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Jeff Ireland in his own words -- all of them

So here it is, the entire thing for your reading pleasure. I present to you the entire Jeff Ireland pre-draft press conference.

Before you invest some time on that, kindly check out my column in today's Herald on the topic of what I believe the Dolphins should, and in fact, will do in the draft next Thursday. Tell me if you agree in the comments section.

(Opening Statement) – “First of all, I would like to make an announcement, you guys got the release that we have promoted Brian Gaine to the Director of Player Personnel. I am very pleased about that. Brian has been a guy that has been a great asset to me in Dallas as well here. I think it is appropriate that he gets elevated to help me with the draft obviously. In free agency, he is going to be my right hand man since Bill has left. He has been my right hand man really since I had him in Dallas. I am very pleased with him. He is a strong evaluator and I am glad to have him in the position he is in.”

(On Brian Gaine’s role and strengths) – “Where Brian’s strengths are marrying the free agency to college. He is a guy that in the last year that Bill has left…it hasn’t been a year, but I got out him out on the college side of things. He does some evaluative things. I give him the top 100 list of players to evaluate. He helps marry what is out in free agency to what is out there in the draft and so there is not only my eyes doing the exact same set of things, now there are two sets of eyes doing it, so we will collaborate together in that process.”

(On how Brian Gaine’s duties will change with the promotion) – “They change a little bit for certain. He was pretty much over the pro side of things. I am going to have him really help me supervise both college and pro.”

(On putting together draft board with draft taking place before free agency) –“In preparation with the draft board, it hasn’t changed too much. You still put up the board pretty much the same way I have always put it up. Free agency doesn’t affect how you evaluate these players. It affects your strategy. I think that is the most important thing that it affects your strategy going into the draft. Normally by this time, you have hit some musts or some needs or some things that you needed to put on your team. Now it is kind of wide open. Your musts, your wants and your needs are all there and you just have to supplement it with free agency after the draft.”

(On how concerned he is with running game and if he has to draft a running back) – “Not necessarily. I don’t feel that way that I have to. I am going to go into this draft pretty much the way I always go into it. I don’t want to reach for players, just to fill a roster spot. You have to be smart. Free agency will open up again. I do know that. Brian Gaine has reminded me a thousand times that free agency will open again. I go through the draft the same way, not the same way, but pretty much the same way in the fact that I don’t want to reach for anybody and I want to make sure that I get the right contributing players for this football team.”

(On how dynamics of draft room changes without Bill Parcells) – “Well, Bill brought a sense of awareness to everybody in the room. He had an aura about him. He always made it fun, but everyone knew when it was time to get down to business. That hasn’t changed, but I am not naïve to the fact that I don’t have that aura, but the mechanics have not changed. As a matter of fact, we probably are more focused on just work most of the time, because there are usually some storytelling involved in the draft room with Bill, so it is focused and the mechanics of it really haven’t changed as much.”

(On what kind of position he is in having inventory to make a trade and if he is restricted by the current labor situation) – “We are not allowed to trade players. That’s one thing. That restricts you. We don’t have a second round pick, that’s obvious. So you are a little bit restricted to go up for sure, but I am game for anything. If there is a player that we feel and when we are done strategizing that we feel like we need to go up and get, you always have some ammunition you can use. My phone is there. It can ring anytime to trade up or back. It just has to be the right time and right player.”

(On trading for active players) – “You can’t do that.”


(On trading players once the opportunity arises and a Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached) – “I haven’t really thought about past the draft and trading for players and things like that. That’s going to open up too at some point, just hasn’t been an active thought of my thought process leading into the draft because I know I can’t trade players.”

(On whether the lockout puts a greater emphasis on drafting NFL ready prospects) – “I think it does put an emphasis on it. I think you certainly want players that you’re confident with conviction that they can learn and come in right away and not need just a ton of the process to get it moving in the right direction I should say. There is more emphasis on that in my opinion.”

(On the communication he can have with draft picks once they are selected) – “I’m not so sure I can even talk about it to be honest with you, about the rules and everything to be honest with you. I know I can call them. I know I can call them and say congratulations. I don’t think I can call anybody after the last pick of the draft. I think I’m supposed to have no contact after the last pick of the draft.”

(On whether he has a general philosophy on drafting a running back as high as pick number 15) – “Yeah I do have a philosophy about it. I don’t know if I want to tell you my philosophy about it. I think that like most players…everybody says you can find running backs later in the draft. Well, you can find receivers late in the draft, and you can find guards late in the draft, and you can find tight ends late in the draft. It goes for every position in my mind. I think if you look at the top running backs in this league over time, they’re going to be first and second round picks. I do know that.”

(On whether that is the same with quarterbacks) – “Yeah, that study is probably accurate as well.”

