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Has Brandon Marshall been worth it so far?

It's simple and unsavory. The Dolphins are outnumbered in the number of draft picks they'll bring to the NFL draft in a little more than two weeks.

That is not up for debate.

This is: The Dolphins have fewer picks than other AFC East rivals because they made the football decision to invest their second round pick -- along with another second rounder last year -- on wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

So has Marshall been worth the price so far?

Simple question, really. Knowing what you know today, would you give up those two draft picks for Marshall today?

Marshall had a good-news, bad-news season with the Dolphins in 2010.

The good news is he caught 86 passes for 1,014 yards in his first season with the Dolphins. That led the team and was the team's most impressive season by a receiver in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano years. Marshall was a legitimate threat to opposing defenses and often the only receiver that was double-covered by defenses.

But there is bad news, too. Marshall scored only three TDs, his lowest total since his rookie season in 2006. He played 14 games because he was injured for two others. He struggled with his hands, leading the team in dropped passes. He had a couple of on-field difficulties, including a poorly timed unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the football at former teammate Jay Cutler in the Chicago game. He ran wrong routes more than any other Miami receiver.

And he and quarterback Chad Henne were rarely on the same page. I'm not blaming Marshall for this one. Chemistry is a two-way street. So it is up to bothhe and Henne to get their act together. Marshall talked at the end of the season how he enjoyed a better chemistry with backup Tyler Thigpen.

I hope Marshall uses his first season with the Dolphins as a launch point to better things. But what if he doesn't? We don't know. We can only judge what has actually happened.

So would you rather have those second-round picks or the player at this point?



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I will be keeping my mock draft selections private this year. They are none of your business.


You can find tons of people at every single position that over played their contracts. Do you think Marshal would have better stats with Manning throwing him the football? Do you think Hakkem would have had 13 tds in Miami? Ok then.

i think what bothered me the most last year was that we fans werent the only ones questioning our offensive play calling/schemes. the opposing defensive players made the point that they knew the plays (by the way we lined up)before the plays were run. one db in particular told marshall of his route before he was about to run it. i've gotta question the o-coord and the head coach to continually let that happen in the NFL????????????????? i'm very skeptical about our coaching and our GM. hope i'm wrong!

Cocoa I just think it was coached out of him. I'm a Michigan fan and he never had a problem throwing to his bigs in traffic then. So either he all of the sudden developed this irrational fear or it was coached out of him. Either way he does have the fear as I agreed and it's probably too late to change that now after three years in. You asked if I thought he should have learned by now and my answer is YES, if he had the proper teachers he could have learned that just fine. By the way Dan Henning is getting ready for the early bird dinner at Malosey's right now.


WE NEED;;;;;




It isn`t very fair to expect any Pro Sports Franchise to be able to build a consistent winner without taking flyers on "Problem Players" Think about it it`s not the 70`s or 80`s anymore were alot of these guys need off-season jobs, do you remember what Marino`s rookie deal looked like, it was a 4 year 800K deal, for Marino 200K a year in 83, WOW !! These days even the guys riding the Practice Squad make over a quarter million a year. In Basketball look at what they give mid-level excemption guys, it`s around 4 Mil. a year and there vet minimum is at 1.5 per season.

It`s all you can do to keep alot of these kids, most of them straight out of some of the worst ghetto`s in America, to keep there heads on straight with all the wind falls and trappings that come with being very very young and all of a sudden being handed the keys to the kingdome. I think the NFL more than any other Pro enterprise actually does a good job of weeding out alot of the questionmarks.

I know dying. I was just commenting on your post that questioned why people only wanted choir boys on the team. I just thought after you said that maybe you didn't realize we already had a bunch of law breakers and trouble makers on the team and I was in the camp that is calling for a hold on any more of that. In my opinion we have plenty. My Green Bay comparison was taken to literal. I shouldn't have said
(if i did) that they didn't have ANY troublemakers, just that they have a low number compared to the rest of the NFL. And that is the truth.

Actually this is what I wrote.

"Dying how many players on the Packers get in trouble with the league or the law? They seemed to do pretty well last season."

