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Jeff Ireland has his say -- all of it right here

I've written and spoken a lot of words the past three days leading up to and during this draft. I'm tagging out.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is tagging in.

This is what he said Friday night after the second round was complete and the Dolphins picked Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas. You tell me (and him) what you think of what he said.

Heeeeere's Jeff Ireland:

(Opening Statement) - “We moved up from the middle of 3rd round and picked up Daniel Thomas, running back from Kansas State. What we like about Daniel is that he is a physical runner; [He is] big, very versatile. He can run, he can catch; He has good play speed. You guys have tweeted that he is a 4.7 [40-yard dash] guy. This guy was a 4.55 [40-yard dash] for us, verified. He probably has better speed then running backs that went [higher in the draft] then him, timed speed. [We] like the player; very physical kind of guy, our kind of guy, very physical. Once he gets to the second level, he can make linebackers miss, he can make [the] secondary miss. He is kind of a one-cut runner, but very physical. He punishes defenders when he gets his pads down. He has only played running back for two years; He is a former quarterback. That intrigues me that he has been able to accomplish what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. He has a lot of upside as a player. Like I said, he is six-foot 230, runs a 4.5 [40-yard dash]. Those are all good qualities."

(On the one attribute that was appealing enough to move up in the draft to get him) – “He is a big, physical runner. That is what we are looking for. His versatility [as well].  He is one of the backs that shows he can block the blitz. He can also catch on third down. Just his versatility was what we were looking for."

(On his negotiations with the Washington Redskins to move up in the draft) – “I probably talked to Washington five times throughout the day and you noticed Washington moved down a couple of times. They kept calling me, calling me, calling me and then quite frankly I saw a lot of running backs going and that intrigued me… saw some teams in the top of the third round that concerned me [and that they may select] the [running] back I was coveting might go there. So that is why I went up and got him."

(On how much he helps solidify the running back position) – “He helps solidify the running back position just like [Mike] Pouncey helps solidify the offensive line. Like I said, he is our kind of guy. He is physical and he got good play speed. We have work to do at every position still. I think we still have work to do at the running back position whether it be free agency or the draft but he helps us for sure.”

(On what the selection means for Ronnie Brown) – “It means that we have one more player to compete if we ask him to come back. I wouldn’t look into Ronnie or Ricky [Williams’] future around here as being over. I wouldn’t do that.”

(On if he thinks he stills needs to address the team seed issue at some point) – “Well we got four picks left tomorrow…Yeah, I’m still trying to do that for sure…but that was a position that I thought we needed to try to get better at and I think we did.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ background playing quarterback and the team running the wildcat and if that was something that intrigued him most due to the potential of him playing the wildcat factor) – “Not necessarily, I wasn’t looking for that. I was looking for a running back. That’s what intrigued me about this kid is that this guy knows how to run the football.” 

(On Daniel Thomas’ fumble history and what he thinks about that)—“(You know) whenever you got a guy that has put the ball in the ground you look into it…and it wasn’t that much of a concern. I’m aware of that I think he had six fumbles this year. I was more intrigued with the forty runs over ten yards and the…I think he had fifteen or sixteen runs over twenty yards, so. I’m more intrigued with that thing than I was worried about the fumbles.” 

(On what running back came to mind that Daniel Thomas can be compared to in his opinion)—“(You know) I don’t want to throw that out there. I know I did that earlier with (Mark) Ingram but I think that it puts a little bit of undue pressure on the kid. I had a couple of guys in mind that are pretty successful in this business currently today but I’d rather not put that kind of pressure on the kid to be honest with you." 

(On how many times did he meet with Daniel Thomas and what was his impression of him)—“Met with him a couple of times…we actually had him in the building not too long ago and (you know), great kid, engaging personality—everybody there at Kansas State from the scout’s standpoint really vouched for his character and his work ethic and his toughness and just really felt like his future was ahead of him.” 

(On Daniel Thomas comparing himself to Steven Jackson or Larry Johnson and if those are fair assessments in comparing him to)—“Those are guys that come to mind…there’s another running back that makes me think more of, but, those are a couple of them I guess but not the guy I was thinking of.” 

(On if it’s Adrian Peterson (follow up to previous question)—“No, not him.” 

(On if he feels like he still has ammunition to use at some point in the draft to trade if need be)—“Sure, yeah.” 

