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Live blog chat today at 1 p.m.

New week so let me tell you the newsy tidbit first:

The Dolphins are hosting a visit from West Virginia inside linebacker J.T. Thomas, according to the National Football Post. Count him among the half-dozen or so inside linebackers the team has shown considerable interest in since the interview and workout process began.

That suggest, well, the Dolphins are feeling a need to add help at inside linebacker. Now, I don't know about you, but with Karlos Dansby, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, A.J. Edds, and Austin Spitler on the team, you might think the team is good at inside linebacker.

You would think wrong.

The club obviously wants to upgrade special teams, obviously wants depth because Crowder will be in the final year of his deal in 2011, and because Spitler is alright but not really great so far.

My suggestion?

Consider moving Koa Misi inside. He can play the position and the Dolphins could use a pick to add a superior pass-rusher, which is also a need. It will not happen, in all likelihood. But why not think outside the box?

I don't see Misi as a 15-sack player. I see him as a solid seven-sack player when he gets completely comfortable with the OLB job. Why not improve two positions at the same time and try to land a big playmaking pass rusher?

Just saying.

Anyway, today is live blog chat day here. We'll get it started at 1 p.m. I will hang here with you until your questions or comments are done. If you cannot be here then, leave your question or comment now and I'll answer those first.

See you then.


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With 1 high pick, who we can expect to contribute right away, we solve 1 very big need, wherever on the field that may be.

Assuming Garner fills in at G, Incognito fills in at C & Jerry gets his act together, we still need:

A stretch the field WR, TE, 3 RB's, a QB, another pass rusher, and in my opinion, a FS & nickel DB.

In my opinion, Carrol & Clemmons are not the answer. We are relying very heavily on the idea that Will Allen, who hasn't played a down in almost 2 full seasons, will fill in for anything more than 1 season.

As a die hard fan, I find it hard to be optimistic when I look at the realistic hurdles this team faces just to be mediocre like the last 2 seasons.

"Why not trade the Bungles our 15th pick this yr and last yrs #1 for Carson Palmer?"

This statement is an exert Posted by: WileyDolphin | April 11, 2011 at 12:52 PM


WileyDolphin... I hope you are kidding...?

I normally do not comment on posts made so far back in a blog. But the thought process involved in this plan of action frightened me so badly... I had no choice.

What it seems you are proposing is trading J. Odrick. our 1st round draft pick from last year, and this years 1st round draft pick for Carson Palmer? a #15 and a #28 pick for Palmer...? Right...?

I am not going to be a complete ass about the thought Wiley. But should Miami give up 2 first round draft picks... They may as well get the points up by adding the 3rd rounder also. Giving them self a possibility for a team to consider giving up a Top 10 draft pick. Not doing that means all you are getting for 2 first round picks is a QB who has barely (if at all) proven to be a 1st round pick himself.

I believe if Ireland and Sparano even proposed that trade to Ross, they would be fired on the spot, draft day or not... Ross would allow Nolan to complete the draft process. He could do no worse then that thinking.


I missed that one, 2nd. your motion can the lott on even suggesting it !!

fin4 @ 4:34,

Pretty much see it the same way. Not every good coach will take every team somewhere, too many variables involved, some just fit better in some enviroments over others. The same can be said for players - schemes, coaching, chemistry all play into the big picture. Belichek did look like a cluck at Cleve, not the brain that he is, but I'm sure insiders knew he had it together. Dom Capers got his share of criticsm while here as Sabans DC, since then he helped GB win a SB.

Nolan at least strikes me as a brainy guy, while Sparano strikes me as a brainless guy. Rex Ryan even said landing Nolan was a big deal for us. Nolan seems like just the type that deserves a second shot. I'd be more game to see him take over than any of those TV coaches waiting to be wooed.


Nolan seems like just the type that deserves a second shot. I'd be more game to see him take over than any of those TV coaches waiting to be wooed.

Posted by: 0x80 | April 11, 2011 at 04:51 PM

You & I both may get our chance to see this happen by mid season.


I have always liked the way he carries himself and explains away when interviewed, I to think that he`s a pretty sharp guy and seems to not be afraid to crack the whip when need be. Rex was his LB Coach in Bal. when he was DC there, so for him to have made that statement says alot, Rex doesn`t strike me as one to heap undeserved praise. We should be asking Mando about the pass he and every reporter seem to give Parcells in not having hired him, recall him once again in the live chat quoting Fat Tuna.


