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It's Ryan Mallett day at Dolphins camp

Ryan Mallett is scheduled to be in South Florida today to meet with the Dolphins for, by my estimate, the fourth time since the Indianapolis Combine in February.

Mallett is obviously more than just a passing fancy for the quarterback-hungry team. He is, by any definition, a player they are seriously studying and seriously considering in the coming draft. (Please note I did not say they will take him at No. 15 overall. I think they would consider him if they can trade down and pick up a second-rounder they lack or an extra third rounder.) So there's that.

Meanwhile ...

Mallett is fascinating to me.

He has so much promise. And he's got some obvious red flags.

The promise? It's pretty obvious. He has a great arm. He can throw the football 80 yards. He also has great confidence. "Trying to be like Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] and guys like that is something that I strive for," Mallett said. "I watch the way they play the game. They control the game at the line of scrimmage and that's what I like to do."

You have to appreciate the unmitigated swag of a quarterback who has not thrown even one NFL pass and already is comparing himself to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

But ...

Yes, there is a but as large as Mallett's 6-foot-7 frame. It's the reason Mallett is not a likely Top 10 pick and perhaps will have to wait until the latter part of the first round to get selected in the April 28 draft.

The waving red flags are plentiful. He did have consumption issues in college, according to a source. He did drink. At multiple times. To excess. That is a fact all teams know about. Drugs? I cannot report to you with certainty on that topic so I am not going there.

Don't diminish the alcohol. We're talking about a 22-year-old coming to South Florida. South Florida simultaneously offers and threatens a lifestyle about a million times faster than Mallett's native Texarkana, Texas. There are fifty ways to get in trouble on Miami Beach after you've had just one too many. Ask Fred Evans about that. (Google his South Beach moment).

So do not dismiss the beverages issue.

There are also whispers -- and they haven't diminished, but rather have increased -- about his unimpressive leadership qualities. A QB must be a leader. A guard doesn't have to be. A nose tackle doesn't have to be. A quarterback cannot succeed in the NFL if he is not a leader.

Frankly, the rumblings I'm hearing is that Mallett shrank in big moments during games and did it time and again. When the pressure was on most, he stepped tentatively. That is an issue because the fine NFL quarterbacks must play at their best under pressure, in the spotlight, and in the face of enormous odds.

NFL quarterbacks are the faces of billion-dollar franchises. Pressure? They better be comfortable with pressure both on and off the field.

But I am more interested in football and Mallett is more than the 32 TDs and 3,869 yards he rolled up as a junior. He is more than the 69 TDs and 8,388 yards he churned in limited 2007 action with Michigan and in 2009-10 as the starter at Arkansas.

The positives? There are plenty.

He improved, for starters. His completion percentage went from 55.8 in 2009 to 64.7 last season. That shows he learns, he adapts, he responds to coaching. Yes, he also threw for more more yards, touchdowns, and had a higher yard per attempt statistic last year than the year before. All excellent signs.

Mallett did this while playing in the Southeastern Conference, which is as close to the NFL as you're going to get without actually being in the NFL -- and that includes the UFL and Arena League.

Mallett was a classic passer in college. His team used the pro-style attack which is a big plus because his transition to the NFL won't be as difficult as if he was coming from the spread option.

His third down completion percentage was 64.1 last year with 8 TDs and 2 INTs. That means even when the defense expected him to throw, during football's money down, he was effective.

He was nails on third-and-three-to-seven-yard plays. He completed 72.7 percent of those throws. And he was even good on third-and-eight-to-10-yard situations in completing 55 percent of those throws. He was outstanding on third and very long. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes on third-and-11-plus- yards last season. That is, again, excellent.

So that makes him star quality.

But watch Mallet on tape, dig a little deeper into Mallett's impressive stats, and you start to see a couple of warts.

When the competition got better, Mallett got worse. Yes, he threw five TD passes vs. UTEP. Yes, he threw for 400 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. But I don't frankly give a darn about those. Last I heard, UTEP isn't on the Dolphins schedule any time soon.

Against ranked opponents, Ryan Mallett was only slightly better than average. He threw only 11 of his 32 TDs (34 percent) against ranked opponents. But he threw eight of his 12 interceptions (66 percent) against those same ranked teams. That should raise an eyebrow.

This should also: He faced one NFL-caliber defensive scheme in 2010. Nick Saban runs exactly that at Alabama. Watching them on tape is like watching Miami's defense in 2005 and 2006.

And, frankly, the Crimson Tide defense rolled Mallett. He threw 1 TD pass and 3 INTs in that game. His mistakes -- misreading coverage, not anticipating, inaccuracy, getting rattled -- were partially responsible for his team blowing a lead and ultimately losing.

And that kind of performance against the best competition was not isolated. It was, in fact, almost a pattern. He threw for a  modest 96 yards against Auburn. He completed only 53 percent of his passes his final two games of the season against LSU and Ohio State.

