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Live blog chat today at 1 p.m.

New week so let me tell you the newsy tidbit first:

The Dolphins are hosting a visit from West Virginia inside linebacker J.T. Thomas, according to the National Football Post. Count him among the half-dozen or so inside linebackers the team has shown considerable interest in since the interview and workout process began.

That suggest, well, the Dolphins are feeling a need to add help at inside linebacker. Now, I don't know about you, but with Karlos Dansby, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, A.J. Edds, and Austin Spitler on the team, you might think the team is good at inside linebacker.

You would think wrong.

The club obviously wants to upgrade special teams, obviously wants depth because Crowder will be in the final year of his deal in 2011, and because Spitler is alright but not really great so far.

My suggestion?

Consider moving Koa Misi inside. He can play the position and the Dolphins could use a pick to add a superior pass-rusher, which is also a need. It will not happen, in all likelihood. But why not think outside the box?

I don't see Misi as a 15-sack player. I see him as a solid seven-sack player when he gets completely comfortable with the OLB job. Why not improve two positions at the same time and try to land a big playmaking pass rusher?

Just saying.

Anyway, today is live blog chat day here. We'll get it started at 1 p.m. I will hang here with you until your questions or comments are done. If you cannot be here then, leave your question or comment now and I'll answer those first.

See you then.


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Thank god Crowders in his last year of his contract, I wonder if after this he'll be the new spokesman for "Slyven learning center" or a spokesman for Nordic stationary bikes???My guess is the latter of the two..........


I really dont understand why fans are always for moving players around. Some say move Carey inside, now its Misi. Moves dont always work out as expected, everything looks great on paper or in theory. They just rarely work out in "real time".

I dotn really know what you guys expect from Misi's lb position. On Wake's side he doesnt have to make sure he gets a jam on the TE before getting into his rush. He doesnt have coverage responsibility. He doesnt have to get beat up in the run game as much because the average nfl team runs right handed.

He also doesnt have to have coverage responsibilities at times in pass situation because he's always the primary pass rusher.

BTW, last season Graham was expected to blowup the nfl his 1st season from the same lb position as Misi. Graham was taken 1st rd, Misi 2nd rd. Misi was by far the most productive of the two rookies. Remember Hugehs who was also expected to tear it up in his rookie season? The guy couldnt even get onto the pplaying field in Indy.

Knowing this, especially with Graham, who's to say these guys you're expecting to tear it up and be far more elctric than Misi int thier rookie season, will only be reduced to Brandon Graham. The NFl has a way of doing tthis to guys from that position in thier 1st season.

Just like a Dolphin fan to write a guy off in year one if he isnt all world from day one. Misi clearly showed himself to be more productive than any other rookie at his same position.

Also, it seems the 3-4 defense rolb position takes at least 2-3yrs before a guy comes on and begins to show signs of dominance. This position carries a lot more responsibilities than leftside therefore a greater learning curve for a rookie.

You're taking college DE's and converting them to this position. In college, as DE's, theyve spent very little time in coverage, didnt have to chuck the TE before focusing on pass rushes, nor had edge setting responsibilities.

So in being converted to the rolb position if thier only responsibility was to get after the passer alone and the job wasnt getting done. Then we would have great cause for alarm.

So, can we please stop it the false alarms from this position. Misi did very well for a college converted DE at the position. Theres a huge learning curve at this position. He led all rookies at the position didnt he?

I see what you mean about Misi's potential if you move him inside. Seems to remind me of Tedy Bruschi as another pass rushing DE who's better suited to play ILB.

As for Carey, he was a great guard in college. However, regardless of where he plays, he needs to get his weight back down to around 325 pounds.

The two most troubling things for our d last season was when Crowder was out a brief period earlier in the year and our db's not holding onto picks.

Even though a dropped pick is still a pd. It's likened to in basketball a team allowing the other team to get an "OFFENSIVE REBOUND". No matter the sport, giving a team "second chance" opportunities can be disastrous.

Also, Starks playing DE and inside may have worn on him, eventually limiting his effectiveness as a pass rushing force too. We all know he was a pass rushing force in 2009 when only having to focus on playing the DE position alone.

No one knows how Misi would adapt to playing inside. Plus the position isnt broken, so why use a 1st rd pick fixing something not truly broken.

Especially when we do have other positions closer to being truly broken. I just dont understand the logic here at times. Though I do understand at the end of the day we all just want to see this team become a winner. That is undeniable.

i read something the other day saying that the phins may be better off keeping robohenne as there starter this year. It said yes, he isnt a QB that can carry the team, but given the right supporting cast he could bloom into a solid QB. What do you think that "correct" supporting cast would be? and do you think its likely? I mean... one more year of robohenne? i hope not.

