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Has Brandon Marshall been worth it so far?

It's simple and unsavory. The Dolphins are outnumbered in the number of draft picks they'll bring to the NFL draft in a little more than two weeks.

That is not up for debate.

This is: The Dolphins have fewer picks than other AFC East rivals because they made the football decision to invest their second round pick -- along with another second rounder last year -- on wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

So has Marshall been worth the price so far?

Simple question, really. Knowing what you know today, would you give up those two draft picks for Marshall today?

Marshall had a good-news, bad-news season with the Dolphins in 2010.

The good news is he caught 86 passes for 1,014 yards in his first season with the Dolphins. That led the team and was the team's most impressive season by a receiver in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano years. Marshall was a legitimate threat to opposing defenses and often the only receiver that was double-covered by defenses.

But there is bad news, too. Marshall scored only three TDs, his lowest total since his rookie season in 2006. He played 14 games because he was injured for two others. He struggled with his hands, leading the team in dropped passes. He had a couple of on-field difficulties, including a poorly timed unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the football at former teammate Jay Cutler in the Chicago game. He ran wrong routes more than any other Miami receiver.

And he and quarterback Chad Henne were rarely on the same page. I'm not blaming Marshall for this one. Chemistry is a two-way street. So it is up to bothhe and Henne to get their act together. Marshall talked at the end of the season how he enjoyed a better chemistry with backup Tyler Thigpen.

I hope Marshall uses his first season with the Dolphins as a launch point to better things. But what if he doesn't? We don't know. We can only judge what has actually happened.

So would you rather have those second-round picks or the player at this point?



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...They are good posts don't ya think DB? I have no problem with long posts that have good content. Most of them always do.


After being here for a good hour and already reading several long winded posts. Old eyes tire quickly. LOL.........


On the topic of whether there will be an NFL Season, I think there will be because if resent history has shown the NFL anyhting, (thinking the MLB strike of the early 90`s) it`s that you can very easily alienate your fan base and recouping it isn`t exactly a given. It will go to the wire but at the end of the day they play the games. I do however believe this will be a very unique FA period, given that most players on the market will see themselves almost forced to sign incentive laden deals with there teams and re-entering it (FA) in 2012.


After a good hour of it you aint gonna read anymore long ones unless its telling how to find gold. LOL................


If I was Mallet I would NEVER enter into a sound byte driven world of debate with Scoop Johnson reporters about drugs.

By not outright denying the drug rumors swirling it probably means he has at least some explaing to do with teams.

Factually I don't believe Mallet will be tied to any failed drug tests. As much as has been talked about it up to this point I believe somthing would have surfaced.

When all is said and done Ireland and TS will have grilled this kid under white hot lights. It is Ross's $$ and their own reps to get it right. Our guess can end up being as good as Irelands where future drug user draft calls are judged. Our jobs as fans are not on the same Ireland's hot seat.


Why dont you guys just break the long posts into a couple paragraphs each. Those who are paying attention can still easily follow.

And it doesnt get nearly as tiresome on the eyes neither. LOL..............

Heck, I dont know if my eyes can even read another post more than 2 paragraphs long right now. LOL...................

You guys need to catch me earlier in the evening with the long winded posts. LOL...........

Right now all I see is....word....blah blah blah.........word word...........blah then blah word blah...............word.........blah, then weed. LOL.................

Rob..Good Post @ 12:25. I agree 100 percent, and was trying to convey a similar point. but had to stray into personal beliefs before I could make my point. Well said!

Db...I got ya'. And if you ever want to look for gold....The oldtimers missed the biggest deposit of it in the lower 48 by 57 feet. It still sits under the base of Henderson Mountain. 6 miles above where I'm typing this now..

Rob how`s it go brudahh !!


Would that be the 49ers and how is it nobody has raided Henderson Mountain ?

Interesting seeing as how Michael Lombardi came up with yet another Mock that had Miami trading up with the Redskins to get Mallet just last week.

