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It's Ryan Mallett day at Dolphins camp

Ryan Mallett is scheduled to be in South Florida today to meet with the Dolphins for, by my estimate, the fourth time since the Indianapolis Combine in February.

Mallett is obviously more than just a passing fancy for the quarterback-hungry team. He is, by any definition, a player they are seriously studying and seriously considering in the coming draft. (Please note I did not say they will take him at No. 15 overall. I think they would consider him if they can trade down and pick up a second-rounder they lack or an extra third rounder.) So there's that.

Meanwhile ...

Mallett is fascinating to me.

He has so much promise. And he's got some obvious red flags.

The promise? It's pretty obvious. He has a great arm. He can throw the football 80 yards. He also has great confidence. "Trying to be like Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] and guys like that is something that I strive for," Mallett said. "I watch the way they play the game. They control the game at the line of scrimmage and that's what I like to do."

You have to appreciate the unmitigated swag of a quarterback who has not thrown even one NFL pass and already is comparing himself to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

But ...

Yes, there is a but as large as Mallett's 6-foot-7 frame. It's the reason Mallett is not a likely Top 10 pick and perhaps will have to wait until the latter part of the first round to get selected in the April 28 draft.

The waving red flags are plentiful. He did have consumption issues in college, according to a source. He did drink. At multiple times. To excess. That is a fact all teams know about. Drugs? I cannot report to you with certainty on that topic so I am not going there.

Don't diminish the alcohol. We're talking about a 22-year-old coming to South Florida. South Florida simultaneously offers and threatens a lifestyle about a million times faster than Mallett's native Texarkana, Texas. There are fifty ways to get in trouble on Miami Beach after you've had just one too many. Ask Fred Evans about that. (Google his South Beach moment).

So do not dismiss the beverages issue.

There are also whispers -- and they haven't diminished, but rather have increased -- about his unimpressive leadership qualities. A QB must be a leader. A guard doesn't have to be. A nose tackle doesn't have to be. A quarterback cannot succeed in the NFL if he is not a leader.

Frankly, the rumblings I'm hearing is that Mallett shrank in big moments during games and did it time and again. When the pressure was on most, he stepped tentatively. That is an issue because the fine NFL quarterbacks must play at their best under pressure, in the spotlight, and in the face of enormous odds.

NFL quarterbacks are the faces of billion-dollar franchises. Pressure? They better be comfortable with pressure both on and off the field.

But I am more interested in football and Mallett is more than the 32 TDs and 3,869 yards he rolled up as a junior. He is more than the 69 TDs and 8,388 yards he churned in limited 2007 action with Michigan and in 2009-10 as the starter at Arkansas.

The positives? There are plenty.

He improved, for starters. His completion percentage went from 55.8 in 2009 to 64.7 last season. That shows he learns, he adapts, he responds to coaching. Yes, he also threw for more more yards, touchdowns, and had a higher yard per attempt statistic last year than the year before. All excellent signs.

Mallett did this while playing in the Southeastern Conference, which is as close to the NFL as you're going to get without actually being in the NFL -- and that includes the UFL and Arena League.

Mallett was a classic passer in college. His team used the pro-style attack which is a big plus because his transition to the NFL won't be as difficult as if he was coming from the spread option.

His third down completion percentage was 64.1 last year with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. That means even when the defense expected him to throw, during football's money down, he was effective.

He was nails on third-and-three-to-seven-yard plays. He completed 72.7 percent of those throws. And he was even good on third-and-eight-to-10-yard situations in completing 55 percent of those throws. He was outstanding on third and very long. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes on third-and-11-plus- yards last season. That is, again, excellent.

So that makes him star quality.

But watch Mallet on tape, dig a little deeper into Mallett's impressive stats, and you start to see a couple of warts.

When the competition got better, Mallett got worse. Yes, he threw five TD passes vs. UTEP. Yes, he threw for 400 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. But I don't frankly give a darn about those. Last I heard, UTEP isn't on the Dolphins schedule any time soon.

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a  modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

In the video below, Mallett shows a bit of a testy side as he walks off during what was yet another question about the drug rumors. That has raised minor questions with some teams. I don't have a big problem with it. Dan Marino often got snarky with the media, too. So that is a non-issue to me.

What interests me in the video is Mallett admitting he's not meant for running around the field. That is obvious from watching him play. That is a major, major, major, major, major concern for me. I don't worry about him resembling Michael Vick. I don't need that. But a quarterback in today's NFL must, must, must, must be able to slide and glide and move in the pocket. That's not an option. That must come standard.

