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It's Ryan Mallett day at Dolphins camp

Ryan Mallett is scheduled to be in South Florida today to meet with the Dolphins for, by my estimate, the fourth time since the Indianapolis Combine in February.

Mallett is obviously more than just a passing fancy for the quarterback-hungry team. He is, by any definition, a player they are seriously studying and seriously considering in the coming draft. (Please note I did not say they will take him at No. 15 overall. I think they would consider him if they can trade down and pick up a second-rounder they lack or an extra third rounder.) So there's that.

Meanwhile ...

Mallett is fascinating to me.

He has so much promise. And he's got some obvious red flags.

The promise? It's pretty obvious. He has a great arm. He can throw the football 80 yards. He also has great confidence. "Trying to be like Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] and guys like that is something that I strive for," Mallett said. "I watch the way they play the game. They control the game at the line of scrimmage and that's what I like to do."

You have to appreciate the unmitigated swag of a quarterback who has not thrown even one NFL pass and already is comparing himself to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

But ...

Yes, there is a but as large as Mallett's 6-foot-7 frame. It's the reason Mallett is not a likely Top 10 pick and perhaps will have to wait until the latter part of the first round to get selected in the April 28 draft.

The waving red flags are plentiful. He did have consumption issues in college, according to a source. He did drink. At multiple times. To excess. That is a fact all teams know about. Drugs? I cannot report to you with certainty on that topic so I am not going there.

Don't diminish the alcohol. We're talking about a 22-year-old coming to South Florida. South Florida simultaneously offers and threatens a lifestyle about a million times faster than Mallett's native Texarkana, Texas. There are fifty ways to get in trouble on Miami Beach after you've had just one too many. Ask Fred Evans about that. (Google his South Beach moment).

So do not dismiss the beverages issue.

There are also whispers -- and they haven't diminished, but rather have increased -- about his unimpressive leadership qualities. A QB must be a leader. A guard doesn't have to be. A nose tackle doesn't have to be. A quarterback cannot succeed in the NFL if he is not a leader.

Frankly, the rumblings I'm hearing is that Mallett shrank in big moments during games and did it time and again. When the pressure was on most, he stepped tentatively. That is an issue because the fine NFL quarterbacks must play at their best under pressure, in the spotlight, and in the face of enormous odds.

NFL quarterbacks are the faces of billion-dollar franchises. Pressure? They better be comfortable with pressure both on and off the field.

But I am more interested in football and Mallett is more than the 32 TDs and 3,869 yards he rolled up as a junior. He is more than the 69 TDs and 8,388 yards he churned in limited 2007 action with Michigan and in 2009-10 as the starter at Arkansas.

The positives? There are plenty.

He improved, for starters. His completion percentage went from 55.8 in 2009 to 64.7 last season. That shows he learns, he adapts, he responds to coaching. Yes, he also threw for more more yards, touchdowns, and had a higher yard per attempt statistic last year than the year before. All excellent signs.

Mallett did this while playing in the Southeastern Conference, which is as close to the NFL as you're going to get without actually being in the NFL -- and that includes the UFL and Arena League.

Mallett was a classic passer in college. His team used the pro-style attack which is a big plus because his transition to the NFL won't be as difficult as if he was coming from the spread option.

His third down completion percentage was 64.1 last year with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. That means even when the defense expected him to throw, during football's money down, he was effective.

He was nails on third-and-three-to-seven-yard plays. He completed 72.7 percent of those throws. And he was even good on third-and-eight-to-10-yard situations in completing 55 percent of those throws. He was outstanding on third and very long. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes on third-and-11-plus- yards last season. That is, again, excellent.

So that makes him star quality.

But watch Mallet on tape, dig a little deeper into Mallett's impressive stats, and you start to see a couple of warts.

When the competition got better, Mallett got worse. Yes, he threw five TD passes vs. UTEP. Yes, he threw for 400 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. But I don't frankly give a darn about those. Last I heard, UTEP isn't on the Dolphins schedule any time soon.

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a  modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

In the video below, Mallett shows a bit of a testy side as he walks off during what was yet another question about the drug rumors. That has raised minor questions with some teams. I don't have a big problem with it. Dan Marino often got snarky with the media, too. So that is a non-issue to me.

What interests me in the video is Mallett admitting he's not meant for running around the field. That is obvious from watching him play. That is a major, major, major, major, major concern for me. I don't worry about him resembling Michael Vick. I don't need that. But a quarterback in today's NFL must, must, must, must be able to slide and glide and move in the pocket. That's not an option. That must come standard.

