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It's Ryan Mallett day at Dolphins camp

Ryan Mallett is scheduled to be in South Florida today to meet with the Dolphins for, by my estimate, the fourth time since the Indianapolis Combine in February.

Mallett is obviously more than just a passing fancy for the quarterback-hungry team. He is, by any definition, a player they are seriously studying and seriously considering in the coming draft. (Please note I did not say they will take him at No. 15 overall. I think they would consider him if they can trade down and pick up a second-rounder they lack or an extra third rounder.) So there's that.

Meanwhile ...

Mallett is fascinating to me.

He has so much promise. And he's got some obvious red flags.

The promise? It's pretty obvious. He has a great arm. He can throw the football 80 yards. He also has great confidence. "Trying to be like Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] and guys like that is something that I strive for," Mallett said. "I watch the way they play the game. They control the game at the line of scrimmage and that's what I like to do."

You have to appreciate the unmitigated swag of a quarterback who has not thrown even one NFL pass and already is comparing himself to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

But ...

Yes, there is a but as large as Mallett's 6-foot-7 frame. It's the reason Mallett is not a likely Top 10 pick and perhaps will have to wait until the latter part of the first round to get selected in the April 28 draft.

The waving red flags are plentiful. He did have consumption issues in college, according to a source. He did drink. At multiple times. To excess. That is a fact all teams know about. Drugs? I cannot report to you with certainty on that topic so I am not going there.

Don't diminish the alcohol. We're talking about a 22-year-old coming to South Florida. South Florida simultaneously offers and threatens a lifestyle about a million times faster than Mallett's native Texarkana, Texas. There are fifty ways to get in trouble on Miami Beach after you've had just one too many. Ask Fred Evans about that. (Google his South Beach moment).

So do not dismiss the beverages issue.

There are also whispers -- and they haven't diminished, but rather have increased -- about his unimpressive leadership qualities. A QB must be a leader. A guard doesn't have to be. A nose tackle doesn't have to be. A quarterback cannot succeed in the NFL if he is not a leader.

Frankly, the rumblings I'm hearing is that Mallett shrank in big moments during games and did it time and again. When the pressure was on most, he stepped tentatively. That is an issue because the fine NFL quarterbacks must play at their best under pressure, in the spotlight, and in the face of enormous odds.

NFL quarterbacks are the faces of billion-dollar franchises. Pressure? They better be comfortable with pressure both on and off the field.

But I am more interested in football and Mallett is more than the 32 TDs and 3,869 yards he rolled up as a junior. He is more than the 69 TDs and 8,388 yards he churned in limited 2007 action with Michigan and in 2009-10 as the starter at Arkansas.

The positives? There are plenty.

He improved, for starters. His completion percentage went from 55.8 in 2009 to 64.7 last season. That shows he learns, he adapts, he responds to coaching. Yes, he also threw for more more yards, touchdowns, and had a higher yard per attempt statistic last year than the year before. All excellent signs.

Mallett did this while playing in the Southeastern Conference, which is as close to the NFL as you're going to get without actually being in the NFL -- and that includes the UFL and Arena League.

Mallett was a classic passer in college. His team used the pro-style attack which is a big plus because his transition to the NFL won't be as difficult as if he was coming from the spread option.

His third down completion percentage was 64.1 last year with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. That means even when the defense expected him to throw, during football's money down, he was effective.

He was nails on third-and-three-to-seven-yard plays. He completed 72.7 percent of those throws. And he was even good on third-and-eight-to-10-yard situations in completing 55 percent of those throws. He was outstanding on third and very long. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes on third-and-11-plus- yards last season. That is, again, excellent.

So that makes him star quality.

But watch Mallet on tape, dig a little deeper into Mallett's impressive stats, and you start to see a couple of warts.

When the competition got better, Mallett got worse. Yes, he threw five TD passes vs. UTEP. Yes, he threw for 400 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. But I don't frankly give a darn about those. Last I heard, UTEP isn't on the Dolphins schedule any time soon.

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a  modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

In the video below, Mallett shows a bit of a testy side as he walks off during what was yet another question about the drug rumors. That has raised minor questions with some teams. I don't have a big problem with it. Dan Marino often got snarky with the media, too. So that is a non-issue to me.