M Lombardi must feel pretty good about the Redskins connection he uses. It seems too well timed with the article following his updated wild mock.

Maybe it's Shannahan's way of letting teams interested in Mallet to try to make offers for 10 overall?



I'll be right out there on my private jet and you and I can go get that gold in the morning! LOL..............


I bet alot of Lombardi`s info comes from Charlie C. who was Skins G.M. for a long time and doedn`t wanna come of like a hack scooping his old team.


I think folks have finally thought it through and are purging it from their system once and for all.

I also feel there have been some very perplexing issues that some have not let slip that may have in the past. The World and the way people relate to one another is changing.

Just think... in a couple of weeks, we will be dissecting Miami's draft. Some will be happy while some are pissed... it will be the very same scenario with a whole new subject matter...

I have a solution that places an end to it all.....

>>>>>>>>> Winning <<<<<<<<<<<

Good thing Elway already had years of experience already underneath his belt before Shanahan got thier or they may have lost him in fa.

Shanahan's more of a full of himself jerk than a great HC.


Doing well thanks.... how goes the battle for you bro?

I can't believe we have 10 more days of rehashing to go. It is fun as heck mincing words and ideas with others regarding all things Fins drafting but it gets daunting at times as well.

I'm glad you chip in a lot as I like your posts man.



Great point about Charlie Casserly. As long as he was around that org I am sure he knows a bunch of people within that org.


Rob, Ditto buddy it seems like I gotta wait till midnight to catch you DD, Derek4, 0x80 and DB who never sleep on at the same time, by the way were did odin go off to ?


I have a feeling no matter what happens this offseason and draft. All fin fan are going into this season with many butterflies in the stomach.

At least I hope thier butterflies instead of moths! LOL.........

I dont think its Casserly, he hates Mallet. Casserly and Shanahan are huge egos both. Dont see Shanahan confiding in him.

Thier total personality mismatches. Its more likely Shanahan using his son to plant info. Lombardi emphasizes the word "extremely" in using close. As in family member. LOL.....


I think with the many long posts Odin typed today his head exploded all over his flat screen monitor. LOL.......


Micheal Lombardi has a very close relationship with Al Davis who absolutely hates Shanahan going back to when he coached for him.


You might be right he was on fire today, by the way so were you made for great reading all day !!

...Fellas.The gold cannot be dug up. Political stuff for a different day. BUT!!! you can pan for it when all this damn snow melts. 18 more inches the next 3 days. WTF.....

Some Tawain Jones news for any that care. Word around the campfire is that Pittsburgh really like Jones. I cannot see him making it out of the third round.

In fact I will take a Cuban Menace style bet with anyone that will wager. It can be for whatever...Name calling, bragging rights, or Caaaaash! But I can't see Jones making it into round 4. Especially after his pro day,and the fact he did it with close to 20 added pounds from his weight in November. Jones looks totaly different then he did when he last took the field. This guy is going to be a stud.


In regards to your thoughts about this year the Season & FA...

I must agree with everything you said. I do believe there will be a season, it is possible it takes a few games/game checks missed to make that happen. There is just WAAYYY TOO much cash on the table to ignore it or allow "Principals" that can be surmounted while playing to get in the way.

I also agree FA will be a whole different beast. I feel it will exist more to just mop up expired and or expiring contracts and facilitate some new signings in FA to keep the wheels of "Parity" Greased and underway... Parity is a Top 3 subject of interest for The NFL Commissioner and FA is the primary weapon of Parity... He will not allow a season to transpire with FA having its day.


By the way I read the post you sent my way regarding the Baltimore game this season and you were spot on. My point to you was that I didn`t think there adjustments were such that it could trip us up the way it did. To me it felt more like a mental collapse after the 2 quick turn-overs on our side of the field.

Sooooo much of life is timing.

Just think what damage the Phins could have done if the Pat White pick was actually Cam Newton!

