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Jeff Ireland has his say -- all of it right here

I've written and spoken a lot of words the past three days leading up to and during this draft. I'm tagging out.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is tagging in.

This is what he said Friday night after the second round was complete and the Dolphins picked Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas. You tell me (and him) what you think of what he said.

Heeeeere's Jeff Ireland:

(Opening Statement) - “We moved up from the middle of 3rd round and picked up Daniel Thomas, running back from Kansas State. What we like about Daniel is that he is a physical runner; [He is] big, very versatile. He can run, he can catch; He has good play speed. You guys have tweeted that he is a 4.7 [40-yard dash] guy. This guy was a 4.55 [40-yard dash] for us, verified. He probably has better speed then running backs that went [higher in the draft] then him, timed speed. [We] like the player; very physical kind of guy, our kind of guy, very physical. Once he gets to the second level, he can make linebackers miss, he can make [the] secondary miss. He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback. That intrigues me that he has been able to accomplish what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. He has a lot of upside as a player. Like I said, he is six-foot 230, runs a 4.5 [40-yard dash]. Those are all good qualities."

(On the one attribute that was appealing enough to move up in the draft to get him) – “He is a big, physical runner. That is what we are looking for. His versatility [as well].  He is one of the backs that shows he can block the blitz. He can also catch on third down. Just his versatility was what we were looking for."

(On his negotiations with the Washington Redskins to move up in the draft) – “I probably talked to Washington five times throughout the day and you noticed Washington moved down a couple of times. They kept calling me, calling me, calling me and then quite frankly I saw a lot of running backs going and that intrigued me… saw some teams in the top of the third round that concerned me [and that they may select] the [running] back I was coveting might go there. So that is why I went up and got him."

(On how much he helps solidify the running back position) – “He helps solidify the running back position just like [Mike] Pouncey helps solidify the offensive line. Like I said, he is our kind of guy. He is physical and he got good play speed. We have work to do at every position still. I think we still have work to do at the running back position whether it be free agency or the draft but he helps us for sure.”

(On what the selection means for Ronnie Brown) – “It means that we have one more player to compete if we ask him to come back. I wouldn’t look into Ronnie or Ricky [Williams’] future around here as being over. I wouldn’t do that.”

(On if he thinks he stills needs to address the team seed issue at some point) – “Well we got four picks left tomorrow…Yeah, I’m still trying to do that for sure…but that was a position that I thought we needed to try to get better at and I think we did.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ background playing quarterback and the team running the wildcat and if that was something that intrigued him most due to the potential of him playing the wildcat factor) – “Not necessarily, I wasn’t looking for that. I was looking for a running back. That’s what intrigued me about this kid is that this guy knows how to run the football.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ fumble history and what he thinks about that)—“(You know) whenever you got a guy that has put the ball in the ground you look into it…and it wasn’t that much of a concern. I’m aware of that I think he had six fumbles this year. I was more intrigued with the forty runs over ten yards and the…I think he had fifteen or sixteen runs over twenty yards, so. I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.” 

(On what running back came to mind that Daniel Thomas can be compared to in his opinion)—“(You know) I don’t want to throw that out there. I know I did that earlier with (Mark) Ingram but I think that it puts a little bit of undue pressure on the kid. I had a couple of guys in mind that are pretty successful in this business currently today but I’d rather not put that kind of pressure on the kid to be honest with you." 

(On how many times did he meet with Daniel Thomas and what was his impression of him)—“Met with him a couple of times…we actually had him in the building not too long ago and (you know), great kid, engaging personality—everybody there at Kansas State from the scout’s standpoint really vouched for his character and his work ethic and his toughness and just really felt like his future was ahead of him.” 

(On Daniel Thomas comparing himself to Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson and if those are fair assessments in comparing him to)—“Those are guys that come to mind…there’s another running back that makes me think more of, but, those are a couple of them I guess but not the guy I was thinking of.” 

(On if it’s Adrian Peterson (follow up to previous question)—“No, not him.” 

(On if he feels like he still has ammunition to use at some point in the draft to trade if need be)—“Sure, yeah.” 