What interests me in the video is Mallett admitting he's not meant for running around the field. That is obvious from watching him play. That is a major, major, major, major, major concern for me. I don't worry about him resembling Michael Vick. I don't need that. But a quarterback in today's NFL must, must, must, must be able to slide and glide and move in the pocket. That's not an option. That must come standard.

I don't think it comes standard with Mallett. If his receivers don't come open quickly, he's toast. If his blocking isn't pristine, he's toast.

And if you blitz him, he's burnt toast because he not only doesn't move well, but isn't good at recognizing the coming blitz, either. He is well below average on this issue.

As a result, the man who threw 69 career TDs in college was also sacked 61 times. That means you're just as likely to get a sack as a scoring pass from this guy. And that was behind what was by most accounts very solid collegiate offensive lines.

So why is that a concern? Well, aside from the fact that a sack is a negative play -- particularly in the red zone or within field goal range -- it means you got hit. And hits in the NFL result in injuries. And injured quarterbacks either don't play as well or don't play at all.

And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired.

If Mallett cannot develop a better approach to evading sacks and even hits that don't lead to sacks, his career will be in much greater risk than quarterbacks who do have that ability.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

The Dolphins must chew on all these things and more.

They'll be masticating plenty today when Mallett is scheduled to be at the team's facility.




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Joe Shmoe,

Is this the same Brian Billick who drafted a qb that got him fired? LOL...........


Overachive HENNE is not one of the definitions we are looking for.

Who is Henne? How can he be compared?

I agree Mallet perform better in college with less, BUT (and it's a huge BUT) we are talking about NFL, FUTURE, SUPER BOWL.

Forget college and lets focus on what it's better for miami now.

A qb that was better AT COLLEGUE to what we have is no guarantee to be better at pro level.

We have to get experience here.

A reminder guys, the guy that is trumpeting the loudest for Mallett is also the guy who said that 'Stanzi has by far the best pocket presence in the draft' and 'will show to be the best QB in this draft'. He also the guy that said 'Kendall Hunter will be the best running back in the draft'. Go back and check the archives if you don't believe me.

Check the source guys....


No qb is guaranteed to be great in the nfl until he proves it on the field. But to even have the chance you had better have the right tools in the tool box.

I will take a qb that overachieved with a subpar team in the toughest college conference in America. There's no other qb in college that did more with less playing against the greatest calibre of competition! LOL.........

I wonder most about Mallett`s mental make up because if your going to talk about talent alone then I will tell you that Jeff George not only had a better arm than Dan Marino but you can say it was better than Elway`s and Farve`s as well but he was such a head case, arguing with coaches teamates not being able to accept critisism that his legacy will be that of the greatest journeyman Q.B. in NFL history. This is my problem with Mallett, unfortunatly for us everytime we get around to thinking Q.B. in round 1 it seems to be a bad group to do it with because in fairness to Mallett I don`t think much of Gabbert or Cam either !!!

fin4life | April 14, 2011 at 09:59 AM



Really?? that's all you could came up with?

Search in google for:

Wars, Star.

By the way an "Emo-pseudodark-AFI fan" nickname, isn't as cool as you think.




....Obviously 2 camps. Pro-Mallet guys. and the Non-Mallet guys. I am in the just say no group. I don't see how Mallet is a good fit for this team. He just isn't. Not to say that he can't be good. But with all young qb's their success is dependant on the personel that you surround him with. We have a questionable line, we have NO running backs on the active roster. We have questions at tight end. How is this a recipe for the success of a young qb?

Do not give me the Mallet will sit and learn behind Henne either. That is another reason, or factor that plays into a destruction of a young player. Sit and watch, and pickup all the good habits that Henne has. Great. If we have the stones to draft a first round quarterback. That player had better be ready to play now. If not, draft a player that can contribute. Imagine 2 years of first round picks that do not get on the field...Brilliant way to build a team.

