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Live blog chat today at 1 p.m.

New week so let me tell you the newsy tidbit first:

The Dolphins are hosting a visit from West Virginia inside linebacker J.T. Thomas, according to the National Football Post. Count him among the half-dozen or so inside linebackers the team has shown considerable interest in since the interview and workout process began.

That suggest, well, the Dolphins are feeling a need to add help at inside linebacker. Now, I don't know about you, but with Karlos Dansby, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins, A.J. Edds, and Austin Spitler on the team, you might think the team is good at inside linebacker.

You would think wrong.

The club obviously wants to upgrade special teams, obviously wants depth because Crowder will be in the final year of his deal in 2011, and because Spitler is alright but not really great so far.

My suggestion?

Consider moving Koa Misi inside. He can play the position and the Dolphins could use a pick to add a superior pass-rusher, which is also a need. It will not happen, in all likelihood. But why not think outside the box?

I don't see Misi as a 15-sack player. I see him as a solid seven-sack player when he gets completely comfortable with the OLB job. Why not improve two positions at the same time and try to land a big playmaking pass rusher?

Just saying.

Anyway, today is live blog chat day here. We'll get it started at 1 p.m. I will hang here with you until your questions or comments are done. If you cannot be here then, leave your question or comment now and I'll answer those first.

See you then.


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Been there and done that on the back pain tip.

If you play as often as I do, it's unavoidable. I always stand up with a strap when I perform. But over the years and rehearsing trying to get things just right, it gets so monotonous you just have to sit at times.

It's a labor of LOVE so you take the good with the bad.

Good looking out Brother!


I think its GREAT your back where you belong. You were not alone with those expectations. A bunch of us felt that sting.

There are some pretty damn smart football guys out there in prognosticator land who feel Miami is not as far out of it as it may seem at times...

Me...? I swear by this one thing. Keep a team healthy, and win the turnover stat... and good things will happen at the end of the season.


Maybe, Derek, but History always passes Its verdict, and then, we will see.

...Wow. Thank you guys for all of the kind words, and your thoughts. I'm really blown away. Although we have never personally met. I consider you all my friends..Thank you. I had to get my nutsack checked out. Been having some major pain. Turned out to be nothing to serious. A vericous vein that can be eliminated with a laser. Again thanks for the thoughts. And ALoco. Thank you for what you said. That made my day..

Now lets get back to some good ol' fashioned Henne bashing!!! Yee-Haw


It was a misunderstanding on my part, I get and agree with your assesment, good post !

Man, odin, I was just teasing you, didn't know for sure that could be true! Take care, and yes, it's a labor of LOVE.

GN, Everybody. I am sure I will dream with LOVE.


Good to see your alright, welcome back buddy !!

...Derek. Great post on the last page. If I may I would like to add my 2 cents(don't want to steal your handle, but it fits here).

I always felt like Sparano, and Irelan were working underneath the huge shadow that was Bill Parcells. How the team was constructed, the rules in which the team treated players(and ex players) and how the team drafted. If the team had success(like year 1). All of the praise fell on the genius that is Parcells. Any of the failures, the finger was pointed at the easy mark. Sparano.

The roster has Parcells fingerprints all over it. From taking Jake Long as the first pick to the stubborn prototype player profiles the team uses as draft guidelines. It is football conservatism 101. An outdated model for constructing a team that needs re-thinking. I call it the Parcells Doctirine.

Now Sparano, and Ireland are on their own. Lets see if they set themselves free from the grumpy old uncle, and join the modern football world. Lets see if they can put together a team in their own fashion, to form their own idendity that this team desperatley needs. I don't know if either Sparano, or Ireland have what it takes to draft and develop players. Being out from under the thumb of Bill may actually do these 2 some good. We will see.

Where's the real ALoco?


