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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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please guys- wildcat is done-even fat boy parcells called it a gimmick-it has hopefully seen its day with us

Nice post and positive thoughts GatorChris

After the draft picks I've seen New England get and then the average picks the Dolphins have taken or traded away. Mark your calendar for Monday September 12, the Massacre in Miami, NE beats Miami 63-9. Dolphins ball control won't win games, lack of numerous draft picks means no depth, which means no talent on special teams. Every offensive player scores a TD for NE in this game. Miami can only get a couple field goals.

I'm sorry, Thomas looks to be a solid pick. No fumbles in 2009 or 2010. Over 500 att. w/o a fumble. I over reacted and misjudged him. Seem to be the 4th to 5th best RB in draft by most boards.

bellicheat is on tv

F**K, I didn't know he was 24 already! Almost as old as Ronnie Brown!

Wow we trade 3 picks to draft another REACH! Thomas probably would have went in the 4th if we didn't trade up to get him. I'm over this draft and won't even pay attention to the rest, since we will pick nothing but losers. Pouncey won't be as good as his brother and we could have traded down to get a second rounder and still gotten him. I'm still a fan but I have NOOOOOOOOOOO confidence that we are even going to close the gap on the Pats and Jets until the leftover Tuna casserole is gone. Ireland does nothing but reach and the team quit on Sporano last year. Wake me up in a couple of years when these clowns are gone.

Thomas is 24 years old??? Good grief! Another John Beck perhaps??

Here is my honest take no spin...I have been banging the drum for Tawain Jones in this round(shureshock it looks like you are going to be right) But I must have been smoking something. Jones is a situational back at best. We needed a guy that is going to soak up carries, and Thomas is that guy. Even in a 2 back system. 1 of those guys gets the majority(or they should we all saw the disaster that was split carries)

I have no idea about Thomas because I have seen him once, and he was great. I understand the pick, and the reasoning behind it. Do I love it now. No. Is it good for the team? I hope so.

As I was addmitedly wrong about Jones. It looks like he may be avaiable in round 4, and it makes more sense if that is the way we decide to go. But we couldn't draft a running first that is only a situational guy. I understand this better then an hour ago.

Were there backs with equal talents that can do the same things as Thomas. Probably. but those guy aren't our pick. We have to live with this one. Am I happy about losing a 5th rounder for what looks like a guy we could have had anyway? No. We can still recover that pick. It isn't ideal. But like I said before. We needed at least 2 starters from this draft. We found 2. I am happy with this...

P.S. Shureshock was right. I'm a moron. I will pay my pennance... Nice work Mr. Shock..good bet.

I wish Ireland could find a way to trade Stephen Ross.

Just watched Daniel Thomas highlight reel but fell asleep in the middle of it. No explosion, no power compared to the dancing Ronnie Brown. BAD PICK. This guy will never get out of the back field....

Darren Sproles in FA for the 3rd down back. McNabb at Qb, he's not done. On the Skins, Brady would be done.

Thomas did have 11 fumbles and yes, he will be 25 this season.

also dont mess with andy nj, he taught that late ropund picks don't mean nothing.

So lets just give away our other two 7ths and call it a wrap.

sorry, he'll be 24 midway through the season. but could be a 25 year old rookie if the season never happens!!!

There's a lot of folks on this blog that are gonna have to eat some crow once this season is over with. It'll be interesting to see where Miami grades out in this draft too!

big mondo eats crow

I'm not too upset with these picks.

I like the Pouncey pick.

I don't know much about Thomas, but he's the 4th rated RB in the draft and a big back.
Need to teach him ball security skills, but seems to have lots of upside.

I think the problem most people are having is that Ross promised us an exciting team moving forward and we get... more of the same... BORING.

Okay, so we'll continue to be a boring team. If they win, no-one will be complaining.

Run, Run, dink pass. Run, run, check down pass. Ad infinitum until we get into... wait for it.. field goal range! Cue Dan Carpenter.

As long as the defense can keep opposing teams to 14 points or fewer, we can win with five field goals. Boring, but a win's a win.

blog time is winding down folks - time for me and big mondo to go get some

Pouncy he didn't fumble in over 500 carries (the last 2 years). I too was agianst until looked him up. Not great but solid. He will start. We only gave up TWO picks people. We gave up third but got a second and lost 5th and 7th.