I don't think it comes standard with Mallett. If his receivers don't come open quickly, he's toast. If his blocking isn't pristine, he's toast.

And if you blitz him, he's burnt toast because he not only doesn't move well, but isn't good at recognizing the coming blitz, either. He is well below average on this issue.

As a result, the man who threw 69 career TDs in college was also sacked 61 times. That means you're just as likely to get a sack as a scoring pass from this guy. And that was behind what was by most accounts very solid collegiate offensive lines.

So why is that a concern? Well, aside from the fact that a sack is a negative play -- particularly in the red zone or within field goal range -- it means you got hit. And hits in the NFL result in injuries. And injured quarterbacks either don't play as well or don't play at all.

And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired.

If Mallett cannot develop a better approach to evading sacks and even hits that don't lead to sacks, his career will be in much greater risk than quarterbacks who do have that ability.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

The Dolphins must chew on all these things and more.

They'll be masticating plenty today when Mallett is scheduled to be at the team's facility.




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What is 100% certain about Mallet is that he took an Arkansas Razorback team that really had no business competing with the big boys in the hallowed SEC to a 2nd place tie with LSU for best conference record. That was still 1 game better than 2009 national champion Alabama. LOL...........

DB, what`s up !!!

As usual everytime I think I made a good point there you come in right after me with a solid one of your own, I gotta tell you Bro you deffinitly keep me on my toe`s !! LOL !!


I am not disputing your point but I have a few question marks of my own with him, without typing 2,500 words again check out my post at 9:59, then get back to me !!

Two weeks before the draft and all of a sudden Miami is showing much interest in Mallet. Hmmm.

Serious interest or just a ploy to find a better trade down offer?

Maybe they will consider him if they get a trade down. My gut says they aren't picking him at 15. My gut says Irelands #1 goal is to get the best trade down offer possible. I just hope its reasonable and that he doesn't accept a really weak offer in desperation.

Even with the Dolphins trading down to a late 20's pick, Mallet may still be around. This kid has been impressive through all his work outs. Haven't we learned anything from recent QB picks of the Dolphins and other teams? This kid has a great arm and superior size for the NFL QB spot. Yeah he doesn't move great but neither does Brady or Manning, and Marino was a statue. Marino was rumored to have some kind of drug problem coming out of college and he came to Miami without any problem. There will be a risk with any player they pick. And as most NFL pundits have told us recently, any team wanting to win a championship needs a top tier QB. With the right leadership this kid can be great. If he is available and the Dolphins don't pick him because they are worried about alcohol issues, then the Dolphins need better leadership starting at the top! Anyone see the "Curveball Mock Draft" on NFL.com. Michael Lombardi has the Dolphins trading up with the Redskins @ #10, then picking Mallett. I Don't think that will happen but, how's Ted Ginn these days!
Go Dolphins!
Pick Mallett!!

Hopefully Gabbert falls to Cinci. Then Palmer will be avalable when free agency arrives.I bet we`ll send them a second round pick in 2012 for him.
Problem solved.

The more I break Mallet down underneath the microscope. The more convinced I become he's the best overall qb of this 2010 draft.

I dont think Gabbert can even carry his jock strap. Sure, Cam Newton's by far more athletically superior to Mallet at the position. But I seriously doubt he's the better "pure" qb than Mallet.

If we pass on this kid, well I guess it'll be something we're already used to as Dolphans. It wont be the first time since the post Marino era that this has happened.


Assuming we want Mallet ... here is my strategy

1. trade #15 plus 6th round pick for #22 plus 2nd round pick

2. use #22 for Mallet
3. Use the 2nd round pick for Cannon (Huge OG from TCU)
4. trade 3rd round pick to Cincy for Carson Palmer .... and trade Henne for a 3rd round pick
5. use the Henne 3rd round pick for Ryan Williams, RB from V.Tech
6. 4th round .... take a speedy WR .... there are several in the draft
7. 5th round plus 1 or all of our 7th round picks .... trade them for Albert Hainsworth and switch to a 4-3 defense .... with Hainsroth and Solai as DT ....


You know I agree that it`s a ploy my hope is that Ireland really takes his time here because the feeling will be to trade back with S.D. if possible to 18 then look to make the move all the way to the bottom of the round. If the rumors are true I think the possibility has crossed his mind. The problem with that thinking is if you deal with S.D. and take N.E.`s pick off the board you need to stay mindful of Belichik one uping us and moving down from 17 as well, I know it`s maybe just crazy talk but I believe it has to have at least crossed his mind given that anything regarding S.D. is such a small move only 3 spots.