(On what the main thing he looks for while evaluating quarterbacks) – “You know, you’re looking for all of it. You’re looking for Peyton Manning. You’re looking for Tom Brady. You’re looking for all those things, obviously. You’re looking for arm strength. You’re looking for accuracy. You’re looking for a quick release. You’re looking for good footwork. You’re looking for intangibles. You’re looking for smarts. You’re looking for mentally tough. You’re looking for all those things, and you just have to go through the process of evaluating that when you’re with the kid, watching through tape, watching tape with the kid. There’s a certain process that you go through, and we felt like we’ve done our due diligence there.”

(On whether an effective running game is more based upon the running back or the offensive line) – “Well it’s a team sport, so I think that good teams have, good running games have the combination of a good offensive line and a good running back. I think you have to have a combination of both.”

(On how thoroughly they have investigated Ryan Mallett and his impressions of Mallett) – “Well I have spent a lot of time with him, not going to deny that. I went there to visit with him. He’s come here to visit with me and to visit with him as well. I feel like we’ve been very thorough in that, in that process, much like we are with every player that we are considering drafting. Sometimes when there’s information out there you want to dispel rumors and get as much information that you can with any player out there, and that’s why we went through the process. He’s a nice young man, very talented kid, got a bright future.”

(On the current quarterback class) – “I think it’s good depth. I like the players that are in this draft. I think there’s good depth there. I think you can find a good player. I don’t have a crystal ball about what kind of players they’re going to be in this league. There’s a lot of things that go into that play, but I think it’s a good depth group. I think there’s, I think there’s starters to be had.”

(On how using seven of eight picks on defense in last year’s draft affects this year’s draft) – “Well I think with last year, to be honest with you, I wasn’t really aware of, until the end that it was seven of eight picks to be honest with you. It wasn’t the strategy that we had that we’re going defense, defense, defense. It’s kind of the way it fell. The draft board fell that way, so this year going into it I’m obviously more aware of what we did last year. The board has to fall the right way. You can’t, you have to either go up, go down, or stay put obviously, but I don’t feel like I have to just go out and get certain, certain positions. I don’t feel that way. Again, free agency is going to open up again. I feel like we’d be an active player in free agency if that was to, when that time comes, so I’m going to try to draft good players that can contribute fast.”

(On if it will be more difficult to get the second round pick that was traded to Denver last year back due to the labor issue) – “I can’t tell you what the mindset of the other teams are; I think that there will be quite a bit of movement though. I think there will be movement, you just never can tell. You are going to get the same answer from most GM’s, you are going to have to see how the board falls, where the movement is. I feel confident where the strengths of the board are, at least our board, and I am going to try to stay in those particular rounds as much as I can because that’s where the strength is, according to our board. It may be different with other places.”

(On if he is uncomfortable going into the draft without a second round pick) – “Yeah, you wish you had it, for sure, but I know I got a great player out of it to. So last year that was the right thing to do and I am glad we got the player, but now I’m ‘dangum I wish we had that second round pick’, but you pay for what you get. We got a great player and I am very proud of that. The great thing about this year is we really have an extra first round pick and an extra fourth round pick, because neither one of those guys have played, (2010 first round pick) Jared (Odrick) and (2010 fifth round pick) A.J. (Edds), so those two picks are really going to impact this year’s draft class more than last year.”

(On if a running back by committee lessens the value of the position compared to years past) – “Lessen the value? No, I don’t think so Omar, I don’t think it lessens the value. I think you have to go after as good a player as you can, because you never know when that player is going to get hurt in this business. I don’t think it lessens the value, I think you after the best players you can possibly get. Right now, we only have two running backs right now on our roster, you don’t know if you are going to get another one and another one at some point, so it doesn’t lessen the value, but no.”

(What are the tangible skills that you look for in a running back, do you separate the position by styles) - “Tangible skills? Well certainly with a running back you got to have instinct. You got to have quickness. You got to have vision. You got to have low center of gravity. You got to be tough; those are, I think those are critical.”

(On if he feels more prepared with the Draft this year compared to years past because there is no free agency) –“Certainly it has allowed us to focus on one thing, and it’s been all hands on deck, it really has, we have used everyone on our coaching staff, every person on our scouting staff. It has been great focus, great evaluative efforts here, so my hats off to my entire coaching staff and everybody in the building for that matter who has helped me focus on it. So yeah, I think you are prepared for it for sure.”

(On where he is in the draft process as a result of the ‘All hands on deck’ approach) – “Yeah, you know we started off like gang busters, we go from eight to eight and eight to nine and we just go real hard and we got ahead of ourselves a little bit so we kind of slowed down a little bit. The great thing is I can give my staff off for Easter, so they got a little bit of a break for Easter and then we go back hard come Monday. So we are right where we need to be, to be honest with you.”