DB...I will admit. I had to look at the Arkansas roster. But there is Greg Childs WR. He would have been a 3rd or 4th round pick in this draft had he not been hurt. Now, he will most likely be a second round guy, maybe a first next year. The point that Arkansas has no stars that will get drafted is kind of skewed. True, in this draft. But we don't know what will happen with a lot of these skill players. Most of them are draft ineligeble because they are underclassmen. Not to many seniors at the skill positions. This doesn't mean they are terrible players, just young.


We would all like to win now, and watch Ryan and Belichick grinding their teeth on the sidelines as the Dolphins crush the Patsies, the Not Yets, and whatever that other franchise is in our division. However:

If it's a veteran or a rookie QB to win right now this minute, we have two problems:

1) Any veteran who is a guaranteed winner is already locked up, and probably not going anywhere without huge expenditure of picks. (No, Carson Palmer is NOT the answer). The only semi-possibility here is Young. Guaranteed winner - hmmm. Well, maybe.

2) You can't find and never will find a guaranteed winner when talking about a rookie QB. You might get lucky, but that's a whole different ball game.
@Darryl Dunphy

"When the game gets off script, and the teams make their adjustments. Mallet, like Henne starts to make mistakes, and is guilty of poor decisions.The majority of Mallets sacks, and interceptions come in the 4th quarter, or the mid to end part of the second quarter. Not good. This tells me that he can follow the gameplan well. When he has to freelance, or the defense has figured out a way to disrupt the flow. He struggles."
This tendency to struggle against good and unpredictable defenses, and make some poor decisions, is true of ALL quarterbacks at every level, even the best. Favre did it, Brady does it. Remember the last game against the Jets? Brady had nowhere to go, and hopped around in the pocket like a demented kangaroo. (FWIW Belichick didn't seem to have an answer either). You can't disqualify any QB for messing up sometimes when the script goes wrong, and certainly not when, as has been pointed out ad nauseam, that QB has weak or limited support. All it tells you is that said QB is human, makes mistakes, has some learning to do. This is why Mallett's steady improvement is so important. He can learn,and does. I would also guess, by the way, that you'd find more sacks and interceptions come in the second quarter and the fourth. Those are the times of maximum pressure, when teams are trying to come back, or to extend their leads.

Anyway, I still think this is a poor year for QBs, and that, IF you are going to draft one, Mallett is the most promising gamble.


.....I was seeking some feedback from those that know Mallet abilities far better than I do.

Posted by: 0x80 | April 14, 2011 at 01:41 PM

You’re a wise man, 0x80....

Here is what I have gathered as my own belief this year concerning what I have seen from the media and the draft concerning QB's...

1. They are a Bias and opinionated as any 4 people who blog regularly with us on this site.

2. Just as "media driven political pundits and analysts" in political arena's have, The sports "Talking heads" Have leaned how to manipulate information and fact allowing them to play "Puppeteer" with the entire NFL fan base. They have people dancing to “Mock Music” from coast to coast.
You can read this piece by Armando claiming to have heard Mallet is a drunk and Drug fiend from clandestine "Sources" (his words, not mine)... Or... you can read a VERY LONG (and sometimes boring) piece named "Lies, Damned lies" (search that phrase and add Mallet and you'll find it) and you will be given Names, places, dates and actual people who have lived with, played with and coached Ryan Mallet. And they will tell you that what you read is "BUNK"... Who is lying? Ask 3 people and get 4 answers.
Truth is... The Dolphins will know more then the media, and us because they hire former security people and former secret service people to do their digging. The get paid crazy cash and they do a damn fine job of learning the truth.
We have argued the points of taking/not taking a QB in the 1st round ad nauseam. By now, if your mind is not made up, you only have 2 weeks to wait anyway! But there is no reason to try and convince anyone that you or anyone else is right ( and you have not, thank you). None of us have a friggin clue what the Dolphins are going to do, I will say this, however "4 visits is no smoke screen" To these guys, time is money and their money is out of time. They are not trying to FOOL anyone; they are making up their mind if Mallet is their man.
I'll be comfy to go on the blog record saying this... I say if Miami does not lose Mallet to Minnesota in the 12th pick (as some say they will), they will never see him again after trading back (should they do so)... so if in next days they should decide he is the man... TAKE HIM... don't play "Value" games. If he is not... move on so we can watch Henne screw the pooch another season and MAYBE... Just MAYBE next year the fans will understand RB's, O-Linemen and OLB's don't take team to the playoffs or SB’s... QB's do.
I have 11 years of proof, save two one and done whippings by Baltimore.

