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Has Brandon Marshall been worth it so far?

It's simple and unsavory. The Dolphins are outnumbered in the number of draft picks they'll bring to the NFL draft in a little more than two weeks.

That is not up for debate.

This is: The Dolphins have fewer picks than other AFC East rivals because they made the football decision to invest their second round pick -- along with another second rounder last year -- on wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

So has Marshall been worth the price so far?

Simple question, really. Knowing what you know today, would you give up those two draft picks for Marshall today?

Marshall had a good-news, bad-news season with the Dolphins in 2010.

The good news is he caught 86 passes for 1,014 yards in his first season with the Dolphins. That led the team and was the team's most impressive season by a receiver in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano years. Marshall was a legitimate threat to opposing defenses and often the only receiver that was double-covered by defenses.

But there is bad news, too. Marshall scored only three TDs, his lowest total since his rookie season in 2006. He played 14 games because he was injured for two others. He struggled with his hands, leading the team in dropped passes. He had a couple of on-field difficulties, including a poorly timed unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the football at former teammate Jay Cutler in the Chicago game. He ran wrong routes more than any other Miami receiver.

And he and quarterback Chad Henne were rarely on the same page. I'm not blaming Marshall for this one. Chemistry is a two-way street. So it is up to bothhe and Henne to get their act together. Marshall talked at the end of the season how he enjoyed a better chemistry with backup Tyler Thigpen.

I hope Marshall uses his first season with the Dolphins as a launch point to better things. But what if he doesn't? We don't know. We can only judge what has actually happened.

So would you rather have those second-round picks or the player at this point?



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Is that a pistol youre carrying in your pocket. Or are you just that happy to see me? Thats what the girls will be saying to you tomorrow! LOL..........

Many, there are so many of us here with so many different careers we could start our own "LEVERAGE" team! LOL..............


I gotta agree with DB on that one D.Jack totally blew away my expectations, thinking back your right about the Ginn hangover.

Rob...If your still around. Dude I think the world of Jones. And you may be right. Jones could have more upside then any of those tight ends. But, for our offense to take the next step. we need a reliable pass catching tight end. Especially since Daboll has made it known that he wants to run 2 tight end sets. Our tight ends not named Fasano had 3 catches last year. That is piss poor. Even with the struggles of our running backs, we still ran for over 100 yards a game(on average between the 2)

Jones is everything I think this team needsas far as dynamic playmaker. I don't think we are inposition to take a chance on a player in one of the premium rounds. Not when we can find a player that is going to be on the field more then just situationaly. We may take a chance on Jones(I could be wrong and he may fall into our laps in round 4???) But I think that the DNA of this FO is conservative. This doesn't explain Pat White. But he is an example of going outside of their perameters for certain players. I think Jones in round 3 falls into that category for this FO.

If Ted Ginn ever dreamed of being DeSean Jackson he better wake up and appologize! LOL............

My favorite "almost called it" was when the Fins picked Vontae Davis.

I like "The Bloodline" OLB Clay Mathews Jr as he played out here at USC.

I had a serious gut feeling that Mathews would do very well. I had not envisioned him running so much roughshod over the NFL as he has. I was actually just not convicted enough that he would outshine both his other LB mates at USC in R. Malaluega and B. Cushing. Therefore I did not crow about it on the board so I can't take any predraft credit.

WR Hakeem Nicks would of been my fallback pick and both were there when the Fins made Vontae the choice. I had bought into the "troubled kid" stuff predraft and believed BP would not want to tussle with that kind of player on his team.

No harm as Vontae has been a pretty good pick but I cannot even fathom how our pass rush would look with Cam Wake AND Clay Mathews Jr.




I think we're bringing Mario Fannin as a late rd'er. Maybe Duboll can do wonders with him. He did with that guy in Cleveland whom I still cant remember name. LOL..........

WE had to boot JT out the door. No way fin fans allow us to usher him off with class. JT complicated matters by wanting to continue hanging around.

Take it easy fellas, catch you later !!

Fannin has the speed and size to be like a young Ricky Williams if the lights ever come on! LOL...........


Agreeed on D. Jackson... Although I did have major fascination with him as a prospect it would have been to proclaim he would have had his warp speed success.

I guess we all knew something was up when, as a rookie, Andy Reid held him out of preseason game action to "save" him for the regular season...

He knew that early he had someone special...amazing!


later fin4life. always a joy having you around! LOL........

Jerome Harrison????..Is that the guy? Didn't he have a plus 200 yard game in 2009?


What do you think of Mario Fannin? He's 5'10(low center of gravity) 231lbs(huge) and ran a 4.37 4oyd dash at that size.

Do you think Duboll can do anything with him? LOL.....

Peyton Hillis! Thats the name Im searching for. No one saw him coming except for Duboll.

Wonder if Duboll can work the same magic with a late rounder like Fannin. The guy has hof tools to work with. the light just needs to come on. LOL............

Dying...I know nothing about M.Fannin. I don't remember him at all. Why is he rated so low?

Mario Fannin definitely has the speed and size to be a young Ricky Williams! LOL...........


He was 3rd string rb at Auburn. He opened eyes being 5'10 231lbs and running a 4.37 4oyd dash.

I know he was 3rd string at Auburn, but with those tools if the lights come on look out! LOL...........


Thanks for the post regarding your Jones thoughts.

I will hold serve with my combo of Jones in the 3rd and TE Julius Thomas later.(4-5?) not sure after watching a super athlete but raw as heck TE J. Graham go to N.O. last year in the third.

I am not sold on any of the 3 TEs you mentioned having 3rd ability. I don't see any of them as strong as I viewed J. Graham or even Hernandez.

