averaged over 5 YPC despite other teams focusing on him. It's not like UConn had a deadly passing game you had to worry about. Just as productive against the good teams as the bad. A real great effort in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma where UConn were totally outmanned on the line of scrimmage. Awesome vs. Pitt which has a pretty stingy D. Good games vs. Mich, W.Va, Syr. Plenty of games vs. bowl teams, always productive. Youtube him, especially the Fiesta Bowl. That game he had one of his lowest YPC games, yet it might have been one of his most impressive efforts. Kid has heart

You want a game changer Armando? It's Cameron Wake. Sure, he wasn't drafted but an FA out of the NFL is the same thing in my book.

And you under value the game changing value of Jake Long. What he does is prevent game changing sacks and fumbles by the opposing D. When a QB knows he does not have to worry about a hit coming from his blind side, that is game changing - too bad we don't have a QB who can take advantage of that safety.

Karlos Dansby, the most underated and underappreciated MLB in the game today, by most Fin fans and the national media. He's at the level of a Patrick Willis, Erlacher, name any other MLB you want. But you wouldn't know that if you live in Texas or Georgia or even in SFLA.

Soliai has risen to the level of a game changer. Stud NT's are extremely rare, and Soliai was that last year. 3.7 YPC for opposing offenses? That's Soliai clogging up the middle.

Granted, clogging up the middle or protecting a QB's blind side does not show up on highlight films. Sacks = Wake does. Home run hitting WR's and RB's do. But NT's and LT's are just as much game changers. Casual fans would not know that, but students of the game do.

yea if DeMarco Murray is there in the 3rd it'd be my pick too without hesitation. There are so many complimentary backs this year that deserve a good look at in the 3rd. It's hard to narrow it down to one. Check out Charles Clay for a big runner with great hands. Along with LeStar Jean in the 5th and Van Dyke in the 6th and Herzlich if he remains healthy and can find his old strength in his legs he could be the best OLB in the draft. After watching Zo beat that liver disease and return I believe Herzlich has something to prove being a 1st rd pick before his cancer.

Thanks Oscar, sounds like you see what i see. A natural born runner.

Mando,thanks for the great article,but I have to disagree with you on one point: Henne has been a game changer--unfortunately it was for the opposing defense.

3rd rd backs...
Daniel Thomas
Jordan Todman
Shane Vereen
Kendall Hunter

if you trade to later in the 1st round you go for randall cobb from kentucky; he won't last far beyond the early second and still i don't hear many people mention him. easily the 3rd best receiver in the draft, can play in the return game, quarterback the wildcat (if they run it), and play some scat back. Check up on this guy and see what you think

for those of you want to see a little more about randall cobb


While I'm not going on blind faith this year, I think many Phin Fans are being a bit too pessimistic.

We have a top 5 defense and that ALONE should have us knocking on the door of post season play.

Sure the offense stunk it up and the wheels finally came completely off. Still, I think we've already addressed our biggest most important offensive problem. Not so much in hiring Daboll, but in firing Henning.

Just the fact that we'll no longer be content to play the high percentage Field Goal game will help immediately. Even when we had leads last year, at no time did Henning show any type of "go for the jugular" attitude. Always content to get them 3 points.

What's more, hopefully with Daboll's offense, opposing defenders will no longer know EXACTLY whats coming ahead of time. I mean run or pass, the routes, the WHOLE SHEBANG!

So, I see a top 5 defense and the addition by subtraction of Henning getting to at least a wild card already.

Add in a couple of rookie play makers and a free agent or two and it's anybodies guess!

Who knows, without the bloated blowhard in the way, Jeffy could surprise EVERYONE!


Todman footage

I think Todman impressed the most at the combine moving him up to my favorite back
my list in order:

@odinseye. Great point. Getting rid of Henning was addition by subtraction.


Thanks for the comments and the kind words. I've heard a lot of good things about Todman, so I'll keep an open mind on him. How come he's not ranked higher?

beerphin, I like Vereen as well. The Dolphins philosophy has been to have two backs split the carries. I believe that will continue and guys like Murray and Todman and Vereen will all get consideration. Ireland said in his interview that backs can be had later than the first, so that will make some guys happy. I'm not sold on Jones though. No questions he's got great speed but a big question mark with him is the injuries.

Ireland needs something really good to happen for the draft. For example, a trade down, get a 2nd round pick, then draft Pouncey in the first, Mallett in the second, and DJ Williams in the 3rd! I know this is a dream, but this is the kind of scenario the Fins need to happen.

Maybe I should be happy if Ireland doesn't pick any players like; Turner, White, Murphy, etc... I hope something great happens for the Fins and the fans, they deserve it... it has been a hard road for a long time now.

I'll bet some of you fellas are wearing Depends.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgIkcHcPz8s&feature=related more Todman

Mallet over throws him bad... Dalton was on the money


Again I think we're very close on how we rank the running backs. I was mostly high on Williams entering the off-season but Leshoure is the guy I would prefer now. I probably have the top two or three ranked as you do and I'm just not that high on Daniel Thomas or Jones or even Kendall Hunter for that matter. There is some talent there however, and I'm sure Ireland will walk away with a guy or guys to help us.


Were you looking in the mirror when you started talking about Fat no nothing losers?

You sound like a freaking piece of shyt. If the best you got is taking cheap shots at posters, save it for your wife and kids.

Oh wait, puss bags like you are sfraid to do that. Last time you probably got your ass whooped all over that jail cell.

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Holy cow! Incredible highlights of Taiwan Jones. Man, the kid is FAST!


Todman is good, I grew up and went to Uconn. He is a little on the small side, but he runs hard and is elusive, he would be a great pick in the 3rd or 4th round. I don't know if he will last that long.... This is why Ingram shouldn't be the pick. Draft Todman or Murray from OU and resign Ronnie, the RB position would be set.

I omitted 4th round pick in my post at 12:41 PM and that was FB Charles Clay from Tulsa.


The kid looks good (Todman). Only concern appears to be his receiving skills but that can be worked on.

Where would you take him?....third round?

sleeper wide receivers:
Greg Little UNC
Greg Salas Hawaii
Ronald Johnson USC
Terrance Toliver LSU
Ryan Whalen Stanford
Darvin Adams Auburn
LeStar Jean FAU
Armon Binns Cincinnati
Cecil Shorts III Mount Union


I like Greg Little too. I was going to ask guys what they thought of him and where he should go? Second? Third? Fourth? I like the kid too. I just wonder if Ireland will spend another pick on WR after grabbing Turner in the third, Hartline in the fourth and having Moore, Wallace and Pruitt still in the fold.


Check Charles Clay I think he'd be a perfect fit with a RB like Williams, Todman or Vereen.

he's moving up boards fast he should be gone by the 5th rd. I hope we land him with the 4th.

Interestingly enough not one of his former teammates or coaches has ever had anything but great things to say about Mallett. I hope he proves his nay sayers wrong but not if he ends up in the afc.

Posted by: Juice | April 21, 2011 at 11:21 AM

Yeah, so you can pick and choose who we listen too. Your piece of shyt opinion on what RUMORS to believe and what rumors not to believe are any better than anyone else's? I don't think so FAT A S S!

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I wonder if the police reports or the arresting officer has anything but great things to say about him?

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Tell me this, you think his dope dealer has great things to say about him? Maybe they just liked his money?

I wonder if the Panthers Brass still has only great things to say about him?

Do us all a favor and shut yo pie hole, douchebag!

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