Good to hear that we can agree. I am hoping to see a less complicated season should they settle CBA. From what I remember of last year, it seemed to get complicated almost right away. First there was the Cut Joey Porter blunder by the Woman (Name eludes me) in charge of such matters. Porter could not be let go until a certain date but she did it anyway... Not all the details may be right, but it was an auspicious start. Then Ireland and the "Is your mother a Ho?" thing happened before the draft. It was embarrassing and strange all at the same time. We lost Edds almost immediately, then Sheets, then Procter, Will Allen flamed out and they IR'd him. I forget when Garner was hurt. Was that Training camp or during the season?, Then Odrick was IR’d... Then Parcells quit.... FOCK MAN!!!! Last year sucked!!! No wonder we were 7-9….

If the worst thing we deal with is the CBA battle and a late start… we should be very grateful in consideration of last year.

I don't agree with Mando about trading down from a mid first rounder for a later first rounder and later second. If you can get a star player at 15, then go for it. Ron Wolf said that he didn't care where a player graded because there are good players in every round. If there's someone that you're targeting, then pick him regardless of round.


I could not have said it any better. BTW... I'm glad to hear things are okay. Pain is strange places is scary, Huh? My Pop has a similar pain, in his nuts... Doc made his go Tighty Whitey after 65 years of Boxers. His pissed and moaned about the U-ware but it solved the problem. Age is scary too!

What you said about the "Prototypical player" thing that Parcells was so sold out to was so frustrating. Last year My Nephew and I watched the draft. It was my belief all along the Earl Thomas should have been Miami's pick. I know many wanted to recoup the second round pick, but my thoughts were that we HAD our second round pick, his name was Brandon Marshall, Good pick for a second round. But Parcells just persisted in his thought process.
Don't get me wrong; Odrick is a high rated pick. We have yet to determine what he brings to the table. Thomas lit it up... That I do know. Same issue with the Merling pick in 08. DeSean Jackson is sitting right there, and what do I hear Parcells say... "We are good as far as WR go"... and takes Merling. That was PURE 100% BP right there. Don’t even try to say Ireland was the broker of that deal. Him and Tony likely just nodded and moved on…

Bill brought some good players to Miami... I'm not disputing that. But his outmoded style of drafting cost us some real playmakers that may just have made Henne more then he is now.

fin4life....Thanks for the shout!

The talent level of the players now is so much more difficult to judge then it was perhaps 20 years ago. Players are bigger and faster. The training methods are more advanced. The dedication of most players is year around instead of seasonal. This is why I think you see more and more players from mid to late rounds having success in the league. Now this is relative because the NFL had more rounds in the past.

Of course the odds of finding starters, even contributors go down with each round. But to fill out your roster teams have to do their homework on the mid to late round picks. The 3rd and fourth rounds are not considered "top shelf" But these are the rounds where GM's prove their worth. Anyone can pick out a nice bottle of expensive French Wine(this is the first 2 rounds) But it takes a good palate to find an inexpensive wine that tastes almost as good(later rounds)

I really like the idea of moving Misi inside considering the Dolphins will then have the ability to pick up another pass rusher. This teamm needs more out of the box ideas considering that is what has held them back over the last few years. If the Dolphins do not start taking more risks like this they will always be just a second level team. Either way I think this year is a make or break season for this team.

Test, test, testickle!

Sorry guys, this blog is odd...there are times I try to get on and there's nothing! But if I type something and sends it reconnects. Let me read what's going on and proffer my uneducated opinion....

Derek, your dad's nut problems is hereditary, please get checked!!!

Whatever we do, it has to happen this year, since the world is scheduled to end December 21, 2012! According to the Mayans and the Native American Hopis....So the Dolphins need to do it this season, so I can savor that one last time....

Guys R U out there, did the cataclysm hit ahead of time? Egads!!!! Is there anyone left out there?????


Cannot thank you enough for your concern. Have already made my move however. I decided to go with the "Boxer/Brief" style. They provide the longer legs that do not bunch up causing "Taint scuffing" yet have wonderful package support.

Note: Should you try the "Boxer/Briefs" Be certain that there is a Piss flap. Many of the less expensive brands require the "Thumb in waist band draw down method”. Which can be rather tricky if your trousers do not have adequately sized zipper access. Leading to drippage on the lower zipper and/or a "Hand warmer" at the urinal.