I don't think it comes standard with Mallett. If his receivers don't come open quickly, he's toast. If his blocking isn't pristine, he's toast.

And if you blitz him, he's burnt toast because he not only doesn't move well, but isn't good at recognizing the coming blitz, either. He is well below average on this issue.

As a result, the man who threw 69 career TDs in college was also sacked 61 times. That means you're just as likely to get a sack as a scoring pass from this guy. And that was behind what was by most accounts very solid collegiate offensive lines.

So why is that a concern? Well, aside from the fact that a sack is a negative play -- particularly in the red zone or within field goal range -- it means you got hit. And hits in the NFL result in injuries. And injured quarterbacks either don't play as well or don't play at all.

And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired.

If Mallett cannot develop a better approach to evading sacks and even hits that don't lead to sacks, his career will be in much greater risk than quarterbacks who do have that ability.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

The Dolphins must chew on all these things and more.

They'll be masticating plenty today when Mallett is scheduled to be at the team's facility.




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You guys know as much about the future prospects of these guys as you do about thermonuclear propulsion or Estonian grain production.

But carry on...

Lord Pombius,

Your writting style and grandioso name seem very familiar to me, hmmmmmm ! I can`t believ nobodies picked up on it, been waiting but nobody, me I seeee youuuu !!!!!

I watched a couple of college games last year, have checked out some youtube highlights, and am REALLY good at parroting what I hear from the talking heads on ESPN.

Therefore, I pronounce myself a DRAFT EXPERT. The Dolphins had BETTER follow my advice!

Joe shmoe,

I agree with you.

Craig sometimes can be really difficult, and DB is annoying.

Not a good combination.

However, i like the way you moderate things around.

Also those guys are regulars and i honestly like to argue with them because them seem to know what there talking about.

Remember guys, this is not personal, it's just like an AA group of miami dolphins.

Ryan Mallet has the third best pass efficency % in the history of the SEC. That's all I need to know.


Jajaja, I hope the person you think i am is really cool and good looking.

I was a regular here but for work i had to step down.

But i'm back.

They call me fat shady, i'm back, i'm back.

Also you may know me from the dark side (my mom's side of the family)

I will say one thing: I have a very hard time believing that Ireland and Sparano would actually take Mallett at 15. Neither of them strikes me as willing to take that gamble, and for my money they are spending all this time with Mallett because they know another franchise with a worse first pick really wants him, and will pay well to jump up the board if he's there when we pick. Think how Ireland hates saying anything, anything even remotely informative to the media - but right now all these visits with Mallett are screaming to anyone who can hear: "This is our pick". To me, this is one huge disinformation campaign aimed at extracting a second round pick, and maybe more from another team, as well as trading first rounders.


Agreed, we ain't taking a qb on the first round, either we trade for a veteran or que trade down in the draft.


Bet that up Dark Shaddy but I need the history lesson who`s Pombius ?

Oh, how I adore lima beans and all they represent.

Let us all take a moment and bow our heads in silent reflection of this magical legume.

(please count to 20 silently)



You called Pat White a 'luxury' pick. I'm not sure he was. Luxury pick implies that the QB was in good hands. I don't think it was. The FO took the philosophy that White could make the offence better. If that was 4-5 plays a game then so beit. Maybe they might have worked him a bit more at running back and wide receiver too. Who knows. It didn't work out. Big deal! Not the first time a second round pick hasn't worked out. I'm saying you get a chance to have a far more impactful player at 15. You better make good use of it!

Posted by: Craig M | April 14, 2011 at 02:50 PM

Ummmm, a luxury pick is when your a team loaded with talent like the Patriots & can afford to take a risk on a high risk/high reward player. Because the talent on your team could overcome him being a bust.

Miami was blinded by a fluke 11-5 season using a gimmicky package. Instead of BUILDING with full time players, they took a high round flyer on a spot player. Not only did they waste such a high pick on a PT player, it was for a gimmick they actually felt could be a long term recipe for success in the NFL.

That is the textbook definition of a luxury pick in football terms. It was a ridiculously bad mistake because the team was NOWHERE close to being a legit contender. We could have used a guy like Misi who could at least get on the field & contribute.

They bought into the ridiculous hype that first year gave them. Compound that with their other FA & draft busts & you see why I feel tese guys deserve to be unemployed.

Don't take my word for it? Tuna has recently admitted the mistake as such himself.

¿Alguien ver "The Price is Right " hoy en día? El esbozo de pene enorme Drew Carey era visible en sus pantalones y comenzó a tener una erección durante el "Showcase Showdown". Fue maravilloso!

