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Live blog chat today at 1 p.m.

New week so let me tell you the newsy tidbit first:

The Dolphins are hosting a visit from West Virginia inside linebacker J.T. Thomas, according to the National Football Post. Count him among the half-dozen or so inside linebackers the team has shown considerable interest in since the interview and workout process began.

That suggest, well, the Dolphins are feeling a need to add help at inside linebacker. Now, I don't know about you, but with Karlos Dansby, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, A.J. Edds, and Austin Spitler on the team, you might think the team is good at inside linebacker.

You would think wrong.

The club obviously wants to upgrade special teams, obviously wants depth because Crowder will be in the final year of his deal in 2011, and because Spitler is alright but not really great so far.

My suggestion?

Consider moving Koa Misi inside. He can play the position and the Dolphins could use a pick to add a superior pass-rusher, which is also a need. It will not happen, in all likelihood. But why not think outside the box?

I don't see Misi as a 15-sack player. I see him as a solid seven-sack player when he gets completely comfortable with the OLB job. Why not improve two positions at the same time and try to land a big playmaking pass rusher?

Just saying.

Anyway, today is live blog chat day here. We'll get it started at 1 p.m. I will hang here with you until your questions or comments are done. If you cannot be here then, leave your question or comment now and I'll answer those first.

See you then.


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Craig M, it's all about maximizing guys. Maybe the guy in that position doesn't get double digit sacks. But why not try to find someone that can do it? By the way, somebody forgot to tell LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison that one of them is NOT supposed to get double digit sacks.

Better way to ask my question about the QB Mando is, is there a deadline when the CBA needs to be signed before the FO decides it's just to late to bring a new guy in to run your offense? If so do you know that deadline (June, Aug., before the end of the year, etc.)?

How would you feel if the Dolphins traded back enough out of the first round for a plethora of late second/third round picks. It seems to me like RB, speed WR, OG, and TE can be taken here with value.

Craig M,

Have not soured nope. Barring someone falling from the top 10, I'm high on the idea of taking Ingram (and not Leshoure) at 15.


With Da'Quan Bowers' less than stellar pro day there is talk of his stock dropping. Do you think there is any chance that he could drop down to Miami at 15 and if he is there do you still think that Miami would prefer to trade down?


that is an interesting article on about bowers' pro day. It goes in to detail about some interesting banter between our new pass rush coach Bryan Cox and Bowers.


Back tracked and read those posts on Ingram seems to me Armando was on the fence, I`d like to know his gut feeling, how bout it Mando. By the way 0x80 I do get what you meen, had the same experience trying to buy a new cell, eventually you just have to make up your mind and go with it.


You recently mentioned you had Ponder as the guy you think the Dolphins should go after, after Mallett. What is it you see in Ponder and why do you think he'd better than let's say Dalton or Kaepernick? No concerns about the injuries Ponder has had in his College career?


Seems you get into arguments and mudslinging with almost everyone. So I high ly doubt youre even midlevel at best on anyone's "like" meter here.

Dude at keast when I do make and argument here 95% of the time its based in "reaserched facts". Unlike you, a person loving snatching warped opinions out of his arse and presenting them as gospel. LOL............


Great point on Daboll being the guy in Henne's ear.

You think his hiring might be a tip off on how the Dolphins will proceed?

I mean other than Daboll's work with Colt McCoy, what other merits was he hired for?


Why no love for Leshoure? The kids got good size, speed and toughness. I wasn't that high on him at the beginning of this process but I have every reason to believe this guy is going to be a very good back. For what it's worth, Charlie Casserly ranks him as his top back.

I don't think we should take a QB in the mid 1st round if we intend on him holding a clipboard. There are some enticing options at that position that will be there in rounds 2,3 and four. I would be ok with taking Mallet or Locker at the bottom of the first if we to make a trade with someone like Pittsburgh that I mentioned before. Thoughts....

fin4life, would I consider using the No. 15 pick on Mark Ingram? Yes.

But I believe he can be added later. I think if the Dolphins trade back five or six picks, they can still land him.

I also know there will be talk of the Patriots wanting Ingram at No. 17 and getting him because Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are buddies.