Your "mashed potatoes" post to Armando earlier was a masterpiece!

I'm not kidding in the least. In addition to being right on the money and calling him out on some bone headed reasoning, it was absolutely hilarious as well.

Definitely deserving of a re post:







Posted by: ALoco | April 11, 2011 at 02:13 PM

-Anybody that accuses you of sniffing inhalants needs to try some themselves because that was DEFINITELY the "POST OF THE DAY"!


How is blaming the Bengal’s personnel dept for Palmers consistent failures any different than blaming our O-line, RB's and most of all our play calling for Henne's lack of development?

I'm used to dealing with double standards when it comes to women, but come on, this is a sports blog!

Posted by: odinseye | April 11, 2011 at 03:20 PM


That is a damn fair question and statement my man... Damn fair.

The Bengal’s have been a QB graveyard for 30 years. There is no way in hell you can convince me that any team can miss on so many 1st round QB's....

Since 1990 QB taken by Cincy in the 1st round...

*David Klingler '92 >>> 4 years and Done, stats over 4 years >>> 16 TD's, 22 int's, sacked 67 friggin times (3.6 per game) Naaaah... They had no O-line issues...!

*Akili Smith '99 >>> 4 years and Done, Stats over 4 years >>> Get this man... 5 TD's, 13 Int’s, Sacked 59 Friggin Times (36 times in 2000 alone!!!)

*Peter Warrick '00 >>> 5 seasons and Done, Total of 2,811 yards and 18 TD's.... Damn!

*Carson Palmer '03 >>> God of the Golden Arms. In five seasons, recorded 107 touchdowns and 67 interceptions and 15,630 yards passing.

This being why Cincy is so reluctant to part with him. Palmer on a Good team would be a damn fine QB... But not for 2 1st round picks. Perhaps for 1 1st rounder and a DE like Merling.

fin4life, Nolan impresses me as a pretty smart guy that learns from his mistakes. Sparano? not so much. He says he wants to stretch the field one day. The next he's saying nothing's changed, run first.

Granted, he's hard to read with all that gibberish coming out of his mouth but that's where his head is....run first, meaning run oriented offense.

Some might say, nothing wrong with that, we just need a better O-line, we need better RBs. That is patially true. But the reality is, if the D stacks the box because they know you can't pass, it won't matter how good the line or RBs are.

Getting off topic but Sparano just don't seem to be getting the whole picture.

Why are you lumping me in with Palmer supporters? Youve read my posts, that's how you know Palmer's been 4-12 2 out of the last 3 seasons. Are you the fake ALoco?

0x80, cocajoe,

Once again I couldn`t agree more, the difference in having to sit thru a Sparano interview as opposed to one with Nolan is night and day. It really leaves you scratching your head as to who the HC coach is and who`s the Assis. I have no problem with Nolan and tend to agree with a hypothesis 0x80 put up about this probably being Ross`s line of thinking as well.

The guy that can help turn this franchise around Armando rejects. Says Mallett is a statue and will get hit a lot. Isnt that what happens to all qb's without decent pass protection? LOL..........

The Miami Dolphins had Assistants who made lousy nfl head coaches. Monte Clark and Bill Arnsparger. Im not sure but I think at one point Snelleberger may have been an NFL hc too.

Still, being a great assistant doesnt guarantee becoming a great hc. Nolan has failed miserably already in Frisco.

Rarely does one have Belichick like success the 2nd time around. Belichick's actually the only hc that I can think of that had much greater success the 2nd time around.

So be very careful what you wish for Nolan prognosticators. LOL................

When all the coaching "hubba-balew" was going on, THE ONLY REASON I hesitated on thinking Nolan was because of a concern for a drop off on our defensive "re building" process.

I'm pretty much over that now. I'm starting to believe that Nolan would bring in the right people to replace himself(LOL).

I think the guy has proven himself and more importantly has EARNED any "second chances" that he gets.

Ultimately, I'd rather have him getting a second chance here in Miami as opposed to simply losing a great DC to some other team.

