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Jeff Ireland has his say -- all of it right here

I've written and spoken a lot of words the past three days leading up to and during this draft. I'm tagging out.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is tagging in.

This is what he said Friday night after the second round was complete and the Dolphins picked Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas. You tell me (and him) what you think of what he said.

Heeeeere's Jeff Ireland:

(Opening Statement) - “We moved up from the middle of 3rd round and picked up Daniel Thomas, running back from Kansas State. What we like about Daniel is that he is a physical runner; [He is] big, very versatile. He can run, he can catch; He has good play speed. You guys have tweeted that he is a 4.7 [40-yard dash] guy. This guy was a 4.55 [40-yard dash] for us, verified. He probably has better speed then running backs that went [higher in the draft] then him, timed speed. [We] like the player; very physical kind of guy, our kind of guy, very physical. Once he gets to the second level, he can make linebackers miss, he can make [the] secondary miss. He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback. That intrigues me that he has been able to accomplish what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. He has a lot of upside as a player. Like I said, he is six-foot 230, runs a 4.5 [40-yard dash]. Those are all good qualities."

(On the one attribute that was appealing enough to move up in the draft to get him) – “He is a big, physical runner. That is what we are looking for. His versatility [as well].  He is one of the backs that shows he can block the blitz. He can also catch on third down. Just his versatility was what we were looking for."

(On his negotiations with the Washington Redskins to move up in the draft) – “I probably talked to Washington five times throughout the day and you noticed Washington moved down a couple of times. They kept calling me, calling me, calling me and then quite frankly I saw a lot of running backs going and that intrigued me… saw some teams in the top of the third round that concerned me [and that they may select] the [running] back I was coveting might go there. So that is why I went up and got him."

(On how much he helps solidify the running back position) – “He helps solidify the running back position just like [Mike] Pouncey helps solidify the offensive line. Like I said, he is our kind of guy. He is physical and he got good play speed. We have work to do at every position still. I think we still have work to do at the running back position whether it be free agency or the draft but he helps us for sure.”

(On what the selection means for Ronnie Brown) – “It means that we have one more player to compete if we ask him to come back. I wouldn’t look into Ronnie or Ricky [Williams’] future around here as being over. I wouldn’t do that.”

(On if he thinks he stills needs to address the team seed issue at some point) – “Well we got four picks left tomorrow…Yeah, I’m still trying to do that for sure…but that was a position that I thought we needed to try to get better at and I think we did.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ background playing quarterback and the team running the wildcat and if that was something that intrigued him most due to the potential of him playing the wildcat factor) – “Not necessarily, I wasn’t looking for that. I was looking for a running back. That’s what intrigued me about this kid is that this guy knows how to run the football.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ fumble history and what he thinks about that)—“(You know) whenever you got a guy that has put the ball in the ground you look into it…and it wasn’t that much of a concern. I’m aware of that I think he had six fumbles this year. I was more intrigued with the forty runs over ten yards and the…I think he had fifteen or sixteen runs over twenty yards, so. I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.” 

(On what running back came to mind that Daniel Thomas can be compared to in his opinion)—“(You know) I don’t want to throw that out there. I know I did that earlier with (Mark) Ingram but I think that it puts a little bit of undue pressure on the kid. I had a couple of guys in mind that are pretty successful in this business currently today but I’d rather not put that kind of pressure on the kid to be honest with you." 

(On how many times did he meet with Daniel Thomas and what was his impression of him)—“Met with him a couple of times…we actually had him in the building not too long ago and (you know), great kid, engaging personality—everybody there at Kansas State from the scout’s standpoint really vouched for his character and his work ethic and his toughness and just really felt like his future was ahead of him.” 

(On Daniel Thomas comparing himself to Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson and if those are fair assessments in comparing him to)—“Those are guys that come to mind…there’s another running back that makes me think more of, but, those are a couple of them I guess but not the guy I was thinking of.” 

(On if it’s Adrian Peterson (follow up to previous question)—“No, not him.” 

(On if he feels like he still has ammunition to use at some point in the draft to trade if need be)—“Sure, yeah.” 

(On how he feels about Ryan Mallet)—“Like I said earlier, I like the kid. I think he’s got a great great future ahead of him. I just felt like it wasn’t the right fit for us at this time, so, but I like the kid very much. Again, I think he’s got a bright future.” 

(On the latest developments in the labor dispute) – “Well we just got to go with what the league is telling us. It is what it is; it was good to see the players yesterday, or today I should say, great to see some of those guys. I wish it would have lasted a little longer, but we’re in an unrest labor situation, so we just go with the flow.”

