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Has Brandon Marshall been worth it so far?

It's simple and unsavory. The Dolphins are outnumbered in the number of draft picks they'll bring to the NFL draft in a little more than two weeks.

That is not up for debate.

This is: The Dolphins have fewer picks than other AFC East rivals because they made the football decision to invest their second round pick -- along with another second rounder last year -- on wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

So has Marshall been worth the price so far?

Simple question, really. Knowing what you know today, would you give up those two draft picks for Marshall today?

Marshall had a good-news, bad-news season with the Dolphins in 2010.

The good news is he caught 86 passes for 1,014 yards in his first season with the Dolphins. That led the team and was the team's most impressive season by a receiver in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano years. Marshall was a legitimate threat to opposing defenses and often the only receiver that was double-covered by defenses.

But there is bad news, too. Marshall scored only three TDs, his lowest total since his rookie season in 2006. He played 14 games because he was injured for two others. He struggled with his hands, leading the team in dropped passes. He had a couple of on-field difficulties, including a poorly timed unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the football at former teammate Jay Cutler in the Chicago game. He ran wrong routes more than any other Miami receiver.

And he and quarterback Chad Henne were rarely on the same page. I'm not blaming Marshall for this one. Chemistry is a two-way street. So it is up to bothhe and Henne to get their act together. Marshall talked at the end of the season how he enjoyed a better chemistry with backup Tyler Thigpen.

I hope Marshall uses his first season with the Dolphins as a launch point to better things. But what if he doesn't? We don't know. We can only judge what has actually happened.

So would you rather have those second-round picks or the player at this point?



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All this talk about the Pats having all these picks and going to leave us further behind is just that....doom and gloom! The Pats can miss on picks like the best of them too. See Maroney (first round pick), wide receiver Jackson (second round pick), their guy in the secondary who is getting into trouble off the field. They are not exempt from making mistakes too. They have a lots of needs to fill, despite being 14-12 last year. Their offensive line is a mess, no real running game, a questionable pass rush and for the most part pretty mediocre receivers (Welker excluded....although still needs to show he is back after the injury). Their team, while good, has a few guys that are getting older and right now Brady's replacement isn't on the team.

The Bills have shown who they are with picks like Spiller, Maybin and wide receiver Reed. I'm not worried about them.

That should have read 'despite being 14-2 last year'......not '14-12'.

The more I reflect on his play and history the more it is looking to me like Marshall was a typical Shanahan overachiever vis-a-vis the great plug-and-play offensive systems Shanahan runs that let him make average players look great - he certainly did it with the running backs year after year after year. His numbers actually dipped the McDaniels year. Last year he played like the 4th round pick he was in Denver. It is hard to justify 2 2nd rounders for him - even if we got his Denver kind of stats. Throw in the flake /head case issues and really - you arent going to build champions with those kind of moves. I don't blame him though. It all comes back to Ireland. So far the guy's a bum.





Those of you looking to see a Lombardi ever coming here again. Need to find a fine balancing point between your desires to see that trophy and you ultra desire to have a team filled with alter boys! LOL........

Dud you remember the Baltimore game and seeing him open down the field? Then surely you remember Henne having a fraction of a second after every snap to make a throw because the Ravens were pushing our line of scrimmage into his face at the snap of every play. It's easy to criticize the qb when a wr is open and not getting the ball until you actually see that by the time Marshall was open he had already progressed through that read while he was covered and had to go to plan B because of the constant blitzing which would have been a check down to Bess coming across the middle or on an out.

Dying how many players on the Packers get in trouble with the league or the law? They seemed to do pretty well last season.

If we get a team filled with "alter boys" we will just get one helluva molesting from the big bad "priests" of the nfl! LOL...........

...Talking hindsight...If the Crackwagon could re-think the Bryant draft. I think they would. Dez can play,no doubt. But I think if the Wagon was offered a second, or even a thrid for Dez. They would hop on it. Bryant is a dumpster fire off the field. A disaster. I hope he can get it turned around. I think he is who he is. And his momma a....

