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Live blog chat today at 1 p.m.

New week so let me tell you the newsy tidbit first:

The Dolphins are hosting a visit from West Virginia inside linebacker J.T. Thomas, according to the National Football Post. Count him among the half-dozen or so inside linebackers the team has shown considerable interest in since the interview and workout process began.

That suggest, well, the Dolphins are feeling a need to add help at inside linebacker. Now, I don't know about you, but with Karlos Dansby, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, A.J. Edds, and Austin Spitler on the team, you might think the team is good at inside linebacker.

You would think wrong.

The club obviously wants to upgrade special teams, obviously wants depth because Crowder will be in the final year of his deal in 2011, and because Spitler is alright but not really great so far.

My suggestion?

Consider moving Koa Misi inside. He can play the position and the Dolphins could use a pick to add a superior pass-rusher, which is also a need. It will not happen, in all likelihood. But why not think outside the box?

I don't see Misi as a 15-sack player. I see him as a solid seven-sack player when he gets completely comfortable with the OLB job. Why not improve two positions at the same time and try to land a big playmaking pass rusher?

Just saying.

Anyway, today is live blog chat day here. We'll get it started at 1 p.m. I will hang here with you until your questions or comments are done. If you cannot be here then, leave your question or comment now and I'll answer those first.

See you then.


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Dyingbreed, I would never put Misi in the box of "Can't be double digit sack guy," because who knows what's in the guy's heart.

But Misi, throughout his college career got things done mostly on desire and an engine that simply would not quit. He doesn't have great quickness. That's not something that will suddenly appear. He's not enormous. That's not something that is suddenly going to change either. Some things are what they are.

Maybe the guy finds a season where he gets double digit sacks. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Would you?


Thanks for your response on Ingram, I feel more or less the same way although I tend to agree more with DC and others that he is no 2nd. coming the pick would better serve an O. evolution if we were to use it on that side of the ball. In all honesty I only truely like 3 players at 15. The 2 WR and Quinn if he fell, I really like the Col. CB but his issues scare me to no end.


I really have taken a close look at LeShoure. Let's face it, we are all judging from afar, not like these guys come into our backyards for private workouts.

I looked at a lot of video of both, I sincerely like Ingram better.

I have to tell all of you, I'm almost laughing here, even I am TIRED is even typing that guys name. I just see our current RB roster the weakest it has ever been, filling that need at 15 I don't see as being so insane really. I'd rather kill one bird with one stone then throw two stones to kill one bird....and if that doesn't make any sense, just disregard it.

Odin, if that LFL job is open, I can easily change my mind about Newton.

0x80, you're absolutely right, my post was 99% exaggeration (for effect). That's what the last little paragraph was about (I didn't want you to take it literally).

I know you're just making an opinion and are up on Ingram as much as I'm down on him (IMO). It's all good dude, don't put too much stock in my jest.

P.S. Don't worry, if Ingram does become All-Pro, I will never be able to live down my animosity towards the guy, I'm going way out on a limb against him, and I doubt anyone will let me forget it if I've proven wrong. All in good fun I guess.







Has anybody taken into account the 3rd. RB everybody is talking about in this draft, yet still getting little mention here, Williams posted a 4.43/40 at 230 plus ?

Posh, San Diego.

They have the picks. The teams have done it before. Seems logical to me.

New Orleans, with two third rounders, also seems plausible.

beerphin, Cobbs is not smug. he said something a couple of weeks ago that was not brilliant. But smug?

And yes, Ronnie is a nicer person than Ricky. No question there. But Ricky was always the superior RB.

If we stay at 15, I believe Ingram will be the pick. Although I personally would reach for Pouncey. There will be free agency sooner or later and Ronnie Brown is still out there as well.


I'll let you forget, but only after I get a snicker in.

Also, good to know it was in exaggeration, in that sense its funny. I did take it seriously at first. It's all good. Gotta have some fun too, right?



Palmer has only two winning seasons in 8years and two one and done playoff appearances.

2003- Rookie season did not play
2004- 8-8
2005- 11-5 Playoffs one and done
2006- 8-8 Bengals regressed.
2007- 7-9 Going backwards
2008- 4-12 Stuck in reverse
2009- 10-6 Playoffs again after 5yr abscense, still one and done
2010- 4-12 t The TO Ocho era.

Mando, bottomline, looks like even Henne could have this type of career won loss wise. ENUFF SAID! LOL............

DolFan Rick, you see where Pouncey said he's thinking he's going to end up in Dallas?

I know the brothers would love to play together. But that won't factor for the Steelers.