Great assessment, Mando. Thanks. He doesn't sound right for the Dolphins. Would like to read your breakdown on Ingram too. My gut tells me the son of a former NFL great (or very good) would be a safe pick for an area we need help.

Either way, I'm sure Jeff will make the right decision. especially now that he's not being managed by Parcells.


Guys considering trading back and drafting Mallet need consider he may not be there if we trade down. The more I look at this guy underneath the microscope, the more I see a guy that could be the best qb of this entire draft.

Never know which gm out there may see this too. Mallet took a team that had little business competing in the SEC to a 2nd place conference mark tie with perrenial power LSU and just ahead of perrenial power Alabama.

If you dont think this is a phenominal feat name one player outside of DJ Williams and Ryan Mallet on either side of the ball without first researching it! LOL..........




...Mr. Soiled Bottom. Good to see you back around! Good luck with the guitar. How is Stairway to Heaven coming? Didn't mention that one.


nice post @9:59 am. Thing I like about Mallet is he played in one of the most perrenially defensively dominant defensive conferences in college still putting up great number.

Im quite sure had Andrew Luck had played in the SEC his interception numbers would have been higher too. Still Mallet put up over 30tds in 2010, which playing in SEC is by far not just a mere accomplishment.

I just saw the Mallet interview at the Combine(big deal!). He might be out of the League in the future because he can't cut it physically. I don't know that. I do know(and you know I know) that from a character standpoint there is nothing to fear from this confident, mature man.

If we want mallet we have to take him at 15. If not seattle will take him at 25.

Well, I guess we might as well give up ever getting a QB through the draft. Just settle for a band aide and hope for a miracle.

Fact is, almost no QBs come in to the league NFL ready. Almost all have 'warts'.

But let's take the issues one by one. 1) Drinking...that's laughable next 2) Whisperer's as to leadership...who's doing the whispering and why? Looks to me he's in command in the huddle and at the line. 3) 'Testy' at presser....he got asked the same (off the field rumors) question 8 times. 4) not as good against tougher teams...already answered by previous op.

The only question in my mind is, can Mallett be taught better footwork? He moves better than most 'experts' say. But when flushed from the pocket, he has a problem re-setting.

True Mallet seems to have a slight "rough edge" to him. But I like that in a qb. However, the greatest thing Im not hearing about Mallett, and its a great thing, Im not hearing he isnt a very hard worker.

I hope to God we dont pass on this kid. But based on this fo's past dealings it is a very high probability to happen. I will be so disappointed.

Aloco @10:55 That's pretty funny


IF beggers can be choosers I `ll give you my dream scenario, we trade down to 18, three spots with S.D. who break N.E.`s hearts and take JJ Watt. Then at 18 we trade down with N.O. to 24 who love Ingram at 18. We with our 24th pick we select Mallett and now armed with 2 picks in round 2 address some key needs.

Under this scenario I love Mallett we`ve missed so much over the years picking in or around 24 that I have no problem with rolling the dice on a potential like Mallett, people forget that he threw in his Pro Day a football over 70 yds. while flat footed on a dime, no question about his arm just if he`s another Jeff George.

Don`t bash me to hard for dreaming, for hopes and dreams are all the Dolphins have afforded me since 93 when Pete Stayonovich missed wide right in S.D. costing us our last legit shot at a Title.


In Dave Hyde's breakdown, Mallet only had footwork, decision making, and sack or getting hit issues only when he was being pressured from "MULTIPLE" points along the the offensive line. Doesnt the same thing happen with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady too?

Geesh, it seems 2yr olds are doing evaluations of some of these prospective players at times instead of socalled experts. LOL.........

Anybody knows Mallet's Wonderlic score? I'm curious.

At least Mallet has far more personality than Chad "robotic" Henne. Henne has about as much carisma as a wet rock.

Oh, Im sorry. Let me go over and apologize to that wet rock! LOL..........

coco @11:02,

You might be on to something, while were all racking our brains, it seems I do nothing this week but obsess on the draft, the FO will pull something so out of left field we will all need to come online for about 6 months of therapy together.

With the 15th pick of the 1st. round the Miami Dolphins select WR JERREL JERNIGAN. In his press interview a smiling Ireland explains that given Miami`s lack of a 2nd. round pick we couldn`t afford to let some other team grab him ahead of us in round 3, huhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!