I can almost forgive the thought process behind looking to fortify the line of scrimmage in favor of grabbing WR in 08, it`s rather sound judgement to start in the trenches and work your way out. It`s constantly missing and making it a year round thing that`s the most frustrating. I know hindsight is 20/20 but here goes anyway.

In 08 we draft P.Merling in rd.2, while leaving another DL on the board who is quietly becoming a star. That Player is Calais Campbell out of the U, at 6`8" & 315 pds. he`s a prototypical 3/4 end, who can run like the wind. At the completion of last season I read in some reports that consensus around the league was that he got robbed in PB voting because he played in Arz., so far after 3 seasons he has made 15.5 sacks, Merling 2.5 I can only imagine what things look like today with him on the DL with K.Langford and Soliai.

In 2009 I would grow even more frustrated with the P.White pick for 2 reasons. I had no problem with M.Vick then and I certainly don`t now along with everybody else, sign him and you don`t need an undersized Q.B. who ran a pedestrian 4.5/40. Then you could have used the pick on Ray Maulaluga, the tackling machine out of USC, see were I`m going I`ve filled a DE position and MLB one as well, while creating depth at both spots.

In 2010 is were it gets interesting because I would have made the trade there Derek don`t forget because of all the uncertainty about this draft and rookie wage scales everybody and there mom jumped into that draft making it one of the richest in history. If you have a problem with Dez then you could have made a case for Jahvid Best, do to the drafting of Campbell in 08 Odrick would have never been a consideration. In the 4th due to Maulaluga, Edds is not either and you can draft an Aaron Hernandez at TE. player I wanted and was crushed when we passed.

I just added 4 significant contributors to the team, picks mind you that if I would have polled all of you before hand and asked you if you wanted them at there specific picks 9 outta 10 of everybody on here tell me to go for it, it`s not like I`m looking back at some player that came out from under a rock, we all new who these guys were prior. So my frustration isn`t with building through a certain model, it`s constantly missing and pleading for a due over. We should be well into phase 2 by now looking at the few holes left not talking about drafting Linemen high in 2010

Derek4, I'm still laughing! Hilarious! Well said sir!!! Thanks!


Have looked into the whole... "End of the world" issue. And after careful and very deliberate thought.... I can say with a great deal of confidence that the World "Will NOT end" on 12-21-12... and here is why...

#1...My Truck will not be paid off until 3-6-14. No way in HELL American Saving Bank will allow the world to end while I owe payments on the Focking truck....

#2 I will not pay off my mortgage until 5-12-19. Home Mortgage is with same Bank as Truck... See Reason #1 for why Reason #2 will not allow World to end.

#3 Mt Daughter will not finish School at FSU until 6-12-14... See Rules #1 & 2 for why FSU will not allow World to end on 12-21-12.

**Reasons why world WILL end By 12-21-2032.

#1 Will be eligible for Social Security that year.

#2 Truck will have been paid and long since replaced with Golf Cart and 12 year old scotch.

#3 Daughter and Son will have their Degree's but I will likely not even know who they are for all the new Brain dysfunctions that come up every year.


Fins4life, I can't argue with your logic!

Derek4, you are on a roll!!!! Wait, my son is at FSU, Psychology major, he's got another year for his degree, unless he wants to go for his masters or doctorates...


How are you buddy been a few funny and interesting nights on here with you, now that I know I`ll be sure to check in with ya, beats the hell outta T.V. and who knows maybe you can teach me a thing or 2 that will save my life in the outdoors with my pocket knife !


That scenario is very similar to one my Nephew ran down when he and I had a similar conversation. The one area that I feel we all got complacent in last year before season began (Meaning the management and coaching staff) was that many thought we were "Set" at QB until further notice. We had our "Player of the future" in Henne, We had our cool headed and smart Veteran in Chad Pennington. And we had our Back up/ 3rd or 2nd string QB in an exciting Tyler Thigpen.