Poizen, Henne Vs. GB? 1 game against an injury depleted Defense? No Matthews, no Barnett, no Collins, no Bigby, no Pickett. They were playing guys just signed off the practice squad for goodness sakes.

And yes, I have all the games on my DVR. We know how you feel about Henne. I don't think asking people to watch game tape against a team that was destroyed by injuries is a good way to get your opinion across.

Craig M,

Feb. 7 blog "Things We Learned From This Super Bowl", starting on page 1. Think you may find Stanzi blogs you are referring to.

I was thinking of trading UP for Mallet!

Jeff Ireland

I would actually like to see Miami pick two QBs in the early part of the draft. You figure one of them should actually end up being good.



Guys you are all missing the boat on this. Bottom line we may have to move up, not down as Minnesota needs a QB and is eyeballing Mallett. The kid is worth a higher pick and his stock is rising. Start watching the scouting reports on him. They have him listed as the #2 QB and most NFL ready coming out this year. Trade down and get him and a second round pick, hahahahaha, No f-ing way guys. This kid is gonna cost us because he has all of the intangibles. Go Fins, Go get Mallett !!!

Honestly Joe, LICK IT!

you did not read my opost at all if your going to respond that stupid.

Just as this front office almost always does on draft day. They'll buy 5 Yugos instead of getting one Cadillac.

Then they'll try and convince us what a wonderful "value" it was.

Joe, Get hooked on phonics and read my post again, please. I simply ws pointing out that our problem last year was more o-line than henne.

I don't give a flying crap about the defense they were playing, the poiunt was WE GAVE THE QB TIME, for what ever reason.

Who cares what you know about my feelings on henne, you obviously dont. I don't want him here if there IS a better guy. I would take Peyton or Brady. But I am going to comment when i read what i think is a move to make a move and not an upgrade, like most of the Mallett and Palmer talk.

Learn to read the POINT of the post please.

If you get hooked on phonics Joe, I will get hooked on typing.


Thanks for the heads up on the blog from the 7th. I appreciate it! I'll spend some time doing my homework before bringing it up again. I'm tired of guys saying whatever they want and then denying they ever said it. I'll back it up with direct quotes.

Thanks for the help UTdolfan.

Poizen, sorry you got all wrangled. But, seriously, who are you kidding on your feelings about Henne? What did I say that was so off-base that got you so irked? Do you NOT post repeatedly on giving Henne time or o-line help etc & he'll be ok? You are acting as if I made up a bunch of lies about you.

If you get this rattled about things you do say, I could only imagine your reaction if I posted thoughts on things you don't say!

And sorry to break it to you, I did read your post. The o-line gave him time because they were playing practice squad dlineman & linebackers. With ample protection MANY Qb's would be successful. Exactly what point were you trying to make? The point is not about how he can be Ok with a good oline, it's about qb's who can thrive without a great oline.

QB's need to react & beat the pressure. Who cares if you think or say Henne plays well with good protection? What QB doesn't?

If you can respond even tempered I'd be glad to read. If not, feel free to move on and get defensive with someone else.


And I love Ryan Leaf! He looks like an NFL Player!

Then again, I also loved PAT WHITE who looks like a guy on my bowling team...

Joe what irks me is people throwing slight jabs all the time. Your comment "We all know how you feel about Henne" is unnecessary, I don't care what you all know. the conversation led me to the point of my post.

And again, since you could not weed out the point again. we were playing a sub par defense, so it was easier for the o-line to create protection. If we get good o-line play next year Henne will have protection, meaning we could see that guy in most of the games next year. Does that clear it up??

Again, another slight jab from you "But, seriously, who are you kidding on your feelings about Henne?"

What is that all about, how am i trying to kid someone???????? I want tto see this team win, I do not care what the name is on anyones back, I want a superbowl victory in my lifetime. However there is not a compelling argument to me to waste a high pick on a QB this year since there are signs Henne could be the guy. So that AGAIN was why i made the post. It was a post to lead to a wifder range of conversation about drafting a QB or not to draft a QB.

Everyone knows your feelings about everything you post also, your not giving us groundbreaking new stuff everytime, yet you still post it... so why make those comments to me?

Henne, has also gotten victories vs OTHER tough teams without that protection, so to say he has never done it or CANT is false also.

I really have no clue how you could not understand that without me spelling it out, but i hope this helps.

Hate to bring this up again, but how many Superbowls did Dan Marino win? Being so great according to all the blogs on him that I read, I'm just wondering? Just saying...