Great post today. You've laid out a very good argument for both sides. There will continue to be pros and cons for taking this guy.

What NONE of the guys on here have been able to argue is how Mallett is going to be able to overcome his mobility issues in the NFL. It's a faster league, with co-ordinators that can scheme with the best of them. I GUARANTEE you Bill Belicheck and Rex Ryan are PRAYING we take this guy. These guys will throw the kitchen sink at him every time we play them. Armando used the Alabama game as the blueprint of what NFL teams will throw against Mallett, game in and game out. If you land in Miami, you'd better be prepared to show up every week kid. Considered over the last few years we always seem to be a step or two behind other teams when it comes to coaching and schemes. Miami has become 'the graveyard for QBs and where they come to die'.

I will add that I'm glad Ireland and company are doing their due dilligence on this kid. It's very important we get it right.

Dear Mr. Ireland,

Please take your "Mallet" and get some order in your offensive court!

So he hangs out with "different" People? So what, I'm Brown and I'm surrounded by Whites.

...Just a question. Could Mallet be a product of Bobby Petrinos system? I ask this because in The Auburn game Mallet went out with injury. His backup(can any of you name him? Don't google it. Off the top of your heads)came in and threw for 400 yards, and 3 tds. Against Auburn! To be fair he had 3 ints as well. But this was a guy that was running the scout team all week.

Also go back to Loisville. Does any one remember Brian Brohm? Not the same physical makeup as Mallet. But gaudy pass numbers.

I was impressed with Mallet on the Gruden program. He definitley has a chance to be a good player. But I go back to my statement from last night. If your team cannot protect Mallet. He is going to suffer. He may have a strong arm. I cannot argue this. But you have to look at the complete package. Not just arm strength. Is Mallet the next Jeff George? Or the next Drew Bledsoe. We will see.


Sorry to inform you, but I just got off the phone with Shanahan, he is picking Mallet at 10. Oh well.

Read the depth chart.
We have 1 QB under contract and he is entering his last year ( a fact that Armando never seems to bring up). Henne makes $550k per season.
The depth chart requires 3 QB's.
That means we have to draft at least 2 QB's just to fill up the depth chart. If we draft a 1st rounder and don't give Henne an extension he will demand a trade and refuse to report. That means if we take a QB in the first we'll have to draft 3 QB's total.

Check out this site... The situational stats can really give a clear picture of how a guy reacts at crictal times. These are Mallet's stats, it's interesting to compare with say Christian Ponder.


Some of the greatest qb's of all time have nearly no mobilty at all.

Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Curt Warner, etc.... etc....

Of the one I've mentioned only one doesnt wear a SB ring(Marino). Seems great mobility isnt a great requirement to being a great qb. Seemed to work out well for those guys. LOL...........

The argument that Manning and Brady figured out how to overcome a lack of mobility doesn't hold water when it comes to Mallett. Manning had the same offensive co-ordinator and QB coach since he came in to the league and we have nothing comparable to Belicheck and crew here in Miami. These guys are smarter and better prepared than anything we have in Miami. So get rid of the coaching staff you say. Great!! Who would you like to bring in, who is going to give us the kind of stability that the other two QBs have had since day one. Seriously? Who? In Brady and Manning you have two of the smartest QBs ever to play the game. They've played in systems that are tailor made for their games. On top of that they've played played with some of the best coaching in the last 20 years. These guys are both going to the HOF. To say that these guys have figured it out and Mallett will too is a very weak argument. How about a closer comparison is that Heath Shuler never figured it out or Ryan Leaf or even Jeff George. To think that this kid is the next coming of Manning or Brady is a huge stretch at this point!

Seriously though...If Shanahan passes on Mallett at 10, he just may not think he is all that great. In the same way Shanahan and Reid passed on McNabb, well if neither of those two want him I don't either.

Mallet is a tough call. He has the more accurate long ball than Henne, but is he superior to Henne anywhere else to justify picking him at 15?

Guys, you can teach footwork, you can teach schemes, you can teach defenses. What you can't teach is intangibles. If a guy is too slow (ehem, Chad Henne), then you're STUCK with his physical liabilities. Like Mike Vick, great player, however, didn't have his head in the right place and we all see how that turned out for the Falcons.

