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It's Ryan Mallett day at Dolphins camp

Ryan Mallett is scheduled to be in South Florida today to meet with the Dolphins for, by my estimate, the fourth time since the Indianapolis Combine in February.

Mallett is obviously more than just a passing fancy for the quarterback-hungry team. He is, by any definition, a player they are seriously studying and seriously considering in the coming draft. (Please note I did not say they will take him at No. 15 overall. I think they would consider him if they can trade down and pick up a second-rounder they lack or an extra third rounder.) So there's that.

Meanwhile ...

Mallett is fascinating to me.

He has so much promise. And he's got some obvious red flags.

The promise? It's pretty obvious. He has a great arm. He can throw the football 80 yards. He also has great confidence. "Trying to be like Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] and guys like that is something that I strive for," Mallett said. "I watch the way they play the game. They control the game at the line of scrimmage and that's what I like to do."

You have to appreciate the unmitigated swag of a quarterback who has not thrown even one NFL pass and already is comparing himself to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

But ...

Yes, there is a but as large as Mallett's 6-foot-7 frame. It's the reason Mallett is not a likely Top 10 pick and perhaps will have to wait until the latter part of the first round to get selected in the April 28 draft.

The waving red flags are plentiful. He did have consumption issues in college, according to a source. He did drink. At multiple times. To excess. That is a fact all teams know about. Drugs? I cannot report to you with certainty on that topic so I am not going there.

Don't diminish the alcohol. We're talking about a 22-year-old coming to South Florida. South Florida simultaneously offers and threatens a lifestyle about a million times faster than Mallett's native Texarkana, Texas. There are fifty ways to get in trouble on Miami Beach after you've had just one too many. Ask Fred Evans about that. (Google his South Beach moment).

So do not dismiss the beverages issue.

There are also whispers -- and they haven't diminished, but rather have increased -- about his unimpressive leadership qualities. A QB must be a leader. A guard doesn't have to be. A nose tackle doesn't have to be. A quarterback cannot succeed in the NFL if he is not a leader.

Frankly, the rumblings I'm hearing is that Mallett shrank in big moments during games and did it time and again. When the pressure was on most, he stepped tentatively. That is an issue because the fine NFL quarterbacks must play at their best under pressure, in the spotlight, and in the face of enormous odds.

NFL quarterbacks are the faces of billion-dollar franchises. Pressure? They better be comfortable with pressure both on and off the field.

But I am more interested in football and Mallett is more than the 32 TDs and 3,869 yards he rolled up as a junior. He is more than the 69 TDs and 8,388 yards he churned in limited 2007 action with Michigan and in 2009-10 as the starter at Arkansas.

The positives? There are plenty.

He improved, for starters. His completion percentage went from 55.8 in 2009 to 64.7 last season. That shows he learns, he adapts, he responds to coaching. Yes, he also threw for more more yards, touchdowns, and had a higher yard per attempt statistic last year than the year before. All excellent signs.

Mallett did this while playing in the Southeastern Conference, which is as close to the NFL as you're going to get without actually being in the NFL -- and that includes the UFL and Arena League.

Mallett was a classic passer in college. His team used the pro-style attack which is a big plus because his transition to the NFL won't be as difficult as if he was coming from the spread option.

His third down completion percentage was 64.1 last year with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. That means even when the defense expected him to throw, during football's money down, he was effective.

He was nails on third-and-three-to-seven-yard plays. He completed 72.7 percent of those throws. And he was even good on third-and-eight-to-10-yard situations in completing 55 percent of those throws. He was outstanding on third and very long. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes on third-and-11-plus- yards last season. That is, again, excellent.

So that makes him star quality.

But watch Mallet on tape, dig a little deeper into Mallett's impressive stats, and you start to see a couple of warts.

When the competition got better, Mallett got worse. Yes, he threw five TD passes vs. UTEP. Yes, he threw for 400 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. But I don't frankly give a darn about those. Last I heard, UTEP isn't on the Dolphins schedule any time soon.

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a  modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

In the video below, Mallett shows a bit of a testy side as he walks off during what was yet another question about the drug rumors. That has raised minor questions with some teams. I don't have a big problem with it. Dan Marino often got snarky with the media, too. So that is a non-issue to me.