Never said they didn't have any :)



Agreed fin 4 life. And I think we already have our nfl quota of troubled players. I'm not sure what you guys are pushing for here, more troubled players? I'm just saying troubled players or not, a team can win the superbowl. And in my opinion I would rather not be the laughing stock of the nfl because not only do we lose but we are constantly in the papers for players being arrested or involved in some kind of legal matter.


Little harsh there Mandy...who was the last receiver we had that passed 1K in receiving yards?

I would say that so far he has not been worth it. he dropped too many balls, has a terrible team attitude, cost two 2nd round picks, AND a huge contract. That seems to be missed by several posters, it is more than just the picks, it is the contract as well... Yes, I agree that Henne couldn't find him enough, as Henne didn't play very well last year, but still the price was too high. Also BM isn't very fast or elusive, so he doesn't really make big plays or have much yards after the catch.

I would rather have Dez, had the 2 second round picks, a much smaller contract with Dez, and had someone to return punts and kicks. Yes, I see that Dez has had issues with immaturity, but these are minor and he will learn. Just my opinion...

Truthfully, I think he has been worth the price of 2 picks just beacause out FO would have picked complete crap if they had the picks.

That being said, his drops have been pretty bad, so I do not feel we are getting production/per price at this point.

Aloco brings up good points about that, DB just sounds foolish most of the time.

Before this is misconstrued any further the original point I thought Dying was making was simply this. "if we don't get more troubled players we will never win a superbowl". That is what I thought his post was saying and I was disagreeing with that sentiment.

If I misunderstood his post my bad. But if that was the point, I think all of my counters were on the mark.

Thank you for the person who posted that football is a team sport, not a QB only sport.

Because if Ingram falls to 28 the Pats might take him. His stock is falling in the draft and the Patriots are doing their jobs by interviewing him. It is said they are very interested.

heck yes I would make the trade again. I love the guy.

The Money they hand these kids today is beyond disgusting. The best example is A-Rod this kid gets handed a 4 year 20 Mil. deal out of H.S. by Seattle. Then the Texas Rangers turn around and give him a 10 year 250 Mil contract. I remember thinking thay would probably be the last deal like that anybody would get given that A-Rod was going to bankrupt Tex. After W.S. win in 09 season with the Yanks they turn around and give him an extension to the tune of 7 years 180 Mil. This kid is going to collect of MLB, THE STAGGERING AMOUNT OF 450 MILLION DOLLARS !!!! Hey while were at it lets not forget Lebron and Bosh duing us all a favor in taking a little less in there 6 year 120 Mil deals to play for the Heat.

If anyone here cares, I live in MA. there is a huge interest in both of our R&R express, especially Ronnie in the media outlets here. They will do their due diligence on anyone that drops. But they are looking, as always, to get the best bargain for the $.


Another one that gets me is the L.A. Galaxy in a dead sport in the US. (soccer) handing David Bekham a 5 year 250 mil deal !

Larry Bird was not the fastest guy in the world either.

NE is saying love Ingram in hopes we are fooled into drafting him. Why on earth would they want him when they have 2 solid RB's already???

Larry Bird, huhh ? If Ingrams game were any similar in the paint then send the film Pat Riley`s way.

Another one that gets me is the L.A. Galaxy in a dead sport in the US. (soccer) handing David Bekham a 5 year 250 mil deal !

Posted by: fin4life | April 18, 2011 at 01:54 PM

That was a stupid contract, agreed, but generally MLS has made a lot of smart business decisions and continues to grow at a sensible rate.

The team here in Philly (the Union) has nothing but sellouts and the same is true in many other MLS cites.

Soccer will probably never surpass the "big three" (NFL, MLB, NBA) in popularity in this country but it will inevitably surpass hockey in interest---and probably already has. I saw a report not that long ago that ESPN's broadcast of the National Spelling Bee pulled down higher ratings than the NHL playoffs. I kid you not!


Not really familiar enough with the MLS to make any arguments there but I do wonder what ticket prices look like when the highest paid Pro Athlete in America plays there and collects 50 Mil per.