Joe Shmoe,

I'll put it like this:

If Henne and Mallet dropped back 35 times each, with both having the exact same circumstances and opportunities. I would choose Mallet to make the most of his.

Granted they may complete about the same number of passes. I choose Mallet to connect on more tds, for more passing yardage, and a higher ypa than Henne.

I believe Mallets the much better downfield passer.

Can't believe you guys are talking about the Dolphins. I am surprised anything we do is actually news...


Is your middle name "JETS-SUCK?"


If the Dolphins take Mallet and he begins oooing and wowing the coaches in camp with his downfield passing prowess. I guarantee Henne will have a very short leash in 2011! LOL.............

Very easy gentlemen. Some posters here are willing to give Henne another chance this year. Others are not.

I would have been one that was not, except for the lockout. Due to the lockout (and it seemingly going into the summer), I think the ONLY serious choice we really have is sticking with Henne another year (at least the start of the year as the starter). We can draft a guy, we can pick up a FA when the CBA is signed, but I'm not as sure (as Mando) that they can come right in and take over and start. Yes, Pennington did it, but he's a very smart QB. Palmer may be able to, but why rush him out there if Henne knows the playbook now and can start (and if he chokes, then put Palmer or whomever in).

So no need to get prickly on this topic fellas. It will all get resolved (and half of the posters will be pissed, other half happy).

Poizen, you are never this sensitive. I was not criticizing you at all. Which leads me to believe it isn't you.

You have defended Henne. What's the problem with me saying as much? If you have problems with me statng what is clearly known to everyone, you should not make your feelings so known then. I am not stating any secrets.

And you're failing to realize that I clearly understand your point. Very well in fact. I just don't understand WHY you're trying to make it.

You are saying with good oline play, Henne could be a good Qb. I agree with you.

But, my retort is simply,what QB wouldn't be good without good oline play? Your point really makes no sense when you can replace Chad Henne's name in your scenario with anyone.

Good QB's beat pressure with their mind & their arm. That's the QB we need to find. Henne has yet to show that.

Henne is good when everything else is good. We can't have a Qb who can be good when everything is rosey but stink when it's not. You can't have a QB who is good part time.

Good Qb's don't need a great oline to be successful. That's my point. I hope you get it.

You guys have to also remember DuBoll had Colt McCoy ready to start near season's end.

Please excuse my Englis no so good but very much I love potato chip.

DB, that is a fair assesment if you believe it. however we have seen henne win in the NFL and we know he can do it. You have not seen Mallett win in the NFL at all, and the success ratio of drafted QB's with a better rating than him have not panned out as well as even Henne has in two years in Miami.

Like I said, I want better guys here. I think Luck has better skill sets than Henne. But Luck could have the same Leaf/Shuler issues. So if u believe honestly that QB is the biggest pressing issue then we should get a QB. I only contest that all other pieces of our O was broken last year, and that was not because of one guy names Henne. so I think we need to worry more about the most important functioning pieces of the O first, before bringing in the QB savior.

More than being worried about Henne, we should be worried about the coaches and the offensive scheme. This offense has sucked for years and years and years. While the NFL has been doing some great stuff offensively, watching Miami has been like a timewarp to 1950. Vanilla, boring, smashmouth, run-dominated, dump off, inconsistent crap is what we've all been watching for the last decade.

I worry more about this OC, this Coach, and opening up the offense (FINALLY) to compete in 2011. Henne was put in a sh*t offensive scheme and lo and behold, he looked like sh*t. Let's put him in a REAL NFL offensive set and see what happens (I'm not too optimistic it will matter, but honestly, I don't know, and after we've been discussing it back and forth for like 6 months, I'm itching to find out if the kid can bounce back).

Let's draft a good QB Miami! Please!


I'll never be pissed with anything Dolphins as long as it goes well. After all, that's the only thing true Dolphin fans are concerned about. Not their egos.

Hell, I be pissed if we chose Mallet or anyone for that matter, if he or they turned out to be a dud. I just think what our offense needs is better downfield passing than Henne presently offers. Even Mallets critics dont dispute Mallet doesnt offer this.

Here's a quote from DB from less than TWO weeks ago:

"If stuck picking at 15, it's nearly insanity not to pick Mark Ingram. In a tradedown scenario, if available, it's nearly insanity for us not to pick Mike Pouncey".

This is from April 1st blog, less than two weeks ago, 'RBs on the mind, in meetings, in the latter rounds'.