What interests me in the video is Mallett admitting he's not meant for running around the field. That is obvious from watching him play. That is a major, major, major, major, major concern for me. I don't worry about him resembling Michael Vick. I don't need that. But a quarterback in today's NFL must, must, must, must be able to slide and glide and move in the pocket. That's not an option. That must come standard.

I don't think it comes standard with Mallett. If his receivers don't come open quickly, he's toast. If his blocking isn't pristine, he's toast.

And if you blitz him, he's burnt toast because he not only doesn't move well, but isn't good at recognizing the coming blitz, either. He is well below average on this issue.

As a result, the man who threw 69 career TDs in college was also sacked 61 times. That means you're just as likely to get a sack as a scoring pass from this guy. And that was behind what was by most accounts very solid collegiate offensive lines.

So why is that a concern? Well, aside from the fact that a sack is a negative play -- particularly in the red zone or within field goal range -- it means you got hit. And hits in the NFL result in injuries. And injured quarterbacks either don't play as well or don't play at all.

And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired.

If Mallett cannot develop a better approach to evading sacks and even hits that don't lead to sacks, his career will be in much greater risk than quarterbacks who do have that ability.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

The Dolphins must chew on all these things and more.

They'll be masticating plenty today when Mallett is scheduled to be at the team's facility.




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Wouldn't it be genius if this were all a ploy to get Seattle to move up w/ us.


I say Mallet is just a ruse, make other teams think we are interested so they will bite on a trade up with us.


You could have edited this blog down too:

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

That's ALL I need to know! I've seen enough!


Hey 0x80, great analogy......wish I thought of that.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

Armando! Didn't you ever wear a uniform?

The target goes to the front! THE FRONT!

You wear the target on your chest - Geeez!


We both want to win that`s it in a nutshell if I misunderstood then I apologize if you felt slighted by me, believe it. I can get a little passionate when it comes to this game and I`ll be the 1st to admitt it. Dan is a great example of needing a team. The poor guy never smells a Championship due to the fact he never had a team and that`s just wrong.

I just am completely soured on the model and feel were getting force fed more of the same, we need to evolve seriously or were gonna be a couple of old timers jerking off our computers screaming next year will be our year !! LOL !! THINK ABOUT IT !

I posted on the last page an observation just like the one your putting up dolfandave, as a matter of fact it`s so earlily to the point of the story I`m going to re-post.


One thing I will say about the post Armando put up, if I`m J.Ireland I bring J.Locker and R.Mallett back in or send someone to see them, if anything it should make a team like Seattle sitting at 25 very nervous adding to the list of potential trade partners.

fin4life | April 13, 2011 at 05:49 PM

...This is good timing. Mallet is on the Gruden quarterback camp on ESPN U. This is quality T.V. I have said many times that I think Mallet is the wrong quarterback for this team. He is a quarterback that needs good protection to have success. Period.

He has played in a pro system, so the protections are very similar if not the same as many pro teams. This is huge because he will only have to learn the verbage. The scheme, he is already familar with. Let me remind you guys. There are only so many routes, or protections. All teams run the same plays, and use the same protections. The only difference is the verbage, and ability of the players to recognize, and get into the right play.

So, Mallet is far ahead of the cure as far as understanding the protection scheme. But. This doesn't mean that we can protect him. Thw worst case scenario would be for Mallet to get thrown into the fire behind our offensive line. This could be a career killer. In the best case, Mallet would be a project that we uncover at a later point, when the team is more settled. This team doesn't have this luxury. Sorry. There are way to many pressing needs to spend an early round pick on a player that cannnot immedietly play. Especially with the fact that we have to try and fill the roster before we can sign a single free agent. It puts the handcuffs on us.

So sorry to all that think the first round quarterback draft drought has gone on too long. This is just simply the wrong year to do this. Mallet may end up being a good quarterback. I think it depends on where he goes. Miami (IMO) is not set up for him to succeed at this point.

fin4, left you one more post on the previous blog, don't want to bother others with a repost, just clearing the air...I'd say its all cleared.


I saw this Mallett thing coming big time, check out my re-post at 12:36, there is no way there going to bank on this kid at 15 plus what Dunphy put up is true this kids a bad fit, also I think the move destroys whatever confidence Henne has.

You see fin4, great minds think alike. Ireland is doing his job, working the system, trying to get the best trade down possible.

...My opinion is soley based on the idea the Phins take Mallet in the first round. To me there is no sitting for a year. If we are desperate to draft a quarterback in the first round. That player had better be ready to go. If he isn't ready, or we don't project him as the starter. We are wasting our pick.