To the point about Marshall being a poor route runner. I disagree. He may have cut routes short, or altered the route. This is something good passing teams allow their recievers to do. You have to be flexible, There are only so many routes to run. I think the problem is that Marshall has always had this freedom. In the Dolphins offense, it was run the route as it is designed,do not for any reason. Even if it leads to a td. Stray from the route design.
This is where I think the frustration set in. Marshall knows how to beat double coverage, he knows how to GET OPEN. I just think the Phins were so conservative with him it would have made Jesse Helms proud.

Easy. Picks.


The Baltimore game was one of the few last season were Henne wasn`t facing a constant Blitz early. I won`t argue that mid-way thru Qrt.3 he was running for his life but that was only after we were put in our customary role last year of playing from behind. In that game early Ronnie Brown was feeling it to the point that Ray Lewis was totally respecting the run as opposed to shooting the gaps on blitzes, we would turn around and completely abandon it in Qrt.2. In that game R.Brown got 5 carries in the 1st. drive and 6 the rest of the game ?

Go back and see that game one more time and you will notice that Marshall early is owning the sideline against a suspect Ravens D back field. It was in Qrt.3 when they take there minimal lead and back Ed Reed into centerfield making it all she wrote for Henne and his vanilla pass attack. I accept your point of view no doubt it holds alot of merit but not on that particular game.

Totally the right call. BM is a beast. One guy wrote we havnt had a 1000 YD reciever since Marino. With just that said, how can you say this guy hanst lived up to the hype. Look our front line sucked last year, Our so called best running backs looked like lost puppies hitting the whole and just looked sluggish and our QB FORCED WAY TOO MANY THROWS and besides bess which we still did use no where near enough what legit down field threat did we have ( hartline give me a break). SO YES HE IS THE REAL DEAL NOW GET OFF THE DUDES BACK!!!!

he wasn't worth it. I still think if we can get our second back we should get rid of him. The fact is our offense was much better without marshall in it. One game last year without marshall Henne was at his best.

Some comments from Peter King's column this morning:

Guys that are falling in the draft: "Ingram, Wilkerson and Ryan Mallett. Mallett might go to Miami at 15 or he might go to Jacksonville at 49."

New England 'loves' Mark Ingram and might pick him at 28.

'Ryan Mallett's mobility is becoming a big concern.' One scout said "He's coming into a league where every defensive end will be faster, and a lot of the tackles. Look at Marcell Dareus- he's half a second faster than Mallett in the 40". Dareus 4.93. Mallett ran a 5.37. Not good!










Do some research, every team gets troubled players at one point or another. Most our fans focus on our team alone and feel we're the only team so unfortunate.

I guarantee you google each and evry nfl team over the past 5yrs and you'll find hardly an exception. No team has a crystal to tell them a player will never have a character problem at any point in thier career.

Oh btw, for the Packers see:

No bond for Packers’ Jolly after new drug charge

By JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press
Mar 30, 1:59 pm EDT

HOUSTON (AP)—A judge denied bond for troubled Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly(notes) on Wednesday following his latest drug arrest in Houston.

The decision means Jolly will remain jailed until at least his next court appearance on April 20. He did not appear in court during the brief hearing.

Jolly was arrested Friday morning and has been charged with possession of over 400 grams of a controlled substance. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

After the hearing, prosecutor Todd Keagle said Jolly’s arrest voided a probation agreement the defensive lineman had with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to settle a 2008 drug charge. It was the earlier charge that led to his suspension by the NFL without pay for all of last season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Police say after pulling over Jolly’s vehicle during a traffic stop, officers found a bottle containing 600 grams of codeine under the passenger’s seat and another bottle containing an unidentified substance in the driver’s side door.

“At this point, he’s maintaining his innocence,” said Carl Moore, Jolly’s attorney.

Moore said he will make another attempt to have Jolly released on bond, which prosecutors are against.