I don't care if your last name is Brady, Manning, Rodgers, or Unitas. You're NOT going to win in Cincinnati as long as that franchise remains one of the most dysfunctional and cheap organizations in all of professional sports.

You guys that seem to think the losing there had something to do with Palmer don't have much understanding of the situation there. The Bengals were bad before he got there and they'll continue to be bad after he leaves.


Be careful, CraigM doesnt take to well to anyone changing thier minds in HIS BLOG! LOL.........


What is your thinking regarding our lowly home field advantage? One win and seven losses pretty much throws that concept out the door.

Is it the heat that wears the guys out during the week, killing us on Sundays?

Or is it something more sinister, like rabid fans and the nightclub attractions?


4-12........... 2008
4-12............ 2010


7-9........ 2009
7-9........2009.............. SABOTAGE WRITING....... ARMANDO ,THE SABOTAGE WRITER .

Ian, I am not necessarily speaking to Mallet's speed. I'm speaking to his ability to move around.

You don't need him to be elusive. You need him to be able to move around.

I remind you how important this is: Remember Daunte Culpepper. Great arm. Great ability. But once his knee got shredded and he couldn't move in the pocket, he was toast.

He couldn't get out of the way, he threw early, missed open guys because he was worried about getting hit, his accuracy was affected, and he got hurt. He was never the same.

Again, it's not about being fast. It's about not being a sitting duck. Mallet, in my opinion, is a guy you have to worry about being a target.

Pouncey is dreamng if he thinks Dallas will take him at 10.....I think..lol. Maybe we could trade u


On Misi, I dont surely know. It was Ireland's job to do the proper scouting before drafting him in 2010. If they didnt see these weaknesses that youve stated then we all know that Ireland didnt do his job very well.

As Dolfans that's what we're all depending on him to do! LOL..........

Thanks - I had not considered they could get a second for only a few spot move. While it absolutely depends on who is on the board and all that, i really hope Miami can swing a deal to get a 2nd back. Two in the first two rounds is definately better than 1.

You don't often get playmakers in the 7th round - and boy do we need a few playmakers!

Hey Mando, no questions. But I'm happy the fins aren't picking in the top 5 of the draft because I totally disagree with your opinion on Newton. seems like another Jamarcus Russell. 100% agree with you on Palmer, though.

But, hopefully Henne is given a 2nd chance to prove himself.


beerphin, Tony McDaniel is not re-signed.

I believe he should be the next Dolphins UFA priority when the lockout ends. I know you guys think he's just a backup.

But he brings 25-30 plays per game and is great insurance against Odrick being healthy, which is no certainty given his short NFL history.

If you have McDaniel, losing somebody doesn't even register. But not having McDaniel and then losing somebody is a major blow to the DLine.


Oops I meant to say maybe we could trade up with Dallas if they want Pouncey that bad and get the QB we need. If we only had something to trade with..lol


What do you think the chances are that the dolphins go after Michael Bush from the Raiders whenever free agency begins?

Rich, the smartest:

Kevin Carter, Armstrong, Tim Ruddy, Bryan Cox, Wes Welker, Scott Mitchell, Bernie Kosar, off the top of my head.

That's just smart. Remember, intelligence is not wisdom. Dan Marino had wisdom but wasn't brilliant. Jason Taylor had wisdome. Patrick Surtain ... wisdom.


Posted by: ALoco | April 11, 2011 at 02:13 PM


I believe this would qualify as the SECOND mocking of you on the day.

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm extremely interested in hearing your response to that-LOL.

Yes, cocoajoe, teams set the weights. And the CBA outlines the fine schedule.

Aloco, thanks for coming to the blog. I always await your contribution and comments with endless anticipation.

I agree with you about Mcdaniel Armando. You can never have enough DL depth and Mcdaniel is better than average.


Just wanted to give you some praise. I have been reading your blogs for about two years now but after your blog last year, just before the dolphins traded for Brandon Marshall, I have gone to you and you only for all Miami Dolphins info. You wrote a blog about how a source of yours told you not to sleep on the dolphins acquiring Marshall.

I was mad at you at the time because I thought you were just writing things for silly dolfans like me to cling on to. But no, you were absolutely correct! You the man Mando...

From the many dolfans down here in the beautiful Cayman Islands,

Keep it up

Cayman, I like Bush coming out of college, but I thought he never was the same following that broken leg. He seemed more dynamic to me then.


Any idea if there is any lingering friction between Ireland and Sparano?

Any idea if maybe Sparano has lost the locker room even a little?

Gulf, I can definitely tell you it is not the heat.

The fact is the Dolphins lost at home early when it was hot and late when it was not.