Now , know some of you ae going to say that quarterbacks(especially first rounders) sit and learn all of the time. Yes, and no. Forget Aaron Rodgers. Which of the first round picks that have had SUCCESS in this league sat and learned for a year or two in the last 10 years? (I'm not implying that there haven't been any. I just can't think of any off the top of my head. And don't say Tebow either. That is a joke)

These guys are picked with the expectations of playing now. Teams that suck, need their firat round choices on the field. Mind you if we draft Mallet. Our quarterbacks would be Henne, Thiggy, Mallet, Bradstander. I'm sure this would have defensive coordinators licking their chops with the way we pass protect...


It`s unfortunate how right you are I wish I could argue the point but there is nothing I can post that can contradict fact. We need our 1st. round pick on the field now, heck even if Mallett had the potential to grow into it during the regular season I don`t think Ireland/Sparano would take the chance anyway.


I have been fading for about an hour now and can tend to nit pick when cranky, so don`t take it to seriously, besides we have to much fun debating from opposite ends of the fence and you sway my opinion more than you now, that you can believe. This is actually funny about Mallett possibly being a ruse because I think we were all thinking it during the afternoon.

Very detailed, Armando. Food for thought.

If we are allowed to simplify then all Miami needs is an efficient QB and a playmaker at RB. Think about it.

...From page 5 of the last blog. I have some real experience with Arthritis. It was kind enough to gift me a 5 year addiction with pain killers, but also limited activities until I got it under control. I can tell you that certain forms of Arthritis are crippling. Once you get on the right meds, and diet. You can control it, or at least limit the flair-ups. But depending on the severity. Once those flair ups occur(and they happen fast)There isn't enough opiates in the world that will take that pain away.

For a young man of Ingrams age, or Odrick. and the physical condition both are in. I'm sure they can manage any arthritic diagnoses they may have. But when it hits, there isn't much you can do.

fin4, no worries at all, really as well sometimes my writing style sounds riled up when I'm not. The debates are good and there are a pretty fair amount of good debaters on the blog. We keep each other ticking.

This Mallet article will make for some good responses tomorrow. Waiting to see if it sways DB's opinion at all.

I'm blogged out for the night...going to recharge my batteries now...

(I have to get this in). People did not pay attention to The Beatles lyrics(myself included at that time), but, "all you need is love", "with a little help from my friends", etc, are inescapable Truths.

Mallet will have next level coaching to work out the kinks in his game. I'm telling you guys Mallett has it. He has all the intangibles. A rifle arm, good mechanics, accuracy, touch, and he's smart. Idc what ya'll say. Oline or not we need a fuggin QB or were gonna cry about it all next season. If we don't take Mallett we're just delaying the inevitable. Like we have, say 15 years. If you guys want to leave next season in the hands of a cruddy QB and the only O coordinator to post an offense worse than ours, be my freaking guest.

This team is not in a position to draft a QB on day one- or two- without some superb trading of draft picks. A gamble on day three at QB maybe, because there is a chance for a project QB there. I think Henne looked as bad as a QB could last year; he sickened me. We need immediate impact players on day one and two, and I think we can get contributing players for next year on day three in this draft. FA is the best way to get a QB to challenge Henne next year. If there is a season. there will be some sort of free agency. I am not much for trading next years draft picks for a player unless we really get a great deal. We have some players that could be draft bait at a couple positions, that would be more alluring to some other teams heavy at QB. A good gambler never makes impetuous bets at bad odds. I would like to play cards with Bilicheat,even as much as I hate him, his talent speaks volumes.

After watching the NFLN and listening to some of their input I am STOKED!

I know the haters gonna hate on Mallet...and that's OK. He is a guy not without his warts.

The facts are that Arkansas is does NOT have players such as TOP 5 talent DT Marcell Dareus, or TOP 10 WR Julio Jones and to a far, far lesser degree RB Ingram. Gee I wonder how a more talented team like Alabama beats an Arkansas team lead by Mallet?? That's a crazy thought that he couldn't ALWAYS load the team on his back and win every game.

Armando is definitely NOT in the Mallet court as well as DD, 0x80, odin and others and all is fair in Fins love and drafting.

That said, I still will have both fingers crossed and be using all my voodoo dolls to help the Fins add Mallet to the fold!