So you guys tell me, when did the insanity on his part start? He's now hammering the table for Mallett harder than anyone else. He's a beauty!!....I wouldn't put too much stock into anything he says. He changes his ideas around quicker than the weather.


things I WORRY ABOUT RIGHT NOW;;;;;;;;



Joe, I read your post to say in my interpretation, "stop bringing up Henne we all know how you feel and it is dumb" so if that is not how you meant it then I apologize.

But the post had that vibe. Henne made not just good, but great throws in traffic with time. There are MANY Qb's that can not do that consistantly. Henne has, and can. That is why I talk about it and why i get frustrated. Henne is not to blame, the whole damn team was broken last year.

After Henn's first year i remember posts from the majority of this blog talking about "the future qb of the dolphins". then one horrendous season, where we had the same record against tougher teams everyone blasted him for the end result. Henne was not out there alone, he did not drop balls, he did not miss bloacks, he did not play special teams, and he definilty did not have good play calling or guidance.

Again the point being, is EVERYONE here saw the postenetal and everone wants to quit on a guy thatwas on a broken team al the way around.

Anyway, I guess i am sensitive today, Just sold my Babe Ruth autograph and that hurt real bad!


Even Henne win loss record indicates he can be good at times and not so good at times(14-13). But as Dolphans riding the teeter totter win loss wise is not what we're looking for.

Henne just seems to very little confidense throwing the ball 20yds or more downfield. He also seems to think to slow or just plain indecisive at times.

DC, just said the same thing as I did wothout using the word "Henne". coaching and O-line are more important than a new QB right now. I know it was not in support of me, but thank you for the post DC.




Idiot again. Everyone knows I was on the Ingram train before finding out more about Mallet.

I thought your aim for going back into the blog archives and find where I lied about something youre fantasizing. Guess you couldnt find it so now youre reaching.

CraigM youre just an idiot dude. I hate having to say that to anyone but you leave no discourse.


You and me both. I don't want to be right, I want my team to win. And you're right we need better downfield passing. But that all starts with the scheme and formation. Tenn's Finnegan knew exactly where Marshall was going just by the vanilla formation. And that's not just on Henning. That was the case under Cameron, Saban, Wannstadt, pretty much all of them except Shula. How many deep routes you ever see our receivers run? How many double and triple moves? How many one-on-one's just throwing it up? And what's crazy is half the time there's a PI called, and we STILL DON'T DO IT ENOUGH!!!!!!


Our idiot coaches are still thinking about first-downs, when other coaches are thinking about TOUCHdowns. Let's upgrade our coaching mindset and I promise everyone you'll be much happier with the offensive personnel.



DB, My opinion on that is this. If a guy is being a puppet and threatened not to make mistakes, his reads will be slower and non natural.

As far as down field, if your in shotgun or 5 step drop and you get no time to throw on one series, it is natural the next series to be a little tentative even when you get time. that is aht i think happened to Henne last year. Inconsistant line play accompanied with rouutes that require 20 yard routes can be a disaster. A QB will not want to take a sack, and get rid of the ball to early, or move his feet to quickly. that is any QB, not just Henne.

Like I said many times, if we have conisitant line play and this is what we got from Henne, I would not support him at all. But that did not happen olast year at all due to injuries and shuffeling.


You should stay the f*uck out of this a*sshole! CraigM is a stupid jerk and youre fanning his flames.

Aloco, this a terrible time for you to come with your reetarded bullsh*it!


your critique of Mallett is about as accurate as your spelling. I am sorry but I can not appreciate, trust, or read an article that is written by someone who writes this: "And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired."

Its, losses, nimrod. Go back to whatever college you are from and see if you can get a tuition refund.


You dont even know what the f*uck is going on here and walking right out into rush hour traffic. You sissified maggot!


The more I think about it the more I realize you can`t make any comparisons between Marino`s mobility and Mallett`s. I just got done watching about 30 min. worth of video on Mallett, I mean everything I could download and he`s not very adept at side stepping traffic.

In Marino you had one of the more deceptive Q.B.`s in history probably in terms of mobility. It`s easy to remember Dan as slow and imobile in the pocket, especially when you remember that special boot he wore but if you give it a second thought, how many times do you remember Marino in all kinds of traffic side stepping everyone and buying that extra second to make the throw. It was only 2 to 3 steps left or right but he was great at it, slippery even. I think back on it now and Marino moved like a matador side stepping a bull, I mean think about it he was incredible with the pocket completely collapsed around him with these juke steps he took.



Marino was a magician at that f4l. It was pure magic, I love watching it.

Im sick of CraigM being such an illiterate snailcock then ALoco jumping in between something and doesnt even know what the fu*ck is going on.

I always support you Poizen, even when we disagree. You're ok in my book!!

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