I'm tired of that sort of fear. I learned from the Pat White deal, you should not fear the Patriots getting a guy. Make your moves based on your situation, not what the Pats might do. Nobody really knows what they're bound to do anyway.

If I had the first pick of this draft I'd pick Cam Newton. My second pick would be dareus. My third pick would be the WR from Georgia, Green.

Do you think that the dolphins are so desperate for extra picks that they would take a low ball offer for #15?
let's say a 4th an 5th to move down idk 8 picks??
They are coming across like this!!
Oh an since were on make believe trades (Palmer) I want Ted ginn back! At least the kid could return kicks an move a safety out of the picture!!!


did you read where I wrote Woodley who plays strognside olb for Pitt, had only "Four Sacks" in his rookie season?

My point is that you would have also not seen him being a double-digit sakcmaster after his rookie performance neither. Misi finished 1/2 sack better.

Geesh, give the guy more than his rookie season before forming opinion he cant be double digit sack guy. LOL........

Craig, I would not take Mallet at No. 15. Too risky. Something fishy about that kid.

I'm not convinced. And I worry he's a sitting duck in the pocket. NFL defenses will be hitting him on too many throws to keep him healthy.


Your opinion of me means nothing to me. I'll let our comments speak for themselves. I know you get into FAR MORE arguments with people on here than I do, largely because you like to try and dominate the blog. You don't know anything more than anyone else on here and you're condescending nature drives people nuts.

I'm on here to talk football. Go on with your day.....LOL.

DoFan Rick, I believe the Steelers are looking for OT help. I don't think they will trade up for an interior linemen -- especially since Markice is better than his brother and was picked at No. 19 last year. You don't trade up to select a player inferior to the one you picked last year with a lower pick.

Misi moved from DE to OLB and he was good but not great at pass rush but he played the run and coverage great for a rookie... It would make sense moving him inside IMO. I think he has the ideal size for that position anyways. Kelvin Sheppard, Brooks Reed, Ricky Elmore, Chris Carter, and possibly taking one with the 15th overall might happen as well. I'd hope to get Robert Quinn at 15... Cameron Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan maybe worth it as well

Hey also what's your take on the drafts QB's?
I mean, everyone says this year isn't that deep but, everyone seems to be in love with a different QB! Mine would be Locker! Kid is a leader and will show he has what it takes.
I saw some where that the kid from Nevada ran in the 4.4's. That true???

The biggest bust on defense has been Channing Crowder

DC Dolfan, the reason you don't hear about Cobbs is he's a free agent.

When free agency comes, he will be free to sign with anyone he wants. So he's in the same boat as Ronnie and Ricky.

I don't see Cobbs as a Maurice Jones Drew type of guy so that makes him a niche player.

I believe the Dolphins will draft a running back and when free agency comes around, they will try to add perhaps a DeAngelo Williams or Darren Sproles.

If we go Q.B. then taking him at 15 is a waist in my opinion, trade back with S.D. is interesting for me because it`s only 3 slots to 18, you could make an argument for letting one of the enamored with Pouncey move up to 18 while we slide to the back of the 1st. then you grab a Mallet because your insulated with 3 picks between rounds 2 and 3 were there will be significant talent to add to the following combo WR/TE/RB/LB.

Cayman Finfan,

If we take another DL with an injurt history at pick 15 I will throw my TV out my window !!!!

I think DC Dol. brings up a good point of the cut off for bringing in a FA q.b., although DC I think Palmer is Farve 2.0 waiting to blow up in someones face at a sportcenter near you !

Chad Henne was as great a sitting duck in the pocket as you ever wanna see. Still he wasnt close to being the most sacked. But I saw at least 8-10 sacks that were totally on Henne because he auctuall "walked" right into them.

Henne has very little pocket awareness at times, especially during blitz recognition. I think those making it out to be like Mallet will instantly become the most sacked qb in the league may need a little prozac. LOL..........


Just when I was starting to like you.

Cam Newton with the 1st pick of the draft?

And to think I was actually considering you as the GM for my new Lingerie Football League Franchise!

DC, I have to disagree with you about Jason Allen.

The bottom line with him is he wasn't good enough at EITHER S or CB. It wasn't that he got moved around. Sure, it didn't help the kids development.