Sorry the long post, it was my lunch post… take care….




What's with the caps bud? You just make yourself appear even worse than you normally do. Didn't know that would be possible.

DB @ 2:01PM

You missed the "Lord" before the pombius, jaja.

Back to your column, i agree with you on that, we have to evaluate talent with the tools we have.

However, i don't see a great qb hands down at 15 for miami.

Shanahan could take him if he is such a bright star, Tennesse also.


Which means this conversation on Mallet falling to Miami is useless.

Unless you remotly think you are wiser than at least 8 GMs and coaches of the NFL.

Do you boys gather here every day to talk about and obsess over athletic young men? It's SO hot!!

1. Being right & wrong is for sissy ninnies.

2. Taking a chance on Mallet would be taking a chance to hit it big. If he flopped I wouldn't hold that against them. I'd actually appluad them for trying to make the right moves.

3. Instead of wasting picks on injured, prototypical size or versatile guys, I want to see this franchise take a leap & take a chance.

4. Mallett has the potential to be a very good NFL QB. He can be taught to correct his deficiencies.

5. He also can be a bust. That's what the draft is. It's just like a game of poker, you can't be afraid to lose if you want to win in this game.

6. All his negatives are unverified nonsense. Not one person has anything proven to report. Give me a positive drug test or something FACTUAL.

All his negative press is probably being thrown around so he slips to another team. Then the egg could be on our face when we could have had him. Take the chance Ireland! Prove me wrong about your talent evaluation abilities


Nice to have a voice of reason this blog. I concur with a great many of the points you brought up.

Would you say that DB was being 'deceptive' by saying there were no real stars on the Arkansas team, that would get drafted high this year? Maybe to further make his point?


Oh it's good to be back.....

Marino would have been a HOF starting for any team.

The capacities, abilities, skills and intangibles of the SUPERSTAR players can develop into great things.

Who knows, he doesn't have clayton and duper?? no he'd have BRANDON MARSHALL a top 5 WR.

He'd have JAKE LONG and ALL PRO.


So he could easy, perform as great as he did.

Enough with the Marino-Mallet thing.

Lord Pombius | April 14, 2011 at 01:35 PM

LP, I agree 100% with your thinking here and don`t forget about R&R to hand it of to either, people say Dan never sold the fake and to them I say sell it to who ? Nobody was buying it, all it accomplished was slowing down his progression, by the way in D.Bess Marino would have had the best slot rec. of his career. I actually like Marino with this group a whole lot, people saying that his immobility would have hindered him in today`s game, please !!! Go tell that to Payton Manning !!

Craig, he just called you out on how you distorted his post. Anyone reading this blog could see it as well.

You always are the first to accuse someone else of turning the story or flipping it to suit their arguement or getting hostile.

But the same flaw in your argument is constant. Either you don't read posts, don't understand them or distort them.

Sorry, but it's true.

All you Mallett haters are running out of gas. The Arkansas Razorbacks could have easily went to the BCS championship. Armando apparently you didn't watch the Auburn vs Arkansas game. Mallett got knocked out in that game. Tyler Wilson came in and lost his mind slinging the rock. The SEC officials had the fix goin on awarding Auburn two touchdowns. (The Phantom Mario Fannin fumble touchdown) I've watched many games and Mallett avoids the pressure like a pro. He made every SEC team fear his presence when he steps on the field. Arkansas Receivers aren't second tier. They are better as a group than any other receivers in the SEC. Look at the numbers. Altogether, these four guys combined for 170 passes caught, which was good for 2,890 yards and 23 touchdowns. Arkansas was the 2nd best team in the SEC. Remember how Arkansas destroyed the SEC east champions South Carolina 41-20. Arkansas didn't have a run game when they played Bama. Arkansas would have closed the game out if they did. (Knile Davis) Mallett is head & shoulders better than every QB in the draft. The dolphins better get smart & draft him before he ends up winning championships. I Don't think Miami can wait another 20years for an elite QB


Mallet will be long gone next year. Look at your Alamba's, LSU's, Gators, and Auburn. All of those teams will have slews of players each drafted "THIS YEAR". Hell, they all have players drafted next year too. LOL..........