Im not even 100% sold that the #2wr spot with Hartline is broken. But I do 100% know Henne struggled mightily with his deep ball accuracy in 2010. That much is hugely undeniable.


As long as Henne struggles mightily with deep ball accuracy our entire offense will have to play every game completely error free. The defense will also have to be nearly total shutdown calibre and no more dropped picks.

As long as Henne struggles with the deep ball accuracy points will continue to come at a minimum leaving margin of error on both sides of the ball slimmest of slim if we are to become deep playoff team in 2011.


I realize my question may be impossible to answer, but can you gauge what they think their trade down chances are? 50/50? Better or worse? Or are they so desperate to trade down they will just take whatever their best offer is?

Previously I didn't like their chances of getting a good enough offer to trade down, but now my gut feeling is Ireland will really go out of his way to get two for one, even if it means swapping for a high two and a three.

If the Dolphins are ever to become SB champions again to a evrery man they must play the season like they are already SB champions.
You can never say to yourself, "Im trying to be the best."

Champions dont try, champions get it done!

"Trying to be the best always means you arent"!

To be the best first you position yourself, then you perfect it! LOL..............

When I think of a champion, I think of Michael Jordan in his last title game. Malone and a very good Utah team were trying to fight off the one player that kept them from a title. It was game 6, Utah playing strong, even looking like perhaps the better team. But the will of a champion would not be denied. In the final 10 minutes, both teams exhausted after almost 6 grueling games, yet still playing their hearts out, Jordans will to win rose for an instant above Malone's when he stole the ball from him on a key series, and then minutes later, with the clock winding down, faked a drive to the basket, juked his defender out of his shoes, and made that poetic jumper to seal the deal. That really should have been Jordans last play ever, the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Hey Armando - hope this finds you well!

We keep talking about Miami wanting to trade back from 15 to get a 2nd rounder. Obviously, that is a dance for two. Can you discuss some more plausible trade partners who have late 1st rounds picks that might want to trade up?

As Peter king noted in his MMQB this morning, those late rounders might have a sweet deals to trade back themselves.


A Little Proof Hartline Wasnt Horrible At The #2WR:

12 games:

43 catches- 615yds- 14.3ypc

16 games projects too:

60 catches- 800yds- 14.3ypc

Hartline sat the final 4 games. Had he played the final 4 games and continued on his first 12 game pace. He would have finished:

60 catches for 800yds with a 14.3ypc. Folks that kind of production at the "off" wr spot is pretty remarkable.


I`ve got a few questions for you:

1) I know the team won`t discuss trade scenario`s with anybody, especially this year with no trade possiblities (players) and the draft coming before FA but I wonder what your impression is of the rumor flying around that S.D. would look to trade up ahead of N.E. for JJ Watt and if true what`s to stop the Pats from packaging a couple of there picks (3 in top 33) to secure him anyway, alot of mocks I`ve read have this as the most likely scenario with us taking S.D.`s 3rd. rd. as compensation.

2) I find your suggestion interesting about playing Misi at ILB his high motor would be a welcome sight plugging up running lanes but if he struggled last year in sniffing out pass plays while having a limmited responsability to one side of the field, how will he adapt at ILB in zone ?

3) Everybody talks about how Henne has to show marked improvement this coming season and I couldn`t agree more but how is an inexperienced former WR Coach supposed to help remedy that ? Or is the thought here that Daboll is supposed to be the answer ?

An Excerpt from Sparano Concerning Hartline: (MD.com)

“Brian can run. I mean he is a fast guy. I don’t know if people would classify Brian as a fast guy, but I do,” said Sparano, who elevated Hartline to the No. 2 spot opposite Marshall at the start of 2010. “I think the guy has been behind people a bunch of times and we just haven’t made the play one way or another, but this guy can run and he can scare people that way a little bit.”

"I think he has been behind people a bunch of times and we havent made the play one way or another".

Suggest a qb-wr issue to me and proof Henne wasnt confident throwing the deep ball in 2010.

Why not trade the Bungles our 15th pick this yr and last yrs #1 for Carson Palmer? The Bengles need help at DE/DT and Palmer is an established, known, QB who makes all the throws and is a leader. The Dolphins need a QB to get back to the playoffs,,period and Palmer is there waiting and he's got at lest 4-5 yrs left on that arm of his. IF you remember the past failed QBs drafted at #1, you will see why I suggest this trade. Some GM's would trade their entire draft to get Palmer. Palmer makes the Dolphins an instand contender.