(On how he feels about Ryan Mallet)—“Like I said earlier, I like the kid. I think he’s got a great great future ahead of him. I just felt like it wasn’t the right fit for us at this time, so, but I like the kid very much. Again, I think he’s got a bright future.” 

(On the latest developments in the labor dispute) – “Well we just got to go with what the league is telling us. It is what it is; it was good to see the players yesterday, or today I should say, great to see some of those guys. I wish it would have lasted a little longer, but we’re in an unrest labor situation, so we just go with the flow.”

(On whether he feels he can still address the issue of team speed on day three of the draft) – “Yeah, I do see that. The draft is, again it’s a chain reaction and sometimes the things you want to address if they fall to you and you have your board set to be able to take those, great, but I’m not going to reach for a lesser player just to identify a player that may or may not be the right fit for us, so I’m not going to reach for a player. I’m going to let the draft fall to me, and if it fits our needs then we’ll take the player.” 

(On when Daniel Thomas appeared on his radar) – “Well he probably got on the radar back in last May at the Combine Meetings probably. That’s probably most of the time those are the first time I hear about some of these kids, and he was a one year player out of Junior College. That was probably the first time I had heard of the player. I didn’t take a visit to Kansas State two years ago, so I didn’t really know too much about him.” 

(On when he sees the Bills take Marcell Dareus, the Jets take two defensive tackles and with the Patriots already having Vince Wilfork if he is even more pleased with selecting Mike Pouncey) – “Sure, I mean I really like the Dareus kid and when I saw Buffalo take him, that’s not why I took Pouncey but it makes you feel good that you got him for sure. He’s going to be athletic, and he’s going to give us a lot of mobility up in the offensive line and also give us a lot of strength and power when we’re trying to run the ball inside as well.”


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I argee that Pouncey was a good pick but please do not go out and Kill Getagrip because he does no think so. HAHA

pouncey, only caught a short reel on him so far, will check out some more today. but yes i agree his ball position did jump out at me. but as you say this can be corrected.

"ok so not only is getagrip a crackhead but a obsessive compulsive tard"

Posted by: beerphin

You really should go look back at your postings, dude. Then you might figure out who's OC (e.g., you're obsessively compelled to overlook the obvious and say that everything is "great").

Good day, sir! ;-)

I argee that Pouncey was a good pick but please do not go out and Kill Getagrip because he does no think so. HAHA

Posted by: NFLBS


If you really think about it Maimi made a better pick than the cowboys. Pouncey is ready to start at G or C .The cowboys will need to give thier 9th pick overall at least a half a season before he will start at LT. He only played RT at USC. Will need time to learn before he can be effective.

I"m sick of people saying we are having a bad draft! we got players who can come in right away and make a difference, i hate the HATERS, c'mon show some faith PHIN Fans!!!

Get a Grip...It is straightforward and we get it. We gave up a lot to hopefully get a lot. This is how it works for every team in the draft...I don't really see what the big deal is.

I don't know what name you usually post as or if your new here but Mike Pouncey and Daniel Thomas were guys I liked before the draft...
I liked Pouncey at 15 well before Mando even wrote that piece: Pouncey to the Dolphins Not Likely.
I thought he could be used as leverage to get the Steelers to give up a few picks with a tradeback and if not he'd be a starter on the line... I loved the picks before Ireland made them...
The only thing thats obvious to me is that u don't seem to get the original point I was making directed towards you which is that I don't care what you think.
It pains me to have to explain this to you multiple times becuz I'm tired from work and just wanted to put my 2cents in before my gf starts b!tching. On that note I'm off
-peace out girlscout


Be glad she is not your wife or she wouls already be B! Trust me I know I got married. HAHA


Haters? We simply disagree.

Surely, you recognize that there's room for debate since Pouncey and Thomas have done nothing in the NFL (and similarly, they haven't failed). I hope both turn out to be STUDS and cause every stinkin' Jets and Patriots fan to cry in his beer for the next 10 years, BUT, as somebody (Yogi Berra?) used to say, "I got my doubtfuls".