(On how he feels about Ryan Mallet)—“Like I said earlier, I like the kid. I think he’s got a great great future ahead of him. I just felt like it wasn’t the right fit for us at this time, so, but I like the kid very much. Again, I think he’s got a bright future.” 

(On the latest developments in the labor dispute) – “Well we just got to go with what the league is telling us. It is what it is; it was good to see the players yesterday, or today I should say, great to see some of those guys. I wish it would have lasted a little longer, but we’re in an unrest labor situation, so we just go with the flow.”

(On whether he feels he can still address the issue of team speed on day three of the draft) – “Yeah, I do see that. The draft is, again it’s a chain reaction and sometimes the things you want to address if they fall to you and you have your board set to be able to take those, great, but I’m not going to reach for a lesser player just to identify a player that may or may not be the right fit for us, so I’m not going to reach for a player. I’m going to let the draft fall to me, and if it fits our needs then we’ll take the player.” 

(On when Daniel Thomas appeared on his radar) – “Well he probably got on the radar back in last May at the Combine Meetings probably. That’s probably most of the time those are the first time I hear about some of these kids, and he was a one year player out of Junior College. That was probably the first time I had heard of the player. I didn’t take a visit to Kansas State two years ago, so I didn’t really know too much about him.” 

(On when he sees the Bills take Marcell Dareus, the Jets take two defensive tackles and with the Patriots already having Vince Wilfork if he is even more pleased with selecting Mike Pouncey) – “Sure, I mean I really like the Dareus kid and when I saw Buffalo take him, that’s not why I took Pouncey but it makes you feel good that you got him for sure. He’s going to be athletic, and he’s going to give us a lot of mobility up in the offensive line and also give us a lot of strength and power when we’re trying to run the ball inside as well.”


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allen ,

what dont you like about dj williams

i agree on the stanzi pick with you though

i think dj can be a dual weapon out of the back field on the slot etc he has good hands and he is good blocker and good kid

Jaquizz looks very good, allen, but at 5'5" its a chance we cannot afford now.

he is 5"7 195--and i think he could defintely Split carries with daniel thomas---he is a good reciever and can play in wildcat to me he could have huge sucess in our offense---Great value as well if you look at whats left

D.J. williams to me as a WR i dont see a dustin keller type. I dont like the way he moves on tape, and i think he has no YAC potential---If we are going offense weapon i rather go Jaquiiz

In free agency we could target Kevin Boss to me---thats the TE that fits our offense

This draft has been an EPIC FAIL so far. I mean you are suppossed to find a good player with your 1st rd pick right? thats a gimmee and I think Pouncey will be a good player. But the other pick and trading up for it I don't get. The guy is 24 already and will be 25 during his rookie year wtf? He is slow, fumbles, runs way too high so he will get his ass busted in the NFL. They don't play defense in the Big 12 but Ireland wouldn't know that he is too much of a tool. and how does he really help us score more points?

We could have drafted Cobbs in this spot and added a wr with speed and a return man two huge areas of need. I can go find a rb tomorrow on the street, they are a dime a dozen and there are still guys on the oard now that are comparable with Thomas.

Again this regime proves its absolute cluelessness thanks a%%holes!!

I would have like them to go with a more electricfying playmaker here. His speed times are still up in the air so I'm refrain from that criticism now. He was the third ranked RB on Parcells board.

A mashmouth runner, thats what they do in Miami. Thats the foundation they want. Now can we add some elite speed?'

My wish list is:

Edmund Gates
DJ Williams
Virgil Green
Taiwan Jones
Da'Rel Scott

Things said by posters here yesterday.

1. "Thomas is small and has skinny legs."
Actually he's 6 feet tall and 230lbs

2. "Thomas is slow"
Actually he ran a 4.5 40 at his pro day.

3. "Thomas could have been had in the third
Actually the Bengals were targeting him
with the second pick in the 3rd round

4. "Thomas is too old for a RB"
Thomas is 24 but only played RB for two
years in college meaning he's fresh.

5. "Thomas can't run more than 5 yards at a
Actually he had 40 runs for over ten
yards and 15 for over 20 in 12 games.

Well at least Thomas has played QB before. Guess he's the backup going into day two of the draft.

cocoajoe @ 10:42,

Bullseye! I think Pouncey will be a player...just at G like you stated. He was pretty player as a 1st rounder...just lame volume picking a G at 15.