0x80 @12:28,

I couldn`t agree more had that been scripted for a movie it would have been written off as Hollywood fantasy making. I hated seeing him tarnish that those 2 seasons in Wash. That game 6 for me goes down as one of the greatest feats I`ve witnessed as well, don`t forget he took game one of that series with a buzzer beater as well, legendary stuff !!!!!!


Your point about moving Misi inside and drafting an OLB is well made. I've been saying this for a while. This BS that DB tries to feed us about 'moving Misi inside means he's a bust' is exactly that....BS! Misi had a good rookie season and should have a good future in the NFL. I agree with you, I don't believe he'll ever be a double digit sack guy. Now again, DB will tell us that it's unlikely for a guy playing that position to ever have double digit sacks but again that's just BS. Nothing wrong with getting more 'football players' on the team and if that means Crowder sits on the sideline or needs to go then too bad for him. Good post today Armando....nothing wrong with you're thinking today at all.


The great debate between everybody on this sight for weeks now is whether Mark Ingram is worth the 15th pick of the draft or not ! Why not come of the sidelines and throw your hat in the ring on this one, if you really wanna get everybody going on your live chat today!!!


I think Henne's primary problems in 2010 were consistent blitz recognition and not being fully confident in his deep ball accuracy.

If a guys isnt 100% confident in his deep ball accuracy compounded by being drilled not to turn the ball over, may have had a two-fold negative effect on him.


You're either a standup comedian or a Bengals fan. Were you really serious that we should trade Odrick and our first this year for Palmer? One word for you my friend.....REHAB!

Show me a team out there who will give up their entire draft for Palmer? This is not a healthy and young Palmer. Sorry bud but your delusional.


Armando has already said he's not a fan of taking Ingram at 15. I think he's on record as saying he would take Mallett if the other two guys (Newton and Gabbert) are gone. Perhaps he'll clarify that for us.

Good afternoon everyone. I'm here. Let's get to work ...

There is a point value chart that teams use to for trading draft picks. One of the more plausible scenarios i see is swapping 1st with the Steelers. This would mean we give a shot at Pouncey as they would surely want to reunite the brothers and bolster their aging o-line. Going by the point value chart it would cost them at least there 2nd and 3rd. I don't know how bad the Steelers want Pouncey but i don't think they will get him sitting at 31. It would obviously be late picks for us, but 2 extra would give us more flexibility.

I agree with you on the player movement. I think Carey and Crowder are both solid players though they may not be pro bowlers. I actually think Crowder improved some last year playing beside Dansby. We don't need to create more holes.

Hey Mando, my questions are about the RB position. Currently, R&R are at the end of their contracts, Hilliard, Cobbs and Sheets are still under contract (as far as I know). My first question is, what are you hearing about the RBs (I'm sure they're looking for 1 in the draft, do you think they're looking for 2)? And, I hear mutterings about using Hilliard more, possibly using Sheets if/when he returns from injury more, but don't hear about Cobbs anymore. Is he strictly ST? Or will he be used at all as an RB? Also, is Polite pretty much set at his position, or are they looking to bringing in a guy who's a better blocker (even though I like the short-distance stuff Polite does)?

Lastly, are you hearing any other draft names (besides the soon-to-be disaster-pick-in-the-making Mark Ingram)? That's just my personal preference speaking, as everyone on here knows I'm totally in the "ABI" camp (Anyone But Ingram).

dyingbreed, interesting first question. I think there was a questions somewhere.

I am just suggesting that the idea of moving Misi inside be looked at, explored. Can that be so terrible?

Ronnie Lott was a very good cornerback before he was a safety. Jason Taylor was a defensive end before he was an OLB.

It cannot hurt to think outside the box and consider one's options.

Frank, I am one that thought Carey was overweight last year. I asked coach Tony Sparano about that at the owner's meetings.

He said Carey missed weight only once last year. Go figure.


Can you clarify for us who you want at 15? I believe you're on record as saying you want Mallett if Newton and Gabbert are gone.

My question to others on here, if Ingram somehow goes to the Rams at 14 and we can't tradedown where might we go? I think Leshoure should get consideration based on our needs and no picks until the third round. I'm prepared to get roasted for that opinion.


BS? You crack me up dude! LOL.........

Misi dint have double digit sacks his first season. Name a rookie rolb in a 3-4 defense that has had double-digit sacks his first season. Guess you and Armando would have also said Lamarr Woodley needed upgrading after his rookie season

Woodley produced only "FOUR SACKS" his rookie season. In year 2 Woodley produced 11.5 sacks and hasnt looked back since. But you guys would have moved him to the inside.