At the time of his arrest, Jolly had an agreement with the Harris District Attorney’s Office in which he had been given pretrial diversion, a form of probation. Under that agreement, the 2008 drug charge against him would have been dismissed by August if he didn’t break the law. Part of the sentence was 160 hours of community service, which included 10 speaking engagements where he was supposed to talk to children and others about the dangers of drug use.

“His pretrial diversion is being voided because Mr. Jolly did not adhere to the terms of his contract, in our opinion,” Keagle said.

The end of the agreement means Jolly will now be facing two charges in court: the new one and the 2008 charge of possessing at least 200 grams of codeine, which carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years, Keagle said.

Moore said Jolly had been training as part of his efforts to get reinstated in the NFL. He did not know how this most recent arrest would affect that.

Brian Overstreet, Jolly’s agent, did not immediately return a telephone call on Wednesday.

A Packers spokesman declined to comment on Jolly’s situation.

Jolly attended high school in Houston and played for Texas A&M University. He was selected by the Packers in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL draft.

The 6-foot-3, 325-pound Jolly, who lives in a Houston suburb, started all 16 games for Green Bay in 2008 and `09. Without him, the Packers won the Super Bowl last season.

This article was published just last month! LOL.......



We hardly have a team filled with alter boys. They get in trouble plenty.

Guess this article kills the Packers had no players in trouble theory! LOL..........

"NO BOND FOR PACKER JOHN JOLLY AFTER DRUG CHARGES" This article came out last month. lol............

Kaspersky the Unfriendly Ghost isn't gone. Very annoying.

Ill take your word for it fin4life. I must have been remembering the end of the game

Marshall remains a tremendous talent in his prime and it's EXTREMELY unlikely Miami could have equaled his talent with the draft picks they surrendered.

Miami could obviously still use a burner to open things up, but Marshall is the kind of pass-catching machine that ANY offense would benefit from. With an upgrade at QB, I think you'd see just how good he really is...he's yet to play with one in either Denver or here.

It seems some fans want the team to acquire talent like Marshall and then bemoan the fact that it comes at a price. Sorry, folks, but the NFL isn't in the business of just handing the Dolphins great players for free. Not how it works.

Dan... I remember the Baltimore game. I know they made adjustments to our run game after the first series. We did nothing except abandon the run after having success. It looks like they made the better adjustments,and put us on the back heal, instead of us being ready for what adjustments they made. We played as if we were suprised we could run it like we did. Instead of having confidence.

Up to that point. Henne hardly got touched. We were protecting Henne as well as any team. I think we were 5th or 6th at sacks allowed(protections, not times sacked) Quarterbacks all face pressure. Cutler got sacked 50 plus times. You have to be able to make plays when the opportunity presents itself. Henne could not do this consistantly....Henne bashing, YEAH!!!!


I just hate when people ASSumes things like the rest of us will automatically take them as fact. Tier just to lazy to research to cover thier ASS-umes! LOL............

There's an awful lot of talk that Seattle wants to trade down from 25. Could it be a smokescreen? Maybe. But for a team that is supposedly as interested in Mallett as Miami that's a strange approach. If Mallett is what some people say he is, wouldn't it make more sense to trade up?


What's to really adjust? If we cant run against a team we're forced to try and beat them with a young inexperienced, and wildly inconsistent downfield passing qb.

Our adjustment was the passing game with 8 defenders in the run box. Only thing we could adjust too was Henne and he wasnt cutting it. DC's around the league knew this.

What, did you think we had a lucky rabbit we could pull out of our a*sses? LOL...........

Craig I agree to aN Extent. Gruden had Mallet on his espn qb thing and he was pointing out his immobility right to Mallet. Mallet said he realizes he will never be a fast guy and wont be able to run away from faster players. Gruden said "it's good to know that so what are you going to do about making up for it"? Mallet answered that he is working on and will continue to work on sliding his feet to give himself a couple extra seconds much like Brady does. He said he's watching him and other qbs like Marino who are really slow but slide out of the way. Gruden then pulled up a bunch of video of Mallet doing exactly that in college which even surprised Mallet to an extent. Gruden said "you already have the feel for sliding away from the pressure, now you just have to work on it so it becomes a more consistent part of your game. To that Mallet answered, "yes sir, and I'll never stop working". Gruden said with a huge smile," good answer kid".