I guess had we drafted Ingram for all you (Ingram should go 15 cause hall of fame rb only go in the first round crowd),
all Dolphin problems would have been solved
and Jeff Ireland wuld hve been a genius.
I predicted D Thomas to be comboed with a faster rb ( Hunter/Devine/Rodgers) so tommorow the pick of one of them will happen.

And yes I want my cookie for telling you fools Ingram wasnt the pick , thats why he wasnt drated until 28.
What you want a combo of Ingram/marcus gilbert over Pouncy/Thomas???

Well I have to go
Just remember dolphin fans be gad you are not a raider fan. OUT

Next season 8&8 great !
All season same things wrong as last year!
Safe picks will kill them!
Past UP On Mark Ingram RB & QB Ryan mallet ,Justin Houston olb and Randall cobb WR just a few names that will be very good players!
How soon will these guy get fired!

I think Thomas looks a like a stud.

I would definately share a shower with him in the men's bathroom:---)

Miami has filled two (among many) needs so far in this draft. Everyone is always saying Ireland needs to find a guy he's passionate about and go and get him. Well, that's what he did! I like BOTH picks. It all starts up front. If you can't control the line of scrimmage, you lose the war. You can't run, you can't throw.
As far a Odrick is concerned, he won the starting job last year, and will have a big impact this year.
Most of the so-called fans in here are pathetic...

I can't believe all of the negativity that I am hearing about this draft.... Pouncey was a need lets face it people if your line cant run through a paper bag u will have problems that is what happened last year. The o line will become a strength look at the lineup. Daniel Thomas was a steal in the second round the man rushed for almost 1500 yards last year. The man will be an upgrade.... Many of you need to go crawl back into the holes u came from. negativity needs to belong to Buffalo not in Miami.... The only thing is now we need to draft more speed on offense.

Some people moan and complain know matter who gets picked.These people cry about everything in life.We have no master of the draft like New England BB.......

To Ireland-sucks

You make some valid points but

Thomas is 23
Brown is 29

Thomas is not almost as old as Ronnie

Scooter: Why don't YOU go do some research, dude? 11 fumbles in 2 years for Daniel Thomas. FACT. Easily findable if you spent 5 minutes googling "Daniel Thomas fumbling against"...

You site ONE freaking website (ESPN) who don't include all stats for every player. It is WELL documented, reported on ESPN and NFL Network during the draft, and easy to find if you do a little research, Parrot. Yes, Parrot, as in regurgitating nonsense that others say because it sounds nice.

Try FACTS. He was the WORST fumbler of the top 12 rated RB's in this draft. FACT'S. Get in the way when they don't match your opinion, huh? Here's one of them lazy-faker, "Receiving the ball once again, with a chance to take the lead, the unthinkable happened. K-State’s Heisman hopeful, Daniel Thomas, fumbled at the 50-yard line, giving the Knights great field position and a chance to take the lead once more."

Paragraph 10, sentence 3. Game, set, match.


Tommy K-

Try no running at combine or ALL important 10 yard split for RB's, because of Hammy issues. Then, at his pro day a 4.62 time that he wanted to run again because of the poor time... but OH NO! He CAN'T because he tweaked his quad. So, end of his pro day, right? Nooooooo. He skips rerunning a 40 but still does shuttle and 3 cone drills. Yeah, quad must have been BAD, SOOOO bad, right? Don't forget his LOW 40 time of 4.72. But somehow, Ireland and Co have magically timed him at 4.55. Riiiiight. Incredibly believable. What am I THINKING to be suspicious and doubting of the pick???

Some of you should check out a pick value chart. The #62 is worth more than #79, the 5th and 7th combined. Usually the upward mover pays out the butt.

Good trade.

FACTS Homers... those things you are averse to due to aqua colored glasses. It is FACT he had 8 fumbles as a SR and lost 6 of them. RESEARCH it lazy-bones!!! Google Daniel Thomas fumbles against and see his game by game fumbles. It is the WORST FUMBLING PROBLEM of ALL top 12 draftable backs, hands down.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! What a GREAT pick to trade up for ! A straight upright runner a la Brandon Jacobs, who will always gets hurt by the NFL physicality. Think maybe his 11 fumbles decrease in the NFL? BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... wrong. Think slow Sammy Smith.