CraigM please do a little homework before accusing others of BS. Throwing bs into a fan will make it all come back on you! LOL...........

CASE83, I can guarantee you the Dolphins will do everything possible to replace Henne. They have to talk him up and not insult the guy because he's the only guy they have right now and you have to guard against the possibility he's going to end up taking snaps for the Dolphins this year.

But with that in mind, they are going to try very, very, very hard to replace Henne. He's mediocre at best. We've all seen it. They've seen it too.

Craig, M,

I would be rather reach for ILB Martez Wilson than LeShoure.

Problem with that IMO Mando (moving Misi) is you could ruin the kid for good (see Jason Allen). A guy needs to get comfortable and learn one position well before moving on to another position. This is what screwed with Allen (being moved like a yo-yo until he didn't know up from down). Not saying it would definitely happen to Misi, but I'm like DB, I think he did a fine job as a rookie (probably better than any other rookie who played that position last year), and would rather give him a chance to prove he can't get better at this position before we move him to another.

DyingBreed - I could not agree more with your analysis of Misi. The guy played extremely well, if not great for a rookie. Especially, as you noted, his position has a lot of responsibilities (not "just" pass rushing).

Yet I seem to constantly hear how he "only" registered 4 1/2 sacks and that is not good enough for an OLB.

How many NFL teams have TWO pass rushing OLB's that get 15 sacks a year? Geez. We have Wake, but somehow that is not good enough?

IMO - Misi never got his due from the FLA media cause they 1) never heard of him before the draft, 2) had hard on's for Graham and or Jerry Hughes and were not thrilled with the Misi pick.

Thanks for pointing out that Misi played better than either of those two guys in 2010.

Ireland got that pick right, but you'll never hear it from the SFLA media.

0x80, I obviously cannot tell youwith certainty whether they will be able to trade down or not.

But starting next week sometime, teams will start calling each other and start focusing on scenarios that might come into play on draft day.

The Dolphins will try to talk to teams that might wish to trade up.

There is always someone. Doesn't mean it will happen, but they were confident last year they could do it. Everyone knew it. I wrote about it. It happened.

They're in the same boat this year.


Everyone has been comparing Ingram to Emmit Smith.

Everytime I look in my crystal ball all I see is another Reggie Bush.

Your thoughts.............

By the way Mando, I'd like the team to think "outside the box" as much as anyone else, but to me, thinking outside the box should relate to using the passing game more (since all the rules in the NFL today favor the QB and the passing game, why not use those to your advantage? But hearing Sparano say, "we will still be a run first team" brings up memories of 7-9 seasons.

QUESTION: Do you get any impression Ross would can Sparano mid-season if we did horribly, or does Sparano pretty much have all year to show what he can do, and Ross will make his decision after the season whether to retain Sparano or not?


If you could read, rather than put your 'spin' on things, I never said anything about Misi not having double-digit sacks in his rookie season. What I said was I don't think he'll ever be a double digit sack guy. Obviously Armando feels the same way.

Let's be honest DB, what it really comes down to is you're a big Channing Crowder fan and can't see past him. What the rest of us are looking at is 'how do we make this ball club better?' Moving Misi inside by no means says we think he is a bust....so quit with your 'spins'.

I want to know what has people buzzing today. Any chance of Mallett at 15 ?


Once you asked on your show, Why is it that the dolphins are working out Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert because they simply will not be there when the dolphins pick at 15 and they don't have enough picks to trade up.

My question for you is... What else are they going to do!? The league is in a lockout so it's not like they have anything better to do!


How come no one ever mentions upgrading our defensive ends. Merling, Langford, Starks. is there a beast in that group?? Of course the jury is still out on Odrick.

LipsinToronto, thanks for participating today and always.

I look at this year's options and they again include San Diego.

The Chargers have the No. 18 pick. They also have multiple picks in the second round -- 50 and 61 and in the third round. If they believe they are going to get jumped by another team for the player they value for some reason, they might be willing to trade their lower second round pick or one of their third round picks for the chance to land their guy at No. 15. All this depends on the right situation playing out but these teams have a history together and San Diego has the ammo to get it done.


I wouldnt be so displeased with Henne's progress if his deep ball accuracy was more decent and he was a little more confident throwing deep. This hugely caused defenses to "shrink" the field on us and played a key role in reducing the effectiveness of our running game.

Therefore, that's why Im now on the Ryan Mallett at #15 train. The guys throws an absolutely great deep ball, which btw happens to be the greatest weakness of our passing game.