I believe you have nailed it with the DNA thinking on the F.O.'s modus operandi though. In Ireland's conflabs with Boss Ross and his own scrutiny of the roster, I feel they need to seriously "UN-Learn" the "Draft a big, ugly, strong, slow Cromagnon type" in order to be successful mantra BP had drilled into them.

The Fins are a step slow and a dollar late to too many NFL dances. If they error I hope to shout they error on the SPEEDY side.

Speaking of speed,..."How bout dat Taiwan Jones!" to borrow an old JJ term slightly bastardized of course. LOL

Like you said, after him uncorking those unGodly numbers at his Pro Day I fear he may bounce ahead of our round 3 choice.

My Combo is Taiwain Jones, Julius Thomas... Final answer! =)


Later fin4life,

Have a good one bro! Catch you on the flip.


in 2010 Fannin had 61 carries for 395 yds for a 6.5ypc at Auburn.

They havenet even worn the new off of his tires yet at Auburn. Kid could be a real steal at 6th rd.

Im out guys. catch youses tomorrow new day! LOL..........


1366 career rushing yards as 5th year guy with his weight and speed?

Doesn't the lack of production sort of scare you?

I mean 6th round is more of a flyer so if they did I would see why and would not go against it but, just curious about your thoughts...




The guys has top 5 1st rd speed and size. if you can get him 6th rd and figure out how to make the lights come on you got yourself a free top 5 overall pick.

With a 6th rd pick I would take chance on him being a bust. But no higher.

But a guy that big and fast you'll find a way to at least get something out of him. LOL..........

Rob...Cool. I would have absolutley no problem with that. Julius Thomas is another BSC guy that I have had the priveledge to see. He was a year one starter, and all Big Sky selection. The game he played against Montana he only had one catch(it was the Griz, not Julius'fault) The next week against the State JV(Montana state) he reeled off a 75 yard td run and catch, and went for close to 2 bills recieving.

I saw the highlights of the JV game, but started to understand they Hype around him. The troubling thing about Thomas, is 1 he only played the single year(the fcs thing doesn't fly with me,good players at this level)and against the top 2 defensive squads(Montana, and Eastern Washington) he was totaly shut down.

He has all the upside in the world,no doubt. But I think that he is more of a 6th-7th rounder in a better class. since he cannot control that, he may be drafted a bit higher than his true value. Trust me, I reallylike Thomas. but I think he would be better served with a year on the practice squad. Just because he is so raw...but undeniably talented


On Fannin I LOVE those triangle numbers!!!

I am puzzled and a bit scared of him as to why he didn't post more ferocious numbers?

He was a 5th year player and couldn't crack into the starting role with that size, speed ratio?

It kind of tells me he may not be the football player his numbers indicate.

I mean Ronnie Brown was behind Caddilac Williams and has the "go along" personality not to argue or campaign for more PT. I am sure he never beat up the coaches about lack of playing time after seeing him with the Fins.

Some really great RBs would pitch a fit after having such low carry totals in some Fins games. Ronnie being the true company guy barely squawks and tows the company line.


Maybe even drop him down to around 220lbs to make him alittle quicker and more elusive. May be thats the key.

Thanks for the 411 on the your Julius Thomas info DD!

I appreciate the input and will weigh it for the big "Mock-A-Thon" lol

I gotta hit the hay!


Thanks to all that chimed in...good stuff folks.

Who knows, maybe the answer could be simple as he just played too heavy even though he did still have the blazing speed. Dropping at least 10-11 lbs could give him the quickness he needs to be over the top.

231lbs at only 5'10 is pretty hefty for his frame.

Ingrams about the same height/build and only plays at 215lbs. Maybe he would be beast playing at 215lbs. Think about it.

...My damn spelling and punctuation sucks tonight. Even worse then normal. Man o man would Ms. Evans be upset.

Marshall hands down. No debate. Don't let Henne affecting him blind you. The Beast has made shi@#y quarterbacks look good, that's how shi#@y Henne is.


I had advanced English classes all throughout high school and most times I still suck at this! LOL.............

....yeah I'm out too. Supposed to go fishing tommorow. Blue wing olives on the Yellowstone....If this snow frickin stops.

Dumb Question, & a no brainer, of course he was worth it, with horrible play calling he still had a decent season, the better question to ask is was it worth giving up Welker years back for nothing. Ahh an even better question than that what exactly were the dolphins thinking when they repalced their O coord with with one who's offense was worse than theirs? QB development aside com on !!! Brad Childress????? last question & most important to Phins organization, what will you do in this years draft to prove that you are willing to pull the trigger on offensive fire?

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many teams trying to trade down. jeffy won't find a sucker to take his 15. he will pick a lineman with a plastic ankle.

I'd rather have the picks and the cap space back. For his talking, too many dropped balls and how can he not know his routes?! C'mon!!

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What good is a receiver if you don't have a quarterback?

We got the cart before the horse on this one.

I am glad to have him in Miami, but to move up we need better quarterback play.

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Armando. Seriously? Given the Dolphins track record in the Draft I'd MUCH rather have Marshall than those two picks. God only knows what bust-loser the Idiocracy would've drafted.


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i've been thinking about tawain jones and how much attention he has been getting of late and i think that his projection is not where he will end up being drafted. he was, at one point, projected to go in the 5th rd. most recently he was move up to the 3rd rd. a team like new england that has 6 picks in the first 3 rds could decide to just snatch him off the board in the 2nd because they CAN. i wouldn't be surprised to see belichek do something like that. if he likes him enough to target him in the 3rd he may not want to take the chance someone else would draft him before he got the chance. so, if we are successful in trading down and if ireland is on board with this kid i wouldn't be against taking him one round early so no one else has a chance at him.



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