In the video below, Mallett shows a bit of a testy side as he walks off during what was yet another question about the drug rumors. That has raised minor questions with some teams. I don't have a big problem with it. Dan Marino often got snarky with the media, too. So that is a non-issue to me.

What interests me in the video is Mallett admitting he's not meant for running around the field. That is obvious from watching him play. That is a major, major, major, major, major concern for me. I don't worry about him resembling Michael Vick. I don't need that. But a quarterback in today's NFL must, must, must, must be able to slide and glide and move in the pocket. That's not an option. That must come standard.

I don't think it comes standard with Mallett. If his receivers don't come open quickly, he's toast. If his blocking isn't pristine, he's toast.

And if you blitz him, he's burnt toast because he not only doesn't move well, but isn't good at recognizing the coming blitz, either. He is well below average on this issue.

As a result, the man who threw 69 career TDs in college was also sacked 61 times. That means you're just as likely to get a sack as a scoring pass from this guy. And that was behind what was by most accounts very solid collegiate offensive lines.

So why is that a concern? Well, aside from the fact that a sack is a negative play -- particularly in the red zone or within field goal range -- it means you got hit. And hits in the NFL result in injuries. And injured quarterbacks either don't play as well or don't play at all.

And that leads to loses. And loses lead to coaches and general managers getting fired.

If Mallett cannot develop a better approach to evading sacks and even hits that don't lead to sacks, his career will be in much greater risk than quarterbacks who do have that ability.

The Dolphins, indeed, any team must measure that potential risk as they think about investing a draft pick, and probably a signature pick, on what could essentially be a sitting duck who's wearing a target on his back.

The Dolphins must chew on all these things and more.

They'll be masticating plenty today when Mallett is scheduled to be at the team's facility.




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Here's an other beauty from DB from April 3rd, basically refuting everything he's saying about Mallett today. Remember this is from April 3, just NINE days ago!!.....

On Mallett: "What teams are basically falling out of love with him aren't the drug rumours and character issues. The guy is more of a stationary statue in the pocket than Chad Henne"......

He was basically giving reasons for NOT taking Mallett, a very short nine days ago. Now he's all over the team investing it's 15th pick in him. It's from the same blog on April 1st if you want to check it out guys.

ALoco, no question there...SWORDFISH!!!

Nice man, thanks bro... Is that really DB posting or an imposter?

fin4life, that's what worries me about Mallet (and honestly Henne too). Mobility is the difference in today's game between an ok/average QB and a special QB. All the best QBs in the league can be slippery. All the average QBs in the league take way more sacks than necessary. Rodgers does take his share, but that's on the crappy oline he's working with, and even still he makes magic (duh, he won a SuperBowl). I just don't trust Mallet can be Big Ben.


I appologize but that fu*ckin jerkya*ss CraigM has been being a total kno nothing at all. When you dont agree with him he resorts to putting words into other posters mouths and lying like a mutherfu*cking mangy dog!

I dont know about her, but he's making me rue the day his mother had him!






You can stay and say whatever you want. This guy needs to learn it is NOT his blog. He gets his back up any time someone chellenges him and thinks people need to stop and listen to him any time he opens his mouth. Free speech DB, just as you want for yourself.


Youve proven nothing except that you suck on your girlfriend's big black dil*do! LOL..........


You dont challenge you lie! LOL.............


EVOO, garlic, salt/pepper, lime juice and cilantro. Grill over hi-heat, 5 min/side (or so). Best dinner ever. Side of basmati rice, and grilled veggies (use a mandolin to cut eggplant and squash on a bias, toss w/EVOO, balsamic vinegar, herbs de provence and salt/pepper, grill a few minutes per side, add some more balsamic once it's off the grill). DINNER FOR CHAMPIONS!

I'm trying to figure out, everyone has gotten in a fight with Craig but me. And we've agreed on like 2 things in 6 months.

So, what is it that Craig is doing to others that he's not doing to me? Or what do others not like in Craig that I seem not to mind? Just trying to figure out if I need to be fighting with Craig too and join the club.


How come you've got a big gaping hole in your blog history? You're all good until March 29th of this year and then it goes to December 29th of 2009. What's up bud?.....were you worried I might pull some of the quotes about you saying 'Stanzi will be the best QB in this draft' or 'Hunter will be the best RB' and 'second best blocker in this draft behind Ingram at the running back position'?

Care to explain?


If you youtube Mallett now because of the draft the amount of footage will keep you busy for some time.

Look at it this way, in about two weeks from now, all of us will be wrong, none of us will admit we look like idiots, and we can all happily go back to denouncing the front office/ghost of Parcells/Dave Wannstedt etc etc. What a peaceful day that will be!