(On how many Mock Drafts they do and if he looks at other peoples mock drafts) – “Yeah I really don’t look at too many of them up until about now. I start looking at a few certain ones that have a little merit to them. We start ‘mocking’ ourselves this week, that’s pretty much ‘the hay’s in the barn’ and now its strategizing and things like that were , trying to do. So we start ‘mocking’ and that just gives me a little bit of a thought process, a little bit of vision of what might happen. I have never ‘mocked’ and been satisfied with it, usually the draft actually leads to better results than the actual mocking does. My scouts, when we ‘mock’, they know my board and sometimes there are players that are not on my board that get drafted and those are the things that you obviously can’t predict, but I do look at them, they are fun to do.”

(On the way the 2011 schedule looks) –“I think there are some tough stretches, obviously, I am happy we are opening up at home on Monday Night, that’s exciting, against the Patriots. That’s extremely exciting. It’s one of the best teams in the league, your opening on Monday Night, you’re at home, we have something to prove at home, so I am very excited about that, and that’s all I have really looked at is game number one. But I think the schedule is good, we play on Thanksgiving it kind of a little bit of a homecoming for me, and I thought the schedule worked out nicely for us.”

(On if there are many stretch the field running backs in the draft) – “However we find it, we need to try and find it. I don’t know that we will and the answer could be on our team right now because we have some guys that didn’t play. So I am not sure. There are a handful of guys there that can run, now how they fall and whether, now there is no science to this thing, so whether or not it’s there or free agency or any of those things.”

(On how he feels about the 15th overall selection)

“The number itself or the pick itself (laughing).  I mean the pick is great.  I’ve always joked around with this but regardless of where you are picking in the draft, in my opinion, you usually are two players short of what you would need to get that pick.  And so, in other words, you never have 15 players that you’d love to have at 15.  You usually have 12 or 13 and so you’re betting on someone else being picked.  Whether you’re the 27th pick, you never have 27 players.  Or the fifth pick.  You never have 5.  Only one time that I had just one…the first pick and obviously I was proud of that one.”

(On if they are better served moving down in the draft) – “Like you said it’s the same in every draft.”

(On if he gave every quarterback the same test he gave Andy Dalton) – “Every quarterback we went to look out was put through the same process.  You have to do your homework that way.  We didn’t send them a playbook.  We send them kind of a study guide.  So we put every single player through the same process.  You’ve got to be able to compare one apple to next apple.  And so that’s what we did.”

(On how much weight he puts on the combine vs. the playing season) – “I’m a tape guy.  Video guy…what do they call it these days.  It’s not tape.  But I watch the video.  I’m a tape guy.  I’m going to go by what I see on that video tape and how they play the game.  Football players play football and obviously you want to verify what you see on tape with the combine numbers and things like that and sometimes it opens your eyes; a performance at the combine would open your eyes to something that you’re not seeing on tape.  And so you get back and you watch it again, but you want those two to marry together.  I put more weight on what I see as a football player playing the game of football.”

(On going up or down in the draft) – “I have a fairly good sense of who I would take at that spot.  There’s no doubt about it.  I mean I think if you can come down to two or three guys.  So, yeah, I do and you know there are also scenarios to go up and get a guy if falls or go down two or three guys are not there.”

(On how much information out there is misinformation)  - “First of all I don’t know if I believe even if I told him exactly what I was going to do.  Because I think there is misinformation out there.  I don’t think the misinformation comes from the player itself.  I think sometimes misinformation, its rumor, its hearsay.  It’s from someone that they thought they heard sometime, I don’t think it’s all on purpose sometimes.  I couldn’t tell you how much is misinformation.  I can tell you that some of it, a small portion of what you hear out of our building is misinformation.  So, but I can’t tell you what the other stuff.  I don’t know what other than misinformation other teams are putting out there.  But I’ve got to go by what I see.  I’ve got to go by what I’ve been able to gather from my scouts and myself, my coaching staff and that’s the information that’s most important to me.


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i don't think they are looking at darbut as their pass rusher opposite wake. i think it's more for a special teams upgrade. with 4.37 speed he will get down the field quickly and make tackles. his size also limits what he can do. he's not big enough to play linebacker so they may use him as an extra safety, maybe to rush the passer, or i can even see them putting him on the offensive side as a lead blocker or an h-back type player. the guy has alot of athletic ability as he shows in his 40 yd td reception. all that from a linebacker. i like what they found under this acorn. have you ever watched other teams that seem to find guys you've never heard of and they can just play? well, jeffy did his homework on this one. i hope we can get him with one of our 7's. here's the link:


dude is fast but his intangibles and injury risk have me hoping he falls to the fourth. I like him enough to select him in the 3rd but there are other players I'd look at before choosing him. I see him as a top 100 guy somwhere between 80-100

honestly I'm still high on Ryan Kerrigan or Cameron Jordan at 15...

we've lost alot of ground due to the draft the past few years. between parcells,ireland and sparano alot of mistakes were made and no one was held accountable the way they had it set up. it was left up to the fans to guess which one of the three was responsible;none spoke to the fans because it was their team,not ours. now ross wants ireland to be fan friendly which will be difficult for him. he better not screw it up again this year because all eyes are on him for the 1st time! no more embarassing interviews or bad picks;we finally have someone to hold accountable. and yes,its our team and he works for us!