Mallet <<<<<<<<< DT

RBs can be had and plenty were still available as well in FA.

During the draft coverage it was stated the Patriots thought that Mallet was the best QB in the entire draft.

Hoodie (aka The Evil Emperor) gets his man...in the 3rd! I can only tip my hat the guy. He "get it" in the draft.

New England has 2 X #1 and 2 X #2 picks in 2012!!!!!!!!!!


I am beguinning to understand that strategy(needs of the Team within the philosophy of the FO) is more important than tactics(the actual set of skills of the Players). So, with that in mind, I won't be surprised by what Ireland does today in the Draft and moreover, I will support him.

Kris are you referring to not trading down in the 1st and aquiring a 2nd because of what Ireland said "they kept calling me"?

If so he was referring to the second round, not the first when he took those calls. He still contends there were no calls for his first.


i think dj would probably be our best pick yet

and i mean by what he is going to contribute to our team

we already have a kevin boss tyme in fasano

when we go dual TE set dj wills and fasano could be a good tag team

well will do his fair share of contributing even though i was jumping for joy withh the pick

pouincey i meant will do his fair share

Well we fans have a serious dilemma now. It is apparently obvious by now Mr. Ross does not care about building a championship winning franchise and only cares about the splash to be an NFL owner and the red carpet, celebrities, etc. I believe us Dolphin fans do not have the same DNA from Loserville organizations like the Bengals and Lions yet they are looking up a brighter future. Mr. Ross embarrased himself and all of us by going after a good coach in Harbaugh but in such an amateurish manner that to save face he left the two people who clearly are looking after themselves to save their jobs and not for the long term benefit of this team. How Sparano got another chance after being the first Dolphins coach to have back to back losing seasons in forever is beyond me, even worse how is it allowed to let him hire his own -unexperienced- son to coach at any level here is preposterous. But the cherry on top is Mr. Ireland, who is just a mere imbecile incapable of drafting -the track record proves this, Odrick, Smith, even Davis, White, Henne himself- and now this. We passed on a future feature back in Ingram, which I would have understand if they would not have reached and traded so much to get a RB in Thomas who is still inexperienced, who unlike Ingram is a huge question mark due to the way he runs the ball, he will be an Eddie George and we may get a good year from him (btw he's 25 already), and did not have the fortitude to draft Mallet who as a 3rd rounder was an incredible value, at worst NE will get great draft currency for him in the future. Oh those Pats, having lived in Boston for the last 2 years I see the immense difference between them and our pathetic Dolphins. Watching their games -despite the fact I hate them- is enjoyable, I mean how can you not appreciate what they do? Watching our Fins on the other hand is such torture. This will be remembered as the draft where the Fins secure their place at the cellar of the AFC East for the next few years. Buffalo gets Dareus who will terrorize us for a decade, Jets get Wilkerson, same as above, and a stud NT (hmm like we do not need one of those on a 3-4) in Ellis and NE, well they not only get Mallet but more than a few good players to solidify them and also reload big time for next year. Ireland said since he did not get any calls or the 15 pick he went ahead and picked Pouncey. WTF! Do your fken job and make calls you idiot the same way Washington did when they called you and scammed you by trading all those picks for Thomas. He could have traded with so many teams and still pick if not both at least Pouncey and Ingram. What an idiot. Now we sit and wait until round 5, I mean what the hell is this horse shi*. Mr Ross you are a tool for allowing this to happen, I am seriously debating my loyalty to this team, I will always be a Fins fan but no more tix, no more DirectTv and no more jerseys, I mean the only jersey you can proudly wear as a Fins fans is good ol #13, enough said!

Mark in Toronto what are you talking about? "A qb that throws ints?" Did we sign Peyton? all kidding aside you do realize free agency hasn't happened yet right? "A RB who fumbles"? Ricky fumbled 4 times in 16 games as a non starter, Thomas fumbled 6 times as the every down back who also ran the wildcat. This one was hilarious. "A CENTER WHO CAN NOT SNAP". Where are you getting this from? You do realize that he moved to center after his brother went to the Steelers right? So this was his first time at center in college. He had issues the first couple of games and then was nails the rest of the season.

Are you a woman on her period or do you just get off on throwing temper tantrums and being overly dramatic about exaggerated issues.

