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Jeff Ireland has his say -- all of it right here

I've written and spoken a lot of words the past three days leading up to and during this draft. I'm tagging out.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is tagging in.

This is what he said Friday night after the second round was complete and the Dolphins picked Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas. You tell me (and him) what you think of what he said.

Heeeeere's Jeff Ireland:

(Opening Statement) - “We moved up from the middle of 3rd round and picked up Daniel Thomas, running back from Kansas State. What we like about Daniel is that he is a physical runner; [He is] big, very versatile. He can run, he can catch; He has good play speed. You guys have tweeted that he is a 4.7 [40-yard dash] guy. This guy was a 4.55 [40-yard dash] for us, verified. He probably has better speed then running backs that went [higher in the draft] then him, timed speed. [We] like the player; very physical kind of guy, our kind of guy, very physical. Once he gets to the second level, he can make linebackers miss, he can make [the] secondary miss. He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback. That intrigues me that he has been able to accomplish what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. He has a lot of upside as a player. Like I said, he is six-foot 230, runs a 4.5 [40-yard dash]. Those are all good qualities."

(On the one attribute that was appealing enough to move up in the draft to get him) – “He is a big, physical runner. That is what we are looking for. His versatility [as well].  He is one of the backs that shows he can block the blitz. He can also catch on third down. Just his versatility was what we were looking for."

(On his negotiations with the Washington Redskins to move up in the draft) – “I probably talked to Washington five times throughout the day and you noticed Washington moved down a couple of times. They kept calling me, calling me, calling me and then quite frankly I saw a lot of running backs going and that intrigued me… saw some teams in the top of the third round that concerned me [and that they may select] the [running] back I was coveting might go there. So that is why I went up and got him."

(On how much he helps solidify the running back position) – “He helps solidify the running back position just like [Mike] Pouncey helps solidify the offensive line. Like I said, he is our kind of guy. He is physical and he got good play speed. We have work to do at every position still. I think we still have work to do at the running back position whether it be free agency or the draft but he helps us for sure.”

(On what the selection means for Ronnie Brown) – “It means that we have one more player to compete if we ask him to come back. I wouldn’t look into Ronnie or Ricky [Williams’] future around here as being over. I wouldn’t do that.”

(On if he thinks he stills needs to address the team seed issue at some point) – “Well we got four picks left tomorrow…Yeah, I’m still trying to do that for sure…but that was a position that I thought we needed to try to get better at and I think we did.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ background playing quarterback and the team running the wildcat and if that was something that intrigued him most due to the potential of him playing the wildcat factor) – “Not necessarily, I wasn’t looking for that. I was looking for a running back. That’s what intrigued me about this kid is that this guy knows how to run the football.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ fumble history and what he thinks about that)—“(You know) whenever you got a guy that has put the ball in the ground you look into it…and it wasn’t that much of a concern. I’m aware of that I think he had six fumbles this year. I was more intrigued with the forty runs over ten yards and the…I think he had fifteen or sixteen runs over twenty yards, so. I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.” 

(On what running back came to mind that Daniel Thomas can be compared to in his opinion)—“(You know) I don’t want to throw that out there. I know I did that earlier with (Mark) Ingram but I think that it puts a little bit of undue pressure on the kid. I had a couple of guys in mind that are pretty successful in this business currently today but I’d rather not put that kind of pressure on the kid to be honest with you." 

(On how many times did he meet with Daniel Thomas and what was his impression of him)—“Met with him a couple of times…we actually had him in the building not too long ago and (you know), great kid, engaging personality—everybody there at Kansas State from the scout’s standpoint really vouched for his character and his work ethic and his toughness and just really felt like his future was ahead of him.” 

(On Daniel Thomas comparing himself to Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson and if those are fair assessments in comparing him to)—“Those are guys that come to mind…there’s another running back that makes me think more of, but, those are a couple of them I guess but not the guy I was thinking of.” 

(On if it’s Adrian Peterson (follow up to previous question)—“No, not him.” 

(On if he feels like he still has ammunition to use at some point in the draft to trade if need be)—“Sure, yeah.” 

(On how he feels about Ryan Mallet)—“Like I said earlier, I like the kid. I think he’s got a great great future ahead of him. I just felt like it wasn’t the right fit for us at this time, so, but I like the kid very much. Again, I think he’s got a bright future.” 