Best thing that can happen in the next week is NOT the draft. Best thing that can happen is Chad Henne gets with his receivers and they all learn each other's tendencies and get on the same page.

IF Henne can get comfortable with this offense, I think he can surprise us this year. If not, well, let's not think about it if we're trying to have a Good Friday!!!

Lord Pelican will be drafted. The children will sing and toasters will fly.


bwana's posting military code.

hello dc, we all hope henne can somehow transform himself but that is reach. in his 3rd year he couldnt lead receivers,couldnt slide in the pocket,didnt sense pressure,didnt extend plays,killed plays early,couldnt hit a fly pattern or even understand the 2 minute offense. henne always required max protect where backs were asked to block for him. hope he can change but i doubt it.

greg z,
he also can't catch the passes for the receivers, run their patterns, catch passes deflected off "mr. alligator" marhall's hands to prevent them from being interecepted, provide brian hartline with the correct cleats so he doesn't fall coming out of his break and have another pass picked off and he can't be the quarterback and the running back and play o-line at the same time. i've been on the SS site reading doing the same thing all morning; defending henne's play. we just went over the buffalo game where he completed 73% of his passes for 276 yds and one td and one int. he was sacked 3 times and we rushed the ball for 65 yds. but, we lost the game because chad henne failed to also rush for 100 yds himself and failed to block for our running backs and catch some of his own passes. i guess everyone is right; he didn't do enough to help this team.

dm1dolphan, thanks for the reply but i have to disagree. it all starts with the qb;he is supposed to lead his team. his body language didnt exude confidence. he lacked a rapport with his most impt receivers;failed to deliver the ball on time or in stride. on the deep patterns he didnt allow the wr to run underneath the ball. he locked on to the target too early and stayed there;he never looked a receiver open. he was a statue who found it impossible to extend plays. his play fakes didnt fool anyone and he never seemed to hit his hot read in stride. marshall,among others were irritated and spoke up. other teams db's also said henne was an easy read and actually called the receivers routes BEFORE they were run. these were under-dog teams that had already beaten the fins(bills,cleveland etc)

greg, I know I'm hoping against hope bro, but what can we do at this point? Doesn't look like we're drafting a QB (at least one to compete this year), nor does FA look promising (they were talking on ESPN about NFL's plan if the season is delayed, so that's not promising if you're a team looking to pickup a QB in FA). And I don't want Palmer coming in a week before game 1 Monday night against the Patriots and meeting everyone, learning the playbook, then being asked to start right away. I know Henne SUCKED last year, but he can't be that bad to be beat out by a guy who's been on the team all of 1 week (I hope not at least).

So we're stuck with Henne dude. Not what many of us want to hear, but it is what it is.

the receiver routes are designed by the OC, not the qb. if the defense knew the receiver routes it is because the offense was too simple and, that being the case, doesn't exactly give the qb a great chance of completing a pass. anyway, i need to disagree on some points; the statue you mention isn't quite accurate, he rolls out of the pocket well and is very accurate throwing on the run even when throwing accross his body. as far as marshall is concerned the guy was running his own routes instead of running what he was supposed to. in the baltimore game all three int's were due to receivers not making the play. marshall didn't even try to catch the ball. if you don't believe me watch the video; it's on youtube. he tipped it in the air and into ed reed's hands. hartline fell down coming out of his break. henne put the pass right where it needed to be- ON TIME. the pass to bess was thrown perfectly, bess came out of his break late and couldn't locate the ball. when he did it was too late. you can try all you want to put it on the qb but, if you do, you're making a mistake. the whole team lacked leadership last year from the HC on down. with a new OC and qb coach henne will be given the chance to show what he can do this year and i will be one of those who won't be surprised by the results.

one thing you need to consider when looking at our offense this past year is we didn't have a lot of weapons, even at the receiver position. our guys had a tough time getting open. if you watched enough of their games it was frustrating to see our guys being blanketed by defenders. having an open receiver to throw to every now and then also makes a difference.


I read all the pro Mallett comments from yesterdays blog. Truly guys....what a bunch of cr*p!!....

There is ZERO evidence that this guy will become a 'franchise' QB. Why?....because he has a strong arm? There's a million QBs who have had strong arms in this league and failed. I'm not going to ryhme them all off....we all know who they are. The guy can't move in the pocket, there are questions about his character and his leadership and even the way this guy is 'wired'. Does he strike you as a leader of men? Not me! The guy he reminds me most of in terms of how he carries himself is Todd Marinovich. I haven't heard this comparison yet but there were a lot of concerns about Marinovich before he was drafted and they all turned out to be true. The Ryan Leaf comparison is appropriate to.