Another note with the NHL (I happen to love the sport, by the way) is that you're very likely to see them become the first league to contract in size over the next five years or so. At least a dozen franchises are in very bad financial shape and the TV ratings nationally are dismal.

The NHL will surely survive but it is almost certainly destined to become a smaller league, Unfortunately for South Florida, the Panthers are on everybody's list of teams in danger of being eliminated (along with Nashville, Carolina, Phoenix, Columbus, Islanders, and more).

The coaching staff used Marshall as a decoy?

The coaching staff didn't have confidence in Henne so they wouldn't let him throw it to him?

I guess you can have it any which way you want it around here.

More realistically, Marshall drew constant double coverage. Opposing DC's kept a sfety over the top to limit his damage after the catch. Sheesh!

Other than Aloco, I think everyone missed the noat on this one. Add in Marshall's team leading drops and his stats look awesome.

His TD numbers were kept down for a multitude of reasons. the top three being:

1. Dc's focusing on stopping his strengths, which was/is YAC.

2. Henning's bland vanilla, run first offense.

3. Inexperienced Quarterbacking.

Some people want to blame this or that. Some will say anything to make their argument. It is what ie is, a combination of all of the above.


Not really familiar enough with the MLS to make any arguments there but I do wonder what ticket prices look like when the highest paid Pro Athlete in America plays there and collects 50 Mil per.

Posted by: fin4life | April 18, 2011 at 02:10 PM


Theb Galaxy deal was a horrible business decision but that sort of thing hasn;t happened elsewhere in MLS.

Tickets are very affordable, especially in contrast to other sports with the partial exceptioon of baseball. Went to a Philadelphia Union game and paid 20 bucks for very good seats, which in today's sports pricing terms isn't bad at all! I've become a fan, although certainly not at the same level as the NFL. Lot of passion in those stands, though, and (at least here in Philly) it was a very "American" suburban, family crowd there.

Gary, do you smoke crack? :) seriously man I'm a HUGE hockey fan as well and trust me on this one. The New York Islanders will never be eliminated from the NHL. Four stanley cups in a row and one of the greatest rivalries in the sport (Rangers/Islanders) assures that. They may move to Queens so they can be closer to the city to draw more fans but that is it. I am an Islander fan and have been since 78'. There are TONS of Isles fans and the only reason they don't go to games is because the ownership has been horrible for so long and the team hasn't got out of the first round of the playoffs since 97'. But they are in a viable market and Gary Bettman (NHL Commisioner) grew up on Long Island and is an Islander fan as well as a friend of the owner. Removing the Islanders from the NHL would be like removing the Steelers from the NFL. Aint happening. And please NEVER put the New York Islanders in the same sentence with the Florida Panthers ever again. The Islanders have a storied history with many hall of famers and championship banners hanging all over the Coliseum. The Panthers don't deserve to be mentioned with the Islanders.


I have noticed that the Galaxy always lets him go play for some European team in there off-season, I take that to mean that some of his salary is absorbed over seas ?

Always refreshing Nate Dodd...Krispy Kreme has some damn good donuts though!

I still haven't heard. Who was the last 1K+ receiver we had? I THINK Chambers had one of two seasons, it was probably McDuffie before him, and we're COMPLAINING?!

I hate you people


WOW buddy ! I don`t think anybody was disputing the reasons you give for Marshall`s play being frustrated last season. It was more about whether his attitude was a detriment to the team. I for one think not, if I were Marshall I would have pished a bigger fit than he does with the over all frustration at the lack of creativness with which Henning approached the game, especially after coming from pass happy systems under Shannahan and McDaniel`s.


From looking at snapshot of Irelands draft board, it really doesnt seem we'll be drafting a rb very high this year. Possibilty could exist Brown's resigned to incentives based contract, A fa is brought in, and Mario Fannin could be drafted 6th roundish.

Fannin is intriguing, we've brought him in rof a looksee, and he's 5'10 231lbs and had a 4.37 40yd dash. Thats big and fast. Still he's projected 6th-7th rd. If still available, I believe we'll take him 6th rd.



As far as Marshall's conduct being a detriment to the team. The fo had it instilled into the contract that it could be voided after the 1st season for "conduct detrimental" to the team.