Personally, I'd rather get a guy like Cam Newton, who has all the physical and mental gifts, who just needs to learn the pro system, and teach him up, then get a guy like Mallet, who might be able to come right in and play, but who will always have problems evading the rush because the guy is just too slow in this league. Not saying Mallet is that slow (not sure, haven't seen him enough), but if teams are scared of getting him, I think it'll be related to that (or lack of leadership skills) more so then the partying.

Also guys, why go from a QB you have who's deficiencies include being too slow to evade a rush and poor leadership skills to a QB you acquire in the draft with the EXACT SAME DEFICIENCIES? Does that not make sense to anyone else? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, SHAME ON ME!!!!

Yes Dying, saw that and they had a lot of tape on Mallett. Which was impressive to me. This was one reason I changed my mind.

Also in a later post, Greg Cosell, senior producer of NFL films and executive producer of ESPNs Xs and Os, NFL Matchup had some good things to say. This guy 'is one of the few on the planet to have access to coaches tapes'.

I say if not Mallett, then who? Wait until next year? We've been saying that for far too long. If Mallett doesn't pan out, keep trying.


Craig M. Ever notice how quickly coaches become geniuses when they land a great QB?


Good post at 11:24am. The argument with most of these guys is "Henne sucks and Mallett is great". The reality is that they are not nearly as far apart as everybody makes them out to be. If Mallett was all that as kid wouldn't they have build the offence around him rather than let him leave for Arkansas. They chose not to and the offence didn't fit him, so he left. Guys will argue that he's only developed in the last couple of years. Fair argument. But wouldn't there have been signs there back in 2007.

Anyways....there are two sides to this argument.....the lovers and the haters and neither the two shall meet. It's going to take drafting this kid and watching him fall flat on his face for the other side to come around, at which point they will be onto the next 'flavour of the month'. That's how we do things in Miami. Guys get all excited about Culpepper and then Beck and then Henne and then give up on them after a couple of years. I was never a fan of bringing in Culpepper and I never saw the attraction in Beck but I haven't given up yet on Henne.

This whole thing is an argument that will never be won until the kid plays in the NFL. If he flops, the lovers will blame the coaching staff. If he has success somewhere else, it'll be all about another missed opportunity. It's how we do things in Miami!





Is it the QB or the coaching/system they play in? Seems to me a 7th round draft choice named Matt Cassell, who never played in College, took his team to an 11-5 season once Brady went down. Coincidence?

I keep reading were alot of people are posting about Mallett not winning against the big talent at Ark. If your going to judge him the assesment isn`t fair he did play with inferior talent in the SEC and held his own. I said it before and now I`ll take it a step further P.Manning went back for a Sr. season to compete foe NC and beat UF. He failed on both accounts during that 97 season, guess the Colts should have drafted Leaf after all who played for the NC that season ?

Does anybody remember what happened the following season at Tenn. after Manning was gone ? I`ll tell you they beat FSU for the NC with Tee Martin at Q.B. So I guess it stands to reason that Andy Reid and the Eagles blew it in the 99 draft taking Mcnabb #2 over all, they should have drafted Tee Martin thinking back, no ?


If your team cant protect the qb Joe Montana would be a dud.

Im sure Mallet's bad decisions may have been related to trying to make plays when too much pressure was there. He'll be coached to throw the ball away in those situations in the pros.

In 2010 we were tied for 20th in sacks allowed. Still thats only 2.4 sacks per game, which isnt sterling, but not absolutely horrible neither. We averaged 35 pass attempts a game so 2.4 of those attempts going for sacks is far from horrible but does need improving.

Not sure Craig... I think it might be more of an eye for talent at the QB position and then the ability to tailor the team to those strengths.

I suppose my point was, I don't think Henne was selected by Sparano as much as he was by Parcells and Ireland. One thing is certain, good coaches and good QBs go hand in hand, it's almost like the chicken and the egg. If Sparano lands the QB we will be calling him a genius one day, if he doesn't he will be an O-line coach somewhere...

Don't bring a mallett to a gun fight. that is all you need to know, The NFL is more of a gun fight. I do't want to be f'n around with a mallett if someone else is shootin at me.

fin4life @ 11:17 AM

Yep, that's the scary part. Ireland draft priorities: 1) Find later round 'acorns' and draft them higher because we're smarter 2) Find players with injury history esp bone and ligament issues 3) Go against player rankings because why? Yep, we're smarter

If nearly every great coach and team can be tied to a great QB, then if a coach wants to keep his job for any length of time then he'd better go find a great QB...

If they think it's Mallett fine, go get him. If they think it's Ponder, fine got get him. But doing nothing will lead to continuous mediocrity and the coach will be fired. It's pretty simple.

