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Live draft blog begins here, now

Day Two of the draft is about to begin and two questions dominate:

Will the Dolphins trade into the second round?

As to getting into the second round, I have serious doubts the Dolphins will use their limited ammo to get into the round. That is obviously just a prediction, but I have a hard time believing Miami will invest the kind of capital necessary to come from nowhere to the the second.

That would require the Dolphins giving up their 2012 first round pick.

If the idea is for them to use their third round pick to try to move up into the second round, they still would have to yield either their fourth-round selection or perhaps the third rounder plus a high pick next year. Again, that is a prohibitive price.

I'm not saying the Dolphins would never pay such a price but ...

“I think you can always get ammunition," Ireland said yesterday abou tthe prospects of moving up. "I mean, look what Atlanta did. You always have ammunition I think. You can use your picks up until 2014 if you wanted to. We had a couple players on the board that if they fell to a certain spot then we might have jumped up, but we didn’t choose to do that.”


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Gator: 1st of all, I have no problem with a trade up if you're gonna grab Williams. Even LeShoure, who I'm not big on, i woulda listened to an argument for.

As far as who you coulda got later without trading up that are of similar or superior talent level:

Jordan Todman
DeMarco Murray
Dion Lewis
Jacquizz Rogers

A highlight reel that produces no highlights is funny. Thomas is a fullback. Slow....can't elude and has about 10 runs over 10 yds in his entire career. He will be chased down on the 2nd level by lb's and defensive ends in the NFL. We did reach. There is no way to hype this pick. Thomas is slower than all but maybe 3 backs in this entire draft. Where is our speed wr going to come from??? The slowest team in the NFL just go slower.

This isn't 1960 you aren't going to win games on defense and the power running game with zero ability to stretch the field or produce big plays on O.

Pouncy buddy when you give away 3 pks but get 1 in return that is a loss of only two.

lets face it, the pats are in a different world compared to us. they are so far ahead and continue to do so with more picks next draft.

Ok Pouncey you stay with me here. Miami started the draft with 8 picks correct? They now have 6. That is 2 picks less then they originally had and not 3. So again basically they gave up a 5 and 7 to move up from the 3rd rd to that 2nd rd pick.

stinky fart

you can't be this retaRDE CAN U.

Let me simplify it for you oh wise one.

Take the trade out of it. that seems to confuse you to no end.

Before the trade/pick we had a 3rd and a 5th and a 7th. I'm trying to go slow for you. That's 1 and 2 and 3 picks. Are you with me big fella?

We picked Thoams and we no longer had a 3rd and a 5th and a 7th. Get it? Before Thomas, three picks. After Thomas, no three picks.

Duh-ROTFLMAO- Ah !, ah 2 ah 3.............

Pro day stats - ran once with a tight quad and hit a 4.59. So he isn't lightning fast. Similar to Ingram. Maybe a bit faster when healthy?

See that's where your argument falls apart about Thomas. There are a lot of guys paid to evaluate RBs who believe he's one of the top 5 at his position.

Why is everyone peeing their panties because we took a big strong back who rushed for over 100 yards per game last season? If we had taken a little guy with speed would you have been happy? Because we already have one and we are losing possibly both of our big backs. So we needed a big back, we picked a big back, and the guy is actually faster than Larry Johnson and just as fast as Stephen Jackson was coming out of college.

By the way to the child screaming that a back can't get faster after the age of 20,,,,,BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,,,moron. Go look up 20 all pros, look at their pro day speeds before draft, then look at their speed 2 years into their NFL careers and report back.

He played for Kansas State and they went 7-6 against some not so great competition....he was not worth giving up any picks...here are some game stats from last year:



Had we taken Ingram everyone would have complained it was a boring and obvious pick...if we had taken Mallet everyone would have complained we drafted a thug. So much criticism for what seems like good picks. Relax...the draft isn't over and free agency is still a factor.

Garbage Plate

Not you too? ROTFLMAO. We gave our 3rd our 5th and our 7th to pick Thomas.


Before Thomas we had those three picks. After we picked him, no 3rd, no 5th, no 7th.

What do I have to do to get through to the mentally challenged? Should I put dashes between each letter and number?

hang on guys

I'm going to get my kids to come see the mathematical skills of your average ordinary football fan.