He may not be a day one starter but I do believe that because of this great skill he can be our future.

I've got a question Armando.

Did you schedule this "live" blog as an act of penance for only giving us the Palmer follow up all week?

Guys you have to remember you can never have enough pass-rushers on the team. The Giants have shown us that. If you take Cam Wake away we'd have a pretty ordinary pass rush, so you have to plan for injuries or guys getting double teamed. Brady has shown he will kill us if we give him too much time. I'm not saying OLBer should be our pick at 15, I'm simply saying you've got to be able to rush the QB in this league to win and Wake can't do it by himself.


And I`m fully prepared to get toasted on this one but in looking over the FA pool of RB I can`t help but think of Micheal Bush as an interesting player it was an injury in College that derailed his draft value and he can be had at a reasonable price when FA gets underway. Then if we accomplish the trade down address the OL 1st. with WR and TE next, while aquiring a D. Locke or T.Jones as the change of pace player we seem to need in the mid-rounds.


Do you think getting a speedy pass-catching TE to compliment Fasano will solve some of the Phins TD woes in the redzone? If so, who do you hope the Phins draft or sign as a free agent to solve the #2 TE spot?


Whats wrong with your boy CraigM. He spends most of his posting time placing his own words into others mouth and then declares them as fact.

Some kids just shouldnt be allowed to play with others without adult supervision. LOL............


Actually Armando had two blogs recently...One was asking the rhetorical question "Is Ingram Special?" which he clearly indicated he didn't think so. He followed that up with another blog a week or to later with some input from others that was a bit more lukewarm, seemingly indicating he may like Ingram a bit more than previously, but I certainly didn't get he was necessarily high on him.


Maybe you can elaborate on that here this afternoon.

I like us taking a QB with the 15 pick if there is one we like. none of the second tier QBs will get passed the top of second round. Too many teams need QB. So unless we can trade back and get a pick in the late 20s we should just take a QB that we like with 15.


Do you think the Phins will go after a Free Safety in the draft, or do you think the current roster is adequate? The Phins D desperately needs a playmaker and that usually starts at the safety position.

fin4life, glad you're here.

Check out my previous answer about San Diego.

As to Misi's ability to get into coverage. He is in coverage already as a strong side OLB, so he's shown SOME ability to do it. I remind you it is not more than 25 percent of the job, as you can limit him on passing downs by subbing Edds in his place.

But fellas, it's just a fanciful thing on my part. I didn't say the Dolphins were going to do it. I just suggested it because, well, it sounds viable to me.

Finally, the guy that will be in Henne's ear all the time will be Daboll. I wouldn't worry too much about Dorrell not having coached the position that much. Daboll will be the guy in the quarterback's ear, head, headphones and up his nose.


Go back to playing with your queens and bishops and being condescending to the rest of the bloggers on here.

What myself and others hate about what you do is twist our words to try and make us look bad, like saying moving Misi inside means we're declaring him a bust. Ridiculous!! Is that why Dansby has played inside and out in his career too? Only you could twist things that way.


On defense our primary problem was dropping picks, creating "SECOND CHANCE" scoring opportunities for opposing offense. In basketball it's called offensive rebounds and "SECOND CHANCE" points.

On offense our primary problem was "SCORING POINTS". So yeah let's make pass rusher the primary draft picks. I sure hope the guy can "SCORE POINTS" too. LOL................

Wiley, at this stage you cannot trade a draft pick for players currently in the league. You can trade draft picks for other draft picks. That is all.

Speaking of the hotly debated RB topic...

I urge any of you to read the cons in the scouting reports of all the top backs in this draft, or really any back you like. After reading the cons on any one of them, you just may not like any one of them anymore.

I had the same experience just trying to buy a digitical camera. Went to some really informative sites, read the reviews of various models, and in every case the cons were so negative I didn't even want to buy one. Eventually I picked one, just like I'm sure we'll pick a RB too.


Have you soured on the idea of picking a running back at 15 now? Still seems to be to be the most logical plan, failing a tradedown.


Concerning the QB issue, I like the idea of picking one up (to insulate us if Henne stinks it up again this year). But what info have you gotten (or can you speak to at all) about the thinking of picking up a FA (like the love of your life, Carson Palmer)? If FA doesn't start until Aug., do you (or in your dealings with the organization) think a Palmer can be ready to play after only a couple weeks (or shorter) on the team? Would they start Henne first few games until Palmer (or whomever) get an understanding of the offense and then put them in? How would that work (and what I'm getting at is does anyone in the FO see that Henne might be their ONLY choice due to the CBA this year)?

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