That role would have suited him awesome as it would be more akin to what he ran in college. Make a very limited, short read and go then go use his athletic ability to break defenses. Plus he outweighhs Ronnie and Ricky by a ways but has shown good slipperyness for a guy his size.

He would have been a MUCH better version of a Wildcat QB than White. Like Ronnie Brown with arm. Back then, Cam Newton wasn't already accomplished so he probably could have been had on the cheaps.

I still contend that the Wildcat only lost its claws as Ronnie could not throw enough with accuracy out of it. Teams learned to get into designated running lanes and cover vs the runs. Predictable is a lousy thing to be in the NFL.

Although teams will still have some packages and flirt with the Wildcat formation I believe with B.P gone it won't happen with any regularity.



...My post at 12:54.Kind of lame the part about the Stillers having interest in TJ. There are 26 teams that are interested.. This was just information from a writer friend of mine that covers the BSC for the Missoulian.


Jones will be a great fit in the Steeler backfield. Thunder and lightning. To bad we really cant afford a 3rd rd'er on him.

I think we go TE in the 3rd primarily targeting Jordan Cameron or Virgil Green. Both stretch seam threats. We have too many needs tohave our cake and eat it two this draft. LOL.....


Nice post agree and believe that both parties will look to not alienate fans in a Money squabble to much given the current state of affairs.


I just thought about too. Difficult for Steeler to get Jones in the 3rd. With neext to last pick in that round he'll be long gone already.

DD @ 12:54

10000000% agree. I like Taiwan Jones chances of being a star!

Certainly will make for a wicked return guy and receiveing threat to blaze for a TD if he gets free.


Jones goes mid 3rd at lowest. Long before Steelers make next to last pick of that round. LOL.

I am out fellas.

Just dropped in a for a few. Weekends are easier for me to post as I can hang out longer.


Taiwan Jones will be hating life ending up with one of the upper drafting teams of the 3rd. Especially the Bengals. LOL........

Dying...I agree. I think that we would have to pass on Jones in round 3 in favor of a tight end. This is the slot I have the Phins taking either DJ Williams, Virgil Green, or Lance Kendricks.

To me, as exciting as Jones is,and as much as I have squwaked about him. Tight end is a much more important piece in the puzzle. I was also hoping that Jones would be around in that round 5 area which would be a steal. Then he had to go run that crazy fast 40, put on 20 lb's,and jump almost 40 vertical inches. Stupid sexy Flanders..

Bengals are a real reality for Taiwan Jones in the 3rd. LOL...


I said it before and I`ll say it again Mike Vick would have been hands down an absolute beast running the cat, his ability to run with that rifle he has would have made the formation fun to say the least. I would have used the 2nd. rounder we used on White to draft Ray Malauluga,(not sure about the spelling) seems everybody forgets we passed on him, still to this day wonder why he falls to rd.2 in that draft, by the way did you see the rookie season he put up, Cincy got themselves a steal there, subpar season 2 chalk it up to the dreaded sophmore slump !!


As of now the top seam threat TE's are Virgil Green and Jordan Cameron. DJ Williams is in 4th-5th rd conversation because these guys are both bigger and slightly faster than Williams.

Lance Kendrick bigger slower more into the Fasano mode. I think this rules him out.


Do you feel T.Jones is that much better than Locke? I feel they kind of mirror each other and when you say he bulked up, what weight is he carrying pushing his speed now ?


whats with the stupid sexy Flanders? Thats my last name, no kidding! LOL..........

Dying...The Broncos could be another team that draft high in the third round that could be interested. They definitley know him becuase of their proximity to Northern Colorado University. Not a long trip for Donkey scouts to check out a player that has been on the radar out west for some time. It makes a lot of sense,

GAWD I can't resist the second look after signing off! LOL


I would TOTALLY take Taiwan Jones over the TE. He has much more upside than any of those players in my opinion. Actually you got me take a much closer look at TJ way back when. Now it seems I am more sold on his skills than you are to some extent.