If I'm Sparano I'm going to find a damn QB or keep trying until my time runs out. The organization owes it to itself to draft a QB every year until they land one. This is a business and winning is what makes money in this business, great QBs win games... It's not rocket science. Draft the damn QB!

Did you guys watch the Brady special on ESPN?

If so, at least I conclude Brady wasnt a complete steal. He was grossly under evaluated. He couldnt wrestle away the starting qb job at Michigan only because the Michigan staff fell in love with the grossly over-hyped Drew Henson. They wanted to "appease" Henson because they feared he would drop football and turn to baseball.

Seems this is primarily why they didnt start Brady. However, Brady still rescued the team numerous times when Henson had them in the hole. Teamates at the time all say to a man Brady should have been named starter. It was because of the attempts to appease Henson not to drop football and turn to baseball Brady didnt become starter. Which also led to him not being taken until the 6th rd.

Had Henson not chose Michigan and Brady were rightfully made starter, we may now be talking Tom Brady as no later than a 2nd rd'er at worst. But more likely than not, he probably would have been a 1st rd draftee had he rightfully been named as Michigan starting qb.

This is just a general comment. Someone on a previous post mentioned we can not blame the O-line to much for our problems last year. Because teams did not respect the long ball and rushed everyone.

Honestly, that is one of the top 10 most silly posts i have ever read. No one respected our deep game because our QB never had consistant time to let the play develop. so he was forced to throw the ball earlier than what the play called for. BECAUSE THE O-LINE strufggled and out RB's missed MANY of the blitz assignments. Or we took a sack.

You have to have a problem with your brain if you do not realize that over 90% of the QB's in history that were successful, it was more due to O-line protection than QB talent.

Anyway, I am sorry I needed to vent on that. Hope everyone is doing well today...

It might be coincidence, I don't know, but it seems that great Coaches land great QB's(Shula x3).

DB @11:43,

Your assesment there is a little flawed remember that the S.F. teams of that era with Montana were not so dominant, they`re probably the best example of a scheme masking defficiencies. They really had some big issues with pass protection on there OL led by overrated Randy Cross. It was out of this that the up-tempo three step drop West Coast Offense was born. Bill Walsh knowing he needed to give Montana, who was in danger of becoming the 80`s version of Frank Tarkington while running for his life back there more of a fighting edge.

I love the idea of drafting a QB in the 1st round but i have my doubts that Mallett is the right fit for this team. The pros and cons regarding Mallett are very similar to Henne.

I dont understand why we're not giving Jake Locker more of a look. I'm not saying Locker will end up a better QB than Mallett, i'm just saying Locker could be the better fit for this team at this present time...

DB, did you ever see the video of Brady at the combine? Man if people think Mallett has troubles moving around go look up that video on U-tube! It's actually pretty funny, watching that will give some insight into why Brady fell to the 6th round.

Every coach worth a damn isn`t necessarily tied to a great Q.B. you really don`t have to go that far back for an example. Jon Gruden very nearly, if not for the infamous tuck rule goes to a SB with Rich Gannon, who had bounced around the league for 12 seasons before joining the Raiders. He then wins the SB with Brad Johnson as his Q.B. in Tampa and neither one of those guys will even be on a vote ballot for the Hall of Fame.

Neither will Jon Gruden, fin4life(belong to the HOF). Yes?

fin4life, I do like the knowledge you throw out. good stuff, 49ers o-line were good in those years. Just smaller than the "average o-line. they were quicker and more disceplined. that being said if you could cover the weapons Montana was toast. That 49er team was really based on the quick O, and the incredible weapons they had for montana to hand or throw to.

Nice job on that one.

Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson are perfect examples of products of consistant o-lines. the minute their o-lines becamse inconsistant, they became less than average, or go hurt.

F4L, I think Joe Gibbs would be a better example, but in the big picture those guys are rare. Most coaches and QBs are tied at the hip...

Think about it, isn't it illogical that Miami would show where their strongest interest is right before the draft? Don't teams try feverishly to hide their intentions? If they were really serious about Mallet at 15, they'd have checked him out way sooner and then pretended they no longer had any interest.

Why create a buzz about a player you really want right before draft day? That only works against you because you'd only be encouraging some other team to trade up and beat you to the punch.

The more I think about this, the more it smells like a ruse all the way.

0X80, I agree... You guys are going to think I'm crazy but I think they are after Ponder and trying hard to hide it.

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