But then he had three seasons to ultimately develop as a CB and failed to do so. He didn't get moved around for three years and still didn't make it during what should have been the prime of his career. So the moving him around thing cannot be used as an excuse for him.

I know you don't like to guess, but if you have to,who would be the Dolphins trade down partner?


I'm glad to hear your thoughts on Mallett. I concur. I am glad to hear that you're not blinded by the hype that surrounds this kid as others on here have been. I know you are down with Henne but it's good you don't think we should just 'roll the dice' on the next kid to come along. I think that's what others are doing and we'll be in exactly the same position three years from now, should we draft Mallett. I agree, he doesn't have the mobility to get out of the way of oncoming defences.

I'm sick of all these smug athletes. I'd let Ricky and Cobbs walk without thinking twice. Ronnie on the other hand I would miss

Craig, in response to your question @ 1:36pm, for whatever reason (which I have yet to ascertain), 0x80 has this total fixation on Mark Ingram. In his view, this guy is the answer to everything that's been ailing Miami for decades. I don't know if it's some wishful thinking for the early's 90's or if he has already bought an Ingram jersey and doesn't want it to go to waste, but for whatever reason there's a million RBs in every single draft that are drafted in later rounds and surprise everyone in becoming terrific players, but 0x80 thinks this is the year (probably first year since the last Haley's Comet sighting) where there is only 1 back that can get the job done, and it's the top-rated back in the draft. Again, I can't answer for it, have no clue where this is all coming from, it defies history and common sense (IMO), but 0x80 feels there isn't 1 RB in the draft that can compare to Ingram. Maybe he hasn't fully researched the history of how well Heisman Trophy winners do in the NFL, I dunno. I just know that if Ingram turns out to be a bust, 0x80 might have to go on suicide watch on this blog.

(By the way, everything said above was said in the most friendly of ways, as 0x80 is a credible poster on here and someone who's opinions I seek out and take seriously.)


I actually don't think the Steelers would give up their 2nd and 3rd rounders either. I was just trying to think of someome who might really want a specific player and want to move up. I do think they would love to have both brothers on there o-line for a long time though. Just Sayin.


"defenses will be hitting him (Mallett) on too many throws to keep him healthy"

I'm not sure speed/athleticism makes you more prone to injury. Look at Vick and Rodgers last year, two of the most athletic QB's both had injury issues. I think it has more to do with your o-line protection, your level of football smarts and awareness of the defenders.

whats? up with Tony McDaniel? Is he resigned?

Dyingbreed, I understand your desire to keep Misi at OLB. It will probably happen.

But I warn you and everyone else: The Dolphins are looking to upgrade. They put it a waiver claim for Shawne Merriman last year in the midst of what some here are calling a great rookie year for Misi.

So be watchful.

Yes, Misi was nice. But the Dolphins need better than nice. They need outstanding.

The OLBs on a 3-4 team have to be playmakers. Misi started well, but had a couple of very dry patches during the season that begged attention.

Regardless of how some may feel about Ingram, taking the highest rated RB (even second highest) at 15 is simply not a reach if you compare it to where teams have been taking RB's over the last several drafts. I agree with Armando though if we traded back only 5 spots or so, he could very well still be there.

Some question Ingrams health, his knee basically. I'm going on the good faith that his knee is now 100% healed from arthroscopic surgery. Obviously missing two games and then being 'eased' back into your role will put a dent in your stats, which is why they were down last year. Also I believe the coaching staff will find just the right weight for him to pick up a bit of speed without sacrificing his power, just as Ricky did when he arrived here.

Leshoure is actually a tad slower then Ingram, although both are faster than Emmit and Shaun Alexander who have both won MVP's. Going by what I've seen in their highlights, I just happen to like Ingram much better, he hits the hole hard with no hesitation, his yards after contact are impressive. In general, going with what my eyeballs tell me.

If we missed on Ingram, then I'd say its a toss up between Leshoure and Ryan Williams, Williams looks a little more game to me, so I'd have to take a closer look at why Leshoure is rated higher.

In the end, I'd like to have one more powerful, between the hash marks, clock grinding, hard to tackle RB and one speedster, and not two of either.