But BRILLIANT pick. Our FO is the BEST! Most brilliant of all time! For SURE! YAY Sparano having input into our drafts! DOUBLE YAY YAY!!!!! Outdated power run game make me soooooooo excited and tingly! Not. BLECH.

Tommy K- Fine, I'll go back into my hole. My little hole of facts and knowledge. Buffalo is likely now better than us. They have a better QB, and better team speed, paired with a D that just got potentially studly with Darreus on hand. We split with them last year.

You know what would have been better? Hankerson or Vincent Brown or Jerrel Jernigan at our original pick, and keeping our draft picks... you know, instead of a fumbling machine slow guy? Then a RB or TE in round 4. How about DaRell Scott of 4.3 speed paired with Ronnie for a year? Or even Jacquizz Rodgers. duuum-dum-dum-dum-DUUUUUUUUUUM.

Id keep Fonnie Brown now and release Cobbs or Hilliard...neither are elite or will ever be..

The picks so far are ok...but we have given up an EXTRA pick not gained one for Thomas....EXPENSIVE...I dont know him...hee may be the next Csonk....but it is a top dolllar buy....hmmmm...

We need some serious speed on OFFENCE...next 4 picks are TE, speed receiver and special teams

Well, that's his philosophy, leave him alone(Ireland). If Ross has not meddled in the selection of picks then certainly I'm not the one to crucify Ireland now. Again,leave him alone. We just have to wait to see how the picks pan out. Besides, is anybody 100% sure how those players will develop one way or another?

From Jeff Ireland:

Yeah, we really liked the physicality of this guy. He's physical. I was intrigued by how physical he is. This is OUR kind of player." Same blowhard dialogue - you can insert ANY player's name in this sort of self-serving diatribe from Jeff Ireland, et al because what is the opposite? Looking for "the player" that *isn't* a physical guy? Looking for the player that *has a poor work ethic*? Looking for the player that has *NO upside*. I'm so sick of these circular questions and answers that really are such silly cliches. And now my being sick and tired of the Dolphins and the front office personnel and wasteful draft after draft, year after year, is getting cliche. Year after year, the same thing from these asshats. And then sprinkle in a little player/owner dischord. As fans we keep getting kicked in the teeth but yet each year we ask for more.

Hope we get DJ Williams in the 4th. Great guy, great hands, and he is a beast after the catch

How is the RB worth 3 Picks????
That is all I want to know....

Solid picks. THE best interior lineman of the draft AND a top 5 back. BOTH positions of need. The trade up was a WIN for the dolphins. They got into the second round w/out giving up a 1st or 2nd in next years draft. Yes- QB is a need, but this year the QB's are waaay over-valued and RB's are conversely UNDERVALUED this year. With so many teams taking these QBs early it gives the Phins a better chance to land theirs in free agency or next years draft.

Honestly, stop TRASHING the team. Same dudes that are doin all the b!tchin will be cheering the loudest come playoff time. Probably all have crispy new Culpepper jerseys still hanging in the closet. Quit cryin or jump on some other bandwagon. Fair-weather trolls.

I think Ireland is smoking crack!!!!

The real question wasn't who he should take at 15, but rather how much coud he trade down for??? "the phones were not ringing"... what an idiot answere. If you are a salesman and that is your excuse, you would get fired!!!!

We could have EASILY traded the 15th pic for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th round pick and had:

2nd rnd -1
3rd rnd -2
4th rnd -2
5th rnd -1
6th rnd -1
7th rnd -3
total of 10 pics

Instead we are down to 5. Ponce also cost us potentially 3 top picks and there were a great deal of gaurds available between 2 and 4 that would have been fine!!!