I love how the whole world had problems with Mallett but now that the mighty Patriots took him in the third that means he all of the sudden is great. I guess we should have moved up to the 2nd and reached for a QB who people are saying remind them of Ryan Leaf. There are no clear cut franchise qbs in this draft, not even Cam Newton, yet everyone wanted to spend another high pick, even after the reaches of Henne and White, to take another question mark qb!? Are you people thinking before you're typing?

You and I agree Rob. But this draft just reflects what Sparano said a while back. Run first offense. And we all know what that means.

I dont see the fins going after a QB till later maybe the 7th. They are planning on going after a vet. But with the rest of the draft I'm not real sure the way they are going to go. Maybe OLB in 4th? THere are alot of good RB's left or that seam TE that we all want. IDK its gonna be interesting. I would like for them to get Kendal Hunter and then try to trade back into the 4th for a TE (next years picks). As far as qb look out for us to get Enderle, Yates, Mcelroy, or Devlin. I dont think Stanzi will be in our sights even though I like him better than Mallett ( I know crucify me now lol). Marks my words he will be better!

Maybe we have it all wrong.

Maybe the mega pow-wow confernence with Sparano, Ireland and Ross went more like this...

Ross : What are your plans to substancially pursue improvement for the Fins?

Ireland : Well we want to have the best QB prospect in last decade.

Ross : How are you gonna do that?

Ireland : We intend to throw the 2011 draft into the meat grinder. Then draft QB Luck in 2012. You know, get Lucky! lol, ahem.

Ross : Hmmmm, what will you need?

Ireland : Just let me run the draft.

Sparano : We will also need a two year extension to execute it.

Ross : Done!


MrB said "At least we'll likely be in position to get Luck next year."

Really? Because we took two guys that will immediately contribute to the offense? That means our offense will be worse than last year? Moore and Wallace won't be better? Hartline? Henne? Free agency is over? The draft is over? We're going to be the worst team in the league next year?

Some of you people are so completely ignorant it's scary. Hey does anyone know where the Dolphins blog is that has real men visit? This blog seems to be filled with a bunch of cream puffs. I never sat in a room full of guys in my life and heard this much whining. No ballz at all in here.

Tigersam, you are an idiot of immense proportions. Please go back to the Jets blog because no one is buying your doom and gloom forecast for the Dolphins after two draft picks and no free agency period. Tank, the people in here trying to cause controversy and tell us we're screwed are Jets fans. There are two losers who come in here posing as Phins fans because they somehow have enough time in their lives to waste a lot of it getting kicks out of being in here creating negative energy. Have to be Jets fans or just Dolphin haters because how else would you explain someone talking about what a failure the draft is after we took two positions of great need on our team. Two players who will start from day one and help solidify our running and passing game. Ignore them, they're idiots.

Brando B.....this is a re-post....please re-read and I think you will better understand what I was saying....
Massdolfan....as I was reading the article and noticed that line too..."They kept calling me, calling me, calling me"....complete contradiction to yesterdays reasoning.......

and I wanted him to stay at 15....

I wonder why Armando didin't follow up and question his contradiction....
Posted by: kris | April 30, 2011 at 09:02 AM

I will clarify it for.....you though.....In explaining his "reasoning" for not trading out of the 15th pick.....was that nobody was calling him for the trade.....


Does the word sarcasm mean anything to you?

Besides, when you show up to any blog it's all about tossing out your ideas and comparing and contrasting with others that are either like minded or totally opposite in their thinking.

That way you have sounding boards to see where others beliefs are.

Either you are using another screen name or you are not a regular. Sun Sentinal may have the "yes men" testosterone blogs you desire.


Can one of you people who is saying the draft is a failure please explain yourself like a rational adult. You keep saying this while offering no points to back your view and now it seems as if weak minded people are reDING OTHWER POSTS and following along just for the sake of agreeing. Do you have an opinion that goes beyond "we suck"? Please explain. I'm curious to see how you know our two new players won't be good and all of the players we passed on will be pro bowlers.

We needed a center,,,,got one, best in the draft. We needed a RB,,, got a bruiser who can also run a 4.5.

We don't need a speed receiver because we already have one on the roster named Marlon Moore.

A QB can be traded for but we should not reach for one and expect him to be better than Henne because then that would be three 2nd round picks wasted on qbs who aren't franchise.

Has everyone given up on getting Palmer or Kolb? I mean I just don't understand all of this angst.