Or he could find speed in free agency no Dyingbreed? Has everyone forgot about free agency? Has everyone forgot that our big backs are on their way out the door and you need a big back that is durable and can withstand punishment? Thomas never missed a game. Ronnie Brown, Williams? Yeah, too many. WE NEEDED A BIG BACK PEOPLE,,,,,sheesh.

Pouncey, did your momma drop you on your head when you were born? Did she pounce on your brainless head saying Lord, how could you give me such a dumbass looking brainless fathead? Keep laughing and continue to make an ass of yourself. You can't possibly be that dumb. Go die off, get reborn and this time, go to school and learn something you moron. What an idiot...here .. a really stinky fart for u. Take a good whiff and go away. Damn I hate stupid people that just don't want to learn especially when several others are telling him he is wrong. What a dbag.

Pouncey, I was saying the same thing as you. i think you misread. We gave up 2 picks, not 3

I'm sorry. I just realized that once Armando and Omar write about this guy you will all change your tune. Don't worry about formulating your own opinions based on what your eyes can see when you watch a player. Just listen to Mel Kiper and John Gruden (the latter was so great at drafting crap) and then wait until the media tells you what to think. Baaaaaaaa,,,,baaaaaaaaaa,,,,baaaaaaaaaaa. Don't worry little sheep, they will be feeding you soon.

Sorry, I got Pouncy and Chris mixed up. Chris is right

GArbage...Pouncey is still claiming that we lost three picks. He doesn't understand that we had NO second and he also fails to understand the basic numberline. I hope is just screwing around pulling our chains because he can't possibly be that dumb.

Oh an Srg: This team needs speed on offense...don't care if he is big he isn't that big, skinny legs and played in the Big 12. If he played in the SEC or Big 10 that would be another story.

big mondo must have screw-- woops i mean must have screwed with my computer. i had to reboot. damnit big mondo - settle down

Pouncey - I sympathize but we also picked up the 2 that we used on Thomas so we really gave up two picks. Still the fifth wasn't worth it to move up 17 spots when he either would've been available at 79 OR there were other backs rated high that would have been there.

I don't hate the pick, though. I don't think he's God's gift as some here seem to think but he's Ronnie Brown II and five years younger and Ronnie Brown is an above average guy - not the second coming by any means, but a nice back.

enough math and draft for one day...time to fart off and go to bed...

TC: we're not in a position to give away 2 picks for a guy who's not an upgrade. I realize they can still salvage this draft, and I think Pouncey was a nice pick, but making moves like that is what keeps a team spinning its wheels with 7 or 8 wins

see ya stinky old fart knocker

Pouncey first of all you spelled retarded wrong, (how superbly ironic), and second of all, well that pretty much said it all.

How are YOU not understanding this "big fella"? You said "we lost three picks".

But in reality we only lost two picks. The 3 turned into a 2. And oh noooooooooooooo, we lost a late 7th round pick! That was surely going to be our franchise QB!

Kid,,,,,,,you're wrong,, go ask your dad.

DD - we trade 3 for 1 to move up half a round for a guy that most likely would have still been there. The move plain stinks.

I'm reading your blogs tonight at it seems like your on a mission to defend Ireland for picking anything including your nose.

big mondo did you go to sleep on us

Serg why do you think everyone is a kid if they do not agree with your point of view? Yo are the one acting immature with all the exaggerations. We all are entitled to think what we want and I think giving any picks for this guy who is not fast and came from a weak conference was dumb on Ireland's part -- we needed as many picks as possible. He isn't fast and that is a major need on offense.

Lifelong I understand that. We still have free agency. And the fact still remains as much as we need speed we CAN NOT go into the season with Hilliard as our #1 (big back). Every team needs a big every down back and then a change of pace speed guy. We have Sheets, the kid is LIGHTNING fast. And now we have Thomas who has wildcat experience AND has good moves for a big guy. It's all good.

Ok Pouncey you stay with me here. Miami started the draft with 8 picks correct? They now have 6. That is 2 picks less then they originally had and not 3. So again basically they gave up a 5 and 7 to move up from the 3rd rd to that 2nd rd pick.

Posted by: Chris | April 29, 2011 at 10:40 PM

We now have 6? ROTFLMAO. We have 4 picks left-LOL.