Good arguments in favor of Marshall. But you guys missed one: Marshall's strong point is going up for the ball, fighting and coming down with it. Henne either couldn't or woundn't throw the ball up.

My guess is he just scared to do it.


Intersting read. Thanks for sharing.

Guys, I've been a big Peter King fan for a great many years. Always start Monday's off with his MMQB. Betcha I've been doing that for close to twenty years. He's got some great stuff in today's column from Greg Cosell of NFL Films on a number of the prospects in this draft. Unbiased and in depth. I think you'll enjoy the read.

I'm sure Armando won't mind me directing you to another site this one time....

Dying that's one player out of 53 on the team and 6 to 8 on the practice squad. We had Phillip Merling beat his girlfriend, Will Allen had some sort of drunk driving thing, someone hit a cop with his suv, Incognito was voted the dirtiest player in the nfl, ricky williams has failed multiple drug tests, Ronnie Brown was in trouble I believe alcohol related but not sure, and a few other players in trouble including far from a choir boy Brandon Marshall. I don't know why this should make you happy but I'm hoping it does. We have all of the trouble makers we need.


In the SEC, the defensive players are as big and fast as they come. Yet Mallet was just as likely to throw a td as to taking a sack.

Henne threw only 15 tds to 37 sacks. Meaning Henne was twice as likely to throw a td as to taking a sack. I think I like Mallet's td to sack ratio far better.

Btw, in the SEC Mallet played against NFL calibre and speed his entire college career. He wasnt putting up great numbers against the WAC. LOL...............

Dying...I get it. My point in the Baltimore Game was our team reacted like we were suprised they would stack the box after our early success. Wouldn't you have a plan of attack ready for their counter? Remember we had them on the back heal, it was their defensive counter punch we could not handle.

We didn't even attempt to try and run it after that. How many carries did we have after the first drive. I would have to look, but I bet it was less then 10. You have to sacrifice some run plays even in that situation. Even if they are no gainers, they are effective because it keeps the defense from being certain. Now to your point that Henne can barely tie his shoes sometimes hinders our plan. You are right, and I guess i forget this when thinking about why we did things the way we did.

Go to the Chicago game, with Thiggy behind center. Did we even run it 10 times the whole game? The Mummy Henning should have gotten the sack right there. That was a joke. This goes back to my point about Marshall,and the whole inability of this team to make adjustments on the fly. Even the Bear defenders were LAUGHING at our game plan after the game. Friggin laughing we didn't even try...Pathetic.

cocoajoe you're right he WAS scared to do it. But that's not Hennes fault. That is all on Sparano, Henning, and Pennington. Do you honestly think for one second that this kid hasn't been told every day since his arrival in the NFL that he better not turn the ball over by all three of those guys. Three guys who are in charge of his future with the team. Three guys who set the team agenda. One of which is a qb who never throws picks because he doesn't take risks by just throwing the ball up for grabs. My point is while it is true that6 he didn't just throw the ball up for Marshall you can not blame that on Henne even a little bit. He was a rookie being taught by a VERY conservative OC and head coach. Sparano and Henning NEVER once toild Henne this, "Hey kid don't worry, if the play breaks down,if Marshall is down the field even with a couple guys around him just throw it up high and let him fight for it". I can guarantee you those words never came out of anyone's mouth who coaches for the Miami Dolphins.