Picture this in your head if you can guys....does Mallett strike you as the guy who is going to win that tight fought game in Pittsburgh or New England, in mid-January or does he strike you as the guy who might crumble when it matters most. The teams that win when it matters most are the teams that can grind it out with a strong running game or defence, not the team who throws 60 yard bombs. It's ridiculous thought!

DB, I'll take you up on your offer that Mallett will be the first QB taken in the draft. How about if you're right I'll leave the blog for good and if I'm right you'll leave the blog for good. Deal?

This talk of Mallett being a 'franchise' QB at 15 is drivel!!....he's a time bomb waiting to go off and you don't want to be the team holding the box when it happens.

ohhhh....so it was EVERYONE ELE'S FAULT....but Henne.....Thanks for clearing that up dm1dolphan.....

out of the 490 pass attempts.....the 301 completions and ONLY 15 TDs were not on Henne.....they were EVERYONE ele's fault.....

Henne throws a pick....blame the wide reciever.....

Henne slides in to a sack.....blame the OL man blocking his guy....

Henne throws the ball at the recievers feet,,,,blame the guy who is suppose to rotate balls in and out of games.....

By the way guys, I feel the same way about Cam Newton. You don't win championships with a guy who talks about himself as much as Cam does. That's going to grate on the guys on his team over time. The guy is a great talent, no question. But again, is this a leader of men? To me, Newton strikes me as a combination of Vince Young, Michael Vick and Jemarcus Russell and not because of the fact they are all black QBs, more so because of their God-given talents. But again, he's missing that thing that Brady, Manning, Rothlisberger and Rodgers have. Maybe it's the respect of his teammates. Maybe it's that their teammates would go through a brick wall for them. Maybe it's the extra things they do for their teammates, maybe it's the extra work in the gym and the field and the classroom that these guys put in. Irregardless, Newton cares more about himself than anyone else and that won't sit well with his teammates. I see a career similar to Vince Young's. That's what your getting in this guy.....not good enough!


Won't make any diff what RB is picked as long as the D is making the QB beat them....knowing he won't.

It's the same thing as playing sandlot baseball. You have a poor hitter at bat and the outfield plays up.

Craig M....did we win a tight fought game against NE or Pitt last year?

Is our QB a leader of men?

Did Henne crumble against Cleveland when he threw the game sealing INT?

Just asking....

Dm1dolphan....of course I was being sarcastic with my last post to you....don't take it personal...but in all seriouness......there is enough blame to go around.....and Henne has his share to take.....

just as the OC had his (FIRED)

Sporano has his (ALMOST FIRED)

Henne was benched for a reason...not by me...by the FO....

Ireland said he is looking for a QB for a reason....and that reason isn't his stellar QB play.....

I believe Henne would be the first to tell you that he HAS to get better....

Better at reading the defence...

better at leading the recievers and throwing catchable balls

Better at taking the reins of this team......

Henne was a dissapointment to say the least.....I'm sure he isn't makling any excuses....just dedicaing his off-season to getting better and proving the doubters wrong....

Oh....and the doubters aren't just me.....its the FO as I decribed in the earlier post.....

Those are the doubters that he has to prove something too.

A few of you guys really need to take a deep breath, a few steps back, and realize that you honestly don't have a CLUE who will (or won't) make it among these rookies.

Sure, you can have opinions on them but that's all they are. None of you are experts, none has any special ability to foretell the future, and nobody here has any gift for seeing things that others miss.

In truth, your "contact" with these players is non-existent. You see them on TV a few times, watch some youtube highlights, and basically parrot what you see and hear from talking heads on ESPN or NFL Network.

That's the entirety of your knowledge base. You have never met these players, and never will. You've never met their coaches and teammates, never broken down their game film, never been any closer to them than your TV set or monitor.

Yet on draft day, many of you will feign expertise and instantly proclaim a 21-year-old kid who has yet to play even one snap of pro football a "terrible" or "great" pick. It's as comical as it is ludicrous.

You're the same people who never heard of players like Zach Thomas or Mark Clayton when they were drafted, the same ones who mocked and derided Tim Bowens when it was revealed he was missing toes. The same ones who cried bloody murder when Brady Quinn wasn't drafted.

It won't be any different this year. You'll be completely wrong FAR more than you guess right, but unlike those actually PAID to make those decisions, you can just have convenient amnesia about it and move on to being wrong again the next draft with no penalty.

So by all means, enjoy the draft. Just don't think every fan out there takes you seriously.


I totally agree on Mallett, not sure why people are high on him when he has the exact same shortcomings as Henne (I'd rather get another type QB if Henne isn't going to cut it).