You know why you are a bunch of whinning b*tches and not football fans? Because you fuckers obviously dont pay attention to college football or you wouldnt be asking who Thomas is or saying pouncey is going to suck so when you guys get a clue and watch more football than our minority owners feel free to come back and join in the discussion, yes i would have liked Ingram but Pouncey makes Sense and they'll probably get Taiwan Jones with pick 111 and YES that will have made a Productive draft No not the greatest but Mallet is Lacking and worst than Henne at this point so stop sobbing for him and Ingram and stop doing your research after posting a comment

Wow how many times are people going to say Miami gave up 3 picks for Thomas. They gave up a 5 and a late 7. They swapped their 3rd for Washington's 2nd.

Lets do simple 1st math here shall we

Redskins received 3 picks, Miami received 1 pick. 3 minus 1 equals 2. Geez

Holy hell, WTF. Trading away 2 picks for Daniel Thomas? Did they just pick a name out of hat? C'mon, there were 3 or 4 RB's better than him that they wouldnt have had to trade up for.

I hope Daniel Thomas is great, I'll be pulling for him, but it doesnt exonerate Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb for trading away 2 picks to get him when there are other more talented guys out there at no cost.

I don't understand how some of you think we reached on these players. Both are highly rated at their positions. There's no way Pounceynfalls falls to the 2nd round and Thomas to the 4th round as one person suggested. Are you reading the draft grades on these guys?

big mondo is close to finishing 2nd sentence. has over 2 words in it. pretty tough you know

what is it with these long hairs from hawaii

Someone from the Dolphins needs to intern under Pat Riley.

yep - it looks like everyone picked in this draft is a beast according to the draft experts -amazing isnt it

Thomas has 4.72 listed [40-yard dash time documented in my bio], and says he feels like he can [make big plays] and is only going to get faster and he feels like he played fast, he doesn't know if that 4.72 [40-yard time] is accurate and feels like I played way faster than that.

He is 24!!! He is NOT gonna get any faster!! The lengths people will go to try and defend giving up picks for this guy who is NOT fast. Newsflash: WE NEED SPEED ON OFFENSE - THIS DID NOTHING TO IMPROVE THAT!!!


spin it anyway you want it.

a 2nd a 5th and a 7th equals 3.

We gave up 3 picks for Daniel Thomas.

why the sudden loss of mathematical skills? Not you sully, but everyone. seems a little wierd to me

How much would it cost to resign R&R compared to Thomas and Sproles? I'm guessing more. Leaves some cap room for another FA.

If we get three quality starters out of this draft then it's a great draft. A big if, since we don't know who the 4th is yet.

But I prefer them trading away some late picks to get one guy they really want. When we were 1-15, not that long ago, we needed a ton of picks just to get some NFL caliber players on the team. Now we don't need 5ths and 7th so bad, because we are an average NFL team, and very few of those guys will make the 53.

the miami dolphins select big mondo and little amondo-they cant be seperated. well at least not without a knife

there are no barbers in Hawaiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,and trust me, them boys can really cut the cheese. Wouldn't want them as my center. wowzeeee

Denarious Moore and Lockette still out there too.

good one stinky old fart.


a bit too much to drink tonight?

yeah yeah tough guy, you know better than everyone


Pouncey...pounce on some math books my friend. You have the math skills of a kindergardener. Obviously you don;t understand the concept of adding and subtrating. WOW!

on nfl network- where is billicks top lip at

We had a 3rd round pick and gave it up together with the 5th and 7th round picks to get the #62 pick...we had 3 and ended up with 1. We needed as many picks as possible and this guy was not worth losing any of them. Boneheaded.

keep sucking up to patriots you gringos on nfl network

Lets do simple 1st math here shall we

Redskins received 3 picks, Miami received 1 pick. 3 minus 1 equals 2. Geez

Posted by: Chris | April 29, 2011 at 10:16 PM

Simple math stumps you too huh. alot of that going around lately.

Count it with me sweetpea a 2nd, a 5th and a 7th. that's 3 Thats what we gave for Thomas.

lets try it again, 1, stay with me now, 2 and a 3. See how that works?

Russel..Why call people out for their opinions. This is what this forum is for. Most of us are wrong a lot more then we are right. That is why we are typing on a computer board and not in the draft room.