I would take my shot at TE Julius Thomas after drafting RB Taiwan Jones. I believe Thomas has the all around skillset to be deadly with a little time, practice and the NFL weight programs. Thomas ran a 4.68 which is only .01 behind DJ. That would also make him our fastest TE instantly. Seams would be plenty stretched with him and Taiwan pressuring DEFs.



Mario Fannin is 5'10 231 lbs and ran a 4.37 40. He's still projected 6th rd because he was only 3rd string backup at Auburn. He may be a project but if the lights come on. LOOK OUT! LOL....

Rob OC... Ref 12:58

When I do the "Hindsight" maneuver considering Miami and the draft I either get depressed as hell or angry. Rarely do I find myself smiling and whistling Dixie!

One particular that I was literally standing in the middle of my living room with guests sitting around me convince I had lost my mind was when Miami took Phil Merling in Round #2 Pick #32 with DeSean Jackson still available. The Eagles ended up with him as we all know with Pick 49... Miami had 2 2nd round picks that year (08) they actually Took Henne with #57 after #49 for Merling. Should that not raise a red flag in and of itself. You are using a pick in front of who you believe your Franchise QB of the future to be and he is a damn DE...!
I nearly told everyone there to focking leave I was so pissed off.




Jones isnt likely to be an everydown rb. Therefore a great seam threat TE is of greater value to us.

Even if Jones can run sub 4.3 forties it isnt like he'll have more than 5-8 really longs run per season Especially carrying the football 13-18 times max per game if that.

Dying... I didn't know that I promise. It is a joke from a Simpsons episode where Homer sees Ned Flanders in a skin tight Ski suit, and is jealous of Flanders perfect body. It became a joke in my circle of friends after seeinf TO in his body suit before a game...The joke was Stupid Sexy T.O. I was appling it to Tawain Jones after seeing his extra bulk in his workout.....That is the scoop. That is funny though. Had no clue that was your last name.

fin4life...I don't know. The only game action Isaw from Locke was at the Senior Bowl. With Jones I have seen him in person 3 times, and on TV a bunch. So I have a much better understanding of his game.


I get kidded about the Ned Flanders thing all of time! LOL..........

Gregor Cote couldn't write himself out of a children's book....


I remember being upset with the Merling pick as well but to me it was not taking Calais Campbell instead. I could deal just fine with the mindset that you build inside out thru the trenches 1st. We could have had some very good playmakers last year but instead insulating the bust Merling at pick 32 is looking to be we draft Odrick. By the way Campbell after his 1st. three seasons in the league 15 1/2 sacks started really last year and this one. Merling starter from day one 2 1/2 sacks.

The Flanders name basically comes from England. People who migrated there from the Flanders province were automatically called Flanders.

So many migrating to England from the Flanders province just begin adopting Flanders as their last name. LOL............

Dying...That is good stuff. I'm glad you are familar with the joke!!


I hear ya man...those "hindsight goggles" can be a mutha sometimes.

I pretty much knew that WR DeSean Jackson was NEVER going to be in our cards that year. It was too close to the failed Tedd Ginn experience and BP and Co were in primetime "Find behemoth's" and "Planet Theory" modes.

I was telling my friends that DeSean Jackson, the Cal product, would be exactly what we wanted Ginn to be. He was/is and more.

Stupid rigid mantras and being gunshy!


My family tree just may have been one who adopted Flanders as the last name being from the Falnders province. LOL............

Well guys.....

Tuesday is "Concealed Carry" training and license day for me. The day that I need to be at my very best while I am teaching how to carry and brandish a firearm if needed in real life. Teaching people how to shoot is pretty straight forward. Teaching then self defesnse with a fire arm is a whole different puppy. Tomorrow is the "Girls Class"... so I must be ready for any question not just ones that make sense!!!

Just kidding, the ladies are Great and most are very smart customers...!

You guys have a great night... I'll talk to you on the Morrow


I never doubted Desean Jackson would be good, but he shattered all of my expectations. Never though he would be this good. LOL....

Take it easy Derek4, catch you tomorow Bro !!

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