We then could have traded one of the 3rd roun picks for ANOTHER 2nd next year which is what the patriots did. Wonder why they have wond the division so many years and we are below 500?

couldn't have said it better myself. the fact that miami didn't make the same type of move to get one of the qb's shows more intelligence on their part than the fans are giving them credit for. look at tennessee and minnesota. if i'm one of their fans i'm pissed right now. in addition, some of them are saying, "who is daniel thomas?" they've never heard of the guy but they pull him on a few sites and read about him and now they think they are experts qualified to judge. as for his speed they aren't taking into account his size. mark ingram is a smaller back and runs the same 40 time and same ten yd split. so, for his size he is FAST. too many people are splitting hairs with this 40 time. the significant time is the 10 yd split. it shows the acceleration of the back. thomas' ten yd split was a 1.54 at his pro day. that's impressive for a guy his size.

i wasn't a big thomas fan b4 the draft but he certainly fits miami's (ts- coz that's the type of guy i am) ground+ pound plans, it won't be exciting watching them play but if they win we won't care we'll lap up the g+p style, successful g+p can lead to some killer passing game plays too, if they lose doing it it will be more painful than watching them lose with guns blazing, it will be awful

i think guys r always a bit over the top on the negative side when we don't pick exciting players and fair enough

my biggest disappointment was the trade up, i don't think that thomas was so great a potential as to be worth that, however unlike most here i still think its too early to judge ireland (esp w/o bp) on his drafting ability

no-one knows what odricks gonna do yet or whether the injuries will continue, edds and jerry are still awaiting performance assessment too

i also feel that daboll's role in utilising what we do have is critical and a big unknown

overall i think we should have waited and gone bpa but i think the pics so far are ok, not my choice but ok

no ireland is 5/10 for ingenuity and 7.5/10 for players picked on my scorecard

Crazy scenario: with our improved offensive line, a rb that can run and pass/run out of the wildcat, the resigning of ronnie, adding prima donna 1 vince young to throw to prima donna 2 brandon marshall, and henne using his canon arm to a flash wr...how's that for ammo n fireworks? On a serious tone, I like the picks so far, ireland just put his job on the line so I am confident thomas will be a starter

so, who is the super talented player we were going to take with the 7th rd pick we gave away for thomas that was going to lead us to the superbowl? too many people yapping about giving away three picks for thomas but who is the great player we would have picked up in the 7th rd that would be an impact player? let's hear it.

I didn't read all of the above so if someone already said this sorry for the reps. Anyone else upset with how the Fins manage their draft process? How does New England all those picks thru the first two rounds and the Fins 2? How is it they decided to stay with franchise loser Henne and watch a great class of QB's go to the competition? Fins are destined to suck for years. Way to go Ross. Had your chance to bounce Ireland & Tony out of the door for Coher and a real staff.

Now time to add a starter potential TE on 4th, a defensive starter (Nolan will decide who) on 6th and special teams on 7th, on FA mr Ross to open cheque book for a QB and possibly RB

having a lot of picks means nothing if you're not using them to pick players who will impact your team. the most impressive pick new england has had to this point is ras-i dowling. other than that their draft has really been mediocre when you consider the talent on the board when they were ready to pick. take a look at who they picked to this point:

nate solder- aldon smith destroyed solder in college. i can't imagine what nfl pass rushers will do to this kid. he has nice feet when run blocking but his pass blocking sucks and his height is going to be a negative for him. when all is said and done solder in the first is going to be a bad pick.

shane vereen- vereen didn't have great numbers in college. there was better talent on the board when new england picked him. in the past you would say it didn't matter because new england's line was the reason they ran so well but they have questions on their line now with age and free agency. so, this pick wasn't anything to write home about.

stevan ridley- ridley was a huge reach where belichek took him. he was the #16 rated running back in the draft projected to go at #175 which puts him in the 5th rd.

ryan mallet-the pelican can throw the ball but all of the issues he had on the field against the better competition and his lack of mobility make him a target for the nfl defenses he will face. it's a good thing for him he doesn't need to start immediately because he can sit and learn but mallet doesn't have a quick release like marino that will allow him to escape pressure from pass rushers. the guy has talent but his lack of mobility screams target.

all in all, when i look at what belichek did with his picks i think he got a little too cute this time around and the belichek mystique is starting to crumble. we will see how these picks pan out for the pats but there was better talent on the board that could have helped that team more. solder was one of the worst left tackles available when new england picked. costanzo and carimi were still on the board.

when the pats took vereen, leshoure and thomas were still available. ridley was a fifth rd projection taken 2 rds too early. belichek probably could have gotten him in the 4th if he was so inclined but, chances are, the way everything was going ridley would have been sitting there waiting in the 5th. he could have taken derrick locke with that pick instead. so, i'm sure there are pats fans sitting around doing some complaining about belichek's picks to this point. oh, wait a minute. just saw these guys:

kendall hunter
bilal powell
jordan todman
charles clay
jacquizz rodgers

all still available when the pats picked up ridley. so, there ya go.




chill guys.........Marion Barber should be released by dallas....