But, as much as I agree on Mallett, I TOTALLY and 100% disagree on your assessment of Cam Newton. Dude, are you kidding me? Guys don't go through a wall for him? Remind me again who won the SEC championship? Remind me again who won the NCAA title? And Newton had to rally the truth in MANY games where they were behind and ended up winning. So I think you're getting ahead of yourself a little comparing him to Jamarcus Russell. I see ZERO comparison there.

Newton did what he had to in college to win. It wasn't his choice not to play in a pro-style offense. His technique needs work, no doubt, but in 2-3-4 years, the guy is going to embarrass a whole bunch of doubters on here.

Also, if you think comparing anyone to Vince Young and Mike Vick is a negative, then I don't know what you're smoking. I thought the NFL was about WINNING. Cause the guys you mentioned do nothing but that. If Miami had a QB (who you seem to love and want to give every chance in the world to succeed) who won 1/2 as much as VY or Vick, then maybe we'd go to a Playoff game more than twice a decade. So you should go back and check records of the QBs you're badmouthing by suggesting all they have going for them is talent. To be an effective QB in the NFL, you MUST BE A LEADER. VY was a leader, Vick was/is a leader, if not, they wouldn't win, PERIOD (right kris). Now, if you want to say those two QBs are flawed by their temperment or off-the-field issues, well then you'd have an argument. But we need to stop hating on QBs who's winning percentage in the NFL put them at the top of the list. Being a Boy Scout isn't what this league is about, this league is about winning football games (something the Dolphins need to learn how to do from people like VY, Mike Vick, or even Cam Newton). Last I heard Jake Long ain't won jack in college OR the NFL.

marshall DROPPED 11 passes last year. ELEVEN! gee, go you think some of those dropped passes were drive killers? did you happen to notice how many time henne had a hot hand and drove the team downfield to be taken out of the game so they can run the wildcat for NO GAIN? did you know that henne had 10 td's and only 2 int's in the redzone but they chose not to throw in the redzone instead opting for running out of the shotgun for little or no gain and settling for a field goal? come on man! be realistic about the situation. if we went 11-5 last year and henne had the season he had nobody would be saying anything about it.

Sorry, meant "rally the troops", not "truth". Got too emotional Craig, you hit a nerve there.

i didn't take it personally but thanks.

TJ, no doubt you're gonna piss some people off with that post but I have to say you pretty much nailed it. I enjoy seeing people's opinions, and have my own as well, but to take it seriously is pretty silly. Agreed we'll be wrong much more than right. Always been that way and always will.

i'm a big believer in the saying, "whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." henne had a lot of adversity and a lot of ups and downs, mainly downs, in his first two seasons as a starter and i think he will be stronger for it. too much success right off the bat isn't always the best thing and it can go to your head and when tough times come you don't know how to handle it. therefore, i'm staying in the henne camp until he proves me wrong. i've been frustrated by some of the things he has done in the past but it's all part of the learning and growing process. when our kids make mistakes we don't ask if we can trade them in for another.

with the 15th pick of the 2011 nfl draft, the miami dolphins select: Trade. Down. Bookit!

Your are 100% right dm1dolphan.....if were were WINNING....would careless.....just like Marshall's ELEVEN...count them 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11......drops woudn't even be a blip on anyone's radar.....not even yours....and it still isn't on mine....

86 receptions
1,014 yards
missed 2 and a half games due to injury

and did all that never knowing how the ball was going to come out of Henne's hand.....on top f that Henne started him down bringing additional coverage his way.....

pretty good if you ask me....

My question to you is this....

Why do you blame the PROVEN SUPERSTAR who this FO gave 2 picks and 50 million dollars too?

Instead of looking at the 3rd year QB who most non FIN fan can't even name....

One is a PROVEN commodity...and one is hoping to keep his job......

How do you compare the two?


Cool....glad to see you didn't.....i re-read that initial post and thought it was kinda harsh.....

I don't have Odin's gift for comedy......so my opinions come off kinda rough sometimes.....

but its all in the spirit of debate....not personal attacks....




on top f that Henne started him down bringing additional coverage his way....

meant to say ....on top of that Henne stared him down brining additional coverage his way....


Always good to talk to you man. We differ on our opinions but we always talk it through.

Couple of things....did guys go through the wall for Matt Leinart when USC won the National Championship and won the Heisman trophy? How did that translate to the NFL? The Cards drafted him tenth overall, hoping he's lead their team for years to come. Didn't work out. Leinart showed he was aloof, not a hard worker and above all probably doesn't have a strong enough arm. Bottom line, he wasn't repsected by teammates and show he was the leader the Cards wanted. So winning a championship and winning a Heisman mean nothing, really, as Newton has. I remind you, Vince Young won a National Championship with Texas. Five years later he's getting dumped by not one (Fisher) but two (Munchak) regimes. They obviously don't see that he has 'it' to lead their team. I suggest that in time Carolina or some other team will find out the same thing. I don't see a true 'franchise' QB in this draft but I'd be OK if the team took a shot on Dalton a bit later, or Stanzi or even Kaepernick. Let them develop for 2-3 years and then let's see what we've got.