Count me in as one of those who say: "We could have had Ingram AND Mallett and not gave up a single later pick to do so.
What would happen if we did and they bust? AT LEAST WE TRIED TO DO WHAT THE OWNER SAID AND INJECT SOME EXCITEMENT! We tried! Do any of you understand at least the attempt at greatness?
What would the Jets had done if Mark Sanchez was nothing but a pretty boy from SoCal? At least they tried and it seems to be working pretty good for them, no?
As many has said here before me, what an absolute disappointment and let down...
Pouncey's good, maybe another great center in Miami. But c'mon guys, try at least for greatness and pair him with Mallett. Then go get Taiwan Jones for more explosiveness.
No, we'd rather give up everything for Daniel Thomas. Wow....

I wish I could say I feel good about this Thomas pick. Rob, you hit the nail on the head @ 9:28. Pouncey was a good pick and Miami was stuck in limbo/no mans land. They made the most of it. Make no mistake, he will be a C. The snap problems were in a matter of a few games. He was fine the rest of the year.

But to think we could have not given up any picks and grabbed Hankerson, then gone RB in the 4th & 5th. We wont know till the draft is over, but what if it works out we could have grabbed Hankerson, Todman, and Tawain Jones in the 3-5 rounds? Honestly, I'd much rather have DeMarco Murray or Todman. They are both more dynamic players than Thomas.

Given how much help Miami needs on Sp Teams, and other areas, we shouldnt be giving away picks for guys who, talent wise, are mediocre

Brandon P......

scouting report on DT......notice the thin legs reference....thats why they say he has skinny legs......



Powerful north-south runner
Size (6-foot 1/4, 230 pounds)
Productive and consistent
Long strider

Bruising back with upside
Patient, follows blocks well
High upside - only two years of playing running back (previously a quarterback)
Decent hands - capable receiver but wasn't tested much in terms of routes
Agile for a back of his size
Keeps feet churning at contact
Decisive runner with good vision for the cutback
Strong lower body (34-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-3 broad jump)

Not a big-play threat - average speed (4.62-second 40-yard dash at his Pro Day)
Doesn't avoid a lot of contact
Raw pass protector
Will be 24 years old as a rookie
Runs upright
Thin lower body

Just one conclusion about this ... Stupids selections from stupid Coach and GM that we have.

Rob in oc, sarcasm doesn't translate well in written word. Can't hear your voice you know. Not looking for yes men. Just looking for people who discuss their opinions without screaming and crying like pre-pubescent little girls. With all of the CAPS BECAUSE IM SO ANGRY and all of the How could they do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Exclamation points. And all of the "this sucks" without any reasoning behind the thought. I am a regular, been here since Cole was running the joint. Never use the same name because of all of the identity theft in here.

I think this is going to be a good, young team with the potential to be above average at most positions.

2011 goes as Henne goes. If he's even average we should win 9 or 10 games. If he's above average we could go deep into the playoffs. However if he plays like he did the final four games of last season we're a 5 or 6 win team. Of course you can say that about most teams and their QBs but with most you have a pretty good idea what you're going to get. With Henne I don't have a clue, and that's troubling.

elfman thats the problem im having with all of this. How is Mallett now "great"? This kid dropped from the first round to the third because of character issues and the worst feet in all of football. But now he's great? Or has a chance to be great? Because the Pats took him? Pioli isn't there anymore people. You are going to see a greater number of misses from the mighty Patsies, it started last year.

Does anyone know how much time Brady has on his contract and why everyone thinks Mallett will be playing in NE any time soon?

Chris, even if Henne does improve, what have they put around him? I like Pouncey, he'll be fine. But Thomas is Ronnie Brown 2.0 If thats your pick, why not just keep Ronnie for another year or 2.

I know there is still work to be done, but where is the speed we were promised? And now we dont have a 5th rounder to help acquire that speed. What if we miss out on T. Jones, or Noel Devine, or a someone who turns out to be a good Sp Teams player.

Someone mentioned Sanchez earlier. Y'know Henne actually has better numbers than Sanchez? Despite the fact the Jets get him Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes and LT and Dustin Keller, Brad Smith. All kinds of playmaking ability. Beyond Marshall, Henne gets Fasano and Hartline and now an RB that runs a 4.6.

I HEAR YA TANK!!!!!!!!

Haha, just jking.