We spent our 3rd, our 5th and our 7th to get Thomas. Whats so hard to figure? It's not just the 5th and 7th we used to trade you idiot. we actually spent one on him too. Thats 3.

What do you think they did? This is for you to chris. Did they go up to the podium and say we gave up a 5th and a 7th already, so just give him to us?

Did you guys smoke a lot of dope when you were kids-ROTFLMFAO!

We had 8 picks.

1 on Pouncey. that leaves 7

We spent our 3rd, our 5th and our 7th on Thomas. That leaves us with 4.

7-3=4. We have a 4th a 6th and two 7ths left.

Doh! That apologists math is a mother trucker you goofs.

Wasnt adding some speed and explosiveness a priority? In a footrace between Ronnie, Ricky, and Thomas, the rook comes in 3rd.

In fact, he probably comes in 3rd racing a pregnant woman


mallet sucks. but yes he could vs us, miami is a very bad football team right now. its pathetic. cannot wait till we get a new coach

Lifelong it has nothing to do with disagreeing with my point of view and everything to do with how certain people try to make their points. Most adults don't scream and use exclamation points because they're upset the team they root for didn't take the player they think would have been better for the team. When people grow up they have a better understanding of how the world works and they don't go into tirades when something doesn't go their way. Therefore I am calling out people who I believe to be kids because they are acting childish. If adults are behaving that way then there is something seriously wrong.

Pouncey: Stop, it's getting embarrassing. We started with 8

We now have Thomas & Pouncey and 4 more picks. Thats 6

A difference of 2. We gave up 2 picks



Pouncey, did your momma drop you on your head when you were born? Did she pounce on your brainless head saying Lord, how could you give me such a dumbass looking brainless fathead? Keep laughing and continue to make an ass of yourself. You can't possibly be that dumb. Go die off, get reborn and this time, go to school and learn something you moron. What an idiot...here .. a really stinky fart for u. Take a good whiff and go away. Damn I hate stupid people that just don't want to learn especially when several others are telling him he is wrong. What a dbag.

Posted by: stinkyoldfart | April 29, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Thats your apology for not being able to count to three-ROTFLMAO.

I noticed you didn't include your whiz kid mathematical skills-lol.


Player Grades From the guys paid to evaluate at NFL.com:

Daniel Thomas 6.7
Jordan Todman 5.9
DeMarco Murray 6.1
Dion Lewis 5.7
Jacquizz Rogers 6.2

Poucey, young man, I remember you. You failed my math and I remember that I had to sit you in the very last row because your head was so big, yet empty, that the other students couldn't see the board. You are being a bad boy again Bouncey Pouncey. I remember that too, the nickname the class gave you because you were always bouncing in your seat trying to get some information to fall from your brain, but, nothing ever came out. I see you are still having problems with the basic number line. I told you that you have done your homework, but apparently you didn't listen and you are still not listening. Bad, bad boy Bouncy Pouncey. Now go to the corner and shut the duck up .


Seriously, if you're gonna trade up that far, how could anyone who watches football think Thomas is better than Ryan Williams. Someone who thinks Thomas is better, fill me in. i wanna be wrong, talk me into thinking we got the right guy

is the taiwan johnson guy or whatever who everyone loves so much still around?

Guy I'm 45 years old. I've been watching the draft for as long as espn has been on the air. And EVERY stinking year there are a bunch of people who freak out over picks, yell and scream their heads off, call for the firing of everyone, and then go on to watch those same picks become all pro players. Trust me, fans are wrong far more than the actual professionals who scout these players. People sitting at home on a football blog aren't exactly in the know. You can lie to yourself and everyone else but it is what it is, people in here, including me, are amateurs and wannabes. Want to make a difference for our team? Go apply for a job in the Dolphins film room and work your way up. If you're half as knowledgeable (about players and the draft) as you think you are then surely you will move up quick and make the right picks for the team. But until then how about waiting to see,,,oh I don't know,,, how the pick performs on the field before you have a heart attack?