As for Vick and Young, what have they ever won in the NFL? Young hasn't even played a full schedule and most TD's he's ever thrown is 12. This is what you want your starting QB to be? Vick has one year where he took his team to the NFC Championship game but outside of that what has he ever won? Is this what we want the benchmark to be?

kris, I'd like to suggest that the 'Phins losing to Cleveland wasn't all Henne. We had a 'loser' as OC and the whole team knew it. We'd lost numerous close games and I think that deflated the team. On top of that Henne was being told repeatedly 'don't make mistakes'. What confidence does that intstall in your QB? On top of all that, I think the team quit last year, as the last game against New England showed.

I pick on nobody except when I'm provoked by inmaturity and foolishness.

Craig M....

I agree that the TEAM quit against NE.....

I think they were trying to get Sporano fired.....It almost worked.....

Thinking back to that game......why in the HECK would we rotate our QBs every drive.....

If you wanted to see what Thigpen had....then play him....you already knew what you had with Henne......no need to continue to play him on that game......especially as it continued to get out of han.....

Those are the decisions that bother me.....

This idea, that we're going to draft an immobile QB at 15 and all our problems are going to be taken care of is just CRAZY talk!! I'd love ot be a competing GM against some of you guys in the NFL. My teams would eat you for dinner every time we played. You don't think that Rex Ryan and Bellichik aren't drolling at the prospect of us drafting this guy. When have we ever shown we have a good enough OL to keep the defences of the QB? We had problems last year and Henne is a more mobile QB than Mallett. You're going to throw Mallett into a situation that we couldn't make work with Henne and expect different results. Crazy talk? Where is Mallett going to get the time to throw 60 yard passes to and who is he going to throw them to? Our wide receivers couldn't get open last year and all of a sudden it's going to be a different story. Crazy talk!!

But maybe most importantly, if you don't do enough to improve the team this year, Sparano will be gone and the new coach will want his own QB. There goes another stupid first round pick!!

Craig M....isn't it always good to talk to me....

My feelings are hurt...lol

Craig M....you as a GM...lol.....

You hate QBs more than Bill Parcells.....

I see your team as a late 80's early 90's model.....

you'll win a few games.....catch lighting in a bottle and luck up with an 11-5 season once every 15 years......

but if I were you I would stick to the blogging aspect......lol

just messing with you.....

You guys realize there's a lockout and these rookies (ESPECIALLY the QB's) probably won't be having any impact on the 2011 season at all, right?

i'm not singling out marshall but i'm pointing out the fact that others on the team made mistakes, as well. the team didn't play like a team on the offensive side of the ball. anyway, we also need to remember that marshall and bess set the single season reception mark for miami receivers with henne as the starter. so, don't forget who was on the other end of thoses passes. lol.


LOL....I don't HATE QBs at all. Some of the best players in the game are QBs. My model would be more along the lines of what the Ravens do. Or maybe the Steelers. I'd have a team with a good defence, a good OL, a good running game and a decent QB. Think someone along the lines of Flacco or Big Ben. Good but not a star. We'd win consistently and have a chance at the playoffs every year.

dm1dolphan....i didn't know that.....

I learned something new today....thanks

I would think if we added a good TE, could be be DL Williams, could be someone else, a good running back or two and if we shore up the OL, combine that with Daboll and Henne is already off to a better start than last year ended. On top of that, more familiarity with Marshall and a compliment to Fasano will help the offence. I don't see where there would be a need for a guy like Mallett in an offence like that.

Unfortunately, some of you are correct that Henne will more than likely be our starter this year. You can't expect a FA or a rookie to come in on day one and start! How that plays out for the rest of the season, only time will tell. Mallet backed up Henne at Michigan before he left for Arkansas. That should tell you something. The kid has the same strengths and weaknesses that we've already got at QB. We really need our first pick to come in and contribute from day one. We'll try to trade down and get back a 2nd if we can. If not, then we've got to use it! Pouncey isn't as good as his brother and may take time to develop. Ingram is 5'10" and about 195 lbs. Miami has always liked them bigger than that. True, he can put on afew pounds of muscle, but that may affect his speed. He needs to be at least 205 lbs. to be able to endure the punishment of the NFL.
I have no idea what direction the FO will go in this draft, but I won't be surprised if they go O-line or D just because there's more talent available there at #15.

Let's see: Because of the labor situation, none of these rookies will be allowed ANY contact with the teams that draft them.

No mini-camps, no film sessions, no meetings with coaches, not even a playbook.

I really wouldn't worry much about the "impact" they'll be making in 2011 since there won't BE any.

kris@1:30 PM

I've had the opinion for a while, Ricky's comments were just the tip of the iceberg. Most everybody else kept their mouth shut because they didn't want to jeopardize their job. Ricky didn't care because he'd had enough.