Now... Ha!!! In hindsight doesn't that sound dumb? I can clearly recall posts and my own thoughts buying it hook, line and sinker.

When Henne started to falter... I knew we either were in for a LONG RIDE... or Sparano would bench him. I regret the benching even though I supported it at the time. It only compounded that Young mans focked up head and ended Pennington's career for all intent and purpose. (The pick-up injury was just the final straw, the deal was already done)

To me, all of the picks, even the Pat White pick could have been workable... Had the Right pick been taken with the first over all pick in 2008. I own a $348.00 Jake Long Jersey... I love the player... But I wish to God he were either Flacco or Ryan.

As you said.... Hindsight, Right?


I`m not so sure I take Flacco over Long and while were on the subject of hindsight if we would have signed Vick and added him to an O with J.Best, B.Marsh, A.Hernandez and D.Bess at the skill spots, while tweaking the DL by adding Campbell and plugging Maulaluga in next to Dansby and God only knows were we would have gone this past season.

They all work out better if we sign Vick coming outta the big house and I`m not a bandwagon jumper I assure you I was screaming for it at the top of my lungs and telling anybody who`d listen. If it`s Vick replacing Henne vs. Tenn with my supporting cast were a better team than the Jets and it`s us in the post season not them, since were talking hindsight my friend and remember all the players I mention are guys we new about and passed on.

Fins4life, I am at your service. Difficult times are coming and we are going to need friends and people we trust.

No doubt Vick would have been a great move...

I believe Ross and Co. were scared away by the PETA threats and so forth which disgusts me. I don't have much for those who allow "Political or otherwise Agenda's" to threaten our daily lives, businesses or homes and friends... It was likely more about the cost it could have created... Which... in Hindsight... Never materialized...

One way or another Miami must address the QB issue. Even if Henne ends up starting there is too much to lose by not having someone either developing behind him, pushing him or both.


I have many a customers gun to Smith in the morning and 10 students in a concealed weapons carry class at 11am. Those classes require some measure of alertness.

Thank you all for some great posts. And some fun (Redsky!)... I enjoyed getting to know you better…. fin4life….. I've read a bunch of your stuff and really respect the way you conduct yourself on here and the material you share with the blog. I hope to speak some more as time allows and the draft draws near...!

Good Night, Gents... Go Dolphins 2011

I'm going to bid you all goodnight! But will leave you with the thought that we can't take back those we passed on, like Ryan and Brees


I was reading your post from late last night about Plunkett not being in the HOF after winning 2 SB`s and caught DB`s response to you and boy I don`t know were the heck he got that info.

1) He states that Plunkett won both those games as a back-up the 1st. relieving Dan Pastorini, WOW !

1st. of all Dan Pastorini played for the Houston Oilers his whole career, the guy Plunkett replaces wasn`t hurt either it was an older and ineffective Kenny the Snake Stabler. Tom Flores feeling no obligation to the snake sent Plunkett in and got to the SB the 1st. team in history to go the distance as a Wild Card winning all there games on the road, since 3 have done it, Bal (2000), Pitt (2005), G.B. (2010)

2)He states Plunkett again in relief of an injured Marc Wilson and owed the game to Marcus Allen, again WOW !!

In 83 Plunkett was the undisputed sarter on Tom Flores team, Wison was his back-up and the guy who would replace him in 86 but not then and as far as Marcus Allen being responsible for that win I remind DB that the TD were Allen reverses his field came in the 4th qtr. long after that game was decided. I believe the score at the time was 31-10, the Raiders had scored every concievable way, blocked punt, Int., long ball to C.Branch. I couldn`t believe how wrong he was when I saw what he posted to you this morning.

Good evening guys,

Derek4, like wise I also have been reading your stuff for sometime as well much respect, loved your thoughts on Ditka and Turley making noise over health benefits in the new CBA.

I ate Chupacabra for dinner tonight..it was mmmm mmmm good...
Parcells sucks these days, and for the past 6-7 years...his time is long overdue. Rest those tired hooves BP, and stay the heck away from the city of Mijammy mang...