(On the latest developments in the labor dispute) – “Well we just got to go with what the league is telling us. It is what it is; it was good to see the players yesterday, or today I should say, great to see some of those guys. I wish it would have lasted a little longer, but we’re in an unrest labor situation, so we just go with the flow.”

(On whether he feels he can still address the issue of team speed on day three of the draft) – “Yeah, I do see that. The draft is, again it’s a chain reaction and sometimes the things you want to address if they fall to you and you have your board set to be able to take those, great, but I’m not going to reach for a lesser player just to identify a player that may or may not be the right fit for us, so I’m not going to reach for a player. I’m going to let the draft fall to me, and if it fits our needs then we’ll take the player.” 

(On when Daniel Thomas appeared on his radar) – “Well he probably got on the radar back in last May at the Combine Meetings probably. That’s probably most of the time those are the first time I hear about some of these kids, and he was a one year player out of Junior College. That was probably the first time I had heard of the player. I didn’t take a visit to Kansas State two years ago, so I didn’t really know too much about him.” 

(On when he sees the Bills take Marcell Dareus, the Jets take two defensive tackles and with the Patriots already having Vince Wilfork if he is even more pleased with selecting Mike Pouncey) – “Sure, I mean I really like the Dareus kid and when I saw Buffalo take him, that’s not why I took Pouncey but it makes you feel good that you got him for sure. He’s going to be athletic, and he’s going to give us a lot of mobility up in the offensive line and also give us a lot of strength and power when we’re trying to run the ball inside as well.”


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6 FUMBLES I 2011


"They kept calling me, calling me, calling me"
But Ireland just yesterday stated that the teams seeking to trade down don't make the phone calls. But it appears the Redskins do? And perhaps other teams that do everything they can to improve their teams do? But not Ireland it seems.
"saw some teams in the top of the third round that concerned me"
Clear evidence that he panicked and reached.
"I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.”
Not worried about the fumbles? Ya gotta be kidding me. Don't worry, he won't be running the draft next year.

Well let's hope that despite the denials that Ireland didn't pick up this RB to run the wildcat as the QB


Daniel Thomas will be fine.... Looks just like Matt Forte, he ain't bad.

You know, I wouldn't mind AT ALL the tandem of Long and Pouncey on the left side with Incognito at center. NOBODY will get to our QB from the blind side.

Massdolfan....as I was reading the article and noticed that line too..."They kept calling me, calling me, calling me"....complete contradiction to yesterdays reasoning.......

and I wanted him to stay at 15....

I wonder why Armando didin't follow up and question his contradiction....

Pez....you KNOW....this guy is here for the WC......

Carson Palmer is welcomed in Miami.

We draft around the WC....lol.....

I believe the WC is still useful in certain situations specially if this guy can throw the football.

Clearly the smoke screen on Mallett worked.....

he lasted till the 3rd rd......

Well I found it interesting that Irelamd brought up the fact that this kid was a former QB. I'm thinking Pat White. Let's hope they're done with the WC experiment. Not appropriate on 3rd and anything.


What the hell?!?!?

I took that whole bottle of sleeping pills so I WOULDNT have to wake up from this bad dream, er, or wake up ever again...or something.

By now the Bifecta have probably sealed their fate. The Pouncey pick I was fine with. Not sexy but may the answer at G for a long time. Great bloodlines. I don't believe he will be a center but they will try him there no doubt. I thought all along that the 15th pick really was kind of no mans land in this draft. Just no real value for the type of players that the Fins lacked.

The Boss Ross edict was "Go out and get me an Exciting offense!" He wants to score points and draw fans to the orange carpet by creating a buzz! Stars, fan experience, glitz, glamour and oh yeah... TDs help you win more than field goals...FIST PUMP! (Shout out to CM for using his patented term)

Just a review of ALL the players the Fins could have had to this point.

Fins give up two or three players (depending on who's viewing the trade) for the #62 pick and take RB Daniel Thomas. I didn;t like Thomas before the draft and I don;t like him now. Prove me wrong Thomas...I dare you.

This is the roll call of players we did not take but could have.

#64 WR Randall Cobb Packers Didnt they just win a Super Bowl? Don't they have what some call the best WR corp already? Isn't Thompson suppose to be a great drafting GM? Is this a passing league? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

#71 RB DeMarco Murray Cowboys I Really like this pick. Will be much better than D Thomas.