Guess his "conduct" wasnt "detrimental" because Marshall's still here. LOL.............

If we stay at #15 I believe there's "high probabilty" we'll take Mallet if available.

If we tradeback and get a 2nd rd pick, I believe there's "high probability" Aldon Smith will be our 1st rd pick and a qb our 2nd rd pick.

Our 2nd rd pick will at least be Andy Dalton unless one of the qb's rated higher than Dalton are available.

If we get a 2nd rd'er and all of the qb's are gone, I think they'll then look to take a ilb like:

Martez Wilson
Akeem Ayers
Mason Foster

These are all 2nd roundish grade ilb's.

I stil can believe, they are going after yet ANOTHER YOUNG QB with no experience. THEY NEED TO STOP SCREWING AROUND and go after an experienced proven QB. They will NOT win until they do. Henne has had 2 years to prove. He's regressing! WHAT OTHER SIGN DO YOU NEED!?

I think we'll be definitely looking at taking "stretch the field" type TE's in the 3rd rd like:

Virgil Green and Jordan Cameron.

Some people are comparing Mallet to Joe Flacco. That seems fair to me(I don't expect another Marino) and if so, it would be a great improvement over the QB's that we have now.


Carson Palmer has only 2 winning seasons above .500 in his 8yr Bengals history. No knows if Kolb isnt just another Chad Henne and Henne has far more starts and victories.

McNabb is clearly now on the downside of his career and anyone else hasnt been a consistent winner with his past or present team. Matt Flynn, has he ever started a game?

So where do you propose we find the veteran qb who gives us a consistent chance of winning? From the stock to choose from it seems he really doesnt exist.

Dan, I appreciate your passion but if anybody is delusional regarding the Islanders it's you.

Worst attendance in the NHL and stuck in an arena that's completely outdated. Ther revenue situation is horrible.

I didn't say they WOULD be contracted (not all those teams on the list will be...it may only be a couple) but to not recognize the Islanders are a very sickly franchise is putting your fandom over the reality of the situation.

Personally, I have no animosity towards them and hope they (and the rest of the league) thrives in the future, including the Panthers. But I'm not the on who created the mess the Isles and others find themselves in.

Marshall is a great wr,if he's used,both often and correctly.The numbers don't lie.If Miami can get a speedy wr in the draft,watch Brandon's numbers skyrocket.Look for 100+ catches this year fin fans.


Oh yeah, Vince Young has yet to complete 60% of his passes in a single season and also has yet to start all 16 games without being pulled at least once a year.

All of the offseason nondraft qb's have warts written all over them! LOL............

If I were Jeff Ireland and I could go back to last year, there's no way I trade 2 second rounders for Marshall. Yeah he's a proven #1 but he has alot of baggage and really Denver was gonna get rid of him anyway no one else was offering anything close to what we did and were'nt going to Marshall was causing too many problems and burned to many bridges for the Bronco's to justify keeping him. They should've forced Denvers hand stuck fast with ONLY last years second rounder as an offer. Also IF we had our 2nd rounder this year we could have gotten a wr with more potential than Marshall. Either Titus Young or John Baldwin would probablly have been available at that pick and both bring something to the table Marshall couldn't.... SPEED. IMO Young or Baldwin COULD become top flight WR's in the NFL. All Marshall really is, is a bigger version of Bess who I veiw as our best most reliable clutch situation wr.

Dan, one hope for the Islanders may be in shring the new Brooklyn arena with the Nets. They would be "secon fiddle" there but it wuld certainly provide them with a modern venue that could produce more revnue. Their situation at the Coliseum is untenable.


I just take exception with people trying to point at one thing or another in regards to Marshall.

While Hennings, Henne and our pass protection by extension could be pointed at, it's not the main issue and probably wasn't the biggest reason.

It was because of DC's zeroing in on our ONE offensive threat. This also helped Bess have a nice season by the way.

Look at it like you were a DC game planning to defend the Dolphins. Bracket Marshall, limit his yards after the catch by keeping a safety deep on him and the rest is pretty vanilla.

The only knock I have on Marshall were the drops. Despite these, I think he was well worth the two picks.