Just like you hate caps and exclamation points I hate people bashing others for their thoughts and ideas. "No balls in here?" What the hell is that comment?

If you don't like a particular style of writing or content of a particular poster just don't read it, ignore it or go to that much better blog with all the hairy non complaining rough tuff men.

Just my two cents. I am not gonna tell you what to like and not like or what or how to write. Feel free to rant as feel bro.


Just found out. Brady has four years left on his contract. Lets revisit the worry over Mallett beating us in 2015, the fact we didn't waste a pick on Mallett is a non issue.

Look guys, the Miami Dolphins are not in the position to take risk players that come with huge question marks. Parcells and his outdated thinking assured that and IrELAND IS SUFFERING for it. The Packers, Pats, Saints, Steelers, can take chances on question mark players because they are only a couple players away from winning another superbowl.

BUT, a team like the Miami Dolphins can not take risks on players that are 50/50. They need players to start immediately if we have any chance at a winning season. This is the way it is. I'm glad Ireland is playing it safe because it means no wasted picks in the early rounds. We just can't afford that.

here we go! 4th round how will the FO dissappoint now? lets hope they redeem themselves right now..please God!

Garbage Plate, because Ronnie is injury prone, has a bum knee, lost speed after multiple injuries, and is going to cost us to sign him.

Thomas is injury free, never missed a game while having very little help in the backfield. He's faster than Ronnie and the same size at 5 years his junior. He will also cost 1/10th of what Ronnie will cost.

Well said, Tank. It's easy to take a chance on Mallett when you're team is already good and you have a boatload of picks this year and next. And the kid doesnt have to play for 3 or 4 years. Miami cant swing and miss, already down a 2nd rounder, then sacrifice 2 more for Thomas

Garbage plate he ran a 4.50 at his pro day in front of every scout in the NFL. Lets not take time away from outr own players. He is a Miami Dolphin now and for once why don't we as Dolphin fans do the unthinkable. Why don't we actually embrace our new players and make them feel like we actually want them here.

What is this mentality in Miami? I don't get it.

Honestly, i dont think hes any faster than Ronnie. In a race with a pregnant woman, this kid comes in 3rd.

Garbage plate thanks. And the mentality question wasn't so much for you as you have been fair in your judgments and questions. But some of the others,,,,,wow! You would think they're planning to boo the players when they run out on the field for training camp.

Hey, I'll be pulling hard for the kid, and I'm not saying he wont be good, I really hope he is. But all things being equal, I'd rather keep Ronnie, keep 2 picks, and grab someone like Todman or T Jones

Tank: I'm not suggesting he IS great, but he DID have the best skill set among ANY of the QB's. He could be a Leaf, but I have a feeling if Bellicheck went for him in the 3rd, he's got a good read that he can mold him TO BE great due to his skill set.
My whole premise is this, make the attempt to be great as a team. The owner mandated excitement - Ireland promised speed. We didn't get either.
I'm totally okay with our best option in the 1st rd when we picked Pouncey. It was a nice, solid pick.
Let's at least once, swing for the fence and go for it. Year after year, it's the same crap from this regime. I'd at least respect them more (as would the owner) if they at least TRIED to inject some greatness to this team.
Like 'Mando said, it's no longer the 90's and Parcell's teaching's no longer apply.

Tank are you Craig M?

He is a "play it safe guy"...

Nothing lasts forever. Brady says he want to play until 40 but injuries can always play a role.

If Brady goes down for any reason you will find out what Mallet is about. Time will tell but how are you in a position to tell the Hoodie and Co they don't know how to draft good players?

Brady went much later than Mallet...6 QBs went ahead of Brady and 6 QBs went ahead of Mallet. They both went to Michigan. Brady has got to fell pretty good about his career. I doubt he will hold back too much on the tips for Mallet to gain NFL leverage.

Have you ever seen Mallet throw? Have you seen his stats in the most rugged conference the SEC? Bad footwork?

He may be slow but so is Tom B, Manning, Marino, Bledsoe and many others.

On your "Be Safe or Die" mantra. I think we can't afford NOT to be swinging for the fences. We need some homeruns to get back into this game bud. Occasional singles are just not cutting it.

Plus in a guessing game is there really such thing as "safe"? The math behind every round says that there will be busts in every round. Being too safe is like betting the favorite horse to place third in a horse race...it will may come in but even if it does you make $1.31 for your $1 bet.