Thank God interim coaches usually come from within. Seriously, take a look at how inexperienced we are from Owner on down to Head Coach. Nolan is THE ONLY guy we got with any REAL NFL experience and success.

Just like in Henne's case, I believe SpOrano deserves one more shot. However, I believe Ross needs to keep him on a short leash because I also believe Nolan has actually **EARNED** another shot!

Side note: I just got my first hints of hyperventilation's from contemplating the upcoming draft(It happens every year about this time)!

AwwwwRight Miami!!!!

Its pretty comical here at times. There a lot of times you here opinions here that are more likely to turn us into the mid 70's Tampa Bay Buccaneers than they are to have us regain the championship form of the early 70's fish. LOL...........

Dying, there's a good article in PB Post about Mallet. Guy named Greg Cosell who's a NFL film producer and has rare access to game film, has some good things to say.

BTW, I hope the Dolphins do take a chance on him. It's like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play. If Mallet can't do it, keep looking.

Be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Nolan as hc and Ireland still gm. Or Nolan as hc and Carl Peterson as gm.

Where's the upgrade to place us over the top in that? Why dont you guys play the tape all the way thru? Dont just get stuck with Nolan as hc, think also about who he'll be paired with as gm.

If this regime doesnt work out we first need to start by hiring a new OWNER. Oh I forgot, we cant do that! LOL..............

Derek4 @5:08

Those # you put up are compelling indeed but in all honesty D.Klingler and A.Ware who would follow him at the Univ. of Houston were products of a pass happy run and shoot system in a very weak div.1-A Conf. In 90 when Klingler got his shot at playing #1 U of Miami I happened to be at the OB and it was a laugher by halftime, Jesse Armstead was covering there slot rec. down field, you really had to be there and they came in ranked 3rd. if memory serves, look it up, so how weak was there Conf. ? How strong was there competition ?

Akili Smith a PAC-10 player from the 90`s enough said, I can`t remember a game in those days played in that Conf. that didn`t end 59-51 sometimes you had teams scoring into the 60`s regularly, another reach, as a matter of fact he may be the worst of the bunch.

Palmer was the most solid prospect to come out since Manning, I really thought he had the goods and he wouldn`t disapoint. If not for the injury in 05 vs. Pitt. in the playoffs when he was in my opinion hit with a cheap shot, he had a great chance to go to the dance, remember Pitt wins that year as a Wild Card, div. champ was Cincy. and there it is the knee ! He never fully recovered from the injury, plays scared when facing an inside rush, always looking out for the hit and I don`t blame him remember after that injury they said he may never walk right again much less play. That is my problem with trading anything for him I truely believe he`s dammaged goods.


What some here dont fully understand is until we get a totally lights out defense and a mistake free offense. We cant stop the franchise calibre qb hunt.

IMO, the first prerequisite for a franchise qb is great deep ball acuracy. The rest can be learned. Deep ball accuracy cant be taught. Mallet's greatest strength: Deep ball accuracy


most times it's tough to calibrate the true abilities of players coming out of USC. There was a stretch where thier overall talent was just so much greater than most of the oponents they faced.

In this scenario you can look like a world beater when youre really not.

Its pretty comical here at times. There a lot of times you here opinions here that are more likely to turn us into the mid 70's Tampa Bay


Agreed DB,

Look no further than the Q.B. play at the U and how it`s tranlated to the NFL for your answer but don`t forget that unlike Leinert, Palmer led the resurgence of that program, ala Kelly at the U, he looked the part and performed early before the injury to back it up, although you get no argument out of me about how some guys get overblown in big time div. 1-A programs.

This being why Cincy is so reluctant to part with him. Palmer on a Good team would be a damn fine QB... But not for 2 1st round picks. Perhaps for 1 1st rounder and a DE like Merling.

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins | April 11, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Derek, why do I get the distinct impression that you're sarcastically making fun of me?

I do agree that Palmer COULD BE a good pick up for us THIS YEAR. But I think a 1st rounder alone is too much for him, let alone a 1st and a player.

I don't know Palmer all that well(as if any of us do-lol). But I could imagine him coming in starting this year and helping undo some of the **DAMAGE** that I believe SpOrano and Hennings **SYSTEM** did to Thigpen and especially Henne. I'm that rare kind of football idiot that actually watched Thigpen and Henne play in college and I've NEVER seen either of them look as bad as they have in Hennings Wildcat offense.