#74 QB Ryan Mallet Patriots Hated arch rival. Get best pure QB in the whole draft. Rich get richer. If anyone has been on this blog more than two minutes they would know how crzy devastating this pick is to me. We lost again, the Pats won again. (Face palm bigtime)

Everyone below this line could have just been picked by our FO without trading down and LOSING PICKS!!!

#79 WR Leonard Hankerson Redskins With our pick we gave them. So we could have stayed and got him.

#82 WR Vincent Brown Chargers Do not underestimate this pick. Very smooth player that knows how to run routes. Will do well for the Bolts.

#83 WR Jerrel Jernigan Giants This was another player I have been high on and screaming for in months leading up to the draft. Great pick for the Giants!

#96 RB Alex Green Packers Oh there goes that Super Bowl winning Thompson guy again scooping up players I have been touting all along. LOOK at my last MOCK! He will crush Daniel Thomas's numbers.

I am sick as a dog over this draft. The build up from the trade up to get D. Thomas when I just knew we were taking Mallet was nuts! Then to see the Pats casually scoop him up. That really hurt...

This regime and drafting style will be exposed. The idea is to have more picks not less Ireland.

IMHO ALL these players will outperform D.T. I am not crying anymore I am trying to make a prediction flat out.

There are two little tiny rays of sunshine left.

#1 they need Tawian Jones NOW more than EVER. DD we may have over valued him but at least the guy would nail what this team is sorely lacking. Speed and ST ability...he has those qualities in spades. For what it's worth, look at Mando's Mock, he did the same thing TJ in the 3rd. Honorable mentions are RBs Noel Devine and Dion Lewis.

A distant #2 are TE's Julius Thomas and Schuylar Oordt are stil on the board. In that order these would be two nice gets.

#3 is "IF" they end up with QB Ricky Stanzi they can get a groomer type to try and push Henne. I also like QB Tolzien in the 7th.

Of course these are all OFF players and with two already drafted they may feel they have to rope Nolan a guy to work with?

Sorry for the long post but I have a crap-ton on my mind and that bottle of sleeping pills did not do the trick!


yawnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! rise and shine day 3

dj and taiwan still on the boards im happy with either one

Ah, well.......

Ireland and Sporano have spoken....and Henne is or QB......we will move forward with Henne...good, bad, or indifferent......

they NEED to make him a TEAM CAPTAIN......regardless of how the players vote.....

He needs PREFERENTIAL treatment......

He must not be benched during the year.....

This talk of competition must stop....it only hurts Henne's credibility.....

This FO needs to get behind Henne in words as well as actions....




lets not get our hopes up though you know how these people are say one thing and do another


Apparently turnovers are not a big deal to Ireland. Wow!

Actually it shouldn't surprise much, it appears they are rolling with Henne or are gonna break out the Boss Ross wad of cash and we a FA QB. Just trying to figger which one? Kolb, Orton, VY, Flynn?

Head scratching draft to me. The Pouncey pick I am fine with. Giving away 2 more potential players to go get Danial Thomas...not so much.


Thomas = Garbage pick. No threat to go the distance. All the speed at wr with Jernigan and at rb is now off the board. Where do we go ....another olinemen....dline....random TE who will end up being Fasano Jr with no speed or ability to stretch the D. This team won't win more than 5 games this year. Talent is truly lacking on O at key positions.

Fins will continue to be the most boring team to watch on offense in the league. Any time u fear the opponent so much that the strategy is to play keep away because u know u have a low powered offense some thing is grossly wrong.

even though i like taiwan i think miami sees him as a reach in 4th and we dont 5th

but then again they know a little bit about reaching so lets see what happens


Yeah, my night was shot as I was wacthing the draft unfold!

I really believe they hosed us with the trading away of our ammo!

We spend months sayig how we don't have the firepower to trade picks away and they do it anyways.

I know you hate long posts but if you skim my post at 9:28 you can see all the players we could have had just stayin put.

Sad day Aloco. If there is a bright spot I think Pouncey will make a fine G.



This whole thing is confusing to me....it stinks of Parcell's.....I think we just drafted Ronnie Brown again....

Most likely Brown isn't comming back.....

speed is definetly over rated to this FO.....