Get us a legitimate deep threat and Marshall becomes "The Beast" again!


Marshall had 86 recs still recording over 1,000yds in only 14 gms. Averaging 6ydpc, had he played all 16 games he would have finished with 98 catches.

But we all know he could have had 10 catches in just one of those games, giving him a total of 100 catches, extending the 100 catch season streak.


I have noticed that the Galaxy always lets him go play for some European team in there off-season, I take that to mean that some of his salary is absorbed over seas ?

Posted by: fin4life | April 18, 2011 at 02:22 PM


Not sure, fin, although it would certainly be logical to think that's a possibility.

Unreal how much money Beckham has collected for such minimal return in recent years. MLS would have made out just as well without him...hopefully the rest of the teams have learned that lesson.

I got to say I read alot of posts were people complain and say we`ve had bad ownership to go along with all our personnel issues of the last 20 years and I don`t get it. Is it back lash for Wayne`s treatment of the W.S. winning 97 Marlins ? I think maybe to a certain extent it has to be because when I run down what Wayne did during his time as our owner, I see a guy that tried hard to win and bring a title home.

In 95 he tries to buy Shula all the talent he can to stack his deck towards a S.B. run. If everybody remembers we were in a race with S.F. to sign all the F.A. on the market. They were just able to convince some of the better ones to play there given the bias there was in the mid-90`s to winning titles in the AFC. No team in the Conf. had one since 83 with the Raiders (12 years)He did sign 19 former 1st. rounders to big contracts, plus every rec. on the Skins roster just about.

In 96 realizing that the NFL isn`t MLB and you couldn`t simply win a title loading your team with mercenaries, he tries to go the conventional route with everybodies darling, including mine in J.J. The problem was that J.J. into the 96 season really would have traded Marino if he could, the 2 never saw eye to eye and it buried the relationship from 97 on but there is no mistaking the fact we didn`t know what a D was until J.J. assembled his #1 unit of the late 90`s

While Wanny was a collasel mistake he tries to redeem himself with the other flavor of the moment in Saban. This was his worst move as Saban upon not getting the Q.B. he wanted quit on us in the worst imaginable fashion. You can`t pin this on him we collectively as a fan base screamed for this move and he delivered.

He then brings in NFL legend Bill Parcells, who apparently is very anti-Miami if you read into his moves and all his statements since stepping down. I will however tell you all that Huzienga never takes Parcells actions in the last year sitting down (helping the Jets with Rex in 09 ect..) I got a feeling the Tuna would have found himself slapped with a law suit and explaining himself to Huzienga in a court room.


I wonder how much more pathetic our passing offense would have looked with Ted Ginn instead of Brandon Marshall.

The guy had 86 recs for over 1,000 yds in only 14 games. It wasnt his fault he was used as a %50 million dollar "DECOY".

Are we just disappointed he didnt "walk on water" and "bring Lazerus back from the dead"?

Plaxico Burris gets out in June so IF we have football get him here to compliment Marshall!!! If not make a run @ Moss!!! Let Henne throw the ball because our run game sucks & lets see how that goes!!!

Dan, hope you're right. Nothing would make me any happier than to see Henne start looking like the guy we hoped for.

I don't think there's any doubt that our coaching/conservative offense did anything for QB development. But IMO, Henne has not shown at least a glimpse, a wow, look at that play moment. And that is why most think he'll never be a top QB.

Like I say, I would be happy to be wrong

from what I'm reading it sounds like it'll be very difficult for us to trade back. So if we keep the pick at 15 and not have another pick until 79 what do we do? Mallet and DJ williams?
Or Pouncy?
If we don't go QB at 15, we probably won't be drafting a QB this year as the best ones will be long gone by 79.


My biggest objection to the Saban hiring was interim head coach Jim Bates was completely overlooked by Huizenga. He began to rally the team after Pornstache's disastrous start.

Do you remember our 29-28 Monday Night upset over the then defending champions Patriots with Jim Bates at the helm? I was so disappointed Jim Bates, who was also our DC, was totally slightly in our HC search the following offseason.

Served Huizenga right for ending up with Saban-touge!

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