I so sorry tiny little baby. It's all my fault you feel so intimidated by me. The only reason you feels intimidated is because you like to present your opinions as fact.

I know it really intimidates you that some of us here arent to lazy like you to research what we post first. The lazy will always feel intimidated by those who arent because it makes them feel "SO EXPOSED". LOL..........

Armando, just out of curiosity who are some of the smartest Dolphins you have covered over the years (including currently)? I instantly think of guys like Trace Armstrong and Ricky, but I'm sure you have others.

Won't ask about the dumbest ones!

Odineys, if the Miami offensive line was equal to that of the 1991-95 Cowboys, I would say to you, Mark Ingram would be as good as Emmitt Smith.

The Miami line is not. Ingram will not be, either.

But Reggie Bush? He's a better RB than Reggie Bush. Not as fast, but has more instincts and works at the game more.

Mando, regarding Carey's weight: I know the CBA regulates min/max fines for being overweight. But doesn't the the individual teams set the weight? I did some research but couldn't find a definite answer.

The thing about the steelers getting Markice at 19 is that he exceeded expectations and is a stud for that OLine. In terms of players with immediate starting impact and value Pouncey has become one of the best draft choices last year in the 1st round. I don't think it would be overreaching assuming that the Steelers value him higher than others based on inside information.
IMO Pouncey could be used to leverage a couple picks out of Pittsburg... Worst case scenario we get stuck with a starting caliber C... shucks

I agree with the majority of the guys on here who like the idea of moving Misi inside and drafting OLBer. My only point might be that the time to do it might be next year, rather than this year. I'm not a Crowder fan by any means but maybe some combo of Crowder, Edds and Dobbins gets us through the year and maybe we address OLB next year. Just saying, in a year where we have to improive the running back position it may not be a bad idea to wait a year.

DC Dolfan, as to the adding of a FA QB very late.

Chad Pennington did it so it can be done. But it takes the right guy.

I don't think Kolb could do it. Too inexperienced.

I don't think Vince Young could do it. He is not a genius.

I think Palmer could do it. He's got the experience. He's got the smarts.

I will say this, the longer the lockout goes, the less likely Miami's chances of adding a vet QB because the value to them will fall while teams giving up on such players won't necessarily want to drop their asking prices.

Avery, adding a ton of guys is very tempting. But you have to be careful about adding just guys.

Bill Parcells used to say some players are "just a guy."

You don't want too many JAGs on your team. You want quality players and most of them go early on. I will say this: Picking near the bottom of the first round and then again near the bottom of the second round is more inviting to me than just picking once in the middle of the first round.

Two is better than one, in my opinion.

Beerphin, I have been disapointed with Crowder as well. Specifically because hes from a state school and was a 3rd round pick we expected more from him. Also, when he got on the coach bashing bandwagon with Porter it didn't help either. Last season though playing Dansby it seemed like his attitude improved and I heard his named called more than any season so far. I have to give anotjer year and look at bigger needs like QB,OL,RB and WR.

Ingram better then Reggie Bush? I'm not buying it...

Cayman, I must confess I have not thought about Bowers because I've considered him a guy that would be gone when the Dolphins pick.

I don't think Miami would trade up. They don't have the ammo to do it. Just don't.

If he's there at No. 15 ... that's a different story.


I read were you like D.Williams and D.Sproles as FA R.B. additions but remember Williams has only completed one season out of 5 in his career healthy. Sproles would be nice but how many touches you gonna give him before you have to push his wheelchair and huge contract onto the field ?

Bush has shown flashes when getting the nod at Oak. his problem is that the following season after getting drafted they up and take McFadden 4th overall, while reducing Bush to spot duty or short yardage plays. He should be very fresh due to his limmited work load and come at a reasonable price. I remember the back he could be from that season he had in College before injury and his play reminds of R.Brown alot,with one exception he`s younger


Basically all Im saying is that need to give Misi at least one more season before looking to invest a 1st rd pick at the position one season after investing a 2nd rd pick. If you're fully confident as a defensive coordinator that Misi can be an upgrade to and replace Crowder. Then I would say by all means go for it.