12-16 play drives...here we come.....and that means 2 TDs a game...again

Aloco, 6am is nothing. I get up at 3:55am to be at work at 6am M-F. My job is 76 miles away one way.

It takes me just under an hour to get there... you can do the math on my driving speed. LOL


SureShock @ 9:35. LOL, good one.





Anyone see the massive dig Mayock levied vs Henne on NFLN coverage?

Mooch says "Wow! All these teams that are drafting OL early are trying to protect their franchise QBs!"

Mayock quickly fires back... "Oh yeah, who is Pouncey protecting?" LOL.

Marshall Faulk erupts into a full on chuckle and it kind of went over Mooches head.

I was like touche~ Mr. Mayock, touche!



trade the rest of our picks to belicheat for mallet, sign carson palmer, get some big free agent recievers/tightend, like baltimoe did with anquan. and this draft will be a success. the bottom line is we will have answered the two biggest concerns, o-line and QB(the two biggest problems)and that would leave next years draft to recievers and a tight end and maybe a another running back. 2012 we trade up to get the best reviever and tight-end. otherwise you have to throw the QB position back into the need category for 2012 draft day. barring we don't get lucky and land carson palmer.

The problem with the Dolphins is simple: Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are bonafide morons. I could live with the Pouncey pick despite knowing Sparano will find some way to completely screw up his utility.

When they traded up, I thought, ok, I am not a Henne hater but grabbing Mallet here is a good move and will provide competition. Bam! Knock me in the f'in head, Ireland pulls the dumba$$ move and selects a RB NO ONE else was interested in - a guy he could have gotten by trading down in the third round. Why? Because he is a 2 yr old slow RB who used to play QB and Ireland he will be hailed as a genius when he turns chicken $hit into chicken salad. Its never gonna happen.

Every pick the Dolphins try to demonstrate they know more than every other person on the planet and every draft we get a bunch of players no one in their right mind would pick and who aren't worth $hit. Someone should tell Ireland than players always have an "upside" and they always have a "downside." Pick a guy who has actually demonstrated the skills and stop feeding us a line about their unrecognized potential.

Then Ireland insults us by telling us he timed Thomas as 4.55 and then refers to it as a 4.5. This guy is the worst used car salesman in South Florida. The Dolphins would have a better draft if we allowed the Patriots or Jets to select our f'in players.

I'll just throw it out there....

I think our D was a mirage last year...they had flashes of goodness mixed with long streches of mediocre......never were really dominate.....

and to this point in the draft we have done little to ensure we score more points....or stop the other side from scoring.....


kris @ 9:42,

You nailed that. I guess the fruit never falls far from the tree. BPs teachings are alive and well in his protoge'

Let's see where all this powerball stuff gets the OFF.

Quick joke for you...

Knock knock:

Ireland "Who's there?" :

Passing League

Ireland : "Passing League who?"

Exactly! Passing League who? LOL



No it doesnt really... I just thought deep down Ireland's words would not be hallow about upgrading team speed so the Fins could compete better.

Tisk tisk. What's a ROSS edict to do?


Looking over D. Thomas he's got good acceleration through the hole then football speed, he just needs to make his cut to the hole faster and NFL is NOT College. ?

lol Rob...that really had me laughing....




Aloco...I think he is the kioss of death for R. Brown


I gotta go the comedy relief route or I will go batty.

On a team that needs to get beter in so many depts. Trading away picks was thought to be taboo.

Acknowledging that every last player drafted is some form of an educated guess I hope DT is the next coming but, there is no way in Hades I'm buying that pick that Ireland is peddling.

I would have been fine with ANY of these players that went later than were DT was picked up.

#74 QB Mallet by a long ways.
#71 RB DeMarco Murray
#83 WR Jerrel Jernigan
#96 RB Alex Green




what is the difference between d. thomas and ronnie brown?

thomas has 5 more years of fumbling left in him.

that is value.

Ireland can "Pull back on the Yoke" some by neting these players today...

RB Taiwan Jones

QB Ricky Stanzi

TE Julius Thomas

Honorable mentions:

TE Schuylar Oordt

QB Tolzien from Wisconsin as a 7th rounder / FA type.

DEF would get locked out but they can get Nolan a couple toys in FA.


we give up three picks for a former qB playing running back? Ireland you are an idiot. You and fist pump should have been fired last year. Pats pull off brilliant move taking mallett. once again hoodie man makes us look stupid.