(On whether he feels he can still address the issue of team speed on day three of the draft) – “Yeah, I do see that. The draft is, again it’s a chain reaction and sometimes the things you want to address if they fall to you and you have your board set to be able to take those, great, but I’m not going to reach for a lesser player just to identify a player that may or may not be the right fit for us, so I’m not going to reach for a player. I’m going to let the draft fall to me, and if it fits our needs then we’ll take the player.” 

(On when Daniel Thomas appeared on his radar) – “Well he probably got on the radar back in last May at the Combine Meetings probably. That’s probably most of the time those are the first time I hear about some of these kids, and he was a one year player out of Junior College. That was probably the first time I had heard of the player. I didn’t take a visit to Kansas State two years ago, so I didn’t really know too much about him.” 

(On when he sees the Bills take Marcell Dareus, the Jets take two defensive tackles and with the Patriots already having Vince Wilfork if he is even more pleased with selecting Mike Pouncey) – “Sure, I mean I really like the Dareus kid and when I saw Buffalo take him, that’s not why I took Pouncey but it makes you feel good that you got him for sure. He’s going to be athletic, and he’s going to give us a lot of mobility up in the offensive line and also give us a lot of strength and power when we’re trying to run the ball inside as well.”


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I've heard this song before from Ireland apologists...amoung other picks I remember Pat White...I am SURE they had the inside info there huh!?!?!

Oh sure Parcells trys to take the bullet for that (ROFLMAO)...

Then comes this draft and we see the same type of picks...what happened? Did Parcells phone them in or something?

I'm not surprised at all that Davis took DeMarcus Van Dyke but that early is a huge reach... He is fast but didn't have a great year... I'm really liking the Chiefs picks so far... they've been killing it in the draft lately


We usually use 2 picks per player position. Under this fo we need 14 picks to get 7 players in a draft. LOL.......

Dying...I think I just overated Jones. Look at the backs that got drafted and they are all bigger and handle the ball more. Not enough value to take a guy that is situational at best. My mistake, should have realized this instead of getting caught up in trying to be right.. Guilty as charged!

Rodney Hudson
Justin Houston
Allen Bailey

I mean we need 14 picks to address 7 team positions per draft! LOL......

Want a sneak preview to the 2011 Dolphins season?

See the 2010 Dolphins Season.

I sit back and watch this sh*t unfold in utter dismay. All offseason of dreaming of new qb, promises of a franchise qb and this f**ken crap! I'm utterly disgusted, this team keeps building without a qb and no matter what they say they don't learn. After defending Ireland, it's time he goes. In my opinion he doesn't even deserve to finish this draft. I don't care what happens with pouncey and Thomas, the fact is qb after a freaking decade was and apparently is our most significant need. Henne stinks! Free agency has crap, so we are left with a big zero. Defended these idiots and now just disgust is left. The fact is they DID covet a qb in this draft, I believe it was locker as he was almost exactly what they said they wanted in a qb. Yet, they don't do what it takes to get him and to me that is the biggest issue in this draft. Do WHATEVER it take to GET THE QB U WANT. They didn't and this is absolutely disastrous. Ive never been more upset to be a fins fan and that says a lot, all I wanted to do is see them TRY.


Work on your math dude! We spent three picks (a 3rd, 5th, and 7th) for the right to draft Thomas. Too much. Dude is sssslllloooowwww. BTW, the "scheme we run" ranked 30th last year.


Some of the socalled experts overated Jones too. I heard some say Jones may jump into the 2nd rd! LOL...............

I really wish there was a way to ban annoying trollers like ALoco and IrelandSucks.

The best draft so far, IMO, belongs to the Detroit Lions. They are no longer cellar dwellers. We are the new Detroit. Just hotter and sunnier. And less smog.

The lockout is back on, officially, now. No more playbooks to players. Let's hope the FO was smart enough to distribute them today. This CBA mess is getting really old.

Goodnight all. See you tomorrow.

I don't see how anyone who has been paying close attention to Ireland and Sparano over the last few years would thing they would draft Jones. Everything Ireland said in this blog is no different that what he and TS have demonstrated all along. TS, at least up until know, is not giving any RB who can't block a chance.


ALoco and DyingBreed are ugly trollers. Ban them from the message board!

Who even cares, even if Thomas turns out to be great, were still screwed for years to come as for some reason we still don't even have a potential franchise qb.