From a directive from the owner, I am not sure many players in this draft would have the capability to add HUGE, GAME CHANGING, EXCITING PLAYS like Mallet.

It has been mentioned time and time again that Mallet, with his Petrino based Pro Offense background will have more ability to push for starting time right away.

When does Tony Sparano have to win? Later on down the road?..how about yesterday? Ireland is in a similar situation.

Since the FA period is after the draft they will need to ensure there is QB pressure to stir as much competition as they can get.

As Dying Breed has been promoting loud and long on here for weeks now, Mallet has the accuracy where it counts. He WILL open the running game up by making teams play that load the box vs the run. The Fins will give him an array of hot reads and he has the arm to deliver the mail.

As much as some folks want Ingram and his 14 carry per game college "workhorse" RB and his arthritic, gimpy knee...I want to put my chips on a potential (every draft pick in the draft is potential) game changing QB.

If the gamble doesn't pay off, at LEAST I will admire TS and Ireland for going down swinging!

Our own Jake Long gave his leadership skills a vote of confidence. I belive that the Fins research will reveal plenty of leadership ability.

Mallet to Brandon Marshall.... (Long Pass!)..TD!
That would be my ESPN highlight!


First round draft picks are successful roughly 40% - 60% of the time REGARDLESS depending on whom you ask and what criteria they use.

In a QB driven league, with obvious rules cobbled together to favor passing. I say punch the ticket for that all important position. We have missed on QBs yet have to stay the course until we find the heir apparent.

Henne can be in the mix but, I honestly just think we have seen about what you will get from the guy. Some good plays and more bad ones than we can tolerate. The lack of pocket pressence and awareness, the lack of accuracy consistantly, the struggling with certain throws (fades, deep plays, anything with a touch requirement) etc etc... the horse is fully dead, so I will stop beating it.

If you are a Henne supporter that says build a great team around him and he will shine...that's fine. I prefer to grab QBs talented enough to supplant him.


ok I lied....I can't stay away....OT in first round and that is a lock!!!!!

i hope it isnt a smokescreen myself bc ive always wanted mallett to be our qb.plz pick him at 15

Hmmm, Armando,

Dude? Just wondering - as always:

Just got , in from work...

Havent logged in for a few days... forgive me plez, and 4 give me for the next 100 keystrokes:

The instincual behavior of the Dolp FO is so weird, it is scarey, man.

sratch Your head, and wonder...


Im still in for Mallet...he can be a game changer....so lets protect him...pick him then pick good Olinemen...protect him...keep R and R one more year with better play calling and shelve the Wildcat...So for me its mallet the olineman then a speedy WR....keep the Running Backs...they got destroyed by poor playcalling to me


Give me your, "very own," sollution, and cure, for next year...?

You nearly dove me off the, QB question-mark... when it is clearly that is the foremost concern...

YOU ALMOST made me jump off the Malemuott husky pup... but, I say,


Mallett, or Igram...pick your weapon at 15, if either are even there...

It is all good...

It is easy to criticize a qb when his butt is getting kicked and his line isn't holding or his receivers aren't getting open. Of course he isn't going to show leadership or win games when he doesn't have the chance to do it. He would have at least beat Cleveland this year. And probably lit them up for 35 points.

And the drinking??? A 21 year old in college that drinks??? My My Quel surpise.

Give the kid a break.

But the Phins aren't going to select him anyway. It will be another position of need and we will see what that is.

How could any Miami writer going with this angle (valid as it may be) NOT also point out what Dan Marino---by ALL accounts---was doing as a college senior?

Is it really a secret he was a party boy? That he drank, smoked pot, and more than likely put more than a few lines of coke up that nose?

Puhleeze. Even Shula has acknowledged (in hedging language since it's something he barely understands) that it was a BIG reason Marino fell in that draft...probably the MAIN reason.

Marino partied and did drugs, folks. There's no way around that. Probably did his first few years in Miami, too, unless you think he and Mark Clayton were going out for Bible Study.

Mallett? Could care less about those reports but please don't think I'm comparing him to Marino in ANY other way.

Marino was a rare talent in the deepest QB class ever. Mallett may turn out to be good but the odds are he'll be a soon forgotten flop.

Just saying the other stuff is probably much ado about nothing. These are kids. Kids do stupid things.

sufferin succotash!