I still think that Pat Devlin has some value. I've looked him over and he might not be Marino but he is NFL ready.

Who feels this is the most unexplosive offense in the league??? Even the Browns...Buffalo..Rams and Niners now have more talent on O than we field. How did we fall so far. 80/20 run to pass is not the way to win in this league. Even Pittsburg now throws it more than they run. That should be a sign to the rest of this league.

The South Florida fish wrappers (herald, sentinel, and post) are full of GM’s and expert player personnel pundits. I’m on board with Jeff Ireland’s first two picks and how we paid for both. Picture Pouncey’s competition just in the AFC East: Wilfork Pats, Dareus Bills, and those two be-mammoths Rex Ryan drafted this year for the Jets to anchor their the D-line. Pouncey executed excellent for 4 years against some of the best SEC nose tackles drafted to the NFL that will line up opposite him. Eight nose tackles today in the NFL Pouncey has faced in college. Chad Henne immediately got better with these two picks. The Dan Thomas pick is a skill position, I believe New England would have drafted Dan Thomas if the Dolphins had not traded up and plucked him off the board. Bilichek interviewed Thomas 3-4 times he was high on their radar. Thomas is a monster as a receiver out of the backfield, thank you football gods we don’t have to watch him and Brady hook up. Like it or not, none of these developmental QB’s Newton-through Mallet would have beaten Henne in a completion. Thanks SteFin

WHY TAKE A RUNNING BACK IN THE SECOND ROUND? Backs are a dime a dozen in this league now - look at the dude from Green Bay - he was like a 7th round pick - it is about the line on both sides of the ball - speed on the outside and most of all the QB - which the Dolphins don't have by the way. I'm not saying the QB of the future was in this draft but.....why not take a shot??? We can't get any worse at the QB position.

how many late round qbs actually become successful starters? has to be a tiny percentage, not worth banking on really.

seems to make more sense to draft qbs high and use veterans as back ups.

i think we're goin to make a run for 2 new free agents qb and rb

but the phins better not get too caught up on palmer cuz its not looking good

we should get aggressive with free agency

imgonna laugh when we in the playoffs and all you negative people bashing these draft picks eat crow why so negative if you are draft experts why are you here blogging with the rest of us or did you get fired cause you draft picks busted

ireland and sparano and be described in one word:


So far im ok with what we have done--b/c i had daniel Thomas and Poucey on my big board for the dolphins.

I dont like the idea of trading up for daniel thomas---i would of traded up for mallett, but in the end i thought Daniel thomas is a lot like ronnie brown just a lot younger and i think he will fit in well with us.

Now for all you speed Fans----who are starvn for something explosive.

I hear alot about WR Edmund Gates, TE Virgil Green---i like them but dont love them

Im not a Taiwan Jones fan---I know he is fast but i think he has bad feet and has played vs. bad competition and his frame wont last in nfl--- Chris johnson is an exception to the rule----

However, as i was doing more work last night for remaining prospects---i Still love a couple of running backs---and in the 4th

Jaquizz rodgers ---to me shuld be the pick-----He has carried the load in the pac-10 ---Great feet, plays in wildcat, Touch , low to the ground, great wiggle running back

Just please Ireland no DJ williams , and no ricki stanzi

we havent played one game and some say we suck. just cause some team looks good on paper doesnt mean they can bring it on sundays

My take on the draft so far

1) Once they waste X amount of time trying Pouncey at center, he'll be a good LG. But who knows how much wasted time? His strength is a guard not center. Once again, they're forcing square plugs into round holes.

2) Screwed the pooch with Thomas. Could have had Mallett.

Any thoughts on Wesley Saunders TE South carolina---

6"5 270---had surgery on his leg, and was suspended for the trip with marvin austin--

I think he is a guy that i think could be a steal-huge frame wit WR upside

A QB that throws INTs, a RB that fumbles, and a C that can't snap. OUTSTANDING!!!

I don't see the is offense improved at all. We got a C that is not a sure shot, a RB that is a parallel move. I guess Ireland just doesn't want this job.

Run first mentality??? Seriously, have these guys watched the playoffs in the lat 10 years and see who plays there 9 times out of 10? Explosive teams!!!

At least we'll likely be in position to get Luck next year.

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