But if you're not sure Misi can replace and be an upgrade to Crowder. Then reinvesting a 1st rd pick a season after investing a 2nd rd pick at the position, to me borderline suggest you're admiting Misi was a mistake by your organization.

If Misi fails at ilb, being drafted 2nd and replaced by a 1st rd'er(this year), he's pretty much a bust. Because you cant have a 2nd rd pick not be starter and you dont use 2nd rd picks as depth.

fin4life, others:

Yes, yes, yes, I'm on the fence about Ingram. OK? I admit it. I wake up one morning and talk to someone who likes him, and then I like him.

Two days later, I talk to someone who is lukewarm, and then I'm lukewarm. I hate it!!!

But that's the way it is for me on this kid. I cannot tell you why. I guess I see the pluses and minuses.

I really think AJ Edds is the answer. Edds was the playmaker on D for Iowa. Him, Spivey and Moeaki all are real good football players. I hope his rehab went well...

Is there a Dolphins In Depth 12-step program for fence sitting?

Thanks a lot on your answers Mando, very insightful. Keep up the good work!


All in good spirits, as much as I've advocated Ingram, I am still a bit shocked on your impression of my views.

I have never spoke in terms of trade downs because that is unknown. All my posts were based on if we have to pick at 15, who do I like? It's one pick. Barring some top 10 guy falling, I like Ingram yes.

That being said, geez my friend, I in now way think that one player is going to be the all out savior of the team nor do I think any one single in this draft would be. You have gone way overboard. I'm merely trying to get the best player that fills a need, a starter from day one at 15. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not that high on any of the late round backs in this draft as anchoring the RB position, I see them more as complimentary backs.

Now...if we actually KNEW something as to just what Lex Hilliard potential was, that could change things, but I don't believe he had one single snap last year. My guess is they may use him as FB. Who knows.

Actually it has nothing to do with the fact he has won the Heismann remotely, even though I've done that research and many had pretty solid careers.

You admittedly hate Ingram so much that you simply project way too much on my support for him. I never owned any jersey by any athlete.

Last but not least, I have no fear or will have no shame whatsoever, not a drop, if I am wrong. I'm merely stating my opinion like everyone else. Nobody is not ever wrong, there is no path to success or learning without making mistakes, mistakes are the natural process to learning.

Thomas Edison did not fail at making the light bulb 1000 times. He simply found 1000 ways how not to do it.


The general consensus is that Leshoure is a little quicker to the outside than Ingram. While neither is a burner, Leshoure is generally a little bit faster. I'm surprised you're not more sold on him. I think you should go back and look at him a little more closer. I like Ingram too but I think Leshoure will have a good career. Originally I was most sold on Williams but I think now I'm leaning more towards Leshoure.


Again your opinion "STINKS"! Crowder, Edds, and Dobbins share the ilb position? Dude if takes 3 guys to play one position then all 3 "STINK", just like your opinion of the situation. LOL.....................

Odin, on the Daboll-Henne thing, it's a sure thing that will be the way it is.

Yes, Dorrell will be there. But Sparano has said Daboll will be the guy with whomever the QB is. Also, that was the case early on when, ahem, Henne was meeting with coaches and getting the playbook.

phinsman, there's lowball, but what you suggested is under your feet lowball. Won't work.

By the way, you mocking me about the Palmer trade thing? First mocking of Armando for the day!

.....Surprised it took this long.

If Edds had been healthy and developed last season Crowder would already be gone. The clock is ticking on an under-achieving Dolphin.

Mando, don't worry, the "something" that worries you about Ingram is: if this guy can't be a threat to score from anywhere on the field, HOW will he actually help the Dolphins? We've had RBs like him on the team, doesn't do anything to make the defenses prepare differently. Doesn't do anything to increase Miami's chances of scoring more TDs. All it means is Miami continues (like we've been past few years) to be a possession team. We'll keep the ball for 45 minutes (yet still lose since other teams know this league is a passing league and it's about how fast you can score and how many times, not how long you can control the ball).


Surprised by your 'fence-sitting' on Ingram. When you said before you didn't think he would be 'special' I figured that would be it with you and him. Not sure why you would swing back the other way. I sure hope Ireland is more defintive in what he's doing...LOL.

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