Im talking about the slew of talent these SEC giants will have drafted this year over what Arkansas will have. That's the tale-tale sign Mallet overachieved in a loaded conference with far less.

He was able to ride a less superior team neck and neck and even finish ahead of someone of these perrenial big boys of the conference. Only Auburn was clearly better in the conferenc at 8-0. But Mallet managed to bring a less talented Razorbakc team into a 2nd place deadheat with LSU as far as conference record.

Both finished 6-2 within the conference.

I will ask that all of you go back and watch a replay of Henne @GB last year. the O-line played very well, and Henne had Brady time in the pocket. You know what, Henne played like Brady. Then when you watch the same 2 dolphin and pats teams play the Jets, and the Jets were getting pressure, Brady played minamally better than Henne. And the truth is Brady had more time than henne did when comparing thos games.

Am I saying Henne is Brady? F NO, but is there a point to be made there, I think so.

It is all about a consistant o-line, bring Newton, Bring Mallett, Bring Palmer, hell bring Brady or Brees. They all would have sucked donky sac with the line we had last year.

So, no one here can really tell me Henne sucks and be sure about it. He had a bad year, I agree. But neith Mallett or Newton are going to fix this team as is and more than Henne will.


No disrespect intended but you can kiss my white a*ss if you think Im going to call some idiot on the internet "lord". LOL..............


I read your last post? So how can you 'you shouldn't be afraid to lose if you want to win in this game' and 'if they flopped I wouldn't hold it against them' when talking about Mallett and yet vilify the FO for picking guys like Pat White. Don't you get we're mediocre because we've blown so many picks over the years. This would be another mistake IMO.


If I could bring up some of DB's previous posts you would see he clearly stating that 'Stanzi would prove to be the best QB in this draft'. He never said anything about him only being a fourth round QB. I'm going back a couple of months now.

He also said 'Hunter would be the best back in this draft' and 'he's the second best blocker behind Ingram'. I don't ecpect anyone to back me on this but I know that's what he said.

If it was easy enough to dig through the archives and I had the time I would do it.

Armando he threw for 90 yards against Auburn because he was knocked out of the game. So be fair and tell the whole story.

Mallet = Henne 2.0


These quotes go back a couple of months. I don't know have the time or resources to dig them up but I know what he said.

The problem with DB is that he changes his mind so often it's very difficult to keep all his opinions straight.


My exact statements were Mallet could be the biggest steal of the entire draft(@4th rd). In 3-4yrs he could turn out to be the best qb of this entire 2010 draft.

That's still why even If we take Mallet 1st rd I would still like to hedge with Stanzi if he's still there with our 4th rd pick.

CraigM, either you have a severe comprehension problem or youre just an out and outright liar! GEESH, LOL....................

Craig, again, you're NOT reading. I have criticized picks. Including Pat White & I will continue to do so. Because anyone with half a brain knew the kid wasn't an NFL Qb. He was a Kordell Stewart clone. A thinner one at that. He was a 2nd luxury pick, not what we needed.

Mallet has a tremendous skill set. He needs to be taught a few things & learn some things or do them better. His potential to be a long term solution is worth the investment however.

Was Pat White a bad pick? HELL YES. Because he wasn't a draftable viable QB option. QB is a need, a BIG need in Miami. Mallet's detractors are concerned about character mostly with not one proven report.

If Miami took a chance & he flopped I'd give them a pass because his talent level MERITS taking a chance on something we desperately need. Pat White's did NOT.

Go back a couple of months DB. You either have a really short memory or it's a selective memory.

You don't ever remember saying 'Stanzi reminds me most of Dan Marino, the way he has pocket presence'? Am I making that one up too?


I was on the Kaep bandwagon too when he was still being projected 5th-6th rd. But at 2nd rd he's far too rich for my liking. There's too much that can go wrong with choosing him that high.

Therefore anyone that posts frequently here knows they havent heard a peep from me about Kaep ever since he moved up to 2nd rd on the board. LOL..................