I 'lie'? How so? You going to claim you didn't make those other quotes I said either?

The reality is bud you through so much stuff out there you don't even remember half the time what you said.

DC, we're all good. At least when we disagree we can talk it through. I may not agree with your opinion on something but I respect you enough to know that it's just how you see things and there's nothing wrong with that. We can usually talk it through. We've never gotten into name-calling and I don't suspect we ever will....peace!





There are other ways to find the stuff you've said and want own up to. Don't worry, I'll dig it up.

I'd appreicate any help you can give guys, but don't sweat it if you chose not to help. I'm not looking to drag anyone else into this. Just tired of this guy saying things and us being forced to have to listen to it and then him claiming he never said it.

I'll back DB....

Its a freaking miracle Stanzi can be had so cheap in this nfl draft. If we dont take him Im damn near threw with being a Dolphin fan! LOL....................

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 02:19 AM

I'll leave you guys with this and Im out. Ricky Stanzi will lead us to a SB win within his first 3 seasons.

Reverse The Curse! LOL...................

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 02:49 AM


Come on guys I put up a post about 10 min. ago to see if you guys wouldn`t bite on a diff. line of thought and still your at it, what gives ? I now how easy it is to get bent out of shape when on the subject, it`s what makes us hardcore fans. If it means anything I think you both have strong points just from opposing points of view, yes that`s possible and there`s nothing wrong with it. Instead of blowing your fuse at a computer screen just keep hacking away at your point of view, at the end of the day it`s what were here for not the agravation and besides were all going to be celebrating that SB Trophy equally, just hopefully sometime in the next decade !!!!!

....Tawain Jones 4.33 40 yard dash. That is fast fast fast.....I will bet that he doesn't make it to the 5th round. No way. I bet he is gone round 4 even maybe round 3. He has put on some weight too. That is up there with C.J. and Jamal Charles. Jones is the type of playmaker this team needs.....

Craig, I think it's because we're on the older side of posters here (I suspect). I think you said before you're like 43, something like that. I'm 38. So we've gotten to an age where we accept other opinions.

But still man, there's lots of hate constantly coming your way. Hope you don't let it get to you (I know it would get to me). But, I respect you for standing up for what you think in the face of criticism. Very honorable.

Any guy whose last name closely resembles mullett(Mallett) I'll pass on! LOL...............

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 03:15 AM




I'm looking for when DB said 'Stanzi will be the best QB in this draft'. He was adamant about it. He said something along the lines of 'he reminds me of Marion with his pokcet presence'. There were also times when he was adamant that Kendall Hunter would be the best running back to come out of the draft.

That's the stuff I'm looking for and the stuff I need to dig up.

DD, thank you bro. Finally a word of Reason!!! I've been screaming all offseason we need a Jamaal Charles-type back. Not a bruiser like Ingram. A speed, every down (or mostly every down) back to scare the bejesus out of defenses. Think they'd be playing 10 in the box with a guy like that in the backfield, that can blow by defenders into the endzone? Heck naw! SPEED, SPEED and then for good measure, some more SPEED. That's my opinion!


Thanks for the kind words. No, I don't let it get to me personally. Trust me, I also am not looking to offend others with my comments. I have a hard time with people like DB trying to shove OPINIONS down our throats all the time. There's a few others on here, as you know, that I've had a run in too. Yes, I'm a passionate fan but I also don't like people forcing there BS on people and that's when I stand up. As fin4life has said, it would be easier to worry about something else. I gets it's just not in my nature.

UTdolfan. Thanks for the info man. I appreciate it!


You seem to be enjoying this but I see to your dumba*ss havent a clue to whats going on either. You just supported me with that blog stpid jerk!

It onlt substantiates what I told your stupid jerk twin CraigM. I supported Stanzi as a 4th rd pick back then and I still support him as a 4th rd pick.

What your dumba8ss brothers trying to find is something that doesnt exist. He wants something stating I said I like Stanzi far earlier than 4th rd. So jerk #2 thanks for supporting me when you thought that you were supporting your bigger jerk brother.

latah gators. going to enjoy a few minutes of beautiful sunshine (we don't get too much of that in dc these days, at least these last few months). ALoco, eat well, you made me real hungry. Everyone else...PEACE!!!

Ricky Stanzi is 6'4 230lbs. Even right now his pocket presence is eons ahead of Henne. Idont care what kind of hype a qb has coming out of college, if he doesnt have great pocket presence his success will be very limited.

Stanzi has that "all natural" pocket presence ability just like Marino. When a qb as natural pocket presence the sky is the limit in terms of potential success.

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 02:23 PM


Once again, I NEVER said anything about you saying 'Stanzi should be taken much earlier than the fourth round'. I've never said you said that!

But you DID say 'Stanzi will be the best QB in this draft' and I'll prove it....


What are you TWELVE now?