P.A. YEUNGSNWINGS awesome name

there is every possibility what you are saying is correct. with the story about bill parcells wanting hightower and arizona taking him ahead of the phins i believe that ireland can be playing this game to his advantage. of course, it could all be for not if mallet goes before the #15. if only we could be a fly on the wall right now at fins H.Q.
with ingram now appearing to fall out of favor ireland may be looking to play a different card. i always thought that ingram was our ticket to move down in the first and acquire that much needed 2nd. the fins have worked out or will work out a lot of guys before draft day and a lot of these guys are on our personal radars. one of those upcoming visits will be with my personal #15 aldon smith.
i said in a previous post that, if stuck at #15, we're taking this guy. hopefully, if we are stuck this is the guy we take. i've stated recently that i thought mallet was going to become a prime target at #15 along with smith but i don't know if you could justify taking mallet over smith.

I have a feeling that the whole Mallet workout is just a smoke screen kinda like last year with Rolondo Mclain. The fins FO are very good at deception and misleading other teams (see the DT problem last year). I have a feeling that Mallet is on their board but not neccessarily their top QB. Don't count out Jake Locker, COlin Kaepernick, Ricky Stanzi, etc. I'm just not sure the fins go qb in the 1st with the issues we have on the OL. Cant wait for the draft I hate all the possibilities.

Insert......Craig M Bashing Mallett as well as all other QBs......right about....now!

There will be no Foot Ball this year but we shall gather by the lake and eat celery while telling our children about The Savior Telly Savalas.

Why have a draft ? If you listen to all these draft gurus everyone stinks. Everyone is a risk. Everyone has issues. Come on !! Why have the draft then. Reading your blog you went from good to bad and bad to good numerous times. The truth is nobody knows how good or bad these guys are going to be. Don't trust the IRELAND/SPARANO combo to draft well.

i live up in central ny. the fans here believe if ingram is indeed gimpy with a bum knee,then ireland will surely draft him at #15 of the 1st round. i laughed at first but then realized its probably true. i'd rather have kevin kolb than mallet and would gladly give a 1st round pick for him.

I like the ruse theories to get Seattle to trade up. But Mike Lombardi actually had (theoretically) Miami moving up to #10 to select Mallet. Reasoning was Miami really likes him & they wouldn't want to risk Minnesota taking him at #12.

I wonder (if this is meant to inspire a trade partner) if this could end up backfiring by the team that is interested in Mallett will trade with St. Louis at 14 instead of trading with us thus costing us a trade down potential?

That was a good post Armando... I find it interesting how perception changes once the games are over and the dog and poney shows begin. Early in the process when the final games I watched were fresh in my mind and the phantom sacks and the sulky look in crunch time put up a big stop sign. Then the show starts and the 80 yard arm comes out and the stats that can tell the tale however you want to spin it. Truth is, the guy is not a winner...

I have vacillated on this for months, thanks for reminding me, what happens on the field during big games in crunch time is what determines a player's heart and character.

Just say no to Mallett, but keep bringing him in... Let someone else make that mistake.

Watched the combine interview here that the media has repeatedly described as negative, in Armandos words he is testy at the end.

What I see is the media just desparate to create a story where there is none. Yeah, after he stated several times he would only disuss the allegations directly with the teams, and not on the podium, several reporters kept harping away on the same subject. I can't blame the guy for not wanting to get into his personal life under the lights on film before the whole world. Don't see the big deal at all.

At the end he did what most would do, just call it quits on the interview once he saw the reporters weren't going to get off the subject. It takes time for even the most savvy politicians twice his age to learn how to handle the press.

Judge the guy all you want on his playing abilities, but citing this interview as any source of concern, or drawing any conclusions from it would be ridiculous.

no to mallett and no to ingram. irelands made alot of mistakes on draft day. i'm suprised more hasnt been written about the pats taking our lunch last year as the pats loaded up on blue chip players while we searched for 7 linebackers and 2 guys with broken legs. ireland stepped on tonys head to save himself. this has to end badly. i'm a realist. I hope i'm wrong!!!!!!

Wow! A college student drinking alcohol. I'm shocked. I would never believe it. How can that be? Next thing you'll tell me is that some college kids have actually experimented with marijuana.

I'm not a big fan of Mallet's and hope the Dolphins pass on him but to actually mention drinking alcohol while in college as an issue is ridiculous. Everybody drinks in college. If you went to college and lived on campus (not commuted from mommy and daddy's house) you drank and you drank to excess at times. That's what you do in college.