Dont draft Mallett at all!!!

Joe Shmoe,

Now I know you believe what I just posted about CraigM. Either he has a severe comprehension problem or just a flat out liar.

He seems to put his own words into everyone's mouth unless youre agreeing with him. Then he seems to "comprehend" things just fine! LOL............

Lord Pombius,
Thanks for the info. Like I said, Whitlock is either dead on, or WAAAAY off. George wasn't a leader, winner, or success in pretty much any manner on or off the field. Sorry, JW, WAAAAY off. I think my comparison stands. Mallett will be better than J. Russell, closer maybe to Cutler, but not a winner.


That's YOUR opinion. There were others who thought Pat White's game and more specifically his ability to ADD to the Wildcat would be ideal in Miami. I wasn't a fan of the pick either but the easiest thing to do is to criticize the pick after the fact. You said you wanted to see the 'franchise take a leap and take a chance'. Isn't that what picking Pat White was? And I'm not sure picking White was a 'luxury' pick. We had a 30-something QB in Pennington, who was never seen as the long-term answer and a yet unproven Henne standing behind him.

Truth be told, I'd be more upset with a wasted pick of Mallett at 15, with no running backs in the stable, than a Pat White pick in the second round. Big difference!


Did I once ever mention take Stanzi 1st rd? How about 2nd? 3rd? No, it was always 4th rd. Everything I said about Stanzi revolved around taking him 4th rd and I would still like to take him 4th rd if available. Even if Mallet's our #15 pick.

Bet you still didnt comprehend that either. LOL......................

"Don't you get we're mediocre because we've blown so many picks over the years. This would be another mistake IMO."

Infact, I do get it. That's why I've wanted them all fired because they appear to be inept. While you continue to give them more & more chances to make us better even while having a track record of mediocre at BEST acquisitions.

Pat White was a prime example. A team 1 year removed from 1-15 felt it could afford to draft a gimmicky QB with a 2nd round pick?

If they take steps to fix MAJOR holes with MAJOR talent, I'd applaud them for it whether he pans out or not. Taking a risk on 1 of the most physically gifted passing prospects in this draft would be a step in the right direction.


If you're reading along with this blog, can you help me go back and take a look at some of DB's posts. I need to go back over the last 2-3 months. There are things he obviously said that he's now conveniently forgotten he had said. I'm trying to remind him of those.

If you can drop me a line on how to come up with those that would be much appreciated. Cheers!


RB options exists all over the middle rounds and fa too whenever a new cba is reach. No rb's in the stable is a total cop out! LOL...........

Derek4 @2:07

As usual your thoughts are as sound as a pound but are you really gonna tell me that were not playing possum to a certain extent. If the phone in Ireland`s office rings today with an offer you think he`s not taking it as seriously as a heart attack. In drafting Mallett you undoubtedly barring a monumental melt down give Henne the job by default and you really think T.Sparano is comfortably on board with that ? Not only does he have to worry about Henne`s game jumping leaps and bounds but also with his fragile psyche only adding and compounding to his already shaky hold on his job.

I think were spinning our wheels as is on this debate because unless Ross guarantee`s that they`re back in 2012 I see the bifecta drafting pieces that can help today. I sometimes feel like a fraud in all honesty giving advise on how some kid`s potential translates to the next level. I`m not a Q.B. guru just another arm chair Q.B. dropping my best educated guess. I don`t believe any of us on here have actually coached Q.B.`s on any level but if your going to ask this arm chair Q.B. for his gut feeling then I have to say I`ve watched tape on these guys to death and don`t see that off the charts ability/potential jumping off the screen at me in this group and I`ve watched enough to know what it looks like.


I never said you said Stanzi was first round. You DID however say that Stanzi would be the best QB in this draft and I'll prove it with Armando's help.

When I do, others will see just how flipant you can be with your comments.


Still being an idiot! LOL

Not once have I denied saying those things. They were all said via Stanzi being a 4TH ROUND PICK.


nickzi...Very good post, and reply.

This is where I disagree with the notion that Mallet played with inferior talent. His players were just young, not neccesarily bad players. True, they do not have a murderes row of draft prospects this year. But this doesn't mean that the talent was bad. I would say they were young. Their best reciever would have been a mid round selection had he not been hurt. So that is 2 NFL caliber targets that Mallet had to throw to. Not bad.