Cosell's thoughts on Ryan Williams, who was probably the back I wanted most about a month ago:

Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech (second round): Dynamic change-of-direction running with burst and acceleration. Can get to the perimeter well. Can move safeties and run through initial contact. Tough and physical. He has a chance to be a dynamic NFL back with a big-play mentality but needs to develop a sustaining mindset. Not a true, home-run speed burner, but that's way down the list of necessary attributes for a quality NFL back. I think he has the skill set of a good starting NFL back. Interesting: I see him as a better back than Knowshon Moreno, who was the 12th player picked in the '09 draft, but certainly won't be drafted in the top 15, or maybe not even in the first round

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/04/17/mmqb/index.html#ixzz1JtUtO5sk


My man! Here's another 2010 Packer in trouble for you:

Packers CB Brandon Underwood was found guilty of one count of "prostitution non-marital intercourse" in connection with an incident last June at a Wisconsin Hotel & Golf Resort.Underwood was fined $379 for the no-contest plea. The conviction will be cleared from his record in 12 months if he pays the fine. It's not clear if Underwood will face league discipline for the incident. Mar 3, 8:41 PM

ANYTHING ELSE? LOL..............


In the Chicago game we had so many oline injuries we couldnt run, punt, pass, or kick the damn ball it seemed! LOL............

Dying...But in the SEC games where Mallet faced teams with elite college talent(we don't know how these guys will play in the pros)He got smoked...The Auburn game aside where he played well in the first quarter, then got hurt. Mallet shrunk under the heat of upper tier SEC talent. The SEC wasn't exactly a defensive juggernaught this season either. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise. With the exception of Alabama, LSU, and Auburn every other week.The rest of the defensive teams were ordinary. Sure they have some pros scattered around, and of course top to bottom the SEC is the best conference in college football. The defense in the conference(the whole conference) wasn't great.


What adjustments are you talking about the Ravens making that day that could so easily have shut us down ? In that game after Ronnie sets the tone and we take a quick lead we sit him and bring in Williams who proceeds to fumble the 1st. hand off he sees. In our next drive Henne in all fairness to him hits Hartline in the numbers, Hartline slips and the ricochette gets picked. All of this on our side of the field and you would have thought our D gave up 14 points not the 3 they actually give up because it seemed to fluster the O to the point it really looked out of whack after that.

I think you nailed it in your assesment about there lack of confidence really coming to bear that day. If they stick to what was working and Henne doesn`t miss a wide open Fasano before the half for 6 I think we win that game. Also don`t forget the punt the Ravens fake were they catch the entire ST asleep with only Bess taking notice of Baltimore`s wing player uncovered completely or Henne missing badly on a wide open Hartline in the 3rd. that would have gone 60 plus for six as well, that game was comical in the way we looked for reasons to give it away.


Just because you arent aware of it or the player doesnt make national headlines. It doesnt mean other teams arent having thier fair share of troubled players too. LOL...........

Im sure if I looked further I would find more just on the Packers alone! LOL...........

Darryll to add on about the Baltimore game. The cbs for the Ravens were telling Marshall which routes he was going to run before he ran them. Our offensive playbook was so unimaginative it was pathetic. How would Tom Brady do if the opposing team knew which plays they were running.

I have a perfect example for everyone, Tom Brady would suck in that same situation because it happened and the Patriots scored ZERO points against the Dolphins a few years back when Zach was still with us. Zach was calling out their plays before Brady was. That is according to Tom Brady. He said they knew the plays that were coming before I went through my cadence. and they sucked that day! The difference is that Bellichick is actually a smart coach and they worked all nighters that week to disguise their plays for the next game while in that same situation last year with the Dolphins, Dan Henning went home and watched Murder She Wrote because " I'm calling the right plays , it's just that the players aren't executing them properly".

Dan Henning with a little help from Sparano ruined Chad Hennes career in the Nfl and I don't have a lot of hope that Daboll is going to turn that aorund


In the games Mallet shrunk as you suggest. The other team had far superior talent overall. Still Arkansas was tied for bestt conference record overall with LSU in the toughest conference in America.

But critics are talking about mobility. The mobility answer is he faced some of the biggest and speediest pass rushers in a America in the SEC and did fine. LOL........

definitely worth it IMO. Just have to get him the dang ball. The one thing I like about Thigpen opposed to Henne, is that you could tell he was targeting him first every pass play. He's one of the BEST WR in the league and should have ten plus catches a game. especially in the red zone.