watch some film on thomas, he never goes backward,finds the hole and slips through creases,makes good cuts without standing in one spot trying to juke somebody,and always gains yards.we will get some speed in 4th,6th,7th & free agency.mando said in his post we would have to give 3rd & 1st next yr to get back in 2nd,didnt take that much.we basically gave up 5th & 7th to get pic in 2nd,yeah we gave our 3rd,so what ,they dont give pics away just coz they like you.with our defense & a real running game we will win more of those close games. i have been reading this blog for a while & it amazes me how little most of u guys know about football.you want amazement? GO TO CIRQUE SOLEI....LOL,U BUNCH OF DUMBASSES

Good stuff, Gator. But I just dont see it. I've seen Todman play a bunch, I'd take him all day over Thomas. Same for Murray

And i would have been fine with the trade up if they took Williams

I'm perplexed. Why not just have stuck with Ronnie another year. We gave up to much to move up so few spots for a guy that we could very well have had without the trade up, and is he really an upgrade?

Going 7-9 three seasons in a row will be about as balanced as a tight rope walker, we should change the team name to the Miami MidLiners and have a triple beam scale as our logo. Change our team colors to light gray and dark gray.

Only the Dolphins could draft a Center and a Running Back that lead their perspective leagues in fumbles. I wonder which one has the faster 40 time....

Garbage Plate

I'm not messing around or trying to be condescending.

But check it out. After pouncey we had 7 picks left, Right or wrong?

That's 7. Now we pick Thomas and we have 4 picks left, right or wrong?

We went from 7 to 4 in picking Thomas. We spent 3 picks to get Thomas. I'm not going to do this anymore, I had my laugh. If you want to believe we only used two picks on Thomas, then by all means, go ahead.

i live in kc.seen him many times in person. thomas is a grinder who can carry the ball 25-30 times easily. dude never gets tired. behind a good oline this kid can pound it. runs alot like bettis


You are so right? 7th rounders always make the team and make a significant impact. F that 7th round pick. I love the Dolphins draft. Pouncey was the BEST CENTER in the draft! Miami has a GLARING hole at the position. They filled it! Miami had a hole at RB and Thomas like him or not (and I know you have never seen him play) is a good tough runner. He is much faster then his 40 time indicates. More then not guys get drafted because of great 40 times and end up not playing up to that speed. Have you ever watched Julio Jones? He ran a 4.39. Does it look like he plays with 4.39 speed. Now have you ever seen guys like Emmitt Smith, Priest Holmes, Curtis Martin, and lasy tears Arian Foster? They all ran 4.6 40's. So a 40 means nothing if you can't play football.

For every Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson there are 10 John Avery types and Darius Heyward Beys!

Ryan Williams was picked 24 spots ahead of Daniel Thomas. We didn't have the ammo to move up that far.

pouncey, america is lagging behind the world in math and science talent.

Dying...It is quite possible that Mallet becomes the quarterback in New England that we here in Miami have desired since the Marino days. But look at the situation there. Much like Gabbert he is set up to succeed. Absolutley no pressure in a system that is set up for quarterbacks to do well. Barring a Brady injury. Mallet will not step on the field exceptgarbage time for the next 3-4 years. He would not have this opportunity here. Even if he sat for a year(max since Henne is a FA after next year) This may not be long enough for him to mature.

This isn't a case of Miami passing on the next franchise guy(IMO) Of course you may have a totaly different take. And it will be a hard pillto swallow if Mallet is a Phin beater in the future. But this is how I see it. A perfect situation for an imperfect prospect.

Garbage plate it's not about who you think is better. I'm not being sarcastic and will do this the best way I can, please don't take offense. But did you interview any of these players? Did you set up a a plan for where the Miami Dolphins are going and then talk to the owner and all of thew coaches about it? It's about which player fits better in which system. Williams is a fine back. But the people who run the Dolphins liked Thomas better. He fit better in what they want to do obviously. Williams never ran one snap out of the wildcat. Thomas excelled at lining up behind center and making things happen. Thomas has also been more durable so that had to factor in to their decision. There are so many reasons that go behind picking a player. It's not always black and white.

Better yet for every Chris Johnson and Heyward Bey there 50 guys not 10.

get stanzi tommorrow .. we need a qb..who will takeover if Mr. Roboto goes down ?

0x80 @ 11:12 On the money

goodnight big mondo - sorry im sleepy - tell wifey not tonight. see you tomorrow you beast

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