As far as the Scrip, off script debate. I know it is too much to compaire Mallet to any of the all pro guys, even established pros. But what makes all the difference in the world is how quarterbacks perform under diress. Not neccesarily just pressure from defenders. But when things are not going their way. Good quarterbacks have to able to overcome this. I do not see this trait in Mallet. He may have "IT" I don't see this.

I must have missed it DB, who do we have at running back, on the roster right now?

There's nothing cop out about it. To take Mallett at 15, is to ignore a blatantly thin position on the team. We don't know when the CBA will be signed and there is no guarantee that any of the FA running backs will want to sign with us. On top of that, I see a lot of situation type backs in the middle rounds, again none of who we can be guaranteed to pick. I kind of like Demarco Murray but I'm also not convinced he can carry the load.

Beggars can't be choosers: the fins need to draft Mallett. This status of franchise is 3rd and 18 yards to go. That doesn't mean a Hail Mary but it does mean you have to take higher risks. We would have always been mediocre with Henne anyway, that's a given, so there isn't that much to lose.


So you DID say Stanzi would turn out to be the best back in the draft? If that's the case why are you advocating taking Mallett at 15?

"That's YOUR opinion. There were others who thought Pat White's game and more specifically his ability to ADD to the Wildcat would be ideal in Miami. I wasn't a fan of the pick either but the easiest thing to do is to criticize the pick after the fact. You said you wanted to see the 'franchise take a leap and take a chance'. Isn't that what picking Pat White was? And I'm not sure picking White was a 'luxury' pick. We had a 30-something QB in Pennington, who was never seen as the long-term answer and a yet unproven Henne standing behind him."

A. Spending a 2nd round pick on a gimmicky player for a gimmicky package for 4-5 plays a game was a WASTE, not a leap.

B. Penny was never healthy, Henne was unproven, so you bring in Pat White was WAS also unproven?

You're making my case & I don't even think you realize it.

'Best QB'....that should have read.





You called Pat White a 'luxury' pick. I'm not sure he was. Luxury pick implies that the QB was in good hands. I don't think it was. The FO took the philosophy that White could make the offence better. If that was 4-5 plays a game then so beit. Maybe they might have worked him a bit more at running back and wide receiver too. Who knows. It didn't work out. Big deal! Not the first time a second round pick hasn't worked out. I'm saying you get a chance to have a far more impactful player at 15. You better make good use of it!

Joe Shmoe,

Now I know you believe what I just posted about CraigM. Either he has a severe comprehension problem or just a flat out liar.

He seems to put his own words into everyone's mouth unless youre agreeing with him. Then he seems to "comprehend" things just fine! LOL............

Posted by: DyingBreed | April 14, 2011 at 02:34 PM

DB, before you I have had it out with Craig many times on the same issue. Misrepresenting, misreading or not comprehending my posts. I know how you're feeling. I always end up being the one who is confrontational or twisting facts to state my case. I'm glad you are on the recv'g end of it now.

To Craig's defense, I really don't think he is doing it on purpose.


Im done with you for today. You dont realize how difficult and painful it is to try and have a conversation with a guy who seems to have a very low comprehension level. LOL..........


I'll get the quotes with Armando's help.

Joe Shmoe,



Good thing. I'm done with you too. The thing of it is DB, once I show you what you said, you'll still deny it or have some excuse for it. Maybe you have a drinking problem or just a very short memory but whatever the case you definitely said it. If I can figure out how to bring them up again we'll be all set.

Let me do my homework....then we'll see who's 'frustrating'.

DB @2:19

If you a** is so white, go to the beach baby, THE SUN IS FOR FREE.

And no insults taken, but is LORD POMBIUS. Jajaja, the whole show.

But i can agree with POMBIUS alone if you stop this LOL armageddon, jaja.


LOL, there I spelled it backwards for you! LOL............................


Thats why I love LOL so much. You can spell it backwards and its still LOL......................


I HATE YOU. jaja.


LOL= Laughing out loud
LOL= Loudly out laughing


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