Opps, I digress. Anyways, why you making fun of me................????


Why are you still hating on me? Ive even been sticking up for you lately. Is this the fake or real ALoco?


Sorry! I just re-read your post to me. Duh, I think I got it the second time.

My bad, I apologize.

Wait a minute? Unless you were making fun of me........................LOL!


Flipping the argument around...may coaches that had success their first time coaching didn't have much their second time...Gibbs, Shanahan, ect...It only took Riley about 18 years after the great Lakers to win again and that was on an insane several game performance by Wade.

I don't believe you can just write off giving someone a second shot merely because it hadn't worked out the first time, too many variables are involved. Need to consider the circumstances individually.



Dying, Cosell says "the criticism that Mallet is immobile is misleading". Main issue is to " move within the pocket, reset and throw the ball with the same accuracy he did while in the pocket".

Further, he says footwork can be taught but wonders if accuracy will be affected.

All in all, pretty good picture of Mallet


Absolutely! I also thought of coaches who had success at first but not at 2nd. No you cant automatically write Nolan off. But neither can you bandy it about around here like some posters are doing automatically assumming he'll become the next Bellichik.

Actually we've already tried that before and it ended in near complete disaster. Pornstache was former coach of Chicago before coming here.

Even if Nolan were hired we would probably still end up with Ireland or Carl Peterson as gm. So where was the real benefit?



Dave Hyde at "slum sentinel" did a masterful piece on Mallett. "Draftwinds: Lies, Damn Lies, And Ryan Mallet."

It broke down every aspect of Mallet from his rumor issues to his footwork. Here's the link:



Aloco said he had to go to work awhile ago.

I wouldn't be too surprised if that 5:46 post wasn't another imposter attempt.

Will the **REAL ALOCO** PLEASE stand up!

PS: DB, I don't care what anybody says about you. If I owned a used car lot, I'm positive you'd be my number one salesman.

Especially if I had a bunch of old used Stude-Mallets for sale!

top OL that could strengthen the entire OL... Get rid of the ol' cowboys and bring in some young guys to compete with Garner Incognito and Jerry.
1st rd Gabe Carimi, Mike Pouncey
2nd rd Marcus Cannon, Rodney Hudson
3rd rd Clint Boling, Orlando Franklin
4th rd Kristofer O'Dowd, John Moffit
5th rd Lee Ziemba, DeMarcus Love
6th rd Zane Taylor, Brandon Fusco
7th rd Andrew Jackson, Jah Reid

DB, Dave(No nut sack)Wannstadt took over the bears 2 years after the Super bowl and transformed them to the cellar of the NFC central, as he did the mighty fins, this guy should be regaurded as a WMD for any franchise that wishes to win.... IMHO...


I seriously doubt Carl Peterson is coming aboard. Thats all rumorville if you ask me merely because he is friends with Ross. Don't think Carl needs a demanding full time job at this stage of his life. Let's see what Ireland does at least this draft to see if he instills more optimism or more pessism in his abiities.

Ultimately, from my upper deck behind the scoreboard bleecher seat, I think Sparano was in over his head from the get go. He was obviously never in charge of his coordinaters. He let Passquali and Henning and ST coordinators implement failing plans for entire seasons. He's not a wise game day coach and his mumbo jumbo speaking style is incomprehsible, most likely because he doesn't even know what he is trying to say.

In a nutshell, I see Sparano is the bigger of the problems among the trifecta. Why Parcells didn't bring in Rex will baffle more for another decade.

Moving Nolan to HC is no guarantee of anything, but he may be one of the more sensible prospects to give a shot to.


You just hit the nail on the head. It's not so much Mallets mobility. It's the fact that he struggles with resetting his feet properly when forced to move around in the pocket. This does affect his accuracy.

I'm no Mallet fan, but I'll admit that does seem to me like his biggest issue and it's definitely a coach-able/correctable issue.

PS: Sometimes I like this blog and sometimes I LOVE this blog!!!!

Wannstadt was always regarded as a great defensive mind but just wasnt a great hc. Thats what I'ld like to remind those assuming Nolan will become the next Belichik of.