Hey fellas,

Just a few quick thoughts then I'm off.

fin4life n redsky, I REALLY get the impression that TS, Ireland and BP were extremely concerned ith looking bad if they took on "other" QBs after Chad Pennington had passed the torch.

Henne was another 2nd round QB and they were desperate to have him work out to reflect their talent choosing prowess. Well its been a mixed bag at best for Henne and now they are actively looking for a replacement or at least fierce fight to be a starter. It was that mentality to NOT have a potential QB controversy that was a factor in passing on Vick.

Most never thought Vick would be as good as he has turned out...seemed prison did him well to study and get more football minded. Also I believe felt Pat White was gonna be a guy to do what Vick does on the field.

The end game is the Fins are still looking for a #1 QB. It still may be Henne if he has big growth in his 4rth year. The Fins fan camp seems split on a Henne. There are some wanting to use every last pick to help him potentially be better through bringing in OFF players that aren't QBs.

Others (including me) are not sold on Henne's further ascension and believe the next heir apparent (Mallet or Kaep for me) should be drafted.

Good times with all sorts of opinions... come on draft day!


Pastorini definitely also played for the Raiders, fin4life. Did not spend his entire career with the Oilers.

Additionally, Plunkett did NOT replace Stabler. They were never teammates. Stabler was traded to the Oilers for Pastorini in 1980. The poster is correct that Plunkett replaced Pastorini as the starting QB in Oakland.


You and I are firmly on the Mallet or bust bandwagon together so I know we can agree.

Regarding your early first page post about Misi vs Brandon Graham.

I say Koa Misi gets the nod for a better rookie season as he stayed healthy which is always key to anyone's season / career. Just ask Odrick.

As a big Brandon Graham fan I just wanted to point out that their season's may have been closer than you know.

Graham only started 11 games as Phili had J. Parker a decent vet still vying for a starting gig. Misi was in a starting role for all 16 games in Miami.

Final tally was:

Misi: 29 solo 12 assists with 5 Sacks and Zero Forced Fumbles in 16 games as a starter.

Graham: 12 solo 1 assist with 3 Sacks and 2 Forced Fumbles in 13 games with 11 starts.

Misi had 17 more solo tackles and 2 more sacks with two less forced fumbles in 5 more starts.

If Graham stays healthy I feel it would have been a tight race as the FF are game changing plays.

All that said, I am a total Fin fan and hope that Misi has 15 sacks with 100 tackles, 7 FF's, 2 Safties and 4 Ints next year to smoke everyone.

More to the topic matter, like Craig M, I feel that suggesting Misi can be a force at ILB is a compliment to his overall skillset and not a knock. The team would have to draft sack artist Aldon Smith to even entertain it imho.

I used to say all the time that Jr Seau would have made tons more sacks and game changing plays for the Chargers at OLB. I thought he was miscast even with his HoF career at ILB. He was a sheer talent on defense. Too bad the Fins got him so late.



My memory might be hazy on who Plunkett relieves in 80 but he made it sound like Plunkett basically came in off the bench Strock style to earn those rings and that`s just wrong I might have been a wee little one then but I remember none the less that it was Plunkett igniting that 2 title run for Oak/L.A. in 80/83, by the way my confusion is because I could have sworn that the snake, Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips all took there ride into the sunset together in New Orleans.

Hey Rob,

Caught me on an insomniac evening, how ya doin partner !

The Dolphins number one weekness is terrible coack Tony Morano and learning on the job Jeff Ireland....These are some of there faults..2 years ago the Fins coaching staff coached the Senior Bowl..Well they got out coached and blown out by the LIONS Coaches..But this shows you how clueless they are..Almost all of there draft picks from last year played in that game..shows you how stupid they are ...John Jerry had a horrible game in that game..He even gave up a safety on Teabow..But Tony still got him...He stinks folks..Him and his brother Peria are busts...and the way that they always go after Cowboy Players that get cut..get ready for Sam Hurd soon..