You don't give a 100% when you know your coach is a idiot.

And yet guys, some of the guys on here will tell you despite everything Mallett is the answer to all our problems....total cr*p!!

Tracy and Iggy Pop....

I agree....No rookie QB will make much of an impact THIS year.....and it will be a challenge for any rookie player....

But when you draft....your not necessarily drafting for today.....but for the FUTURE of the organization.....

So losing a year on Mallett or whatever QB/player you want is not that significant.....especially for a QB....a good QB probably has a stron 10-12 years to play at a high level......more so than any other postion on the feild....

If anything I would say you guys make a case for not drafting a RB.....due to the short career expectancy......3....maybe 4 years on average...

Tracy---it's more than that. Some are talking as if it's business as normal but the reality is the lockout pretty much precludes Miami making a QB change this year unless things are settled VERY soon.

You can't make any trades. You can't sign any FA's. And you certainly can't conduct any practices, film sessions, or meetings with coaches. That alone erases any chance of a rookie QB contributing this year.

We are only ten days or so from the lockout canceling what would have been the first mini-camp sessions. Those are crucial for rookies.

Extended further, ALL mini-camps will be erased and then training camp itself will be in jeopardy.

Rookies are likely to have less impact this year than any other, with rookie QB's having none whatsoever.

Miami's only realistic shot at upgrading QB this season would be if there's a settlement by training camp and they make a move for a veteran that works out.

Not that they shouldn't draft one, but if they do it won't matter in 2011.

Armando whatever happened to that guy that was wanting to become a scout that did the player breakdowns last year?

DC @ 8:43. I agree. I've been preaching it & you just said it. It's time to stop thinking unrealistically & start thinking realistically. This team need allot of help before it's ready to really compete.

That's not negativity, that's just being honest with yourself. The reason why many fans go into the tank when this team doesn't perform is because the expectations are ridiculous.

Temper expectations & don't expect the unexpected. In this case, the unexpected being a playoff berth or better than 7-8 wins!

Some of the many good OL in this draft are going to fall to the second round. Castonzo(NE), Pouncey and probably Carimi won't, but there will be Watkins, Solder, others available in that round. And there is Marcus Gilbert(UF) in the third round.

We're in "Win Now or Lose Your Job" mode. So, you have to draft players that can come in and contribute immediately! Getting a developmental player (like a QB) isn't gonna save anyone's job! Or, am I the only one who remembers that Sparano and company were almost canned this year and the owner had to make nice afterwards? So, a defensive player, an O-line player, a tight end, or a runningback are the most likely players to win with NOW! (Unless you want to draft a kicker!) The two best runningbacks that everyone's talking about are Ingram and this Taiwan kid. Both weigh less than 200 lbs. and that won't cut it in the NFL. Taiwan is taller at 6'1". Both can put on wweight. Both could start from day one. Both have been clocked around 4.3 in the forty. Speed! Isn't that what everybody wants us to get?


So by the same thinking Henne should still have a good 8-10 years ahead of him? Isn't Mallett ranked as a second round QB and isn't that where we drafter Henne. How can you annoint Mallett as 10-12 year QB without playing a single snap in the NFL and give up on Henne after two years. Flawed thinking...

Also, there are many very good defensive players in this Draft and, probably, the 1st round will be heavy in drafting defense. That should work to our advantage. What do you think, kris?

Cocoajoe....With the lockout now into day 40....I wonder if Ricky now regerts those comments.....he could very well have ended his career.....with his own words.....

but more to your post.....I expected more players to come forward....but they didn't....

Was that the Parcell's mystic.....or does Sporano really have that much of a grip on this locker room.....

Keep in mind....they draft guys who SHADDUP...and play football....

except Crowder...he does neither.....

Tyrod Taylor might surprise everyone... dude could be the next michael vixk and people are sleeping on him because he isn't prototypical. I personally have watched him and he seems to me a guy that can excel in the NFL because of his ability to scramble and throw on the run. I like him more than Pat White. And he could be a 6th rd pick maybe even 7th...

And yet guys, some of the guys on here will tell you despite everything Mallett is the answer to all our problems....total cr*p!!

Posted by: Craig M | April 22, 2011 at 01:53 PM

Craig, and yet, you are doing the same exact thing...just from the opposing view point. How are you any different? Because you think Mallet will flop means we should just take your word for it? Abandon our thoughts? People who don't agree with you are naive. That's the recurring theme in all your posts.

Just as a reality check, you are not right. None of us are, none of us can tell the future. But yet, you post everything as if you're sure about it & everyone else is dumb for thinking differently or not agreeing with you.

You are just as adamant in your not believing in Mallett as everyone else who does. You are being a total hypocrite.

Ricky Williams is well, you know, I mean strange(only when it's convenient for him to be so).

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