I've honestly given up, f*ck ireland, f*ck Ross - forget them a!! as were yet again another year behind from developing a qb and eventually becoming a contender. Why have Marshall, long, whoever else without a qb

Ireland loves drafts to make the fanbase go "WHO?" Anyone know who Daniel Thomas was until last week? I didnt.

If not for Pouncey's brother and playing for the Gators. How many of us know "WHO" the hell he is right now.

We have 4 more rds to give our best "whoot owl" impressions. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."

Good thing the lockout is back. Ireland was going to trade Marshall to get the 5 and 7 back.


take your own name's advice. I don't care about whatever nonsense you've worked up in your head. In essence we only lost 2 picks because we traded up to get that late 2nd which would have been a 3rd. Moral of the story is crack is wack.

The Dolphins trade for Daniel Thomas actually netted them positive value compared to Washington when using a draft point system. If he puts up a 1,000 yards next year all you trollers are going to look very dumb.


Seriously you know nothing about football. Go back to your Eharmony account please.




0x80...I probably owe you a you were right about Jones shout. We went back and forth about him a lot...It is becoming clear to me that he won't be our 4th round pick. Not likely he makes it to round 6... Oh well it's okay to be wrong when its just on the blog.


Thomas will be 24 in Oct.

4 picks including a top 15 for two players.

Neither a sure fire starter.

I don't know this but I'll bet any amount of money that the playbooks didn't get out. These guys don't get anything right, what would make this any different.

I think I'm gonna have somebody drive me to the hospital I'm having chest pains.

I'm leaving my ID at home and telling them my names Jeff Ireland. He deserves to get the bill for this.

Pouncey and Thomas so far IMO looks like the offense is already much improved...
Now if we could land a TE or WR we are in buisness... Taiwan Jones in the 3rd rd was a reach his stock rose way too much over just a 40 time. He is injury prone and played for ECU not very good competition there... His value is late 4th rd early 5th. Not surprised about Vereen going early he had 31 reps at 225 and 4.45 40 Pats are drafting great



Let me break down for you in simple terms - we...spent...three...picks...to...get...one...(slow) guy.

Capisce, you beer-swigging dullard?

Read a book

Will I look as dumb as Ireland?

Why does everyone think that Pouncey will play center for the Dolphins? Miami does not pull its centers on run plays only the guards. Incognito is good at straight foward blocking but he cannot pull worth a crap(to slow) Pouncey can pull and reminds me of Smiley before he got hurt. Mark my words Pouncey will be the starting LG.
unless they pick up a free agent or Garner really comes on this year.

Nope cause when you look dumb he's obviously gonna look smart. Dur

DB I've been talking about Thomas for a while but I thought he'd be gone top 50 so I ceased that talk thinking it'd be impossible to swing without a trade down... Mando had him in his trade down mock last week as well... I like Runners with height and nice hands... He has a lot of upside Some people had him rated as the 2nd best back available...

I agree with you NFLBS. Incognito is not mobile enough to be truly effective pulling to the second level. Pouncey can abuse people one on one we need him pulling early and often.

Read a book,

Thomas won't get 1,000 yards if your spot him 400. He looks seriously slow and the running lanes won't be so big or stay open as long as in college.

As far as Pouncey goes he is almost certainly immediate starter at C.
If Ronnie doesn't return then Thomas is the starter as well undoubtedly...

we gave up three picks for a RB that was gonna be there when we picked 17 slots later..not a bright move! These two idiots couldn't run a lemonade stand much less a NFL team. Hope we enjoy being an 8-8 team because thats what we have with this lack of leadership... and anyone that thinks different lives in never never land...


His success is also completely dependent on having a healthy OL and not switching the damn rotation every week. Figure it out in the preseason and then stick to one rotation and yes I fully expect Thomas (barring a D Williams signing) to get 1,000 yards next year

Here's hoping anyway

I like the idea of hard nosed running with Thomas to the left side with Long, Incognito, and Pouncey.

Read a book,

I hope you're right and if so, I'll be the first to admit I was WRONG...but, I'm not feeling it based on what I've seen of him. In fact, Williams and Brown both appear to quicker and faster than this guy and they're both on the downside of their careers.


Pouncey should play LG not Center. Miami does not pull thier centers unless they plan no changing thier blocking schemes this year. Miami does not need a quick/fast center they need that in thier guards. Pouncey best atribute is that he is quick/fast that makes him a better fit a guard where he played two years.

The angry Dolphins are definitely going to get what they wanted for if these picks don't turn into a playoff birth (and a strong showing that game). I'm optimistic but this is a do or die year for Ireland and/or Sparano.