Knowing what we know now. Tell me, in all seriousness what gm other Peterson would be willing to work for Ross if Ireland were fired?

Not such a difficult process of elimination is it.


A certain poster kepted trying to get into with me while Armando was doing the live blog.

So I do have my suspicions about who the fake ALoco is(CraigM). LOL...............

As Mando said last week Who would want to fake Aloco????Lol, It's Lil Aloco Faking Aloco...


Sales 101, no matter what product youre selling. Never sell the product, sell the dream.

Once they buy the dream, they'll buy whatever the product is. Even if its literally s*hit.

Do you think Hitler just got before the German people one day and say "I Think It Would Be A Great Day For Us To Go Out And Kill 6 Million Jews"? Of course not!


Carl Peterson is an old man, and a rich man. I really don't think he needs or wants a GM gig. IMO.

It wouldn't matter if Ross's last name was Bin Laden, there are so very few precious GM gigs available that you can bet there will always be 100's lining up. I'd take it!


I think Clint Boling will be a perrenial Pro-Bowler. I don't know why and I'm wrong just as much as anyone else. I just get that feeling with Boling.

Another guy I love, Joe Barksdale who played at LSU(I think). He was originally recruited as a DT. 6-5 335 and plays with a nasty mean streak. Most have him projected as a Right Tackle in the NFL and he probably won't go until a way later round.

I got him as one of my "sleeper/steal/acorn(ugh)" picks.

As far as any one wanting to be GM,Coach or anything else related to the mighty fins while Stevey(Hollywood)Ross is owner you'ld have to find a Clueless person desperate for a job..... Sparono and Ireland are a example.... LOL...

0x80 @6.10,

We finally agree 110% on something, I agree with every word and statement you posted on there and by the way after Patrino quit, Vick went to jail and Parcells, unfortunatly for us, snubbed them, Atlanta landed on it`s feet quite nicely. In taking Tartikoff as there G.M. they have been a franchise in assention. I don`t worry about convincing one to come on board should Ireland end up with egg on his face.

I just wonder how big a successful a/s kissing campaign Ireland was able to sell Ross on that he became indespensable in the search for a new coach and 0x80 you and me have beat it to death but it seems everybody is alright with the fact Fat Tuna passed on "If anybody gets it, it`s him" Rex, while under contract to us and endoresing him to Tannenbaum and the Jets ?

I don't think I would have minded having had Rex Ryan coming to Miami with the Trifecta.

Though I do have to admit that I like hating him as the wets coach much better.

Especially after having cried at a press conference, sucking toe jam and mortgaging his teams future with that win now philosophy!

Yeah it would be easy rooting for Rexy, but it's much more fulfilling rooting against.

When I think about what a hero Don Shula has been throughout my life, Rex Ryan just seems like a sad joke!!!!


Your thought that Palmer could be a good pick up for this year...and think about it, if this year, why not a few more(he is only 31), could be exactly why Sparano/Ireland may be interested in him. If he helps the team to a couple more wins, could be the difference between staying in Miami or looking for new jobs.

Wouldn't overpay for him, though.


Here is my take on the Ross/Ireland affair. Pure speculation of course. Sometimes the very simplest explanation is it. My guess is that Parcells gave Ireland a thumbs up vote of confidence to Ross while at the same time saying Sparano wasn't living up to the demands of the job. How do I know? I don't. But the fact that Ross insisted on keeping Ireland suggests to me he must have had some reinforcement to do so, and nobody he knows had better insight to Irelands abilities more than Parcells.

0x80 @6:41,

That`s probably the most legit theory I`ve heard

0x80, that's about a good a guess as any. I remember when all that was going on....I was mystified why Ross liked Ireland.

Hey Mando! Dolphins need to look at TCU's Marcus Cannon for interior OL. He's huge and athletic. Made huge running lanes up the middle in their bowl game. Best OG in the draft and no mention by anyone!

2 interesting tidbits today.... Listening to the radio on the drive the topic of quarterback came up. Both Mallet, and Palmer were the center of the conversation. For those that are on the Mallet wagon. It doesn't look like Mallet will make it past Minnesota at 12. The Vikes have 1 qb on the roster Joe Webb. And aparantley love Mallet. This obviously isn't good news for those wishing to see him in a Phins uniform.