Ridley is a beast and a team captain yea he projected later but he literally is such a good compliment to Vereen that they did their homework and got the guy they wanted... Ridley was a 3rd rd talent easily

i wouldn't worry about their ongoing draft follies. it's their last year as a fo. let them write their own ticket out of town.

Aloco....the guy had zero (0) fumbles in his to years......so your full of crap on that issue.....please stick to facts and/or opinions....out right lies don't due anybody any good.....link below


Posted by: kris | April 30, 2011 at 07:36 AM

Hey dumbash Kris, why don't YOU go do some research? His fumbling is WELL-DOCUMENTED. He had the worst fumbling of any of the top 12 draftable RB's. You pick ONE site that is well-known to omit stats, just like they did there. 8 fumbles last year alone. Let me help you get started: http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/27350/spotlight-on-ball-security-for-rb-prospects
Keep researching, I know you can do it. You'll find them.

"3 FACTS........"
1. he had 20 td's
2. Her didn't miss a game last season and ran for almost 1600 yards and 19 rushing td's
3.Hes pretty fast for a big dude 230 lbs 4.50 40 is pretty fast for a man of his size

Ireland/Sparano continuing the old school plan. Strengthen OL, slow tough RB, speedy WR to make Marshall into the next Warfield. Miss opportunity for Mallet and focus on the here and now. Playing out the string. Either they win next year with this plan or they go home. I hope they use the rest of the picks to get a fast nifty RB/return man and some fast special teams players then use FA to pick up the receiving TE, a Crowder replacement, a safety,

2011 Locker Room Banner
"Suck for Luck"

We had a good draft, needed big time oline help and got it, we needed a running back that dodnt get arm tackled, got it, needed a speedy recevier, got it, A veteran QB to back up Henne, and we're lookin good, Clay-TE/RB nice versatility if we need it, Kearse is a beast, and Wilson hits like a hammer, at least special will contribute to special teams. The funny thing about some FIN fans, is they are fair weather fans, I look around after every game and if we're losing they leave early, if we're winning they leave early, I am sure these are the same morons who have no clue what the FINS accomplished today!

I just need one more thing, I need Sparano to coach like he did his first year, and go for it!

FINS baby!

I have a feeling that the Dolphins plan to be more explosive on offense if this regime survives the coming season. Even if they do not survive beyond this year it would be foolish for a new head coach and GM to not work with the talent that the Dolphins have aquired. The best way to win in the new NFL is to throw to get the lead and run to keep it. This approach will beat less physical teams like the Patriots and Packers eight out of ten times and it's built to win in cold weather. In an era of three and four wide receiver sets there's still something to be said for winning on the line of scrimmage and being the more phyisical football team. The Dolphins offense was dreadful a year ago and unlike the defense at this point last year it can't and won't be fixed in one offseason. So the Dolphins will be three yards and a cloud of dust again this season. If their new additions meet expectations in 2011. The Dolphins will be in position to add more by way of team speed a year from now. Then you might be talking about a team that can get and maintain fourteen point leads against the better teams in the league. I think that's the vision here. Most of you wanted the Dolphins to do what the Falcons did and make moves to light up the score board and attempt to win shootouts every week. The Dolphins are interested in being a more complete team than that. With that being the case, making up for past mistakes (Grove and Smiley) and replacing the oft injured Ronnie Brown was this years priority. Most of you want instant gratification with the Dolphins but this ain't the NBA. You can't build a championship contender in one or two offseasons. That's why the NFL has the greatest game on the planet. Championships are hard to come by. When/if this plan results in a title it'll be ten times sweeter than anything the Heat might do this year or in the years to come.

I thought it was a pretty good draft, the first 4 picks entirely devoted to offense and hinting at a more run oriented offense, something essential that was lacking last year in large part because Henning was hyper-focused on the pass and basically hung Henne out to dry. If Pouncey slides to LG beside Long that side will certainly be a boon to the running game and Thomas has proven he can get outside.
They certainly need a WR who could stretch the feild and Gates might have had the fastext 40 of anyone on the board. The TE group was desperately thin and so a H-Back helps in that regard.
And passing on Mallet, who the Pats were foolish enough to pick [ he will hold a clip board for YEARS]made sense. One GM described him as a 6-7 Emminem, another as 'Bledsoe with attitude [ and not a good attitude]. The Pats draft was a mess.

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