Everyone is passionate, and just want to see the best for our team.We don't all have to agree, and as shown by 32 different teams there are a ton af ways to go about putting a team together. Try to keep it cool. At the end of the day we are all on the same team.

solid first 2 picks. lets hope we can draft williams tomm

This is the exact reason Miami Dolphins fans are the worst fans in the league. You people are clueless. You don't know who any of the players are yet you make judgments on their skills. Thomas had over 550 yards, 6 tds, and one passing td in his first three games last season. He ended up out rushing 81 college football teams. HE OUT RAN 81 TEAMS, THE ENTIRE TEAMS RUSHING YARDS FOR THE SEASON, HE BEAT THEM ALL.

He doesn't shy away from hits, has a great burst through the hole, and one hell of a quick step to the side. I have watched him spin move around some of colleges best LBs on a weekly basis. He was a qb throughout highschool and ran the wildcat in college. Last season he had 4 to 6 TD passes out of the wildcat, one going 70 yards.

You people are complete morons. We traded up to get him because he would've been gone by the third. Why comment if you have no clue what you're talking about? I swear it's as if you're all a bunch of know nothing teenagers in here. Grow up and educate yourself.

does charlie whitehurst look like david koresch or jesus

GarbagePlate.....who are the 3 or 4 RBs better than Thomas that would have been available with our 3rd round pick? What is your positional analysis based on?

Watch his You-Tube videos. He's a great back for 7/15/25 yard gains and definitely makes guys miss and/or breaks a lot of tackles. Not a home run hitter, but a BIG back that will gain valuable yards consistently. He'll be a great back for Henne.

It seems they are drafting players that will help Henne progress and finally become the player they/we wanted. It would be unbelievable if everyone actually ROOTED for their STILL YOUNG, 3rd year, progressing, 'has the tools' QB! I say give Henne one more year to show that he's got what we all have been aching for. With a solid OL, young stud RB(or 2), Pro Bowl Receiver/Slot Receiver(and a speedy draft pick) and a new Offensive Coordinator I think Henne is going to have his best season yet.

Ireland and co are idiots

eisen sucks patriots pinata

Lifelong, please don't pull a poucey. We had NO second so we pick it up by swapping it for our third. At this point everything is even. We then give a 5th and a 7th. That is minus two. Geez.. this reminds me of my teaching days except that my middle schoolers understood the concepts.

I don't care if Mallet turns out to be a joke --the fact that we moved up and didn't take him and the Pats ended up getting him. They make it REALLY hard to be a Dolphins diehard.

First of all, some of you need to take remedial math. We gave up 2 picks, not 3.

I've got no problem with the Pouncey pick. I thought it was a smart pick.

Thomas I have major issues with. After just watching some "highlights" (if you can call a collection of 8 yard runs a highlight reel), all it did was confirm what I already knew from watching his bowl game. He's slow. He's a slow rugged, bruiser. He's not even Ronnie Brown. He's also almost the same age. I dont get paid to evaluate RB's, but I guaran-damn-tee you, there are 5 RB's better than him that got picked later. Absurd pick

big mondo is a beast


Not picking on the guy but those who are saying no fumbles, why are ESPN and CBS reporting that he had seven last year and 11 in his career?


2009-10 Kansas State 12 4 3
2010-11 Kansas State 13 7 4
TOTAL 25 11 7


Again, whatever, really, because he's a decent back (ranked 5th and #70 in the draft so we weren't to far off at #62 but that 5th does smart some). But if you're going to lambaste the guys here who are saying he had 11 fumbles don't just look at the one site that doesn't have any listed - look at a few more.

Lifelong fin fan thank you for proving my point. Another clueless Miami fan. What is "lifelong"? 13 years? Sounds like you're probably 15 with all the use of exclamations as if you can't make a point without screaming at your monitor.

His BIO said 4.72 huh? His BIO? Well check the pro day stats kid. He ran a 4.50 and then a 4.55 right after it.

Still too slow for you right? That's because you don't understand football. HE IS A BIG BACK. That means he's not a speedy guy. He is an every down back who punishes tacklers. Our speed guy is Sheets. But you didn't know that I guess.

It also seems as if you don't understand that free agency hasn't happened yet and there are PLENTY of great backs to be had. Educate yourself please.

This is really weird. Ireland promises speed and the 1st two players are big and slow ones.

Looks like Ireland will draft speed from the draft "acorn list".

Best use that 4th on DJ Williams, Virgil Green or Denarius Moore. Anybody else is a waste of time because TE and speed WR are NEEDS. Of course, Tony thinks Hartline is the sh*t.

i am falling asleep here...when does the draft start tomorrow?

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