I'm not a fan of his because I saw plenty of SEC games and he can't move. He can't get out of the way of anyone and he can't throw on the move.

finaly a qb.

He is not a QB, he is a tomato. The mysterious laughing kittens of Norway shall guide your important olive purchases.


The Dolphins HAVE a QB with a big arm on their roster -- his name is Chade Henne.

The Dolphins HAVE a QB with questionalbe leaderhsip skills on their roster -- his name is Chad Henne.

The Dolphins HAVE a QB who played in a pro-style system in a big-time conference -- his name is Chad Henne.

The Dolphins HAVE a QB who had a reputation of fading against top opponents -- his name is Chad Henne.

Could someone explain to me -- exactly what it is that makes Mallet such a major upgrade over Henne. They have the exact same strengths and the exact same weaknesses.

More than that, 0x80, and at least to me, the abrupt ending by Mallet to that press conference showed something; he would not let anyone bully him. That's a good trait to have, for anybody. Was he rude? Well, they don't pay QB's to be diplomatic.

Gary, Mallett has better touch and better accuracy on the long ball. Henne is a much tougher guy. Personally I think Henne could still grow into the position because of that mental toughness. Mallett, I think is a puss. Given the choice, I'd go with Henne.

Sounds like Mallet is basically this year's Henne. If I closed my eyes and read Mando's blog deleting Ryan's name, I'd think we were talking about Henne.

I have all the hesitance as Mando on this kid, simply because he doesn't move well. Like Mando said, you have to be able to move in this league (even slightly to avoid a rush). Not Mike Vick mobile, but slippery enough to get out of trouble and avoid hits as much as possible.

I'm all for taking a QB, and hope the Dolphins do just that, and will wait and see what Ireland's research comes up with as the best possible fit for this team concerning that position in this Draft, but I can't say I'm excited about the prospect of getting Ryan Mallet.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Sorry for taking so long between this and our last correspondence.

On april 9th 2010 I had quit smoking ciggerettes after 30 some odd years and decided to take up a musical instrument....I chose the guitar....poor mans mid life crisis.

On april 10th 2010 I bought an acoustic guitar off of craigs list for $40.00...ARIA brand, made in the year 2000.

So I havnt had a ciggerette in over a year now and have been practicing my instrument everyday.

I have been channeling my creative juice's towards my guitar playing as opposed to posting creative posts here on your blog....sorry.

just an update on the songs Im working on.

Neil Young: Old Man and Ohio

ELP (Greg Lake): From the Begining and Still you turn me on

Little Feat (george Lowell): Willin

Play sum Skynard...OK...Learning Sweet home Alabama

Harry Chapen : Taxi...collecting tips and gettin stoned :)

Don Mclean : Vincent

Currently I am able to play all songs...but terribly, but its all there...just need to keep practicing.

Anywhoo I'll try to write sooner.

Soiled :)

P.S. Go Dolphins (Sports talk)

I just watched the Georgia game. Mallet can play. People are nit picking and looking for reasons not to pick him.

Either you can play or not play.

We can stay with Henne and have a bunch of 5 yard drump off passes and balls thrown out of bounds or we can go with a vertical attack with Mallett.

At some point Miami mgmt needs to get some stones and go for it.

We play to conservative. We play not to lose.

Mallett is a gunslinger like Fouts, Marino... He can sling the rock.

I say trade down and get a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

That will make it easier for the media and fans to accept it. At 15 it might be too crazy.

Mando, What I find interesting is that you are pro fig newton acting like he is the second coming to the messiah, when he is not. THen, you go and talk smack about Mallett being just ok. Well, this whiteboy kid is much better than Newton. He has done more and repeated it unlike Newton. He also knows the pro style offense and footwork is easier to fix with him than Newton. So, a rocket arm, can slide side to side-like marino, and money on 3rd downs. Why should we pass him up even at #15? I say we pick him in rd 1 and Stanzi in rd2 and go find our QB and if Henne doesn't like it- too bad- he had a chance and blew it. Now, he and 2 others will fight for Marino's job. No more give me's. And, I am a big Henne fan. But, I am a bigger DOLPHAN and want to build a consistent winner for the next 10 years. GO FINS!!!! AND NEWTON AIN'T it buddy!