How many times do I have to tell you I dont deny saying anything. It was all on the basis of taking him in the 4th rd.

So quit wasting your time because you wont dig up anything where I said I would take Stanzi higher than 4th rd.



THAT's the stuff I'm talking about!!

How's Mallett's 'natural pocket presence'?


Do you know what Derrik Locke posted in the 40 in his Pro Day, I can`t find it anywhere ? I like them both would love to take either T.Jones/D.Locke in the mid-rounds.

Again....for the TWELVE year old.....I NEVER said you said Stanzi should go higher than fourth.

But if I hear you now, are you now admitting you said 'Stanzi will prove to be the best QB in the draft. Hands down.'

Did you say that?

Who gives two s*hits about UT, nothing good has ever come from the state of Utah. LOL.............


I`m leaning towards a steak with grilled onions, rice and french fries, simple yes but one of my fav. dishes.

Now he's insulting the guys home State. Your a beauty man!!


Almost told you to suck my dick but: A. You might like it. and B. I could never lower myself that way! LOL.............

Guys when we drafted Marino, that day I told my best friend that, "We Just Stoled The Draft"!

I havent had this feeling since the day we drafted Marino. Call it sixth sense or whatever. Stanzi is going to be a very special nfl talent!

I didnt evemn end that statement in LOL. Im deadly serious!

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 03:29 PM

I`m out Aloco see you and DD later !!!

No one's insulting Utah. Everyone already knows nothing worth a damn ever came from the state of Utah. Just a bunch of inbreeding Mormens! LOL.............


I've gotta wrap....so you can take all the pleasure in the world in ripping me when I'm gone, because I know that's what you do best but I take NO pleasure in having these fights with you or getting into it with you. It's really not how I want to spend my days. I have a tough time with some of the things you say and how adamant you are about things. There is more views in this world than just yours and you need to try and remember that.....speech over.

To the others....I apologize for clogging your airwaves with this crap....

With all that being said....I will dig up your quotes on Stanzi and Hunter, DB. You'll be nothing if not accountable....LOL.

UT's just got a little extra time on his hand now because the female family members took the wagon into town. But they'll all be back later for a banging good time! LOL...........

I think Stanzi will shock. I do agre there are things he needs to work but if you could end up with a franchise qb drafting him in 3rd-4th rd you have to pull the the trigger on that.

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 07, 2011 at 04:19 PM


So what are you saying. We'eve spilled into your beating off hour? LOL..............


Isnt there a family member around to reach out and touch? LOL.............


I hear the inbreding with you Morms are boy on boy too. Is that true? LOL............

I asked a question hours ago but I see nobody answered. Let me ask again. If not Mallett then who? We need QBs. Plural as in two (2).

The new CBA will almost certainly revert back to 4 yr minimun for UFAs. And that means Thigpen's tender for RFA won't mean a whole lot. But whatever happens, it would be foolish to bank on Thigpen sticking.

So, we need two QBs and my question is, who?


They seem to just be the party of no. Im like you, I think we need 2 qb's. That why Im on the Mallet/Stanzi bandwagon.

These guys seem to have no real stance except for trying to attack those who do. Thier demons. LOL...................


It seems to be some kind of uninitiated blog law youre not allowed to change your mind here too! LOL.........


You havent seen a meltdown. Wisked I could meet you in person to personally show you what one looks like. You piece of Mormon trash! LOL.............

Dying, QB-wise, we're in pi$$ poor shape. We have one (1) QB under contract and that's up at the end of this season. These people that are running this train should have seen this coming. but knowing this bunch, they probably think Pennington's coming back for 2 or 3 more yrs.

NFL Network draft analyst Charley Casserly offered up a word of caution for the Dolphins: Don’t reach for a quarterback.

“You don’t want to force a pick here, because at the end of the day, it won’t work anyway,” Casserly said. “But when the pressure is on, sometimes you’ll force a pick. So you have to, in evaluating these quarterbacks, you have to decide — and this is a hard group to evaluate — about the physical skills versus the mental and off-the-field skills.

“Where do they rank in your evaluation? Do you think you can overcome whatever deficiencies this guy has in any area? Because that’s what you’ll be facing at 15. It’s not going to be a clean pick on those quarterbacks.”

I'm a huge Ohio State fan and watched the OSU-Arkansas live. I can tell you what I though about Ryan Mallet. I though that if his recevers caught half the balls he threw that they dropped that OSU would not have taken a lead. I also thought for someone that gets rattled when blitzed, he sure did a decent job of recognizing the blitz in the second half of the game.

Anyway, I think he looked pretty good, made some beautiful throws and from that game alone I would pick him. Of course I'm not a pro scout but that's just my observation.

who cares about all that sh$T. bottom line get a qb any qb other than henne. fact is dolphins will go nowhere with henne as the qb!

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