Thomas looks good to me, and the sportsblitz show on ESPN (all college staff) who know/see Thomas and have more insight, SAY he is a beast and love the pick


Aloco....the guy had zero (0) fumbles in his to years......so your full of crap on that issue.....please stick to facts and/or opinions....out right lies don't due anybody any good.....link below


we could really use a tight end but if we pick any of these guys in the 4th i would be happy:

edmond gates
bilal powell
kendall hunter

i wouldn't mind seeing them pick up another running back to go along with thomas. either powell or hunter would be good additions. it's hard to pass up on gates in that position, though, if he ends up falling to us.

as far as tight end is concerned we still may be able to get julius thomas later. i wouldn't be surprised to see ireland trade back into the fifth rd before everything is said and done to get the pick. if he does there is a good chance that is where they would pick thomas and get our te.

Aloco...nobody is talking QB because they QB we were all talking went to NE...please pay attention...lol

i thought so myself but it seems as though the espn stats don't show fumbles for anyone for some reason. if you look on the cbs site it clarifies that. that being said, i'm not worried because that can be corrected. he's got the speed, size and production and was picked in the correct rd.

Ireland traded away all our picks because it was interfering with his watching the Royal Wedding!

nothing has changed. fins decide to go with ground and pound;injuries to rb's and oline will be many. tony will play with positions on line. it will take us all day to get a TD if all goes well on a 15 play drive. we could have taken a cb who can return punts and kicks;forgot his name but some team after us got him instead. ireland/sparano gotta go. we draft a pulling guard to make him a center so we dont appear stupid? thomas,like brandon jacobs,will stay injured thru a short career.




3- IN 2010,2011....HE FUMBLED THE BALL 11 TIMES .




Dm 1 Dolphan.....

I agree...and I Owe Aloco an Apology.....SadFinStuckinMud has posted a solid link.....guess I should have read the whole blog first.....but I am 100% wrong.....and Thomas has fumbled at least once.....

so there may be more out there....


we had another bad draft so far. nothing has changed with ireland or sparano. their picks confirm they are clueless. who was worst; cam or jeff? its close. pouncey is a small center(?),taken early. thomas runs upright and will remain injury prone. what happened to team speed and offensive weapons?


Here is what I think:

Plan is to pound the rock and keep Brady on the sideline and Henne handing the ball with a throw every now and then to RB than catches the ball.

Go Phins!


IN 2010-2011....... HE FUMBLED 11 TIMES .


the real question remains; is there any chance we can beat out the bills to stay out of the cellar? they have a better qb and coach! and a much smaller payroll!

He better be good or it is another screwed up pick, Ronnie can still play people, so can Ricky they just need a few holes from time to time and a qb that can complete a pass down field , Which I guess these guys don't think we need.

Aloco...your Apology is well deserved...if I'M WRONG...I HAVE NO PROBLEMS ADMITTING IT....her or anywhere else...

but I still haven't seen all these fumbles that you keep writing about...and I have googled numerous scouting reports....

Can you provide a link to the one you are getting yor info from.....


Aloco.....its in the post as well.....lol
(On Daniel Thomas’ fumble history and what he thinks about that)—“(You know) whenever you got a guy that has put the ball in the ground you look into it…and it wasn’t that much of a concern. I’m aware of that I think he had six fumbles this year. I was more intrigued with the forty runs over ten yards and the…I think he had fifteen or sixteen runs over twenty yards, so. I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.

Aloco...your link is brokem....but its in the post right out of Irelands's mouth....thats good enough for me...



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