Correction- STANZI in RD 4


I won`t judge Mallett on whether he won or lost certain big games while having to carry the load for his team week in amd week out in College. That assesment isn`t fair because if memeory serves one of the big reasons outside of winning a National title that brought P.Manning back to Tenn. his Sr. year was to beat there hated rivals the UF Gators. This would prove to be his achilles heal as he never, not once !! beat them as a starter in College much less take his top 5 squad to a National title game.

If your reasoning for not liking Mallett is based on his ability to win certain games in College, I`ll remind you of P.Manning`s futility and then pose the question of how bad a mistake the Colts made in drafting him over R.Leaf then ? because on the flip side R.Leaf took his very inferior Wash St. Cyclones all the way to the National Title game vs. Mich. that year and mounted a 2nd. half come back in that game that had Wolverines fans on pins and kneedles.

I judge Mallett instead on his intangibles both physical and mental, can he throw it with the best of them ? I think yes and I will go on record as saying he will !! more than once mind you. Then I remember Jamarcus Russell who by the way in his Pro Day thru a pass 60 plus yards from his knees, Russell on more than one occasion showed off his arm in Oak. The problem was the Raiders didn`t draft this monumental underachiever to complete a few bombs during the reg. season.

I wonder most about Mallett`s mental make up because if your going to talk about talent alone then I will tell you that Jeff George not only had a better arm than Dan Marino but you can say it was better than Elway`s and Farve`s as well but he was such a head case, arguing with coaches teamates not being able to accept critisism that his legacy will be that of the greatest journeyman Q.B. in NFL history. This is my problem with Mallett, unfortunatly for us everytime we get around to thinking Q.B. in round 1 it seems to be a bad group to do it with because in fairness to Mallett I don`t think much of Gabbert or Cam either !!!


Mando, do your homework bro, Mallet got hurt in the Auburn game. The score ended up like 52 to 44. Crazy game and the backup had a hell of a game.

Here's Mallett's numbers against ranked teams last season:

Alabama: 25/38 for 357 yds, 1 TD, 3 INT
A&M: 27/38 for 310 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT
South Carolina: 21/30 for 303 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT
MSU: 17/26 for 305 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT
LSU: 13/23 for 320 yds, 3 TD, 2 INT
OSU: 24/47 for 277 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT

Total = 127/202 (62.8%), 1872 yds, 13 TDs, 9 INTs (4 wins, 2 losses)

Mallett certainly has some issues under pressure, but it's not like the teams he played this season gave him all day to throw. He didn't have a perfect pocket for all 3800 yards he threw for. He threw for 954 and 6 TDs against 3 top ten passing defenses.

(I didn't include Mallett's "modest" numbers against Auburn, because as any competent journalist would research... he was injured in the first quarter and sat out the rest of the game).

And to claim the Crimson Tide "rolled" Mallett? Ridiculous. They rolled him to the tune of 66% and 357 yards. How embarrassing! Yeah, he did have 3 INTs (one trying to throw the ball away). But yeah... blame the loss on Mallett, and not the fact that Arkansas had no established running game at that point of the season, only getting 64 yards on the ground.


Dont let the negatives of Mallet blind you. Mind you Arkansas isnt exactly a household name in college football. However, they finished tied for 2nd with LSU(6-2) in the SEC west behind national powerhouse Auburn(8-0) with a 6-2 conference record. BTW, national powerhouse Alabama came in 3rd place behind them with a 5-3 conference mark.

They were also 2nd in points scored against fellow SEC conference foes with 291 points. Auburn led in that category scoring 306 points.

Also, you want get an argument out of anyone that Alambama and Auburn are far more talented on the defensive side of the ball than the tools Mallet had to work with. So issues propping up in those games just demonstrated this. However, Mallet totally dominated those opponents he was supposed too totally dominate. If he didnt then you would have some "real issues" to discuss.

One more thing, Armando. Mallet didnt have anyone near the quality of Jake Long protecting his back neither. Hell, he didnt even have a LT the calibre of Vernon Carey to protect his back in college.

Arkansas finished the 2010 season with a 10-3 overall mark, tied with Alabama, just behind LSU(11-2), and behind eventual national champions Auburn(14-0). The biggest bang for my buck is, yes, being led by Ryan Mallet the Arkansas Razorbacks though lacking in overall talent. Definitively proved they could still play with the big boys in the SEC.

Armando, name one guy on offense that Mallet had to work with besides DJ Williams. I cant without doing research. LOL............

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