I saw Mallet's 40 time as well as anyone else. Sure he'll take his lumps on this level. But if he can duplicate his college stats and is just as likely to throw a td. I'll be estatic to take that ratio! LOL..........

Dying...Actually take Auburn of the list of top defensive teams in the Sec, add Florida. I don't think Arkansas played Florida last year. Could be wrong. So Mallet faced 2 top 10 defenses Alabama,and LSU. How did he do in those matchups? The rest of the SEC was just like the rest of the conferences in the country on the defensive side. Sure there will be picks into the NFL but scattered around the rounds. The Pac 10-the Big 10, and the Big 12 all will have top round defenders drafted, as well as guys scattered throughout the draft.

Ladies and Gentleman: This Blog entry was written by the reporter who cried and moaned ALL last spring about the Phins lack of a Game Breaker at WR. How the team should sell the farm for Anquan Bolden and a whole bunch of other yada, yada, yada!!

yeah dont knock him when they asked him or he had to wait on the ball standing still ...... ge tthe beast the ball while he is on the move ...in marshall we trust

Dying aren't you saying that we need more trouble makers to be a better team? Because we are the choir boys of the NFL? And haven't I pointed out that the Dolphins actually have more trouble makers than the superbowl champion Packers? I'm not sure where this debate is going from here unless you are able to pull up about 6 to 8 more unlawful infractions committed by a Packer player. Don't force me to go through all of the articles of Dolphins players who have been in trouble in the past three years because I promise you the list is a lot longer than the past two super bowl champions lists. :)

Yes, I would make the same trade again.....he is young and already one of the Alpha Dogs in the Game......

I don't think this is even a point that can be argued. The Dolphins are better with Brandon Marshall than 2 x 2nd round picks. I think with a quality QB, offensive line, and RB play, he will be back in the Pro Bowl in 2011. No question about it. The guy is working his tail off this offseason and will only improve once the weapons around him are better. Hands down, I'd make the trade again in a heartbeat

Hey Dan, I merely said Henne was scared to throw it up. But since you stated your opinion on why he was scared (coaching) let me ask you something. Don't you think by the 3rd year, a starting NFL QB would be at least starting to show he could throw into traffic?

No, guts, no glory. Henne should know that by now.

What is going to happen in the NFL when Mallet is on a team that cannot protect, and a team that cannot run it! When he faces teams with better talent? That is the whole argument right there. He may be a good player. He will be a disaster as a Phin. We do not have the pieces in place to help Mallet succeed. He would be better off in Minnesota, where they have a good offensive line, an elite running back to take THE PRESSURE off of him to consistanly make plays. Here he doesn't have the fortune of just being a game manager. Heck Thigpen was forced to throw it 30 times a game.And he couldn't have started for Arkansas last year. Dying..This isn't a crusade against Mallet. It is a crusade against Mallet as a Phin. His weaknesses do not outweigh his strengths for our team.


Name a rb for Arkansas. Name a olineman that made conference honors. You dont beat those great defenses without those two things. Its a team game and they were exposed as a team offensively against your Alabama, Auburns, and LSU.

The rest of the SEC defenses are no chicken liver walk in the park either. But when Mallet played against teams he was supposed to dominate. He thoroughly dominated them. Unlike Henne, when at Michigan playing down to the competition level.

While Henne was at Michigan at least once a season they would get upset by a team the equivalent of a Chaminade. Henne would have his worst games against totally inferior opponents. LOL.......


No one wants "more" troubled players. You made the statement Green Bay didnt have any. You didnt research before the statement, I did, it it uncovered you only ASSumed that falsehood.

That's only where we went with it! LOL........

Very true Anthony. But remember that reporting is less about reporting facts or even real opinions these days. In the media game it's all about pissing people off. The more you piss people off the more they read and listen to your product. Howard Stern was one of the first guys to figure this out and everyone from MSNBC,Fox News, sports radio, Colin Cowherd, and others have jumped on the gravy train.