I went to the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile. All I can say is that the pass rushers coming out in this draft are beyond impressive. There are a bunch of huge guys on the edges that got everyone's attention. They are fast. They are tall. They are strong.

You know that game at the county fair when you swing the sledge hammer to ring the bell? Well, these guys had sledge hammers attached to their shoulders. They were big enough and strong enough to use them too. They simply knocked people out of their way in route to the QB.

oil is down 3 dollars..will BE DOWN BY 6 BY END OF THE DAY .SHORT OIL .

LOL I see Armando tweeted something about Mark Ingram being the best player in the draft LOL. I have only been saying draft the kid this whole time well hope it happens but not counting on it. I expect a OL in the 1st and that really pains me to think about.

Why Miami Should Take Mallet:

In 3yrs:

1. Sanchez may clearly be the best qb in the Afc East.

2. Tom Brady Should be clearly begining his decline.

3. Belichick may cash in his ton of picks to get Andrew Luck in 2012.

4. Buffalo will take Newton

Overall, in 5yrs 3 of the Nfl's top 10 qb's could all be in the Afc East. Continuing with Henne we may only have a game manager at best.

We dont want to be that one team in the division bringing a knife to a gunfight. Mallet could help us with that.






The qb landscape has changed and will still be changing right before our very eyes. We dont want to be caught with our pants down over the next 5yrs by having the division's worst qb.


No knock on you but I keep seeing scouting reports saying DeMarco Murray will be 3rd down rb material in the Nfl only. None of us have crystal balls, including the experts, but that isnt a glowing endorsement of him.

The talent with Murray is definitely there. But does he have the committment, dedication, and willingness to put in the hardwork that will be required to prove all of his doubters wrong?

If the answer to that question is yes and he stays relatively healthy to boot. This kid could have the chance to churned all of that God given talent into being an all time great at the rb position.

This is precisely why Ingram fits our Running game. Can catch out of the backfield, has run the wildcat at alabama, and has great vision in the backfield, doesn't hurt the young man runs angry what you want in your RB. This kid is 1st rd material regardless of the devaluing of the RB position over the years. Why not wait until next year and try and get LUCK by trading picks and all that to get the 1st overall pick in the draft? I just don't like any QB in this years draft at all.






If Murray's willing to put a 110% committment to being the absolute best. This kid does have the speed and size to be Bo Jackson like.




The one thing the experts cant measure is a player's desire. If they could Tom Brady would have been a 1st overall pick and Ryan Leaf would have been an undrafted free agent. LOL..........

Murray is guy projected to go somewhere around the 3rd-5th rds. If we could get him somewhere around then. He could very well be one of those players that comes in with a huge chip on his shoulders to prove to everyone passing over him f*ucked up royally. LOL.........


Breed I owe you an apology, I was reading your remarks regarding Plunkett from the other night and thought you were dead wrong ! I remember that he had come in during the 80 season in relief of someone but I thought it was the snake not Pastorini. I never have liked using the computer to give me my info. because part of the fun for me is testing my football knowledge against other heavyweight encyclopidiacs of the game on the blogg, you see football is a passion for me. I`m pretty much a foutain of useless info. on the game, it`s why my wife hates it !

However given the fact that others kept insisting you were right I finally relented and wikapediad and yes he did play for them, however those bio`s don`t give you the whole story DB you should youtube those 2 SB`s because without Plunkett the Raiders don`t win them. However from now on if I have the slightest doubt I will verify, so once again Breed I apologize my friend, you were right but I tell you Rich and I were both wrong because Plunkett joined the Raiders in 78 were he backed up the snake for 2 seasons, so they were teamates.






No biggie. When I posted that it was because someone posted Plunkett has 2 SB rings and still isnt in the hof. That's because both season he replaced the starting qb's. So he actually won both SB rings as the backup qb for the Raiders.

Dan Pastorini in 1980 and Mark Wilson in 1983. Dan Pastorini actually ended up playing for the Raiders in a Houston Oiler trade between the two teams. It was "the Snake"(Stabler) for Pastorini.

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