They lost at home because, simply, their offense stunk. That means it was not the heat but spotty QB play, a running game that regressed, blocking that needs improvement and playcalling was questionable.

Armando, not player-related but any word on the Dolphins long-standing plan to move sideline seating closer to the playing field once the Marlins depart?

My understanding is that this is separate from the other proposed items, such as a partial roof, etc. and has long been desired to make the venue more of a football-only environment (as well as a better home field advantage).

Anything out there on that?

Rich, to add to your very good point, the Bengals have one of the smallest personnel depts. in the NFL.

You cannot compete with Pittsburgh and Baltimore, which have GREAT (not good, but great) personnel departments year after year when the owner has decided he can do it on the cheap.

Serious Question(s) Armando.

Do you have any personal knowledge of Mr. Nolan?

Is he a guy that's actively working towards another head coaching position?

Is he a guy that we can count on long term as our DC?

0X80, Ireland and Sparano are trying to make it work. I believe they will as long as they start winning. Winning cures all.

As to the locker room, I am certain Tony Sparano has not lost the locker room at this stage. Not even an issue right now.


Do you see the Marino Mallett similarities? Both great arms. Both had draft stock fall due to alleged off the field issues. Both can't move that well. Both Dolphin qbs?

Thank you, Cayman!

Armando, do you see any realistic chance that any of the top prospects slip to # 15, a player Miami would run to the podium for & not even consider a trade-down?

Rich, that movement of fans won't happen this season with any sort of permanent seating. The team is trying to get a measure passed whereby tourists will pay more in taxes to help pay for upgrades to the stadium.

Those upgrades include a canopy over the stadium. Don't ask me what I think of that idea, please.

Folks, as always I appreciate you joining me on here. I appreciate you visiting this blog. I appreciate you talking to me.

I'll be updating the blog every day so please come back every day.

Next couple of weeks should be very interesting.


I got one for you, after the CBA gets settled and FA starts do you really think that RB is the position addressed via that route or could we be in the market for an OL or WR. The pool at WR looks deep, the OL not so much but there are some quick fix solutions there as well. It`s how Ireland views FA when it gets underway that undoubtedly will dictate his approach to the draft, no ?

Armando, thanks.

I would easily rank the Bengals (along with the Raiders) as one of the two most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL. You simply can't get it done consistently with that kind of ownership and threadbare facilities and staff.

Palmer has been operating under a situation he's powerless to overcome. I liken it to Archie Manning years ago, who may well have been a Hall-of-Famer if not for the godawful teams he was saddled with year after year. A QB can make a big difference but they don't come equipped with magic wands.

Oops, I punched out too early. Don't want to diss the final couple of questions.

Um, CTfinfan, I do not see any Marino-Mallet similarities. One was prototype with a great release and feel for the game and brass ones that were all-timelike.

Mallet has a great arm. That's it.

Guess what? Joey Harrington had a great arm, too.

Odin, Nolan wants to be a head coach again. I believe he will be sooner rather than later. He's not a lifetime DC.

Thanks for the blog today Armando! It was my first time participating and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully they'll get the damn CBA done soon and we can start talking about the actual moves we made. Go Fins!!

Odin, Nolan wants to be a head coach again. I believe he will be sooner rather than later. He's not a lifetime DC.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 11, 2011 at 02:46 PM

Well, in that case, how is his relationship with Mr. Ross????

Ah Ha Ha!

Take it easy Armando, that was informative and fun!

Marvin, someone mentioned Bowers as a possible candidate that drops like a rock. he's about the only one I see that fits what you're saying.

I don't see Newton, Gabbert, Dareus, Green dropping to the Dolphins.

And honestly, guys, I don't think this is a great draft class. I Suh were in this class, he'd go No. 1. He was second last year and was a stud. I don't see anyone in his same level in this draft. And I don't see any of the QBs being Sam Bradford good as early as Bradford was.

odin @2:49

You might be on to something there sooner than later !!

Yeah, do this more often, Armando. Even if I can't join you(because of my work). It's an interesting concept.

Thank you all for stopping by.

We'll do this again next week for sure.


Cow Tippin?

Whut kinda Hillbilly you thank I am?

I read those comments this morning and started my day of with a big laugh, THANKS!

If the Dolphins flop, it's not a big stretch to think Nolan might become the HC during the season.

If a change is made post-season, Jeff Fisher remains a name a LOT of teams would have great interest in.

0x80, yes, especially offseason. Things get real heated here (during the season) so anytime to lower the temperature is a benefit.

And I meant it about you being a great poster. I really appreciate your opinions (gives me something to think about).




San Diego from 18 to 15?

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