So people like Glenn Beck and Keith Olberman spew out their supposed opinions when all it is really is them realizing what sells. No one calls in and watches with the same intensity when someone is kissing the butt of your sports team or favorite politician. We want to watch the guy or read the guy who is against him because it gives us a chance to argue, debate, and possibly change that persons mind which in turn is a lot more fun than just agreeing. It's a distraction and make no mistake, the people who write these articles and host these shows no it all too well. They make millions using this formula.

EXAMPLE. The other day Colin Cowherd said on his radio show on espn radio that he doesn't think Derrick Rose is a good point guard. The telephones BLEW up.

Some observations:

1) Brandon Marshall's initials are "B.M." Unlike my BMs, Marshall was neither regular nor smooth for much of last season.

2) Canada has a federal election coming up on May 2nd. Although I live in the United States and am an American citizen, I still hold onto my Canadian citizenship, and I voted by early ballot. I voted for the Tories (Conservatives), because I don't like the Grits (Liberals). Frankly, if it were up to me, I would only permit citizenship in one country, but if they allow me to maintain dual citizenship, I will proudly exercise my franchise in both countries. (If I could only keep one, it would be American citizenship.)

3) Ken Dryden (the great Montreal Canadiens goaltender) used to be my Member of Parliament. Now it's Peter Kent (the brother of former NBC reporter Peter Kent - the "Stud Scud.")

4) There are only 3 things that Canada does better than the United States:

a) Hockey
b) potato chips
c) donuts

5) "All Quiet On The Western Front" (1930) is an enigmatic film. On the one hand, it contains some of the worst acting ever done on film (no doubt attributable to it being an early "talkie"), yet it is also one of the most powerful films EVER made and perhaps the greatest film ever to convey the brutality, tragedy and waste of war.

6) My wife recently received the J.C. Penny underwear catalogue. There is nothing so heavenly as pictures of women in their underwear. It's raunchy and pure - all at the same time.


I still cant figure out why you said take Auburn off of the top calibre SEC defensive list. They easily had the most "DOMINANT" defensive player in the SEC in 2010.



Your post at 1:09pm is well made. We showed last year that we did a poor job protecting the QB. Now we're going to bring a less mobile QB into the fray and expect to get different results? Crazy thinking!! Mallett would get killed behind our offensive line and our game calling. They would thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at him every week. Betcha Bellichik and Ryan are parying that we draft this guy so they can blitz him like crazy every time we play him.

I'm saying that I think Armando is smart enough to realize this fact. I think he has caught on and gets tons of hits on his blog because of these exact types of "opinion" articles when I don't believe HE BELIEVES half of the things he writes. But he has a radio show now doesn't he? And watch how fast his star rises if he keeps up with the formula. He'll have a t.v. show next, mark my words.

fin4life... Sorry, wanted to get back to you about the Baltimore stuff. The adjustments I remember(I was trying to find some you tube stuff but you can't see the whole field) Was with Ed Reed, and specificly the corners, and the depth of the middle linebackers after the first drive.

The Ravens obviously thought we would come out passing. The corners were not playing close to the line of scrimmage, but off. They started jamming after drive 1. The linebackers closed their depth as well.I think with thecorners playing off they were responsible for help in coverage with Bess, and Fasano. Reed played a deep cover 2. after the first drive he was all over the field, and different spots.

This is what I remember as far as that game. Like I said. I don't have the access to game tape, and you tube dosen't cut it.

Dying..gotta roll for a few..Would love to continue the Mallet Debate at a later time. I'm sure I will bump into you here in the next few days. Have a good one Fellas!

"including a poorly timed unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the football at former teammate Jay Cutler in the Chicago game"

Didn't he just hand it to him? At the most it was an under hand toss. I watched it,he shouldn't have done it but the ref really shouldn't have thrown a flag knowing their history and friendship together.

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