As for Palmer, he reportedly has the power to veto any trade. This means if a proposed trade to the Phins is in the works.Palmer could, and most likely would veto this. From the mouth of Chris Mortensen....Palmer will not play on the East coast. He wants to play closer to home. 2 teams have a real chance at making a play for him...The 49ers, and The Cardinals...

Take what you want from this. And hate or love Mortensen as much as you want. But the guy has access to more info then any, and all of us. Not saying these things happen, but in the case of Mallet. It makes a whole lot of sense for the Vikings to snatch him before we even get the chance.


The way I wrote that post sounds a little misleading. I never majored in English Literature that's for sure.

What I meant by THIS YEAR is considering what's avaliable in this non-CBA maybe Free Agency year and the draft, Palmer could very well be the best option.

Also, I meant that he could POSSIBLY be a big help this season as well. But I would never consider getting a QB for just one season, not at the price they come by.

I could see Palmer coming in and being a starter for however long he proves to be our best option. Mentoring the young guys and knocking up the level of competetion.

Still, I think the price tag will negate everything and all of our arguments too. My main point is that I think right now, today, he would offer better QB play than we've had in the past three seasons.

Unfortunately, that's not saying a lot and I don't believe he will be as much of an upgrade as to make him worth what the Bungles will want.

I'm feeling just a tinge of pity on Ireland. No matter what he does, with our missing 2nd and all the upgrades we need, he won't be able to make everyone happy.

DD - nice, those were some good tidbits.

odin @6:38,

Much respect but I couldn`t disagree more, did he mortgage the house ? Yes but alot of players polled around the league have stated that they would play for him in a heartbeat and wouldn`t you know it he gets a 2nd. wind thanks to the lock out. With all do respect to what Armando posted 0x80`s way about TS not having lost his locker room, I couldn`t disagree more. I wonder how many polled given the option of playing for someone else rather than TS wouldn`t in a heartbeat.

odin, I haven`t lost my mind, he`s the coach of the Jets, so hate him I do but respect his ability none the less. Parcells came on ESPN and all but said Rex is the best young coach today, so why didn`t he hire him then ? There is no arguing he can coach circles around Sparano and by the way he gets them pumped up on game day, still remember that Sunday night game vs. them last season were we looked like we were in a coma during the 1st. qtr.

My main reason for not having a problem with him as my HC is the following. He doesn`t inspire memories of a young Parcells as has been thrown around alot. He inspires memories of a young JJ and I wouldn`t have minded a return to those days of the late 80`s when we were hated yes but feared equally.


Good post. I agree on Mallet. Regardless of what I think of him, there's just too much potential there for someone not to pull the trigger in the first round.

Even after hearing about all the "issues", when they started talking about him sliding into the second round, my first thought was: BullShyt!!!!


No man... I meant no sarcasm nor was I making fun of you or anyone at all.

Sorry I took a bit to get back... I’ve been dealing with a bent charging handle in an AR-10 upper belonging to a customer. It has been giving me mad grief tonight at my shop. Can’t pull it out without seriously marring the levers guide rails with tool marks or drag scratches.

To both you and Fin4Life... I am not playing the "Carson Palmer Band Wagon Leader" I have been very clear and am on the record as a “draft Mallet” promoter. Dying Breed and Myself spoke about it a few weeks ago.

I feel Henne deserves his chance however, and I also feel he may just surprise us all, but I also feel Mallet has got a skill set that will be torching defensive teams for years to come. Will he be sacked? Yep! Will those Blitz’s teams run against him pay dearly more then they want to?... Yep!!!

Probably won't happen (Mallet) so…. I'm figuring either Palmer or Young as the Dolphins FA “Red Hot Cattle Prod" to assist in Chad Henne's progress in the NFL.

No disrespect meant to you or others at all man….

..I wish I could have been around this afternoon. Looked like good debate. Going in for an MRI wish me luck. Catch ya'll later.

Rex is easy to dislike on the other sideline, but if he is your leader, you'd rally behind him. For the most part its envy. Rex adds fun to the game. I may not like all his boisterous predictions and all, but I'd rather have someone who has fun laying things on the line than a bobble head Sparano or these other coaches that are intentionally as boring as possible as to not divulge any top secret info such as their center got a paper cut at the copy machine.

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