Daniel Thomas junior yr he led the conference BIG 12 in rushing attempts and yards 247-1,265 11 tds , caught 25 for 257 yards and completed 3-4 passes for 50yrds and TD. senior year 1,585 yrds and 19 TDs and 27 catches for 171 receiving going 4-8 as QB with a TD and 1 int

Ireland and Sparano have no stones...can't make a splashy pick...can't wait to watch robot Henne compete with 0 pro starts Kolb, 4 times reparied Pennington, or Half and arm Palmer...maybe we'll go 2-14 and we can get Luck...only to pass on him for a punter

Lots of good value at RB in the later rounds.

Not when you spend three picks to get him.

A top 15 pick on a interior lineman. Questionable at best. Especially when your not sure where he'll be starting.

Look at it anyway you want, from a value standpoint, Ireland lost his frickin mind.

Whether or not Pouncey and Thomas pan out, Ireland is a laughing stock.

Manic Depression full straight and miss........

I cannot imagine what peeps would be saying on this blog if we were all Raider fans. So to all of you who thought this was a bad draft so far be glad you are not a raider fan. HAHA

Tyrone Biggums aka getagrip,
You're just proving my point further ...

Either way Pouncey will be a starter for an interior line that needed much help... Great pickup

Yeah, if Pouncey can't cut it at center, then drafting him at 15 looks foolish - you just don't draft guards that high.


I agree because we did try to trade down but could not. So they had no choice but to pick him at 15. I see nothing wrong with that.

I do agree with you NFLBS although our need is greater to fill at C.
It'd be on the coaching staff to make new run schemes based on strengths...

i know 90% of running backs stay low but, i can think of a few very highly successful backs with a straight up running style, seems adrian peterson use's this style of running, i remember a great marcus allen running this way, and does any one recall a guy named eric dickerson? but what did he ever do right? sure most backs dont or cant do it but maybe this guy is one of the real few who can pull it off. lets not lose hope yet fella's.

"Either way Pouncey will be a starter for an interior line that needed much help... Great pickup."

Posted by: beerphin

That statement illustrates better than anything that I could say why beerphin is simply not a smart person. To recap: It's not just what you get, beerphin. How much you pay for it matters too!

To wit: Robert Gallery was drafted pretty high as a cornerstone, franchise LT several years ago. Do you think the Raiders felt like he was great pickup when they moved him (and his ridiculous, cap-crippling salary) to guard?

We got one of the best running backs in the draft. Get over the picks mumbo jumbo. We get it.


Its not that he could not start at center it is because he is a great at pulling and Maimi does not need a center to pull. They need thier guards to pull. Incognito fits at center for this team because he cannot pull worth a crap but he is good at straight up blocking. Poucey can pull which means he would fit better in thier scheme at guard. Bottom line is he was the best rated interior lineman in the draft by far so Miami took him.

At best, this pick was a reach. Only the Miami Dolphins could put this much into a second tier runningback. Even if he works out and becomes a pro-bowl player, it was still too much, for a team with so many needs, to pay. With the exception of Jake Long, Miami has not made a single quality draft pick in 15 years. I was willing to give them the benefit of a doubt after Pouncy thinking, "we still have time..." Now though I see that it will be the same old crap. I can only hope that Iraland is flipping burgers at the Tasty Freeze this time next year.

"Get over the picks mumbo jumbo. We get it."

Posted by: TC

"Mumbo jumbo"? I thought it was a pretty straight-forward analysis.


Watch some clips of him.

It looks to me like his upright style is being exagerated. He looks pretty athletic for a big guy. Moreso than Ricky or Ronnie.

The one negative thing that did catch my eye was the way he carries the ball. He won't get away with that at this level.

It's a coacable thing.

Pouncey is a beast. The Steelers got the 2nd best offensive rookie last year at around 17-19... His impact was felt and I'm sure they would have picked his Bro at 15 too if they had the chance...
Mike Iupati went 15 last year and the 49ers came out with their starting LG for years to come... great move... Pouncey would have gone before 20 prolly to the Patriots at 17 if we hadn't picked him up... The run game was horrendous last year and it wasn't because of the backs... A lot had to do with the interior line and OC. Ronnie and Ricky didn't just fall off as pro athletes for no reason... If anything they should have had better years becuz they were healthy. The line needed to be addressed seriously...

ok so not only is getagrip a crackhead but a obsessive compulsive tard

In fact I believe he was the secound best rated OL in the draft only behind the T that the cowboys took 9th overall.

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